Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 29, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1944
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*S WITH WAR BONOS VdLXVUI, No. 176 ESTABLISHEifJ88{f "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community 1 ' WEATHER Scattered Showers Full Rnport On r»KC S INi Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Americans In Normandy Smash Through Nazi Lines . — __ . . .' .' ' . . ' • & ."'-.-•.-.. . • ^^ , : American Big Bombers Hit Jap Industrial And Military Center On The Asia Mainland Mukden, Focal Point Of Japanese Supply System, Is The Target } .-4 RAID IS VERY POWERFUL BLOW IN. SUPPORT OF CHINA l/'nited States Marines On Tinian Have Captured 'Second Airstrip There (ll.v United rri>!M> America's hattlewagonw of the sky, thi- slant IJ-20 Superfortresses' have ciirrifd out their third assault j;ninM tin- Japanese, Thi* time, the great bomber* Shifted thi'ir attack away from the Japanese homeland, aivd instead, lilt the enemy's industrial and mili- ;ary I'entor on the A;,ia mainland. Mukden, the focal point of Jap- ,inw xyMi-m.* supplying the war in China, and the headquarters of the notorious Kwantung army, was rtc larg..-!.. We have no dc-talls o[ the raid ad yet. The Wfir department announced it only this morning. It wok place o n Saturday. China time, which makes it iometimo yesterday by our time. However we do know that it was Jlascd in broad daylight. Radio Tokyo has ju'.it acknowl- fderd the new blow by our big Superfortresses. It names the. cities •>t Anshan and Daircn, in flic Mult- • den region, as the tnrget» which were hit. And" it. -claims that one ol the huge* was ahot down by anti-aircraft fire, The Mukden region Is called Jn- pan's_fir*or'.il of greater East Asia. ft U iituddcd with 'heavy industries stp'h a.s steel, armament and powur plants. It ia a fountain-head of supplies for Japanese* troops) In China, The latest B-20 raid, the thh-d within nix weeks, marks the first time that the fury of th.-j Superfor- tresses . him been' turned loose Manchuria, The attack iil.-<i U the first time the big bombers have ventured over an enemy liu-gpl in daylight. The two previous attacks were made at night .Viinst Japan proper. Th" now raid Is a powerful blow- In support of China. .It come« « time whon the Chln-ey.e arc strug Slir.K desperately to prevent th J-'iji invaders from scaling off th China coast. And the China coa. Is bolicvud to be important li. American plans for the final blow.. iiiriilrst Japan Itself. Meanwhile, the Superfortresses miiy soon be raiding Japan fro/r ba en in tn .> Marianas islands. United Stale* MVrlncs on Tinian have <:»iptnrccl a second alrtrlp in a four miie advance. The Marine:- n"w control one-half the island They .-n-o heini; supported by American planes riylnjr from th e cap"ii-pd i;. hi Point airfield, Scabecs nntl oiiKiricer.s already arc cnl "iir the -ir.oo foot runways at Ushl field, which is 1500 miles south of 1'oUyo. United f-rcss Correapondent Rlch- «i'c| Johsiston sa.ys thu captured 'tirdrfime evidently was the ma- J'T Jiipfinrv; airport of tile man•"ed isliind.o. It conlalns fine con- oti! aprons and well-bull: bunk- nn<! revetments. On Oiuim jHjjind, Marine troops ve julvancod two mile; on Oroto Peninsula and arc within 500 yards liif. Ortc airfield. Furious s is riiKlnK, with the Jap" rl "«e appsirently determined to ,1 suicide defense of t'lio air- and Apra harbor. However. troops have driven more two miirs inland and have three strategic holfrhts, .LATE CilOUMAN CLAIM London, July 20—(LfP)—The German hl^h command claims that Russian troops have been dlslodKcd from Jnljtava, a Ixit- vlan slronfrhold only 22 miles from Kiga. ——oOo MAY HOLD CONFLUENCE »rf- York, .liily 3'J— (III')— Tlif nidto reports frnm BonilKiy that en early meotlnjr It Ilkdy tii-twccn AIohun'dUH GHM- hlii's Coiisrovi purty nncl THohain- tnrd Jlniuih's All M'>sleni Icajriir. Tlic Jit-iird b.v CBS tolil of 11 report tliiit Cundlil lins written to ,)inn;\h uoticcrnlnK u for- inulji for » .Hvttlotnnnt bctwiirii tin 1 Iracue and the Congress liurty. oOo KILLING New York, July 29—.