The Mount Airy News from Mount Airy, North Carolina on July 2, 1896 · Page 3
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The Mount Airy News from Mount Airy, North Carolina · Page 3

Mount Airy, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1896
Page 3
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Obituary. R. J. aALLAWAY'S. The nights aro very pleasant, THE MOUNT AIRY NEWS, Mount Airy, N. C, July 2, IS'Jrt. PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. W. F. Carter went down to Madison Monday. Fruit Fair for Mount Airy. Why can't we get up a fruit and vegetable fair here this fall f We can mako a grand success of soine- 11 Inlf!iv!,'rv 4 4 MllJ-fflliliK- Mili, L OFor One Week, Com menced-er-- Saturday, June 27th. EVERYTHING IN White Goods. SilWms.Percals, Ginsliams, Calicoes, k, Will be sold cheaper Airy. Ladies call early before goods are picked over. THANK8 than ever before in Mount - . And Friends AM NOW LOCATED IN IT FOR THE LIBERAL PATRONAGE HERETOFORE RE CEIVED, AND AS I Central Part of Town, I hope to add many new customers, I am now in the More recently ocoupied by Mr. M. L. Tatter aon, having purchased his stock, and have combined both stocks of goods ia one, thus enabling -us to "fill tbe bill" when you come or send around. GLODS DELIVERED FREE IN AM PART OF THE CITY. , Come and see me and examine my goods before purchasing, I can save you money. W. BURKE, H.oorootruillyp Opposite J&lue Hidge April 16th, 1896. W. Inn, MOUNT AIRY, N. C. Yotip attention. i n nnnmnownnTn .1 pnwmw Mr. John rauijiHou na roiunic-u from Wihiington. Mr. R. J. licwellyn, of Dobson was in town this week. Miss Maggie Patterson is visiting relatives in Greensboro. Mr. W. II. Simpson went ovor to Dobson Tuesday afternoon. Mr. John Lewis, of tho Walnut Cove Sun, was in town Saturday. Mr. Will Waytt left Monday to take in the Hounion at Kichmond Mr. J. F. Allred leftTnoiday for Richmond, a., to attend the un veiling. Mr. E. I?. Ashby has returned from Birmingham, Ala., and other Southern cities. Mr. A. C. Short returned fron Thomasvillo, (ia., last week aud went back Thursday. Miss M. McCaig, accompanied by Miss Beatrice Grundman, left Moi day for Baltimore. Miss Sal lie McLean, who has boon visiting friends in the city, re turned to Max ton this week. Miss Addie Kimbel, of Salem, after a visit of several days to rcla lives here, returned homo Tuesday, Mr. R. L. (lioenleo, Civil En gineer, went down to iireonsiioro Monday to look after some work in that city. Miss Daisy Reavis, pf Old Town, Va., after a visit of several days to the family of Mr. L. C. toy, return cd homo Monday. Mr. Roi?er F. Paddison. after t few weekd' visit to his parents at this place, left Saturday morning mT Memphis, lenn, Mr. Sam Ilennis went over to Sparta last week. Ho roturnod on Sunday night accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ilennis. Mr. and Mrs. N. Glen Williams, f Williams, Yadkin county, came up a lew days ago on a visit to airs. v illiams' parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. C llollingsworth. Mr. R. H. Puckett, of Carroll county, a , who has been attend- ig school at Lambsburg, passed through the city Saturday on his way homo, and gave us a call while in town. Messrs. J. Ed. Patterson, Pernio Gilmer, J. M. Davis, Sani'l G. Pace. Robert P.elton and W. B. Iaymore, of this place, arid Mr. John Norman, of Dobson, accom panied tho etcrans to Kichmond Monday. Mr. John B. Nutt left Monday for Harlsville, S. C. ' May we hope that his going is only temporary, and that in the near future he will, bo with ns and engage in business hero. His family, we learn, will remain here until fall. The best ishes of everybody accompany Mr. Nutt. A Beautiful Marriage. A beautiful marriage took place Monday evening at the pleasant omeof Mrs. Mary llollingsworth, in this place. Tho contracting parties were Mr. hos. N. Brock, of Winston, and Miss Mary G. Bitting, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Bitting, ot Mount Airv. The pastor of Central Methodist church, Dr. W. R. Barnett, was