Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on January 2, 1988 · 18
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 18

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1988
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I I 1 1 Section 1 Page 18 I Fort Worth Star-Telegram I Saturday January 2 1988 IrGospel Assembly Church burns olpk pis:rom oll4IL rita-ky tV S oo Itipp (4 N 4) ) 14 vliv ' iAV5e4 '' b6V ì 47$'zg' ‘ 6)63 ''' co o? tz 0 V cN IN Detail area TX 183 TX 183 c9c:fN ?ig? -- FORT - WORTH I 20 Fon Wonh Star lelegram Fire From previous page destroyed The sanctuary area of the church received heavy smoke and water damage Fire Department officials said The fire was reported by church members walking by Knight said He said they tried extinguish the lire with buckets of water before the Fire Department arrived Eventually more than a dozen fire trucks and about 65 firefighters were sent to fight the blaze which was brought under control after about three hours he said As many as six people live in the apartments Knight said but apparently only Spencer who had been living at the church for about two weeks was home when the fire broke out Baggage From for one boy's bike and an antique typewriter that weighed about 50 pounds "We've just been taking their bags as they go through the gate" said Scott Cardwell a Delta Air Lines gate attendant loading a Lockheed L-1011 bound for Los Angeles "There's just not enough room in the cabin for all the bags they want to carry" -Cardwell said most of the 179 passengers who boarded Flight 179 were not pleased about having to give up their bulky luggage "They don't want to lose their bags" Cardwell said "They are afraid if they let them go they'll be gone forever" Most airline officials said yesterday that things were going smoothlybecause Parade IFrom previous page smattering of commercial floats A member of the queen's court on the Texas Rose Festival float wearing an off-the-shoulder gown and no coat insisted she wasn't cold when male bystanders offered to help her warm up Even after executing a full-squad pre-parade "splits" routine on the cold Young Street pavement the smiles never faded from the faces of the Kilgore Rangerettes They were rewarded with spontaneous applause from the reviewing-stand crowd but some in the audience were less friendly to a Dallas code enforcement officer who was ticketing Lions Club members for selling coffee to onlookers without a permit "Come on they're doing it for charity" one woman chided as the inspector calmly wrote out a violation notice Members of I 5 high school marching bands from outside Texas didn't appear quite so cheerful as they marched eyes straight ahead faces red from the wind Those who accompanied the band members were more upbeat Delores Irwin serves as chaperone for a Tom's River NJ high school band Another band in the same school Where From previous page gent Ile never left town without telling his family said his mother Virginia Gilliam Even if he was late for night class he'd call the school said his plumbing teacher Alfred Bates "Everybody's said the same thing about him: super-dependable and very popular" said Curtis Chessner the Fort Worth police detective assigned to investigate Buchanan's disappearance Because Buchanan was so diligent not involved in drugs and left money in a savings account and for other reasons there is an uneasy feeling that harm has come his way "We don't have any blood and guts but with an accumulation of these small things that makes me think it's possibly foulplay" Chessner said "For him p be gohe this length of time especially T------- -7- -- -1 T - —1 Ti:--1t1 LolAis' i' - - ' T II r ' -f- 777-""1"1"1"1"""--"I f i 4 ' q r --wt- —1 - t ' — 4 1 t 1 — — - — - -- ''''''''- It — ' ' 11— ' — - l'!"'" - ' 44 ‘ I I ' 1 1 ! 1 ' " f r''" I I A " ' 4 t '4-4 ' i k t o 4 l' ' i t t i I t 1 t 'I T ' T A T ' a f 1 4 1 1 4 A I f 1 ' ( t I 1 ' u "''' ' It 1 t '' I ' I t It ' " "t 1 '4I ! 1 t ' 4 f 444 ' 'Op ' ! t 44 r"' 1 : -- — 4 t - 111' d l' — t ! t 0" i '‘ r fr 4 ' 0 '' ' ( $ ' - t ' d : ' C 1 ' 1 I - ' ' ill: ( t ' 4 '" fl i 110 li 1 40 k I o ) 44 1" ' r i 1 0 k 1 ' 6'1 i i krt '-' pi-- ''''''ff-4 ' ''''A 'A '11 i 4 I - f Ii' - o 1 ' le 411 - 1 t'" P ' ::: '''''' ""' ''''''' ''''' '14' E C - 1 - IP 4 s T r 4 k 7 1 4 tt el ''''' ' ' -fi 771 t:tt---f - 1 trT ' vd 'Virf '- a 44 f of 4 4 lr‘ ow 7 1 4'-'" 44 :11 linp ' L"- N't 0 4' 'k O ' - Vr t f- - 1 F ' ' 4 - i illitftp1 ----k ''''' -- '''' - 1 ' ' '''' ''t' IF ON t- P9P Op - 41 -'" ''- '''''g " ' - 4 ' ' - ' t ' ' ttt ' tiottowton44 49 : ' ' to ' t dotto 4 - 40474 It 444 i k ' t t - 9 ''"''t v '''44 ' "' 00:44'I''4r4444 0400-ettrttatp " it b14t4 tt4 i loitt- S' ' "Apparently he was a friend of the church They were helping him out helping