Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 12, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1916
Page 2
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fWO. .STERLING. ILLINOIS. TUESDAY. DEC. 12/1916. ivEWS OF THE G. A. R. ,nta Arrives Dec. 14th to take up is home at the E. & W. Sterling's Gift J By G<*0. O. J-.'nn. .— ' uv , „.„.„ —. „ - - . - m* uiiu^t- !as"TistB Bring the children to see him at the E. & WJ He will have both telephoife*. tlso the country calls will be received by him. , ' . i \ 11 ! M x, •h« Consider the Your Suit and Overcoat Store ecause, with our 5 stores' business and spot cash buying we can and do give more for money. See the three special lots bought before the real raise in price: $15.00 $22.50 $25:00 IN THE EXPRESSIVE SLANG OF THE WEST "DAD a mighty good old wagon" Dad hasn't kicked. Dad has been nicer about the Christmas " list money this year than ever before. Dad has actually seemed to enjoy it— seeing mother and the girls so happy. t hat dre you going to-give hiip for Christmas If you aski'tl him lio .would say, •?*OIi, nothing iniu-lu .A .pair of glove's, .1 guess." . BuJ DmTiloc'sn't loll th<> .truth. There arc dozens of things ho wants. , We ini#ht as well toll you the truth now. DAErpOESN'T WANT —any tiling knitted —anything rrocheted : ,, —•nnythiii"; .luviid-painted. He wouldn't give a ducatooji for all the home-crpc^ -painted Ohristma^ pre8ents_on Tof tSe~eaftliI DAD WANTS something that a man wants—something he's heeiv looking at enviously for a long time, but doesn't feel that he ought to buy it for himself. lie wants KOIIIC- good, sound, colorful now net'kties of a better grade ,tlwn he ever has worn; he wants silk slurts— there's no man.on earth, to <somo down to the truth about it, who doesn't want silk s'hirb; he wants snjiie shiny, ird"bootees to wear at home in the evening. lltj want^goud. sound, plain linen handkerchiefs with some "heft, to them. ~ /'. . DAD WANTS fn'r gloves aJid 'he;would like a fur coat—the month's are coming when he will be hoifnd to have one when he goes'out-in the motor. lie; wants silk half hose—and'don't believe a word of ii_if..hw' : t( i lls you lie house go.\ni and a-smoking jacket"; ho wants a wool vest. DAD WANTS a pair of spats; he wants a Heart* pin- with a genuine jewel in it. DAD WANT'S —-but we^will tell you all the rest of the things any time you will be kind enough to ask us. AW will show you the very things that Dad's been looking at. ..-.-' ' ' Hundreds of Neckties The qualities are same as a year ago when we sold so many at. this price. ' Amontr them plain Heps which are selling in other* stores for more money. All kinds of good patterns to select from. Large open end four-in-hand Ties. Other Ties at 65c, $1.00, $1,50. .Never such an assortment before. Silk Shirts, made up especially for. the K/& \Y, stores. We Ixnight them before they were made up whrle '"('hey' 'We,reA'et':'pUh i ""goo«1s. We devote a whole case to Silk Shirts to $6.00. E. & W. Leather Goods Collar Bags 50c to $3, ................ Leather covered Military Sets up to; $5. Pocket Hooks and Bill .Folds 50c and $1. . SWEATER COATS FOR CHRISTMAS Boys' Sweaters $1 to $4, Men's Sweaters, we specialize on two kinds.-, .for •Christmas; one at $3.50, and one at $5. % FINE LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS AT 25c ; Linen ]Jandkerehief$ 15c, 2 for 25c umq us last year, 'We bought them lln.June and. stored them for Christ- 3, and will now sell you the whole at 2 for 25c. Christmas I lose, in Bgxes ., r "''•'. • ' •* ..- All at tl'ie old price and of the old die. Suspenders in Boxes >'d Like a House Coat or Bath Robe j\len's,.House r?!?tfs of dou- hli--fa«<d • t'loth, In n « v y, yxfnrd, fit-own. wlm« i»r Kn-t't). i'<dlaiH. i'uff» and put-kefs ina<la of rovi'tfk! tittle H( i.-liiih in. plaid .uf Nlriic «>fftH-t. Itmiiui with Mlk c<ml. Size* 34 tu -jfi; J5. Others ut |6,50, $7.50, $10, Wjinkrt H«»I.«<H. at $3,50, |6, $6, $7.50, 18.50, f10 end ' SilkHosfc, , 3 for $1,00, in, Christmas box r "* ROBKPOIiOJU, are it HNS, All Christmas goods packed in boxes free tr* m 1 I POLITA NEWS NixvlHTf llH'y xvill vJMt for lx\ t , wffk-t ai t mi\.l on Uu> sini«|i i>t road woM i-f "HM I" ' 'I hit xx.i> th, ,- it i<-U!'it J Thi' ho'iiu' of .Mis Itci'i'hi'r'm hiidhvi. (i f <- Tliuiii.M Kildiix h(»mc. i , . I TiMl IIUIIH. > , Hum.,,, IVuU.and familx -miU'l.,^} !" 1 " 1 ". hv ," 'V.'"!'. 1 "« ' ' V'"" '''" /I Mr. and XIiK Jum-ph M»*Wfl|_j»n,l "' Ms ,,,.,1 f innix' N ,, n. Sund.ij at ti,,-1 "... ' .'.'n'. ;'.!",..... .".''!"!'. T.".':": KILLED. idctitrut'tlvi* unituul of Kr«-il and lu Ih d fxxclvi' four, uf tthich xx(ii- |uiM'' had jwci innrhu-id COLETA C'aii) haw •pll Jl!i*Wt'il_J( jj-ihii l*iunKfatlift and. fatnilj \xt-ii' i h- •' jUTUUtud al the H 11 i'ii»i' hiitiu' f<iiii- A day. '' 'N !)»•. is lio»n J>"i«ah.\ Kinf.Uil \i-tf«>d a few il^ \x*, K ,.i tf.i- Win In'., i-» lu-nu n I'M Witllai i* and Mr uid Mii l.n nUih n >'»»•. i'" "J Jxttm \\alUii aiid fainiix »-p< itt ijun- ' ^'' >'i ; id d ix ttiilj tflatixc-. In Mill* d.-.-xiHi- i itu i i,»u.'d tl-nnh ,Smud.i.<, c\«n- ' "* fid M'- U i: «Muh'd-»i \MK A. «'.aU-»H'l * -Friday for and ixvo - 1 -u.M !»/ ii tin A. "i- Mi xv. AYMQND8 ctoral Piaster »i?la te>* If »««•(«* nu o* H . i lu f- 1 »•, t W3 l< I HOOPING COUGH ?roup, Ti^ht Coughs *! «u I i ,, %t\ Yuik t i <U-ni«i Mxits Hid l i!int>, 1* .i!i It.v Mm and 1 iiiulx and .Mi^ iti >. - I'• n-. 1 xxi n > nii-i i inn i! iiMln 11 u t •! ! i: Ht.til hull i Snnd i . if.lllH ' IX l I il . ' I i % j' • ! 