Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 12, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1916
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ADVERTISING t* totting. whe> rfen't you !->avA on you"- V*» tO «<•!(. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SfXTY-THfRD YEAR—NO. 138. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILUNOIS. TUESDAY, DEC. 12. 1916. ADVERTISING fi letting ppoph who don't know what yeu have on year «h*f« v*t to s*H, PRICE TWO CENTS, PEACE PROPOSALS SUGGESTED BY GERMANY OF VICTORY GERMANY IS WILLING TO STOP THE BLOODSHED Chancellor Announces in the Reichstag That Peace ProposalsJhLavc Been Given to Representatives of the Neutrals. TlOProrPEACE PfiOPOSALS iy United Press,) Berlin, Oer., By Wireless To Sayville, L. I Dec. 12. Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg's announcement that Oer' many was preparing- peace proposals, was couched in the following-Words when he spoke in the reichstag today; accord- •lnr-tOTilre~»tBtcincnt issued Bythe official press Bureau: "Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg announced in the reich- stag today that Germany together^ with her allies, 'conscious ,.«,, H « of thoir responsibility- before God, Before their own nations and , victoriously.- before humanity,'-had proposed this morning to the hostile (By United Press.) Wr^P '*"" ; Berlin, Ger,, By Wireless"to Sayville. L. I.. Dec. 12;—Kaiser Wilhelm notified his troops in the field today that he had made peace proposals to the enemy, "Soldiers." he said, "in agreement with the soverigns of my allies and with consciousness-of victory, I have made an offer, of peace to. the enemy. Whether it will be accepted is still uncertain. Until that moment urrivesiyoyjwill fight. CHANCELLOR PKETPEACE WITH HONOR (By United Press.) Berlin. Ger., Via London. Dec 12.—-Chancellor Hollweg's proposed peace negotiations as outlined in the reichstag today had as its objecl he said 2 guarantee of existing honor and of he liberty of evolution for central powers appropriate for the basis of the establishment of lasting peace. % "Unconfused>8uhave progresed," he said, "and it is our firm decision thus to continue to progress, always ready to defend ourselves to the end of the nation's existence but for its free and safe future wo are always ready to strech out the hand o'f peace. Our strength has not made ours deaf against the responsibilities before God. before our nation and before human- ,,.,, , „ ,, rr ,. 1 , t .,. ity. Former declarations have been_eyaded by Germani's jad.y_atsaries andiaijtUiQw advanced _> '^"""r* • V_i.iX-fM.,, further. Dunng the long earnest years of the war the empeior has been moved by a single <T " I!1! " "' ! '"" '" """' "' thought: ' How peace can be restored so as to safeguard Germany after a struggle she has fought /\t%i*\i irtisV* * • J *^ *•* RUSSIANS WILL HAVETO FIGHT FOR LIVES THIS < WINTER IT IS REPORTED Every German Soldier in Roumania is Fitted With Snow Shoes and All Wagons Can be Transformed Into Sleds. f ' l!y I 'tirl \V. Ai-l - rtil;iii. '•Stilff ( '••! I , S|H,|il|,-H! (if I'llilt-ll l'f«"*)S. ) With Tin- <!