The Lethbridge Herald from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on May 20, 1953 · Page 2
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The Lethbridge Herald from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada · Page 2

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1953
Page 2
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1 a - TUB lETHBMDGf HEAU Wednerfr, Mar S", IMS - I Asks Decision by Jyly 1 Gbv.-Gen. Massey Is Hit With Chief Judge Stanley Kerr Dies at 64 iSask. to Contribute Children in Sqhools, Hospital In Digest Form News of the World Mr. Massey Joined them to discuss CALGARY (CP) Children in schools and a hospital held the' $20,000,000 to SSRD the scarlet tunics and conceded he moved, to another room "that spotnjnt on the second day of Gov- RECALL DEMANDED the Mounted Police are much more BERN (Reuters) Switzer emur-ueneiai vincen& Masseys visit to Calgary Tuesday. Wide-eyed vouneiters at the Red important to them anyway." Throughout the trip school teach land nas demanded the recall of the Czechoslovak charge d'affaires. EDMONTON- (CP) Chief Judge Stanley C. S. Kerr, senior judge of the Edmonton District Court, died in hospital Tuesday night at the age of He had been in 111 health for some time. Born in Toronto, the son of Cross Crippled Children's Hospital The offer fulfilled the last of two requests made by Mr. Gardiner. . The .first was that Saskatchewan get an allocation of water from the Prairie provinces water board. Last week the board approved the pro ers, older children at the Red Cross hospital and bystanders snapped his picture. At the hospital one of Josef 8varc, for what an official statement described as a "particularly offensive act against the Swiss snowea mm weir toys ana asicea for autographs. -REGINA. (CP) - The Saskatchewan government has of ; fered to pay J20,000,0t toward construction of the main 4am in the proposed South Sas- katchewan river irrigation and - power project. It has asked the ' federal government t decide by July 1 whether the offer J I satisfactory. The offer to share cost of the government. " vince's application for a 1,000,000 A happy two-year-old boy set the me of the visit bv eieetinu' Mr. CRASHES IN -JUNGLE tne junior cameramen naa ms iiasn bulb explode and the governor-general asked: "Would you like to lake another? Don't worryj even the press photographers are always ask acre-feet allocation of water. ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY Massey with a big smile and "da- Claim Woman Not Bitten by Invisible Mon MANILA (AP) Two government physicians said Tuesday a woman who complained that an invisible curley-halred monster and a "tall man with a big moustache" were biting her was only suffering from frustration because she no longer enjoys the hectic life of a taxi- - dancer. Manila Mayor Arsenio Lac- ' oh, after viewing' one of the "attacks." said that he had seen teeth marks mysteriously appear on the body of Clarlta VUlaneuva, -18. Two experts from the National Psychic Hospital who examined the girl at city jail aald she was suffering from "hyiter- ' leal fugue," .a nervous condition. The "attack mark"t they said, were only changes In skin coloring caused by the nervous fits. They prescribed psychotherapy. But Dr. Mariano Lara, Manila police department physician, cautioned against hasty The Premier assured Mr. Gardi EXCHANGE PRESIDENT TORONTO. ' (CP) George L . Jennison, engaged In the brokerage business for 2 years, today was elected president of the Toronto Stock Exchange by acclamation at the annual meeting.' He succeeds D'Arcy M. Doherty, OBE., PERMITS REINSTATED BUENOS AIRES 0D The Argentine government Tuesday night opened the way for United Sfates news agencies to distribute news to Argentina again, after having banned Incoming news through these agencies since May 12. Permits of The Associated, Press and United Press to operate In Argentina tlieir own communications stations, 'suspended by the Argentine posts and Telegraphs office, were reinstated.' Anower confided in him that me impoitant was due and OUAM (Ar) A four-engined ' B-5 bomber crashed and burned la dense jungle Tueaday, hilling two erew numbers and ia- jurlng four. ner that the