Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
Page 5
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"No "Cents" In Waiting • Let Want" Ads Save You Money! PR7 llMfifc M ' fit* MreM in, mi WANl AD RATES AH Want Ads afc payable in advance But ad wilt be teeepletf ofef the telephone and accomo* daiiofl accounts allowed with the understanding the account is payable when statement is rendered. On. Pour Six one Day Days Days Mo. 1,102.35 2,90 8,40 1,30 2,80 3.50 10,05 1.30 2.80 3,50 10.05 1.501,324,0011,55 1,70 S.fO 4,50 13,05 1.904,15 5.00 14,55 2,104,605,5016.05 2.30 5.05 6,50 19.05 2,50 5.50 C.50 19.05 ********* ****** ****** *«**«*;* «**»»•«*»»»»*•«•»*«•»»*»*»»«», «» ««*.**** •* -.***-<-* «» D0 * Machines Number of Words Up to 15 to to to to to to to 16 16 21 26 31 36 41 20 20 25 30 35 40 45 46 to 50 *«•*««****»»»**•**•*»«»*****-. SINGER SEWING Co, Sates It Service, 5313, New Singer Zig Zdg portable sewing machine 488,00, payments of $5,00 month, The Fabric Center, 107 South Malts, your authorized Singer Representative of the Singer Conv pany, 221 East Broad St., Texarkana, Arkansas, 68, Services Offered Initials of one or more letters, group of figures as houseortele* ._.„_.,...._,._„»__«._._„„.__. phone numbers count as one word, INCOME TAX' Fed, A State, $5 ... .__ __,,.. y ^ R Block, America's CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Time- $1,25 per inch per day 4 Times - $1.10 per tnchperday 6 Times— $.95 per inch per day STANDING CARD ADS 20.00 per inch per month. Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate, All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p. m. for publication the following day, The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then or ONLY the One incorrect Insertion. Phone Prospect 7-3431. 1 Job Printing PRINTING of Quality. Letterpress or Offset. Call Yukon 3-2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. 3-5-tf 2. Notice COMPLETE* Quality~~Flfm"~De" veloplng Service-Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAK No, 1 and 2. 3-24-tf I WILL. NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for ,anj^,debts Bother than my ownrEft-lsClarki "'••.\'. i'. ;" *'." ___3 : _t_5 : «c_ -i 5. Funeral Directors up. H i Largest tax service, Dorsey Strlngfellow, Consultant, Invites his previous clients to HA R Block. Old Harris A Harris Medical Clinic behind Cox Drug Store, PR7-5416 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 3-12-tf COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE residential or commercial. No obligations, Choose your own builder, We solicit the contractors • plan business, Call Joe Porterfield PR7-5331. 3-14-tf FOR CARPET AND braided rug cleaning, see Curtis Yates. For free estimates, call PR7- 4670. 3-18-tf INCOME TAX and bookkeeping service, Those due tax refunds should file early. Clifford Franks . . . Phone PR7- 2210. l-24-3mc DULL? WE SHARPEN mower blades. Delaneys Grocery, 202 East 2nd. PR7-3701. 3-15-lmc HOT WEATHER JUST AHEAD. Add Airtemp conditioner now. . . Before prices go up. A-l Contractors, PR7-6614. 3-6-lmp PAPER HANGING AND Painting. Interior-exterior, professional work. Call PR7-540B. Earl R. Schomlxirg. 3-15-1 mp — . — •""»"•"•• <•••• ••*••*• ••• MM 4 ' 71. 'Cosmetics equipped. Two - way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home. Phone 7-4686. 3-28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, QAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. _..JM : tf 15. Used Furniture FOR needs visit the new Merle Norman Studio at 621 Sunset, Nashville, Arkansas. For mail orders, Phone: 845-3777 deta Williams. _„ _ , 73. Jewelers See me before buying or sell-, ing. H. E. Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-4381. 3-7-tf WALKER'S NEW & USED Furniture, PR7-6233. 213 S. Main. Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell • trade-or buy. 3-7-tf **""*»*»**»""""W»»«»«|»»MW»«» »•••»• 21. Used Cars WANTED- Late model used cars and pickup trucks, See James Gaines Used Cars. 203 West 3rd. 3-24-tf 35. Truck Rentals RENT"" "A ' "TRUCk"«"ve" over" 70 percent, refrigerator dollies, loading ramps, furniture pads etc. furnished free. Move anything, anywhere, anytime, no red. tape, no delay, Only license required is your driver's license, Free esti< mates and reservations, PR7- 5733, PERRY'S TRUCK RENTAL, at Perry's Truck Stop, Hwy, 67 East of Hope, 48, Slaughtering »»»»»•»*»-•«*»»«•«»«-»»»»»»••« RALPH MONTGOMERY Custom Slaughtering. Meat for your deepfreeze. We buy cattle and hogs. FINEST WATCH & Jewelry repair. All work guaranteed. Party napkins for all oc- cas j on ^ personalized, printed. Stewart's Jewelry Store. 208 South Main. 102. Heal Estate For Sale 30 Acres Rocky Mound Road Adjoining City Limits, City Water ft Gas. Lots of Pines. Strech Realty Phone 7-5741 - 7-2407 349-4*0 76, For Sale of Trade **«»•****•*«**«***»*«•_**»« 7 ROOM HOUSE, !'/_ Baths, let, carport, tool house, ebfntort. ably furnished, Would consider small home of 12 foot wide > 2 of 3 bedroom trailer, Trailer as part payment It suitable, 715 West Avenue A. Hope, Arkansas. Pnofie* PR1-626S 2*284 me 76, Business Opportunities "AVON CALLING". All ambl* tious women with free time who would like to have extra income. No experience necessary - we train you. "Openings In Hope, Emmet, Begin, Prescott and Bodcaw, Give directions to your home in reply* Write: Avon Manager, P. 0. Box 944, Texarkana, Texas 75501 90, Fa* Sale 123. House *«*********«*• 4* **-**•*•*«_«*, I967»"I46" LARSON 'BOAT, 14 fool, 196? "-40 hfifgepet* er Johnson Eteettomatle meter, 196? trailer* Call l>m* 6224- **«»*-»-*»»-***»»*«» NEW ALUMINUM FISHING Boats, 12 'and 14 foot $89,00 and up, Russell's Curb Mir* ket. PR7.9933, FREE ESTIMATE .... . Floor leveling, foundation repair, new sills, pl«fg, bf-te< ing, underpinning, Brick, block, concrete, and clffien* try. call collect M2«fSW T«x« arkana, U&A, GoMefi Rule Const, Sfftf. Of Hdp Consolldaled oocro* *Ave Hope Star Doily Use of Laxatives Is Harmful, Nof Helpful 19.7 January I a, 1929 Weekday If WAYN! Q. IIANOSTADT, M.D. LUZER COSMETIC Consultants wanted. Full or part time, Good commission. Write: Muriel Lambert, RUl, Emmet, Arkansas 71835. 60. Help Wanted Male ternoon shift. $1.60 per hour for first 40, $2.40 for overtime. Uniforms furnished. Group insurance available, paid vacation and other fringe benefits. Apply in person or call Deans Truck Stop. 3-16-4tc HELP WANTED- Man with family assistance care for 22,500 broilers. Good 'weekly salary or 50-50 shares. Mechanical feeders. Modern 5-room home '/4 mile from post office, stores. Extra farm-cattle work $1.50 hour, Must be reliable, Arthur Wimmell, Phone: 8742052, McCaskill, Ark. 3-19-4tp 84. Wanted RETlKE^""i^"wANT*s""da7 Work. Yard or farm. CallPRT JMI'I ' '"""•i""*"" 1 ' 't •' r-"r £*Avvo->- *•"*•. -,..,.-.>,.v..*~«.'....~ FRESH LOAD OF CITRUS* 20 pound bag of Ruby Red Grip** fruit, 20 pound bag of Texas Oranges $1,50, Tomatoes, 3 peuftds 59<s, and Roman Beauty Apples iSe i potitd, RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET, 901 West 3rd, 3>20*6te 1961 FORD. 6 Cylinder, 4-doof sedan, standard transmission, One owner car, in exceptional fine condition. Ready to be driven anywhere , . . $498.00, Roy Cagle, Prescott 887-2281 or 887-2457. i 3-10-6tp WE SELL HAVOLINE OIL, by the case or by the cans. De- laneys Grocery, 202 East 2nd. 3-15-lmc NEW AND USED JEEPS . , , can be seen at the G. and S. Manufacturing Company on West Avenue B. Telephone PR7- 6714. 