• -Milan Ami) At IJuthar- i-«r, l-'it'M vi,n- M.H-kvhsi n>- ll»:i<|i|ii:itt( i - lire > \i.l\\- ••ouili'i ti.i Merlin iin.l \Vite|>,»s V, id,, fnilml |'l.-«?.l l).-r K; <;i>tji;Hi/,'.- < .mm:m;ii Vlilt -1 I i<!<-;iI H-iMthcr Ihe fnnvs nf I'iclil «hnl \nii Mm heiiHen ;i (Sen. l-'.'ill<f nh.'i vii have ai'i|iiiri'i1 _ iniiini-nlniii with tin' full nf Htlrhnrmfc ~i th;i( thev will Mirije i,n further Into, :"(UMS fm l-'ii'hi Miii^hal v,»n M!ii°hrn,*feii .l..!.!.!!:L'i t . | . l '^i.'.'~_!t-UL.J^-JjJ l . L l _ i !'.'•?! UJ.IU I HI Mi"w sumi; ma.-*!'*! ,,f in,.n anil n ri It lory \ winter • •ant|>.iu;ti .-mil ;i|l ittnrth. «.nulii eiiM ,'iiul we*( .with ejpflf '1 i ,|,-i| th.'i! Miry ran (ittrj <,f ri>liifnunh'(it Inn. • t » 1 inli, sin]*. I''.) l,v ; The i'i<in|it«-lc ilriiii>nill2iitlon of . lt»iiiii, fm'fi'v ha* | >^ .^^ ««.«,____ - M ;u'K« II- » It ** I|IMI|I*. tu TRtVillH't* Witt! powers to enter peace negotiations/' es-from Berlin saying that Geimany was preparing to initiate PI | fO DCDADT rlLta KtrUKl Practically all members of parliament were present and the a peace movement. In the absence, however, of exact inform- ' galleries Averc thronged. - ation concerning the German proposals Secretary Lansing "The dhancellor outlined the extraordinary political situa- withheld any comment for publication.. The only statement he ' c » »-• A o ' an and the recent developments which he announced may be .would make was? "I know nothing about it and have nothing S Attorne Y LUdeflS Ke-j o turning noint of-the war nutiin^m* «Vi« o,,v,; „,.,...—»_ i_ tn on,f •• u« ..,.,..1,1 ,.^» : u ,_ ...». _»i „, • . ports To Supervisors On Past Year's Work. tlkM REVIVAL A-< (;«-ll Vnll KIlK 1< ollfc in in!t-ivi>« wild ilii- 1 'nl tion Churches Of Twin Cities Make Arrangements For Cam- iunii\ in (lulu, if ioiii' an «ii»ji(ir- <'X|H»cts In win iWILL • --—•»»«•»»»*.»* ««»>v^ fc/.W I - — - — ..-.w.. v *.**u^ * •ft»ivrvT- ft«^*«X4«*f^ C«l/Ultb *V UUU Ii<VVw liVVlllIltr the turning point of the war. Outlining the achievements in to say." He would not indicate whether the proposals came the field he said: 'I shall be brief for our actions speak for \ as a surprise to him, but his manner more clearly than words • themselves. Roumania had. entered the war in order to roll up indicated that the German ne\vs was probably the happiest our positions in the east and that of our allies. At the same i word he had heard from Berlinin many months. NINE time the grand offensTv?