Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 13, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Page 1
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It hivt on yowr she!- «•• •, - ... r. - j^MP^jp^.—* «*^ «|i - e-j..-^ ^^«^ -fc-*^ * -g *.*• ^ ^ STERLING DAILY SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY. DEC. 13, 1916. ABVlRflSflM* U wha tfen't know you hiv* en ve* to s«H. PRICE TWO CENTS. LEARN BASIS UPON WHICH ALLIES WILL DISCUSS PEACE !RS ANNUAL HAS A NFW PfKT THEY INCLUDE FULL INDEMNITY FOR DE- <nam T WUjilHl} H nKff rU3i VASTATION CAUSED BY INVASIONS. ' Whiteside institute And House-iGen. Joffre Is Now Counsellor t% , '. " ". ',. , hold Science Club Meeting ; TO The Newly Formed i Province of Alsace-Lorraine Must In Session. ; French War Council. PROSPECTS OF FINE TALKS Sterling High School Building Looks Like a Regular County .Fair. i THERE ARE FIVE MEMBERS Gen, Nivelle, Defender Of Verdun, Will Command The Northern Armies. e, Returned to France While Russia Must Have Straits of Constantinople. PEACE PLANS OF ENGLAND REGARDS U.S. UNDECIDED PE Apt AS A TRICK President Wilson Has Not Even • HOW THE GERMAN _ Told The Cabinet What PROPOSALS ARE LOOKED He Thinks! UPON HERE AND AB * OAD It ^, a Clever Play By Its Offer. The Anitttfit WhitP.«id«' conniy fnnti- #r# r ltistltti!» > atul lit** cotinty h«>ii<>r>h(<lil «cl« i n«'* «'lub mfftttiK oji«Mi»'it v«Ty stu- wplcl<»Ufl>' thlt« forenoon in tb«» Stf-rliiix Htflb wtitHil bMlltlinK. tSi'-ul Is bcliiis mntilf«-«tMt| in tin- in- hn»< u new p.»st. Hint of to Premier Hrlanit's newly formed wai council n fiitjaH compart bodv »f r»Sf>- fiitl\'i'» atltut«» and thi'tr is ever\ evidence it"W nt lt« twin it a wonderful jmrce«« for *v*ry iwint of view. arrived early thic morning were tin prwid«»nt, C. I.. l'-«»n"n»r. from Propb- t»Urtown; J. I* IViiBh. *«•«> president and former pr«'fld*»nt for many year*; County Hupi'rlntfndent of -school* Harry B. frirc, 04; Morrl«on; Hon. A N. Abbott, from I'nlt.n Urove, nnd ,1. tl. Martin, torn t-xp*>rt judwe from Union OrMV*. Th«* p.thlt»H» ranu> in l:Ui» but there »r# ft gr*>«t rnnny of them nnd they •re bcliif; admiral b> f-ror<-< of men and Hn«P of 111! |UK| fm rued In- Klljit.'ind by I'I cutset etfitlion of ibis po<! ntul tin women. Tin- tuwnxlitp l\lith wchool building t» nn ld«-nl plac*> 'for boldlng Kueh'a tnKtlttitf for It* !nr«r' ttudltorhim M«MI« many «««! I'ontlnuuotin from thin ttx>m ttr«» Mnnllrr «>»«•* wln'i-«» divl-xioiiK of thp ««xh!WtM nr«« Hltown. - Tht Fak» Food Products. Tljw |iurt» fiHMl t>khlltU«U under th<- dlrwtton of Mr*. pavUt Unsung. 1*bl« coH*cttwn In • from I'nif. Allen from. , and tln-y nr»* «rtlr1«» in |t|n<>utr In cburee of It of tb«* m:in win ti.'is bi\d (>li!frj!e of nil of l-*ranr«» t I'oop*/ Wa «< antioiinrcd li>day. Tbe f ilo- new \vn«< al«o nntiiMiuct',1 toduj 1 \\ln-tj the entire body «ppi-(ired In tin- rlmmlM'l of .deputlen lifter a I'oiiferMirt' with President l'ninctilr«« until midniKbt. "Tll'» nninlt rompjfi'l" body of tm'ii who will nninaKO (lie wsic for Kranre in roiniHMwl of men whom the French considr-r ideally t'onwUliitt'd for their work. There are f^- t . itifrnlier- of tin' war counc'i!, ^!x Inrlnding Joffr i»f an«l t-<Hifcctlon!» market* antl h»« bus i-huwn by chemical unalynl* tin* |Mt|nont>u» in- icrvdi^ntu In them. Tl«» nrtlcl<« In It* orl«lnnl "p ' the «re «'<»«'!» and t*v#ry w*. The Idea In to m«t thf tntrchBtilt* •choolwl a* to wltlcli of. I h«» j»roct»rli»»i ""~" th*«ne - tty wbcn ordering, It l«-ulmi to t*>a«'b the wumrn wlilcJt «rf tin- fnk* produot> IbtW for Ml*. Amnntf tii* iH>fii<>tf' many or th* food Ki^rr^wjtflio >r« the tar dyea whlrh cnti'i intn tn«ny oi th« foods. H«> fxhtbltw. i > h>tli o*»!or«»d •froot th*»»«! jut dy«»» tnH'i'rfv from food tnH'i'rfv from food n» tu«»u«npti dis- • bought at storm Tbt>n» tinct color*, «ll of tin-in pi>b«otiou« y»t muclrof -the food of itn> land buy*(Continued <m JL*ii«e -Three.) _„ _ They nr« l 1'remicr Hrltind— Who n*talitH hi* poftfollu iif foreign -mlnittter, • Alexnnd«>r Hibort • -Minister of 1*1 n- ancr. (Jen, Hnltort l.y.'uiSey — -^-MiniKtcT of Wnr, . . • Kenr Adtnitftl lA»cni»».'