1 '. II ii i i tin- xx, .! '.i.i'. h ii i . .1 i xi-itji ! • \i\ ii ii ii- if, •• i i i (u i < l ni h n ' lh;U .Uhh't.i- ullu l lis ,,| tli tunljUIHc at i' hcidj; iiii'd i I'M') m-ltli'l! \< i oidtiii; in llu-> in in I 1 i>! Mh hi*!.in Ii i ..!> v Jf in>.t h to ton «• the i ft in I.".' Viimi i'1/i'ti ti'm^ atid thi-. xx is til tin d l.x iti', i i SI,i i in in i 11 ' I in- ' h«i it,»i Ui in;; \ - .>, i -*!.,u I :.!. i i .. oii Mh 1 i i".|i 1.1 ' M ,!.'• ! '""i ,V|i. i • ."n ii m i ! M it.i -')!•( \li _;-.[., in • i ii 1 - i. ii < l ' - i ! \! . i ii , I • . id ' i X 1 . ..., ' > I I '' ' I III 111 I'. I 11 i i ' • I. ' i i . X, , ' \ Hi M u i • - ( H n t • V. j n- i t. I ji i » .-^'i ' ! ••!!,• I I I- S.'iid >M. I 1!11 • • J i . V, .At 11 • i." , i '--nit • s.- .J..h.n \''-nt'-ir. d •.,{ lii..- i '.-Kidii!.;'»• l|tn.'.hi.«. us :• li :i r.i' jell. M' Kii;i:r\ ;ih-l i!i; • d |f|.i-i|-!s !:i-< !<-i<-r» ,--trl< !-:i!l«, he nH'Il- M-.iiinir |.;if(ii -il.-'t Ix ('iiini:idc«< ('M"iihi-\ ifiii Thu!,iin< I Hi- «•»!•! In found Ahc hrict:: in f i->-. -h"'i;'i!! in sfi<-v(-h. t>ii! I:.,;! ill' j. 'lit f..!••"*.< ttl-f < I, I !»l!! i--IIS 'll!<: -iHi'.'.x ili'.i.jb.U. i! A-' !" A"! 4 "!!, uith hi>< lirnivi-d !*-t;. t< i : .'i«,.. "I V'-<-tt\f<} ii'-< - r 1 '-,it-.- fur !'•' dm-!.>t in dii «nfnr iiit- tins. ; ' ('(•tni:i'!o .l \V. K. St,,i V; i \ ••-.-iirt c'>n[ii:i < !i;ilr. Hi- i" w i>t< lrir« h» iii (« i x 77 '. <-a! -' ;itnt In-lti- !i «s, and xx hi-n x\i- fold hiin ' Fn w.i« :ii>xx ii'iiu; ..a Imri'iixx d lime, hf ,i t!">\x d I'd. "V <-••-. .'itid ! '^,'Ji! t" imillcxx I'iirtni: (inn inisi r < fl'il\v»r i 'i. a ta!kf». ' 'ntnr.'nU- ,|i>hn in'iiti-'tlv imsifi'innji. tin "Atmv iind N'iivx Ihnsi-r Moll Ait.' p.!**.'.! hy Ci.nKli.sM April -7. I'M' 1 ., which r;u iji's ;i;i i \!IM j-i'ti'-lon of ten ihd!:iis per t!i. iiiii !. r "di'*tin»cni«'lM > d Ksillcntry in io-tina in '"nc I'lvil xxar." i'uiiitad*' ll.'it'i-t i r. fnll"XX'-d hy Vat. Kiitit. liiindx', fdi Kinm >' and iitlii-r?. >>iK.;:if :-<i'd tti.' <;i;ind A liny Imlloti laxx - , !-";icii di !>ii d tin t-iiiht !'t iitoonc not'a nn nihi-r t-r a iv-m to'\\i-ai; the "hronao lnilt«»n." *rhf< laxx is pi.'hi in xxh'it it S.IV.M, hut it ditoK not clli|iii:L"i7.i' tile- penalty. It K»>»>J!IK thai nn OIK" vta« «-x'»T y«'t lump, j.-illi d or ex en ihit'd f»r violatitti; thi.< laxx'. and liriny "hi. r«>ldh'i» out«,i,h' of th<> (".tiind ArniV i>f the Itcpn'liHf ;i (ioiiiK' It rikht nioii)c. If a m.-in Mioiiltl xv»'ar hJK froi'k in pnhlii' pl;u:t r> (. In '.xi.'.iid most, likely K<~( pinched, TJ'.f otlii(-f;i fleeted f.«r ! lie Vear t'»K t''iiiiiiniind«-r,-John I'eek. fiih rihin. Sen, «'innmnrder. Henry Pott, 7"itI 1 III inubi ; Jnn. ' 'ftiamntnh r. Walter An«(-ll, T.'tll A. K niin.iix. Ui!l.'ef of ih" liiy, • Irhahud MfKln> < illh < r nf the i itiartl. ,h Iniiiana. l,*hap!.iin, Hrx'. \V". !!. Ohio. n, IliTiiy I'lnd-:. TTilh lllino!