Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 2
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MORRISON PAILYXAZETTE i WBDHBSDAY-. THE FAMOUS r-ieie-i Last SLIGHT ACCIDENT 8; ok* Wh-fr'. "(•'•' 7/7 y/ // Sfop That Bark! I TS claiifterotis to fool trith • twelfth, Dtm't endars Wh«t yo« can cur* Mfely, surely and trait*!? with n«»ttr« 4 » own r«rotdy lot throat iffectkuw. TREff r*. to uny oomponnd of EaoJyptol. «fTolu,8ouUU," te'tW tnmtMtoieo&tto^movpiuB Opium «nd«lllnjarioai draft*. HENBKIoks DRUG 00. HALIiETT & HALLETT FREDEBE^LY STERLING PHARMACY l,,.!h tlii- ' '!ii'-;n:» :'t!' ; 1 > f-';iii<--. H* 1 !in« !=!--n «•'' >•.,! {-.••n»i» ••( Kt'f«>i>< . .!. In<>n br»nd pT'-(< it< s <! sorurt-d the ,.,,'n v, f.r!< !h:'rt in Mi !ief'- 'Hi'! M SiuiU'r *,i*'•'•'<'!. i run- i-ri-prnni :!ll< ,,-.,. )^,,;,?/..! ri reti'LHl'-n of Mi.'l»<n.veirs •in . !« <tiii1" Tli'-- pr»« is sriven t ,- ^,, \\ • M,ii, h - l!on< y Hey* »n rarndf— t 'n- iK(i!!;r." !ii Willinm Tell- HoesiM, IV.ito «.il.. < ..nrort Ktud;:-— McDow- >t «.,,?,,.-1'rlmi l><ninn—141ir-rntl i:,. Mni'i-atl. iM'*-rttiM —-Px-hof« fn.m MrtropolUnn O|.»ia Uoi.i!"'--Toblan. (Assisted by Mi-. Uiiflwig Mnbler, violin.) p|anob*K'ie—In the l r (ninl \Vay-Mlss j»(do~-f'lond and Sunshine--' Alter. SI«r. I-il»^rtttl. i N»nv«-Kl«n Danccs—fJroljf. Oil* Llbrnry. polo- Helei; ted. Miss Kl- K0 lrt—f.»n th(» «''olumbla itlv i.»i,i!l. Hit?. Ltlietatl, Moorish Suite--I'ourts of ( ...... . ''h;u'|)l. (Ollmore I,!bmry.> Mull Fn'« HliK-s— Brown nnd Hhrlg- ft-v-.—-• •\Vow-I*i|wrutl. Dlrftt- .-.1 llunner. from "R»b*cc« of Sunnybrook I'ifiem" lit the Acudemy of Music, t, Dec, 16, matinee and night. JPROMOTJNG ELECTRIC RY. feorla-Chillicotho Comparfy Has Obtained Franchise. il?y I'nited I'lVKf!.) Poorla, 111.. IK-c. 1,1.—Tbo Peorla- WHicotbii internrbun railway has ob, fmnclilMe grants 'from «very » and municipally except .Peoria .,,,.t») and lt» Uwlared tt>- i»7Umt. the line would be under con- tuction within six months, A de,and on the part of on«.tru»tw that lie company pay $60,0uo for a fruncli_- deltiyliiK the -Kruntlng uf u ,._. Jn J'eoria llclKhm. r<»mpany ban borrowed $500,000 finance p OFFICERS^ELECTED i Si«t«r» Held Annual Election Monday Evening. r.«!c*itc Temple No. 77, J'ytblan f ten*, held their regular n'eetini? on Mondny tvenltiK in tnc K. of T. hull and electwl 'be folloulng otflcerH for the •.•ctnliis yrnr: ,M, M i*.—-Mrs. Kitlo Hawes. IX S.— Mrn. lOllxnbeth c'jnrlt. K. J.—.Mr». K. Welle Itartman, ,ManiiK°i"-~.Mn 4 ' IA»IUI Ornm. M U. C,—Mrs. Anna John«on. M. of I*.—Mrs. Blhtab*th IVoM-ctoc—Mrs. M. KHa Harrlnoij liunni--Mrw. Susannah rtmve. Ttujitec—Mrfl. t'ntherlno Hoyer. Ki'!