(L'P) — The British radio quotes the French delegation In London ii confirming the ktllinjr of Georpes Maridcl,' homo. French colonial minlstoi;. The-'broadcast said the French' had loarne'cl^ that ...Mandel died on July 8th while he was bolnfr transported to Vichy. The report ridded that his bullet-riddled body"'was brought to the morgue* at Versailles, •-—-oOo—— III.AMKS UI,ACK MARKET 212 Naugatuck Residents Sign Scrolls Of Honor Tlio Niiiif*-ntucl< HorollH of honor, wlilcli wore wlencd ,by puoplo b'uyliiK hoiuU In the pivst two weokn, und which •scrolls will be went to Gen., Dwl(-ht D; EiHcnhowor, com- inundor of the Allied effort In the Kiiro(>caii theater of war, have n totiil of 218 nuincn, It WIIN iinnouiiccd thin morii- Inc. The J'oat Office recorded the (nrgcst number of mimes, MO, Tlio SavlngH bunk nuni- hiTi'd 17, mid the Nutiohul 1m nk 22. Jt was rcjinrtod thnt many purchasers of bond* did not Mien liu-lr nHin'uN (o the scroll, •Inly '.'•! 'fits the liwtt day. for tllO Key Bastions Toppje f'.^i^^Ayw • sss/s's-s--' -''"*' . lS •' ' ,"sSSS '//?/",VH °f .Inly-2.0—<UI')_A Na- tlonitl S:vfi'ty Council official bhiiiH's hliick market niiMilliii' fur pnrt of 11 recent rlno of JO Prr coin in truffle dentils. Hei re- liortH u travel toll of 10,870 deaths durlnjf the first .nix months of l.liin year. The traffic division official MI.VS that the nation's auto supply Is ilu'lnilllnc at thi? rate of 7,000 cars dally, lie conolinli'.H Unit the Increased traffic toll is (lu»l to. lncre«» And that tntvul coul'l't't iiicri-n.Ho without tin- aid of black market gasoline. Nation's Leading Fighter Pilot Is Missing In Action Oil City, Penn., July 29—CUP) — I-.lcutenant-ColoncI Francis Gt'a- hcski. the nation's leading lighter oilot, is missing in action. His family WHS so notified today by the War department. Colonel Grabcski, whose 28 .•lanes destroyed In the air sur- mssud that of any other American flier, had boom Jlgliting in /the European theater. He also has do* Uroycd three planes on the ground He is a former. Notre Dame football star. Marshal Checks On Oil Drums Many Local Homes Have Drums Placed In Dangerous Spots, Marshal Says Oil drums 'on back verandas of Tiany borough homes have been our.d by Fire Marshal Michael F. Shea.' who has been ,.making , an cx'tenslve inspection of -local buildings. ' • *"" •: ' -;^ -v-. Many people have thcir"fuei\oil" stored in drums on thoir back porches, thereby;".;ci'CBtinjr- n vflre. hazard In each individual home, the marshal said . He has ordered the removal of drums from "not a few" back verandas, including; some in tenement blocks. Mr. Shea has also recommended better means oC escape in several larger buildings. .The local effort is not the only one of. Us kind, the marshal pointed out, but is part of a practice being carried on throughout the state. Oil drums are very susceptible to flames, Mr. Shea said, and a lire that might be considered only a minor conflagration may develop into a disaster if the fuel on the bach porch is reached. Drums should be placed In cellars, and only a small amount of oil kept on hand for ready refueling. A five-gallon can is much more easily disposed of than a 00- gallon drum in an emergency, the m/trshnl .said. Mr. Shea also has been occupied 'epairiag home wiring