«. •, <Vrnrmles Van Hc>rtn», Pcrtr .Hngfi-td. of IWtlund, ?i'.r.t*D, mut T. <..».' '; iuii.1 ThimuiH-l, from it!"i* 1 H h.- y , < >h|i» and iti'.H iiu.l altern.tti'« not y ohosi'tv Tin* now ulticiTH xvill he .«eat- f<l at tii'f-1 nit'ctiiiK In Jrnutary. and Ifji- jijuHj'ti.-tf.- an- for a f.''««l adfnini.-tra- tiun. "T MORRISON^BRIEFS Honry &il<>nti>n-i>n win ;i Ini visitor in Ntcrlini; Mmulny. .....Mr. iitiil . ,Mi-f. .SU-w.-ul li«MSfe« f.urn«'d t<i Jhi:ir JH'inc in Cliii-auo day nftcf vi'-Hinf at tin- i-'nuiiv holm-, Mon- Mrs. (ii;»y \vrnl Sterling Hnnday for a f< xv days' vi*>! xxith rel.i Miss Mifiiih 1 '.Mitchell, of ('hlcagu «p»'iit the xx'eck end at the hoint> of he t>arents. Mr. ami MrH. liariley Miti-hell. Mias Krani'eH'Scott retn'riu'il Ktnnlay evening from a vi>!( »t the home -of her slater. Mis. (ih-n llejmeit in <frt-«»•»( 111. - 1'auL 1'enl visited frh.'iid.s In Krio Kunday. • ' . • (Jrnnt "Uundi*, of Sterlin>f. njx-nt Hunday with friend* in this elty. Karl and Hohorl Weaver Wftc visitors in Clinton Sunday. ' l^ouis Mathew, Jolui (itidj^j'.. and William Href/: Kpt>m tiundny with frit nd.-? in Mr Si', Dr. and Mi'K. \V. A'. Ovi-jiholxer and <;»>IH»VJi-V at the I'Yt'd W'f'V" home in Coh-tii, GIVEN HONQB; FALLS OEAO, (Jah',slHirB, III., Ue'r, 12.—-In the r«s- (•ilirilflit of an unexpfH-le-l niiHlln.itii'U SJM xvorthy pairon of tin* Kawtern Star. W. Jt, AVultei*. ii(?ni 7", droi'pt'd (lead. for such t aiv oilice a«-tli<> (ndminution of his Masonic rar*t v r. ~—-— Dry, Hoarse or.Painful Coughs Quickly Ended '•*' Vou (fee \\vrlt prompt ftn«l twvftltivp ftHlmi of Una , iiii'.sjj.'nbivi' hoau'-iiiwdc rrmrdy »u quickly healing tUf" uiBaiui'd «>r awolU-u of the thruut, fUiwt or dual tube* and l«ri-ttKiu« tip, tight uitUa, hua cau«aH.t it to In- u«*'U in moro ni-a tliHU «uy otiiiT vaii)t\i mawiy. \tndfT U* lii'tthuj;. ib l>rv«tliuu; U'vwuu-4 «.-»sU'r, tickling throat bioptf 1 and yuu «et a m*Kt iu«Ut » netful »lci'|). 'ilif u»ual tla'twt ana void* wri' t'lMuiu-ji'd bv it in Ji4 tcr (or bran- x>r Nothmu iu'.-*!!, crinip, ul ti-tltma ur toiijrh i\» .rrrr*. nto si «!tl«' «!til pl.lilt I'l.UlUhttid i i *•-',•,!." tl'i«i'f«^U i"i? | i.'.t a l.i ID i K outrh i-ynip, (.'*' tvittsJ urut tiH thi 1 u m,ii'4i MICHIGAN WILL RETUBN P • Mooirt n» /»U,i.i.> s h i ^ It W 'i H' Ui i '') N -.. \ «• K ,3 . )•).-<' j.n f-* 'HI K. . p" p. Hut'x i ,i i n I s- U-s i !• A- stit i.i-t< i \t>ll.|<iii| i if /iliUII,' S'lfiliiV i MI , t, x iii' ii< d xfith j.'u.iUM'l - k) Ult Jte Xi-ll'l t-'-'l f-r Its ,i ! . -» • l-ii' utid ultuihU ill oVt'r- / s( , in m t'li,|^l 4 ,.!.'