Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 17, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 5
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• !r Golesbufg Reflistef-Moil> GalesbufQ. II!. Tuesday, April 17, 1973 & SUidenfs Research Unfolds Mystery of Ancient Pottery uSisi C^eie Mtiior Bar- ^._.u._.i.... ..^ ..I.^L. biri Biii!tf, Dwatur, did *'™W «WWV»^«»«:.IST.S nuclear ftntreh last sunt' mtr that hetptd to solve an ancient archeologlcal potterjr riddle. Archeelogists have long dis* agreed about the place of manufacture of a 2 -colored pottery made 3,800 years ago iomewhere In the Mediterranean area. Diffmnt theories claim either Palestine, Syria or Cyprus. The problem facing chem- Ists at the Berkeley, Calif., lab, nvhere Barbara and 11 other undergraduates from across the nation worlted, was to identify the pottery as being chemically the same as pottery from a known area. They solved the puzzle by using an analytical technique called teutron activation anal- yais. THE PROCESS determines the chemical make*up of things rangbig from human tissue to pottery. Since each element in the universe gives off gamma radiation at a distinct frequency when activated, scientists can determine the chemical composition of an object by measuring the gamma ray frequencies specimens give off after being bombarded with neutrons in a reactor. "One of the jobs I had was to prepare pottery samples iii!,i![,3ii .11 • WASHINGTON (UPl) - Hie tire industry told the imrem- ment today its advertising clatana for safety, handling and durability are Justlfiedr and it submitted slacks of technical data and testimonials to try to prove it. "Hie information came from 18 tire manufacturers whose advertising statements had been caUed into question by the Tire Industry Sets Out to Substantiate Its Ad Claims Federal Trade Comminion (FTC) at part of the aiency*s| oontinoing effort to get varieui Industrlet to tubetantiate their sales pitches. By and large the tire ntakers refused to give ground, although in a few instances they declined to back up claims wbieh they said were made by local dealers and were not part of their national advertising. on "uiniolkited from iHlstied back up their Many relied teitknoiilali" customcffa to Matanenti. "I have always been • reat critic but when t get reiulta t am always happy to oom- pliment," wrote William J. Kfueger, police and fire chief of Amberly Village. Obio, in tolUng B. F. Ooodrlch hit three eruisera had run up M,000 miles Radials." good for on their "Lifesaver He said they were another 10,000 miles. Goodk!h auhmitted Krueger*s letter plus one from D, W. Wakefield of Hurst, Tex., who claimed over 50,000 miles on his tires, and one from Jess Stopford Jr., Monessen, Pa., who said he got 90,000 miles and thought he would get 00,000 to 70,000. Brandt Quiets 'Anti-U.S. ^Segment TAKE TIME to READ Twko Weekly In tho GaUsburg Registor*MaU Barbara Baird .. . solving a puzzle for the reactor," says Barb. "This was a lengthy process of grinding the pottery into clay, weighing the clay samples and then packing. The end result was a sort of clay pill that fitted into a capsule," she says. "Then the men In the lab would take the capsules to the reactor. After the capsules were exposed to radiation, the men would run from the reactor with the capsules up the hill the lab is on. We wanted to get the specimens in a detector before any of the elements stopped sending off gamma radiation," Barb says. Information from the specimens was fed into a computer for the lengthy analysis process. As a result, when Barb left Berkeley, she stiU didn't know if the experiment was a success. Word finally came this winter that indeed the riddle was solved. The chemical composition of her samples of pottery clay was like that of pottery known to come from Eastern Cyprus. New Recruiter Sgt. 1. C. Philip H. Leroy, an Ann Arbor, Mich, recruiter, has been assigned to the Galesburg recruiting station. Leroy has also served in Europe, Thailand and Vietnam. He and his wife, Marjorie, and three children live at Wataga. "We in the Social Democratic Party have no use for primitive "anti" attitudes and especially not for antl-Ameri- canlsm" — West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, April 