Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 29, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four ssssss ~ (Cfje Published Every Evening lExcept Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT IYIrplioni-4 2S2H mill ai!2!»—All H...|»irtnmiit* EntcrnJ as si-cond class iimHor ut the post of flue 1 NauK«tuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payublc In Advance 1 month * ."5 6 months 3 month* $2.25 1 yeiir /The United Press • has tho exclusive right to us for rcpubllciitlon In any form, nil news cliaputchc credited to this paper. It Is also exclusively entitle, to use for r«publicatlon all the local nnd undated new published herein. i-I."KIJGK~ TO T11K FLAG—"I |il<!<lKc ulU' S irlaiicc »«' l'»« % *''"« "' th " I 1 ""*-''' Statoit <> Amrrli!" ttnil to the Jti>|>ul>ll<! for which 1 »tiuuK Out nation Indivisible, with Lil>ert> nnd ,liiNtlu4- fur nil." SATUKDAY, .11H.Y 2!1. !!•« THE BLACK MARKET In his weekly IctU'r otit.itli-il "Nl>\vs About h'iitioning, .K'eiit. nnd I'rico Control," State Ol'A Director Anthony Ar'paia the foilo\vini; 1 to s.'iv ibout ek -MarkC't- yasolnie: "In a nation as nutomobllo-conscious as United States It is f>nly i-fitioning.sKotild bo the natural that gasoline jurdud us one of tho most important parts of the OPA program. Of course thoro am other things of octuul Importance but few of thorn command public Interest as constantly fis gasoline rationing. "Klght now. for instance, fibout tifty per cont of the phoiH' calls and letters rccuivod at our local Win 1 Price and Rationing Boards cloal with one aspect or another of gasoline , . . particular om- phusis boirig placed or, tho gasoline Black Market. Bvcause of this growing Interest in a shameful racket. I fvel a word of explanation as to how tho Black Market works and how it affects the poopl« would not bo amiss at this time. "p'irst of all, you should undorstnnd that thoro Is no mysterious source o/ gasoline. Civilians arc now gf.tlng all the gasoline which is Toft over after military noeds mv tnkon care of. Black market gasolino is stolen from this ossontial civilian supply. It is stolon from tho honest car ownm- by mon who print and distribute phony coupons and by mon who burglarize our Ration Boards for. valid . coupons. "Whenever a dishonest stamp is spent, some • of 'your gii.sollno is slphont-d off, and tho total .civilian supply picture has been changed.. There Is loss gasolino to divide. • "The way in which you may help to boat this illogal operation is simple. .Endorse all your gasoline coupons as soon us you got them. Refuse to buy gnnolino without giving up the proper number of legitimate, coupons, if you follow this advice faithfully,' ono Important source of Black Market gasolino 'will bo shut off." Mr. Arpfiiu's"'su£r$:of ; ti()]is art: timely nnd.riyiil .to the point. They should .be complied with by every oar owner. The Black Market will continue to exist and prosper only so long as people support it. THE TOWER OF PISA In the medieval town, of Pisa there is : nn-eleventh century cathedral of "white, lilaclc and colored marbles. It stands in a green lawn, accompanied in the characteristic Italian manner by a baptistry and a bell tower.. These buildings form one of the most beautiful religious groups in the world, but eccentricity rather than beauty have made their sacred ground famous. The tower, whose bells have called people to the cathedral for GOO years, is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, used by Galileo in his experiments with velocity of falling bodies. " The campariHe "is :1 ~ 8 l' 0 '^ '"'o 1 ' ;in ' :1110W leans about 1.4 feet, to the south. The building has never buen plumb, and during its construction, begun in 1174, masons wijre constantly disturbed by its tendency to settle on one side. The ground was known to be treacherous, but it was thought a system of piles would provide necessary stability. By the time the masons .reached the second story floor, however, it already