Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 12, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1916
Page 3
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STERLllia, ILLINOfS, TUESDAY. DEC. 12, 1916. COUPON MR UO S L I L C S $15 This coupon and $10.00 cash will put a Kimball piano in- your home. Good on any Kimball piano until Dec. 25th. 9 f $15 O E P V £ E N 'S W. W KIMBALI/CO. Established 1857 10 W, 3rd St. Sterling, HI, J. E. Moore, Mgr. Gifts that are useful and durable ~~ the kind that no one is sorry about Buy l/nmicimr for mother's fcilclii'ii ll HIT ;nni you \\\\\ -n\c her at h-ast M) hours tt'ii full wnrkiiiir day;- of Hcaniim- an-! -••riilil ) »>iiir *-v<-i-y \car for inany years. How about n now Ihiu: for ('lirUtinn-.' Tlinil-a .iiif'l thai t»vory Mn i ml»i>r of the family rnn Piijoy—usH'ul every «Jay of i ho year ami many y4«ai^! What's l.ln> sense in'iiiviny; pre>ent> thai iiol.ody 11-1 -.' I'ri^litfii tlie homo with jjil'ts that will he valuable c\ery tlay! As <yictrolas artd'Fianos are sold on easy payments, a small part of your Christmas Club Check will place one of these instruments in your home for Christmas, Come in and let us talk with you. ffcr (PI A down place* a piano in your home. $5 "",; month keeps there. s. ,.- - -. — • mimn:-! .U. Harden 1916 You will Jin<] all of the ahove at tlii*. -tore in ; L >J .. > ._WjL'.j.v.uiikLJik<j!...lii. USE YOUR rn einlle>x \-ariety to suit every iujmdJ-UoJ^iLLuuiiLLuJiidliej: ,_ytin Jjuy-ujijiuL- XMMCtUB TO BUY FURNITURE at Furniture a Gift of Thoughtfulness STORE FURNITURE^UNDEKWKIKO Make This Store Your Christmas Headquarters The oldest and largest Music Store in Whiteside County Take Care of the Pennies— m The Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves. Wheelock's Gift Store You will be surprised how far your Christ- -jnas Cheek will go in the purchase of' Furni' ture at our store. , ASTONISHING ASSORTMENT * ^/_ Look without oblig^ion _ GIFTS FOR ALL " ^ -3»* On Each and Every $5.00 spent with us, we give you 5^—25c in Cash / BETTER THAN BANK INTEREST Our holiday line is complete. White Ivory Hci-s " Leather Goods • ^ i 'perfumes >Sk»mo Outfits Thermos iJottle.s, '-jiiiit tu (juurts . , Christmas Cards and UookluU Our aim is to please The Sterling Pharmacy Co. 306 FIRST AVENUE & & & B»v ^&7 •«* Double-Due Records Niw records go country «n me month The $120 model of the Columbia Grafonola possesses the exclusive features that make Columbia instruments truly instruments beyond compare. Full, clear, natural, splendid tone; the exclusive Columbia system of tone-control; the tapered tone-arm, Columbia producer and the final convenience of the automatic Columbia record ejector, Bee it — and HEAR it— TOD AY, "Hearing is believing!" It- i* l>nt. fair to assume that nil niitturily are under two oliliKatioim and Koi-iety, and the other to (tod. ' implies arid includes one