Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
Page 2
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A* tltl cllf 1900 CIETY of Events afi THURSDAY, MARCH* 21 >cc tne Order of Use Iftslern stir win meet Thursday March 8 a.m. 6fld 4 p.m. tnarrlags to Heftfy Allafl _ _ till bf an ev«nt of March 2% was comptlrtwnted with i gUt shower In the home of Mrs, John Haekler, Ail members are urged 1 The senior Cltiiens Club will live their regular meeting hursday March 21 at the Youth at h30 p.m* All mem* are urged to be present. The Daffodil Garden Club Will have Its annual style show. and. dessert bridge Thursday, Mar.ch £1 at the First Presbyterian Church, One feature will be an fcft exhibit, Tickets are $2 and are now being sold by members* the Rocky Mound Home Mak* ers Club will meet in the home 6( Mrs. H. H. Higgason, 216 E. 15 on Thursday, March 21 at 2 p^rn. All members are urged to bfc present for lesson on Health* Mrs. Johnny Nt*, srtd Mrs* Jot Mania* • '. " Miss Leta ftaye Morse, twtfl sister of the honoree, displayed the gifts, ' thirty guests- called during the out of town. They were cake - and punch by •Mrs. Johnny NIs* ,The - chosea'color used In decorations and refreshments. Miss Morse wore a green laminated tent with matching cor* sage. . , ''..-.• . After their marriage the eou* pie will reside In Camden, Arkaa* , MARCH 22 .'; Brookwood PTA is sponsoring »f Chicken Spaghetti or Hamburger Supper at the School Cafeteria. Anyone desiring tickets call Mrs. Danny Joyce at 75229. The price will be $1.00 adults and 50c students. The date is March 22nd from 5:30 - 8iOO p.m. SATURDAY, MARCH 23 r/ it •_.. The Hope Country Club will .have an informal spring dance .for members Saturday, March 23 starting at 8:30 p.m. Hosts cou- are Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Poster, Ralph Emerson, and ditch LaGrone. I WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 „ Hope present the ?' Hansel and Gretel" Wednesday, SMarch 27 with performances at Mr, Parish Is employed by the Telephone Company. EXTENSION HOME MAKERS CLUB MEETS The Sweet Home Extension Homemakers Club met in the Club House Friday, March 15 for their regular meetlhg'with Mrs. Bill Bright hostess and Mrs. Oren White; co-hostess. ^ The meeting was called to order by the vice-president, Mrs. Bill Bright with the "Thought of the Month". Song, "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" was led by Mrs. J.E, Ward, song leader. The devotional was the 27th Psalm read by Mrs. Bright followed by a prayer voiced by Mrs. J. E.Ward, .-:,. ;.n.,-t,,> The Eye-opener was by Mrs. Bright and the lesson was "How to care for family Diseases". DIabetis was discussed by Mrs. Eunice Moore and Heart and Circulatory Disease was explained by Mrs. Lillian Jordon. '• Roll was n. and at p.m. Admission is 25 cents. | FRIDAY, MARCH 29 tt The Friday Music Club will in theToi "f. ho - ar . f Strong, Jr. with Mrs, Charles cReynerson and Mrs. James Me- jLarty , co-hostesses. Please note he change of date for the ( , A gm yarbury read ^ minutesand treasurer's report. There was **'* - c"ee served delicious refreshments. ^ e t meeting for April will Club ^ I Miss Rita Kaye Morse, whose •:-• *i • •. • •• "^Mtrinatc chicken pieces in a mix t|rc »foto«»Bf«>unrtc B? «illiTmdcnislSd garlic before baking or broUing. | «* a I I Everyone can join • ALL EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERED NO WAITING PERIODS Even conditions known to exist will be covered (except obstetrical cases and these are covered after nine months of continuous family membership). • NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS REQUIRED and no health statement needed either, • NO JOINING FEE or other added charge during this enrollment period, • NO AGE LIMIT New liberalized plan to supplement Medicare open to people over 65, SpfCMl OPfN fNROUMfNT PfRIOD INGS Mil 15 RUSH COUPON IfftOW FOR fRff /NfQUAUT/QN Announced NOrC (Mn| STM, rfinfl If Offftl FOR fiillillti Aft Enyogemeht Announced Aitte gtsttflJ&t presented t fit tfi* Halt Style Show, aslng Mrs, Eisitrltnf is I model, M tfie Newcomers Club on Thar s- diy, Mitch 14 in the fietet of I Mrs, Robert Cennis. two tut members wire welcomed to the club. They are Mrs* Pat Kennedy afid Mrs. Evelyn Hughes. In addition to the members, others guests were Miss Linda Treat, Mrs* Betty Cur ranee, • and Mrs. Becky Crouch. After the Interestlntpro'gram and short business meeting, conducted by the president, Mrs* Charles Carey, refreshments were Served from the dining table, It was covered with ft white cloth and centered with* an arrangement of yellow daisies and candles, Pit fas served with tottee.or spleedtei to 15. •' The April meeting with Mrs. Kennedy will be a card party, Coming, Going Mrs. J. C. Broyles Is In Greenville, Miss., visltingDr, and Mrs, W, c. Yarbreugh and tomily. Mr, and Mrs. Comer Boyett were in Searcy over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Boyett, Jr, and family*- Mrs. Bruce Gottwald and sons, Ted, Mark, and Cruee, Richmond, Va« are here to see Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Hays and other relatives. fcy 0«fif»10ns — Photo by Shipley Studio KAREN ANN