sloped over an inch to tin: .south. By the time they had finished.the fourth story they abandoned the project. Other builders continued the work from time to time, but it took nearly .two centuries—until 1350—to finish it. The top floor is now nearly oO inches •out of level. . It is evident .that the Germans also liavo built on treacherous ground. Their structure, unlike the enduring tower, is due for short life and swift collapse. .OUR LOSSES The army lias lost more than a million .men since the war he-iran. This must be true, for it is a War .Department an- However, it is not so bad as it sounds, Of this number 922,000 represent; discharges, (52,000 prisoners of war, and only (i3,000 have been killed. But the immense number of discharges makes clear why draft boards have to be .tough. Perhaps the Japanese are sorry now for Pearl Harbor? _ . . DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News. 20 Years Ago. , Dorothy Anderson of Now street;''visited relatives In Now Britain while on vacation. o—O—o Mr. anil Mrs. Charles Lins of Frederick street returned from a 'motor trip that took them to Niagara Falls, Lake Krlc, and along the Mohawk trail. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Agnes Harvey and Jessie Dunn of North Main street were vacationing in"Boston with relatives. o—O—o .A miscellaneous shower was tendered Violet Lynn at the Klliots on Andrew avenue. Llda Harlor of Miihony City, Pcnmt., and Willlnin Mai won the prize for the tango ut the shower. Around the Clock principa school, is omliniski, an finployc of tlio office at Naiigatuck J Jiigli I'inisliiiiy licr two Avooks vacation, and will lie back on the job next •week ....... Fireman John Moronoy anc the family will spend their two weeks iiff at Ltmy Meadow in (lie house (hat Jack built starting Sunday. ..... Sharon Lasave, 1IF.D Box S3 and John Kowaleski, oSl North Main street, "Union City, are patients at 'St. Mary's hospital in "U'a- torbury. J)ads uf butb are in the U. S. Army. Mrs. Arthur Fager of Walnut street, and Mrs, Arthur Nelson, Park avenue, are both home after short stays in Waterbury hospital ...... Mrs. Irene Fitzgerald, Field street, popular employe at U. S, Rubber Co. central office is looking forward to her vacation ..... . We are very happy now that the dump problem has been solved. The EMI dump has been closed, the Cherry street extension has been closed, and a new dump in Beacon Falls has been opened. Requiescat in pace, 0 dump problem. Fire Chief John Sheridan^vill' be hack on duty Monday morning, .'Jjright: and early, -after vacationing in Rutland, ,Vt. ...... And Joe Smith, we li'ope, will be back to work Monday mornlngv-peiidiny the standing up of his car, which he fondly calls ''One "Way Matilda," under a long trip ...... An insurance company informs us that the suicide rate in the United is 20 per cent: less than the rate previous to the war. We think that the potential suicides joined the army to drive jeeps. "YOUR MIND AND BODY" German Collapse May Come Much Sooner Than Expected Special to Central 1'rt-ss SATURDAY, JULY Beacon Falls Topics The White Haired boy «ay»: In his talk-to a K'roup of noamcn last week. Rabbi William Roscn- blum of.New York city, told this JTOt a bi(f .laugh: Thin Cape Cod aristocratic d am UK] petitioned any Army: otllcinl for eitfht 'young .HOldlcru to help her fulll)) nn cntcrUilninpr prORram. AH «hc explained: "I urn, not 7>rcju- dlcftd, but I would want southern men and certainly not Jewish." So the ninht of the party'she was b«- wlldered by the presence of eitflH Negro soldirs. In un alarm voice, she exclaimed: "There must be. some mistake," "No mnn,"'»aJd the, never makes "Colonel Ginsberg- a mistake." Johnny Stanley, a heavy cater of European dlxhex, IIILH Iron hI«-Hiwd with :in cnvliihlc trim figure. Johnny Ixiy NlayM Uie Mime "In; till the time. H'K no w.