Important means, IMS It t»ver so .mnall. Wiiftt <* la^arcful of his earnings' and appli . ont<!dered' a K"od under this category. America IH tin neat example in thin diMllnct trait In in financiering. Their war delit in quiikly t-anvpljod hy. u national and of a vjittt num. HniKirahle. a n (In down to the preyent, the chrUtmftH »<avin«« may bo .well turned to the hext advantage '»>' t lie .thiit,, ones who have made i slight tuicrllk-e the past year in order lo i-ope with ox|H*nd1t'-ti.rcH that way- arise at—this-srs^iaJ .season, Manx.-.thuU»Uii4—tlolliUMt-U'lll—bii—is*- to those who have 'sysiU'ituitl eally twiveff. a large part of which." •. Mpt-nt for the imreluixv of CliriMnta* presents*. Those who Ira-ye ti.'ivi-fi »)oiii-y t-iiis..> 'vnr\ will pr" 1 "'*'^' tp-'.t.'i>— u±i —their mliulK—In tin who have arrived at tin In l lie world nn<» to their family The utilisation In'the llrst innlntico i«««(<ntiftl --- that of Having our inakf.s want/ The Individual wlio e«t U to lyxfd pnrpoM>» is usually and hoarding doi 1 * not come ider many uhllKatlotiH In point of tin? I'Yench people- auperlor tncl Hie Kraiieo-l'riiHfdan strife wan united effort In the tmuiplitK " lo " •d they'mion thr<n*l off in the eoinintf year. To thorn 1 who receive cheek*, tho »di on thif pace will Dpecinlly appeal, as-th«>!<e merelianm offer worthy your careful eonsldoratiun. An intelligent reu'dluK of the advertifienients on this piigt? will do much to solve tho <juc»tioti of P "what to buy and where to l.iuy It." ' •, • . Grafonolas from $6.50 to $350. H. J. BRESSLER 408 BAST THIRD STREET; - J / STERLING, 114,. There are more 2A Brownie Films sold than any other style This,moans that, there is ir great sale-on this six.e of instrument*. There is no better sport than Kodaking, tor you have something to show for it'and. some of the prettiest prints are from winter scenes. We have more Kodaks in our store than there, in in both Dixoii stores and more than all the store's iu 'Whitesido County put together. Come and see us. ^ PERRYj& HOOVER nD f* *A i/CM CY CPflKP |ltec.uiM» of UH isreater ntimlwra and shiji and pffihfed rank, for He made Un. b. n. cVtLUCT OrUfVu v , | nls ,.,- , U >I<I|H iw nxkinK f«»r tho hl«hc»HtiUiH i>«»i>ti|*« HOUK of tJuil, klimn ami _ ' Miii'iini. th»- aim iH-ing »«> raw»» nruHW Id Of Ministers' Endowment Fund ; ) , n , Ull|l ..mjlais in thi« n««xt f«w yeur*. At Fourth Street. Str«'i-i l> IH oo-n luanlv f.»- In li.ninii^a Its ptilplt i.><eui|\ ol the i«Mi!i I < K! Hit di iml MI..IH. Hl/iidtiy !»i «' A K''H«'s of I'tu- fu, if I at line mini- - (!\-d Tjhni thin t.'iHk i» not an impow»ihl<« un- lU-rtaKiiiK is* indleated ftom the fnet that ali€d»t • half of this* UimuuU IH ul- ' le.ul* |»ledKed, <Tho I Ite Jlrx. Junior of Xevv York, a id «4Rlt«*(i rank, for Ih* made /"""' ' ''-" " r ' " . , -vfJtot-k Island and Krlc. ami KftH'tlngw jl«-ft in the- tronsury mui UHI-C} to i»«y i»l>l«» HOUK of <JtHl, klimn ttiul'j " COIC hlCIAIC - I fn " n • Ml!