in the bor ough which has been < affected by the electrical storlhn this week. MINSK * \ MOGIUV They've Paved Way For One Of The Greatest Victories Of The War In Europe; Few Thousand Nazis In Trap All along tlio undulating Russian Imttlefront, mighty Soviet forces arc wmaslilng- .forward and shuttering Nail nrriiies. Narva (1), third city of Estonia, has been captured.. The Latvian stronghold of Oau- gapilH (2) was .taken 1 ;a» was-\ Slaulai, cutting off all but one rail <'*cupe for iJiq • Gernian 1 . jtarrlnonB left In .the Baltic states.i- Slgnlfi- ciiht;-ffains-.wcro.. also..'mado. ; on--tbo^-.central-front-where .Red Jarmy unit*, entered Brcst-Xltovsk and broached tho Vistula river' (.'<) below .Warsaw. In tile «(«ith, w) JL.wpW. Stanlsluwow, and Dclatyn (4), 20 miles from Chechoslovakia, were taken in the varied drives. '(Inter, national) if n i n c* ni ~ T 1 Hop Brook C. C. Plans lo Revive Tennis Tournament William Boies Heads Tournament Ciommittee; Courts In Good Shape Temperature Report '' hot, linniicl. cloudy d«v came upon thr list night, dieted after midnight Hermans, who prc- ","fair" week-end yesterday. ""••> 'i-ylng to swallow the words ' Prognostication today, and "°"ldn't dare come out with an- nl. ' Rues* until after a lot of Red said again it 1,0 b tomorrow. We seeing Red next week, "in so Red. in a hasty departing ',„' • Sfuv a beautiful week ahead f °i' sis, Midnight 7.1 i| n - "i '.72 0 «. m ; 70 •' "• '" 78 11 *. m SO ' TH -o r 1 ''-«7, — Adv. for i. ra<llo». MaTt ' a ln»tru- Church St. 'Spec" Shea Is On Vormandy Peninsula Set. Francis "Spec" Shea, son of Frank Shea of Cherry street has boon in Normandy since D-DAY, with an Army Air Force unit, it was reported this morning. Sgt. Shea, in the service for almost two years, was a pitcher for tho Kansas City Blues in thc American association, a member of the New York Yankees chain system. Thc sergeant is looking forward to a reunion with Lt. William Morris of Cherry street, who is with an artillery unit somewhere In France at thc present. Sgt. -Shea has been overseas since the early part of thc year. ODD ACCIDKNT Boston, July 29—(UP)—An Arlington construction Worker hns lost his right thumb in an odd accident. Carl Bcrgstrom was work- Pfc. Miller Writes Home Of "lying Bombs Mrs. Howard W. Miller, of Aetna street, this week received four letters from her husband, who Is somwhcrc in the Norma'ridy pcnin- sula in France. This came somewhat as a surprise to Mrs. Miller, since she doesn't hear from her husband so fraqucntly. In one letter, Pfc, Miller mentioned the robot bomb? 1 that the Germans have bean using. Evci'y time Wicy como over, 'the soldier wrote, everybody makes a bco-linc for a dugout. "It makes us feel like rats in a trap," 'ho «aid, He assured hia wife that they are-not as effective as tho_ Germar.B .want i them to be, •'. ' Pfc, Milloiigis nn M. P, with-an engineer untK" Mrs. Miller believes that his duties .are connected wivh prisoners of war. Her husband, however, ilia? not mentioned what his duties arc, Pfe. Miller recently sent his wife a scries of,skctche? ho made whilr; in Nornrrandy, and which were on display In tile News' -window the early part of this week. Prior to entering the service, Pfc. Miller was associated in the art display department of firms specializing in various types of advertising. The tennis courts at the Hop Brook club were first set up in the year IBM. Shortly thereaftci', a trophy emblematic or the borough championship was provided. This trophy was contested for down through tho years, Probably the most prominent champion of Nau-. Boro Board To Have Meeting Next Tuesday Night Next Tuesday is the first one of the now- month, and a borough board