— Minister of Marine. S Albert Thom»«— Mlnlnter of Notion' - nl *T' '" • By Wilbur S. Forrest. « <Stuff Correspondent of United Pr«»t.)' London, Eng., Dec. 13.—Term* which 1 believe constitute the only b»»it on which the entente power* wilt enter peace negotiation* were ascertained .thii afternoon from various sources by the United Press! "One provision would be full indcmnitx by Germany for the devastation of the nations «he has invaded. These terms, Although unofficial, are believed to r'epf«»ent the concession* which Germany must make tk obtain peace. They follow: The, evacuation and restoration of all occupied territory, including Belgium, northern France, Poland, Serbia and Ftoumania—with fuJJL indemnity for the devastation which German occupancy of these territories has entailed, Restoration of AUace-Lor/iiine to France Cession of the Constantinople straits to Russia. ,Indemnity, ship for »hip and ton for ton. for all destroyed shipping- Adequate punishment for those who are responsible^for atrocities committed by German forces. It was emphasized in all quarters that the only question of a possible negotiable character in peace proceedings might be ae to the disposition of certain captured German colonies and the character and limitation of Ger- \. many'* future armament, E. LETROY GALT ELECTED MOVE CAUTIOUSLY May Prove An Entering Wedge ^ For Peace And Should Be Freely Disctjssed. Hy <;..<rl !> <lro;tt. IJ^UH-F ( Vri'eHpolirli-nt .>f I'ltltcd I'M'** ) ,' \\':isrd)iKto;i, l> f. I Iff, I 3 • \Vlin!' pun ;!ie 1'tilled Slat* « will plfty in fur-! is iiti.ieterinliK'd c»»d, ! s>v Itut thi*»i»- tblce biK tmvitrd Hull eml .-lie In j I be olllt-ltil nil!)d*<: ; - J ftiat KriKbind ,'iritl itw allic* should) •il le.tsl ilixMIH* I he offer, Th:»t ;>uv P«-H!"'luent. f-rpe,'i;iUv dnr- ii>i; i Jet niiim'* present tianu « i.Uld I'll ve !(. be b/icfc HY <',-u! \V .V'knrman . _ ^H^^'V;;.; ! :'iu' ! u : ;[Je«^o r 'sS!iTHE ALLIES MUST ANSWER bnf not !' „)• 'I hf> ( ,\ ITH-I it on r-tiibstssj '« tindrr- t hifiiftn tlm natliin!" of c.« t!>ni '!)»> i ctsttal (xiwr-r* nrc ', II' (li-.:( H»« pCH' «> (HlttillK tip (0 • tb<> itllh'.x th«» nct|ii|pH( -fit**** or H'tusril J i.f ibf (t-nilcr Tl-f dlploin.-ilk rorpin j (H-ir- , K''mially < oMNldr-r I Ici ntativ ,! mov«» a rimwtcr stroke, Expected Lloyd George On Tuesday Will Make a Reply To Germany. «My t'nited Press. 1 i.ondon. Kni!., r>w. 13.—Kntrlnni! lii okluK forward to next Tuesday wh«»H . I'ltinin Diivld Mr.yd O«-or«e will dt«.*s tbr- bouif of common*, fdr IJrlt*? fc ! aln> antwrr tit fl«»rmnny*i» DM. tii>> I'nitcd <4 It the WILL NOT SEND HOUSE. (Hy rnllfd Prr-M. i i. l> r . Ik-,. i: t ...The- ad- ,-,„„ Jh , |t ,, mp , !rtt , ph mpn ftnd w ^ ! ,. „ „ " ,7 "",' "'""'" WI|M| ' °'-i me ( , „,,. .o,mid P ri,, K but on* thln«, ! I,. M I „„,,,.. I'l^i't-.H \Vil,on' s por. ,,,„„,„,„. Ul , , V!lr „;,„ n ,,;*,; JJrlii.4 mind iT" t " U '" 1 '"' " l>r "" f| ( " li " nn.vlhln^|,,, rv ,, eMnbll^liPd '1 """.'_• I ii»)iv!i . tbo lift man pcai f movement much of the ndininlsliiiHf.ri',* S'i^H 11 '^ I.IM on in _. .wi^.jiU-iif-Uwi-nn-^^l^fH.- <*t**v(»-f"rf»tf tn-iff'-T • by n world i -j.^s TliP MHtcnient of I*ln.Vit ' i-ntty in » n Interview with the »**- oflhial uew that . f,,r nieiel\ to ni i TIH n ni".»Rf-r I!|-IM\ au<) pint" on UK plopoonin I'lt-Mili'ill \\llmui |K undecided: II' linn not even fold bin cubiiH'l u bat In think?', but biM <'|os<i'Hi followers be- j He Was' Chosen A Director Of The Association Of Commerce.. )•?. J.Hloy Hull U'JIM elected ?i mem- | IN FULL RETREAT n»rtin K "L*™uL^ Vi!'|R° uman ians And Ru'ssians Flee o miM.r. . i fr rom j ne flooded Yal- onita River. ""(GERMANS TOOK 4,ooo MEN rnnnlliont; Th«-rti ar*» nix ovfr>sr tnini.