The Lethbridge Herald from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on April 15, 1944 · Page 7
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The Lethbridge Herald from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada · Page 7

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1944
Page 7
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PAGE SEVEN THF LETHBRIDGE HERALf CITY NEWS CITY NEWS SATURDAY, AFK1L 15, 1944 Elton Nominated By Independents Former Mayor David H. it ) ton, K.C tor 40 years a resident of Southern Alberta first ... . k1v nmniwr miblish. tv and latterly as a practicing barrister and solicitor, was nominated as the candidate of the Independent party, at a invention of the provincial .J:nB of Lethbridge in the Marquis hotel Friday night. Mr. v . name was the only one to before the convention called front to aci the nomination he was greeted by a round 01 applause. The candidate, fo mavor of LethbridKC. ted by George Shirley, president of the Canadian Leeion. Lethbridge branch, and Mrs. Clara King, long prominent in me ujji. u seconded the nomina'ion. In acceptmK the nomination, Mr. Elton paid high tribute to the service in the legislature of Dr. P. M. Campbell, M.L..A., the first Independent member m the Alberta legislature, who speke briefly during the convention explaining that he would carry on until the election Is called although he reiterated his ultimate intention of retiring from public life. Walker Present A. G. Baalim, president of the Independent Citizens' Association, was in the chair and James H. Walker. ML A., provincial leader. was present on the platform and during the evening was heard in a vigorous address in which he called upon the citizens of the province to back the Independent movement nlaeine the interests of the pro vince before party in restoring the good name and credit of Alberta, in giving the province business administration and co-operating with the federal government in matters of mutual interest. Mr. Baalim said Mr. Walker plans to devote all his time to his work as provincial leader. Reports Convention A. G. Virtue, K C, gave a report of the Calgary convention when a nrnvincial leader was chosen and a platform framed, a platform which he described as progressive, attainable and forward looking. At the close -of his address he moved that those present pledge their eiiniwt nf the Independent move ment and their acceptance of the platform as adopted at xne ai-gary convention. This was carriec Mr. Virtue saw the lines sharply drawn In the next rjrovincial elec tion for it would be a contest be tween free enterprise and government, ownership and state control "This platform was not framed nor this movement organized to 'get nd of Social Credit' as some have said 4 ' i: IS' i LOAN DRIVE PARADE, CONCERT ON SUNDAY With the visit of the court usejtnc, g-JJ; Ssk. Kirk today and Sunday, j air concert in Gait G wiU i e Tmto iuS swing andex Sunday evening concert at the Need of a Dominion-provincial week will sS every committee get- Capitol at 9 o'clock when a number inference immediately to cuscuss tme busy tor the opening of the of returned men from the fighting postwar plans and social security d?ive a week from Monday. 1 services who are still in uniform te operative. Premier George Drew Sunday The Crte hand' will lead ' will speak in support of the loan of ontanu told The Herald in an morning with a march past i Drew Joint Urges Parley Random Rhymes City Money Bylaw Carries 479 To 5 watch soldiers march i Sunday pelade e serving our country 11:1 y 3 help t the i give a brief address. Should be a For the bonds we can buy will speed Victory first And get nd of this warfare with which we are cursed Dawn Patrol Vet t To Back Loan 1 by air "It is extremely urgent that a ! conference ot the Dominion govern- between the various ment and the goernments of all essential for the be I piovinces he held on this matter 1 of resources, he fell I Lethbridge burgesses voted al-jmost unanimously m f,uor of the $42 000 sewage disposal plant bvlaw I Kridav the D law passing oy Of 479 to five. An earlv start the plant is nov I The bylaw ha I ings of the citv I presented for r . the next meeunq oi ' Tenders for the ro s structing the plant hi ; ed and the sewage 'committee will make The cost of the plant is estlmat-i at $82,000. of which $50,000 will e paid by the Dominion govern- ote ment. In the voting 128 burgesses In on construction of North Lethbridge favored the bylaw planned. and three were opposed, while on passed two read- the south side 351 voted in favor ouncll and will be and two against. Returning Officer third reading at PTaruc steeaman reported today. council. Major's Comment act of con- I Commenting on the bylaw vote, been open- , Mavor Shackleford said Saturday: poial plant , - We are naturally pleased with the large ana