Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 17, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 6
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Goiesburi ister-Mdil, Galesbur Alt Lahr He Tuesdo Isn 1973 By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) ^. If figft Lahr were still living today chances are he might be Eking in the paternal glory ing knovm as John Lahr's tather. But, because he \sxCi nUve, John is still generally identified as Bert Lahr^s son. The Lively Arts •John Lahr has carved out a career for himself as a writ- er^^irst of dramatic criticism !lien of a book about his fa- "^er and now as a novelist. His' first novel is the widely- B raised story, "The Autograph bund." It has been optioned for' a movie and John hopes to write the screenplay. That k depending, he says, upon who the director is. JOHN LAHR IS a youthful- looking bespectacled young man with only a hint of his father's genes about his face. And there seems to be nothing of his father's broad, burlesque-style humor. Lahr is, or seems to be, basically an intellectual. His father died just after he had written the first draft of his book about him, ''Notes On a Cowardly Lion." But Bert never read it. "He would have wanted to put in all his golf scores," John says. • 4 COMPLETE DINNER MENU FEATURING THE VERY BEST AMERICAN ITALIAN FOODS Serving From 5 P.M. -1 A.M. PIUS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY IN OUR NEW LOUNGE Featuring DAVE ALLEN Cherry 343-5181 / ITALIAN RESTAU RANT FAMILY DAY SPECIALS OFFER GOOD ALL DAY AND EVENING He says his mother has kept up his "a correspondence" with father since his death, through a psychic named Ena Twigg. "The psychic, according to my mother," he says, "reports that he liked my book about him. His only criticism was that it wasn't long enough. I don't believe all this but the funny thing is that sounds like what mv father would say. BERT LAHR advised his son not to be a writer, primarily. He thought it would make more sense if John just wrote on the side and had a career in the advertising business. But John wanted to write and that's what he did. He never had any interest in the performing side of show business. He was not exposed to it very much. "There was such a differ- Psychologist Big Winner In TV uiz The John Lahr 9> per- ence," he says, "in our ages — my father was 40 when I was born and he never took me with him when he formed." Lahr's first novel, "The Autograph Hound," has one of those professional autograph hounds as its protagonist. John says he never collected. He was spoiled for that noble field when, as a boy, he caught a Mickey Mantle homer in Yankee Stadium and then tried to get Mantle to autograph the ball. Mantle refused. Bert Lahr, he says, disliked autograph seekers. "BUT I LEARNED from him," John says, "that while he hated them he needed them to spark his performance. I don't think the public realizes how important they are to a performer. Their reactions create the performance." no interest in performing let for his fictional urge. "I didn't want to write a play," he says. "I know too much about the theater to write a play." BUT HE IS interested in doing the screenplay of his novel. As for casting, that of course, will be up to the producer and/or director. But John has some he'd like to see Even though John Lahr first attracted attention as a drama critic, and his first published books were collections of his drama criticism, he hasn't written a play. He turned, instead, to the novel as an out- thoughts — either Alan Arkin or James Coco playing Benny Walsh, the sad-comic leading figure in the story. There is one actor who could have played the part — if he were still alive. Bert Lahr would have been great. By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPl) biggest winner to emerge from television's qui2 shows is Dr. Joyce Brothers, who won 1134,00ft in 1955 and parlayed her success into a career that dwarfs her triumphs in the isolation booths. Entertainment World Today she is mistress of ceremonies for "Living Easy," a half-hour daily taljc show; column for NBC By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Reader writes a daily newspapers; appears on radio's "Emphasis" five days a week; is a Saturday-Sunday regular on "Monitor"; writes a monthly column for a national lectures to Dear Dr* Lamb Some time column groups and has magazme; around the country; authored three books. She is among the most respected and admired women in the United States, a fact that pleases and somehow unsettles the diminutive blonde psychologist. A New Yorker, Dr. Brothers' telephone number is listed in the Manhattan book. "I do that because there