< - JJ " l ' l ' art ' H l<0 "' l ' 1| ' t ' d Hub-jchuri-h juhllKijtions —_-• t>vhUw>' i-ortiilnl> of tin- high-J tnlt NtWd I Imrt'H w»n. Kiwi Uubhart anif family i . - •••"•_- i.n« Uo\\«*\«'r, «Mtu»hu»-iH »it» I • n" f H"«rdhtiiwn, "wt-rc rm>lv<'i|. Twi- ERIE BRIEFS. Hi t'h<» fact that teal ar)»ttn-ufi-y | ^ "'" ' "" "" "'"•"""•"•"•" • »"•*«'\lm\y wan tlu« ri'Cij>li'iit yf a nuinln-r (uf r - l) - Oridloy and duu«ht«-r. MIMH UU>MI JiwlMii nuhl.. W.LVI.V. ! ortVAl mrrmuonDO »«rT •,!"»<••« «««• /n»m th« .frleiulit j.rwnt. I^ulf, M.ont tfaturiluy una Hund»iy in e»t hon phteed on th«> fact that lual »'\pr«»*» ilHi-U'^ln nohlt- ho ehoriiH i-hoir. l«-d l»y Mr. __ Ti. 1 ROYAL NEIGHBORS MET •'•'!"'"' " and with was? prpM-nt /n »t the .at hoth Hh qUnlttHHl i-i'.bu K'lni'iit h n M h .. tiuii' ^V{?l'K-t» l'i: > .' ) « s. »i' |,,|.>i «'ll>i !'X (M i |(i |i« tM I'll.', 1,1" l"l ll- Tin- Vi'tlU'dlM i I, n 1 Soothe SWnJDisease ,'j.-c» I Officers Were .Elected For the'Ensumgi The ln«lh>« "f the M. JO, Aid wick-ty Year. ^ • „ j f,.,.| Wl -u u-p.fiH^itr tlu-lr Tin- U, N. A. met Knd.o niirlit in ^'i.rk at tin- liaziuTT. dllim-r lit I'VHowx hall lor the |iui'|iu.sf ut f]u>r. Hatnida.v UH the total rt'fct{)tM wt<n '4 nlYici'i-s fiir.itii> I'liMinm >cai, ai^mt |3lit. 'Tli* I'XiJi'iiHi-a art 1 Hinull filllllWK. «)iaclt > - -Mury <!tHi(i;(>, \ ((•»• UracU 1 J.iridm. ('liiiiii't'llur- Sur.ih Sn"\v,\«'i'. ftccnutiM Xi'llu' Avi>r>. it.-iviVfr- Dura -Mi-NciU. of wlntcrgrrpts. thymol, 'ilil)(S iasrwIh-iiH i'tJUi|nilii!i. i fwtKirnun 'lntu tli*« Ji. l> »'. hit* now h. i'oiJH» tho uid-.'-rsal vorlto pf ^tiii nifti-rt-i* in reilxvJUn: t-Uu . It i* a tailil \» i«h tliut iM-iii'iriit.'-i rw» und Rhc.t li.-i.i-if r.iii'f iumi nil im iniii'i- uf tin- I'n-chyK-rian rtiMivli. i aud Kn\%' two ••xcellcnt j-vh'i lionet, •, luiufiti'd In Urihi'ud at a M^thodiHt j , An (ti'in wotthy^f imtf* in the nin- i-iinv. ni«'i't!n«\ h«u|u*'ailu'd lust yrur i xical line »u» tlu» nim«> *<dt. h> X«*\a' ti-!..- (|^-'»ii<'r» "f n nilllnin dolhtrn tu| ,\i.Hii«dinus«- duriiiK th«« o|«'innK lu-rind , ilu- |.t'ii»hin Hun! Hi 1 tin- Mcthmilot: nf !hf hncrtiH-dlutf d»'i'Jti tnu-nt ul' thi- »hnft h. l«-,i\ HIU u JIHH nut in] Hvmdu> Si'hKul B | ll< ',' N-.uv.h ,.,,,. ' ' MURDER CHARGE FILED. 1 " •' "," wl ;"" "' l '- a ^, ( , " r K-OIII... w^u. IHM-. ia A il.-u».» . . ul.-i, n..' !'(•«!.- K. HIM- s< MI. ,, |if |v| ,, ( |)l( , jirM lhww WJIS ))U .d, M itr «hjii - .U-s-Mo Hns-h. •• ....|,.Mi,.ii ,,i ««.|,h In alieud> in |1KU11MI |vrm|ll/v . AlkMli Hlll) ^..UH-d" I,,,,,,,- H«Uliu.| Al.-. IM! -''' " |s I' 1 ' 1 " 1 " 1 '" l!l|! " % """ !l> H.-in •(!.<• »-»unt> .i.UI whil*» M-tvun* a' Oulor Hi-nlim<l im-/. nuU. i i-ri.iin ^ .un.iuni.j ttj|)l ^,,,5,, (5t.tnii'lMin t'f l»«a, whu d<rd ul atiiu'.HI.v Itii^ S|( f ,,ns.i,Nit>n!