the officiating clergyman. Miss Bitting was one of Mount Airy's most charming young ladies and was admired by everybody because of her true worth. Mr. Brock is one of Winston's ustling leaf tobacco brokers and is gentleman of most excellent char acter. Thk iHewb extends Us con gratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Brock will spend a few weeks at the Mount Airy White Sulphur Springs. We Thank Bro. Bell. Oui" esteemed contemporary, the Elkin Tunes, contains the following kind words which are appreci-4ted by our citizens : "We spent a night in Mt. Airy last eek and must sav we were surprised at the place. It is a thrifty, bustling city of between 2000 and 3000 inhabitants and its people are first-class. Many handsome and costly residences adorn tho hills and dales of the town. The Methodists are just finishing up a beautiful new church that would be a credit to a town twice the 6ize of Mount Airy. The Episcopalians are building a new church entirely of Mt. Airy granite. It will be a beauty when completed. Mount Airy is full of enterprising business men, and the beauty of it is they all pull together for the good of the town. We would like to say more, but for want of space we desist We hope to vitit the town again in the future when we can remain longer.'' - Deputy Marshal Foard seized 18 barrels of whiskey near Old Town, Saturday evening. It belonged to a man named Sprinkle. Re-use of stumps is the charge against Sprinkle. The officer hired wagons and had the whitkey hauled to Winston. : Will AM, MAIN STREET, MOUNT AIRY, N. C, X Just after 12 o'clock on tho night t f the L'2d hist.. Kunie.e. tho daugh tr of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boylos, M I 'tint Mmtntaln .-!;?. Mr naeaed away. Her illness had lecn brief. Only a little more than two weeks aro she was in tho bloom of young womanhood; moving In our midst and with her e'leerfulucss throwing s.mshino and joy about our path- way; now she is sweetly sleeping to wuke no more in this world of dis appointment and sorrow. lUilativos a id physicians did all in their power for her comfort and recovery but tho irrevocable decree had been signed by her guardian Angel and she had to bid us farewell. But even beneath their dark and lower iiig cloud of sorrow our hope that reaches within tho veil grows brighter and wo feel that tho sena ration is only for a short time. Tho loved one has just crossed over tho dark river of death and is waiting with tho blood washed throng on tho other shore for our coming. "We aro only waiting hero to hear "..a 1 1 the summons, child come homo, then, wc too. shall cross over and join hor and all our loved ones who mvo eone before. By this sweet hope and by tho precious promises of our Savior all our sorrows ara rnsdo lighter and our burdens easier. o know tho auoctionate and lov ing daughter and dear su rer can never return to tho broken family circle, but through our Fathers mercies and tho loving sacrilices of His son, brothers and sisters and father and mother may soon go to h r when the last broken heart is healed and the last tear ot sorrow it brushed away by the soft hand of the Angel. May all her relative and dear ones gather around the snow whito throne ol itod ami DC an unbroken family on that golden shore where no partings ever come. S 1). Summer Excursion Rates. Tho Capo Fear A Yadkin Valley uilway will sell round-trip Sum mcr Excursion Tickets to all Moun tain and Seaside resorts. Tickets on salo J nno 1st to September 30th, 181H1. Good for return passage on or beforo October 31st, 1S90. For tickets and information, call on any Capo Fear fc Yadkin Valley Rail way Agent. W . h. Kylk, den I 1 ass. Agent. The University. This institution is steadily grow- ng in popularity, patronngo and efficiency. Tho enrollment this ear is tho largest in its history. e would like to aid some needy boy to get its advantages ofschol-arrhips and loans. Seo ad. EVERY FAMILY SHOULD KNOW THAT Is a eery raaurkaS'a rtmeOr, kafa tor Pfc TtiQNAL mad BXTBBSAL ase,aa wmm Hmrhii la ft quUk aMJoa la