Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 29, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NA.UGAT.U.CK SATUBPAY,JUI.Y29.1944 Harry Ertle Got Out Of Jam By Fast Thinking him They say that it's n womnn 1 :: privilege lo c-liarvge her mind. -And the fair si-x is even more famous for 1 being unable to make up Its' mind. Hut very few women can challenge- the record set by a box- Ing referee—.Harry Ertk—back h\ 1923. Marry won t.he national indoor nnd southern lute-roollegiati' rham- plons'h'ips for deeislveae's that ye-ar. Me referewl the Stribling-McTigue fight- -- what lie did after that, Is boxing history. Hold Mike 'McTigue .••igtu'd to fitfht Kid Srribllnir in Macon. Ha, The Kid was a hot loenl favn 'Ite around Macon t-hen -• tli-'y Inved ther>\ Whenever t h « Kid "lit around bis home territory -.. was no way .of healing him except to knock him out. The Georgia oiti/.ens had their own idea of what kind of man •would hand down a der-ision against <he Kid. They Ju.-t didn't think it w:m a pnliti- tiling to do. Joe Jacobs was handling Me- Tiifuo. And when Joe agreed to take -his man south hi; insisted nti ti neutral r e f e r e :*. .lot' 1 hioke.l around for ail impar:ial man, and came up with "Harry ICrtle "f ,ler- tfry City. -V.-w Jersey. So it was .Hurry that stood between the twd battlers as they grit their instructions on October -l!h, I! 1 ".".. McTigue's liu'ht heavyweight olmmpionshlp huag on that bout. Harry tutd won the tille in March. And lie ditin't want in see i' slip away. Si> Mike tori' in'.n ibc Kid —-forci'd him and did innsi of the fighting. SUribling was no slour 1 ' himself. With his backers tn stir him on he enrri.'d th" fi>:ht baek as baril ns lie cuuld. l.'Hit Kid Stribling wasn't fighting as well in the ring as bis friends around the ring. Ir.'o the late rounds the Tiguc came back to whack the Kiel on the jaw. They 'foufrht that way till tho final -gong-—with "Slrlb'llng cutting away whatever edge McTigue had. Koth hoys pounded away lustily. With that last gong the boxers went to their corners. And .Referee ISrtle was in a corner himself. ISrtle saw It as an even tiffin. But how was he going to tell all those victory-hungry Georgians about,it" Finally Ertle gulped and loudly announced: The bout is a drew. McTlgue retains tRe title." Krtle decided there was a mistake all right. He had made it when he came clown to referee the bout In the first place. But suddenly the boos changed to chucrs— /Crtlu was holding Kid Stribling's hand in the air—the fans gave one loud cheer. t\v Ertle and the Kid, and went homo to rejoice. Mold. Mike McTigue and his disappointed manager left. .But about three hours later ICrtlu joined them, -fhey tnoved to a quiet spot and Krtle told them that the draw decision stood—Bold Mike still had his crown. Of course! this pleased them—but they wanted to know how come Strlblinji's hand went up in the rintf. And .Ertle explained that lie was shaking hands with Kid Striblin;,' in the rinK. And with another look at the door he said, "Just then some stranger comes alOK" and throws both our hands intu the air." Tommies Clash Brasscos Face N. Y. Cops At Stadium At 8 0'Clock Yankees' Branch, Fordham's Carroll Mound Rivals Will Be Going bout pi uf> steam. Stribling champion. And Me 1 - i Bob Falkenburg To Defend Junior Title Ka'.ama'/.oo. Mich., July 2?— (UP) "•l:nb Kalkenbur£,' of 'Rollywood will be on band at Kalama;:oo n.-.'x:. Monday to defend his national junior trnni -• title. At present Palkenburg iJi stationed with rlie army at Ohar.ute Field. Mi., and thrre hud been some doubt as tr> his availability. .However, the defending cham- pior-'.