province would accept Hon. J. K. Kerr, one - time speaker of the Senate, Judge Kerr was educated at Upper Canada College, University of University of Toronto, and Osgoode Hall. After reading law in his father's firm, he was called to the Ontario bar and to the Alberta bar In 1920. asked, "when are the -visitors e by r n was n tne responsibility lor maxing tne water from the main reservoir ing just one more piease . At the No. 1 bianch of the Canadian Legion a large crowd was or ; Douglas in a letter Tuesday available to farmers In the vicinity "I feel quite 'complimented." Mr. TO CONTINUE STRIKE CALGARY. (CP) At a meet- 1 Agriculture Minister Gardiner ' In Ottawa. hand for tea. Prior to leaving he Massey said after insocoMnir the toia tne group .tnat oanaaa couia is it now is made available in any fi3O,O9(O0O PROJECT Judire Kerr practiced law in Ed youngster's toys. not a d witnout tne region. xne orovinces 'estimate oi cr. otner Drovince wnere k simitar pro monton from 1920 until his eleva The scarlet-coated ROMP who He completes his visit this. morn tion to tne Bench in 1947. i total cost of he project is $130,-'2 000,000, based on the 19S2 estimate drove the vice-regal car attracted ing when he tours 14 schools. This ing In Ohaton Monday night,. 170 dump truck operators and drivers voted to continue a strike against the construction firm of. O'Sullivan and Mannlx. -Jack Taylor, managing director of the Alberta Motor Transnort As ject has been undertaken by PFRA." Regarding the costs of the project, he said the -province would be afternoon he flies to the Canadian C of $101,000,000 by the Prairie Farm P Rehabilitation Administration with much more attention in another room where most of the children were looking out of the windows Army experimental station at bui- When the late W. L. Mackenzie King was president of the Ontario Liberal Clubs Federation, Judge Kerr was secretary. At various times he held executive rank in the provincial and national bodies L" an allowance fit about 30 per cent CONSIDERATION ADJOURNED new, near Medicine riat. r- lor increased costs since then. sociation, said here Tuesday the Trie new oner would bniw Sas- fc katche'wan's share of the over-all 11 -Year-Old Boy Testifies oi tne i;anaaian uorps Association. Judge Kerr was created a mem 3 50 per cent including costs raies oiiereo Dy tne construction .firm were 15 per cent below the rates -paid by the department of highways, which have been endorsed by the trucking association. FUGITIVE ARRESTED L of the power and irrigation instlla ber of the Order of the British Empire for his work as chairman Hons. Againsr Mother in Court "quite prepared 10 accept tne revised estimate of PFRA as a basis of computation." In making the offer. Premier Douglas said that in a letter of April 24, which started the current negotiations between ;he province and the federal government, Mr. Gardiner had said he was "anxious to remove any element of federal subsidy for the production of power . . ." "I wish to state categorically", the Preiflier said, "that the Saskatchewan government has never at anv time envisaaed the subsidization -The Saskatchewan payment lALUAKi (CP) - The Petroleum Board hag adjourned consideration of an amended application by Prairie Pipei lines Ltd., for permission to export gas to Vancouver and Trail. The board decided to adjourn consideration until H'estcoast Transmission Co. Ltd. had demonstrated that they could not proceed with their project to export gas from the Peace River and points in' British of the Edmonton ex-servicemen's rehabilitation committee during the It the'dam would be spread over 1 period of years. p . Mr. Douglas suggested the money Harvey, with one hand while she beat him with another. Elmer said his mother also "licked" Hawey with a razor strap and kicked the k coma be paia in tne iorm oi rentals rnlLAlibLf HIA (CP) A Canadian sought in connection with two Ontario gold robberies was arrested Tuesday.' Detectives Identified the fugitive as George Slosberg. wanted in connection with the theft of $215,M in 3, Including 2 Young Hockey SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. (CP) A sad-eyed boy,, his , shoulders barely reaching the top of the witness