rtlUrtilftrtm, Paln-Killcr l:-?.:.??. PlrkMM, Kirk Haaaarka, Fata la ika Mk at MM, H kniiUM u4 Maar&lala Paln-Killcr lvTFl$&$i MADB. H bunp vW, and an aiil rrmf Tara Sirn, Aa, (Jaralaa, P&ln-Kitlcr in nft w m laiaraaltj w oxlarmaiiy arlta aartalary mt rallaC clMiw'a w4UM a ntrdirim aiwan ai 19 If KOOMM ENDED BY EVERYBODY. Paln-Killcr Iwv vort boot iiMif It, mrtim HmUr cm sWlbrd t b wltboal tMl teTsUaM rwm4y to ib mmim. Its tric ririrtf k wtibia iM rrm r sui, ana R viu -f ij vtam its oasja tm oonnn mimu of ImlutloM. I mMM MM Nf IM TEN PIN ALLEY. Oar ten pin alley u own from 0 a. m., to 9 p. m. Alley in bam-meuf of the A.O. Short (tore building, next tc H. haf-T. (tire us a call and rent asaored only the beat order will be maintained. Open from tt to 11 a. m,, fur ladiet and tbeir eaoorta. DAVIS Slay 21, tf Sc. TILLEY. LAND SALE. I will aril for cash, at the court hotisa donr ia Dobsim, on the Hint Monday in July, l.-'J'l, Uie folli, ing dnwribrJ laud to aatia-ty one Ten fr in my hands for extinction in faTor of W. I.. Patterson : 6a cm adjoining the IkbJs of W. V. Nepdliain, Joel liatTtaon'a h ira ami othfra, r-u Vint kboal emk, aold an tli proprtry of Win. A. Juira. Amount 1 11 Ui and fmta an4 em-miiwiona to a id. Thia May luth, 1 J. A. Adams, 8herifl. mount im mm, CO-EDUCATIONAL. Fall Session Opens Ang. 10, '96. rre-ara fur CoUfjta, fr Teaching, for Bu.inma. conraea in Steno(rrailiy. Type-vriliiuj;. Wu-'c and Nurnial Lraniiug. board, fti.00 to tld.O" er month. Tuition, tl i to SXOU lr mouth. Writ fur fartirulani. E. C. CRAVEX, Priacipal. The University. )tl Teachan, 534 Stulenta, Tuit ion fiiO a )ar, Board (oight dollaia) a nemh, 3 Full College1 Coo ra-a, 3 Uriel Conraea, Law School, aladical bchool, Baaaacr k liool tut Taadwra. Setxdarahipa and kiaaa far the ncdy, Addreaa. rKElDEXT WISSTON, Dr. MeCorinic.k, of Dubeon, diet last week. ino urat iuio (minis aiwaja on hand at I). A. Houston i Tho mail train was an lionr and twenty minutes lalo Monday night A young lady ia stopping with Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ami by sineo last 1' rulay Mr. T. K. Sutterf'eld informs us that ho will quito likely run an ex uuraion from Mount Airy to Ashe villo in August. Frof. R. C. Craven and County Examiner Sparger, of this place, aro holding tlio ieacliers Inslituto at Dobson. Attendance lairiy good. Rev. J. P. Lanning, pastor of Mount Airy e'reuit, ha moved to this place, and occupies tho dwell incr belonging to Mr. J. W, Pat tenon. Raspberry milk-shake, the finest thing you ever tasted, at layijr Jianncrs. lryitonco and you 11 thank us lor directing your attcn tion to it, A. II. Imnan has lwon appointed Chairman ot tho Republican Town ship Ls. Com. of Vfastlield, to nil tho vacuncv caused by tho death of Mr. John inman On July 23rd the administrators of L. II. Huff, deceased, will sell big lot of buggies, hacks, carts, Arc., at public auction. You cannot af ford to miss this sale. The Mount Airy Granite Com pany is doing a fuirly good businoMi, with nearly enough orders in sight to keep things lively till Jamury 1st. Shipments of stone aro quite heavy Read Prof. R. C. Craven's ad ver isement of the Academy in to-day's Nkws. Jlavoyour Iwys ready by opening dar and irivo them a (air showing Prof. Craven will do the rest, What about a fruit fair here this fall or winter I If our citizens will go to work wo can get np something grand. See what Mr. J. V an. Lind ley says in reply to Mr. Cjtuney in this pajcr. A host of friends aro thankful to see Dr. W. Allred knocking around acain. (tod is to be blessed tor sparing the doctor to his family but how sadly wo forget our grat itude sometimes. Tho Justices of tho Peace, S L tilmer and A. L. Sparser, lefore Whom Pleasants, who is charged with stealing money from the wid ow of Manner Jordon, was tried, bound him over to court in a f i5 bond Our correspondent at Pig Creek inlorms us that hne rains havo fal len in that section, lhat there is much sickness and some deaths. A Mrs. Collins fell dead while at work in her garden. Considerable com plaint