mooting is scheduled to toko place. Routine business seems to be in store for th* warden and burgesses. The question of appointing ov reappointing William Rudo borough treasurer may arise. Mr. Hado was recently discharged from the Navy after serving in that branch of the armed forces since early this year. Brunswick, Maine, July 20— (UP) Mr. Rado, who did not resign I TwQ ouths arc ln po) i cc cuslodv ; from his position, and whose K^,. u -,| CKcdly stealing -a taxicnb Nephew Of Local Man Is Killed Pvt. Henry Bentley, Well- Known In Naug-atuck Killed In Italy Thc nephew of Andrew Bcntley, 23 Washington street. Union Cily, Naugatuck building inspector, Pvt. Henry Benllcy, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Benllcy of Waterbury, was reported killed in action •in a battle In Italy July 9. Pvt. Bentley, in the army a little over a year, was sent overseas about five months ago 1o Africa. After a brief stay there, he wwas sent to .Italy with his outfit, an infantry unit. The • soldier's parents received word of his mishap by War Department ' telegram yesterday. Dsually thc War Department issues a "missing in action" notice first, but in •' the .local man's nephew's case, such did not occur. The family received a letter a little over a.week, ago from him asking for .a package of candy, and cookies. The' family immediately filled the request, which Pvt. Bentley, will never^recciyo. Prior ~ T to"Vhis' entrance in'-'the service, th« soldier, who was well- known locallji)* was employe.! at the Heming-way. Rayon Co. in Watertown. 'He attended Crosby higrh school. - Pvt. Bcntley received his basic training in Camp Grubor, Oklu., and was later shipped to Texas, and thence overseas. He wrote from overseas quite often, it was reported, a recent letter saying he was aceir.g plenty of action. An earlier letter, looked like "a piece/ of lace curtain," Andrew Bcntley said last night referring to the job a censor did on the Tops In Love.Letters Germans Are Malting- Orderly Withdrawal Along Western Half Of Front ONLY PATROL AND ARTILLERY ACTION ON BRITISH SECTOR Allied Air Force Is Carrying Out Large-Scale Raids Throughout Europe Shown holding the 40,598-word letter from her laishand; Pvt;. John Nucci, stationed in .England,. i» Anne Xucci, 2», of East Boston, MUKN. 'It :is -believed- to be the longest love letter ever written and It- took lior 8 1-2 hours to read It. (International) otter. Besides his parents and uncle, Pvt. Bcntley leaves two brothers, George, and Kenneth, of Water- jury, and a sister, Mrs. Eugene Nolnn of Middletown. His mother s thc former Sarah Hall .of Niui- gai.uck. Mrs. William Crosby cf •V'alnut .street is an. aunt of the Watcrbury soldier. Waine Youths Charged With Stealing Taxi , cgcdly stealing brother was appointed after he d<;-| nn(i cnp!lKinp in a -90-milc-nn-hom- parted, stated last week that he ; chnso with „ ' po ii IN CKITICA.L. CONDITION Newark. N. J.. July 29—.(U PI- WILLIAM G. BOIKS Tournament Chairman was yandy Ward who later won' state championships In-Now Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Tho championships were contested for by such prominent citizens'as Charles Sladc, Kenneth Johnson, Bill Chittcndcn, Lucicn Warner, George Wigmorc, Donald Tuttle and Jack Schmuck who held the borough championship for eleven years from 1923-32. The borough crown then went to Henry Cieslewski who has held the .title since that time. Three years ago the U. S. Rubber footwear championship was held or. thc club courts. After vcr.yi. was not sure that, the borough should "appoint" him, us he never gave thc job up. It has been, reported that Mbcco Rado is ready to resign in order to return thc post to his bro'.hci The.board acted