Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 12, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1916
Page 5
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STERUNSJLllNOfS. TUESDAY, PE&R 1916. PA615 flV«. (f Use ' the Elevator anil'' Rest Room Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Company Great Suit Sale Special new low- price Gift Suggestions of the Highest Merit tr Is wiW pnile~McTl}T^^^ Eig store. Here and there and everyWliere the eager XMas shbp- per will find many new i^eas. Think how convenient it is to shop at the Big* store— the finest of its kind in the city—ample flodr space, no crowding 1 , elevator at your service, free telephone, rest room and courteous sales people. For Her--A Set of Furs IM-" nf ftir- dial \\'ill i'-|M'<'i;i!lv ; S|II»JI|HT. Mi!;jt|y (»f l'';i n i 1 iire "iimviit^ In (lie < liriMll! H'inetil iia- phit-ed her >l;ini|» uf iippiuivn! oir evcrs e. HIM' uii^urpaN.-ed FiM-ilifies for ;in(ieip:uin^ eor iii'idi-. in !ur- eii;d>le u.- lo p|;iei> hcl'tirc thi' ('lirisl s||Mpiii«r•-.(\ li>- <«{' fur- (lint will plen>e • both in style prife>. Tli'' new I'ur^ this season are disiihetly dif tfrent frtiin ilm-e M|' past seasons. See them tomorrow at S5 Up to $65, The Lovely Silk Kimonos 11 is a matter of tlaily nccnn flice to have, women come to this seclion ami comment us on our heantifll! wraps. Here one sees styles that are not usually seen in the a\ "era ye ready I o \\eat ,-tit|i- . 'i*i|..-.. u h<> v. .Hit til'- I" ••! !i-l,.i ih'ite thiiiiuhtf ill .nnl 0 to $15. ]||.:itu(ii,i! tin.*' 1'iii-es [ SOCIAL AFFAIRS J "'PAPERS" One Drat! With Home Life And The Other Wholesome Breakfast Dishes. it . . Desirable Furs for Gifts T'tp Home Of Yesterday A$ Wtth Tor.'avV" edhMinee Pie TWICE AS GOOD AND HALF THE COST OF BULK MINCE MEAT '.•i.j..'it !!n Hi t!>f i -v i-Tiini:s. ([;«• <-?i:lilf. n ."•it!'],; "l't '" «!in! city !••! *'•!'•''-•. i'« i'' !" . <.|,tj .tin]! |.|.M«UH- ri! alntl*f-tJ|i '111 -' ,MV,1\ fl<ir;l llHtlV' Of <l.!ir*0 HUM ttt.'i I mil h. truV- id .ill ht>tit< •>-. inn i^ m'H'h :. ; = : *> . i *i*Mrb*u t hn n Hi ^ <-;H ^ j ^i ^t I'.nt In inn u'jus uf livjnu ««• :it'( - :iii>tinu .< !ii:ir!ifi| ail> itiii'fiTK'n! fur tin !><•!!.!', t'v attriKlinc «Mir I intwflli- S'i- r;n«> iin-rt iiiy^.' ' ii«t'MlitiK t» |i-. - >j lent ill i i i.ok in 14. «hir|; M|I|« u« it ut '!• Til in <'tn lioni- It i« insti-li '•.'!.' NI if:itM iitiniil (niiKiiiK ii"w tlrin if *,t<j vrar* :ut", iHf.tUKi' < litHI"''li an tatiitht ilu'iiK'sttr m icucf in • Hi;i t ^ IH n thrv ui (l ^v i!