Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 29, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1944
Page 7
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-•" SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1944 NAUQATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Sell Your Used DID VOU KNOW . . Mini, for only lays .' That gives you il'tcfii \vonls, liio. Announcements ii And I omul Employment llrlp Wuntcd — Mulo IIAVI.Vii LOST in,v c;n.s ration hook T, isMiiocI by the local rationing boiircl, r here-by (lie ap |> ['or u ne\v one. JOSI3PJ-1: CAT3KAL. Automotive 1-1 Auto* For Sale mi • one UusiiH'ss Oiiportunltlo-4 onsists <>r tlir<-c situKes; opening, closinR and inana^i'iiicnt. This Is a real opportunity to own your own busi nest:. Call Watby. -.1-1003. AllUOUMCOim'lltS thine ."Hop. only. 'I'd- U' '" 1 ' iiiMomutlvt! StiibiliKution thy. -l-tUZT. Ki.||i il — Kmmlo anted. Call 9-12-1 Thom- i Wiititfd—Male or Fvnmli; VlMK — S1I.K IMIKSSKK, MK.NT PP.ESSER. .DRY tfi.KA.NKH. PvOUTK DRrVKR. APPLY [••(,'I? [TAN CLKANKRS ANT> IiYKKS, M UNION ST. AIO.NUAIKNXS Specliil prices on All Memorials' IV, RICHARDS 2150. So. Main St NatiKtttuck Automotive For — FLY^fOUTH AUTHORIZE.!) Sales Service Parts, Accessories M.-ilculm AY. Stun- Corp.. •IS.S WutBi-town Avc. ' Dial 5-11-1G PACKARD;*,. . . 1SMO Willys Sedun . .li)3S v Ford. Tudor . .'.,'. '"PRICED BELOW ' CEItlNG" "Pac-loiTcl-Wa torbn ry,'" In c.- 1 482 Watertown Avcnuo' Dial' 4-GiOD l!»Sfi DODGE Sedan, hniiter nnd RCA. radio. Good, condition; $200, Apply '37 'New street'cor; -Hillside nve. I.9S3 OLDSMOBfLE for unlu. Good condition. Inquir.-; 130. Prospect •'street, Union, City,'• after 5:30 p. m. 10 Auto«i Wiuitcd OLD CARS WANTED FOR JUNKING!.' Ctill 3-SOS-t from 7 a. m. to 7 p; m. 3-lSl(j—7 p. m. to 10 p. m. , Boats Anil ACCCNHOI-IRN UODG.E Sliced lloat—Capo Cod motor boat and 10-foot dory with clcetHc motor. Tel'. Wtby. 3-9SBO to 0 p. m. Wutortown li-il after 0 p. m. . • Merchandise 20- Materials CONCRETE M1XKKS — One 3 «-S one 7-5 JaegcT malfc, Yt'rall'cr iy pi pneumatic' tirevv 1 power"".1'6'uUc 1 Also'.10,000-feet plywood .concrcl forms." Can- be" sceii-, ivt of'I-Io-.Tdleyy.St.,.'200 : '-house'i ...Liberty Contracting Co. . .' Contractors 22 HANGING nnd ,W, F, 'Cota, ' 17 'Cedar Tel. 0-lGti. . Street Merchandise Mnclilncry,. Klcctrlc TEN, Can .Milk Co.olor—Completi 'atiil milk bottler, A. C, .Anderson 173 Center • street, Thom;\ston Con'n: Tel'. 530-2 after 5 P.- M. Household Articles UABY—Ciir.Neius, 1'lay punn, hiitlil- nclts, cribs, hiRli chairs, Kantwct •mattro.sscs, toys.' ' . . ' • THE RADIO'SHOP ISO Grand St Watorbtiry For Sale lloiisrs Tor Sale FOIv ^,\r.K— Two fumlly hnn»i>, .11 rooms. - car jrai-a^o and burn. All improvements, Lot S-l s 105. Atasticrifici;. Tel. 3-J-I03, Bridgeport. lii'iiM'.s of •! rooms I'doh, Jill modern improvements, piv-wnr built, 3 years old. Reason for !u-l!inK, owner In service. J.I.SdO. ti ronm. 1 family house, all Im- provcrnrnt.f also 3 years old, sllu- ntivl on 3-1 acre land, price SS.fiOO. Jf you want lo buy or sell seo Patsy Trfibt-lnla. 172 I-Ujrh stroct, Plion^ 3-l."S or 583-1. On The Air Today Robot Bomb Victim; J-llllUT room, S!-f»liiily luni-c. All in'.pnivcnicnts. in crood condition. :-i:ni- KHi'.