him get back on his feet" by' letting him stay in one of the church apartments said Fire Department spokesman It RC Swan The church which is at least 50 years old has been renovated and had additions built on through the years That created a dangerous maze-like interior "From a firefighter's standpoint it is a nightmare in there" Swan said previous page of I ight holiday loads They said the real test will begin today when planes begin filling up again "The people who will be affected most will be the business travelers" said Mary Ellen Norton an operations agent for American Airlines "They're the ones who hate to check their luggage because they have tight schedules to meet at the other end" Norton said the crackdown most likely will result in making more flights leave the gate later because some passengers will still try to bring all their belongings on board forcing flight attendants to hold up the flight while the bags are being checked "It will take the passengers awhile district had traveled to the Tournament of Roses Parade in California "From what I hear they're having trouble out there The flowers are freezing" she said She and the 230 people who made the trip from New Jersey also had tickets to the Cotton Bowl game later that day which may have helped her disposition The Texas A&M-Notre Dame game was hardly a factor during the I 12-hour parade The Aggie band in fact received generous cheers from a contingent of Notre Dame fans along Griffin Street though that could have been because the band pressed stoically ahead despite following several contingents of horses The New Year's Day competition was completely lost on Betsy Franzen the Dallas girl who was tugging her mother's coat and pointing down the street as the Clydesdale horses approached During the several pauses when absolutely nothing was coming Betsy leaned into the street carefully so as not to cross the imaginary line that divided spectators from participants She said she just wanted to know when more "things" were coming through the holidays I'm very concerned for him" His mother a nurse at John Peter Smith Hospital for 20 years said: "I'm trying to figure out where hope stops and realism takes up I'd rather believe the worst and have something good turn out later on" Bates director of training at the Fort Worth Plumbers and Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee added: "It's got me spooked too The other students were asking about him the other night" When Buchanan disappeared his 1987 Nissan truck vanished with him When it was learned last week that the truck had been located on a street near downtown Houston it did little to advance anyone's understanding of Buchanan's disappearance t Gilliam who lives with her son in I Fort Worth Star-Telegram GLEN E ELLMAN Mortuary service workers remove the body of Darrell Spencer During the investigation yesterday there appeared to be no smoke detectors installed in the four apartments the dining hall or the sanctuary Price said As firefighters fought the flames many church members who live in the surrounding neighborhood came rushing to the scene While firefighters worked the members dragged out pews band instruments and chairs as well as the church's piano organ and pulpit but I think they'll get used to it" Norton said FAA spokeswoman Jo Ann Sloane said that most passengers have been in favor of the rule despite the inconvenience it might cause "They realize it's for safety" she said Sloane said some of the more interesting items that have been taken onto planes before included leaky car batteries a BMW drive shaft and a large gold bird cage complete with a rare exotic bird Most people howeverjust bring lug- gage Passengers interviewed yesterday said they had gotten to the airport a few Twirler Stephanie Sterne marches band in the Cotton Bowl parade Forest Hill said a form letter arrived from the Houston Police Department notifying her that the truck had been impounded after eight parking tickets had accumulated on the windshield The first ticket was issued Nov 12 three days after Buchanan was last seen in Fort Worth Chessner said there was nothing in the truck to indicate foul play "My information is that it is clean" Chessner said Gilliam said the truck was parked about a half-mile from the University of Houston where Buchanan's girlfriend Terri Smith is a student Buchanan frequently visited her on weekends — but never without leaving word with his family Gilliam said Gilliam does not believe her son drove the truck to Houstom "There's no way he would-have went I ‘ - ' i '1 7i 4 1 t ' ! ill ! 