- entry has been wired to Kalama/.oo by Perry T. ,ion-;s, wesi coast tennis official. Jones also wired tin entrv for John Shea of All highways and byways will load to the Municipal Stadium in Water-bury tonight as baseliall fans throughout this entire area wll! be out strong to see the famous Nuw .York Police r.i'no cro=s bats wKh Fi-cd Davi's W'alerbury Brass- cos. This contest will start ot S p. m. cilin-i-p, therefore local fans y. i 1 e urKed to .be on hand early as it is rumored th'at one of the largest baseball crowds of the season will •be on hand 'to wi-tne^s this import- 1 .t aft'air. Tho visiting "Cops" arc rated to j be one of the best semi-j>ro teams in tho .'Ltul iire stire to Kive Davi's cx-bif,' leaguers plcniy of truble. The entire Polic.-: outfit at .present is over the. ,."0i» mark. Sulllvnn, Jirak, and Buthman are their leading 1 batter.^ \vil.h '•:HI'" .Braneacei'o at t.he top of t-ho RBI list. Their field i up ;:tar is Bill i'Miller. with Johnnie Cnrrnll tops on U-.c mound. Ciii-roll will throw k r ,'iia ; the Bra.sscos. Manager Davi of the Brnsscos will send "Red" Branch, former Yankee hurler to the hill in an o-f- L'nrt. to Mtop !ho Oops winning ..streak. Howie Hack, will' do the receiving, .Bill Jolnvion, former New York Yankee third baseman, will hold clown. lh-> hot corner for the locals, wllli Cy Block, former Chicapo Cub nt second or shout. Two now out- Xieldcrs will make their .first ap- pc>arain;c in tliu B'ras5co<5 outer pasture. T.bey arc-Read . Walh,. of.,the Coast Guards and Billy Brahsky .of the .Sailors. The probable lineup: New York Police: Qninn,' cf; Muller, 3b; JirAlc|.-2b: Buthm:i,n, lib; Brancncclo. If; Sullivan, rf; Nally, o; Coyle, ss; CarroJl, ,p. . .' Waterbury "Brasscos": 'Kehia, ss; Ruhvomnndo, cf; Johnson, 3b; Hack, c; Robinson, ib; Blocic, '2b; Walsh, If; JJransky, rf; Branch, P- JUST IN TIME TribunesItt C AL l^It Tomoir^ '-. -. '... ••••-. • ^...*w t< ••••'•;* w- * 7'* 'i £ sir- _ ;•*•:<-.#-,-&. •i . 'Si 5.;.. ..'.."s " ' ..?•!,' .« -.£. •'>-.*" S. /LJ'-,'-'-' ^..V'. v , -,•:• v v . . v M ._•••- GAsi COUI'ONS STOLEN T.rv, Angeles burg's doubb. Last y;;;\r the hrotlu>r who will he FatUen- partner. Kuli\iMihurg — who is of actress Jinx f-'al- kcnburg—won 1 Hie tiile by defeating -Jim Brink of Sen; lie in tin? finals. Brink nnd Falkenburg t::a-niecl up Lo \vin the double", crnwn. .Doston, July 2!)— C'JP)—-Thieves have stolen gasoline worth some .17,000 salons from a Jamaica Plain filling station. Frank J. Mello—proprietor of Mul- h/s service station—told police that i hi.- thieves had gained entrance through a rent' "window. They ihon re.tled his and took the coupons as well ' us .a small radio. Included in.the loss were 2500 .special coupons t-hat belonged 10 a taxi company. POISON H1C. K A11 FO U NIJ Boston, July 29 —(U P)— Police :i:u! 121 employes -have found a poison lo:i f of bread ilint wa.,s loft on a .street ear Insl night. The .bread contained enough I'al. poi'.scm to kill a man. Authorities found the broad in a parked car at Hi:'. North Point • . ,#& MICKEY WALKER .IS STILL PUTTING 'EM ON CANVAS FOR 15 YEARS.Mickey Walker, 1 the "Toy '.Eulidog-, 1 : put ' his opponer.ts on canvas ns a champion In the boxing- rin£, Today, Mickey, now long since retiree!, is still putting people on the cnnvas. but as a painter—and n pood one, too. The former welterweight nnd middleweight box- in£ champion, however, specializes in landscapes ns he makes use o:' the hands which \von him Instinp- Tinjr fame. Eorn in Elizabeth, X. J., In 1901, the Irish-American fighter began h:s career at thq age of IS. fight- infr as a welter. Three years later he was fight- inp for the welterweight championship. He won it from Jack Britton, clcclsioning' him in 10 rounds In New York. Mickey's first defense of his crown was In 1026 and he lost ir to Pete Lntno at Scraiuon. Out- prowinjr the division, the "Toy Bulldog" came back the sam< year to lift the middleweight crown from the head of the late Tiger Flowers. Gradually taking on weight, Mickey was fighting- light heavyweights the next year. In 1020 lie met Tommy Loughran in Chicago but lost. Two years later, Mickey, a full-fledged lighthea' • relinquished. the middleweight title and fought the 175-pounders and the heavyweights The "Toy Bulldog" retired in 1030. >v Waterbury Municipal Stadium Games Four Hitter Against Pirates Last Night ^ Wiut- B£ AVAILABLE Rest op -we. This 'n' That JJy DtTlvK KAXl-AUSKAS (Sports Kdilor) Early photo Artist Ml<k«y Fightin' face of fighlin' man Actor Victor Jory says he v.