- on th.t Somme had for its object the — piercing of our western front and the renewed Italian offensive PROBABLE PEACE TERMS ANNOUNCED " iSCGUred Convictions in aH Cases a^rrS^^^ ^ OFFICIAL OF GERMAN EMBASSY J That.were caiw TO TPW ; ditlons so that they gave us security that is not only complete w , . . , n „ ( * y UnUed PrC ' 9 ^ . ! " The , Clrcuit - .,..,]; but still greater than ever before. The west front as it stands ^'"^ton, D^C,, Dec. 12.---Germany's peace proposals, < S(;J ,,, M An ., n J 7 , -,.,,.„ , :>.»H ' ^pHe-of-the-R^umuTiiati campaign is outfitted with great- accordin f to a W™*™ embassy .official, wiU-te^^the-^ttg. ,..,.!.,.....!-!„ ' '"" er reserves in men and material than, it had been formerly gestlon tlmt the te Sn to "al status of the nations engaged in the .i-»«r.« Most-efficient precautions have been, taken against all Italian '- Waf b f returned diversions." started. PEACE NEGOTIATIONS URGED, Proposals by the central powers, that peace negotiations be entered into forthwith, wore made in note's handed to the rep- ii'Kt-liM-n N njifriitiiiK In Houmnnla. Rutiinnt Mutt Fight. paign In February. ^^l^'.m'^v"''!::"^;" Khfe LAST SIX WEEKS^V^VJ^i'VLJ'l " SEN H T ° PR ^ 0! ^Qscar Lowry Evangelistic Party ..^ l ;^ 1 """- 1 "• fi>ll " w "" Of Eight People Has Been Invited. c .((I'.'Mnni i,i huMiiiif ,in i-v i i-:ini|-aiKii in [In- i \\iii II'.H'.S, inM-rt tin- MI|I|> i ! i,; cmiMd UK Hi,. irlillon*; iillnWfil |>i-rinlHt<lii» 'in .}ivr with th«' tnioii* n ml at-watch 'th" lH'niijiir<lin»' < tn<«. ^ .\iniaifiiily iiiiil«-r the • influoncts «C (ltn>«i|;i tin- rrt r>>/i if UK lUitrmanliuiH «l- ti'tn|iti'il in i.ntni sill <if the cltlPtt and vlllnKi** wTiit'h they cv<ictiiil<Ml, but th« Ci'l'lltdl) iiilvarte-f \vt(,-< so swift ill liliiny liiKtani'fK that llilx |>liii) 'of what " ™ *» •, junt HK tlj» Run- -j "f iiH.Tfst hi niiii!> \\iiyjs fuc tint . . The exemptions are ihe establishment of the indeoendeiU illt: V ll> ''," sl v " i "''"' !):if "-"" v i-'<«'«« Min, t 1 1 _J f •* * * w * * " • 1M"< 'I'M' \\ 'lit* \li\ \ t*. I HH^H «*Ml I t*' 1 1 tit* I*i'| J i : Kingdom of Poland and Lithunia and some readjustment of* the •t-iMiMi-y. ! ....«.v- .«.« tW4 .,,«.M,, w«, c rnauu m notes nanaea to the rep lntcrnational boundaries in the Balkans. On the latter question, ...J' 1 " f " l! "^^ ^.'»K':"J"-»'.'!..-.- j .„,.,„,. „,„..„ ,_,., •rosontatlvos of neutral countries which are representing Ger, - ^ 8ai ^ " ie s ^^ io ^ »» so complicated that it is hard at this • H,,V, uuri,,* , hl . |MM >t . al .,,„,, „„,-rj" T h" ^^ , h,a,h,< m- „,.,.,,„ or f "3T, m." h "S many in the beligerent nations today , : time to deflnitcly suggest anything like positive terms that • ; -'"; s " l " n ' l "[ «i"-';'.n.,i,iun, wim wtum. ;n»i-ii ,.((.> 1; ,i .-^.uiixatinny i,»v«. ^K..'...!,^,,,^,.,^ «.. ««.^..i. «-...«., •/: -_ J . ? . i -./ .. . would be acceptable to all of the belligerents. One concreta i£ V;i^^^ """: Planned « Death Zon*. '"' AffoltllllK to I'.nlMll.tllijlH „ ,_ •.,".*•. ', ! ItiiN^iii inlvi.«<-.l the HinimaitiittiB to re- 'i|. -t ..|,,urh..M |.«v.- joiiu-.I I n :,,.„.