<re«f'iuatlve—Slr». Cora K. Hru- Alu'rnate—Mr», Anna M. Johnnon. .... J> --.MiMH Julia Urimmer. lilling i »fnci>r—Mr«. «'oni K. ISru- bak'.r- MUST HAVE LICENSE N. J. Teach Arrested" For Shoeing Hbrtea Without Licen»«. X. J. Teach, vlio oiwratcs a bliek- Plioi* In thin city, WOH nrn»»tctl last Saturday tv«-ninK on a htate warrant iiwurn out by the complaint com- mliteo of the, Whltcslde. County Hows- xhoci-8' Association, charKintf him with shoeing luirm-d without sv liceiw. The iicai ing \vas to have bet-n held TueKdijy In .sterling l>ut MO Teach went to that ylty Mondio' and after applying for a Hcen.w pnW the contn of the afl'iilr and tins matter was dropped. MRS. MEN AN DEAD Former R««ident Diet At Home Irt Mt;. Carroll. The death of Mrs. Mary Mcnan. an old resident of thin city, occurred at tho Caroline Mark* homo for old ladies ul Mt. Carroll on l»Ht Wa^urday eve- ninjf. ' Tho remain» wt-r« brought to Kulton on Tuesday where they were Interred in tho Catholic cemetery. Mr»._ Mcnan wa« a resident of thls-^city for several years, but about aix yearn a«o enienul tho borne at Mt. Carroll whero Kb« had tilnco remained. Hh«- wan about BIRTHS IIKNKKS—A baby son wan born Snturday tn-cnlng to Mr, and Ihnvey Henk«?», of «ard«-nplttin. The Sale Side o^us who are wiser says a wSl-known doctor, "will keep on the^safe side by using only those foods that contain everything Nature puts into them," .u A hit nf j4t«it! aih'itM', thai. Miuiy iuods, as usually pti'lMiivd, t.'sjKviully eon-als, uro lacking" in tlio vHal •iDijUTai t*U'hi;iit«~-pl»«>.sj>lmU» of potash, etc., whicli tho boTly inuhMiavo for pi-rlVf( Iwlsuu-f and lieulth.^ rape-Nuts which N-rH-li in Ilicst' t-h-iiH-nls ctnitaiuin.^ an it <lm>s, all llif uulriiiii'iit of >vhol»» wlu-at und l)«rli»y. It is a ( ^j},.i<.iK fuiwU-aiTuiiliuy: Ike SWIH-IIU-SS of .d.cxtrini/AHl \\lu--a aiul 'l!'i«'' ^listi-ucliyt' llavor of nialtt'il hark 1 )', JKvt rs talih- .ilfitld havf-it^daily ration of<!rap<' Xnts. ' ' x - ' - -1 "There's a Reason" W • list". !l-i!'h i-!) l'|:r;li'!l *'!••« t ill ."I Ki'f't :>i- .-it. ! !--!'ti'ic on id" S-r^k- -' hf ;,!- (•mp!'-'! ;.-. t'-nn t!'t" M Sin -.:(<-•(•< . ->r- , r :!•;.< iSriw v.T-t Thi* > \r >•'.••.! •<'• r'.«« •?;.- MM-I-! :!!,.» •••!' -I--K Tfi' ' '"'I- <•!! !*if;.;,-.-.!•'• PifU-. kr:m 'rb.S >'! ;N- *;-4:.<» -; ,-,- tho'; itr!\t f. :ir wi'.i '••' i. AT THE LIBRARY F'oor Covering Msy Be Changed To Cerk Covering. ally sell for about S8JJ as low as : $2.09 \L- np (it-* -fritt!tint? '-'- hich (t-.-.n-f-s-f (.f a f*<ii>r coy- tjn«: in Jho !il»r.«if\ ..'"<' M.-ito- liiii" and f'i-1 tMiic i! '-, sth i-i'Ht <r,-. «rimr If th«-V di-'-:ilo !•> iln tlii"i tho m,it;«-r \\1U (>ri'ibalilv lio ;tttM)di'd to shortly tci- tint IniIitlaVs FOR CHRISTMAS BOX '. R. C. Ladi«» Will Send Box To Bloomington " Hem*. Tbo l.'HllM i<f tho W. 11- i*. f»re at «-M«.f){ t-nctnued Uf TMflkinjf a. ntiltlbpr of riproim nnd h!tndk<'.rt'lilef«. The** 1 \vlll be .«fnt to tl!** homo for j">ldler<T wa at HlopmhiRton In a Chi THE Y. Y.