ravoraoie vote, Tne ma- D. H. ELTON, K.C. dav the dictator of the Social Credit party is gone. Mr. Aberhart was a forceful character and he made many enemies Mr. Manning is not a dictator and yet he has an iron hand in a velvet glove and he will be hard to beat. He poiiea votes than any candidate in ntnn hns ever polled. If Independents win the next election it means hard work. But today we have a good progiam, a suuu and we are better organized. Let s get behind this program and this new leader" At the close of Dr. Campbells address, Mr. Baalim mentioned the appreciation oi ie All members of the 2-20th R) Battery are requested to note that they are to fall in for church parade on Sunday. April 16th. 1944. at 1000 hours at the corner of permanency and seeks to give Alberts a. stable, nroeressive govern ment. Naturally if it is given the suDDort it deserves it wouia the end of Social Credit government in the province. You may go out with confidence witn tnis platform and this program " Dr. Campbell Thi chairman called urxm Dr Campbell, the sitting member, who position clear. He explained that while it is his intention not to stand for re-election he has no thought of resigning his seat. There is no necessity for such a course, he said, as an election is certain this summer or next "I as the first Independent in the House," he said, "and after the vote In 1940 I was proud when 18 other Independent members joined me." And continuing, ne saw: "to- Lethbridge constituency of his services in the house and the strengui mm tion he had given to the Independent movement from its inception. The provincial leader, Mr. Walker, spoke at this point and his address will be found in another part of this issue. u,rr,o annarent that Mr. Elton's name was the omy one in the minds of citizens present. In proposing the name of the former , Bhirisv railed him ft integrity," who is always on the job all the time in any undertaking he shoulders. In seconding the nomination. Mrs. King declared that if Mr. Elton is given the same united backing Dr. Campbell was given there is no question about his election ax, me puuo. The Candidate In his acceptance speech, the ronrhrinte in rineine terms said: "I stand four-square ana wimuuv, reservation on the program you oHr.nt.erl " and proceeded to show the unsoundness of Social Credit, which he said was con ceived in "unrest ' ana suapeu ignorance ignorance of the fact that Alberta is a province with limited powers, a province within the Dominion bound and circumscribed by a constitution "They openly flaunted the Dominion government. Having failed, however, to thwart the constitution, they have settled back, just a government hanging on to power as long as nossible." He went on to cite bneliy tne oendent pa tinned that first and foremost must win the war and secure the Matters oi organization anu nuance were discussed briefly before the adjournment. Storage Rates On Grain Lowered Rates for the storage of grain in country elevators in the west were reduced recently by order of the government on the recommendation iu mmicisr nf trade and com merce. The government has in ef- 4 feet given confirmation ot a ruling . made by the Canadian Wheat Board I since the beginning of the year a Letnenage grain uujci Herald. Heretofore the maximum storage charge established by the Board of Gram Commissioners has been one-fiftieth of a cent per bushel per day. Now it is to be somewhat less, one-sixtieth of a cent for grain stored in the country elevators Storage at the Lakehead will remain at one-half cent Very heavy stocks are being handled, and this is one reason for the easing of the charges, just announc- y, Cl.uke. adding. "There is nothing more j Discussing the bonu.s important on the domestic front ton to sugar beet growe from the point of view of the whole tano on the 1944 produi countrj " ; ier Drew contenri-d The Ontario premier hopes to ' subsidies should mine spend about a week at the Pacific Dominion government f $1 55 per council : eting. the Pacific Dominion government and from coast before returning home with i that government alone. He support his wife. He lb scheduled to address j ed the argument meetings of Canadian Clubs at Vic- growers tr,r, nri Vancouver and then re- . the exci turn next weekend by airline have been lowered and the reduc- through Lethbridge , tion rebated to grow. While at the Pacific coast. Premier Drew "XDlained he planned U see Premier Hart of British Colum bia and disci; needed earlv tc period. Premier Drew ex- , growers know what ihev could is consistent efforts for a pect and ti encourage them Dominion-provincial conference on grow beets The processing compan- this The feehne of All premiers also gav. across Canada was the same as his. price for beets 1 he continued, and he was una Die u ! understand why the Dominion gov ernment did No more Seeding