< tn AlU-n'J* apariint'iiL. in , ,,, .' |.,.,v,,i. .ar, :..i a i.-i.-. «.r iui-'|['^ l^'j'^J; \;,' ( ^//-J^ 1 ^ is iiu- Mdiu-. *'" ' .is Hidtns i» HrsutU-' - l»r K»'lli'\ i »rni linn ntt-d (If ;uf tor i JM™.. 'L'i'iJn" 1 ^ l j lu -! 1 ' L 'l ai ''-" ii Jit-'-J-aat»"'gJ'.'jmBq-J-iJ -.- i -'M" <«ini ,,„.' ,.-„!.! It.- |,l. hj.- t ,,ns htat«. uf' _ .:.».„, I11IMMWM •••MM* '"" '"''"' * Sl1 '" 01 ' *'l-l'l,afrrtluu thll^ \.>H..M.s MU'i.l ,i KM'.it d,-al With ti.. ,1.1,1.1 ,ii,!\\.i Ki itii.i-d at ilu> «>n- H CHIHI UflMTtD HnlllT tu ' lh ^ tj!l " ll ">; .•niii\.i.-.ii.\ l'n.l,,\ .ind in li"nci oi' il" tl.i\ i'nt» i i.inn .1 !'iu- vvilh iii»jijisiti»ii, but ilnally ilu- nnllioriticM, wliii the ri'sult thut un .HI iini'sunciit uf » i«-w hundred dollar^ $i;i"i,iluil wnrth of Sruls wt-lv H<»Jd in It'ijs and UK- giv.'ii national lainiuilmi WUK luunchinl. SUICB \\\vn thf Milo'inm. jfuiu" I'drvvuril by'lcnim and luinndx 1 . tin- I' BAZAAR WAS A 8UCCE68r~" tlu ' W8t '»«»»»*"« whilt- *>nri»uU- to ilu-ir j ,„ il)JW t, M . ,^,,, v ,>„,,., K,. al is im j,,-- i The lndl.4 ..f the .M. JO, Aid wick-ty homo at.Havanna, fiom Misxonri whcr*-, ^ututi,,)! in tho rniu-,1 HtaU-s. und «d'- vniifniH '<'>''>' vi»it.'d ri'lativKs. Tlu-y w«-rc tak-1 ( ,., s tl) f)V1 .,. y ,-,, u , „ ,.|,, m ,. 0 . t,, hH|< in id HUii-,*' 11 '" «.<vannu Sund,i> nftctnoon l'V, )u . i^inU-'s'll«ht aKunist th.- IM'-III,-^ • - ilimWwH l..s uittii. ldi«».ii»'. La.nt y,-«|- ovvr 7C. K»»« H«« w, Kd. t'huh*' iK i-inployiul in the, Hulnrttay und iSumlny in j with their rolutivt'B, thw MJU- •. T _ .... - , . . ,.,.,., , and this yuar tln< American mid nwrly tho i-ntin- amount will he «>»•>' ^'»» !(i d«-|mrtm«-nt ..f UtiivliHI s , u , (( -,.,., 1J(| . uf)U T ,, ( , Xuli.«nal A-h«.,.'l;,- ^_ 4 ^,I,^^._T ,-,j_ .^al^.^^^„^..„ .-^-i-zr^r-l "-'--T- in iilat-t* uf Mt>» Kiusaa Itmsc, < «i|y c^ txi ' i Mt'H, lii-urm 1 Dudley, of j^tcrltn--;. WOmeil fclmererS ifipent from Tm-d.iv until l-'mluy at, u| ,.-,. , ( ,„„,„„-, ,„,„ fc ,,,. , (J . $, Need Swamp-Root ;^;;;^" 1 ;; f ,.,';;;;• iiUv '-- AliSK A »» !I -,WO,',fi. ;»i,,.rn,Uis«:,.-. Thi'. iwiii, y «n vvhii-h thi- .saii- lion for the HHtdy und l'r« % \ entimi of v liu jutuhU't the t*'il'', arc. '••• i ial Kilt Miiniux a' att'.oi'nt c'l MARRIED THIRTY YEARS ThoiiHandH UJMIII thoiiwiiHlM «f.\vi»m- I • • • "• en hue Mm-v and hladder «rou*de ^Qyyi Rf £Q QRQSS SEAL i •J IDEA CAME INTO BEING! i'l lH'\i'l' HllHpcet it. \\'i>meu'« i ompl.(tnt>> often M; i Nt' lull Kidney ttuulde, jt|.ii' (t-.sull nf J»ld|ii-> i>»_hlHdder_tlt«e« ,m- not lu";i ; i niiiu'iii'ii. they ni.iy raus-e tht tu lii'i 'iijii- iii.-,t-.isi d , E tlm gu«»JU'; !!