(i ai"l '<• ttiilk'- IIOHMT fi I thi.'in.n- H i;«. I)TI-\ .IK mm h lii'll'i" v v l"i'»"il 1" Unlit Fruit Cako iUaitlis thnn ilirir .mntrici n \\-t--ri-. Puddings j Ylii'ti In" M Is tnn< h fii::!»-r In .In tin .nd Cookl«* i r-uoklni; n«w a'* thfn* aro »<t mntiy _. t : r«nMln tint :<!<• rtlr«'nily t'lt-faifO « hii h Package j..m- ...n »,»•. F«f W*»t ! \Vr in- ;ils't lt-ar»lii]K li"V' t.. tiikr I2etollk ;,m-f nf .mi liutnrc in •'< nun h "Like Mother U»eJ to Make" ' --n^m > w ; i> \\< i..-.v.. ri.iin.i .M.H ia is l"tt<'t unit lii'rtlthtfi hlii' fi'i'-^h iiir fri.iii o»*fM»' «|f',^r.-i. It lin.-: Specialty Priced Mnfls. round or flat shapes, of wolf, Jap (ox, pos sum and French eon^t, specially priced at $18.75, $13.50. $8.50. V One white angora set, S14.50. ,| .THE, MURPHY GCpDSSTO Trfe Ijfmfim^flM I * Give Practical Gifts | Fine Sheets and Pillow Case Sets + (Mir \vi»!l known brntid N»»rfli Shores so'li! in im! a- desired. nf \Veiinvell-" nilil <•> or pitii-. Try Recipes . on tho Pnckagc N()NESU€H MINCE Why iiot a TT -£ilk-Swcatcr? - l ~"""'They have e\ehlsi\'e style aliout them ami the lovely air nf pret.ti ness t h a't a I \v a y s (ileases. We feature all ll.f ll'l'XV ('Ull'lf- iltltl 'UI-.IVCS. It )««. -'WOl'lll V'llill' In M'C llllS imtaitlf illMjiliiy—$3 to $1?. Kayser" Underwear i Chnrmin^ly suited (o I he woman who desires the \ ery Uesl. Soft and 'A • diu-j^liU 1 in fahrie and . heuutll'ul in appear- iiii't 1 . I'.islidnialili' icit.i inriitf in white or rtt-sh ctilttr. rrii-t-H $2.50 to. $5. M Give House Slippers S p u n J'roin fmest i|iiality eoTored yarns, e x t r a jiood soles, I'rie'e the pair 59c. Boudoir Caps Our showing 1 was never inorq inviting —all e o I o r's and styles -iif Xmas h<»\ e,s. , j'rices 50c_to $1.50. Give Silk Hose We are willing mid anxious to serve you with the hest'.iir Sillc Hosiery -- "(lordon". All colors alid sixes. Prices $1 ta$3. Gloves for Gifts Silk or Kid (Jloves in pretty ..('hri.stmas hoxes are especially ap iu'opriate.'1'or .uil't uivin.u. KayseV (Moves price<l at pair $1 to $5. How about Handkerchiefs? . l-'ine quality initial - II a n d k crcitief in p r e t t y Xinas hox. I't-Tce 59c. Ivory Goods I'erhaps the lar^'st. display in the city—a showing' worthy of \i>ur attention. 50c | i III till' vvlnti-t tilnr- ffil 1 tr-nr tliry v.nnlil ' ii'rh i'"M l'>|.«'i-i.ill> xvcfi* tll(V j li,i iilltnv it ill tliHr sIci'iiliiR i»i MkRRElL-SQULE CO.. Sjnaut, H. f. ' T...IMV. ii..«r^i. t ,f.,v,,it. KH..W a •••••iiiijiiii iuHmmmtfmfm^mmmummm*^mnmm*fmtm ,;<- : ,\ mm • ,, lllnl Wi- fSlMII't fl Ii V I'lltl tl'.ilt 'llmsi. v\ti.i iln |j;tVf tltf tK'.ill air ill ^,.» U lli.l "In Mill, '•Wholeteme Breakfast Dishes." (l.'y At 1C. (Jliirc Jiil«'!