-cret tliat : elolluw un him parallel uny proffit«ion»l modi:!. When the etui HlLiiutJon pcr- mll.s, Johnny and hlx lovely family, will kike a little ride through Hie illls. This IH tin: An.crlcaji way of. life mid our prayen* are. for It* conUnuancc. ._, , Explain it if you can: Fast-is to tie securely. ..Fast-is to run rapidly. . .Fast-is to abstain from food. Now that hlnco has resumed, the townfolkx can nR-uin meet and enjoy themselves every -Friday. The hull lui)* IHM.-II p"racUc»H.v flnlnhed :uid It IM without qiicNtlon, the out- Ntiutdlnr pnrlnh hall In Do not IHS Niirprlwd, dp«r to know Unit vurlou* \niA- from < part* of vl»lt^d h«if: piiriKmoly for' uld *\HCK' - *U<">*. The fornrtrt lnU:n*t IH dirllnltcly tnuttnr, It^v. Jerome Cook, |, proud. ' Charlie. Pilkewlcz owm ikl, homey looking- white hou w Main street. The stale 'bourti'" piece of his property in th« fro .,, und that means . that Charlie »fli have lo -push his home back .ways. ,A cigarette chain Charlie is raising a nice family.,,^' during his sp.-jre hours, in th« tv / ning, talks about the pr<-ge n t cnr fllct with his neighborly " Andy The town is In xympathy. MI Blunchn llrenruin t>ecauiie nhr., Hick. ISIunclif: IK an example o( A*,* trlcan motherhood at iu fl*^ Many of her hours were tpcat'i. the intrrrxt and the hetu>rmnit.| UilH town. Ifc-MxrcU-d highly, tfc, ha-H the h:it1sfaeUon of kn«nHk» that- we aj-i- :il| rooting for >m J get well quickly. • '• - CooTteiJ noodles, mixed sliced onions and mayonnaist isoncd to Uiste .makes a ,n|ct sunier dish. 'And that's what happen* I* It*. con Falls. Jim Hoey, letter carrier for Uncle Sam's postal system, has a terrific workout everyday as he tries to deliver his route in record time Mike Shea has a "new" car George "Babe" Birdsall is bringing 1 his vacation to an undesirable conclusion tomorrow. He is a mailman Sgt. Anthony. Farrar, whose latest lyric "Lovely Angel" was published in The Column the other day, says he is working on another one that is even better. We don't think another one could be better, The Sarge is still waiting for some music for the song. If he doesn't get it soon, it looks like we'll have to dig up our musical saw, and do something about it. ; .. l-l.-ii'OJd Dillon, circulation mmuis'er, is spo7iding t-lie weekend in New York city. Now address: E. J. EmpoJiti, CGS, L'SN, Acorn 38, c-o Fleet'Post'Office, Sun Francisco, Col. - Al "Ace" Burette, N, Main St., had - a tryout with the Brooklyn Dodgers last Sunday. The Ace has been ^pitching for ithe Olean, N. Y., club in a Class "D" league Grade DiVito, standing- in front of Andy's, looked nice and cool in the heat yesterday For a while yesterday, it rained only on one side of Church street, while the west side remained perfectly dry, Lofty Nimlucci and Vin Hca'ly collected a couple of l)ets the other day Jackie DelaiH-y gave a nice cleaning tho other day We have often wondoix'/ who 'looks more like - Richard Roland, Richard himself'or his brother Johnny Lt. Jack Phillips i? '>'omjr on his vacation after today. A Los Angeles woman .is criticized for leaving a legacy of $1;000 V> cats. If it were for dogs, millions of men would say, "Isn't That fine!" Hy L.OGAX CI..ENDENING. M. D. A "Book On , :' The Eyes - ' . . - , "FILLING A long: folt want'! is apt -to be an empty phrase-when, applied to a-book. Thoi'i; arc.books nbniit- everything'and few wants, along those lines.'remain to- bo llllody', But it dots -apply .t.o. a .now book Your Eyes by Dr.'Sidney A. Fox,' (published ' by A. -A.' Knopf. Inc., New York). "My. pationts lit-orally forced, me to. -write', this, book," says the", author. "They wore constantly asidng-mc qucs-' tions and wanting to know whereto road up about their cyos..Sur- prisingly 1 could llnd no • single book to recommend which Rave simply and not !oa dryly what tho layman noocls to- know about his oyosight so I wi-oto my own."- . . lie did a'vory good jub. Tho book is a quite comprehensive, clearly' stated account' of.every phase of tho modern -knowledge of tho eye. Tho subject is well suited-to'be put between the covers 'of a single small book. because no other brunch of medicine is qtilto as scientific, quite as capable of being presented'plainly, positively -and succinctly. Tho chaptor titlos give an idoa of tho lopics covered. "How We Sen.," "Why Wo Do Not Sec Well." "Old Sign'!