3-2-tf FARM FOR SALE - Call PR7- 5902, after 6:00 p.m. 2-22-2 me MARTIN, BLUE-blrd and Wren Houses for sale, all sizes, Reasonable prices. Also, one 6-gun cabinet. Priced right. Ross Bales, Rosston Highway. 3-14-6tp WE HAVE FISHING BOATS, motors and trailers, .new and used. Russells Curb Market, 903 West 3rd. 3-8-lmcc SAVE BIG! Do your own rug and upholstery cleaning with Blue Lustre. Rent electric snampooer $1. Home Furniture Co. '. ';. 3-18-6tc ALL KINDS OF POTTED Flow." er plants, blooming now and will have plenty of tomato plants for sale when you need them, at Johnson's Greeni House, close to Blevlns, Arkansas. Phone 87 4-209V WIN--ML Boy Sent on ly Oswald and Jom«i Joetby NORfll 2* ¥ KQ02 4.7 6 : ... :•• ' ' W1EST (D) BASf * 10965 *K V 106 VJ893 4 K 4 3 4 A J 10 & 2 4 A 5 3 2 : 4 K 10 8 SOUTH 4AQ432 f A74 4Q85 4J4 East-West vulnerable Went North But Baulk Pass Pass 1*14 Pass 24 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4 3 Readers who are or who b«- lieve (hey are constipated and who are dosing (hem-elves with various laxatives secretly suipeel that they are doing themselves no good. Many of them write to me asking about the harmful effects of this or that laxative. The greatest danger with all such drugs is irritation of th« delicate lining of the intestines and setting up a chronic colitis. The laxative habit thrives on the twin misconceptions that if you go for more than 24 hours without a stool you could have been performed just as well by a boy. He should have led dummy's eight of spades! It wouldn't have mattered at all if East held two or three spades but it would save a trick against the singleton king. are constipated and that it you are constipated you are in big trouble. Most pedple, after taking a laxative, over* empty the bowel and are phys* iologieally entitled to miss a day. If they take a laxative under such circumstances, they again overempty the bowel and the result can best be described not as constipation, but as a cathartic diarrhea. To the reader who inquired about the daily use of castor oil, I can only say that this harsh purgative is one of the most Irritating. I would not recommend H for a sick dog and I doubt that any doctor would recommend its daily use. Milk of magnesia, senna and Senokot (a senna preparation) are not as irritating as castor oil but, if they are taken daily, the end result the contract trick. tr.terprln Ann.) 91. For Pent ly. (2) 5-ROOM Modern Houses. Strout Realty, 620 West 3rd. ________ __ _ 3-20-€tc 80. Help Wanted Male WanffMl! ICE CREAM ROUTE SALESMAN TO TRAIN FOR AN ^ ESTABLISHED ROUTE. Annual Salary * $5200.00 To {6500.00 AND MORE DEPENDING ON YOUR HUSTLE. 5 DAY WORK WEEK FRINGE BENEFITS, WOULD REQUIRE YOU TO LIVE IN TEXAMUNA AREA Contact i Jo* Mlntor AT THE BORDON CO. 3123 North State line Aw. Taurkani, Texas •• 92. Houses Unfurnished'* TWO-BEDROOM HOUSE,' Washing machine connection, shades furnished. Phone: PR7- 2894, Miss Ulllc Middlebrooks. 3-19-4tp 95. Apartments Unfurnished FOR LEASE at Hillcrest and Imperial -1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Utilities paid, Some furnished. $100.00 up. PR7- 3363 or PR7-5744. 3-1-tf North's raise to two spades is.in complete accord with modern bidding theory, There was a day when an overcall was never a really good hand. (Today we make one-level overcalls with lots of good hands that are not suitable for a takeout double. Hence you raise overcalls just as you would an opening bid. South had no problem about rebiclding. He had 13 points but his suit was a poor one and he was happy to play at a part score. He wasn't so happy when the play was over and North was positively unhappy. East won the first trick with the ace of diamonds and returned the jack. South covered with the queen and West was in with the king. He led a third diamond which was riiffed in dummy. /The jack of spadei waited frfcm ^'dumiriy. <SoutH'r>«!