-it»>r?i not oi, <h»> war roinu'll und Mhrw- utuU*r-M>c* rrtarlfc-whn -con»tttntp-i hn tln» cahlnt't O*n. Niwlle. «U»f««tuU i r of Vtrilun, it w«» officially annfnim*«>il will ronimtttxl in th«' north an.) f^rcnch tiorthenwt. »tir«MiedK I., H. \Vhlffen \vli.o IIH H (Ili'ecior u Khort time aso. The SioHintf .VMsoi'liition JH u mem-- I ci of tbe «'Itamher of < 'ointnerce ..f th I'nlted SialCM nnd i.« entitled to tw delegate* .it the next annual conve tion of, the <"lmmber u liii b l.« to h 31, rimry 1 and" IM in be a Nailonal < 'oniu-ilor who in .HiippoHed to attend fonferenees .o THE FRENCH VIEW. 1Hy rnited l*n-»i«.» licvo this Kovernm»»m <>n K ht to Jtnnw ( | »Uer"ivian.Mii xJieukinK Vor l-VatveTn whut Hie «Ilie» tnlnk b,.ror«» tnwkhiK ,,,„ ,| lan ,i,,. r ,, f depv.tles todav, n» for, nny further move. F-irHH.rmoro they, „„ Wl . „,,, „„, „, ,,„ ,,,,,.,„,,, ' nvfr „,„ believe KuKlrnid will «corn nny prvic«- ,„.„..,. ,,,| (; ,,,„, ,,„ „„, ,,,, nk ,,„, .,„. ; offctH b:t«ed on the II-IIIIM iiniiinsneed j VV [j| ,, |M J Kl ,,, n '• elFlimafi""Tii whofif' hantls I furl lines bnvo I 1 is ;| iti IM tint Rtntt i mpnt Dftvhl i';«'«.!«f Ktild' "Tlie liKbt munt bf> to ft I pniwh—1<> n kniN'k-out." Comment Of Papers. If Hi.- lonmifiii i «• the Ixindon pnp*r«?| ' t« ii n v M rllet;,,!,, KiiKlftBd doen ftot nc.!.,. to ri-nnrd Oermany'n prntx>*ahi Itt* •inv oibei n K nt tlu.n nnotlur "German. i!^4 > - l S !u '^C. l "^f y th,^lH«.I Loss" Of Allied Shipping Is 192 Vessels—Germans Have -V-Wji". 1 .!* "". l 'Jli';.'J_ H ._. ( ."" l .'!"'lyi |i *l!j"-. ..W- _'" ! Hint mm has* been llu- rej.resentjitlve of th» local orgiin!7Jii.lon t tor th<« \n\ft', lull hi' will''hi' UMnlfle |<i attPtul Die.jtnw-tlriK.'M Wn«! I vlll« Detroit, Mkb, 1>«««-. 13. cent nioyle" luis corn*? Itil vsInter <»n account of «oinu el A«.ea<-h del,.« !t to pnyk his own i»x- . ,. nomy r ,,, v ^ pf»liw«"i« iliiT.' hfivr- not been \>-ry nuinf :"TvT7i"7nu» IT«uuir'7iT tbe HU'riillK Ahs Lost 3*921,859 Mem I 'Hy I'nitfd I'ryjix 1 Oer, Hy Wiipb'Hs To Hay- I., IH'c, l?..~Vu|| rvtrtMit of the Th^ '.'a!/" 5 jjil \Vniihinirioii, oxiHtencr ' In A io<-al theater ,han <» our fent to Its former admission of; beciiUHe o! a 20 jwc in ollirinl Klrtlenient. .The Koiiniaiiiiin forcej? won 1 rHn- 8END SUPPLIES BY AEROPLANE.! f""ced by Hii^siiin oivulry. Their r... \Hy Cniied i-rout, i ' j trwit i« not Hi euwu'rly. London, lie.-, K'!. Th<« lied «'ro«j! "°" iht-'rojid lo offctH b:t«ed on the tcrmH «nnoune«-d j vvi| | ,, IM j Kl ,,, n •• • ; " " <IH < "iu-fueii u«-rmntny nnd mftd* . hym^i-inanVmhiiMy.omThil. lnlbe,e r T|(|s w , H n,,- nn^ve, of the T^nr-h i <l u'T"" '"' l| " m " lk> /"«>'• The note M • iriutnxtam-t'K it I* lu-hl th.u nuy• uc- . t , ml) lftiv |(l Jn(b rof| , ltllit ft)I , ftn f , xlf .^. i "" ( r '«""nin nny concession*;; lion by Anu-rlca i,ni»t he cntaloi.ii. U iun ;,„„„„,, n . t » ,.„,„.,, 1V( , h<| rf ^ ttl '.\ rtu "^ r , (th " n ; 5t ' rmR "y» <>MlW ft*l Information Well Founded. )!H . , fc ,,„,,„ •„ ,f,. u ,, i,n.i»«ial« ' nicifly *tnti>n Oprman/ d*w*I Tlm I'nllid l>trH« obt;i|m»d thi« In- " ' ' | ,«iie« to ••niei p« a 10 negotiations, flufit^j forma!Ion rt>.m four of Hi*' bext in- . THE ENGLISH VIEW, ! ;1 |l| " ff '' 1 '- " *if" H P<»lnt«l out, mnkert formed ntr'ii «ho nr«» In clotu'Kt toiuhj l!y'Kd I, Keen " imperative thut countfr propriMita I with tin* president, nnd HIP nniin in- .Si,i!T.t'ort»«r-"inleii; of I'liu.'d I' i ' miMl< * "" ""' ''•'"'' ° r *''* «IHe« to en4; tiinnfiiit v n» one of thi«" foi'«"ino«it men I^uidmi. JIi.u. I)ci. 13 —The. llrltinh !''"' w "'" In ibe M-oniiH ;md conUd.'nce of l'ie»-|,,. () i,!e Imv,. niirady aiifwrcd Get-! ', Germany In Good Light. hi* nt WilHon Km m him wnn *ecuri'd ' i, u ,ti\ > |,e;i«,. ptopojinN. i. ll wa * """**'' i" hlph offli-lal cjtrlc^ (In- xtiiieint-ni HVU nnvthltiK port»urt-! ••:/«,' X4ii'on such ii lw*u ns rm>- *' ut »' 1 " nl ""f'^'il 'o consider O*r in« i" be ibe pte«idf'nCf« \ie-.