box, was one of eight persons called Tuesday to testify in the manslaughter trial of his mother. Mrs. Ann Neitz. about 30 and the Gen. Gruenther Does Not Expect I ior water used m tne generation of power as cash payments during the period of construction or as a i combination of water rentals and enna s ooay wnen ne stoppea crying and fell to the floor. Elmer said 'his mother beat all the Columbia. Players, Killed of power in the province by the federal government. "In order to eliminate any sug i cam. children, but Harvey got most. After RCMP APPOINTMENT OTTAWA (fP) One nf t1i Third World War . PARIS UD Gen. Alfred M. fom Dumon front Malton airport, and IM.0W in gold from Sudbury. ASK GOVT. MEDIATOR CALGARY. (CP) Calgary's mother of four children, is charged with administerine a beatine to her RCMP's veteran criminni investi gestion oi power suDsiay oy tnt government of Canada we are pre iiarvey leu to tne noor, tne woman laid him on the kitchen table and, wrapped a blanket about him. Mr. Neitz and her, husband then took- Harvey to hospital at Maple gators has been named as ari assist I By-Election pared to make a payment of $20,- ant commissioner for the federal 2 14 -year-old step-grandson which resulted in the child's death Feb. 13. An original charge of murder was reduced. THORNBU'tY, Ont. (CP). A 15-year-old girl died early today, the third victim of a dump truck 'accident which killed two teen-age hockey players Tuesday nigln. Xwo of the nine persons in the truck were hurt. over a period oi years toward the construction of the dam Gruenther, new chief of- the Allied powers in Europe, does" not expect a third world war, despite Russia's preponderant superiority over the plied for an Alberta government Called to uicuiator in tneir dispute over itself." The woman wiped tears from her Creek, near Swift Current, Zlmer said. Before leaving,' his mother had told him to tell anybody, who -skad thaf -Harvey had fallen downstairs and hurlf himself. Gruenther gave an es . Commissioner L. H. Nicholson announced the promotion of superintendent C. W. Harvison, 52-year-old native of Montreal who now is in charge of criminal investigation ' for "E" division, in British Columbia. His promotion dates from May Reita Sadler of Thornburv dmri fill Vacancy eyes as her 11-year-old, son, Elmer, took the stand. Before 'swearing in the boy. Chief Justice J. T. Brown of relative Allied and Russian U.S. Cattle Are Chief Justice Brown ruled mad- strength to journalists from. NATO in nospitai several nours after the vehicle venfr out of control and overturned. Gary Dillon. 16. mfmhw nf -missible a written statement by questioned him on his knowledge of the Bible,' telling the truth and taking oaths. Given Double-Check nations touring countries in tne alliance. Neitz after hearing .testimony of OTTAWA (CP) A by-election has beep called for Mon- ' day, Nov. 9, to fill a Commons vacancy, but 'the action was regarded as doinr no more than Gruenther told his visitors that The witness was sworn despite : At B.C. Border SET STRIKE DEADLINE RICHMOND, B.C. (CP) Union representatives of 35 Richmond school maintenance workers announced Tuesday night that a strike deadline has been set for midnight tonight. 1 A walkout by the workers, members of the Building .Service Employees Union (AFL) would likely shut down 11 schools In the municipality. Some 4,000 students would be affected. The school board has rejected NATO has come a long way in three years but still has three Sgt. J. W. Doyle and Cpl. T. Shil-lingford of the RCMP. One of the officers testified he might have said to Mrs. Neitz that "she was a young ! objections from defence counsel D. j J.. Murphy. major weaknesses:' VANCOUVER, (CP) United setting the latest possible dat-for the holdinr of a centra! juvenile hockey team here, and his teammate, Ronald Harmer, 15, both of Thornbury, were crushed to death. Dillon's father, Cecil Dillon, is a former player for New York Rangers of. the National Hockey 1. inadequate air power. 