-iKc and !(iff,-e lot. Price i'l.Tim. Also 12-room 2-Ciimily h'Hisf, KaniKi and extra lutikl- IHK Int. Price ?i>,300. A. Shepley. Tci. 2-13H. fOrtC ROOM hnnsc, (ini- acre of Inml, WofiHti-r strc-t-t, Pi'ict- ?3..W; S-rofirn h(Hi.:<.', Scott .s-!ret't. lot 72 x 2-17. Price S-lSOO: G-room, J-Tamlly liousi-, Ward St. John J, Kculy. telephone 0031. TUN-rnmn, "-fiimlly lioiisf. All lin- provpnicnts. r,ot 30x130. West side of town, fi-lcn, ?C,.500. Patsy Tjihnola, realtor, 172 Hi^-h street. Xaiik'atuck Conn. Phoac- 583-1 or 3-15S. I Unid For Sulo nllillii^ lot, 120 l>y Iix) feet on Shirley xtrcct, two miles from Nnuffatuclc off New Haven road. I'rlcc .?ir,0. Call Wrxtcrbury -l-loOl. For Rent -K*'Tlt TI1KKI-; nici-Iy furnlslicil r<n>iiis fur lij-'ht liottsitkcciiin^. All 0'invun- ii-m-r-s, k'i»»l locution. Suitable 1'ot - .'tdults. Address Box W in caru »f thi.- NI-WH. Apartinciil.H |-"nr |{i-nt AI',\RTMI-;XTS. I and 2 ro fiirrii.Hhofl. Tlio C'h«s. f{ocn ti-n Cn.. 33 I.oavonworth St. Wntorhury 3-111-1. Tul. Mill J-'nr Ki-nt , IXI Ali-adnw S(., n-ar. Inquln- Knlph S, l';,sho. care of C!fm Tiioator or \Vnltur A. Nor- wiiMh. c-iifc oC Shoe- Store. ""0 It up. wear it out., malcr: it fin i.s- R-ood u'iii-tlfue advice. Th(.- •'"-rvli-r fii-niM in thn .N'ows Want Ads will hi>lp you follow it. 1:00 p. in. WOR—Business Forum W.JH—Transatlantic Quiz \VABC-Crand' Central Station \VATIt—N'aws; -Melody Time WTIC—News: Market WEAK—Here's to Youth 1:10 p. 111. WTIC— Market -Report WATR—TransitlanUc Quiz WOK—Lee Castlo Orch. !::•!(• p. in. WAI3C—Country Journal WJX--Swini; Shift Frolic \VTIC-\V!-;At-'—L'luliar.a Iiulifto WATU-WOK—Luncheon wi-jh Lo- poz 1 :-!3 p. in. WATK—Carnival %S'E A t-'-WATK—Telescope u l'lC,'--John AlcVar.o 2:<X) p. in. WAT ft --Braves v.s, Piratus WOU—Ixinl Mclntlrc Orch. WTIC—Uurc's to -Youth \\'J7, News; Wtiincn in Blue WEAK—Variety Show WABC --O.' Men and Books 2:30 p. ni. WOK- N-W--I: Cy Walters WAKC—Calling Pan Amurica \VJZ~Sex Yu WTIC-VVliAF—Sports Stories 3:00 p. in. WOR—Tills Is Halloran WJZ—.News: 21 Star.* \VTfC-.Min.strOl Melodies WAEC—Victory F. O. B. \VEAK—Minstrel Mclodicn 3:30 -|>. m. WOR—Pob Strong Orch. WTIC-WKAF—-Music on Display \VJZ~ JiiK-/. Concert WABC—Visitinj,' Hour 4:00 |). in. WOR—PwOllini Trio WJZ--Xuws; Heidt Orch. WATR—Afternoon Kovue \\'ABC—-Boot Camp Parade WTCC-WEAF—To be announced 'l:lf, p. in. v\'On-WEAF—Jamaica Races -1:311 p. in. WABC—Ted Husinjr: News \\-nC-\VEAF-Rhythm Workshop WOPv—Show Shop 5:00 p. m. WTIC-WEAF—Your America WJZ—NRW.S; Concert Orch. WO.R—Uncle Don WAT'R—-Saturday Conccrt VVABC—CorlLsri Archer 5:15 p. 111. WOR—Navy Bulletin Board 5:30 p. 1)1. W RAT-'—Saturday Rhythms WABC—Mother and Dad WOK--Jimmy Palmer Orcli. WTIC—Coy-ar Searchingcr 5:-15 p. ni. \V FS<\F-WTIC—Curt M.