on a borough 01 ainance clause stating .that a.n o ficial removing from thc town, va catcs his position. With thc matter of the boroug dump cleared up, the borough fa thcrs may ' also enter on a discus sion. of the old building laws tha have not been changed in thc pas 20 years or so. Warden Loo J Brophy may appoint n committe to plan changes that will bring th laws up to .date. It is felt that with the large • building program no>v being carried on here, thc ok laws should be changed to conform with thc progress. And with a few odds and ends tossed ir., the borough board will iave a mooting. TWO -'BROWNINGS "ng on i building on Boyiston ' ed pneumonia. It is a complication. place when a truck backed up to ; of a paralytic condition' suffered the dtructure and crushed his thumb j when he was knocked out in a ' ' - 3 hyslcians say Negro heavyweight: spirited competition Phil Brown ighter Lorn Fra.okliri of CMii;ngo is! \\-ny crowned men's .singles cham T n a very critical condition. He was I pion, Stella Pocoski, women's' given oxygen today In an effort j singles champion. The team of •his life after he contract- Brown and Doiron carried off honors in the doubles tourney. During the'past two seasons the Ngainst a wall,' fight at Newat-k Monday nif?ht. (Continued on- Page :8). • •• Stratham, N. H,, July 29—(UP) — A. vardlct .of accidental drowning has bccti-returned in | the 1 doath of 14-year-old ., C. William-, Carter of 'Jorth Hampton'. The. lad collapsed while wad'ihg'in Wlnnicut pond in Strath-am, At Marbleheud, Mass., four-year-old Neil H.' Dickson of •Salem, Mass., drowned afte ! r falling from a yacht club float. ,—War workers find that Jeff'n RoMauraiX. oTcra. delicious, healthful foods to keep one In .tip top gluipc, these hoi, sticky days,—Adv. police cruiser. Authorities said thnt the pair hired n taxi in Portland for a trip to Yarmouth. Brit on" thc way they allegedly slugged the driver, robbed him of $7 and then raced toward Brunswick ' T after throwing him from the car. Several ineffectual British Are Now Within Five Miles Of Florence In the Italian campaign—the British Eighth Army drove through the Tuscan hills to within five miles of Florence. The Tommies steadily tightened an assault arc on the great city. The entire German line on the Florence, front is sagging under the terrific weight of the converging British drive. The push has already overrun half a dozen of Florence's outposts. And they are within. 2 miles of Empoli, 1C mile* west of Florence. All the ground, south of ihc Arno and Pisa rivers is being cleared— and the Allies arc in a position to launch a frontal atuick on the main German positions in the Gothic line. The American siege of Pisa has subsided to a temporary stalemate —but the Poles are still on the move along the Adriatic const. They entered the port of Scnign]- lia at the mouth of the Misa river, 1G miles northwest of Ancona. U. S. Rubber Co. To Open Plant In Lowell The U. S. Rubber Co. will open n plant in Lowell, Mass., Monday, it was reported toiTay. "Approxi- . . matclv 1,500 people will be cm- shots wore fired by police before ploycd lhcrc wiu , thc ,.„„ sancUon (B.v United I"rcvO Four American armored columns in Normandy have smashed great boles l-hi'ough German lines—pacing the way for one of the top Am- en'car. victories of thc war. Today's communique .soys one column grabbed the rail hub of Coutances—^and ripped al! the way to thc sea. The drive has trapped a few thousand German, troops believed to be still fighting- north of Cou- ances. Originally; about 70,000 Nazis were in the area, but most of them succeeded in escaping to the south before the trap was sprung. '' • • Our men reached -the sea at thc Siennc