Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
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••naff* Uad«rs Split Sharply Ov«r Portion Cod« off Ithlct Mil : iOrf (Mm) STMty ff fmff If fffKtt Pr/v«f« C/vis KlwonU Club fp«ak«r Not $•// Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - fhi itt's top two leaders have fclit sharply over a proposal to hike senators put a portion of their financial affairs on public Record. : Senate KepubUcm Leader Ev* tfatt M. fMrksefi called the pro* bosaJ by the senate ethics com- tnlttee unworkable and offen* live. Bat Senate Democratic ^eider Mike Mansfield indicat* $d he might back even stronger legislation, 5 The two leaders expressed iheir views Tuesday as the Sen* Tite neared initial voting on •amendments to the proposed code of ethics. Chairman John Stennls, f> Miss., of the bipartisan ethics committee said he expected voting to begin today. Among those preparing amendments was Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, r>Conn., censured by the Senate last year for alleged financial misconduct in converting political funds to his personal use. "I have a very great interest in this matter, as all of you know," Dodd told the Senate. Sans. Joseph S. Clark, D-Pa., and Clifford P. Case, R-NJ., •ire pushing an amendment to require full public disclosure by ,;Benators of the sources of their income and other financial information. They said this would Alert the public to any possible .conflicts of interest. Mansfield backed the ethics -committee recommendations, .which do not require full public disclosure, but indicated he jroight vote for the Clark-Case ..amendment. "I'll back at least the committee proposal," he said. Under the ethics committee proposal, senators and Senate employes earning more than $15,000 annually would file two annual financial statements, one public and one sealed. } The public statement would 'deal with contributions and such 'items as lecture and writing •fees. The sealed Information {Would detail Income tax returns, legal fees, gifts, property holdings, liabilities and corporate num W SHOWINC afid professional fees, The sealed information would bf sarutiftlesd only in an ethics eomfflittee prote of ehtrgss gainst a senator- Dirksen told newSffieU plfts of the proposed eod« ire un* workable or vigus* He said it was offensive to require sena* tors to report any beneficial in* terest in a trust with a value of $10,000 or morel Dirksen hti previously op« posed compulsory disclosure of financial affairs by senators on the ground this would make them "second-class citizens." Weather Experiment Station report for 24- hours ending at 7 a.m. Wednesday, High 75, Low 56, precipitation 1.40 inches. Forecast ARKANSAS - Mostly cloudy tonight and Thursday with occasional rain spreading northward over the state tonight and continuing Thursday. Continued cool Thursday. Low tonight upper 30s and low 40s northwest to low 50s extreme southeast, Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low . Albany, cloudy 58 33 Albuquerque, snow 56 32 Atlanta, clear 79 48 Bismarck, clear 26 10 Boise, clear 54 27 Boston, rain 45 42 Buffalo, cloudy 63 M Chicago, cloudy 59 36 Cincinnati, rain 77 54 Cleveland, cloudy 68 51 Denver, snow 44 22 Des Nfcines, clear 52 24 Detroit, rain 65 51 Fairbanks, clear 12 -16 Fort Worth, rain 66 56 Helena, cloudy 44 23 Honolulu, cloudy 77 67 Indianapolis, rain 71 54 Jacksonville, clear 83 48 Jtfjtfeau, [rain " K! 35 31 Kansas City, cloudy, GO 30 . Los Angeles, clear 73 50 Louisville, cloudy 74 54 Memphis, rain 79 60 Miami, clear 71 62 Milwaukee, cloudy 60 33 Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 50 26 New Orleans, cloudy 77 66 New York, fog 62 47 Okla. City, cloudy 64 39 Omaha, clear 48 24 Philadelphia, clear 60 40 Phoenix, clear 68 39 Pittsburgh, rain 69 47 Ptlnd, Me., fog 46 39 Ptld, Ore., clear 59 38 Rapid City, snow 36 24 Richmond, cloudy 72 40 St. Louis, cloudy 60 38 Salt Lk. City, clear 47 28 San Diego, clear 67 50 San Fran., clear 66 54 Seattle, cloudy 58 39 Tampa, clear 81 59 Washington, cloudy 67 44 Winnipeg, M MM (M- Missing) By THE ASSOCIATED Officials of private and eotin* try clubs in Arkansas were «ft« certain Tuesday what action to take in the wake of a directive by the Alcoholic Beverage Con* trol Board prohibiting serving or selling mixed drinks, Some said they had already closed their bars, others refused to say what they would do ant! still others wanted to study the ABC directive first, Clubs in Hot Springs that touched off the controversy two weeks ago were reported in full opeatton Tuesday night while city officials remained non-com* mittal on what action they would take, The Vapors, The Black Orchid and Night train-all raided by Stale Police and ABC agents for selling mixed drinks- reportedly have assumed a "wait and see attitude," J, R. Smith, manager of the Hot Springs Belvedere County Clubi said the club would "definitely comply with the law," and William J. Blankenship, manager of the Hot Springs Country Club, said, "We'll just go ahead and comply with the directive unless it is changed." "No action will be taken until we definitely decide what will have to be done," said Pat Hornor, president of the Little Rock County Club. Mills Tax Plan Gets Support