Now - At Winnif red Only after the Dominion govern ment refused to rebat part of the excuse tax did Ontario announce us work subsidy, he added, and the province took that action to help maintain Intensely interested in an earlv , production ot conference to make plans lor tne plained .oh- , call such e Spring work on southern Albeita that come general at a ,x on beet sugar should nnrated ooints l Canadian Pacific Railway reported fl . th t lnstal!aUon M the towns to the east will oenent ov , and I would say indicates that he burgesses are satisfied with the policv of the city council and city manager and -hat thev feel our 1 sigh's arp set ilniu in 'aking progressive steps in the city's develop-, ment I contended that this was '" essentially a health measure and y noted that Maclend Is taking simi lar action in the building of a sewage disposal plant Lethbridge will Saturdai At Wmmfred. east of lethbridge work started April 7 and wlme 's now general Moisture conditions were described as poor but there is sufficient top moisture for seeding and germination Lethbndge's plant Ma I add our thanks to the citizeas for their ex pression of confidence " ed. SUNDAY HOURS BOTH STORES OPEN 7:00 to 9:00 McCaffreys DRUG STORES 331-5tn St. S. 414-13th St N. Phone 2205 Phone 3445 At the Theatres CAPITOL SATURDAY Complete shows 2-15, 4 24, 6:33, 8.42. The Lodger, j.w, a.w, 9:25. Last compiere snuw a.. MONDAY , M Complete shows. 2 15, 4.20, 6:44, BOXY-SATURDAY "Henry Aldnch. Boy Scout, 2:15, 4.33, 6.51, 9 09, U:25. "Tarzan's Desert Mystery. 3:21, 5 39, 7.57, 10:15. Last complete show at 9.44. MONDAY "Power of the 6 25, 9 02. Press," 3.48, Shortage of Farm Workers The big question mark in Or tario's sugar beet indusir, and l all other agricultural pursuits. ; should be lost, he labor supply Enlistments ana City (jlances Wlth- n,n in fnrmiilntine Dlans to factories are continuing war plants to civilian production i movement to the land does not m-and rehabilitation of members of i volve any lurge numbers. His pro-the armed forces and war industry, vince's agricultural life now faced The war is now over for many and a most acute labor shortage. Prem-the number to be returned home m ier Drew explained, the future will increase. I He hoped that the department of Need Co-Operation j national defence would make sol- Success of post-war plans would diers training depend on eltective co-operanon uc- , Eupir Lethbridge Herald Engrawng. FO. D. H. McLEAN z-.. hn attend the Vic tory Loan concert at the Capitol theatre Sundav evening will see one airman who new wiui "" Patrol" in this war-Flying Officer D. H. McLfin. a bombing leader at No. 8 Bombing and Gunnery School here since last December rm, r.ffir-er r-omnleted a tour of operations overseas before being in- flnd th) validea nome iunuwiub .... , mxis c orhir-h he suffered serious back . ..,,, injuries. j Dominion government and partly j at No. 7 Service Flying Training He was a navsuui-"- i witmn the junsaicuon oi wie piu- i otnuui i.i.cuu nnerations and flew in Huasons, premier Drew added. April 20 Flying Fortresses ana lioeiaiu. He sald tnat he naa tormaiiy Most oi ms action wib proposed tne setting up ui minion-provinciai juino German shipping. He also helped cover raiding Allied troops at Dieppe Engaged in the coal business at Edmonton, the young man enlisted In January of 1941 and went overseas a year later. He returned to Canada last September. v DEDICATE MISSION Th. staffnrdville Baptist mis sion will open and dedicate its new building Sunday afternoon at 3 pJn. Rv- J- E- Harris will conduct the service of dedication, and visiting Baptist leaden will bring greetings from other points. available to grower Dominion government for harvesting next fall ; provinces because the plans i v - over fields which are partly WINGS PARADE the jurisdiction of the A wings ceremony will be staged Thursday, i large class of ; will graduate. It will b the 40th course fo graduate tr planning school and will consist of airmen POSTED TO CALG RY Pilot Officer Carl Edward Lvnde, R.C.A.F.. son of Mr and Mrs. J. R. Lvnde of .520 Fourteenth St. S.. has been posted to Calgary. The airman recently enjoved a leave with his parents in the citv. COL. HANCOCK VISITOR Col. W. F. W. Hancock, assistant commissioner of the R.C M.P., Alberta division, is spending a couple of days in the cltr from his headquarters in Ed-, monton. "I rime is at a mini-! mum just now." -aid t ol. Mian-cork, "but our foree is kept verv busv in connection with enforce- t of war regulations.' GARDENITE The wonder fertilizer I lb 15 5 lbs 50e 10 ibs SOe " fH! too lbs. $4.75 Morris & Barrett For the Lowest Automobile Insurance Rates Be Wise, Insure With Ives KnorH ns a rnntinuine oreanization. The work of this board would be initiating and co-orainaung jomu action m all phases of planning necessary for rehabilitation, con- ersion