^YTCLUB MET Ent«rt«in«d By Mis» Ann* Monday Evening). ait«j» Anna Donlehv et>t<-r!,ilm <l tbf members, ol the X»- V. Y. cint> at !UT home on West Main s»ti">t Monday vltH Mfi'dh'work and a. dainty lunch was * CItrk* Of McAllitttr Dry Goodt Store Enjoy* 8upp«r. ThP clerks of tho McAllister Dry Goods Store-. enjoy* d a plrnlc suppei at the ,«toro ftftPr working bourn on Mondny evening "nly tho«e employed by tin 1 otore were present nnd a ple:»H- nnt juwini tiiiK 1 wan enjoyed. PLACING WINDOW CARDS. Tins ChrJ»tmai« Decoration commit- teo watt dl*trlhuUner to bu^lno** houses- Tuesday iam« cardw to. l>e placed • In the window*. They wore band decorated, Hhowinj?"n very pretty di'Msn In holly «nd bearing the words "Christ- rnn* OrwtliiBH" and "Wo \\Vleonic Yon," Thf catdn were painted b\ Hubert Klmbro of Sterling. IS RECOVERING NICELY, Mr*. Rebecca Bure.ti, Who underwent an operation for (tuH Mom;* at u Clln- ion hospital a Khort tltiu* «K >, ban if ».t tinjr nl"in? lino and i*» so f ar If prnViHl that «hr» may he brouKht to'h homo in tht.i city the latter part . uy-tclriuly willJLie glad to hear that fhe IH recovering no rnpidly. .- . " MORRISONJ5BIEFS. . Dr. O. H. Miner returned Mondny evening from Chicago .wjier* he, Ht- tmded a mif-tlng of-tin* United. SUUee Sanitation Comml««lon iityl tjw Illinoj^ Vrtcrlnury Medical Boclcty. Mr*. Clifford Mc<:iuro went to ]«<-ck J-^Uiji Tucadny for n vitdt at the home, of her mother. Mrft.,Bhlrl«'y «'iird.' •Mr*. ChiirlfH \V«incmnn<>r went to Sterling Tuewlay for « short vlnlt with friends. «'. K. Hnlbrrt went ta «'hlpnKO this «smorninjr where he wHI vl»it at the Home of b|H daughter, Mrs. \S7 JI." Green. ;, o. Woods went to Sterling on -..A program nnd iuicinl will 1 bo,held at tho Hickory Or«v»i iw-hwil l«Vldiiy, ivco. 15. Adrnn«*.lan ISt-. Kveryone wcloonu. Arlle Oroen, teticher.* Jay Hmalu, of innton, was a bu«i- ...••KS visitor in this city Tuesday. * MJ-K. A. K. 1'urmenter returntHl Tuesday from Lyndon where Hho bud bwn vleltlnB »t th» Iwtflo of her daughter, Mr»~ l-'runk MiHIken, for tbc past few days. is Enid Mrinvw went to Hock Island Tuw«iuy Jor A short visit with frlendff. " ' - Mr«. Fanny Varnhum went to Lyndon Tup»d«y for u vjuli at the Murray Hnrdy home. ' • Miss Mary t'offcy went to -Sycamore, lit,, Monday cvoiituB. bavins? b,een called there by thu »ej1«>U8 -illneMsi of a brother. James Stoddard, of Pcorlu, in in thU city this week, on ImBinesB. Mrs. JL II; DonicUy und diiughter, Miss Anna, went to 't'linton Tuuuday where they upt-nt tli« dsiy with friend*. Mm, P. A. Whitney «IH-IU Tucaduy with frlendH In Htcrlln«r- Uobcrt Klmbro, of Sterling, wua u iMinesM visitor m thia city Tuesduy, M. C. Hump wt-nl to i'Union Tuca- duy to attend tho ahmuU tllBtrict con- rent Ion of tl.» K. uf,J*. ludae ifulch 1« In Bdtstiion iii tliat city al present, i MlascB KUlo tttid Nellie UoKenow vls- ... tricnda Jn mmon Tuesday. Mm, Hoy oimm »p«nt Tuesday with H iljiw **» »* i.Jl»HWjf* Dr. tV $, Hazcjton