«. > lii |i|:innliiK ""iii-'x lii')«iilii!i>i a .(if ilrvil ili'j'rnilH iipnii Ilii' Ki-i»»nn ••( Hi • i';ir. aim wlicllu'i y<"j liv>« in j M in (hf <-nM?iti>, Hiiu'c if ytiii livi 1 in Mhi> fMintry tlicrr an- IIIWTRK nl(i-n > uitii-jt tfnil >«ii (ttttnnl jji-l MI rt-ailily, !"m !fic lii-^l. iiniixf 1 I think fruit ' »'-M I ll Ultll MMItl' 1 lll'fltkl'HUl I'Ollli is il . i-i y KHIM! |tlnn. Tlio fruit fun !»• \jir- cii (rein tliti* 1 to iinic hi wiikh (he lifti«f<Mii varli'tlp* ai'f in ticaxon, 'I'hi' wtnii'r nnd Niirlng'itrc th«>-li;inl- "M tinv t<i vary with the fi-PKh -frttii. '>|-;|UK''H llelMK .lll'illt tile best Illlll i liiniieiif aVa1t(iti|p. tint durtnjr th«* t'riitt -,i"(Hi'ii tlirre aro'' HO many frrwh kitiil iiiiit OIK' I'Hii linvo'n chanKr finite' frt» . A set ol' manicure articles is now a neet'ssitv for • i -i'very lady V dressing la- hie. Our assortment <»f m a n i e u re sets Ts [ho largest we -liavo evnr sho.wn and you can lind (hem h«rr»» in ahnosl everv Sets in Ivory, Silver, Khony. and '1'ejjj'l - eneh on<' n Iieauty .anil of lasting qnality. May we show them to you now while tlio assortment is vot unhrokent Millinery Prices Cut One-Third A Hut event providing .\vuii(ieiful-'(>|))iortiuiitit'>s In M'li'cJ a lu'HijtilYif iic\v Hat, Many ol tin* sniai't. niodtvls-have IHMMImade in ourown wurkroonis, N'nu'll find moiv siiap and .style in these hats furthe price lliyfr. we believe, fjsewlieix'. See ilie di.splay tomorrow, 4* HK 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* HreakfnM fii«'lf« nn« very ami Kiiliit< tliivv that ":ie IH'iil nut liic ut ,in> .(•»•• Kinil. liiiriiiK tlio vviiiUM- tin> Mt'kt'i! tin«'.i. «s nut tiH'iil or rwirh <il -.vli.'fii nre very (411111!, l^'l' thf nri'i'll't rntifKr, it can t>f ' vnr- ieil from ttm»i tn tlmp, thfx «»<nirHe ilc- I">tliliti« u.lif'Ht ilt-nl ll|MiH (tnr's i>e«'l|. iiiiiiiui. Ttii't" ili'lns 'In-rtvy' onldiKir \\<u k. ii'i|iiir«' innt'll heartll-r fund* tliiiit lliu«(> dnliiH iitlU'o work or tighter work. liittn anit i-KK". I'otntitpH <ir - milk, anil lnHtm»tl timnl mlKht !»• tini- inotiit. I'or "•liililiTii I hi" jn'Uk l:« nnii'h ttctter nntl .ntme wholesome Aiu'lher mi-nil uiiKl'l be country s-ati- .IHSP,' lull biiu'iiltH anil liutter, jfli> milk <ir I'liffi'e. l>inii\K tin- hot Minimer niiiiulis the tnoio Huliil tootiH a« inr'rtt' can junt «>. •kwll in- "Illilteil, us the bully tloeM not roijiiirn lie much inel f<»iils, t'/iiriiir! Un> \» inter a KM'at man\ jieo- |i|p PIT*'!' -|>iiiiriiki<M. '1'ln'se. al>' al! rillht H nut i;ivcn -loo liei|iiently, as Ihcy air not as eauily tliK(-;.