<!" picked up East's king and the queen of spades lead disclosed the bad trump break and South was left with two losing trump tricks. He went after hearts in the hope of getting a club discard on dummy's fourth heart but that did not materialize. South was down one trick. As is frequently the case, South blamed North for his weak raise and pointed out that he did make one spade. North was positively unhappy. Do you see why? South had been guilty of bad trump management. When he led dummy's jack of spades at trick four, he had sent a man on an errand that Q—The bidding has been: Weil North E»f IV 24 Pass You, South, hold: V32 4KJ98 do now? „„ — bran bread and bran cereals. I would rigidly avoid all such products if they contain the coarse Identifiable flakes of pure bran because bran in this form is also a bowel irritant. The use of products made with finely south g roU nd bran flour is less hazardous but, as is the case with vegetables and fruit (the natural laxatives), the amount of bran eaten must be care- n7rr c h«cVV'.hoV » wTci'nd stools to be firm and well- suit If he hai one. formed. Some readers show a pref- no- What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Polltlal not contain more than eight ounces of plain warm water. Larger enemas tend to over- empty the bowel, and soap or other additives are Irritating and unnecessary. The secret of success in the use of a 21. Used Cars 21, Used Cars "OPENING * Used Car Mart No. 2 810 New Boston Raid Texarkana, Texas ALL MAKES AND MODELS, CLEAN, LOW DOWN PAYMENT, BANK FINANCING. "Punkin" Johnston Phone 794-7416 3 , 50, Building Supplies . CUSTOM S^uintering Peef or pork cut gnjj wrapped for your deep free?§, Contact PARRY'S GROCERY, 74494, §9, Nurseries TREE ROSES, Fruit trees, diog plants ^ffljshubbery. Rose s, sha4e trees and ppt Phone PR7-3543, E. 34?-lmc 1967 G^laxie 500, 4<Joor, Fpwer and air condj. Uonoj , $8595,00 1957 Fairlane 500, 4^door, 8 Cylinder, ?ruise^Tmatic,R^}io and heater, whjte ttreg. 9,000 Actual mijes, like new .,.,,,,,,,,„,, $1850.00 1967 Ford F-700 Truck. Bftra clean, low mileage, ,$,85Q,00 1906 Gala^ie 500, 4-dopr, Fully Joad^J, power iud gjr conditioned, &tri gje^n.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, $1859,00 1965 Ford Pickup, Jong wheel bgse, FJaJr type &§«}, g cylinder ., , ,. $895.00 HOPE AUTO CO H9-4tc Hope Builders Supply Co, "EVERYTHING TO BVm> ANYTHING" 300 West 3rd Si. Phone Star is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to action of the Democratic Primary. Ifof, County/Judge . ;-) '•'> FINIS ODOM / f 3 For Tax Assessor CARTERSUTTON For Sheriff & Collector JIMMIE GRIFFIN For Prosecuting Attorney BILL DENMAN, JR. For Circuit Clerk JIM COLE For Representative ARTHUR L. STRECH For Treasurer HARRY HAWTHORNE For County Clerk MRS. PAT McCAIN For County Coroner J. T. HONEYCUTT LEGAL NOTICE COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice Is Hereby Given that in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Heropitfftd Coutty, made and enter »d on the 20th day of March, 1968, in a certain cause (No. 9244), UMQ pending therein be- twetn Mid-State Homes, Inc., complainant, and Dale Sag« and Klmly Sage his wife, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer tor sale at public vendip to the high* tst bl&ter, at the Entrance Door of the County Courthouse, in wnich said. Court is held, to tht County of Hempsttld, Hope, Ar* taisas, within the hours