11, 1973. By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst In such a way Brandt stilled the strident voices of the young extreme left in his party who in recent days had added noisy anti-American demonstrations number of subjects. In the East permit Communist world Tito is an knowledgabiy elder statesman close to but apart from the Warsaw nations of the Soviet bloc. Brandt's own ostpolitik policies of close relations with the Foreign News Commentary them to assess I Israel in June and may draw future possibili-i valuable insight on the Middle ties of European balanced troop reductions now being discussed in Vienna and European security under discussion in Helsinki. Brandt is scheduled to visit East conflict from Tito who generally has sympathized with the Arab side and has been (oCntinued on Page 7) The FTC had asked Goodrich to prove its claim that It was getting reports of "S0,000, even 00,000" on its "Lifesaver Radials." Goodyear similarly sent in a stack of 30 letters from customers to back tq) its claim that its "Polyglas tire" was "long lasting;." It also said a commercial for its "Custom Power Cushion Polyglas" tire, which the rrc had challenged, was never ah-ed. It epeculated the FTC had gotten hold of a script which was later killed. Uniroyal was asked to sub- jstantiate an ad which listed "Fastrack," "Laredo," "Fleet Master" and "Tiger Paw" tires and added "Safe tires save lives." The company said the latter phrase was added by a tocal dealer who was trying to "sttneit that new tirei are lafer Hhan worn onet and to prompt consumers to replace worn tires." Offers Data It attached test data, none- thelett, to try to demonstrate the safety of its products. Micheim Tire Coi^., likewise placed the blame on a local dealer for claimhtg the "Michelin X Mud and Snow" tire is "the aafest Ice and snow tire ever made..." The FTC will now review the submissions to determine whether any false advertising cases are warranted. Previous substantiations have been obtained from the makers of cars, air conditioners, electric shavers, TV sets, toothpastes;^ and cough and cold remedies. to their demands for naUonall zation ,of industry and West German withdrawal f r o m NATO. He advised those with Marxist leanings to find a home elsewhere. The convention of the Social Democratic party then overwhelmingly endorsed the Brandt policies. With the passing of Gen. Charles de Gaulle, the energetic West German chancellor has emerged as Western Europe's most influential statesman, in full-control of the West German Bundestag at home and recognized abroad as a powerful spokesman not only for West Germany but for the whole West European community. Far Reaching Consequences In coming weeks Brandt will be holding with other world leaders a series of meetings with possible far reachuig consequences. The first of these is a round of talks this week (beginning April 16) with Yugoslav President Tito. The two are in a unique position to reach authoritative conclusions on Wl^ganible Crop losses from hail can be enough to make a grown man cry. But you can stay dry-eyed with a crop hail insurance poh'cy from Country Mutual. Consider these facts: VVe've reduced rates on corn and soybeans in many counties; "deductibles" offer extra savings; and Country Mutual offers a choice of plans—regular, blanket, all-risk. So why gamble? Make sure you have Country Mutual crop hail protection. Country MutUal^one of the Country Companies. We're a little different than most insurance people. Your Cmmti^ Companies, , Afltnt COUNTRY IIFE • COUNTRV MUTUAL • COUNTRY CASUALTV MIO-AMEHICA riRE AND MARINE • INBURANCE COMPANIES 98 N. SEMINARY — GALESBURG Phone 342-3168 Joba Sloan VtlM City Ph. 3M-14M LBvarn* Sanaoa R.R. 1, Dabin4a rb. 639-44M F. E. (Ed) Middaugb Galesburg Ph. 343-4991 Carl J. Blaud Galaiburg Ph. 343-7919 E. M. Jofel»oa Abingdon Ph. 492-2174 . Robtrt Work Galatburg Ph. 343-3914 C. Wylie Sbimal Galeibura Ph. 343 3390 Keith Keller Abingdon Ph. 492-2429 THIS WAY TO SPRING SAVINGS /Mmi/ SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MAIN AND CHERRY STREETS GALESBURG, ILLINOIS Has The Spring Savings Fever HIT YOU? 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