river estuary—some six miles south of Coulanccs. The three other columns swept across the Siennc and Soulle rivers and • engulfed or by-Passed scores of. towns and' villages. The triumphant-American- First Army employed thc famous leapfrog tactics perfected by Lieuten- "anr.Gcnci'aJ-Gcbrgc" "Patton. The use of this technique recalls recent GeVman claims, -^- unverified by Allied sources—that Fatten has taken a.command'in Normandy. Thc early;stages of thc German flight were chaotic. But thc Nazis now appear to be conducting an orderly withdrawal along . thc entire western half of thc front. They are retreating so rapidly that they may not halt fo a stand short of Avrancbcs—25 miles bclo\v Cou- tanccs. The town is at thc h:»ge of thc Normandy and Brittany peninsulas. Tho Yanks have liberated an estimated '100 square miles of France between St. Lo and ihc west coast since they ,slarted their offensive last Tuesday. Their tag of prisoners is expected to exceed 8,000 for the first live days of the push. The German controlled Scandinavian telegraph bureau says we 'Utackod, -with 10 lo 12 divisions and 2500 tanlts—in an offensive designed to crash into the 'liea't of Fra.ncc. Tlv; enemy declares we arc aiming to »plit his armies in two. and clear tho souUicn: flank fo!- a drive on Paris. The N;izi agency also reports a "gigantic tank battle" between the west coast of Normandy and the Vii-c river smith of St. Lo. But American field dispatches say our advance here is meeting only sporadic resistance. (Continued on Page S) thc youths were arrested in Brunswick, Pvt. M. Squires, WAC, Gets Basic Training (Special To The News) Fort Oglcthorpc, Gil.. July 2,0— Pvt. Marjoric Squires, daughter of Mrs. Mattie P. Squires. 29 Hillside avenue, Naugatuck, Conn., is receiving basic instruction at the Third WAC Training Center here which will acquaint her with Army ife and qualify her for assignment in a non-combatant Army,job. The WAC private received her education at Naugatuck high school, Northfleld seminary. East S'orthflcld, Mass., and Arnold col- cge. New Haven, Conn, where she -cceived her bachelor of science legree. She was a mmbcr of North- leld . Seminary Choir and Arnold College Glee Club. Prior to entering service Pvt. pires .was secretary and clerk lor he superintendent of schools at *< T augatuck. Previous position was hat. of physical education teacher n the schools at Middletown and Mansfield, Conn, of thc War Manpower Commission. Wesley A. Armstrong- of Bristol, R. I., factory manager of thc new branch, said that 150 persons from that area of Massachusetts already hnd been' trained at Bristol und, would act p.s supervisors and trainers at Lowell, Thc plant will manufacture wire and cable for war use and Armstrong added that the plant "has good postwar possibilities." Alexander B.-isil of Bristol, K. I. will bo plant manager.' Gov. Appoints Local Man To Board Gov. Raymond E. Baldwin yesterday appointed Harris Whiltcmore, Jr.,. of Nauga-tuck to the board of directors of Long Lane school, in Middletown. Mr. Whittemore succeeds Bra- Clay Robinson of Avon, who recently resigned from thc bo.ird. Mr. Whittemore will serve until July 1, 3S-1G. —When you think of.Attention ami Holiday Clothe*. It's Raphael's N'liugutnck's Fiuihion Cen 1 cr, \vhcrn 5t\lc and Low Price go hand In build,—Adv. ^ Corps Phot* Penetrating the swampv interior of Kwajiiloin Al.oll, American «ol- •.liers crouch tensely to fire a 37 . ni:u anti-tank gun at a Jsp pillbox somewhere behind those xvar- iiickcd palms. Our troops must ho3J thcM bases, when they are von. \\> *t home must buy more War J3oi:j» and hold 'cm!. 17. S. Treasury Department.

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