went to Fulton \ iuiMiiK'.HS Tuesday. \ Mm. il«nry Wo«s went to Muacatim* Tueaday fpr a vinlt at tliff home of her Airs, Albert Tllloma. went to Fulton TIM winy for a fovv days vl«U wit^ relatives —" "AJr«. \V. C, Johnson visited friendu In Clinton Tiu-vHduy, . HAHNAMAN NEWS Mr, and Alra. &1. IllK^ini*, of H<u-U Pallti, went to Tuinpico" tiuudav and attended the funeral of Ciui:» lUnun. I^iWi'i'iu'c \Vjiril, wb'i iecentl> returned from Mmnenuta, HUM venU-d lli<' Tim McCormii-k fnrin In Hume. l-'i-iiiiK Uunner wan home• from isis woiK in the southern part of !!»• county. into Van lioll* n .wit.s' un ov'er !-un- (ius vi.-itor at lb«« lu'liiu »t liH 1 ai'viil-^ in .^oitu- ititfluiiK m thi< ,w««tt-ii».-p,nl '-I, the coitnl>. Tiny inovtd down I.i-t VV! '**• , ' „> ' jnhn ,\i.i%li«i. .Ii , tiiol«ci.-tl .to t.sui- |iii n S,itiiiil<i.v on lilli«in<"'S llonui f.HMi-: ni"t"it.t l» Sledti'. \i,.! <.|IU-il on hi-'il'li-l, \\Ii-- 1- ltii> -t Hi 'i e I'Hl'lif, Jui ipUai. Toric Shur-on TWUC K.INSES Including Examination. The mounting is the well known GENUINE SHUR-ON. Thd TORIC liJNSteS are the deep-curved Lenses which not only give you a lot of real torn fort \ j)ut vastly improves your personal appearance. This is your opportunity to secure a pair l/of high grade Glasses at a very low cost Open every Saturday evening. DR. GOULDING, Optician First Ave. and East Third St.» Sterling, III Over Obermii!er>s Store, Bell Phone 101-W TO OUST JOFFRE BREAKS A COLD NEW ORPET CASE Hero Of The Battle Of The Marne Will lose Chief Command Of French.- HIS DEEDS^APPRECIATED But He Has Given Of His Best And Must Give Way To New Blood And Energy. s (By Vntted J'r« v '«R.) P;irlJ>, Kra'nce, Dec. 13.—France'fl rc- t'tin^triH lii>n cdtilnet desiKtied to carry on the war with redoubted vigor IIHH >H en i-tipit'lt'ti il. 1'n-tnler Brintld aii- H'firiZfVt the I'nited i'tefti t(j make tliifi statement today. JOFFRE TO BE OUSTED. resalfp T6BT?r~"wiiftmhnder" in S^of the nllUKT,, nimllex Iii. tlio wt»xt, 'i!liif.j..lic_Jb-ij.ite.j»t,'lh*v_*lMn 1 .'- ii l i l j^z. wirafi-fiiM, nnd »«nvlor of I-'rnnce, is he "kicked' iipKt;ufS." . Yain'-e c<.n»i<li < r» thut Joffro bus done ie fur bin tujiiulry than c\cu Joan Ar- 1 . Inn tl)-'it be has -rfiven of 't»!« t and m'i!«t ntnkfwny.for new lilfhi-l, fr«-xh idea-*. anJ- for srcaler ener- i iN A FEW HOURS^ Des Moines Murdcr Case ls | \ —r V. • Said To Parallel The Famous JFirtt\Doso of "Pflp«'» Cold Compound" i (Relieve* Al! Grippe Mitery. j I « ( \- Don't slay stuffed-mi! [ Quit blowing nnd .«nu(Tlin}!' .A ditj»> ff.'f "V»Iie"» t'olil ('oinitou'iul" tnken ev- |cr_v two'H until thief I(OM«-« tire j • —™ v taiieiTwUl «>nd Kiippe misery nnd- break j |/ irnmaflP WldPflPr AflPri 97 l«s up n H»ver«? cold either In the head, i INHIIIIldyU WIl^UICI, HytJU 6.1, I5» client, body' or Hnib.s. It promptly- ojieits cIo}t*J c> d-up no><- tviln nnd filr [iasi«iiMi«: »(U|IM nu-nty din- ichantM or ncme rmiMiiiK: relieves n!rk I headache, dullnesn, feverIsbnen.H, nore jtbrout, tttH'-t'ZliiK, Horene«H and utlff- TO VETO LITERARY TEST f"- ^c.ilurc In Immigration Bill Doom* The Measure. MAN ARRESTED AT SPARTAi Charged Wtfti The Death Of His Sweetheart., "I'apo'H Cold Compound" IH the. icsl. Hur«?