1 it I :' - '1171! i — 4 ' 1 1 to 1t 4 ift4 i I l '41 ' ' 0 Illif!ll : - - r$ l '''11111111111i f -SS ' Ilillk: I - : :: e S A l ' b t ! til : '7 et ' l - ' 11'' IT '' 1 " '' ''' 1 f41 0 ti : ' t: I f -: )- Pk '' i': 4 1 P $$ ': r ) k''''') 1 st --It 1 f trill te) t ' ' r ?v - - e a 11 ' i PI 4r :Altrf A "1' -liv7 V V14 - t' s 7 11' t tfrk ' - - 1-1 '1 ir41044) r 1p 1 1- t-iii ar 4 i 4 a A 141 s - —fo40-1 ' ' r 'ii - c A : k t N - Ns" !''' t ''' '' $ $ " '-' I I i $44 ''- - '' 1 '' 2 ) : 1: I '') NC)$ : 1 I i I : -- 14 I ''4! : ' ! $ f:V !'' 0 I $ p t' " ' ' 1 '' I ' I $ ittlilt y '' " 1 4 :) lit ill $ IJ ' $ a N I $ 41 1 : : ' ' 4 ''''' ) a ! I ' 4 V $ $ ' ' ' if ilkk ' '' ' I A T1 - : 4 : l'i 11!' r 4 ' p k' I i 4' -0 i 1 V14'" ' k ' - '4 4r i 1 ' A '1- - Tim Roark a church member who lives across the street from the church said he helped retrieve the church'E belongings He said the smoke inside the church was extremely thick Spencer originally from Kentucky moved to Fort Worth about two years ago Fire Department officials said The Fort Worth Medical Examiner's Office was still trying to contact relatives yesterday Staff writer Ted Cilwick contributed to this story ' minutes early to be sure their bags would be allowed on board Most said they agreed with the rule but still don't trust airlines to deliver their bags safely at the other end "I think it's a good rule especially for folks who try to bring weird things with them" said William Stanley who was on his way to Boston "I nearly got hit in the head by a bowling ball one time because it rolled out of the overhead bin" Stanley 63 said he checked one bag he normally would have carried on just to see how it worked out "I thought I'd give it a try" he said But "If my luggage winds up in Tahiti somebody's in trouble" Fort Worth Star-Telegram IR D WILLIAMS with the Tyler Junior College there then not without fresh clothes or in the middle of the week because he had to be in school" his mother said Buchanan — whose brother JD Buchanan Jr also is being trained as a plumber — graduated from OD Wyatt High School in 1984 A few months laterhe began night school at the urging of an uncle who runs Busby's Plumbing in Fort Worth He played football and track in high school After graduation he liked to play miniature golf and nearly every weekend attended a high-school or college game his mother said "He was easy-going" said Bates "Everybody liked him He was just a good kid" Buchanan is black about 5 fees 9 inches and weighs 160 pounds ' TARRANT COUNTY PAWNBROKERS ASSN AND THE TEXAS PAWNBROKERS ASSOCIATION OFFERS 1 I r' - FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE ARREST AND INDICTMENT OF TWO ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECTS These men will be trying to sell men's or ladies' Diamond Pings and Gold Chains This robbery took place at Uncle Joe's Pawn Shop-3200 Miller Ave Fort Worth Texas on 12-24-87 CONTACT: 817-877-8248 DET W L NORMAN 817-921-3593 MR OWENS c3 c N4( " WE HAVE PURCHASED THE TOTAL INVENTORY OF TWO FURNITURE & SLEEP CENTER STORES FOR IMMEDIATE LIQUIDATION AT RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES 'WW41011APrnmelefPlIWISWI 1 tem4 Seta et4 FN1 BEDROOM SUITE COMPLETE DRESSER MIRROR CHEST NIGHTSTAND HEADBOARD SPRING FRAME $54900 i411 I 110 VN1 10e Vilatie etalutta DAY BEDS l seteet44 mom BEDS LI ca" BRASS BEDS BRAND NAMES FEATURED DRESHER SEALY JBROSS CO- RSICAN ARTISAN SWAN MAYO NORWALK ANDRE BROYHILL AAA"A"" 71 '1 1 '4ik : I - - - p 1 i: -Pi tr1 It9E tiltV CA AB '1'111111 w'vvvervIN" We Also Have Sleeper Sofas Wing Back Chairs Lamps Occasional Tables Pictures Bedroom Suites Race Car Beds Living Room Suites 'wsW0m1mAPbusil4-0wodWi Solid Brass KING I L I Beautiful White Iron & Brass Beds Headboard Footboard and Frame Reg $699 e Seln 000 eN A" JUSt Ligu Ael 'i i'l i t - 7 4 614 er4": -A 1 r- i E tt Kyr Is -1''" ' 1 'Sr4 -1 0N A44JuS I l'idUtyA1 - istlE iz!'t is tt -7 1- E -: - 4 1 1 — titti 7''''''' 4 f -4011:1e4r:rr:' :2:: SC ::: L 431:::k "A i 1 1 n" f1 1-0" '14" Noit - Vey si 4 ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN SLASHED TO THE BONE! HURRY IN FOR BEST SELECTION! t ) '1111(131Z t:VIAllfstal )!IllOtsilili 4 I i7ai 1 11114 1:I 1 1 ilii 0 11 k RIL'' PI - a 1 IliTIi tin il fiti I I w'''1:11 I i'll-Aiti 1 qtAti I 1 ' rrn0try I j w (gril 0 it i' irlI4I-1 '111' -AP ! v1 t -atoomipoovo 00tooomkt oteuxeowo-w o e e trmodpv AirNto 10 -- ' 1:: - c ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN SLASHED TO THE BONE! HURRY IN FOR BEST SELECTION! tgi ral I I Zit1(0104ii) 114-' tATio 0' - 0A 41!14 A A I III I I Trundle Beds Swivel Rockers Day Beds Blankets Sheets Recliners Bakers Racks Bunk Beds Headboards SIZE each 1 7 : L I 1--A-FA 1 t vv-aogne 113i" - I -- D 8 r la 88 LI': 71 fA 8 i) i r:111 11‘44r i au4isovibaerbwmivas‘464Ls Racks Bunk Beds - ": ! 1- a 4- r ' t I 11 I - Ak kA4aoa a 0M—lkwiLL11L Abu A—Ak—am Ak6 aa tia -mo -1 Abe -Agik am AiKJimw‘ mIdik i3a6

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