-issoy WJJi-WATR—Hello Swoctheart (Jilili p, in. \VKAF-WATK-\VJZ—News V\'OR—JVews; Prayer (>:15 |>. m. WJ2AF—Hollywood 3'heator PRIVATE BUCK W-ATR-WJZ—Storylancl Theater WOR—Newsrcel; Entra Nou* VVABC—People's Platform WTIC—Jazz' Gems «::{() p. m. WOR—News; Stun Lomax W'ABC—Platform WTIC—Strictly Sports WJ-25—Harry Wismer, Sports VVATR—Sports; Hits-BIU'; News 7:00 p. m. WABC—It's Maritime WATR-WJZ—Blue- Corruspoiidents WEAF—They CjUl Me- 3oe WOR—Guc;w Who? 7:15 p, in. W J Z-\ V AT R-W EAF—No ws 7:.W p. in. WABC—Mrs. Miniver WATR—Best Loved Music WEAF-WTIC—Ellery Qncsn WOR—Confidentially Yours WJZ—RCA Proprrum 7:-l5 p. in. won—Answer Man 8:UO p. in. WABC—Kenny Bukur Show WTIC-WKAB 1 —Abie's Irish Rose WATR-NVJZ—American - Dance Music WOR—News 8:13 p. in. WOR—For Remembrance W.IZ-—To be announced WEAF-WTIC—Allthor'i Playhouse WOR—Cisco Kid' WABC—.Inner Sanctum WJZ-WATR—Tanplo wood Concert !l:(i!i p. MI. W ABC—H i t Pa rad e WOR—Talk;. -Air Theater \VTIC-WEA-F—Barn Dance it:l~> p. in. WOR—Theater of Air WABC—Sc!\ool of the Air !):;'.!) |>. in. WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on How- al'tl WEAF-WTIC—Cnn You Top This !l:45 p, in. WABC—Saturday Serenade \VJZ-Dance Orch.; Quick Quiz 1():(H) p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Orchestra; GuustK WATK-WOR—Nuw/i \VJJJ—Guy Lombardo Orch. 10:10 p, m, WATR—Belgian. Muiic WABC—Correction. Please WOR—Shady Valley Barn Dance 10.-.W p. in; WATR-WJZ—A-rmy Service Forces WTIC-WKAF—Grand 'Ole Opry 111-15 p. in. WABC—Talks ' WOR—Bob Strong Orch. 11:1(0 p. m. ALL Station-I—News 11:15 p. m. WATR—California Melodies WTIC-WEAF—String Quartet WABC—Shop Fields Orch. WJZ—Dramatic Sketch WOR—News; Weather 11:!«( p. in. WATR-WOR—Hoosicr Hop WOR—Tommy Tucker Band WTOC-WEAF—Training- Com- mti.r.'-.l Band WABC—-Denn Hudson Oroli. 12:1)0 Midnight WTIC-WEAF—Newt-,; Pcluso Orch. WATR—Sign Off WABC—News; Los Brnwn Orch. WOR—Strong-, Mortcll Orchs. WJZ— News; Fields, Martin Orch;. 12:30 a. m. W-/.-3C—Jimmy Palmer Orch. WEAF-WTIC—News; Orch.; L. Sims WJZ—Spivak' Orch. WOR—Ulon Gray Orch. Dazcil and sf-riously wounded hy ono of Hitler's flying rolxit lioinlis, this nritinh woman Is Hlinwn lieliiK- lod from tint wcrclf- iitfo of a hniltlin^ to a hospital 'by civilian defense worker dur- in^- a recent raid over Southern KiiKliind. (International) Merchandise Articles TKKKK Jilann.clocks, sowing ma- cliino; .'rups, furniture; -.go-pel writing desk- etc. 'for sale'. Tul. COMPLKTE li'om-u" fiirnishlnifs bought for cash. High'cst. prices paid, for . cloctric refrigerators, washcrs.t and stoves, regardless of condition, -,. Francis Fun) itu re Co. •4-19 NORTH MAIN-. STRRET Telephone 3000 ' Clothing" ' anil tatties'. UMftil coats, sizes, 1-1-16, including one pony fur coat; 1 ; one 'man's overcoat, sine 3G. 68'Cherry 1 'street. Wunleit To Buy A Si TrT i'o'' Your. MUSICAL .INSTRUMENTS. . Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank -1-1-122 Get extra cash to pay. up thodc extra '-holiday. l)ills: sell something you. don't.noccl.. A Newp- Want Aci will .bring, -buyers. Merchandise AVaii£u<i fo Buy' DANK K.'lfc deposit; hnxcn wjinled. Highest cauh prices paid. Wire collect, write -or phone what'you hi)ye to'offer. JV 12. Murphcy,-Re- public COS-1, 815 Ycutman Avc,, Webster Groves 19, MO, FISHING Kqiiipincnt;., prices paid Tor rods' Tul. C-17S between 5. a. p. in. nd' m. reels. nd 2 30 Miscellaneous CK1BS — Carriage*, 1'lay Pens, Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. ; BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby; ONJE white enamel Icid-.hen .range, oi!. • T. 3. Montambauit. Union City.- Tel.- 26S3. . . . JOHN'S MUSIC SJIOP \Vc buy,-xoll, 'dxclcinet. 