{ x'll-t CilKlsl. .xo d «'i* iptni'iitnii tit a^K vlnsr i n r ' ' .. i tin', n «' f l*n.. -x'' \* it'i • ' ' ••* jt | i 1 t. t u i ! ,l'l> ,l I l, II i ti I j • . .1 ''I " j ' • i • i 11 s i • t ,:, ' ' The Store for Men Christmas Shopping Made pleasant at this store f ft HVe a C p m }> 1 e t e Line o f Takings Men Like to Wear With Prices undj Quality That Will Interest You. , Beautiful Neckwear, 25e to $2.00. S oft Shirts, 50c to. $2.50. ilk Shirts, $3.00 to $5.00. Bath Robes, $3.50 to $7.50. Traveling 'Bags, $3.50 to $12.00. Suit Cases, $1.00- to $10.00. Silk- Umbrellas, $2.50 to $6.00. Classy Mufflers, 50c to $5.00. AH rvtini.o i Holeproof Cotton and Lisle, nY?os£ 25cto75e in nose ». P}loeil j x si i k , 50c t() $im Nobby New Belts, 50e to $2.50. And M any -Other fntcrestiri g Gf f tsr " We ' Will Be Glad to SJiow You. Chas. A. Clark STERLING, ILL. SHOP EARLY MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, DEC. 12, 1916, RftPP-BRIDOE- tET— T AT ___ ^ ^ i Contract for FUpp Brirf oe Let to Gales- i Next Stag Party Will Bo Held Decent"-" Thr'M.H f.'ir th«- i::ij>p liti.ljic i-n tin onintv !!»<• l>flw<?«'ti XS'liilcshli' «iiil Henry fwmtk-s W.TC iijiyn^tl iu r |;rii -;l';th, UOfi. A Itillinnl aiul ia.-t Saturday. Thct-i \\i-r«- l!iri-i- liiil'j •"••"' will he 5,'!;irti'<| ut i!ii!< on tin- r'ii)*i"ii !. T!ii- ,\t>r;un-H- . .'li-tirmhn- tin. cli'iini-inH- i' next SUuj at the .MuMiMin i-lnh Saturday <\- -innt;,. Her. nnrty (•> l>>-t\v<»-it In a hill .if $i,:i.'3.i;t: L. S, Will- will ln> lJn»tht*r, of th«' o>)!tl;ii't n\\",s tiled hid j ENTERTA!NRELATIVES , ,,, , , , ' Mr - and Mr »- Guy Jonei Entertained d lost t^o^ n- 1 ,'? n"r* Vl f."t ' at Dinner Sunday. a Vri-lv..xxay,,.f n; JW| widU), j.,1.;,,,, iVl-iily'.fivo'rftiitU-i.'* hnd' f r'i'« ndV will instil an Mi.m n* P"t^i-;, lt dinner Sunday ut tilth- home Mi'Vi'ii fpruu-, and inu>t !••• !lm>di- ; anil one-half inih'M north u! .Mm i-iKoni 'pi 111 ill In WlujU'tdilc ,-ind Jh ary. countlt H eat-1 t.-t!i.'iO toxvurd tlu- coKtx'o: 'tnV_, l>iidKtr and -'/hi» property owner.' ,xx ho will hi' hi-nemU-d hv it >«uh*i-rih i.-d the- woino .amount. Tfcu- aniouni re-I >einl wiry. MORRISON REGULARS inaiiiiini;. :»ft«'!\J|ic f the hrhiue ! Will Meet to Choose Sweaters and Elcst have heen paid will ln> used for crad- j Captain. inland huildini; a highway.'a pur! t>f'i ''"' u ' M"l'ri.Miii "lU'Hularn j.>!;i\e.i their I lip arru>,s xvhit-h ttu> lii|,;hwuy to tin- Bridge tiiust i' JHIH <-f fii<iih;iH »u -S very Mici'cj.-ful Will Imld a iiui'tiiii; INJURES SHOULDER [i-hyTux' If-ain iiWi-atrl^ and '-ii-i " iiui " fur m ' xtr y, rln«- They k- • and t Ihiir, Frank Jacobs Falls Breaking Shoulder! , CALLED TO NEW YORK Blade. . i-'nuik JucoliM. who nn a farm ahinit four 'inllcM uf town was Hio victim u t an a.;cid,-nl a .short liniM HKU which roHtilti-il in a hn.k.-n sluiuhti-r hlad.'. lie had »„»,•• '.t., the Harry Hoagland Called Away By Dc.ith .. ,, ,. '" :i '; r >: 'I ! |H V," ' .' " NW ^ ~ f — rather, tl,,- u.-k.-l »K- -HI at. M! «""' .