«t r«'IIef known ami coft« only jl'ti cenix ut druK stolen. It »c.tH with- U,ut assistance, ta>it«'» nice, and CUUHCM "no Inconvenience. Don't accept a sub- !<»r in nn> tf M'itti and a ' de*irc» to get-the, J- eitif 1,'iir-y (mt c»f the, material at Cabinet Changes Minor. The change**, wbich will take j n the I'n nt-li jninlnl ry »tl'.e.. o f i importance." They aro merely | ilie.M uf llu- (,-reat wave> of ptililii^ i inn sneering over the military I 171-.I Moirif-j. Dee. 13- —In annonnclnfi it hi; an'e.-st at Hpar-ta, II!.. yesterday, of JKimmage \Vldener, ~~ yi firm ' old, of jl)e» Moin«.*J4, Chief of I'»illc«' ("liurteK (which, he ttiild. mitrlit' clo«ely |the Mrpt-t murd'-r trial al } \Vi«lener, the chief Kald,,^ will b« \\- : isb!ntt«.n. 1». C.. Der. 1.1,—Wbilrt i('.c iiumi»;niiii>n !>ilh j<a«Hed by tho HM-!',C :it tlx--last f<esi<liin, ivas tmX'tlntf i,ii» \j->••> t-"l n|'pojult-{i<n in tin- Hi'ii.'tte, U tur.iui.- t,n>'W!it!r finitely tliat I'rout- i!,-lvt U'liHall U ill \»'!O the HK-aftlfC, If it u.-s to tin- White with the Hti-tai y ti-Ht provision. «>n<' of ils chief f< nt'.ii' -.« ' . • '!"»> I'li'-tiui 1 '!)! i-.'iily l:i lii.H. ailmlnltt' Irtitiicit vetoed 11 •'Uniliir Isill. for the. x.i.iiu* r« ic«.">i; — «m I'rcsiilent. Cb^v« > linn' ,"iis«l TJ-tt". had ilnne 1'i-f.n-f him—-but fcdVocfltes of tbr- Icgb latlun t>;j<l b.uppd sh;it.ln< would .not \UthhuM hifi xlunn- turi tins time, If KiihiitaiiUar innjorillrtt were Ki\«-n In both boiisc-s i»f C< com- _iDivrrt Ut«*-tl«M«Tmlnatf<in of (hi) 'Fii-n<>b to win tlu> war than their .bVlsinn to sbelvo tbeir Idol. They are hoW'-HetmlnK b*H-(uiH(j they want to «ct on with th»> w.'ir. Tho people no !«< thf only thing tlnit counts. * May Hjed War Council. *1t is I'u.s.slblc that Joffr*» will be m»<Ie chief of the allied waV council, where lii« nvpcrience will be, of the im-aKfit vflluc. although ho \vlll bo »horn of actual power. • \VhuMh to pucc'H-d him probably will bo decided this week. The choice seems to He between t!en. Nlvvlle and Oen. Petain, with the o.l.l« favorlntf Nivelle, who mtl.e lieiM of this terrible lighting around i-Vri* !