-ould ike nothing better than to own n ood fighter. ISut the actor with the villainous cou ntenanco qualities his statement by saying that he would have to be sure the lighter would not worry him Into an early grave. Jory—who knows as much about lighting.and lighters -is the average boxing writer—says he once managed a good welterweight who nearly drove him crazy. It seems that every night Jory bad to put the kirl to bed and then stand guard all night to be sure i In; young fighter didn't bust nut and travel to the nearest bistro. .Many was the night that Jory had to haul his boxer back to the hotel ir. the wee small hours of rhe morning. And that wasn't especially fjood for Jory's other job of.' 1 working in :.i stock company. The actor says: "1 took far more punishment than he ever did in the ring." Currently Jory is starring in the Sunday radio show "Dangerously Yours" and he's scheduled to K° into rehearsal soon for the Broadway play "The Perfect Marriage." Jory says: "If you're once bit- (er. by the fl^'ht bug. you .never Lret it. out ol' your system. Yet that kifl in Minneapolis that T managed made me so disgusted with boxing —for a while—that I turned to race horses. I had a small string for several years. "M had some fairly KOOC! ones, but they proved oven more expensive than fighters. They almost ruined me financially, probably because I made the mistake of bet- tin^ on my own horses." Jory spent a short part of his early life in the ring and was a fair'.y good liuht hcavywcisrht, but he points out that he never got. beyond the preliminary stage. "They wouldn't, pay ir.c as much money for fighting as I could earn as a ham actor in stock companies. So I turned more and more to the stage. Later I turned simon pure as a member o£ the National Guard in California and won tho western states amateur light- heavyweight championship — most for fun." But by the time ho won that title Jory already had established YesU-nliiy'H Ni"*' York J3, Cleveland 7 Boston jri, Detroit 5. Chicapo S, Wnxliinpton 2. St. T^ouis S, Philadelphia . Hard woi-ltinK -Bill Voisellc—the right-handed anchor of the Xcw York'. pil.ching-.sLafr—Is over the .000 .mark again. He's now won j;j and 'lost Jli. The rookie has been working in hard luck all seaxon. He's lost several games that 'his ten.mm3.lasj kicked away behind him. Exit now he'cs on the .sunny side again. Last night IBill blanked the Pittsburgh Pi rates..-a NL-W York, turning in-a four-hitter a.s the Giants won, •! to 0. Frankie Frisch sent three pitcli- <.r.s—but they all might .-),•;• well have stayed at the hotel. Voisellc was hot, ar<l he brought his Ktrike- out total for the season' to 301 a.s •lie sent eiX'ht Pirates ba<:k to the bench on strike!!. There wa.s only one other game in the; National Jeagiie yesterday. The Chicago Cubs beat the Brooklyn Dodgers as usual. This time nn<: .score w.os 4 lo 3 os J3ob Chi])man ouipitched Curt Da-vi-.^t Tn the American league tiic Eos- ton Red Sox an<l the Xew York Yankees unlimbni-efi their heavy j artillery in beating the Detroit Ti- jjcrs and Cleveland Indians. The Red Sox put together 35 hiLs to trounce the Timers, ir> to Ii, at Detroit, and the Yanks added 3-1 safeties to Lheir record -as they nrubbed the Indiars, 33 to 7, at Cleveland. At t_'.MCA™n the White Sox put in some good words for tho, with an ,S to '2 victory over Ih:; WiLsliinKton Senators, /vnd at St. Louis Ujc league l«:idin Zephs Have .Been Having Trouble Of Late, Losin. Tough Ones . The North Jintl Thorny clu(l gufCltt^^ Tribune A. C. at Munic'/UT'su* dium in Waterbury tomorrcw'• ThjTnbo-v are f-i*hting Jiard "with the AvlRlianese for the league lead ership, and a. wfn for thc.'T 0 ~" miijK will have lots of b«.