about chinch buss. The managers, Willis Ferguson and P. P. McRae, are making extorsive preparations for the colored excursion to Winston next Monday. hev have chartered a train suffi cient to accommodate all who may wish to go. Special car for whites. Those delegates in the Democrat ic State Convention which met at Raleigh last week who hissed when resident Cleveland s name was called, made a very great mistake. Such conduct should be denounced by every true Democrat, whether tor 10 to 1 or a gold bug. We are just in receipt of a letter from Prof. Craven at Dobson, who informs us that 75 teachers are in attendance at the Institute, and that everybody is taking a lively interest in the work. Good lor Prof. J. B. Sparger, who, it must be remembered, is doing this work with out compensation. Senator Butler, famous as an orator, will deliver an address at Bat tie Ground Saturday, July 4th. Subject : "North Carolina in the Struggle for Independence and Civil Liberty." A special train will leave Mount Airy at 5:15 A. M., on Saturday morning; returning will arrive here at 9:25 P. M. We respect the gold standard ad vocate and accord him the right to think aa he is pleased to think, but to say the man Is crazy who favors the tree and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at tho ratio of 1C to 1, is simply nonsense, and time will prove it. Read the Detroit (Mich ) Tribune (Rep.) and see what this Michigander says. Rev. II. M. Blair reports that arrangements have been made with the Southern Railway to hold their train for connection at Rural Hall, on the 2!th and 30th of Jnly, tor the accommodation of delegates and visitors to the Mount Airy District Conference, which meets at North Wilkesboro on the 30th. Also arrangements have been made for reduced rat. Gold, Silver, Greenback and lot of Brownies needed at this office in exchange for unpaid sulcription, advertising and job prir.ting bills. We psy raah in advance for every dimes' worth of material used bv us and spot cueh for labor to the printers every Saturday. So you see it is as hard on us to give you time as it would be for the bank across the street to lend yoa money without interest,. Obituaries, notes of interest as to the progress of our different communities, deaths, school commencements, weddings, &e , must be in as few words ft possible to insure tlieir publication in The Niws. Our West field eorruspondant, "U," has the right idea as to bow a newsy, fceirLborbood letter should be prepared eight to twelve fresh items averaging not more that five lines ech. Such letters are always inter- JUDICIOUSAOVERTISINQ. UltRATKM many i row iitlnsi kN ' H'.kh many an old Imslnaaa I laiMKKVItMiaiiyaUrKluliicl MKVlVkH many a dull liiininmm HKwllKtl ftiany a I'Wt buslm-a bavkh msuy fulling I'uniimai ftu 1 KK u(0 In any iMtunliif Sunday hours will be observed at the Mtotliee next SaturJay 4th Always in season, Hopkins' Steamed Ilonuny (llnlluu Corn Klegant lunch in Milk. Tlio Veteran who went to Rich rnond were photographed by ISluko innce jubi iK'iore uiu irain puueu oiu, Tho badges and hats worn by Surry ('amp ol Confederate Veter ans to Kichmond Monday, were real nice. The appearance of Trot. J. V, Sparger's residence has !een improved by enclosing it with a nice lonco. The reach cron is liuhL but not witlistainlino- 11 tliat. nice peaches have heon selling on our streets at 60 cents per biiehel. Two of the Vets, Messrs. J. R l'ttddison and J. M. Durham, were accompanied by tlioir wives to the iictinion at xicnniona. Next Saturday is the (iloiious 4th of July. Numbers of pooplo will t ko in tlio celebration at the old Guilford I'attle 0 round. Mr. S. W. Ilutchens !r.ti every 1ody oi. pie plant, lie broi s;ht us leaf that measure aliout thrts feet arrows. The etem whs lun'ti as your arm. The health of Mount Airy has never (wen better than it has this year. The sanitary condition of the place is well guarded, and that has much ;o do with it. Tho town was lively Monday of this week. The friends of the old Vets were out in full force to sH5 them take their