Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on March 15, 1911 · Page 2
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 2

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1911
Page 2
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i - L.. AUSTRALIAN Specially Reduced for Thursday's Selling HOTOBXB 1 Kf BOAST IWW BOAST IOC Lonr 1 fir CHOPS ,. I WU op 1 7C MT7TTOH ' I PICKLED PORK Thnreday, 1 1 7 Per pound ' "af CORNED BEEP Thnrsdsy 1 fie Ptr pound I wW FRESH BEEF TONGUES Thursday Per pound WW OS SALE AT . The Prince Rupert Market 132 Eastings Strict Wert Specialists On Agreements, Deeds and all kinds of Real Estate Stationery. R. P. X.ATTA k CO., 303 Oore Avenue, Orange Block. WANTED Four live wires to sell subdivision. Prices and terms right. Apply DOMINION FINANCE CO. Ltd. 62V2 Pender St. W. A Breakfast Pit for a King can be had by using Ham and Bacon as cured by James Reid 910 Westminster Avenue Wiltshire Bacon Ayrshire Bacon Belfast Bacon Boneless Hams I Barnard St. Snap 25 feet, improved, in 600 block S7800 Waine & Jones war Bldff. Ml OraarUle It. MELVILLE STREET 1 32 feet near Burrard with two good houses. PRICE f44,000 One - third cash, balance over 3 yean. McLellan & Daiber Phone 4862 1052 Main St TIIU (OHI'ORATIOV or lOlTII VAX. (OtVEIU rOBPTROLLER. Applications are Invited for the posl - tlcn of comptroller for the above municipality, gsslsd applications, marked "Application for Comptroller," will be , received by the undersigned not later tiian Thunder, March SI. Falary 1 200 jier monin. O. H. PEAKE, Drawer I. CMC Hllloreft, B, C MUTTON Richards Gose to Davie; one lot rented at $40 911,000 North of Davie, modern house; rent $50 $12,500 North of Dunsmuir, 500 block; one lot $35,000 Adjoining Dunsmuir hotel, 50 x120 947,500 Homer 50x120 feet near Dunsmuir, well rented 936,000 Between Dunsmuir and Georgia, with 9 - room house 915,500 North of Robson, 50x120. improved 93S,OCO Hamilton 1 Close to Robson, one lot, rented $40 912,500 Seymour 50x120, between Georgia and Robson . . . . 940,000 It is now or never if you want inside property at these prices. Good terms can be arranged on any of the aSove. H. R. HitchcocK G. A. MeeKer 344 Pender Street LEADING HOTELS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA HOTEL BUTLER rmPATBZCJC, Proprietor Zmrtii Plan. Rooms furnish,! f!pa .1... . heated. Rates SOo to II. Terms by the month. First class cafe In connection. Swellest and cosiest bar In the city. The only safe deposit box safe In the city. PKORr M7. 41 - 11 XASTXBM ST. HOTEL IRVING The newest and moat modern aaulsv ped hotel tn Vancouver. P.ooms with baths, single or en eulte. Eleetrlo ele. vator. European plan 11 up. Telephone 2330. V?. DICKSON. Proprietor. HOTEL F0RTIN An entirely new modern, flreoroof hotel, containing - St bedrooms, furnished with hot and cold water, telephone and steam heat. The cafo, run on an up - to - aate una, is a special feature) or the hotel. Rates European plan. Se and 11. Bpoclal rate by thn week. TV. FORTJN. Proprietor. 17 - M COBDTTA STBEBT W. EMPIRE HOTEL P. COLBOURNE. Proprietor American plan tl. tl and 11.64. European plan 7lo and 11.09. Table and liquors second to none. COBXEB KABTINOS ITREBT ASTD COLOMBIA ATBKOB. PALACE HOTEL 2KB STBBST, BOBTX TAJTOOTTBB, Telephone II. Strictly modern; 100 rooms; roof gar - den; orchestra. Kates Btasoaahle, BXDA ft AJTDBOSS, Proprietors. COMMERCIAL HOTEL CAMS IB STKBBT. Up - to - date and modern establish meet. Rates. I! upwards Merchants' Luaeh Se OrUl HOTEL DOMINION MoPBAIL atoCBma, Proprietor. When you arrive In Vancouver take the Urge "aslo srj" which will take you to this rrtol free. Oar service is the beet eblalnatte at the price. American plan. 11.11 to II par day. Auto makes 01 e trip dally around tanley - Park. SHERMAN HOTEL IAMBS OABBOB, Proprietor 43g Wats treat. 1T4 Pemdrr Cast Juat opened; fireproof; newly furnished throughout modern equipment over it light, airy and well bested heated rooms. Kates It a day and up. Special rates by tne week or month. lisle Every Day a bright day, by beginning tht day with AM pTiZri.j, 15c and 600 a bottle. lj" inaHsr 4 5Qfl When shopping don't say "A pound of tea", yoo trill get better tea - value if yoo ask for Li Capt. McSpadderi, J.H. Cocking and Others in Southern California for Winter Months, Give Their Views. Preaching the doctrine of "The City Beautiful," and handing1 out pointers for the promotion of the beat interrsts of the well known southern wintering place, J. H. Cocking, of Vancouver, is In Riverside, California. Mr. Cocking Is quoted by the Riverside papers as saying that upwards of 3000 Vancouver people visit Southern California every winter. Many of them while enjoyintf the semi - tropical climate, have a keen eye for investment. Mr. Cocking