*'"? ' '""< lhou*e » Hlu.rt distance from lii» I !?' Ufl> l'"" 1 " <>><»-' «^'" ; In Inar nty, r 1 on,- wi-ninu to Ink.- tl... -n i ^ ,'.* ^« £ I'la,'^!'"'"" *~ K. S, LEAVE ON TRIP, I'VlltiwM ami M>n. liryan. of tins iniid Jucl ontstiU' tin. 1 Ki'lnmihiii door, fiiil.iiK on hi* left Vhoulder. '1 injury wa.s a j very unfortunate and! .painful t»i;i'. WEDDING^oFlNTEREST Invitationi Are Utued to Wedding of ' John S. Green, Invitation^, have hwn issui-d tu tin- wwddhig uf Juhn K. (.Sivt'ii, the NOII id .Mr, and Mr«. 11. K. (Inn-u (if \hin cit,x and Mists Mil died Cunwtty, tlu< dannh- t of Mr. and .Mrs. Ji»,si-pj» itii-hard I'mi- itoy of Txvln FuH«, Idaho. ,Thf >V(-ild'in>; xvill^Talvt! ~i?t««4s-_mt jC'liristmu.s dayut -I u'elt'ck, Tln> Kiimin to thi- a,s,-si«siant nianas«>r uf ih<\.Twin. Falls Aulu <"-i, and iho ytninj; i'puph> will rc.sidc in Twin I'lills xx'ht-re M.r. and .Mrs. iii'-i-n hax't! funiisdiwl a Imnguiti'xy fur tlu-in'. ! .Mis. MUiU'Sl'i.'itut II xviiii in < ^__ jjll _ Mdiujiiy ft>r ,-i xi-il at tin INSPECTION_OF co. r - < :^;:; M< ;2!;:,°L, w ,;i,:,,.-,;;« Held by Capt, Patterson at Armory .!",!'"'' i'','!'!'''..,'' i , . *f . . - f~, ' . . , *. i."J'H All IfliN tilt. • , ; ,, j, lkjll , . , ,t „ <%'in|>ui> 1 held tin' \xn-ki\ li'uH in it sin- j,i in.•'•! i.i ,i «• liti- Annuity last tXUUnt, XXUli ,i Km'd ' \V ,l! .tilt ndufivc. Thin t'Xiiiin.; I'.tpt.iin; ^!l«.^ hit °,fnx, .t S<- i'»i I'.Hfi-un, xxhu i.s i-.ipl.-i.u, ni 'hi. Till, .uiii ix xx,Ui I.i. int i i I! is tl Uf. ,:IH sit >M iliyli' d a It Mu i t'i'J.J I..- M lit i,ti!" , i.i .-^ .in! talUd as uf iin- id, i- i,, i.ii. Uiiund (liuvo, h-fl tnday ofr <i visit ;il tho hhint' of the fi)ini(fr'« timihcr, l'.r~ IM si 1-Vlhixv,", lit Uaxidsvilh', Marylaiul. Thi-y.: x\ Hi nlhi> visit nt * Wns-diinKltm, .liii-Hi/y I'ity ami N'i'w York and will not ii'tuni until lait- in tho spring. MORRISOFBRIEFS Miss .Sarah Miii-hi'MhuM ac»-t'pl< •! M pn,*i(iun in tijo \Vui>dxym'tli prliiii.iij nf- hi-i- in thiK .< it.v, . - • , M'ixM-s l-'aniiy. ItridiitKii find Ji-nnh' 1 lit ('!iii'tt,i;ii Monday \i i\^ ii:<- lii'ini- «'l" Mr>» > IJc)dinV.:a's mother fm- t.*in p,in(,, Mr. and ,Mi>, II. II, Ktil'v viMi'd HI Kt,tn,t:»( xxlll !••• Is. it .itut huht In uu.. ..' lli-.('i ctii.'ll i'f llu n ln{i ill/ KEYS DISTRIBUTED Ke>s Foe Odd Fellows Club iVere Out Monday. Tin I,i >• tin U'i < >it.i I . (' • ' >> < ,<nlii< It i\ »• h . 1 1 in i ,• m-l i ,ii,id .i t« w xi!i,- tn* i on "1 i.i i 1 1 -t i , lh< ( i i I '. . I r QUARANTINE LIFTED -V 5 i>i t oi Gt* yc Bi'i.'sk-y y A<jani O.<t 1 \ i !• i! fii< ml • In > Mpl HI W IV i ii i .Mono i v .1 I' II ! !,.•!! , I -I \ ill II I I' Mi- ii,'.s 1! til Miu -Mi MM M ii i. .x in 1 x i-iiiim '. i i i \\ • ii i < ,i i ti ',d< i , x <>• d f I ir Jid-H - i i . i r ' ,v, • i i tt - i h

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