We would like to be your INSURANCE AGENT HERE ARE OUR QUALIFICATIONS iXPIRIfNCf? Years pnd years pnd years. Available 24 hours a day. IfiVIGi? A specialty of the house s.jnfe the day we ppened our doors for business. RfA$@NAiLI RATH? We've searched the country fgr sgmpcjnies offering the most for your money- Wi WQUtP UKE TO ii YpyB AGiNTi ANDERSON-FRAZIER litfiiraiue Agency, Inc. £i>r»f r PR 4KS48 7 ISfli LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, received support Tuesday from his home front on his position on the proposed 10 per cent income tax surcharge. Five groups of influential Pulaski County businessmen and civic leaders met in a joint session here and adopted a resolution saying it was time for patriots to support officials like Mills. The committee which Mills chairs has bottled up President Johnson's proposed 10 per cent surtax. Mills says no action will be taken i on the proposal: until there is - a reduction 'in* federal spending. The resolution said Mills had "the courage, determination, breadth of vision and tenacity of purpose to adhere unyieldingly to those economic principles which have been so sound in the past but recently have been warped." The resolution was adopted by the boards of directors of Fifty for the Future, Inc., Committee of 100, Urban Progress Association, Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Little Rock Unlimited. LIFE IN THE From (Page One) per. The new edition of America's Key Business Executives just came out — and they misspelled his name." "You know how he's always groaning about how he has to do everything about the place, Myrtle? Well, guess what I caught him doing when I walked Into his private office yesterday morning. Sailing paper airplanes out the window," "J.P., wake upl Wake up, J.PI The conference is over, sir," "It's the union grievancecom» mlttee, sir, a«J this time they've really got their dander up, They say the office lunch» room used to serve four meat* balls in the meatball and spa. ghetti dish, and now they're down to three™ and without giving formal notice," "I think J,p, is a reaUnspira, tion, If a guy with Ws brains can climb up the executive lad> der, there's hope for all of us." M ,,.and. so, after only lour weeks here, I'd like to five a week's notice that I'm quitting as office boy, sir, The pay is okay, but I feel I'd rather go to work for a firm that his a bet' ter pension program." "Speaking frankly as your doctor, J,P,, I think ypu're in more danger of getUnf ulcers from boredom than from over' work, Why don't you try spend* ing more tinie at the office? Those long business (rips to Mj« ami and Hawaii are beginmng to get you down." "You'd better call the supply room and haye them order another gallon or two of red ink t MjlHcent. the way things are going we'll need them by the end of the year." "It's the union grievance committee, sir. This tine they're lousing Is - A1 ^t. , ^^^ rom Obituaries 171 ytifs exeept dnt time, tl»fl tftsy sssti erf wtnlif are FATHER THOMAS M. SMITH Asks Money System Change PARIS (AP) -"President Charles de Gaulle told his Cabinet today the present crisis of the British pound and the U.S. dollar proved that the existing monetary system is "inequitable and henceforth inapplicable." Information Minister Georges Gorse, reporting this to newsmen after the regular weekly Cabinet meeting, quoted De Gaulle as adding: "In trying to impose it any longer would be to condemn the free world to grave economic, social and political trials." The French president, long a partisan of a return to the gold standard, also was quoted as having urged "a monetary system based on gold which alone has the character of immutability, impartiality and universality." "France," De Gaulle said, "is ready to take part in such a reform of the International monetary system and hopes to see the European Economic ComJ muntty (Common Market) play, the role which It should, !'. "In the meantime, sh&> (France) reserves her freedom of action regarding any meas. ures tending to delay" the re> form, he concluded, ROCKEFELLER [: From (Pag© One) and Indicated he'd sidestep all primaries except Oregon's May 28 if he becomes a candidate, Rockefeller has until Friday to announce whether he'll enter the Oregon primary as anac, UYS Republican presidential contender, Published reports say he'll enter and will make the announcement Thursday. Bu( the Governor, asked after a meeting with GOP senators if there were any doubts about tos running, said there were, In other political J - Henry Haynes photos with Star camera .FATHER JOSEPH ENDERLIN is> ,X t i At, yesterday's regular .meet'•"•o""* Ing of H6peTCiwaliis t Ciui3.atTovi[n - ^Country Father"Thomas^c- •o - 'Yey Smith, Hot Springs, related religion to common sense. He was introduced by Father Joseph Enderlhrof Hope. nedy and himself—and continued to chide Kennedy for enter- Ing the race. The radioactivity of uranium was discovered by H. A. Bacquerel of France in 1896. IT 4-w****i w • *»••* lAJr / "Wi«r Robert P. Kelftidy, lasting President Johnson's hmrilftg program inadequate', proposes iron-dad guarantees giving slum-dwellers the Chance to help build, manage and evwitu- ally o*n housing projects, ' Appearing before the Senate housing subcommittee, the Hew