is no place for a person to look up an she is in explained. a clearing ago you wrote m your that the scientists recommended that heart patients eat no more than three egg yolks per week. Yet in a popular food ok the author says that there is enough lecithin in an egg yolk to destroy the cholesterol in it and we've read this in other articles too. Now just who is right? Ill In general the fruits are rich in potassium other Dear Reader I'm afraid although there are many sources of potassium in the foods we eat anyway. It's more difficult to design a diet to be free of potassium than it is to add potassium to the diet. One of the sources I usually recom- full mend is orange juice. A three agency when he or need of help," she "So I act as sort of Rare Appearance by Elvis WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Ranks High TV U GHETTI MEAT SAUCE SALAD GARLIC BREAD SALAD GARLIC BREAD By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Some performers, in their attempts to remain nooular. aooear frequently popular, appear television. Elvis on takes the opposite Presley approach, doing only rare video shows. part by a brilliant managing of No. his projects, all came m entries in 1 the Television in Review And latest television CARRY-OUTS 25c EXTRA I Ti I II ANGELO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT ratings illustrate the effectiveness of the Presley practice for his career. The singer, whose popularity is sustained in great Wednesdoy Speciol EYE among national video rankings with his recent 90-minute NBC-TV special. He beat out the nation's most popular series, CBS-TV's "All In The Family," by a solid margin in the ratings for the week ending April 8, although the CBS-TV show still finished atop every other program but Presley's. Some Value FRIED CHICKEN 1824 N. HENDERSON ST. 343-0213 FREE ORDERS OVER $3 MIDNIGHT DELIVERY ^Does Not includo Specials Choice of Baked or FF Salad, Roll & Butter BLUE ANGEL Kitchen Open 5 Till 11 it is ex- In an age of overkill, instructive to note that clusivity still has some value, and the ratings show this to be a fact. For in addition to the potent rankings of Presley in a Ratings rare appearance, there was the hour NBC-TV special by Ann- Margret, who also has only occasional video outings, and who came in third. The Presley and"Ann-Margret specials, by the way, were both presented on the same night in a shrewd bit of scheduling by NBC-TV. The same network had further cause to be satisfied by the ratings showing of another entry seen only occasionally— ithe classic movie "The Wizard of Oz," which, while broadcast virtually annually, nonetheless maintains an aura of exclusivity because it is not run into the ground by video in between these special outings. house for seriously disturbed persons. Dr. Brothers won the New York Deadline Club award for her on-the-air conversation with a would-be suicide on her radio show, "Call Dr. Brothers," in 1971. "That show isn't on the air any more," she said. "I'm so busy there just wasn't time for all the activities. But I still get about 10 calls a week from persons problems. "Few of with psychological them Wed. & Thur. SPECIAL TACOS or ENCHILADAS Came in Fifth people I'm who just to are want to from chat, calls happy to say no one as a prank." An overwhelming number of callers are women, most of whom women, concerned about inhibited than are indifferent husbands. "Women are less about asking for help men," she said, "That's true about medical attention and psychiatric needs. Psychiatrists and psychologists treat many more women than men. "Maybe live the women don't ill According "The to the national Wizard of Oz" III' 1 J 1 NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT BARBARA & WILLIE BALBINOT, Formerly With Macomb Country Club, Welcome You Custer Dining Room. COMPLETE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON AND DINNER MENU i I \ I I I Featuring STEAKS, CHOPS. SEAFOOD and SALAD BAR Evenings. FREE DELIVERY Wllh $5 Order or More 5 PM -1 AM JOHN'S TACO HIDEOUT Phone 343-5610 ratings, came in fifth. Tliis is remarkable when one considers that the film has already been seen by so many viewers. On the heels of the strong ratings results of the Presley and Ann- Margret specials, NBC-TV has announced the signing of another performer only rarely seen in television productions, Bill Holden. reason longer is that they wait until they are terribly or unable to face psychological Icrises until it is too late." Dr. Brothers is pleased that she has as many male viewers With Dr. for ''Living Easy Brothers" when the WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL FAMILY NIGHT Plus Tox French Fries or Baked, Tossed Salad Kitchen Open 5 P.M. Joyce syndicated show is beamed at night. Her Anthony guests have included Quinn. Tiny Tim, ex- heavyweight champ Joe Frazier, Gloria Swanson, Ginger Rogers, Celeste Holm. Mario Thomas and Richard Chamberlain. WESnRN ECHOES Are WAT AG A, ILL 375-9918 Horseman Lounge WED., SAT. 