of industries ana post-wai construction A great oenevcr in """"i"" natural resources to the utmost, Premier Drew regarded the development of water resources in Alberta with much favor. "We in Ontario at least I am are very interested in seeing the whole country advance," he stated. An effective basis of co-operation from Canada, Great Britain Australia The wings presentation will commence at 7 30 p m . an civilian friends and relatives of tr, airmen will be permitted to wltne: the ceremonv Wing Command) C. F. Newcombe will present tr badges to the graduating airmen. WINGS PARADE A Graduation ceremony will bt held at No 34 Sen-ice Flying Tram- I ing School at Medicine Hat on Friday. April 21. when a class including students from the United Kingdom. Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Holland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia wii: receive their wings. The presentation ceremony will be open to the public and will commence at 10 am Wings will be presented by Group Captain A. ap Ellis. CBE, commanding officer Other officials in attendance will include: Wing Cmdr W. T. F. Wlghtman. DF.C, chief instructor, Fit. Lt F. J. Aldndge, squadron commander, ana r'lt. it T. R Lawson, MBE, station adju- "No Greater Sin," 2 15, 4.52, 7:29, 10 06. Last complete show at 8 52. LEALTA SATURDAY 'Cowboy in Manhattan, 2.19, 4.52, 7.05. 9 38. "When Johnny Comes March-tog Home," 3.18. 5 "50. 8 05, 10.37. "Valley of Vanishing Men, 2.00, 4.33, 9 19. RADIO SERVICE We have data on every set since 192B ana couiic ing equipment. This saves us time and you money. McKENZIE ELECTRIC LTD. PHONE 3637. WALTER JORDAN, Technician Plaster Board and Donnacona Board We have a big supply on hand to meet all your requirements. Full range of sizes. Can be put up by anybody; and finished with paint, plaster or wallpaper. IT'S EASY TO BUILD OR REMODEL THIS WAY. LET ATLAS HELP YOU, TOO. ATLAS LUMBER Co. Ltd. J. E. McCORKLE. Manager. LETHBRIDGE MASONIC NOTICE Members of the Masonic Order will attend DIVINE SERVICE AT SOUTHMINSTER CHURCH ON Sunday, April 16 at 7:30 p.m. Rev. H. A. Mutchmor, pastor. The address will be given by FLT.-LT. H. S. DODGSON Padre at No. 8 Bombing and Gunnery School Lodge Meeting will Open at 6:30 P.M. in Masonic Hall. Tenth St. S. Members of the fraternity in the city and district are asked to attend and a special invitation is extended to members of the craf serving in His Majesty's forces, in the city, to join with local Masons in this special service. It's Safer to Name a Trust Company As Your Executor and Trustee SAFER . . - Because a British Canadian Trust Co such as has handled thousands of estates and is more experienced than any individual. SAFER . . - Because an individual may die. become ill or be away when his services ar most ueeded SAFER . . . Because a trust company is rman-cially responsible, while an individual may not SAFER . . . Because the duties of an executor snd trustee are the regular dally business of a trust companv. while, necessarilv, they are but a side line activity of the individual who must occasionally assume them SAFER . . . For the same reason that its safer to go to a doctor for medical auennon w lawyer for legal advice, plan a house. MAGNETOS SALES AND REPAIRS Official factory service HUTTON'S Batteries Trade in your old for a new Smith Battery for your AUTO. FRMLIGHT AND POWER PLANTS. Fully Guaranteed Distributors: Gloer Electric 817-3rd Ave. S., Lethbridge. -- HATS Cleaned and block- m&mmK&P ed like new to any desired shape. J jC TIES Cleaned and pressed ftSSV to their original IRONSIDE & PARkTtT). PHONE 4141. th ST- 1 Put an End to Sciatica Let Our Modem X-Bay Equipment Show Yon the Impinged Nerves That Cause This Crippling Ailment. i architect t EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE SINCE 1901 British Canadian Trust Company LETHBRIDGE H. D. ROOD, Manager strength alter the caiii Phone 4261 toaaj and Now, thanks to modern X-rav equipment, those suffering fiom vriatlca --an see for themseUes tne of 'ttis allmert For in 90" o. raes, ;eals 'hat the caiit; ol -i '!- is disturbance of the bones of -he lower -swie and the consequent u-pliigenicnt of vital nerves and neivc substarce in that area If vo'i ar suffering from laMta ceiwi.c! on ler.t to restore ou to nc 'KR.'h "U'd X-ray r of i r DR. I. S. IRVING CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERV K E 205 Sherlock Bmldlnt. phonc 4Z61" Bring Your Foot Troubles to Dr. Irving, Too! Investigation has shown that most foot are due to displacement of one or more of the many small bones of the feet If you are suffering from tired, aching feet let chiropractic adjustment correct the position of displaced foot bones snd walk again ith ne comfort and energy Make plans TODAY to have YOUR foot troubles corrected. 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