declares that here are too few Vancouverites investing la Riverside. J. H. Cocking has seen Vancouver grow from fifty to one hundred and thirty thousands. He has been telling the residents of Riverside a few of the experiences during the development of Vancouver and lias been laying great stress on the seriousness of the beau - tiflcatlon of cities. Mr. Cocking himself contemplates seriously making Riverside bts winter home. He was so favorably impressed lust winter that he brought a party with him this time, says the Riverside Press. The party includes Capt. Mc - Spadden, for many years building Inspector for Vancouver, and a former member of tho board of aldermen: Mrs. McSpadden, her son Cecil and daughter. Miss Mabel, and Mr. and Mrs. Mort and son Oliver. Mr. Cocking is accompanied by tfls wife. Mr. McSpadden naturally Is much Interested In the character of the buildings being erected here, an dex - pressed himself as particularly pleased with the county court house, whose classic lines might well be the pattern for Imposing capltol buildings. He frele that Riverside has a great future. That Vancouver approaches the Los Angeles class in building Improvements, Is Indicated by the fact that the valuation of building permits the coming year Is expected to reach the total of approximately 117,000,000. Last year the total was 113,600,000. That Vancouver people are beginning to take note of Riverside Is shewn by the purchase made only a few months ago by a Mr. Cassidy, a Vancouver attorney, who paid the Chases (40.000 for Victoria htlL Mr. Cocking states that he understands Mr. Cassidy Intends to hold the property for his own use and will ultimately erect a magnificent home there. Mr. Cocking and friends arrived in Riverside In season to attend the peace conference at the Glenwood Mission Inn and the dedication of the new cathedral organ. They expect to remain In Southern California for three months. Mr. Cocking la a past president of the 60ns of tit. George, which has a strong following In this city. He has sold his busineie Interests In Vancouver, and It la likely that when another winter rolls around be will be ready to ally himself with Riverside and Its Interests. MANY MILLIONS FOR AUSTRALIAN NAVY What Rear Admiral Henderson Advocates Asks for Fleet of 52 Ships. MELBOURNE, March II. That Australia cannot afford to keep up a navy to protect lta coast Una la the chief feature of the report of Rear - Admlral Hen derson, who was detailed to investigate the conditions of naval defenct of the country. He advises that tho commonwealth co - operate with the British government on a population basis and that Australia have a fleet of fifty - two warships. Including eight armored and ten protected cruisers, eighteen destroyere, twelve unmarinei; the whole to be manned by 10,000 men. The construction program to extend over a period of fifteen years la another feature edvorsted, with an expenditure of fifty - two million pounds sterling, with a quarter of a million added every year for depreciation, so that the amount the government will be asked to expend Is seventy - three million pounds sterling. In addition thera la f.fteen million required for tho defence of the harbors. In carrying out the program twenty - three ships would be isady In 1911 and forty - eight In 12I. FODDER IN CHILEAN RED CLOVER SEED WASHINGTON. D. C. March II. The United btatea department of agriculture has Issued the following warning: since July 1, twenty - three lots of clover seed of probably Chilean origin aggregating 11,000 pounds have been linportod Into the Lotted biates. In all those shipments two kinds of dodder seed, characteristic of Chilean red - clover seed, are present. At a normal rate of seeding, these ship ments are sufficient to seed approximately 41,000 acres, and at this rate of seeding an averege of approximately 40 dodder seeds would be sown en each square rod. Tho sowing of this Chilean seed thle spring means that the clover crop on a considerable pro portion of the area on which It la seed ed win pe aestroyeu by aoaaer, ana farmers should be on their guard agalnu purchasing thle aeed. fVi - fortunately most of these Importations have gone Into the southera part of the clover - producing region where this dodder will undoubtedly prove disastrous. This Chilean clover seed Is Itself especially floe looking seed, being dark colored and approximately fifty per cent larger In also than ordinary red - clover eeed produced In the L'nlted Mlatea. It will, therefore, doubtless receive a ready sale oa account of Its fine appearance. NP)W OH4NUK (.RAMI MASTER MITIt PALLH. Ont.. March 14, Col. John Hughes, tt Clarke, Ont.. will likely be elected Orand Master of Ontario rast U O. U at the annual meeting here, opening Wednesday. He Is a brother