(eil. ~ t t'rit'il innnh with i>yr»i|t ulsn tan IM <«-iv«»i| part ni tin- lline iliiriiiK the win ter, . ' ' '. _»;i Plain Hemmed or Hemstitched Lairr-l -i/e hem^lifehetl. each . r."" $1.20 I'iMow ('a^cs, hemsJitched, eaeh .32c ~ix.e. plain hemmed, ea. .$1.10 and $1.20 I'il.low ('a- s. plain hemmed, each.. .26 and 28c Finest Winter Coats priced right now as in January <M $22.50 and $22.50 |iii|)iiliir xt'iek of in hetnir r.'i|ililly liil we Will »»itl\ he . .if* we <lit every ni-u- tu tarry Many Pretty Waists as Gifts r\ A most complete showing of desiruble dark stripes in silks, flesh and whites, in crepe dti ehint'H and ^•oi^eTte ,.r{.pes7$3.915 to $7.50r~ ~ ~ GAVE A^tTARD PARTY, UHVC H Hn ran 11* ; AH. mui, .%!>*, w. n. iiwk «f{nou« ;u r ov.rT»" •'iirtijnmln . H. IVJfcr .oC La«t Evcnina The Rebfkaht ehter-i t '' t ' i - wlt ! l -' l '?^ JU " v * : -^ . . ., ._,/_,' iliHh. »l hlub nofin a tamid At New Club Roonu. ||,,|il,>> imrents. , T!H. lU-ln'cUjili luilm« otitorlaliH'd vt-ryi • • —— lus>t ovonint: In ilii 1 ni'w i-liili; tlirir l!u«r.jHulK .mil frir»il» at 1 DANCING CLASS , . • . . The f,.re part of -the eveniiiK «•«„ i Given L*«t Ev«ninB In Woodm»n H«I livttt in ptiiyiiifj |in»Ki'e»siv.' viichre, . ' —Good Crowd Attended. \ViIliani KaUow nn«! H .T. K> r ,,:eive,l The K H IM-I-II |>iu,y.i i.uiuiiy . , lil>lr I'flTslttJlflltS Wl'l'f nil til.- •.•••m.Jn.l...- Mf «l»-/v,.|,nm w«s |H'ut HI ihini-iiiK. AlMUit /nifty Kti'^lK) , ,, . . ^, . f i t*y .111 in'**Hi'nt. iijnyi'(l_thf nflair. J ("i-liool cnniliu:t«d •pji«.v«Hl last vv* etijoye<l v»-ry mu« Another Nettleton Special-J-iature Model "the "-V/ , Composite" , . r , $7.00 OPENS ri'tary uf War (larrtaoti. at)il..Mrx. nevt'i Im* IH'CII ht'lil . itiulcr ihc Witaou '.ISukt'r will hayi' tho |M>siii«ii at I'l'f.^l* aitiiiinlsliatiuii. id-lit \Vil,-:uii'« li'l'f. \vhich Airs. <!ai - Tlwri* «'|H" i»j 4'nt« Ifsw cvt'iil Ihts year _' ; Msfon iifrii|ili'il at |iri-vhms c:ihiin«l 't hail lanl^ -us lllf I'liii-Ami'l'M.'**!'. ''rct-p- -. • ' , tliiini-rx (hit-jug tliis miniini.stratiuii. • Hull" N i>liminati'il aiid tln> lirnt rrtvji- White House Dinner To fRe;' S| y | v | "n>' of >s\at.- ami MIH. LmiKini; 1 .uoii win-in'* thuin-mii'it'ii to, ,iut«tii-.-.- O'lbiillfit Will Bf» TllP !>vill In- at Ihr^riKhl of Atr». \Vil-:im and % tin- Suiilt'jiu-'4'oiHt "in- \vr«Ji fnilh vvuijiui, nriu sn, tin, _ ltll , i' t ,. w ,| 1 ,|,t.'' n . > ,, ( . 1 . uv( ,j v . imilKhi. . " Pit'St Function. | Wllh uartnimi of a '(«•«• m>.''«-ially in- ' Thru-art.'