„ ,„ ,,„, ,, )1H , ,, f |{ u ,.hHr,'Ht and hum-' |i ;m tiivitiitioii t,. ;lu- .0«c:i|- ii( || . M i|.|,li,.< nn.l all IOWIIM to Kv.UKHlMH- I'.lltv nf '•i«ht: v ,. riU( |, ! , l ,!,.„, |, « :<i it diiti> in l-chriiiirv, I'.'IT, : I lin,!, uli-itf nlTi'UHivc -whon th«, Hu«» * .don town*. Th^ Rcmi' •many inslunc«>» rf- of thrir many in the beligerent nations today. The proposals on which Geimany advocates negotiations WOUW bc acc °P tablc to & U °t the belligerents. One concreta are, according to Germany's belief, appropriate for the estab' su ^ estlon is that Bulgaria will probaly want returned the ter- 7'" 1 '" ""• p-»«t"'..tiary. « w,-,,. tj,,,.,i.| ; \i-«i"-^«. nmi.y Hshment of lasting, peace The gpvenJm^s ^ vLnnl Co^ > Ht ° ry She Iost in thc second Balkan^war and it is supposed Ger- ;J ,^ ^1™! ^Sr^ ^l^^^ stantinople and Sofia transmitted identical notes a.ndWe text many «r uaratnecd this when O^ar Ferdinand cast his lot with l*! 1 . 1 .'.,.»'"'!''"'«• '" -"'"' ••«««•» <«„ ,„:•;.,„.,.. t,,,. r,,., >n li( i was communicated to the Vatican and all other neutral powers .'J hc central powers. The peace terms, the informant' of the ] the exact text .will'first be announced in the reichstaff bv the S SS 8(Ud> would ipclude the « evac » ation of northern i ;!!;;, ll ';':, 1 ;";; i : l>!l ! M( f f, Ut , . chancellor.' The Wireless, JJer man 'Press Bureau rnld^ -t^^ W '^^ following announcement: .restoration at Wast of Serbia and Roumania and the return to -p" 1 ^ 11 "- »'«v" »,- '-•"••The chancellor this morniny received one after-the otl^ ' ' 1 ! thc representatives of the United States of America, Spain and „, '. > THE REASON FOR THE PROPOSALS, SwUzerland-^-that is, the representatives of the states pro- I P rmclpftl Actors that lead to these proposals are: • • " I'M f\ fn lF/\**rt Il1n »%< *l*4n«i*** n ««njA.n*«n«v< l *t.- A t "\ lllf'.lt'ltK-Wiml*,,.!*.,*'^.,. I... -..if, *t,,,,.,.. I • ' ,. 11... i " '« ciui i.s. , incftinK (,• .,i,| ( '.f. ,-iivil .d'lor I*IM.V«T liy/li*'*, >\ liil<- i-ai-h iinny carries HUft'i- i»tt» tlH'IlJl' ,|D;H->. !|ii- funnel' \ya.s clot'li'il tdn- i'»«'lll |irnViMun* |ln« Ndlliti-rii likt- a lit The The favorable military positions of the central powers. tecting German interests in hostile foreign countries. *„« m . , •.. chancellor transmit^ tb them notes asking that they bring 1 , The fact that winter is at ha them to the knowledge of hostile governments. The note will hard fl S htul & for three months. be reaS complete late today to.tho rcichstag. by the chancellor. "'" tn Kmn ^ mit * h " ° "In the note the four allied P awers propose to enter forth Hi- |i.-nit,.|,tiar.v. « w.-r.> tin, •!. | .M-(h,.,UM_. iYin.liy |.'.v jinK.-li.vii aiiif! Itoumniiian W ,.v«' " til "Huchurewt Si M.-!!i ( .«H-t. 'SfviTiil ulhi-i ,'(>ii|i>n-il tin; 1'niinVii |mlk-g to ,, »ith tin- inmV .tin' fund Nut'pHi'K "f iti«*. I'ily. ««vcii the ii "llii'iu) ii'-tloii,!jiriv;(ii> |Hi>(i«'H)' of" <'(tl/.t»nn. Thw 1 ! hill's* i! . .liitxli-nt ih.