\ Is «!>•»«»- posed" " " tnnny'w r*ropoMtl!« would obvioimly le«v» "'<«' iictiMll. . - _ That JIIIKMOI ,h l-eliVMly rtt.lMWlt • (5 " lmanv ln •'*'» :"H-Hnta«?POU» \Vblb- Ibe .tdminlftfuHnll Ire Is* . r-l • |( ] H tellecle.l in the ni.WKti:ii.»r e.mi. niltllc poyilim in tb(> eyen of th« l.iin KiiKland will nut inns m'i-''|'t the mint .ind In Hie evpie-oOoitKi of the i lei ma n i'*'o|»i««ttM •*'"' mitlln«'i|. )t a>- on H«» xtr«»e! !,o»f..l«i ht>< HUM* thry mas- form Umid Llo>d (SiHirgo n*<xt wwk wlien tcrlmt tt.-dge tor peiu »• or ju»ar-i> |MU- ; |,,» upcnU.f in HIP hoiiMt* 'if commonH kn !<•>« VVb never tuny lmt»r>«-fi tfi»»y fin • fr«ine HUM an»t\-«>r. Knghuul's answer niKb food for thouNfht nruj miiv forni! < unnot bf a dlrpct on»«. IH<-«U«« Its t-on- ih" hauls lister for terms nf m*t«lHW>Jit. | s-ultniion with Itx nllir«H us t« what st! *f ""', t turn tbe iiiifti,\<<r »-lMlt ttike, <-mm«it IMI of vitnlj, inched'd by nc-vi Ytiowlay wlu-n l.loyd' hnd t-i-.;..,^;",-^,;;:;;;; v-^f^-fH- -iijiitriTTriTire"."TtifiriKli rirattnoit io~nttt~rr bis nrj«t inemier m Uie honw of commons, mil mitih- . ami in 'rtiw view of Its own Therefore ii IH considered prjtct n diplotnullc nerenHliy that a rfplv." ntJcn*t Uewlsnod to »hlft th*' fur further warfare to many, rnunl bo v made by the ent«nt«i Hiu'ts cren>i.j in the COM of tlluiH, Tbe mun ; briid.|tiatici'« her,- utilU<>*« jieiop!<in«-,M |' ""W' 1 ' 1 " 1 '' 1 ' 1 KH'iind a>i(i m,.rt' than rtjlh-s iTport no . tU-iTrMMO 'in iitlerul- i for m-nduur urgently heeded s'upplii-.'i, 4 -" tlfl i'" > l > "'iii'r»,". wilil tlm-. KlHtenu-nl. '"In addition to nitillery liiing on " SoinilH- :IM She .Meusp NectoiK, xvl .-jyuj, fempoiviiily more lively and nl< !.v ii;iiio) .-/isise^, thrr«' jr ..wi k rir no 1, .ictiou.-i on ilio \\f'^torn Iront.'' Hu* momont. House Sees Wilson. o.l House, the preMldoiH'H |H«rHonHl | .:) M i (une ho nnnntinmli ii«» "wm r, \viiM with him ioibty, hi'lplnf reiolv to onuine on that «hiti> iho aims jbefoie the IM-WH of i b-i ninn.v'H propos- \vhlob NUMEROUS TIMELY SUGGESTIONS FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS The bu*iim' i fW IIOUHPB cf HlerlliiK have Ahdc -a special effort to Mei-nre the best I>OH- wibli' line of ChriHtmuM |»re»eiit« and the fotlowcinu «u«Ke»Hof.H are offered to help tlume Who >vi»h to buy early and «(•! I he £>e>tt sole-.-tJons, ' ' 1 Oh*>rmHl«>r"» for, overcoats, $5.00 to \ A ru^ purch»i*r<l from' the Uoy O ' 133.09. I VVooda Ktort' would. pl(*«Kt* ht*r. , W» «kn.U"ll you all about,koduka nnd [." Kxcluslve. dcslKiiN lii p«»rf|jniPH am)] ,|»lctur«> taking. • t>nly sb.x'U in 'town. |toilet wjitemt." n«>iidrlckh' Drug i\i.. I*0rry*& Hoover.. -• -. . •- '•. All. t!)«»;• IntoHt .novelties jn ll*l|n}»rlt l-'iirtbef u i"|Miru ; d jbern WHM noih- lUK of iiu!"nu»iii'e on -Aivtidttke- Ix'o- !>d!(i'-4 from, S»iccej<i«l'ol patrol r-n- Kaye-nii'iii^ were reiiortod on HIP <*ar- pnthiiin liiuil, <Mi tin- front repiilKo by Aii. troo|>.s vvcii 1 iv 1th" hj» kuov led««»' of tbt» |><>it«'t» Iboi'ul'I.M of Kttiopi* ohtiilni 1 *! in hi>'' journeyluK u?« Ibo priv>t(o t-nvoj • nf 1'riMidoiit Wilson (o the Viirioi.M cap!lain of Ivir.tpf* bift surnnicr. He will' "Hprmany took lt« cue to ungtoh,*,! Itmiy victory to balance flv«f «w»r defeau un the wp»{orn, liaj l»n slid Httitiiinn territory;"--wdd—tfctfl Dally «'hronlc](., "then on top of it* i iltorlal cwintiMt to corns forward .iilon. n lrtrx",pa!t In tbe llnal Putii.Mi-*- or Hie new fabln<'t v I'les.K fl ild puldi. alike look to Lloyd Jcor^e ID voi'.->» Hie iiMlion'.H rejei-tion • i ,ir,y pea e ba^ed oil <•<>.inan.v'it idiM > The <;citit,i'i pi,ne IcltilK as «!•,IMI >.i!l In the lie.-rnan nl \Va>h> | in npp«n«i r.-r th* t«e«sntlon ft bloodtl "lied mid offer r>OHcn-6n-n»-you-w«W teinijt. which in such clrcumstano«« could hi. Hi-, en a false air of Mty," The Couree It Clear. I! niee the tbeHe tActlcB in clear," RB»ar(*Hl "Tl»«y must nliNolutfly r«^ < loyi- !.. Ibe iiii'udeut lire' ni«lou uet«• neneiully reisiirdi-ii HM pic- t 1< ' < " '" ' l( ' <l1 u ' Ul 'np.HtlUlon In „,.