1 , and repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. ,380-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. Education Services 3L j;«cal Ami Private Instructor* DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC •STUDIOS : 4-5028 COS South Main— 11 Wilson Street Piano - Voice - Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Courst for Adults Animals 83 Cuttic And Swine GOOD JERSEY COW for wale. Call at 32 Hoadlcy street, Nauga- .tuck. 35 Poultry And. KKK* •JO DUCKS—live weight, 30c ll>. In. 'rjuanUtic's over 10. City Hill St. Tel. 2S35. Services :$» 3'rorcskionul Service* KXCEI.LISNT REUMIOLSl'KK- ING and slip covers. Amazingly low prices, Allen's Upholstering Studjo. Mastcrcraf t , ariials,,- 1 Grand St.. Watcrbury.-Dial Wanted To Render Service* Er-ECTKlCAI. ftepulrlnic Service Appliances a specially. Ray Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. -1000. 0»I> JOB J'AINTI.VG. A. J. Kudxma. Call Naujj. after 0 p .m. 42C6 ATTK.NTION HXfxtrtXiiK Owner* —ftcpain, genuine parts Und Ber\-icc. By bonded Elcctrolux Man. I. Nlsscn, 3 T»,rcs« Av«. Telephone 4S22. , " • 40 Cleaning And Professional Services PKABOWSKI'S lliidio Repair Shop-—Radios expertly repaired with tho lato'.-'.t electronic testing orjuipment. Quick courteous scr- vjcc,. "jnodoratc prices. Pic]t-up and delivery. Phono 5C17. KHiVMAN'S Great Dry Clcaninf; Firm, offers iis .first cla.-ss- dry cleaning not only in family gs.r- mcnt-s, bul. blankeis, ruKS and oth- or spocialtics in Ihis field. KIEVMAN'S 7d Church Street . •.; BTJZ SAWYliK By ROY CRANE 1 WISH TO SWAK to MAJOR YAMASAKI BUT I SPF.1K FLUENT ENGLISH. IT'S POSSIBLE THAT J COULD ASSIST IH MAKING THtVANKtE PRISONER TAUC. MAMANOW MOM, m OMUUMCf OUR CAME. ONLY.IMAU TOKTWU AT FIRST. THIN MOtE AND «MNtE MMM. IS UNNECESJARY. MAJOR VAMASAKI MAVE METHODS MOM SATISFACTORY STTA KBIT PAUL ROBrXSON Far East's GFs Set Up Own Radio Stations "P. 8.— TOOK 122 I'UISONKRS Trenton, Mo. (UP) — All in a day's routine; Pvt. Harvey Snidow of Trenton recently -wrote a letter to his wife here while taking part In the -Allied push from Anzio 10 Rome. Snidow added a "P.S." to hi.s letter and said, "Oh, yes, another boy and I captured 122 prisoners one morning. 'That was a •>retty >;oocl haul, wasn't it? We lad to do a little shooting, but we Rot them." JIVOHCK EVKRY TWO HOUKS — -«• i »cram. It's dqngerous to »land under a Cleveland (UP)—Cleveland, the nation's sixth 1 largest sity, is-grind- in p out divorces on an assembly- line basis—an-average of one nearly every two hours. A total of 2,-IDO divorces were granted in Cleveland's Divorce Court in the first six months of '1944. 'Alfoliol production- for 19-13 was estirnatod at 590 million gallon.?, requiring; 1,360 million bushels of rye, corn and wheat. ' Waslil-JWion (U P)—Six broacl- .stin^ stations set up in the Far strrrn l.hcatcr hrivc r:ii.s.od the morale of American troops work; and fifrhtin^' in the i.'u- land.s of Burma, India a.ixl Oliin.-i, according lo Maj. Ifonry M. Jackson of the Army's Morale Scr- .•ico.s Division. To prove hi« point, ho said Indian ciiics have boon swept cle:m of rcceivirig sets, which can no lon:,-i!r bo bouflht or renl.-.