!' thi-i'i- will.l'f an iiiti-rini ,„—„ , ' ' Uit,.,! Htii-stM ' ttifi,- will i i.w..,,i ,"!' .Ilii'V.- vvi'«.k>t itiiiiim tin- holuliiVN in i Si'fi'ctary ami .Ddiil.-l-.. Attiirni-v . whti-li m. .MH-ial .-vt-uB aiv ^tu-tluU-d Ic.-m-nil ami 'Mrs. Civ^urv, ,S.M- ( vtarv ' n«. t,- !).,• l>.,-li.-f thui iho Tn-si Mrs r Ut-ii>-i illy PnlMI |'.4.'.s« ) \y.|t.|ilili;.lti||. . \H<i: K*. . 'I'lu-.' <h«^s. u| tin- Kvi'Udvi- .Mansion \vill upcn i> uiul 'Mrs. Iliirlf-iin. Sfi'ii-Sary ami ' '" niKlit fur ' th«.\ tii>i I'V'ftit u| i!n> Wliitf i Mi-'<. HI iliH-hi. Hi'''i«'ti,r> -iiul Mrs. hauv .t<'i>'iistftt. I'rcHiiti'iit .nnl Mrs j Svi' i i-tui > ami Mr* I l'<(i*t'i>o, S>'»'! i-la.i y Wll--uti \\ill (lUcitnin m* lulu i* >•( tin t.unl Alin \\'||MI|I. 1-aluoH aiul Ih.-ir \\i\>-* at ilomi>r. - j , M , ,, f ,',„, \ym,. K.,;,.,,, S!)1 i;i i ,, v . •TlU'tv Will.!.'" l«" tt.AV i'! -laf-si,,,,., ,| iau)B . Ul( , „„„..,. ..,,-,.',„ j,,. ,„.,,, {lliutil tlu» |i'|<ast whi'O .1!! aii-' M-at'il | kl ,-, 'j'ni'-.ii.ty tin- l-'ril.n i-iii"»"i.||n.|'i|>i in tin- ma-»;iutU'»-i:r Mali- ilnunv.-i«i"in. I, ; tiull'M U'l't thlH >'.t')IJ ;f • |,f ftMHIfl •<ie, ( t iiMll Mlf*. Wilson, will spend thei! i;i- a\£iiy froiu \V.'ishinKtnn. F4ILK STRIKIi CALl.fQ OFT. l>,i!,iM,i '.oo. Atifh . lie.,: U. The' Illlik ji!,!' ^hmli I'.t'l hei,'iM'it I'cr 'Ih'ree iUi\ f (« i-.i|i«-il i. if when the Kalatna/.o.i Al^ESSENTlAL TO -Q ..... .'"";"•/•' BSTT1R •h-.iv.e for regular « f.-j, •. , m! ( nips whe ever llU'V iie.--llV. - The .x-itson h>'^m/t liiihsiL-illv C,MI -.ili I in the. city. > lehieil to the <h'.-" >i| tile tiollt'llWeMi'dl MlIK I'lO- eei. :Vs.M,.'i;iiinn -The t'(i'-ni:i*j here- .tdc i-iii.(uiii iii . tin. isaul 1'iiivniu lici-ii , a) in nil! i ITC.IA c a II.U ratf nf in i*iu-ji il al'ti'r hiiliila'y.-i. ur vviih th«- « i|i'ait for thfir |i|'i.«iliii t HI 1 \i-\\ '\ t'H\-'>. It'iM-jlt Jim, .in I'VCIlt WilH.'lli'I ! o ; ill . -_ CONFIDENT OF VjjQnFORY GERMANY " ' Good Diflestion HOSTETTER 'S Stomach Billers ••-.. (4'ontinuei.l from t'ajfe One..) ^ '„ ,„ ______ . „ ..,,,„.. .^... , ... _____ ,.,y. „,.,.., , ,-, „«,„.,.. . . ., -, .. -V,. „ ^^f^n.^.-, *-'-. --. ' ......... — — '.. ______ '-- •" -..-.-.-I ' -.-.''X-fc '...'*.,•- ' ' - --• •••:-•. terms 'caused $, sensational decline in what compared with the closing" prices Jast night, 'December lost -10 3-4, May,8 .3-8 and July 5 points. December, closed ut $1:54, May at $1',85-. 34 and July at I A3. The man • kut closed very wea'k R heavy being 1 registered rturfng 'the lust hour. • - MUCH .WEALTH REPRESENTED.^ MaiHMin, Wifi., Dec. II 1 .