-it \\hi-n thi aim- i-iiiju-n* hchl a ruiifci'i'iiot' arul Kent jl'iii-n i,i.»-ii~ thi- . i Imr.-hfS pnii-li. iill,- '\vi»r«l h.ii'K I" l!iicluirf>wt ttiat lliiti'MH •.iii ti^' ui'fhi'iii .1- /i issiit uiii l»- louii.i ii.t.'kiiiK i>f (hi' nntti- w.-ri- rt-i'iilli vt | Unu'i- would .<m; ;,;st' v nn ;iti\«»- iM il-i- .1 uivtl roiivictiiin- ••''- *'•!•!! ;l , I.MM.UX :iii<l .i.tvinrii .)f .s.-^ ! Soldiers, Sleep ..In Town. . «'f trti-(i in'" us- tin- ,iihi i .i-hiii 1-in's cl' St< rlin.: ' In MII = |I ;i ninvi'llu'iit ii.s tiiiit 'tjirottch irrtut i'(»itjt M-i\"» T - ti'ii'tl tlii't^'i'i'i' i' i !'-n • i ti ' : t it i i in • i i -'!!"''•*!•'", "'"• '.'"""V '""" '" wh .'«' !l r" .""•- v - Vi '' v .-iinviiH .-v.-ry nlKlit, Hv'hiB In tlni rttalih-K. t (HiU» tiuii^ wi-ii> M-.'urnl in each «•««(>, l;,\. (•• \\' 1 i|,,;t«t'lt«>. j'i>|iri>si>ni.liix J n < lll> "' K ""'' »>'hmilH,-'while th»' officer* IV "''!"''),"" .!..'.*. V !.' Ur . h "!' l , W!<!1|v - r '""'I"'" Minimal A^^i.Hiui,, .'alh'.l tl,..:an'. I.MMI.S,.,! with tin- tiromincnt fmn|.. ' the The fact that winter is at hand necessitating a cessation of :«' _j K^*- * .. .. / itn.l>ej, uini (I.- ni II.Mjia.K: 1 , j i-orii-v i hiiii in.'iii jinil l-Vatik. Tlumi;iw A desire to smoke out the allies to make them 'announce ^^r^^ just what they are fighting for. A desire to convince the wor'-d and ' lt Wii> with into peace negotiations. The propositions upon which to , aesiro to . ... 4 .... ...... brine-aiinh n««yntinH«nc ov« *« i-,«i. fcAis^*'«—.^-i.->... *-!. ., wherever Germans may be found, that Germany is not fight- : !. 1 '' l ."'. n ' tw ": 1 . 11 wit " Ul " <'»'<"y'»<-'« the German people, -|iu« ! lia ••H iliii'ltiK tn\ forim-r j Hit-n .'\|,i, «si-.i thent.seh ,•>• n» \\ •n<lii,-i,.<l theoflU-e withi'hivu'ieifly in i.,v,,r ,,f the (....(eit ' "M"'MM. to the | iri^-illK, III- time rife h.r .M.ih .-Ml transmitted* identical notes. to the holy see and to all other neutral powers." REASON FOR THIS ACTION. bring such negotiations are to t icir belief appropriate for the . inif - wnii -.- hf , -., . , . , , .„.,.„, ,,..,„ IVi ,.,.,,,, , establishment of lasting peace. • ••- »ng.a war of territorial conquest, ' . .., ,_ , Umut.-,, ,,r « ,.,vii nut,,,-,. -»,i ,,^,,,.,1,',, i., 1 ;',. 1 •'/;„' v .y."«'»'->. -"'vijm-, • "The governments -of'.Vier-ia, Oonstaninople and Sofia • A ^sii-e to let tho s world ki;ow that Germany will not ^ :^ll^'^^^ transmitted*identical notes. T'lo text was also communicatod ret £° nsible for-further bloodihed, :,u,, rt »--,v,.ry'•,-»„• „ •„„„„*,, „ .m^hil'^U'^J^CJi^ 1 !:; 1 1^1':^^ •• twu The peace terms outlmod, tho officialintimated, are not nee- i:^''?'V l ' UllIV '' r Umi ''•" lt|lll ' lu - tl1 ' ll;t '' ! -^ esaarily Germany'% final proposal^ . ' j.m'V:T*,«^ ^»»«:,* r ,^ .,.-,, „ ,„*,„;,;„„ "The important question is to find out whether the allies will .' u V^! 