-xrin(j <m the final outcome. si T ^ood X t?tcl- haVC7 '"'' bl ?" dolllK v/cro not scheduled, and last wJk they .surrcrcd a shutout at a hands or'the BAG in .1 playof; O r a postponed game. The game is slated to go on -it 1M5 p. m. The sits or lAe wl e k ' ly CAL games is at Hamilton nark i<ut the head of. the lea^aie hart the games transferred . to th, \n' a . tei-towr. avenue athletic fiejd M save promoter George MulliMn tho expense of tr.insponin K y,,. *=! bleachers back and forth* forth* 9 postponed Lulu Co^tanlino-Wjiiu' T'f.fl right next Friday. . - " The Avigli.inesc and the Washington 3-Jill.s uirgle in the main encounter at ', p. m. Local Girl Gets Past Semi-Finals ID Lake Placid Tourney Xancy Xorton of Xaugatuck, and Mrs. August. Ganzcnmuller of New York city won the semi-nnals of the v.-omen's singles in the Lake Vv™£" P!::ci < i duh invitation tennis tuurn- J-.J (j\^ Jl;> I „,„„„, ...... * came up with a four run rally in the seventh to defeat the Philadelphia Athletics, S to 5. The Standing St. .I-ouis .., New York . Boston ' Cleveland' .. Chicago Detroit Washington Philadelphia .. -10 -13 .. (30 -1-1 ..'•19 -17 .. -ir> •)!") . . -16 -10 •12 . r )2 . . -10 Tj-l Pet. .cr,7 J333 ..132 ,!)10 .500 AS-t .-120 Today's Games, I'llchcm Wa?.hinKton at St. Lxiuis (night) —Haefncr (7-7) vs. Hollingsworth (5-6). Now York .at Detroit—Roser (•'2) or Eorowy (32-6) vs. Gentry (0- i. Philadnlphia at Chicago — Xew- 5om 17-10) or HarriSi (S-7) vs.'Wade (1-3). (Only games scheduled.) NATIOXA1. I.KAGUE Lou Little Has Only One Letter Man Now York, July 29—TUP)—Foot- hnll Coach l^ou Little of Columbia university poinw to Gc-orgc Gilbert, one of his ends:, and s.iy.s: "Look. IM? was a regular with us last year." And that's about the size of Little's prospects for the fall season. "-H7 j < -' no veteran, a couple of warmed- over substitutes, and a total of more than 100 apple-green kids. The veteran eoach isn't complain- in^r too loudly. Ke looks a-round and finds that, after all. -he's better off than many of his collencruos. At least he's got j-ornebody lo wealth e uniforms. Little sees Army and Xavy a-<? the bi;.' football powers this fall. Both service schools have plenty of young husky guys who know what !.o do wi'ah a football. Ar.d the Columbia coach thinks the Soldiers and Sailors will shade Xo- Yontrnlii.v's Result.* Chicago -I, Brooklyn 1. New York -I, Pittsburgh 0. Only games rchcdulud. The Standing L. Pet. St. LouU C3 2-! Cincinnati 01 '19 Pittsburgh -IS 33 New York -13 -IS Chicago 3S -17 Philadelphia 37 fil Boston . .:". . . 37 Brooklyn 3G 5-1 Tortny's Giimes, THorors Chicago .it Philadelphia (night) —P.-LSKCO.U (5-7) vs. Gerhcau'cr (G- 10)! Pittsburgh at Boston—Sewoll (108) or Starr (-1-2) VA. Tobiii (11-13). St. Louis at Brooklyn (2)—Lanier (10-5) and' Wilks (S-l) vs. G.regg (G-32) and Webber (-t-1). Cincinnati at Xcw York (2) — Housser (S-5) and Shoun. (7-5) \-s\ Fischer C2-S) and Pylc C5--1). himself as an actor and was on the road that led to starring roles in more, than 100 pictures. ament yesterday. Miss N'orion defeated Mrs. Philip Hawk, New York city. G-0, to, while Mrs. Gar.zcnmullcr defeated Frances Ells of Cleveland, G-2, C-l. In the women's doubles semifinals: Mrs. Ganzenmuller and Helen Raymond defeated Francos and Jean Eells, Cleveland. G-fl, G-0. Mrs. Philip Hawk and Nancy Xorton. defeated Mrs. Harry Eells and Adcle Eolls of Cleveland, G-0, - tro D.ime for honors. In tho East. Litlls picks Yalt and Pennylvania 35 the top teams. BASEBALL TONIGHT WATERBCKY MONICIPAL STADIUM S:00 I'. M. New York Police x-s. Waterburv Brasscos KEEP ON BUYING BONDS UNTIL THE DAY OF VICTORY! NOW LAKE QUASSAPAUG "Watcrbury's 'IWcrcation Center" AT QUASSY ' . yMtw PARK WSV'lT • SWIM ATBQ ,S Y » x v*' u • Roller Skate AX QUASSf RINK (Friday., Sat, & Sunday Afternoons) Entertainment and Fun For the Whole Family! I DANCING EVERY SUNDAY CLIP SLATER AND HIS ORCHESTRA SERVICEMEN FKEE Scores of stunning aqua-belles in the screen's first water carnival! TECHNICOLOR x?/SKELTON ILLIAMS ESTHER JAMES-CUGAT THIEVES NIGHT Bathing Beauty Contest

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