„ jnuiouM (lint be Hike u hi«.firi|r'..xlrtrn'l ' i o,iei,n,« and un«orib> of werioun !' ai ' w " r ''"' m Hmt from an >' «!U»Pt*I5.^ ha. 1 !. uik r up ilein.nnyV idem- noi »•««! ( itiiM<it>i,iHi.u - , ^ ' ' i "" '"" K nH ""* '"'"I* i» proposed on fieintuny'rf Men*, -but u«,u niojui 1 - i-'*t TI Hie IIIHCIII niiv iiii-4iiin,tii- ..r ,,.,i,. _•"'"'"'*'* **' nilnht nnrt floi'P'i'Uj Hit* n o<iu«- «-'s Tl Hie piaciunily uiwiumily of opin-;'"""""* "' r »»'Kht nnrt not rlffht. Tftvy^ of, Th... j. ,r,, r ,.,,-<„ „,„! ,,,!bii(. me.,i.H luiMbiuiH " UIM "•" l *"' '" "*'k n'H'ut nn arinlsticw Idea r.f wiicb n luuiicipiiilon in the ( he icph will bo ipeje* ted " | mull tlu> land the ftiemy h«« overrun P«'tnf> jiiovcim-nt huK. rr<'i|iic>ntly been' Vbe |.iess comntenl \\ont all tin- w»y tilut - ' M ' rlv "K'«"» P «'<1 and V niiuiicuie set her, A Hhuvin 1 .- CLAIM TEUTONIC LOSSES. for him. .Seii Hiein at llendrick.s' ' (M.v J uiu-d J'tcxs*.} Co. » ' i :. I'uri.s, 'I'Vnnro". I'Hn; -13.— U.-pulse with c.ijii biiri;ainH in ImUfs' wiitflicH j Bi'ent enemy IOKMCS of Tentonic uliai !-<> u! .IftiniiiMN.'•- !"'" 'he wo.nleo I'sirpiilltlai'H \vas ,ui- tioiinred Ui Hie'oPicial HllUCIIU'UI. to ilu< jiiT«ii|piit, bin up lo; |, lb<- JMJlj AlMlJ'M now be IIMS taken no von HcUiMi!iMii",llolhven fp tin'il noon tndny th« oillcial li«M | "n.. more entitled to t!w« coiirtt'Hy of a of the liirrmin ruopoHttlH hud not sir-j iepl> ihan nn aimed burglar In u pri- e," io of the .Manchcaler k brtH.;<.lct wnti'lr .in I'-i-yeai j Kiotwfar nt Tlu« IJcoicry^: •. . - . _.;. ,--,'. i. _' 'Ui-i Tlu> Habit wlien you' nivo |ou> tionturd yi the ol'icial *»IHI<MIU<IU. ran'o, $)'ivOjK J^ntffu^*-' *. -'.|..-'No hf»nu«1»* conu»lt>ii«without. 11 Klnx-1 wwir. «'oin« to TM«< Hooierv 1 . lOasiiviud oi i.'hlbena a strmig piicmy -'for Women, nii'ii-'MtMi', c-hil- j ball j>lHiioJ~'Hi>hl y|s. ««§y iiti-ynif'nt'H,.'•. ? . *Wrir.~Hl.uiuh) try /the Kiniball playoi « l tuick -war* II>|UI|NOII iind Htiuthwunl * • appropriate sifti*- Thf^ 1. Holly hi-und chiH'oluU'.C lv S. ?, L«tUHlwfur<>" yotl h'uy, .-'rhr family eh«|ee, f«nd ue.stward of .VuKMHitntii the lisht- l East TIU««t atrtiM.''..." • I 3 •lh;-tiiis«»« at-Dujilmr's;..'-•• v'.'.•'/•''.' ( I .„ t'm»e iiliu'K at Dnnbur"«. '"*>' '''>»"''iuf?<, Hu« c-nemy. «tubb»rnl> •Sjtpper*-for ; dr«n wwh« . Boottry, SI East TUU.«I • UU Hue «f home mtuU« bnlU mul candies, KlU'« «Unrootlon«*ry. Be* At • I 3 lb;'h«sii>» at DiVilwr's;.. v'.'.-/•'.'' - I , t*m»e j»i>H*rt at Dniibur"«. ix'I t'oin.e aiul ln«iu<rt our Kt«ck.Aif rugs. ]' Wvc nluiniiiinn ware, our-Keunoniy j ft. K|ilotuUil ,u«soitnifiif itnif i"rlcos rightii Ifnucnii'iii offciM lomsirUubUi values \ „.•} ut l-'YirntttC *<- HOIUS his? t'urnitur* 1 Htore. i \Vyin»»Di'uy« i r I). <». ytore, , ; Bubneriptlwn tt> a-..maj?»tslnp j Ov.« : ii insikcs nn Idcul ' You urw Invited-lo ..rail ami limpiKM i U»t. 1 Klt't'v"" wnr'ttlsn'ilny f« complete. V\*ym»-;(iurbvuutirul-largo wiock, \v1ietin-r you & Sons furniture store; I). U. 'Co, j iniy oi_; not. The I toy .(1. Woodn Store, Ui Sluie" s, J5 and 50 in a .box, ut r. you will Und th* largest Hiuv Of prac-1 A Hoo»l«r kitchen cabimn or an Al- i-^'Hhe "wouia ttinwHutM u serving May, UcAl gift* «v«r shown tn Burling. •_ ' i eajuir coiulunation \\ood, cnal and JJUH | """ ' ""'' ' "'" " " **'•"'•• J.JS, Harinon guarant«'C» bin Christ* j atov»» would please h*«r more than «ny- j ntaa cigar*. Moiwy rcftindwl if not j tiling you t'oulil buy and KUVI* heir mtiny : tMitUfHCtory. SO cMittM box and up. | miU«« of »t«»i«h for y«»ar» to <-omo.' Tht-) Buy practical gift* at the Hoy C. Hoy i;, Wixftls'-Store. Woods 8ton>. St<H'ka conn»h>t«>, j DolIsS l^il!