-," "Eyeglasses; 1 "Our Colored World," "Tho Eye Muscles." "Light by Man,'. 1 "The Eye in Tralllc." "Hygiene and First Aid,' "Tho Young Eye,'. "Tho Adult Eyo." Corucnl Trnnsplimt I would not spoil tho reader's pleasure by abstracting any of- those. I was interested in roadln gono topic about which I havo not been able- to pet much satisfactory and conservative information, and this is tho success of grafting- corneas on opaque oycs. I havo seen, as everyone has, somewhat sensational accounts and pictures in tho current mnga'/iine press, b'ut I haven't, boon able to contact any oculists' who havo performed the operation or who-even known about it aiithorftatively. ' •'•' - ' ; On first thought it.-seems to violate- one of- the fundamental principles of surgery which is—"No graft except • an autograth will. .WASHINGTON—The smashing .victories of the Russian army arc .causing, -military, .authorities in Washington' to revise'their ideas as to..the 'probable 1 end. of the war in Europe. Some experts, think' ihe German army may collapse as 'early, as September. ~" It is no.secret among Allied military' men that Germany is in very bad shape, and that she is virtually ' dofuatcd. sp far, as any hope of waging' .a' v succcssfulV m i I i ta ry cam-' paign is 'concerned. However, tho Gorman army is expected to fight until the will to resist .'.'.is knocked out of it and some conservative authorities therefore arc wary about predicting the end. But an increase in "pnao: feelers" may be expected from now "on. GENERAL HO YING-CHTN', chief of the' Chinese general staff, and minister'of war in'the Chiang Kai- shek cabinet believes tho current Jap .'offensive in -central • China is •part ol" the. enemy's long-range strategy 'to assure 'an escape cor- ;.ridoi; for'/its'forces in the south- •iwest' Pacific. ' According- to the general, the Japanese are attempting lo cut an escape corridor from north China, which they occupy to Canton, along the Canton-Peiping railroad, which they can usu in the event their sea communications arc ci:t. He points out that this sti-atogy is the result of spectacular American successes at sea and in the air. Once American forces reach the Philippines. Jap garrisons in the Indies will be in an almost hopcloss position. Foresee Lewis Endosement Of GOP National Ticket has boon on tho political sidelines since •IB-iO, but he is expected. IP jump back into the spotlight, probably at the minors' convention in Cleveland in September. POWERFUL. FORCES OF THE FRENCH "underground arc- cx- pcctotl to important, role in Hiding tho Allies when the big drive b.-gins on 'Paris. .Since, ..DD.ay, .- JF.rcnch . underground 1 troops estimated at more than 370.000 have-been doing important work: behind tho German linos cutung communications and generally harassing the Nazis. • As tho Allies sweep forward, the French guerilla armies are expected to form important units in tho Allied lines. THE FLYING ROME has marie live.'! Vim is, you cannot'make 'a skin graft -live unless 'the skin is taken from another part of-- the body of tho same pcrson..who needs the graft. But then in reply to thisv Ihe thought ocpurs'that-the corncaj- is almost a-, completely non-vascu-; lar structure and .may J:or . that reason not come .within the' rulo.' .Description of Operation.' 1 . Here is what Dr.-Fox: says about it: •• - . -'"' Y • .-..; ;. "Wo must say • a fe'w.'." words- about'the corncal transplant, 1 This' is the operation, by which 'a small' window is cut in an.opaquc''cprnca- and.'replaced by a piece of -clear cornea. In tho past- few.. years!, nothing about the eye, wi_th the;possible .exception' of thcv,.contact/ lens, .has received more -publicity/; And nothing has raised more false. hopes.