1 !" 111 '.. , , * - • -_•.*-- ' t a^aili \V IHII to 4'X|M"**. t *?» Illy . By handing the note to the representatives 'of the United t " l ° Jm P° rta ^ <*™ si ™ ls to ^ out whether the allies will - l % c S!"w',H,, ,„ e^,, ,„ „„„ States, Spain and Switzerland, Germany reallv transmitted it , P ° ace> the .German embassy official, "Germany ,'vi»u»n «« UH, n, !iu ,,. th e 'van, directly to all enemy nations. Under the exisdng conditions it : "? 6S th ^ pr °f°f l8 / n ^ d f r , to « nd out whcther ^ wiu ~** '^^»r^l n ^!^ K ? was the only oowrsfe for diplomatic exchange between the con- raoie reasonable to stop fighting before either side can get in "„ ...m,., ,, r ,,,y o,-r,,v.-. tral powers'and the entente powers what Woyd Geor ff e called in an interview with the United — Press some-days ago, 'a knock put; T " " ehnrse i>i iK» 'I'he " : ii.illH- iak-rted witK TI>e_.KvanKelihtj,- 11 .\..-'M»fiii.t.litn ul SU'iitnj; anil Uiirk l-'all,s 1 The YiiliiAviiiK i« She 'li.s! ol ullii'er> i el.evt''il an<l uf . i•oinmttti-i'M n|<|ioint ' ' The procedure regarding pease porposals will be identic«l in e-oawoUUotthe-neu^ai-iif-iw^rirwho^aidisinvokWThA- he .had no appointment it is expected Ambassaaor diplomatic representatives-of the United States Spain and V ° n Be - rnstorff win see Secreta ^ I-an»ing and thoroughly dis- Switzerla'hd will forward the note to their respective foreign I £"* *L "n th ° Ml ° le matter> II »» believed possible von offices or state department and it wiirtlien be ^^^ President the American,'Spanish and Swiis ambassador or L minister in '!': Jf p "'- . . ... -\ . • . the capitals of the'entente allies. This ambassador in turn will i', W : "° / elleve ^ Ambassador Gerard had any definite informally deliver the note'to the entente nations The same ' J OI ' matlon . ot ' aernla ' n y' s P ejlce proposals w4ien he loft Berlin, ; * proce4uro will be followed the formal replies For in- l d 'P lomatlc circlea & ls 8ai{ * Oermany's action must have been stance. England would give its the'American Spanish P Y determincd bv the s M«ces3 of the Roumanian campaign and Swiss ministers, The notes would be identical and would j an l Ule C ^ lnGt f^ 8 ^ l! Jngland and France. " - dQtailrosponses to Germany's proposals. These will be trans P e qoniol ' ence ' lf lt comes, will probably be held eith- mittod through United States, Swiss and Spanish diplomatic er tft Berne ' Sw Jt2erlaud,,or at The ••Hague, it is predicted, channels and formally" handed to German through thc agents of DDrMlrD , , rtwr ; ^..^^^"T,,^" '-- ' America, Switzerland and Spain in Berlin. " ! PREMIER LLOYD-GEORGf WILL DJ^CUSS —- . —• _ GERMAN'PEACE ".PROPOSALS IM SPEECH THE UNITED STATES WILL NOT ACT .-..