of Col. Dam Hughe aad baa base aa raagemaa foe II year. OCAL BOOSTERS ARE BUSY ABROAD THE VANCOUVER WORLD. NEWSPAPER MEN N REBEL LINES Self - Appointed "War Correspondents" Had to Go Hungry in Mexico When Their Motor Car Broke Down. (Associated Press, World's Leased Wire.) SAN DIEGO. March II. With hardship depicted on his face. Al. Wuest. clubman and driver of the motor car of Editor Van Blarcom's party, which left San Diego Sunduy morning for Ensenada, and which was reported lost, arrived here today. He states that the party proceeded unmolested to within 20 miles of Ensenada, rebels and bandits offering them no violence, when the motor car broke down. Editor Van Blarcom, Eller. a reporter, aud Phillips, a photographer, started to walk to Ensenada, having had nothing to eat since Sunday morning. This was Monday afternoon. Wuest succeeded in persuading a Russian colonist to drive hira back In a buckboard to Tijuana. Wuest reports that a band of rebels killed the Alcalde at Real Castillo, who refused to obey their demand for provisions and horses. Real Castillo Is about fifty miles south of the border. Wuest also says that rebels in bands of ten and IK are occupying the country between Ensenada and Tijuana, robbing ranches and hamlets of horses and provisions. These bands had no hesitation about Informing him they intended to unite and attack Ensenada. Official Information received here la to the effect that Governor Vega has started a force of 140 Mexican troops to clear the country of lnsurrecto bandits! .' This force has started north from Ensenada today and must march fifty miles to the first camp of the rebels, reported by Wuest to be 160 strong in several bands between Real Castillo and the American boundary. ANOTHER EXCUSE FOR PLAYING WAR GAME Unique Reason Oven for Mobilization by "High Military Authority." (tailed Press. World s Leased Wire.) S.VN ANTONIO, Texas. March 15. The mobilization Is merely a demonstration or publication of the suppressed report of Secretary of War Dickinson, which answered the Mc - Lachlan congressional resolution Inquiring whether the army was not on an efficient basis," declared a high military authority here today. "Army men understand that Dickinson threatened to resign unless allowed to sho wthe people bow unprepared the army Is for real service. He tried to show this In the report w hich was suppressed In a spirit of economy. If It had gone to congress the law - makers would have been forced to grant the army's demands tor an efficient organisation. "Unable to get a report before congress thus the army people understand that Dickinson tendered a conditional resignation to Preisident Tatt, to become effective unless the president allowed a hurried mobilization of troops to prove what the report charged regarding unpreparednesa." "The Mexican situation was the reason aelsed upon as an underlying motive for ordering out the division to prove the army's own contention that It was unfit for effective service," this authority continued. "It will be 11 days from the time the mobilisation order was Issued before a division will be in the field. You will find a major general commanding a division who never saw so many men In the field, and colonels seeing their regiments In their entirety for the first time since the Philippine war." AMERICANS MORE TO BLAME THAN REBELS (Called Press, World's Leased Wire.) KEW YORK, March 11. Intimating that the auspenelon of the constitutional guarantee waa directly aimed at Americana as well aa insurrectos, Jose Yvee Limantour, Mexican minister of finance. In a statement declared that but for the aid of many Americans who had enlisted In the rebel cause, the revolution would have been suppressed many weeks ago. "Every report from the front," said Limantour, "shows that the Americans are more active among the Insurgents than the natives. Aa they could scarcely expect protection under their own flag should tbey Join In an Insurrection against the United States, they most certainly must take their own chances of being shot to death when caught committing depredations under a foreign flag." 900 RAILWAYMEN TO GET INCREASED PAY MONETON. N. B.. March II. An Increase In pay which will benefit nine hundred . International railway trainmen has been granted by The Board of management of Government Hallway which has tnad the matter under consideration for some time past. Yard men get per rent Increase whtlo those on the road get ten per cent advance, Thera are still some minor details to be arranged and a meeting has ben et for March 12nd. is Advocating an IMPERIAL COUNCIL BTDNBT. W S. W., March II. C A. P.) tflr J, Wards' speech advocating on tUn, pal ckHdrn ! Jmoat maficaJ. It makes them plump, roty, and acthra. Scott's Emulsion contains no drug, no alcohol, nothing bat tho purest antl host bgradionts to maka blood, bono and solid flash. More & Wilson Specialists la Apparel for Women aad CMldroa. 