2. Insufficient training for its re States cattle entering British Columbia are being double-checked to election. . Lapse of a statutory time limit serves. followine the resignation of Fish- euro any cnance oi .Leptospirosis, an infectious . disease- in domestic Difficulty in eettine supplies to troops already in place. jfnes muster naaynew resulted in 4he calling of the election for Vlc Acreage Sown to Wheat uur biggest difficulty," Gruen montn wage increase oria constituency, xne deadline 'for setting a date was Mondav. ther said, "Is that we haven't got adequate air power yet." ' ' Over-riding all these military ater. Lntigen "B' Ask your '2 Tbny Tm Druggist ay thst'thel? an UsUgSiS This Year Is Down Slightly IMBtS cabinet passed an order-in-rouncil for the by-election. rJowever, it was regarded as ex- x FIRE IN G.B. COMMONS LONDON (Reuters) Fire engines hurried to the House of Commons early today to tackle a fire started by a faulty television set. They confined the blaze to the commute room where the set- was installed and had it under control .within 15 minutes. problems was that of money. "The countries (of NATO) have reached budgetary ceilings where it is De OTTAWA (CP) Farmers jptend FAMOUS THEATRE BURNED GLASGOW. Wl The world famous Lyric Theatre, scene of many world premieres by such renowned playwrights as Henrik Ibsen and George Bernard Shaw, was de oiy umiiteiy mat a Dy-eiection ,lly would be held before a 10 sow 23,hi,4uu acres to wneat this year, down slightly from the 000 (3.336,000); spring rye 94,500 (126,000); flaxseed 136,000 (151,000); summerfallow 6,085,000 ( 6,146,000). Seeding completed by April 30, was sharply down from 'plantings nning to nun. He put the Russian Air Force at animals, spreading to B.C. herds. The check at border crossing was enforced when an outbreak of the disease occurred in Washington State. ' Dr. Frederick W. Smith, federal government veterinary here, said the disease Is unknown In .Canada but has been reported in the U.S. since 1944. Unless the outbreak becomes serious and spreads to B.C., there will be no embargo imposed, he said. Cattle infected with the disease in mild cases run a slight fever, and exhibit loss' of appetite, drop in milk, production and loss of weight. About five per cent of Infected cattle die. 25,995,000 acres planted last year, the bureau of statistics reported to- ' general election, and the setting of t-r-Victoria date was no " mora than a matter of form. The general election is expected in August. 1S.S00 BOTTLES SOLDI stroyed by fire early today. 20,000 planes "in operation and described it as "not the best in the world from the quality standpoint, uanada last -year produced ' a at tne same time last year, in Manitoba, farmers got only 21 per cent of their seeding done by that time, record 688,000,000 - bushel wheat out irpm tne sianapoint oi quantity ; and quality it is." The Soviet surface fleet was "re-1 latively weak" but the U.6.S.R. was makine "ereat nroerress" in comparea witn 88 per cent last year: Saskatchewan' got only four pei cent, compared with 27: and Al The bureau also estimated that the oats acreage will be down U.S. Army to Use Dextran Instead Of Blood Plasma M slightly to 10,599,700 from 11,026,000 submarines and mining warfare. berta got less than one' per cent done, compared with 16. Percentage of seeding comnleted uruentner saia ne noes not oe-lleve Russia could launch a suc by April 30 on other grains with last cessful surprise attack on the West WASHINGTON T ll for REST vmiout bringing in reinforcements. . tJnited States -Army will henceforth jears ngures m DracKets: Oats Manitoba 5 (26); Saskat last year, but that there will be increases in both barley-and rye. The barley acreage was estimated at 8,846,800, Mp from 8,477,100 last year. Rye acreage was expected to be 1,262,000, up from 1,257,300. Land intended, for summerf allow was estimated at 21,930,000 acres, up from 21,345,000 in 1952. Other intended acreages with Order Restored In Nigeria Riots chewan 1 (11); Alberta less than juse dextran, a substance made , from sugar, instead of blood plasma for all requirements at home and one per cent (8). V BCAIITV Barley Manitoba 6 (26); Sas- Complete Govt. Subsidization Not Aim of CNI6 katcbewan.2 (10); Alberta less than LAGOS. Nigeria. - W) Trooo An authoritative- armv medical one per cent (5). Ontario, nrlnpfnal nrnrine ource, wno assea not w oe quoted name, said "a complete switch