York senator proposed amend* meats to the administration housing bill to provide that at least 75 per cent of new housing be built in urban poverty areas. Johnson has called for construe* UOA of six million new units within 10 years, Kennedy's testimony was prepared for todays hearing, Kennedy, seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, also proposed that homebuikJers be required to hire at least 25 per cent of their construction crews from among residents of areas where new housing is being built, , Other Kennedy amendments would provide that: — Poverty-area residents be given a voice in (he rebuilding of their communities. -Adequate resettlement provisions be established for people dislocated by new construction, — Tenant organizations be formed and encouraged to take a role in managing the 'new housing projects as well as Work toward eventual ownership of them. — Rentals be reduced through a combined program of low-interest rates, 30-year mortgages, tax abatement and subsidized land costs. Juvenile Board Has Race Plan LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The new Arkansas Juvenile Train- Ing School Board, during a story session Tuesday, patched together a plan it hopes will convince the federal court that the state will racially integrate its juvenile program. Dr. D. J. Webster, a North Little Rock minister and only Negro on the five-member board, 'was elected chairman. • Mrss Esther- Long of Omk-was named vice chairtaah and Mr.4. , Alberta Judah of Little Rock, secretary. After some debate, the board adopted a plan which is to start Sept. 1 and is aimed tt ignoring race in assigning delinquent children to training schools. Haste for formation of time plan evolves around Federal Judge Oren Harris's order to file a desegregation plan for Arkansas' four training schools by March 25. A hearing on the plan was scheduled for April 2. fh*y tefi unusually tor mffipie, IB south N6f th Carolina, where residents are not ic"ctistdffi«d id such amounts, State weather r§* Mirehif Afoeft Hard? salds "Sal tfcsy iftjafed ft. It made them hippy." Bui it didn't nuke the Gulf Coast of Texas happy to behold during the winter a rare fail of snow and sleet, Nor was there «xultauofi in Indianapolis, Ind., where 32 inches of snoft set a modern winter record, However, Iowa had the second lightest snowfall on record, Chi' cago had only 27,3 inches of snow and First Deputy Police Commissioner James Me* Donough, with 30,000 tons of salt for streets left over, said! "We loved this winter," Southeast Utah w*s paralyzed with five feet of snow last December, the heaviest fall in 19 years, Mora Gold Removed From U.S. Reserves WASHINGTON (AP) - The Treasury announced today the removal of another $750 million in gold from the nation's reserve to meet the outflow In last week's European gold rush. The transfer to the Exchange Stabilization Fund was in two ASfcELtS (API e, Fuller, Id, tm t ttest "Old Pisft. toned Rettvtl Hoar" oa« reached aa estimated 10 relJllon Aisef leum weekly, died of h*art disease f aesdiy, Fullef, an o>. daifted ftipfist mlftlst*r, was ^founder of thl Fuilir fhttx logical Seffllnaf y id AP) - Mifft Karnitz, 59, author of fievttsinji many screen and stag* play% ( died Monday, Hi hid suffered a heart attack last weekend, Among his works was die screen pity for "Witness for the Prosecution/ 1 He also tumefl out detective stories and ttosf* written speeches. WASHINGTON (AP) -. Sta» phen Gould, 54, personnel direfe* tor for' the General Services Ad« ministration since 1962, died Tuesday of cancer. He entered federal service in 1941. parts, $350 million last Friday and $400 million more today. ; The action brought to $1,5 billion the total withdrawals this year, and reduced U.S, gold stocks to about $10.48 billion, very close to the amount which had been frozen as backing foe the currency until President Johnson signed Monday the bill eliminating the gold cover, Until that requirement was eliminated, the Treasury had to keep 25 cents in gold on hand for each dollar of paper money? "With this transfer the United States completes its gold pool settlement and replenishes working balances for the Erf- change Stabilization Fund," the Treasury's statement said. LIVING COLOR 7 Beautiful Color Portraits 1-5"x7" $£95 ^.Jjp:. Thursday, Friday, Saturday March 21 • 22-23 Shipley Studio Phone 7-5811 • Hope, Ark TRAIN... TRUCK... or both! Sen. Eugene J, McCarthy Ue'4 b^k Sen. Robert F. Kennedy for the Democratic presidential nomination if he be. came convinced he could not vte it hims, ell and the only alternative was president Joha* §on. gut McCarthy slid in a quesr tion ard answer' session aj Washington's Howard UnjyersU Jy th*fi! are p "Arrangements',' or "conspiracy" between Kent WHAT WE'RE SAYING is that Kansas City Southern tailors its operations to your needs! Carton, container, truckload, carload or trainload—we'll move it with dispatch, for the least possible cost! We interchange shipments not only with other railroads, but also with highway and water carriers,,, and we serve directly five Gulf ports for your exports and imports, Please give us s QaH whGnevsr wt J, W, SCOTT Vise Pr§$.r-foffig KANSAS 1TY/V OUTHfKN A§|NT

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