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM 1505 E. Jackson Rt. 136 Macomb the lady who wrote the book you referred to is not in step with the scientific community or the rest of the medical profession that is concerned with heart and vascular disease. In fact, three of her books are on the "not recommended" list prepared by the Chicago Nutrition Assn. I continually get questions about lecithin "breaking up the fat" or "neutralizing the cholesterol" and other such statements. Egg yolks do contain lecithin. Lecithin is one type of fatty acid. Originally it was hoped that it would help to improve solubility of the fatty particles in the bloodstream and thereby prevent atherosclerosis. Dedicated scientists have evaluated this problem rather carefully in hopes to achieve this. The results of carefully designed experiments have established clearly that the addition of lecithin and like products to the diet will not lower the blood cholesterol, it will not dissolve the fats in the bloodstream and most specifically it will not prevent atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, that leads to heart disease and strokes. Publications that state to the contrary do not have the stamp approval by the scientific community and the statements are not supported by competent scientific investigation. I personally telephoned Dr. Jeremiah Stamler in Chicago who has been one of the pioneer research investigators in this area and with others carried out a great deal of the research of lecithin and related substances. I have also discussed this specific point with the medical director of the American Heart Assn. The results of careful research have been published in scientific literature and are available to, and known to, the medical profession. Scientists in the American Heart Assn. and other scientific organizations do not feel that the presence of lecithin in the egg yolk or the use of lecithin in health food tablets or from any other source provides any meaningful answer to the problem of ather­ osclerosis. This is true regardless of enthusiastic articles in popular without glass of orange juice times a day provides as much potassium as is often prescribed bv doctors for potassium deficiencies. If a person will drink a full eight ounce glass of orange juice each day it will add a great deal of potassium to his regular intake. You can also get lots of potassium from grapefruit, apples, and other fruits. But orange juice is at the top of the list for a common food that contains a lot of potassium. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on cholesterol, send 50 cents to the same ad* dress and ask for "Cholesterol" booklet. of Eye^ Ear Tests Set for District ALEXIS — Hearing and vision tests for pre-school children in Alexis School District 400 will be held the morning of April 26 at Alexis Elementary School. P re-registration for 3- and 4- year-old children will be held at the school April 18 from 9-11 a.m. Youngsters who are five and will start kindergarten next fall will be registered arid screened the afternoon of April 26. Appointment information will be mailed to the parents of all known kindergarten pupils who will be enrolled next fall, school district officials said. P.M. Wed! Seeing magazines published the approval of the scientific community. Dear Dr. Lamb — Please tell me what foods are rich tassium for are someone potassium deficiency. m po- with a Wo Mako Our Own Pies — Cakos Oonuts SUNDAY ONLY ALL YOU CAN EAT SMORGASBORD 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Featurfng: Now Playing thru Weds. A Top Thriller YOU'LL LOVE MY MOTHER PATTY DUKE ROSEMARY MCJRPHY On« Show Each Night at 7:30 CHILDREN 60c ~ ADULTS Sl.OO K ^ NO X VI ' Ml A . P| , ^ ORPHEUM Open 7:15 ~ Show 7:30 PM Ends Wed.! Adults Only-ID 'S Required Pieces Chicken, Mashed Potatoes Cola Slaw A 1 Roll Gravy t I I 11 >M $1.45 "SOUNDER' IS A MUST." * , I I .[ M , I If / MATTEL ProduciJoM A Rotert B. fUdnits/M»rtln Rite FUm 20"« CENTURY. FOX 7:00 & 9:00 I _i Open 7:15 • Shows 7:30.9 PM RT. 34 West Now thru Wed! They shared mom than their roomsl Offer Good Both Locofions 1017 Hondtrson the Corntr of Main & Farnham CINEMA I & II uALtbbuHO 342 6224 7:30 & 9:20 m »JAcouainc m THf THW THE Color by Oeluae* _ A W»mor CoiiVTKjncfttoit Comp^ V V F • J m. A w J Bonnie's Kids

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