-—Klx hundl ' of WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT 3f Mi»» Verna M. Book To Benjamin i DuUota, all I'.iriin'i'N Itut llvo, r<"|> H. Peifcr To Occur Doc. 20. . . HIK irn»n> limn Itiu.ooti.tioo In \v«-all Tin- iiillinviii« M'tMitlluK iitiiiuiiui't'- j liiivis jtrrlvoij. hi MiullMfjn to Sttttty W(f5 tii-iil v\ li*i Ii "ill !*i- "! IntiMVMi to many! i-otssln ini-thuilM nt iwichinir tiKrlcijItUt iii'tliiiK .itul I!'" I; I-,ills |)i>ii|)|(« IK that I lit Uic Mali' iniUcrHlty hofore r Ahf.,* \'crna .M. Him!:,, it,iit;jliti>r oi'iiitK to the i'hli'uKo «>xhiblMun. T ~gu«Htt/ Blucher Style. 01 ]LongrW«aring Glazed Kid. "Tho ConijM)Mto" iH a good example of the sciontifio aii(i praclioul alt Undo of- Netttetvn designer^. BCCHUHO ; lhis inpdol is rut /«*() sizes under through heel and in~ 's.U'pf it oxaelly iiu'ots the peijuirtMUOJits of thousands t>f iHcn, so f hut it 'has without question the largest sale uf any high-grade "shot.*..hi the world, All Nettteton Shoes offer the wearer a distinct advantage: They truly effect *'Keonomy Through Quality," THE BOOTERY " 21 BAST THIED STEIIT ' , Agent, for A't'ttif-toji Men's ShoM"-Uie W«rW'» Finest, S* W K Nettleton's Shoes for Men .will be advaiu'cd hi price from $7.00 to $K,ui) ,luii. 1st. We strongly advice all our 'customers of (his More iiM' tJieir jsiM' lll'£°?'e t|j*'ll» Emerson Shoes for Men Honest all through • * • ' **• * ~ . •• . ( >.iir. .-lurk* jire l»iji'.in'(li'is line y.ud'tio raise i'u until we're order. ' .- . , $3.50 to $5,50 ' ' MASON-' : ' • At STERLING'S IDEAL GIFT STORE Tho Store Thpt Gives You Th« "Attention" «nd AM _ That "Service Fir«t" Impliat FOFS HIM - Tie Clasps Pencils. ._:;•.;__ Cijiar Cuttors Knives '•"' ;" •and Cigar Watches Combination Cutterc • Cuff Links , Watch Fob* Waldemar Chains f Coat Chains \(e»t Chain* Cigarette Ca»o» Military Sets ^.Cloth Brushes H»t Brushes < Grip Tags Emblem Charm* If mblum Pm» and Silver Curd Gate* Automatic Ey«- glafts Reol» FOR HER— Lnvalieri Beauty Pir»» Brooches . '* 0»r Pin* Lingerie- Clasp* , Bracelets Bracelet Watches Gold and Silver Hat Pin* Tailei ami Manicure Sets Pearl and Gold Beads Button* Umbrellas Fountain Pens Emblem Ring* Set and Signet Rings;{ Hair Receiver* j Earrings ' Putt Hair Pin Holder* Ivory Trafya' Picture Frame* Nail Files and Buffers Cuticle Knives Manicure Scissor* Urnbreila* . - ; Purse Knives and Pencil* Candle Stick*. Bud Vase* Clock* Tooth «nd<T*l« .cum Powd*r Box«* / - — Jvory Brushes Thimble* Mesh Bag* Handkerchief Holders Souvenir Spoony this a Jewelry CWristmas W. T, JENNINGS The Hallmark Store

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