>ouamont and Vaux be* I mi; Verdun, A rrwdnnte of the Kcolo Pwlytccbnl- <iue, <;«'H, Nivelle was an obscurf gcn- e/al Iiefbre the war, belntf called last ,Ti>ril to the Gen. Petatn, who held thc'hlKh command at Vt-r-. dun. If wan Xlvclle who directed the operations* of making Douamont-iuvl Vaux.'which rcHiiltcd injtho.fftpturp of tj,(i»>|. firiKoners and undid the German work of tnauy 'months, Want No More Error*. Franco 1ms no mornach for further mirttaUt.s. Tho French people admit that tlu* Roumanian debacle wa» a bad blow, duo solely to the dlurcgard by th« Koumamanfi of tbc wurnint? of the allied gcncnil, who told them of the dutiKcr-of attempting, to in.vado Tran- j«ylvanbi bcftir** they had settled Util- .sarla'H imslncss. Kvcn KuKsitt'8 early offers at uwslstanco were Hyorntnl by Kins? 1'YrdlnuiuVa gorierals, but now that tbc milk is Hpdt, there arc no tear* shed in France. The only desire of the French (leoplc —and of the Kngllah—is to prevent a recurrence of the catantiopho. France'* u'orjjanlza'tion is not somethliig duo to a midden SnKj>inulon nut to a slow liiat tbc war la not being uuvrul. Tin- radical Mociallsts art K«'.JV stroiiKcr repn'Mcntation Kovi'i Amejit, hul tbiB l« mejelj * iib'iil Mi tin- march of eventx. DETROIT WAS DARK Man Who Received 23,000 Volt* Caused Short Circuit, Detroit. Mich., Dec. 1.1,-lf'N««lw>n K. 1 Arcber ree<<ver»«. from bitriiK and tl.e terrillc Kliock cl -,f,H(.Mi volts of elee- trh-ity p.-i.««inn thrcugh bin body ho will have sulfercil* from perhaps the most expensive Injuries in tho world. AVcher's' body whort 'circulteil th« current for tlu> hcait of Detroit and paralyzed bnnlncsri in many of the jar- K«'ft downtown Htorts, catminf; several of<lh>-m to shoo ihoiiMttndx nf i-ufto- inei-K out anil close their d««or*» at- their biiMiext time, an hour be for*' cloninK, Arcber, who is i!fi years old, fell acroHM the swltcbhoiird. Thw nhort circuit crlpple<l tins Park plnc« jtower plant a» tfell as thu t'ormrosu street plum, and alno blew out niuiiy tut<eji In the underjjniuiid fce«l wlre-8. Archer wa.s rushed - to a lu>«ipltal, it IH reported lie haw a chance of though terribly burned and badly from the shock, Aaked bow u lelt wlien 23,0(i« voltH of clec-' Iricliy Hbot throtigti bis gyjjtiim, hi 1 rt?- marked: •* - t - -"NothlrtK Went ihroUKh me, I- JUKI I'jUchCd llio arc u'lul fell down." 0. K. THE 2 CENT NEWSPAPER, HuHton, Ma»!j., Dec. 13,—The Association of Xailiiiial AdvertiHors at ita annual meeting adopted n-xohui'nJs r.p- prcvlns "ivawnablu 'iiUM - cau-i in the M-lling price of periodicl» ittit! news- pniH'isi" hctu'iisc of this lilKb"!' curtt of v.h'.l" haiul. Ibrouxht 1'iick to T)e« MoineH luid charK- U'd with murder. , | On the morning of- Nov. 27 Kllta- placc ; !,,,^h Wulln,. L'l years* old, WUH found minor ij,, j M4| . | 4M ,m |,y iH'r-tiutlber in-o nerloun the e<l-.j riim jj t j, mt i)lH (j M , j-(.»jiili of Hakilltf polwm, '«' opln.