COBB Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Cobb of Hope make known the betrothal of their daughter, Karen Ann, to Bobby Lynn Brittlan, son of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Brittain of Little Rock. Both are students at Hendrlx College. Mr. Brlttaln Is a pre- law student and Miss Cobb plans to enter the University of Ar* Kansas Medical Center next year. The couple plans a June 6 wedding rite in Hope. Mr, and Mrs, Beryl Anthony, Jr. and two daughters, El Dorado were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foster, Bob Thomas at the Movies LOS ANGELES (AP) - The and Gown Dining Hall of .._.. YORK (AP)- Families of some of the eight American servicemen granted asylum in Swedetii Tuesday have voiced reactions ranting from shock to (justified approval at the defections. The Aliens Commission In Stockholm announced Tuesday that the eight have been given a s y 1 u m' "on humanitarian grounds." Che of the defectors however, has already turned himself In at Ft. Banning, Ga.» the U.S. Army said. An Army spokesman said Er* win Joseph Foster, 26, a former Alabama newsman, turned himself In Sunday night and wsis "trying to act like a soldier." They said Foster did not wish to talk with newsmen. Mrs. Richard T. Burroughs, mother, of Robert T. Burroughs, 20, said In Arlington, Va., that she and her husband were shocked when they first learned of their son's defection and went to see him in Sweden. "Frankly, we went to try to persuade him to come back," she said. "We tried to explain to him what his life was going to be like, but wo didn't gain much. He said 'no' he wasn't going to come back home." She said they had no prior Indication that such action was on the youth's mind. She said Robert's older brother completed his hitch In the military. J. Edward Ashlov. 60. father of John Ashley, 21, of Alexandria, Va., described his son as "one of these lads that Is very much against what Is going on." Ashley, a veteran of World War n and now a top civilian specialist In the Pentagon, said, "1 respect his opinion because he's a man now, over 21. I BRENDA ANN NEAL Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Neal and Mrs. H* J. Sterling of Mag- of Hope announce the engagement nolU. and approaching their T nfi brktoHelect Is a 1961 grttf- O f Hope High School, Th* marriage of % ..v.. daughter, Brenda Ann to „„,„ „, MW)JV ,„,„ u^ lluv>< *,„ Richard D. Justice, son of Mr, f u t ur8 groom Is a 1967 gradual! M of Magnolia High School and U ~~""-* now attending Southern StaleCot»» his base he found The wedding will be solan* nixed at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Jui* t at the First United Pentecostal Church of Hope. No cards will HELEN HELP US! by HeUn Bottcl YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column Is for young people, their problems and plea, sures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help USl, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. , Send your teenage questions to l. t FQRIT,icareof "It's still been fun, and it got me back in circulation."-H. Dear Helen: Tell mo something. Has the increase In postal rates affected your mall?— CURIOUS Dear Curious: Not really. I guess, If you,"gotta woe, s ". fornla was decorated with three huge photographs of Vivien Leigh-two as the fiery Scarlett O'Hara and one from her final fllm, "Ship of Fools.'^Her spirit pervaded the evening. The Friends of the Libraries, which in previous years had saluted the achievements of Ai- dous Huxley, Somerset Maugham and Cole Porter, this year chose to honor an actress. The death of Miss Leigh last July and the recent re-release of her most notable fllm, "Gone With the Wind, "„ made It HE RUNS EARTHINESSS INTO THE GROUND , IN€- AGE 4TH i fiAINfi / WITH | Please send FREE INFORMATION afcwut h<?w ! ?9n join during H your Spefifl Open Enrollment Peripd which ends April 15, ""° • NAME £ ADDRESS I CITY I PAPLOYfP AT. THERE ARE. EMPLOYEES WHEEE I If YOU FARM FOR A UVING. CHECK HERE P Dear Helen: Our 65-year-old relative Is getting so outspoken and outaoting that we'reemliarr- assed to have him around. He ogles all the women. He puts a double meaning on everything we say, tells off-color jokes that are more crude than funny. The younger the girls are, the closer he gets. He's a fast pinch and pat man. He isn't senile and he Isn't sick. Ho just thinks he Is acting "with it." If we suggest politely that he act his age, he asks, "What's wrong with being earthy?" How do we get it across that he runs earthlnfiss Into tho ground?-RELATIVES Dear Relatives; Spell It out In words he'll understand. Tell this sexy grandpa too much "earthlness" gets him labeled "dirty oil m3.i."-H. Dear Helen: I married tor love the first tlmo. We necked up a storm. I figured If a man turned me on like he did, it had to last forever. It lasted one crumby year, ix>ng before we split up, I realized what I thought was love was just a glandular disease. 1 don't trust myself to make a second choice, but I'm lonely, Might a computer-dating service scientifically find me a man I could love the right way-because we're compatible on other subjects than chemistry?ONCE BURNED Dear 0.