-. .It should bo this, operation is on known that" .the cornea has-' only. It' can be performed only., in those, cases where," the cornea, .-by,. reason, -pf."injury or 'disease, -' lost .its' transparency or its^ larity; so : that; vision . is'.impairc'd'. It can', bo successful, only those; eyes' that are healthy except foiv an unclear cornea. Obviously there'-, is no.earthly,use in frivingxthe,.ey,e^-' a clear window if 'there ia'-s'bmeT- thing, else insid£, the eye that pre--. vents" it'. 'li'OTn seeing. And even' 1 , under .the best circumstances the it highly essential, in the opinion of many informed persons, that roaly effective- machinery bo sot and maintained to prevent another world war. . ' •" Although the robots that arc bo- ing'dropped over England, arc discounted as of real military value, tho. plain truth . is that this now weapon is something which tho future win have to reckon with. If-may not oven dent 'British morale, .coming at a time when Germany, is.already virtually bouU b'n.VBut' the -future can scarcely .r.iilie a chance, informed observers believe, on such an all-weather air jt'orco .beinc- ..unloosed suddenly ' or. helpless .civilians:' - -The, flying- bomb, those obsorv- crs-'sa'y, should be of particular interest to the United States, 'because it. has not merely narrowed but has [eraaod the oceans. A barrage of 10- tqri" or -'larger • robots directed against Manhattan by distant radio 'control- is believed to be a definite possibility if- there should be a World .War.III. .-" SOME.',,QUAnTERS IN WASHINGTON, expect a.public endorsement of the De>voy-Brjcker Republican, ticket by John L. Lewis, head 6'Cvthe United-, Mine Workers... //,'bna^-sti-u.w In the:wind- was tho j'ecent..particle Lewis' UMWA. jou.riiai''.-i-ccpm.mcnding; • the GOP .-(for.'repealed attacks on the'r'Rpose'yel.t, administration, Lewis - THE BELIEF US GROWING in military circles in Washington that American and .Allied forces will bo buck "in. the Philippines much sooner than previously expected. Gen. Douglas McAnhur's forces now arc loss than 000_mlies from Mindanao in the southwest Pacific and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and his powerful fleei are only. 1,•!00 miles aivay in tho Marianas. Thus developments indicate that American and Filipino forces may bo fighting side by sido again in tho Philippines, probably weeks before tho third anniversary of the Jhp s.neak attack. Looking at Life By EIUCII BKA>*DEIS You're Telling By WILLIAM KITT (Central Tress Writer) SO MANY German Junker fren- oni'.s tjflije. into hiding. Za.dok Dumkopf wonders why they don'!, .start ailling it the Vor.dorjyround. Mussolini, we're reminded, used to cnll the Mediterranean "Mare Nostrum" (Our Sc:i"l. Looks like lie bet on the wrens horse. The only frooil .I:ip, it SCIMIIS, .lluit otic c'nllod Hurry Kuri. neWt/cornea-l, [window may become opaque "-again?* Why, .we .do not ....,.,.-- ... ,.--. •. "i'.."Th'e-V:C,o'i;neal .transplant opcr- ati'on';'is,'an; 'incalculably .important adyaticeVji}'' It is the rcs.uit' o£,rmariy years ot experimentation j/.a.nd- research. It has r,cstore : d-'vision to many -. eyes' that would .otherwise be blind... .The widespread/notion that with, this .operation''an entire diseased eye can".3>e.'-removc'd and a' new one 'put ' is wrong. " , • •A- Hollywood. niovic man ™ct.s .1 salary of SG-10,000 a year. Granci- pappy J'cnlrins says -ho bets the cll.ap's weekly pay check is pvint- ed ir. technicolor. •—Berlin-'Can be-bombed now from east, west ^v;x'i t;,c south. So far, Jiowevcr. the Berlincrs have not. Stated any pvcference. A onc-g:;llon bottle half-filled with coins and bills, amounting to $•12 was stolen from the counter of en\s confectionery store at Lake Ronkonkoma,' a Long Island resort village. Tile bottle was the repository for a lund being collected to give a welcome-home celebration for the 390 Lake Ronkonkoma men in the armed services when the war is over. When tho theft was discovered, John Gorken, owner of the ttore, dosed up «-hop and so did all the other merchants in the village. Every parked car was searched. every passer-by was questioned, oven,' suspicious - looking .summer visitor was carefully scrutinized. So -far the missing bottle-bank has not boon recovered. Maybe it never will be found. But the story is interesting, nevertheless. It is gratifying to see an exam-. plo of that old-fashioned neighborly spirit, that "all-for-one-and-oj-.