-um,,. ,ij,-«I the next d«y. The dead 1 KlrS'x mother told the |»o» He**, Jackt;nn r wthl, that In-fore her • leuth her duuKhter admitted improper riiutii«n»< with \Videner nnd wild she- WHS in n hifriotis condition, j Workmen told, the |ioHo> that on the fmns'nT!Tjr~th** Mirl \viiH~fnimii they '.i man have her home. The {mother. «»id *he heard a fnan talking tin bf>r diuiKhter, and thouKbt «hP 1VC- II t<- In the an In- A STERLING WOMAN'S EXPERIENCE Can you doubt the ovid«ic*> of thist woman'.' can verify endorse- You men Is. Head thU: MrH. Mary Hoover, 13»^ K.' Fifth St.. Stcflliu;. HUJS: "I tiHVis taken Doun'.s Kidney ri|lt* orf nnrt on..f"r .yeajs*. and 1 tluiik»a B»vat dial of them. Whenever exi-rtion or cold brin«a on an at- tat-k ot buckachc and other kidney all», I rchoit tu Doan'B Kidney I'illti." it K'VVII April 13. I'JU'J.) . .On January IS, r.UO/ Mrs."Hoovt-r juld. "i recommend Diva's Kidney I'UM todity as biKbly as over." I'licc .'"'••. <<t all di-alerti. Don't Minpiy -'i s lv ii'i 1 a kidney n-medy—-wet DI/.III'H K»t1m-y 1'iHK -tiu- Tuuiii; thai Mr-*, H.I,.\,-I twice !»<•- n'limii n>|i >! i » ! SEARCHED 'FOR. INDIANS, Detroit. Allch., Dec, 13,-^-Jobn bah. Mged U. \>( Toledo, roller skated from .Toledo tu UctVoit In wurcli of Indians, ho told police ul-m found him armed with an air lille, u dirk and a IUiahii«)u. John IH goiiifr back home. OUCH! LUMBAGO PAIN! • RUB BACKACHE AWAY Instanji Relief With a Small ., Trial Bottle, .of 1 Old "St, Jacob's Oil." Kiiincy.s'cause JJ.-u'k.ichc? Xi>! They \Vidt voice. WOMAN BURNiO TO D€ATH. Alton, 111., Doc, 1.1.—information wan rocoiv«'d in*rt» th^t -dJ^JJolon < H itnnt*H of-.\HMII WUM fmfnoVjiTt 1 ' death near llopkinsvilb'. Ky.. Into in November. Mift.x ("unnoil left bore, a few v?t-oks :i«o to visit frlcndw, and tho Ilitit now« hor family horo rocoivod of hor death cnm'o throiiKh ttic f|>olici* nu-thciritioj! yosloidsvy. IMPLICATE KENTUCKY MAN. St. LiiiilM, l>«c 13.--A dlspntcb from Hopkin.svlllo -nays tlmt Mitua CnniiuU died ther« on ThankngivlnK day from burnct receivo<l in an abandoncil_Kr'hiwi- houxo the day pr«>vii,»U!«. 11»T identity wan rovcnltd to the .utthdriticM at JItipkinhviHo by «. llv- <-ry man, who, on Nov. i!8, drove 4 Misti Cannotl from Ot-rulcan MpriiiKH to Hop. kins.villc. Hoyii after llw Owith of the womuii.-IhU livery man, according to tbc dixpatch,' Kald he did not know lu'r, Today b<- »nl«l 'ho had bwomt- ;icn!iu',ut«d with hor wbon ho' wan n toltaorn MuU-Minun and hhc wax conducting a storu in St. Louis. Kccfiitly lu> »,ald, «»ho wrote to him for a loan of *100. He wrote .that h«» coyl^ not' nccommodato her. and >di«f came to rcrulran Hprin#H, acc»»rd- iiiK to iho story, to make unotbci\offort to borrow money. HEALEY HASJiESIGNED Chicago Chief Of Police Quite On Jan' - u*ry Firft. i s hica«o, III.. Dec.. 13.— <"nl«-f 'of Po r lice t'iiurlCB <*, Hwilcy bunded hla rfl- i-ljuiayon to Mayor Thompson. It takes cftVt t Jan. 1. • on Hint date H«valoy will become >at>tuin of tho trattic division, a po*!-* tion which be held for many ycsrs prior to- becoming head * * tho depart- Wfco will Kiiycmi him la unde<'lde<l. v Ii H prubablo the new chief, will bt-! oillur H.enimn F. Hebueltler, first "dcp- ' Mty wntK-riiiteniU'iH, .or Major John V.; 'Ciioiiin, as ii.