&: Might could, it's worth a try, anyway, But remember a roachlne.rnade match can develope a dead short U the spark isn't there, Compatibility PWS chemistry make g lasting marriage. Computers only measure the first, A word to the cautious: Most large cities have "compatibility testing centers" similar to the Scientific Marriage institute in New York C«y, Reputable ser* ylge5«your PHter Business purea« fenows tor sur^ arrange personal interviews and ex* tensive tests, Applicants are then seat "referrals"-* case his- lories, Deluding pictures^ of date prospects who program out 60 percent OF more "favorable' 1 with them. It's * modern version of the age,oW rastelwaker's fameiod, According to sorasvhflt nebulous statistics, about one in every seven matches "takes," But even i| 4atlug doesn't end in ma*. iug» * Well. 1 ' says i gal who paid her rooaey awl took her chaaees, Helen: We are friends with this couple wbo.klnd of have our problem, only,In reverse. The woman and my husband are sporty, sexy, all for a good time; whereas the other man and I like reading and talk- Ing better. 1 can't keep up with my husband and he can't keep up with his wife. My husband has suggested we try some friendly swapping. Seems logical, but somehow I don't like the idea. Do you?- MISMATCHED Dear M: Nol That's altogether too friendly ,r- H. This column Is dedicated to family living, so If you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing ex- perlences. Address Helen Bottel In care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Features Syndicate. Inc. Stone of Scone The Stone of Scone was brought from Scotland by Edwardl and placed in the British coronation chair, which he made to hold it. This chair still holds the stone in Westminster Abbey. producer who was personal friend of the actress, moderated the program and set the tone by describing her as "a lovely little pink cloud floating over the lives of all her friends." Quite naturally, there was a decidedly British flavor to the reminiscences. Gladys Cooper told of playing In "That Hamilton Woman" with Miss Leigh and her new husband Laurence Olivier. Brian Aherne described her gaiety as she received friends tor cocktails four days before her death. Greer Garson recalled how she and Vivien made their London stage debuts at almost the same time. Elsa Lanchester told of Miss Leigh's early success In a fllm with Charles Laughton. William Wyler was impressed enough to offer the second female lead in "Wutherlng Heights," telling her, "You're unknown In the United States and for your first part In America you can't expect much more." Her first part In America, of course, was "Gone With the Wind," and George Cukor described meeting her during the but then we're different people." Young Ashley, faced with being drafted, enlisted In the Army last May. He disliked the service almost from the moment he began basic training and went AWQL last October to take port In the Pentagon peace demonstration. Jn January, before leaving for Sweden, he told a Washington Post reporter: "That was the final thing that made me know I couldn't fight the war, after watching the government's bru- ijtalltyagainst Its.ovm people.",.! f. .He i said-when* Iw returned >to pre-production firing of Atlanta. Her agent, Myron Selznlck, told his brother David and Cukor: "Here's your Scarlett O'Hara." Joseph Gotten read an excertp from Radle Harris's forthcoming biography of the actress, and Wilfred Hyde-Whlto read from one of two British biographies. Judith Anderson, Walter Matthau, Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom offered other readings. Stanley Kramer, who directed Miss Leigh's last film, admitted that It was not always an easy experience. One day she came on the "Ship of Fools" set and announced that the scene would play better If the set were rearranged, Kramer saw some logic in her argument, and although It meant a three-hour delay In shooting, he agreed to the change. Later she came up bohUid him and said in a soft voice: "I can see that you are getting disagreeable. But If you think this kind of modified bitchery Is difficult, wait until you work with Katie Hepburn," Kramer, who recently did just that, added ruefully, "She was right," base he found orders to Vietnam, He took an overdose of sleeping pills at Ft. Benjamin Harrison In Indianapolis, "When they asked mo why t be "sent. All" friends and roW- dld It, I said, 'I'm sick of living, t j vog are Invited, sick of the Army,' The psychiatrist said, 'That's a normal reaction,' and put me back on duty," he said In the Interview. Mrs. Frank X. Jones, mother of another of tho defectors, WH- liam Jones, 20, said In St. Louis, Mo., that she was not surprised ho received asylum. "He expected it," she said. "Ho seems satisfied wjlh his life there, and has found a job In medical work." t •:• SCOTTS Again can ope this • •If Scott s Special! If you're ready la move out in a mobile hornf, make your first move into our Installment Loan Department. Just stain your aim. You'll find out in a hurry how easy it is to arrange a loan for a mobile home. U first National Bank M«roc*r f DC

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