departure for the Reunion at Richmond, Ya. Special attention is called to the Mid-Summer announcement of H. J. Gallaway. For nice goods and goods that aro new and up to date, Gallaway's is the place. See top of this page. The cotton and corn in North Texas, writes a friend of Thk Nks, is burning np, aud if rain is a few days longer in coming, tho crop will bo an almost entire failure. This is very sad. If yon want to rent a new six-room dwelling at only $(5 a month, call at Durham & I'oore's store. All conveniencies have been provided, and the neighborhood aa good as the town affords. Sam Garland, the barber, next door to Hotel Reynolds, desires a Jilicral share of your patronage and oilers as an inducement clean, sharp razors and prompt attention to the wants oi his customers. Old Surry put in an appearance at the Democratic State Convention at Raleigh last week in good shape. Our delegates were not afraid to be heard, but we bet Porter will be trying to grow a beard in the near future. Elsewhere we publish the names of tho Confederate Veterans, bo-longing to Surry County Cnip, No. 797, who attended tho Reunion at Richmond, and also tho names of those who did not, for one cause or another. The Cape Fear k Yadkin Valley Railroad will sell reduced rate tick-eta, on account of International Con vention of Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, Washington, D. C. Tickets on sale July 5th to 7th inclusive. The ladies ot Main Street M. E. Sunday School came out all right with their lawn party Thursday eight We learn that'orer $15.00 was realized and will l used for the purchase of an organ. All present enjoyed themselves. A lot of boys are in the habit ot bunting with dogs on the Sabbath in the Ranner town section. The people over there object to it and requested us to so state in this pa Iter. It is wicked to rip around aud i ant on the Sabbath. Quit it, boys. A young man by the name of Jack Smith, who resides near Haystack, was arrested Saturday on a charge of theft. It was shown on trial that h had appropriated some of J. W. Prather clothing and a lew articles from J. D. Smith. In default of bond he was committed to jail. Sad, indeed. A fatal mistake for a boy of eighteen years. A largo and happy crou d ol Sunday School children, accompanied by their superintendent, teachers and friends, from Flat Rock, psssed through town Saturday and boarded the train tor the Tank, four miles below Mount Airy The school had fine time pic Dicing and returned late in the evening to the Rock It ia learned that Mr. Robt. L Yok-ley worked up- the excursion, lie deserves much credit for the inter est lie has shown In behalf of the children. f The editor of this paper is for 10 to 1 because, after much rending, lifl believes that it ia the only thing that can be done to stop the financial agitation that is about to bankrupt this country. That is to the point. And again such a view is, we believe, entertained by the Democracy, not on!y of our own Slate, but throughout the Sooth and West. We tre with the party in this great struggle The "silver craze," aa he Charlotte Observer is pkiaMcd to call if, tias spread all over the country and is sweeping everything before it. . - I r rt a sour. ji.' . mfi,-t. Ley re a aourre .f cure, also. I: yml nrr f.r your child i htallli, ttuul k,i" liliutinitcd I Mjk ( a thcdUotdera to which t.ulilrin are anhjett, and rliiiU Frcy's Vcrmlfuira UJia cured for 5 i ye.-im. IC a. KHKY. W4 llllmnra, Md. Dress Making Department tM W.H.&R.S.TUGKER&CO., JtnIciKli IV. U. We desire thus to formally adviie that our Dress Making Department is now ready to acctpt orders for Mid summer Dresses and Waists for goi ig away to Mountain or Sea Shore or other Summer Resorts. We Nelieve it is acknowl edged that this Department, under the supervision of Mr. Chas. K. Shaw, manager, and Mrs. K. M.Cauthorne, designer, makes gowns second to none in America, as to correctness of design, stylinh arrangement and comfort in wearing. Wc respectfully solicit your immediate orders, so as to have time allowed us to properly prcparo des'gns. W.H.