«! Kcorv* of them at th* ly. \Vym«- LOSS IN ALLIED SHIPPING. «Hy rniU'd I'rcSfi.) ' nerliu. n«-r., Hy villf. L. I., 'A f, Heckmunn.' Open Olve that ybungnter a Tinker Toy «t H* will Jump with joy., SM,44e: IX. of diiimond.s at Jcn- Moy U- of., lit Cunilc'ii-Iirfr«iw>ih : , • IHInol.s C'nntly "Kitcht'ti boxed cniuHcn uf ull klndn, tcr *&.iifl, J« linings' J*wehy store— -the gift star*. ^ = Wliy not one of Haer's bicycle*?-. for lioyn. t%>nde'» H»rd- open Why not K|V«» her «n Hluniiiiuin j "\Vt»ar-Ks'i'r" aluminum at ContU''B |«ttucp jtan? Special sale at fi'.Hv Wyui 1 I llu*4\var« n>ukp»* a, gift that lusts for^ Denver I>, ti. C'o. '.tvv*.r, ^ l ,^ , ' PhonuKi'sildiw. only $r..'Ml, at lltii nitH» ' Tojfland, *etn, 1'honuKrnidin. only $r..'00, at 11 CHunly Kitt«U«»n homo tnadi« A {int»,«uiomoblh* robt* maken i. l«t' lb« ittiif up. j^jH'eial priiwj i*.r?iwuit.i i^iL_liriiiluitf!, to t:hurclH>« itn'<i »ch<»o|», : }.lolh*r «katc»«, lc<« «kaU-s 'mul ' i, rant!*'», sluuM, whoars, I u.t rlile», guns <u <"o, Buy her a. nibinel Ibis i 'lirint- >c, is.- Indudiiis ilw. oj' HH* Kr-i'iirh iiaiili'.-hip Suff«rn Hit* total IOSSSPS of hostile, Ik't'lx during (he war now in;' • vc-ssob*. the plVss buieiiu r-«HmaU'd today. Tbl» rtsrniv IncltuJt'H torpwio boats and wib- iimi iiu s. Tin- grand b>lal loiiuaKc •(« ,74i,ijun. ThfM> tlgiinw do not lnt ? liitl«« hpei'.ui v«'sdt'!f>, mu'h UM HuxillnrleH, The Hrltiwh navy's park in the huH is 126 ships yHd^-twi'lii'do hoatx with a total of r.t*,r>,^iMi ions, THE GERMAN LOSSES. ' <oTaT j(Tf,W'>- In"iTie^wa r-..iT "nu r "i»iiir~ii>7 NovciulH-i' u«'ie fJ,yil,-»>-".;i iiien, acyortl- HIS lo li;4Hlc,|i»ed on the oWicin rived ,i« HIK Htatf* ilciuii Uiu'iil. Wilion/Hm Not Dccidtd. j Cuard.tin Hu> iu>KollaHons The president II.IK not I'VPn c-in'td'-d ; n; I»MM| ifn us litr ;t* to aii-OftuIn lo bis cnblnct uh.ii ! ,i: plans 'iiid in- inMiy'.s e\,i. i irriux," deed be haw not >et dec.l'h>d. The of-- Tlieie i\a« coiiKideiabb« opinion that licial vlr*v a« rflteoied hy Hu» clom-xt ' thun: of ihe pri'f'ideni can bw tdatod | |i f i. They mum roicnv tha onunciutlpn of i pi*iii-»» teriitH laid down once ami for In t Ax<|iilth'M tiulbl Hull tnti*t ic-doiiblo tholr rfforta to force iwaci. t.-ruiH upon the accompllcfu. 1 Tlu'iP can bo nn compromise and noj uitk of a dr.4«n wnr with th* prlnc|i : * pb'x oi public rlisht al NOTE TO CARBAN2A >'dllicul, or ui'fcdy. |t« idea NEW REBEL^MOVEMENT Robloi Operates South Of Mexican Capital U Report. American Government Send* Stt^nt Repr«i«nt«tion» T», Firtt Chief. -• A "lihjvetyTruUm- for > t hi' [>urpoH« of' Kta .-iiuoiiK tho' allies and T|ie adiiiinixlr.iHon leunids Hit* .IUCH- i ml ably . iv.ittng illKrifiiftlon. lion of peace KO ciinnnoiiH it be, nheii se-riuiih con«idcialiim, i ' " ,""; " tl1 ;,! l ' 1 "' l | 1 " iH « l » l> «"> l "T , ' ~~ ZZ,™ •- JMI«I. ik'partinem made strona reprei . vinced the allies «iil »corn (icimaus, Joi|) Rob|a , Ou , r , tM 8owth Qf Th J ^Uatlonn to Hm t'arranza gpV-erimWnt ? '"',„" . . , ; ' « Mexican Cjipital U Report. t»J«}' in the matter of"T " Ubnteter may In- UerniaiijV molUe, H ' Hy \Vcbh tin. war hi too rnomctit'ouH to b«' |ts ! alf ^'''I'^lx'iidont of 1'nltod dd.« without ilu« I'ulit'st ollldal; - "- m ' x - A '"*- "*'*'. M---Important «•• ^olutiontiry mi,\eliienln uitder JohO |U». oi* Mexico City are in pro- lo rejiorlH Uiousht t«» boidor hy" In th«'»«< circuni(4tan''C8 the govtnn-';'.". incut n»ny lend KB influence, HivrptlyJ f.eiJtnpx, to got soldi a illNctiHHlon, JUit j ,. ,, ,It will jtd cauiiouHly before pl«c|n» it-i lllol ' lo< "" lm l'"»-lunt i-lt^ H H.'lf on m.unl behind thn <!erinan pro-1* 0 " 11 ' ° r M«*xlio-t^y, M uow «.ffi-r until it knuvvH tti-ciird<i'ly therH . °", V f ","" Hn 100 n»il«>* in POH- cluincc of yuccen,,. Autlciratin*,' uiiother attack fei fhl- ' of a giunaii ,. - i ll " (tllll!i ,' '»'.v neaily nil of HiV rc tee of peace, nilicialK think the (Jer- M.'iK*< »t an «>Vi'ilanil family. .<%»«» i'K ««ild rlusf* $'.' .".»» up You can st *i a.'nlt'w «'»'dar clu*st at j time at the Hoy (S, Woods Sloiv, l!! ui!