-d. Ho promised, however, that the shortage will bo met by hundreds' of small "•! rcplcy-li^cd" s-its no\s- being- sent in by Uic Special Scr\-- iccs division of the Army. JMI:ICSO:I, who lives at the Aim Mir:i hold. Sausulito. Cal.. has returned from four months in India, wlicrc -he not only supervised thn setting up of Lhe stations now in operation, but outlined plans for cifc'ht more to be constructed. "We arc in small station's with 50-watt transmitters Jtnd :i rnnu'c of between 1ft ,-i.nd ISO miles," Jaclison said. "We can. install 10 sir.all sUitior.s for th< v ot one big one, and (Jho femall station, makes .possible the use of locul tnlent which the man want." Jnckson then explained that soldiers like to hcn.r voices of men Uhoy know coming over tlie louci- s])cali!.-r. "It f^ivc-s each m:in u iiur- sonal Interest in the program," he added. • ' ' It' looks as'thoiifl: half the man- in every post arc doing something in cor.r.oc'tion With our radio shows. They write scripts, direct plays and devise their own performances. T):c otihor -half of the post is the audience. • 'The stations nil broadcast aboui 120 .hours'a. weak. About 78 .hours ire-, utilixert 'by local'-,talent, -and 42 hou'ra are taken by transcribed fh'o'w's""'which come in -from thu States. Thc' : mcn hcii.r ,Tack,Bc.n- ny, : ' Bob • Hopa and Bing- Crosby regularly,"' • • ' • '/•'' •Radio stations were 'set up .'because, 'Jackson- said, -t'-ho set -ihr men 1 brought In with them "could not, pick up American'-' 'Shortwave programs -arid th:} native' music'is hurdly of hit-parade"" caliber." . "The result was-we -had LO ™o'''t'o work. The first 'stations- were compounded .'of bits of wire- and .class and pclds arid ends that 'some 'fellows were nblo to tit tojji-ther successfully.- ' . •• ' ' ,'' -"Today," ho aid proudly," "complete 'set-ups 'w o i p-if only ;700 pounds. They arc .porta-ble a,ml arc packed into five snuill trunk 1 ?, in- clucl : ing- averythinc. from :' t;-aiiK- miUer nnd ar.tcnn-a to ,'a,.'stiifiio console .and a library"'of i-ecb.vd- fngW." ' '• ' ' V. ... , RCttiJti Shelbina, Mo. --(UP)—A. 'albino robin h^i been observed^ no'st'lhfr here,- -accord!rig to the•-Mi'ssou'ri Conservation Commission T'hc solid \yhtie .bird, is, a. teTiialc and is mated wHU a normal male, .. .— .I.M—— f-.-* GEE. ITS ,' . SWELL . . SEEIN' ; YA/' I (2EAD IN THE PAPER YOU EI3E COMING HOME.." ON BOY/-AND ILL BcT-YOU £I2= I MADE A OLDJOB5ACkr.: ROBERT STORM LISTEN, YOL> /MONKEYS ... THEY'VE GOT PLENTY ON ALL OP us! THEKES Five HUNDRED YEARS RlSHT WERE.'IN THE ROOM, NOT TO'«£NTICN A COL'PLE OP LBCVS IT TO /HE ! WE'LL G~i CUT OF 0LU5-JAW, YOU HAVE EXACTLY THESI 4HMLTIE5 TO AWKE YOUR CtfOlC£.,.&URRBNDeR OS SHOOT IT OUT' HOUSE /IM' START PITCHING LEAP/ WASN'T KI03IN6 SLUE-JAW ; THEY 50T.A SAN6.'- PAKNISY GOOGLE AND SNUFF BILLY DB BECK WONT LOUMZVE (=, GOOS6 GCEFXSE Hf\\0 TO'TOE, AN' GOOSE A S\GHT TO •me VWORLO SHERIFF? VORE ftUMT LOVJJ\Z\E, , 7 I CRAUE TO TvAftT LETTER «3HE By WILLIAM RITT an.l CLARENCE GRAB SEE- A--THW&/BUT- S, LIGR.'.'.'I CAN; FEEL PLENTY IT/ 1H GOING 'CHAN'CE GUARDS WAIT.'-WHAT'6 THAT-OVER THERE? THAT TWINS-'••-•>• AGAINST',THE WALL"/ NOPE,TKERES A CATCH TO .SISTER'S T/VK!N<3 '.TO'TAE UKKE AND A CAKE SOAP.'.'

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