last year's plantings in brackets: Mixed grains 3,560,600 f 1.570.100)- jvano, tne oiggeet cny oj norm Nigeria, after 46 persons were winter wheat, reported six Der cent over" to the plasma substitute has been" But Into effect, following killed and 304 injured in riotine; flaxseed 1,056,100. (1,206,500); pota- ol the area seeded last fall was win and PLAY EDMONTON (CP) The founder ter killed, compared with eight per connected witn an independence es 2U2.UUU UU4.ZUU.I. Of the total 25,891.400 acres in cent oi tne iaoi seeaep .area. of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind says the CNIB welcomes financial aid from eovern- tended for wheat, 25,176,400 would iv s Moslems. Barbed-wire entanglements set be for spring wheat and 715,000 for ment sources out does not .ever ncieriy convincing" teste m aex- tran during the last few months. .-The army official emphasised however that there was still a; vital need of whole-blood donations from the public because of other uses. ."We have now begun to fill all orders from domestic and overseas j xms compared with 35,345, res for spring wheat and 850, on a no man s iana Detween embattled factions' in the -city of 107,000 that once was the main seat Call it a patio a backyard or a garden the name doesn't want to oe completely suosiaizea in this way. "It is important that the CNIB Rescue Two Boys From Flaming Parked Auto 000 for fall wheat last vear. of the Hausas. a Moslem neoDle of VARIATIONS EXPECTED matter but if you desire rest, beauty or playful fun then .we mixea oiooa wno numoer million: The bureau emphasized that there develop public interest in a group of handicapped persons and also theatres with dextran instead of may De consioeraoie variations with help you. Hoyt's can supply you with every outdoor need to-make this summer one of heavenly relaxation. educate the general public that the acreage actually planted. Adverse WEEKES, Sask. (CP) Soeedv plasma." ' He said that supplies of already "stockpiled - in ove theatres would be. used un seedine conditions, reported earlv onna nave a oisaoiuty," saia uoi. E. A. Baker of Toronto in an ad action bv hospital attendants saved in the spring season, may chanee the lives of two Weekes. Sask.. bovs dress Tuesday night to the annual tne iinai picture. Tuesday when an automobile park meeting oi- tne Alberta division. tain kind of cases where plasma gives better nutritional support Acreage intentions for the prair ed m tne hospital grounds caught uoi. waiter reportea tnat aoout ies witn.iasc year s ngures in oracK 800 of the 20.000 blind persons ets: The boys, Dennis Poitra and his i uanaaa nave full-time jobs and Three nrovinces SDnnc wheat Drotner .borne, naa oeen left in tne But he added that a -blood faction known as "serum albumin' can also give this nutritional sun- many others are employed in part-time capacities. r while their rather, N. Poitras. Z4,uu,uuu acres (2,au4,uoo) oats; for crain 7.124.000 r7.560.OOm: bar- Weekes district farmer, visited poet and efforts are already under way to increase the army's supply. lev 8,518,000 (8,145,000): serine rve his wife in hospital. St. Laurent (Continued from Front Page) the Upper House. They were the first appointments since early in 1951. Tile Liberals will hold 75 seats in the 102-member Senate at the next Parliament unless the prime minister makes further appointments. There are eight Progressive Conservative senators. Of the 19 present vacancies, six are in Quebec, five in Ontario, four in New Brunswick and one each in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Manitoba and British Columbia. Patients in the hospital saw 421,100 (499,600) flaxseed 982,000 (1,124.000): summerfallow 21.930.