-e- for-all" idea, which has gene out of our lives to such a great extent Here, in the midst of a bu--y summer-resort season, every shopkeeper closes -his store 4 to serve a common cause. That bottle belonged to the community, tlint fund was for a <:o::i- mon causo. Why -can't wo find, more coin- mur.iiy interests, more common causes to keep us busy? If we. did we would probably have loss time to think of our own little troubles and our own problems. I have been reading a lot of the recent war bond advertisements, nnd so have you. They were very elegant, very jcautifully done and vci~y profo- sional. But somehow, many of them missed tho mark. One of the advertisements offered aji oil portrait or himself to' the largest, buyer. A-nother offered nylon hose a third seats to a magician's show — the best saats to bi given to tho purchaser of the Lar,.; est amount. Other ads stressed the safety o: the investment, the nice interest tho tilings that could be bought when the bonds came due. 1 have bought my share of wa; bonds and so havo you. Why? Because of any inducements held out to us? No, you and I havo bought oui bonds, because our country is in danger, booauso it is our plain. simple duty to help it nil we can. I think you would liavo bought just as much if these bonds pay ono penny of interest. ' ' ; I don't expect any interest,on my mother, my wife, my gardtn, the sun which I enjoy, the mobs that shines on me. I don't even expect auy interest on the affection I give to my lit- tie dog. . " .'. Interest on Liberty, on the privilege of being an American? Funny that that stolen botth in Ronkonkonia' should have nude me think of all this. And yet, :n that bottle vu.' fund to celebrate victory dom. ",,'' Isn't a \VarEond the same lh\ti|? (Copyright, 19M, King Featura Syndicate, Inc.). . . • '' Tired of looking at old wallpaper? You don't have to tike It off! Juit paint o-.'cr it with Mur- Tone —the astonishing new ... waicr-ibinncd painnhaf »uu)k : ablt.. . Covers woJIboird and • ' •painted walls, too! 100 colors in chor»:« fr?m. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 f- These (lnys .. must spcm ii].|o«Ml dull to t.lio colHirities who have no politiuil conventions left- nt .which to l>c siM-n, -The Japs, have sent a co.T mcnl. of rare tea to Hitler whic with his nerves." .They is strictly a beer is supposed to "soolho rorprct that Adolf hall worrier. By dehydration processes, 35.1 pounds of boot is reduced to SS 1-2. pounds,' ah'd 25 cases of citrus fruit is-reduced to one c.Tse. CLEARANCE SALE Co:»ts, Suite and Dresses Greatly Reduced GREAT OAK FARM OXFOJin JIOAD Tel. MILK — EGGS Delivery To All 1'arts Of .0049 Electrical Supplies Lighting' Equipment BOMTJ 'EM WITH BOM11S Victor — Columbia — IJcccu Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 13 CHUUCsT ST. TEL. 8574 i I LEISURELY SHOPPING \ I; Mirrors , , . Artificial Flower* J !;•••• Paintings . . . Statuettes ... j-Spun Glass . . Pictures and! ]• picture framing | CLYNE GLASS SHOP » 20 llnrriKon Avc. . \Vatcrlmry! NOTICE! TO OUR XAUGATCCK STOKE CCSTOMEKS! Due to war time condition!, m arc compelled to clone our >"•» storp. CAI.I. cs For the day our Route M«B on your -street- Telephone Service For Naugntuck Customer* ' CaU Enterprise 4700^ SHALETT-LUX — Dry Cl«u«ei» 28 E. >Liln St., WatrrbUO' Main Office £ Plant, 22 Walnut St. E\t. Walertown Mlddlcbur}' Have Vox nought Th»t. . BOND? : HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. ROCCO KADO, Prop. * BUY WAR •. • - ,.Cs : ri?K-

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