> . li ' n *~ ."' "»'« »"'»'l'«M-', are tlm Uoy i5. \VuotI* Htore. . 1 . Oppohj'H. lor new and np-to-'dal^ J''^ • "•*'. '"/*'''. ,•, "' *"'"'"? \ lti 2> *'"'' I l>i,iu)i.!i.|s at !»ainU',«i^ prireg at l)il)i- ; jiUvnlry, clock*. ili-unoiidM and wa.lrlu'».*j V' 1 "''.' 1 ' ' {> '" • l '''! 1 "i'X':l as ItM.. 1 Hi, in- he r Kay inun IIH revealed by the .' ulHci:ilH in Much thill only an international them AnitiicaiiM and fort'tcnctx aro planning on liMvliiK Hit- city i'or thi> bord<>r.. , arnest of „ illcariln HollK. nn American citizen =«t .Maii»nioiu« ttiul hl« removal to Vl<f* lorlu for trial. The departmental io» ! | vi'MiigutioiV tmttibiishedi his American cili/cnHhlp a,nd 8how* h» wan, " " without . Kpecifte charge,, beiiig. ;* him. 3en«te Knoeki Out Claute Japanete from U. 8. fjty t'nlted Press.) \VanhlriK<on, D. C'., Dec. IS.—The 'today dcfVaUd the t (',jt feel it i* dotibiful U >nt.-h ;t mm i, HI'. •.:;' <ueft' from i>vi'{> part of tiu> «tan ~^ali~ J "ifitnVi'^ fl ~ 44 ^ lmt ' u * ltt ««*-ht»f«^ytng to thi» ijor-f<*»n**'Hiirirni »<* ih»-jntmt^mtlon~ Unto HII>\ i' u ' r ""•' '"wu is swarmltiK with thorn t which would have excluded " '•*• tlut >' un ' " ( " Permitted to cross to \ ('ncuntfinitd icpori.-* Kay thut tin 1 could lie elTccttil fnt-u «»«' <;t'ii. ii^uiufand (jou, .\ FIRED AT.NEUTRAL HOMESl";";*' 1 ; ut>r 'T**" 10 " .'l 1 lw " oarl - iah , r , i.' ; >l tooi|!>uiil,s in tui> railway yards ni t'niti-d HtutcK all Jupun^e, Inc-luiUnK und«r ihoMt- now trt-atii-K and the UH*llt,'.' fHiiuty. .«*.»^ lirothprii j .... v ^-~,, , f ft in* to be J.-IOVCH '*,-iv«- her K iv-! ._»,„..,, ,„._.. Graek Royalist* Did Not even Spare; ^g;:!;:^^^^ . osrai'^i, lUwi »fiit. thvin, .!l>e«verU C <"o r iibcrnuHcr')* for KuiipcidH-unci wiiiis-i • . •--.--. - - •( w.ihlimKioii. I>,-I'., IM\ 13. tiieekj^ ^n*-st iinp of «^'; hl> ^-»•;«»». ^J'J* | Tbe Ub-wi'sit/^ bicycle. l-\.r HU-,*"..! over, oau, '. I Twilighf Mu*i»l0 December 24, 1916. ,- m ,,j ii,,,.p, tit. d at tbe s> of »Vu»HM «vmK at AVfJ | ** i*-,? v r *«n* dis"-'* M '"* il " "*'<' IJ «'.V-V-, .|!aml bayn .in -.shots n !n -i.- in line ;t.i- j TI ... Hinst-iih of ihc .'.iru.s oivhew- tntl- < v» i> IbouKji mhubiird by IHMI- ' il^^'Muiri*!! J.U-* *VVv*iU'.H«-Im :< r'l'> t> ! ! '* l ' r "HoiorinjJ u W'arrn-- .<«. lulu-, I-.^IIIH-IH >^nl «.r .yu-'U M-al !.-athcr, m , ujll , kM il <-la,v :u Hi,- 'f'uiilglu Musi- ""' ilil'loiuau., 'd'urinit Ibe i«ntt (.(lee! ! |«4y ( AIUIII «O«M, >, • • j^ 1HH :jj rf ,\,, w ds-*iiiiw fos KH'I ul\ li!K ' w i! h *'eu« M "'>!•' iiijni-i -VII lalCHl i ,;,!„:,,,. v <| (r Unpaid I'r'lJie. All;;.. Kliz.t- H«hHnX|»n AthMW, Hu« -Mate t'iep.ul- / and 4K wen* killed, VESSELS CAPTURED ENGLANJ) WANTS MONEY Co. Auto lunch ttiif, tuH ci|iilpiu*iU, i at fli.TO to $)!«;," Thy J «i - for rheumy VV.V'H'-lVejiVcr I). <,», To. . l^tfj^t^t M-iii'iioji of liiii;.-; In ib<' ul niipold's Jewelry s^u.:«' ' t>iu>riiulli>r'K tor ..\iiUloiy l:;4tK. $.'< l*(t|' your swi-^tbi'Hii 1 or .VHT ,» tton't WAit t>H «»>»• l-»»» muiute ab ; ,u'n j, it . aul|ri ;| ,,.,,,,' t(f .|;,,,-,| ai , >Hl;"b'..>.H-rv/ro.' lU'W Eai«4>« or jou v\iH win 'i''U.: V( ,j,; , (tv> . . m , ,hi'*v..iv >•' si «<-'t.i.- had ' ,\ )u .\\ •a (>«'«. I'lH'-H iniiKe lr.i|u,4Siu i i|i( Tin- .). K « > ln'SM'i- i X> Hlu* would be <loliKl|l«'d with- u. iiifinit, \Vc hljo\y . beautiful oueji at'; jii'ini-,- to $ if. Mil. " \V> "<-• HciiN'i'r Ii. (I. ; innii-T" I b<>lb - . I'c .Murray, .Alt. Keiuu'lb t?tc- j vcn.--, violin- ; MS-.-I.: U. llcndrick*. <•<•)Ii. I; .l.iujji, ti,«»,,,.; Mr, Kilvvard I*#rry < i '!»i i*Uii;i' Ili-te, piano; Mr. ' . ' ,1 ''•,-. ,!:4i". i--.. • I .u it','!. " " Hie ,:| i!i''t, .\li!,l(> I'.ti lv •' ; ;'ll il IV'U "illl \\lii (" ..Ii:.i4.i-....i;li>>:i...'. __j,.- i -\ l 'i'm/L 1 !_..•>•'.!:•;...•_!..- -.-A!-.lh:ii.i!J!H^!i! ltd, '.M«i|bi»r i "uld iaire!i- til'd ;« pla •>• , '"t i * il; iiir.-o • ' '<• • .t-.'<-,• l:»u-n: t' 1 *''!