pre. scrlbid, by law for judicial sales, on Friday the 10th day of May, 19§8, the folio wing described, re*! «sUte, to.wit; Block No, 1, Lots 32, 33 ana 34 In thi R, k Biys A44Won to the City Q[ Bjevtos, Arkansas, TERMS OF SALE; On i eredjt three months, the re<wir$<J to squired &y law ^ t^ ord.er ' decree of sal, eou,rt in stf ciyse, w}Jft approved security, beirlag interest it the r%te o| s,i* percent (6) per innijm fjom djte pi s|Je unUj paid, an<J»lien, being retained on the premises SPW Jo secyre the piymeatQl tfte purchase money, GIVEN m<Jer my hind, this the i? <Jiy of March, 1968, JJra Cole Commissioner ?6 § utes before passing it. Don't take an enema unless you have gone 48 hours without a bowel movement (72 hours if the last stool was loose or watery); , . .... •' [nttrpr'm Ann:) P/«OM nn4 your ^utiliont and comments to War"* <*. Brondiledt, M.O., in car* of thit paper. WMi Or, trondiiodt cannot aniwtr mrfi- vHual l»tttr%, nt will aniwer Ittttrt of ftntral inttrttt in luturt columni. SHORT RIBS PEASANTS.ARE SOCKS AT 7WECASUE// H0TP6G? Marketing fti.flshed m Afternoon . at the Star Building STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs, C, E. Palmer, President Alex H. Washburn, Sec. • Treas. 21M4 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas 71801 Alexu H, Washburn Editor A Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. C. M. (Pod) Rogefs, Jr, Circulation Manager Billy t)an Jones Mechanical Superintendent Second-class postage paid at Hope/Arkansas Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to tho use for republlcation of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Single Copy lOc Subscription Rates (Payable In advance) By Carrier in Hope and neighboring Towns — Per week .......... .35 Per Year, Office only . . 18.20 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, Pike, and Clark Counties — One Month . . ........ 1.20 Three Months . ... ..... 2.90 Six \bnths ........ ... 5.25 One Year . . . ........ 10.00 All other Mail in Arkansas One Month ........ . 1.10 Three Months . . . . . .. 3.30 One Year .......... 12.00 All Other Mail Outside Arkansas One Month . . . . ..... 1.30 Three Months ....... 3.90 One Year . . . ....... 15.60 College Student Bargain Offer Nine Months ........ 6.75 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 3387 Popularg?|Av., Memphis, 'Tenn., 38111; '960 Hartford ~Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N.Y.; 1275 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 Shrivll Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla. By FRANK O'NEAL HOT 900 VE4H, F£TCH MV . — wstc AND MITT! Answer to Privioui Punl* ACROSS J Transfer of property 5 Sell 9 Steamships U Indian boat 12 Clothes 13 Sibilant sounds 15 Greek letter 16 Wolfhound 10 Close completely 11 Enchants 14 Bishopric 17 Grassy field 20 Ran away to wed 21 Property item 22 Eaten away 23 Cushion 21 Spanish cheer IB Chemical suffi* 26 City in Florida 19 Buyer and seller ^ One who sells n Gaelic 23 Small ponds •45 Roman god of love 'f! Singing voices 28 Very many 3? More profound 34 Feminine name US And other; 37 Admit 1 2 words* 38 Group of musicians 41 British dominion 43 Lifetime •J4 l-srge i comb. I or mi •iJ Follower « Peddler 50 Garment maktr 53 Shifts goods individually 30 Samuel's teacher i Bib.) 31 Japanese currency 33 Blacksnakes of 36 l-oiter 38 disgust 39 Century plant 40 More recent 4? Defense group iab.) 44 Nothing mort thsn 46 Wrong (liw) 47 Bitter vetch 49 Know i Scot.) Si Upper limb 5? Crtl*fl *9gl« csniev HOWS I I'uscs ^ Kcmedy against " {"Oison 3 Hawaiian i He mistaken 3 Kutile ti Abstract h*inj{ 7 Polite « Acts »-— dot;

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