>-• ii» M Hist HI •! iM f>tlitttH vlls iji,iv k./ I,, at tit- hiO. .H 1 nn* Kf'iil (•• ri'i-.'inm-'n.l Mil* " . . i- 1<» H» mid w 4' '"M I- 'i ><• I Hint'' at- -U f fluurl.ii I •' i uiiU'H \uiii iii'iiit-v ! n k |t»J)r 4 imlll* 1 '• ^'-i,' I'll t 1 1" M. h- isiHi}, Ark U'KIVII t, S ¥««r« [).D. A HOOP WINTER HABIT I' ( 'III l.MSn i> IS. .IN III the iu><»'' »iUii Jr! Ill inv |ieii|ile Wild ^v ill Ii( ( J lliv. s r lio|iili\ >HikilH ill tlii-« iiititli .jliuiiiil s-ait- d'i ii"t Know licv\ in the l>,it 1.. lii'.tfl,M In- ln)«H ul j)^^ j |', >t ,,f u >ni ili-il, net 1 . Kilmers auU jnay lie de \\,.,it- IJc.l i'). «.v S.aL, i.-.i!.v d.ue , ,'i||i|,< mi !tn- |iti t>|''inns Male ^ii l.i.i. I ,il, '. \\.i iil ilil.ed at tho en- IIMIIIJ tin.) v^nnaih-tie^ allitnd,: _„ ^^^.^ ,,, _ T , „ ^,„ ,,._, _ ( 1*1, i in- 'ijiiiiN .inii ini-miieif ti'; - Msioy p?9ple dread winter because " x *' '< ! "t\'-~' •'«»! aiui'imi- it aiTai. -ii>'n..ii.t ,in<i iun.tini-. »i.aii. t,i I|K>,I I\H *\..i v.ii.n < n.u-u» «.".i. ...M,,I,.f ,iu. Uie wader ,'climatic changes.bring ;«;;;;;•;: »•;•;;•;>,;.: 1 |;: llu \,,i;;;;;: :;,'.,;•;•;:! K.^'.V'slMu-'K^/'r'''' 1111 -' '" Siaui> vs</< ""•""• i - 1 ^"^"-"' ^""coUfvgrippe, rheumatism, ionsi! u ,,, .,,~ ~~ -- -- .'],,.",.;,,[.,',", ",,t"j.,"iu,,/ a' ,.,„,! bronchitis.. Bnt thuusauds o( ^vcll- ;. ,i i,> MI.- * informed men and women today avoid. i l n. -J-h-i -i Jfi hliiiiK I .1 I. .,1 V, , !l •<,.: .1 I" -I .US nil- i I - . I ' l t t -1, I i i „, "• r,v iV , i.. i i. • < s. iu...; • h,m h; much sickness (or themselves uud their ,';•'."," .', "".'dn'-V".! . ch 'Wrt'ti by takmg a few bottle-, of 'j 1 ', ," ',_,!,' ri!|P,i'"V.r Scott's Kmulsion to make richer liliu'd, d. ,, , •„,), -X',- fB'rtify. the trafinbtatu-s of the thnut . H' '.tnj.-d i! . • ." t !-% ('hi i 1 -!! in li 'i '' Thi- r ""M t-.!- r |tv.Ct Oil. H u'ljl id ,^i Mtt.-n^ttu-u \un. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATED jt!0 ! 't(.»r EiUe'Umed For- 78th "Birth- da> of Mih. Hubbait Mt- .\ ii , ' . . J) .1 • n • «.•'.'_ i ,. \Mi !« I ( i s ', \ isil vv - • - 1 ' I, i. S - - - .,-.,.«•, 1 i •3 , .. J. tu ti'i. 'u !,<.-t li,, 'n nV,.|s ,-tn di •! t'i 'tvei ~l~TT't—-^» .1 , Mini H i''1^ I ,', ! IL (Hi, i .-I! 1 / >'! ,il," dull ll iiutl!> <!' Hi' 'I ll, I , !! "Ms i l v ill liW J- t'Hv' li, V. , i , I ,1 , i . M 1 h Sli t (,.!_. ' t ' , 6 .,' ill- 1 1 i' 1 '! . ] .i !' Ii . i I ! i 'l K.i'i&l A. I'.' J ii. i Jiu!' ' \ ' t r » ' 'THj >i • ' • ', \\ ' < 'i?\" l ' ! '• , :< l.i f v-f'l. .!! i 'f!.l W H t -• 1! ,i. \\ .In. u.;i. i i, ivi • \ i ii - i.itiit, l' r. i i i 'i .iiiu ii- io N i > l tt i ^ ..' • i »•! i 11 I 1 r«; j /" A 1 in - ',-•-. , ! i , i, I.. I ' ! I | ii .!(.'( 1,1 i '• !, . ni il a - i • l>, .-I ', in- t, ilui-ied is« ihat (he niniu-y, cxtept lor th«« titdiit tioti of li'gitllil.U>' e,\i-ei;se«. U tl! Miii-tin in the t>.mniunny uheru th* 1 , Htsil> iiM' hold. • "' " . BEWARE OF i sudden colds, j Take- .'J CASCARAgQUlNINE The old faJ»ily remedy-in tat»k.t . .,_.. v CdlJa ia 24'hvi.urs- c;np jn 3 tluy.j. Muni'V lwk if it (»ll$.. Gvt Mi'.'iJU!'*" pivtiiiv"o'n "U'— 23-CvUU. At Anj Piw» i

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