«elstapi eorpoiation couu- t-el, Ht :»)«>•• rowifjm-d at .Maym" Tboiup-; .u.ij'ri ivMUent. The m.i>ov handi-d out j c.ipi'i, of the chiet h revi;«n. but | lectioj SMOKELESS OIL HEATERS $4.00 to $7.: (Accordin* t*Sini»H URNS kerosene, the- chraijicit kind of fuel n ml always available. Any good ker>«elie will give satisfaction, but for be_«t reiuk* u»c Perfection Oil, Thi* little furnace of heat, ing ene'rgv (jt weighs only twelve IH>UIH(S, i*'2S inelie« hijili ami 12 incliesi ia diiim- rtcr i will »-vc a !«l OH yotir furl hilt if you live in a house, and atitl a lot t'» yaiir cuiiufort If you Hvc in • uu i.p.irtincnt. . •Place Your Order Today It ii a Jot easier to toiuii .1 ni;U('li to »i Perfection., Sui^Li-lcDS Heater tliitu to'" put on u swr.iln whra llic i.initor fuigcu tu utokc the ooikn I-'iiiuheil in ini^^heU itecl or blue enamel. 'rilm- miuf,'* or block Jjjun. It is aii 'oniuiiient ;snd In tiae' in more taan two tniUion homes. Easy to fill—ca»y t£ light- cat.)' tu catry— easy tu regu- l.iti-. • l,(Htk (of jliu triutiglc tude markr Nuhtbli till relitible~ Rasp L*n<M Hive Ui»l «oft, lurllow IH.M wniih rn- toblen you to »t»d wiin- * - vut oc fKftin. Get ouc. Standard Oil* Company ^ . ' (/naMn^i H W.Avi»ii»» Street j U.S.A. hnvc no nerved, therefoie cannot f Yotif bisi-ktK'lu^ Si4 vfiHej- tbf man v\hoih he b:i- v * dcsviibeif many. I lines -t« "tlic i-llU'U-nt vhiet oi'j ever bad." ' I ^I flltOl'lH-' PH|.I.-C ChieaKo ever bad-" The lailuii! i'f ih 1 ' polii ,,1 ity luiul.,^,,, .-...-ialu.i or a Htiuiu. j'l'ie ^iiiuiiiy chains older, the-coutln- j .Hid the relief JM ' jioulbuiK. I '",d eh.lfKe.s il4:Hlih< the el»t< f dlirmK ; I'i-iH'tuitlilK 'St. Jiuohh ml" • ftub it ; bis htormv taicf-r ,is In a>l of the d« - ( liKtit "H >oiir j.,U»ilul I'.ti-!,, an.I Hi-j ! .11 uin nt an-l lai illv Ihi- uuri- tmeut:*.! staiitly tin- iioii>nei)>:i, ntliines- 1 * and i <t«- x-iid to haietuioitsrtl jjti 1 ip.i.Vor in, -laiiuMiesM i|is;t)':'t>;irti' 1'»;i't !-t.iy i-rlp-j M!> l> an cM« in he cot.'ld no Junker Maud.' jjl.f.l! Get ,-i s'mall (rial )»>lth< of ",st. j"ru .THU-ivin. \ J;:ciilin (>ti" tii'in \oiir tiruc.jiit*! and, '- --- •• ."f .- . { lludier Hi- A in.,.in-lit after it is..'ip-j BURGLARS CHL.OROFORM 9. j plica you'll womlcr v.L.H bi-» sine Ml"! i.'iiia. ' - > . I >i-, |.l Nim« pi-l^ons.i tht.' !>a"k H he in- |onih.«i:u pain .. 'J't a.!•.,!-, ot •').«• Ji-nd\ •*! i-'.-A V l\-> Ulll> >il-i; hotll • t ' ^( ,1,it-tilts llii 1 ';" <'U < l'ltl»'i, \\t-!C l'o' n-i I1IH itHS'-|n!IS- wiii'lievcr >.<u havi- P< l.Uh j, IH-UI,t!.:,.i. HJ 'i- t-niiK 1 !••- in isrhlM-u*. Hni't'l ii ( ., "ihi'.itual i.- ia ul .vj-iaiiih -i'v.11 '' .il>-"- ! ' ""I 'i.l'ifi .null!,'" llu" jn:4l>t .n.d^ -i.iin.U .. ami '!•» it i";- 1 *. '!'••"•, ' •••i-lKf i i ! ." *' U'o-.. , -,<4,.i.,. , V a II. All -ill «o«i'»tl. •-4

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