&iS.TDCKBR&GO. AVE To call to 'lie alt-nt4un or tbe people of Mount Airy it'nl suriooiiillng country that we till hare The Best Sspply of Pore Drags, Medlcln , henilcAls, Tollt Article. Patent Medicines, tc, 4c to be found In Surry county, aud that we want and Apits Your Mi We do not sell -heap John'' goods and do not say w sell you at n e ap John prices, but we do say we give yoa THE BEST That can tie bought and sell them to yon at reasonable prices. We especially wish lo r.Ul attenUon to our supply ot TRUSSES. If yoa need one don't fall to come to see us. We have all styles and sues and with a long ei-perteti e can adjust one to Bt where tf a cure Is pofwlble you will certainly be cvL-' d. A I.o It you need a pair ot spectacles we hare an abundance ot Hawks' CeHei Glasses And we cannot sufficiently urge the Importance of ouylr the best when the delicate, organ of sight ft conoerned. Last but not leaet, we ish to call attention to the fact Uiil we are prepared to ail your family receipts and physictaua' preaertpltons With Skill and Accuracy'. With ten rears' practical experience tn your midst and a years' training In one or the beat coUeges of Phanaj in the United autcs. we dare aay no one wUl beat-tan to put the moat dlfflcolt or Intricate preemption tn our hands. Very Truly, TAYLOR & BANNER. M. Ia. STEWART. Livery Stable. Pituatd on Franklin Street, Mount Airy, K. Dr. W. 8. Taylor-a old ataf.d. Omuilms oief all trains and carries pasaenpers to Hotel Reynolds or to any part of town. Davidson College, DAVIDSON", X. C. Piitit th Year begins September 11th Eleven Professors, and Instructors. THREE COURSES -rot- DECREES, Ample Cabinets and Laboratories. Location Healthful and Beaut. fuL , Gymnasium Complete, Terms reasonable, fend for a catalogue, i. B. 81IEAREK, Free. Wanted-In Idea ISrSs T f ay liil f m w-a. La-j-.v'ka a fll, PiMK An r- .. aj 11 - m W-fci 1 coino together and decido to have it. Mr. J. Van. Llndley. proprie tor of tho Pomona Hill ISuinerier- Pomona, N. C, writing Mr. 0;uin cv. of tho Blue Ridue lun. says : "I wrote Mr. Snanrer the Ex Committee of the Stato Horticult ural Society would moot at Southern Pines on the 20th inst. Thero wo decided not to hold any fruit fair this year, but would hold a genera society mooting at Southern I inos on Aug. 20th, and we thought it probable that we would hold a mid winter meeting. If so we would likely hold that meeting at Mount Airy, as your section is mostly no ted for fruits. We thought best to hold the raid winter meeting at vour ulace. Our object is to meet all tho fruit growers and to loam all about the varieties that are calculated to suit tho various sec lions, which can only be done by such meetings. If you can induce some of your fruitgrowers to attend our meeting at Southern l ines on Aug. 20th, I am sure that they would bo interested and could not help but learn something. I am ctrtain that many from dillerent parts of tho State want to visit your town and see tho various vanotics that you prow in that section. Citizens of Mount Airy, take old ot this matter. It wouid bo grand tiling for our town, county and section. Lecture it the Opera House. At the Gallsway Opera IIouso, Friday niifht, July 3rd, 1890, 1 Ix wet to Ircturo on Hypnotism as a means of healing. Everybody in vited to attend, and especially those suffering with nervous diseases. Ad mission 15 and 25 cents. . Yours as ever, F. A. Doesktt. We hone Mr. Dorsett will have a full house. Bccauso we oppose iiypnotitm, is no reason that we op- poso Mr. Dorsett. We like Mr. D. and don't like hypnotism. Roll of the Old Veterans. The following Confederate Vet erans, members ot Mirry c-ounty Camp, No. 7U7, attended tho Reunion at Richmond this week : W. E. Patterson, Commander. J. R. Paddison, Adjutant. M. L. Patterson, First Lieuten ant Commander. J. M. Durham, Treasurer. A. W. Dean, J. II. Rlaktmore, G. L Page, E. (i. Everitt, 1). G. Hatcher, John Fleming, John Cobbler, R. W. Bovles, T. J. Blackburn, T.J.Mitchell, C. W. Bunker, M. T. C. Mitchell, Francis