— .. _-.._.. \ J -• • - MERELY AS A COURIER >OF -GERMANY '-• " ' ByX3arl D, Groat. (Staff Correspondent _of United Press.) „ ' • Washington, 0 O.V.Pec. n,, -If Germany's .peace propos- j^als are sueh that-i-t-iu.erely -wants- the UnitM Bt^ates to act as courier in transmitting thc.m. thcn e tlu* govemment* will puss j» i • . ••_ • * ,. • * U. S. PROBES DEEPER INTO CONSPIRACY TO RAISE PAPER FRIGES |I"'-.K ^ i I !!>• I'ltili'tl I'l l!St"ll O. «',. |)fl il ilct.-jier. !>> the ami le-ie tuiiifv. ' «-|'j-, JLitiliers. I'H-VS s-i a| IT li.'lltS !»l Ihl* IU!IIIU\ (t ;id'i,l <i<,!(if ul them will; the iiiveMiKntU l;il\ <> I" i!«i A-. j(ii llii- ;.illi H«in ,l» i>.,i i.s: M- \vllleli I'eHUltH'ltl ull of I ni; .a hj«. IniHiiH-HH. In 1 -Mich JIH UUHMlll UdviHtMl . . uUViinetiiK niiiij vvuilhl hi> ftifcetl .provide tin Nhelter, which would he | ehurininiM' handicap. Kuinl ' would at MI lie laekliiK. j N«w Military Montter. , WmluiiK with tin 1 tiennan troopti- Jd 1 " '^ a new iniliiaiy moiiMter. Jt JH an ur» 'ninied auto that attains a hpei-d nf 30 ' inilew an hour, oarr|i>M laurhiuu KUIIU • and ,i new of une tirTleer and nhiv Wtt. In the verj ilrht action i» which th« • new nu'liMter wax UMt-d-- the KulUterK rull it "Ihe iirumreil ilevil"—it killed ituii tne'n and wounded l,"iii, Thl.s.WHrt idii'«-ril) in front of IJuch.iivsU. l'h«j • rar irluriit'il safely. j 3 Ni'thhiK in vented in tliin war, • even the Hntinh tunkti, can with the .surce^.s of iiri« m-w ciitrinf In- a wnuill railroad xtution 1 nu-t tliMl lieutenant who wan thi' lender uf Ihe at inured Vur Mquadi'on. He wwj to Hei Un to MU|M>i jnU'iid lh»» ." of more armored nutoH. v , ijj| ' J leiirned ihui the tlriit moijt-i 4t( thw" i prc«ent machine \va« rrJ(en"''«l V • then in Al^.ire and almi a few in ItiiwHiu. Then euiiu' ihw new T ! in liiiinii.iiii.i Its nji.-i ul inn has Sei-'i y, ••'l-VanU Thoiuax. Trea." John Ilnyei. • I'inmu'e ''"in, N. (i. Van. Snn(. J.I II. Ahivni», I-.'IIMJ Studilacd. Julias ISae Vrii-V. ' ' it.\ Si «.u \\'tlli,iin> l't:|>.T Meeting -Ui'V,. \V. I. I'ullin I'sh.-is t'i,in- .luhii \\'as.:n«-i'. < iuii ... - - i * i i," p i iu.i Hi.i HUH,!,,,, .'.J,.,,,, M. Muvtis. ;-o M.,,^.Hfnl th.a It ha«ltle,.,lfy ,,«-» .\|t«i );,, v \ iri\uuid ' death |uti»i> and in now helng i. : ,,t,.i,.,,!„", ,1, 'I»'A ,. ,, , , tvpaiH-d after H* fairj tale (.-.xploitsi i .11 s etiai nnii-nl ne\, i . \t livvifi «,, i , > The e\i ••n-.i'.H .it i)i< • • • ' Uninu-.lut where I he < Jei mini* hrok*; •*'""' j .Mini u"!,I 'iTTOi'iiii rvel'i'slx 1 "." 81 !- H* '""' ls " ulna " 1 ' 1 » li »«''« opening the lino many '• ,,... t .. ui | ( ,,,',, ..',". .! •"'.<• oi ti,,- (() t ',.,[ <nu . Here the aiimned devil the hfarins: ' ,i,' . .,.,' "• " l '^ il "» ! * 1|ls '' w ;tl |i| a >ed He llt>t iinpoilant part in Ihe ji|( ... '"J '- I'jx- l lie e\|i-.,|is ( > arivi'S I mill T; tjn- li'illiljuy ••! tin- l^ilierii.u'.te, Ihi' :t :!,-.* ,.(- (It,, w MI kt'i » DI her lie •"edi-u'tfi- Traile'j .Vlliliiihij-tni'. i j t.i< H»uni,ini,in f<iinpati;n. «iinSitna- - .. . , , • " > '-M «'lniitii|r is m.tii aii.'il. It i> ..,.., j ! 