*! I'r.'ii. ' " :U 'I't'*,. ."A sv" t<»i «. ,- t i\ i.>.-o» ...n'.'i.-i !••!.•.•: .. »; f, «;.i!>!/! i'm The ,>. iv: >'hcStvl * '™ "• i"' •' "f o.'ilri.tle \\ > In- 4 >•• i •. i" I .('», (I . '• : i ,\ '!'•>!<" 1'i.tiif) s'... V,,!- in«-;i'» haiuikct. iUV?:; ' ' *"- / . - ' , ''"' - ' - l! ' ;i I*->lf'• *. '- -V' l*.>i|i."t! \ .Ui,;i. "i- '?ti. .">•'( IMm'l w.lil ?!lt Hi", f-'i,-! «i!:i"il. jil"»:it| a-^ ' ' Mn'. er Snu« i i.l<-i-< I: tin! eauhxtdt !«•«!. i ' i"-(v Kdi^.iu. >.r >••!' \\i!l i •-,' Nffl.' .»li. U.^.h yis. '.\:iJ-.> -Kn-h.'inl.s. Mrs', i i I'.v I'nili.t I'H--, s..,;. in >t -Ui-S i.i V u uiuu'-ii. ; i.'.-n V A I1'"V.T. ' •< '_ \V..-.-dy<i:-s .Mr. \inir«-;.i^ si il! ,-.!>ijj "\hi.)i. |" V\' t ! n, -lot, l> I II.. ,.t.,..;-, J|.'-i»'t'.e ' li'iaii '• « U.« t Iliij!.-!- |.jj li'V'UVAv.H • :.l "'•><•• ,i!iil'v,ir .-I .lit !!,!< !-. ni." Ix, lt,|.|lev I'.io.k -Ju.u t 1 ..U\t-.j|l I •(..•>. H l^ V*'' 1 '! (Hy HU.-IIOM Aiic«.> Due. 13.--A IrfHUtof} fi.'U«pupcr huvMi* »U88t'Ht«'d that may, ,''''"* i Ger man Sej Force* Taka Calendoma be the j»il|e.w could boi ro\V mune mon*y *j "'"" And Rio Parda Into Port. i'" \rKeuiui". KnglJab i»t»Hodicttl8 pub» "' '•I 1 ?., S'jdU'd IVcsn I lulled bete loduy say Hierts. is nut Hm in! unTlu \\'Ji>«x>. T» Ha>- > |l " J - 1 '" •« *i»'.iM« of »uVJi a thing, i I. !>.•<• n -in, me niKbi or "'•*' 1{ "< -mt * Air«% Htandurd ln'seiiibci i'Hi Cuniaii w,t loucs in IUI '" t!fl11 "*' »hu.t niore than 37 in.irt. oi about"$l,8ffS,«ftO,000 p.,,.,.,.1 ... KUW f,,,,. '*••;!";;"•' <! - t0111 "" 1 ""• •"•"»» M«.,.I,.. "'"-" »"""»•>• «• i«v».»i^ m uj» bub ib. ,vn- '.,'. ' '!."" "' 'Ms.lcli'l p,i| (>i |{>,lt> .1, the si.He d.'pllt- mi nt .iiiii>.<uic- d no in »,!••* into i-s llil.- iiflel noon. Tlll.-t iclti-li VS.lh Hie II.ll In official dlspsilch- tf Hie lieu- A NAVAITABORATORY il* Rtco nmvndwd Fof Annapobr by tiv. 'iniait ttcii ton CM in ujl:* ,iii advance tllt.o lii-d ibe |»ui' h (.ti'iun- -nid .1:1 oill. /ui pi'e^ b'm. "" 'icv elopmonl purpoi>t>« and woul4 'be 1-nriottiilK M if (lines Wl'fjP not MM •iiKlu" it is not to be hud. .„ "«if t'Hjiavj .jjiii. f i l-'iiKtand'f. Ar^t'iniiu 1 bondu iilifhl i iiansloi ini'il HI Anwricun | l.tii that IM not pis i'i»n»ly what ofir 1 1 «t,,u <«>itti in|io><ny vAaiits" ^ i iieuieut lod.iy v - t *Molh Htv-^incix I 1'i.i.le,-! with ion<i ^thitld etiroiil* ! TORPEDO BOAT LOST Canadian M-mstcr Fears Loss of the i Entiic Crow oi Crjists, fi -r. ' u V ') H - lit. 1 1 liirii. i .*-(•!•! li^lit' i' klrrtTi, -,-' 1'f:-(..'I, 'l-'lji' !i' V' 1 "' •'•'''!'' I-M-I i'-ii;|i y-.o U'-Hli !n >('•• l.i\ line H.'-C on N lr> iln- iii-isi- • ^ -!U! I--U-.- !; h-. \\ • • si i . - - i V ' i - : IM -\; u. : J -U ,:* ' h -. i* 'n.- !.fo:in.-f' • . - I I:.- iv i '.'.; = ' lr.lli--' • ,'<li •*." ilnuv.-f, Mc».. ,Mi?v! Uh-lniitA \sit!'i; K ,11 tv " '• / I *-..•-111- i Hymn." I. 'I'll-.' *: :« .b.ii -:,u;r" t <H t'uiltd 1'ic •> Hdi CM !- Uif n-, ,ui ha- H Hi .-• i I (.Us 1 Mill" | , | be <'.- nl ,1 n i \ il . ,\i" 1 Hill lit.ll )-t 1IIIII1 il'i- (I f.f The cht.f PRI&ON MpilliStleld. Hi. SUCCESS. 1«J -flu- annual icpoii ol ihi« keeper i^' the H it ni <.-|!-:\d,- ;Sl<'llllIK ,<l?-l UUO-I'd ^ H' « I ' ' U i t'.ll.M I •- I • .- p- i I ;1<, |:i;l- i.uilil .f iiumi'V. 1 -,t «' »' - I 1 ' U.' J (* ' "UUio-'id ii.'"|i vvllb ' II !.. U,i f Mil I'' '111' lit ,< t i, ui l»-,l«,| tl.i U>!!<'VM|i.; |»-|i'i»l lo- i UH-»-U!,J\' Tlie |.'(u.|t »! IV U lit 1 ' Thi iitlurlit "1 11,t\.il'' M i \1« e -Jilc JUitillhlUK lt'e_J'i!<- Alllllp" 1 ' 'I' 1 " '<J'I>I'>|'»I III.Ml V*sJ" 'l. 1 'el- |.< I'JHll liill II !'( It,lied till ld> ll I l.l>'} n, M in, Ii (0 (,• I \f IJH'il :,n,i i mi !i,| ii . -s.ihtl biiienl |. i.iTT,^ rji \] c (IMl | : , n i,.||,,,|,, |,,,j| i'uU.- |teim-. til'- !i I 111, li-i uii' i\u». Tin'-" Lie it \\ ih^.ii.- i i> ''. • it I.- : .u ,-i.i ) - 11 • b.i.v -, u 1. !•• in. ii .1 >H i-ua j Ii il! luind -• i n !f».

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