556 Granville Street More & Wilson 1 Chief Attractions are the Quality of Their Coods and the Way They're Made. New White Neckwear Smart New Gowns in and Jewelry Novelties Light and Dark Shades Soft Dutch collars, embroidered and lace trimmed styles 35? Soft Dutch collars, very narrow, with fine embroidery work .... 50? and 75 Dutch collars with open embroidery work and heavy lace $1.00 Dutch collars with jabots to match, 50S 75, $1.25 and $1.50 Fine muslin sailor collars with white lace and applique, arid with embroidery and hemstitching of colors, $1.50 and $2 Long barpins for use with Dutch collars and other double collars, 50 and 75 Belt buckles and pins in oxidized and bronze finishes, 504?, 65S 750 to $3.50 Cuff links with pearl and stone settings and in plain gold plate, 35S 504?. 75? to $1.25 Just opening children $ pyjamas of English union flannel, in stripes of blue, grey and green, in sizes 4 to 8 at $1.50 to $2.50', according to size. And three piece cashmere suits for boys; sometimes called Teddy Bear Suits - in cream, car' dinaU shy, reseda, navy and brorvjt; in sizes 18 to 24 0 $3.50 to $4.75. according to size. ' 1 WAIT FOR "THEY'RE COMING " 793 GRANVILLE ST. We positively carry no millinery over $7.50. Just as good, even better values than you are now paying $12 to $15 for. No more worry, no more high prices for your hats. Just as easy to pick out a charming model here and you never feel the cost. . This being an American concern, you are assured of getting the very latest, correct - to - the - minute styles at our popular price $7.50. Saturday morning. March 18, we make our bow to the ladies of Vancouver, and heartily invite your inspection of our stock and methods of doing business. THE AMERICAN $7.50 793 GRANVILLE ST. an Imperial Council deallne; with the defense of the empire as whole Is not likely to meet with entire approval here. Premier Flaher merely advocates a consultative council with decrees only binding on Individual governments when lucally confirmed. Tho Morning Herald declaree such proposal arc stilt academic and the problem Is one which requires patient treatment. U. S. GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT FORESTS CHICAGO, March 14 Tho United States government Is the flret claimant tot damages outside of Kenosha county ON UESTBdaJ TIE Wattrfirontagu We have 1100 feet of deep waterfrontag on the Fraser river at Westminster at $110 per foot. North West Canada Trust Co., Ltd. PHONE 1973 THE AMERICAN HAT SHOP!, 793 a the result of tho explosion of tho piant of the E. I. Dupont - Nemours powder Company at Pleasant Prairie, Wis., ' last Thursday night. Yesterday a claim for 12000 damages wag filed by the naval training station at Lake Bluff. It waa asserted that this amount would be necessary to restore broken glass at tho station. Lake Bluff la 23 miles from tho scene of tho explosion. SAY DIVORCES NOW THREATEN NATION (Called Press, World Leased Wire.) KACRAMENTO. ,Cal.. March IS. federal laws tor marriages and di North Vancouver We have a special buy in D. 1 553 a double corner. 100 x 132 to lane for $1650; $500 handles this. Good view property. Wednesday, March 15, 1911". Gown of white voile with linen torchon insertion, embroidered net and blue silk girdle $20.00 Gown of ivory net, rich embroidered trimmed with linen insertion and Flauen lac for $25.00 Gown of embroidered whjte net with beading and black velvet ribbon .. $27.50 Gown of champagne voile wtih trimming of silk applique and piping. A simple but effective treatment $37.50 Gown of white silk with wide black border over which is a dTape of blue marquisette with black dots and black border for $45.00 Gown of white silk de chine with original treatment of wide beaded trimming and finish of black . $65.00 WATCH FOR GRANVILLE ST HAT SHOP COR. OF ROBSON vorces, with United mates district1 courts to try divorce cases Instead of the state courts, were asked tolay In a Joint resolution presented to the assembly at the request of Francis M. Moody, head of a state organization dealing with the divorce reform. The resolution declares that dlvoree are Increasing at an alarming rate, striking st tha very foundation of tho government. Divorce trials In federal courti would be a safeguard against fraud, and the proceedings would bo uniform all over the nation, It re - vltei. rienty of good food and Iota of open air exercise will go far toward curing anaemia. THESE Langfey We can deliver 131 acres with house, barn and other improvements for $05 per acre. This is on a good road, Yi miles from Murray's Corners. 433 HOMER STREET

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