Miller, J.F.Miller, II. F. Mooro, G. M. Burrus. The following Veterans are mem bers of the Camp, but did not at tend the Reunion : John II. Sparger, 2d Lt-Com. Rev. W. li. Barnett, Chaplain, J. W. Hatcher, Serg-Major, M. II. Aniilield, Color Serg., JN.Slawter, j G j John Creed, A. G. Trotter, S. C. Franklin, Charles Poore, W. II. Haymoro, S. D. Bunker, VV. C. Moore, W. G. Fov, Thomas W. Prather, R. P. Raw ley, A. E. Johnson, John R. Woltz, W. C. Banner, W. M. Venable, J. B. Dunmau, M. H. Norman, R. S. Folger, W. S. Redman, W. C. Parks, J. G. Greenwood, J. A. Adams, J. M. Holder, James Belton, honorary member. Charles H. B. Rouss, " " C. C. Kellum, Amos Sechrist, John M. Flippin, J. L. Gillisr-le, Linsey Tickle, J. F. Harrison, Rev. Janes Draughn, W. B. Shelton. AYER'S Hair Vigor Prevents BALDNESS REKOVES DANDRUFF AND I'M Restores Color TO Faded and Gray HAIR THE Bast Drasinf "For five vera I lived oa cold water, so tn apeak," writea a maa who aufftred terribly from indigeathia. lie could lmnlly keep anything onhia etouiaeo. What atayed, waa'ct properly dirxated aad para him terrible paog. Tim la not aa aaeommoa caae. Dya ceptiea tluo't rH euotigh nourUamrDl. Thry art geaaraty tine aad weak. Tliry aiaj eat etHHifb, bat May doat digeat enough, atarh of what they eat tore into pot.. If UiU keep! m Iherv'a bo telling what diwaaa tlwiy may get Bexu Taat't n ay it ia et to Ukc 61ker gwu rt Co.dial, aa ao aa aympioina of In-due'tim appear. 11 ran ail the ertia of irxligrsiiun, aad Brevemt tiie e ila vbica indigasttaii eanaa. 8id by dnifpieti, prke 1U ccota to tl.Ou par two la. Desire your attention just long enough to read the following : Big drive in Dry Goods, Shoes, Ladies' Dress Goods, Notions, &c, and a full aud complete assortment of Staple and Fancy Groceries. ONE MINUTE MORE! All these goods Lave been bought close and we are selling them the same way. Come and see us. No trouble to show goods. RESPECTFULLY, J. F. Hollingsworth & Co. TIE GLOBE WAREHOUSE, MOUNT AIRY, X. C, Can and will sell your tobacco for you for better prices than any other bouse in the town, lbe reason lor the above statement is, that aCtil U 'aft IT" "H i-i TLaaa. ri 53 Ik Is the only Warehouse in the place in which any of the Manufacturers have any money invested. Some of the largest manufac-. turers have 6tock in the house. The proprietor has been in the business over 14 years. These and other reasons tell you plainly that you will servo your own best interest when you 1 SELL AT TIE GLOBE, Thanking you, one and all, for past patronage, I am, STILL YOURS TO SERVE, Jos. W. Ashby, Proprietor. April 1st, 1896. Farmers, Don't Forget! Graves' "Warehouse, Corner Main and Rockford Streets, 2o-U-2TL-t Airy, 2STVC, Is ths plaoe ts t tba bibt market prices Tor yotir to? xa ; ths t nt aocoamauatioaa tot bath yavrselTM aad yonr atork ; tbast toorealent Watkii to U iter. a4 ikt bank, wblcb aarea time fat J"a. We are a!rir on baat! to LOOK AFTER YOUR INTERESTS AND CQUFOETS. Ab4 abow alt, to as that awry poutJ of yeor tote l 2Uf Uij4 so thai it brings tk FtXL MAHKET PE1CE. Taaaklng T o ft th aham of baaiawas f o ta. Mt fit to .otTOS n witbia tas pa-1, anJ a..U luug a ecounna-tiua ot U aaa w ara, YOUR FHIEMS, Graves Warehouse Go. Beware f OiBlaaenis for I'm. tarrh thai Cnlaiai Krrrarr, as mercury will surely dtrcj the Mif of miell and completely derange the whole jt-m when entering it through the mucoui turfacea. hueh article chould never he unt-d eieept on preerriptiuna from repurnhlt phytieiana, aa the 3ainape the; will do is ten fold to Uk.-good tou ran pnaaihly derive frum thetv Hall ' Catarrh Cure, manufacture by V. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, Om co.H ,D no mercury, and it taken internally, acting directly upon the blind and mucotin aurfacea of the ayatem. In buying Hall' Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It ia taken Internally, and made iu Toledo, Ohio, by F. i. Cheney A Co. Testimonials tree. ewld by lruggiU, prwe "x. per bottle. 1 11 nan,

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