1 i( i •--*".' I i t * f \ ( '•( ' > i ''ft • lluiut.'.!, l.\ ihe pii<«* in t ' ,.f lej.iesen- ; i;1 ],,,,,, ( ,.^ : ,,',,. ,,', (.HiM-.- "i the.. AllU-l tl-ail N«'W*|'i«|'er, l ';,, u| ! t |._r (1 ' ' ..'" l'ut»U,sh,i'i* A.SMot-iiitloii, wliii-h mutle ! ihi- original .<j;ar^e Ui;>^'.hljjh. I'iii'cr In ill. WILL VISITBUCHARE$T I'J I il. (By United Press.) f Washington D. C,, Pe^'12.'---'a.premier Lloyd George will ^ ..,...., , -.„,„„„» „,,,"discuss-" Chancoilor yon Bethmatin-HoHweg's peace pfopos- '" ll •'"'' "" v '" l ' li: " n :li " M "'^ l " als whoa the former addresses- the house of 'common,- That '''" " '"'''*'"'"""' M " ml "'" "' !i is ^he view of Brjtish embassy oftieials here today, These of-»- L . . - . EniJand's .Tpuchiag^ OH the coming 'l !- f said thoy believed on the ^. peace proposals ;ii VV.ifk UO| Hit; Ilic IIUHitlls fin,ii u.-, nuitii- an- r«*i» (o it- «)ll -It-.* >ll.lfe. Tll|> is till |i"t> ,i| ,i .^•iai!ii l ier (nnd imre. n, \.-i i, f Hie l!!.>I,ny ,.i Hit- !,,,« •' l' ; hu> i! I.een iie.-e.-ssar.v l.«. call I .C\ Ui!'i>-! MI. ;i' .slhsle. i ent t'n-in '•,nti>t- ••!' an <'\ aiigi-lls! i< ,i!ll- '!ni sin- i'maii'-i- i,,11111111! lev! •U «f n< ( . j Kfiver Wrlhelm Will Depart Shortly - For Tlie Roumanian Fr«nt 1'J 1 !' 1 . 0 ..','','. * (u I'nttfd 1'iex.H i ^,.'...,,'!..V l!.il>. Iiec U The neuj||'W!'er •i \\llhelrn . ^. . the proposals along without any .vannju-n.t,.ol>ns own. On the - speech they^eferre-il to Eloyd W.;o:^e's rece*(H*^.tcm.ent to the* 'other hand if it is proposed for ihe United Stute^ along* with the United 'Press*-for 'Khglanid's idea tiu Peace. other neutral nations to make proposals in tleir own'name iu ' - 'Germany's'behalf, l-he'United States vvill study "the proposals ".CHICAGO MARKET SUFFERS .SRAMP _ before taking action, Tins does itot mean t4u- United-states RECEIPT .OF CERIVIAN PEACE "PROPOSALS will not transmit tli-e ••proppsals mtdcr thr srrct^d plan. .' •, .,.'.,., ( By United Fivs* ) •-.'-. ';• '' '' • Thjpsp facts wcro. olfiuially r«ycule« ut the sta\c..depm iuu-tit ^ pLjicagb,- 111., Dor. 12 ---Anupunoemcut 'of Oiriasinv's prao" after.Soc»vt:iry LH'nsinl?. was shown !h«-Unit'.od Press djsuatr.h , • . ' '•..',, • • •... . -I,.. ''' v 1 '" u or I'.",-,- T'uui . .,X J4. " ' THE GIFT STORE- BUYS PLAYER PIANO' Of Th.- Up To-Q.-iU- Wusie House, u; !:,ii:, ni'-Vi'r. ;•! }:,.,, l. |'.|i( FARMEHS 1 INSTITUTE TOMORROW r.niit!\ lainu'i,-.' iiittfiiiitit ojii'tiM in- ai, -i 'i <i:\ ,d luuh .-(iiiinl. iiuuilv hyllM" •••I, i - 'ii..' < luh at V \| r A All ,!'».-'•• ,,,,, fxiiihlltt rliuM Ko l<i -', h.xii * I ,\ el \ liu.lx ttfliollH- to att ill in.'. ! in.;-. _ ___ V bANTA AT THE E. & W. iu 'l I. '*" 1' 111 ti.nti ii ,,in the e.nt it.i,| vs'ili in il i> nN lii,mi- .t! (hi' !•* A. V\ l,h'• hii»i in i r T., , , (,| v '.HI ,,,,,J rim H|.,. (In > t - 1,1111 ,lt 'hi -ill!lli|| he - -!:,,.• i A \\ , i ,.

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