- the car burst Into flames. Attendants rushed out to rescue the boys shortly before the car was engulfed 000 (21,245.0.00). Candidate List In Manitoba Grows; Five Days Remain Alberta figures show spring wheat 6,404,000 (6,404.000); oats for gram 2,535,000 (2,587,000); barloy 3.536,- The fire was believed caused by LAWNMOWERS Keep that lawn looking Its loveltot by trim-mint; it with on- of these rubber tired streamlined mowers. WINNIPEG (CP)-With only five We Have a Wide Variety of Seeds VEGETABLES, FLOWERS and GRASS ALL CERTIFIED GRASS SEED Kentucky Blue lb. 9gc Creeping Red Fescue lb. fjgc Crested Wheat Grass lb. 75 5-lb. Mixture (of above) Each 4.95 NEW NAME ADOPTED Must Be An Actor days left until the official nomma- OTTAWA (CP) The Canadian tion day. May 25. there have been 138 candidates named to contest the Hospital Council at its biennial convention here Tuesday adopted CJOC Highlights WEDNESDAY TM. 6.00 Purity Pete 6.05 Sicks' Opinions 6.1$ Rural Weather 6.13 News and Sports 7.00 News 7.30 Piano Player's Hall 8.00 Smilry Burnette 8.13 Musical Thoroughfare 8 JO Take a Chance 8.09 I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. 940 Lives of Harry Lime ie.00 News and Weather 10.15 Snorts Final WINNIPEG (CP) The o7 scats in the June 8 Manitoba provincial election. - Party standings to date are: Lib pitai Association. TO ATTEND CORONATION STOCKHOLM (Reuters) The United Nations secretary-general. Dag Hammerskjold. told reporters here that he will attend the Coronation in London .and represent the UN. contnoution to the lore of the ilvms saucer is by a Winnipeg man who claims he saw a flying vegetable Joe PaUlicelly -was waiting; through a railway yard when h ur. a. u. McGugan of Edi ton was elected president of the if' 16.75 16" t 17.95 14" De-Luxe 20.95 16" De Luxe , 22.95 IS" 24.95 eral Piogrcssive. 48; Progressive Conservative. 34; CCF. 23; Social Credit. 22; and eleven others. association for the next two years. succeeding ur. o. c. Tramor oi saw an object in the sky which he described as a cucumber a peeled cucumber. This is national clean up. paint up week. Do your harc to make this cemmuiMr a better place to live. Winnipeg. Directors include Percv Ward, Mr. Pau icellv said it was crwmv Vancouver, and John Smith. York-ton. Sask. - white in color and floated Jnlo some clouds where it disappeared. 10.30 Smiths of Hollywood 11.00 News and Weather 11.15 Sports Score Board 1140 Music Till One "At that heicht it looked abnut nine Inches lone, five inches wMc TENDERS INVITED Tenders for palnllnc the Nurses Home of the Maclcod Municipal Hospital DiMricl No. 48. will be received up to and including June 6th, 1953. Plans and specifications on application to the Secretary Treasurer, Fort Macicod, Alia. ano it nan no protuocrances, said solemnly. BIDS DEATHS YESTERDAY for ' the purchase of factory building UiM and Lot. Ne. 18 Block 1 in the village of VaaxhaM will be received up THURSDAY A.5L 545 Don's Daybreak 645 New 7.00 Your Farm Reporter 7.15 Breakfast Chih 7.55 Spotlile on Sport 8.00 News 8.15 Travel Burrau 8.30 Tonrinr, the Town fl.15 Lucy Linton ?49 Laura Limited 9-45 Hour of Charm GARDEN TOOLS TURF EDGER $2.35 GARDEN RAKE 2.25 GARDEN HOES 2.45 SPADING FORKS 2.25 CULTIVATORS 1.95 SPADES 3.75 GARDEN WHEELBARROW 21.50 and including the 27th day I of May. ' By The Canadian Press MONTREAL Roderick Stuart Kennedy. 64. wiitor-in-chicf of the Family Herald and Wecklv Star since 1S39. WELLINGTON. N.Z Archbishop Campbell West-Watson. 76. former Anglican primate oi New Zealand. BONN. Germany HutMph Na-dolny, 79. Hitlers first ambassador C. A. ANDERSON I VAVXHAU, ALTA. CITY OF LETHBRIDGE EXTRA ROOM IN ASSESSOR'S OFFICE WEED NO MORE Ideal for Killing Lawn Weeds 5-oi ,75 1.7S 40-or. 2.50 10.00 Club Calendar 10.15 Happy Gang 10.15 MuMcal Kitchen 11.00 News 11JII5 Barry and 'Rett? 11.10 According (n ihc Record 1140 Road of Life IMS Rosemary THURSDAY T.M. YOW ALWAYS OO BfTTfft AT 12.15 Farm Service Show 1240 News, Snort and Weather 1240 Dealer Wortwhop l.0 P. A G. Honr Written lenders 'will be received at the office of the City Manajrcr, City Hall, up to noon, Monday, June 1st, 1953 for the construction of a machine room in the Awssor's office in accordance with plan and specifications available at the City Engineer's office in the City Hall. Tender to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked Machine Room Tender, Citv Hall", on the outside of the envelope. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. 3 A. L H. SOMERATLLE Cily Manager FARM LAND FOR SALE The followins; farm lands will be sold bv PUBLIC AUCTION May 22nd, at 2 pn. at the Public Library at Warner, Alberta: WVi 9-3-12 W4th SE 7-3-12 W4th NW5-3-12W4rti This land i lorMfd appjvcimsttfv 26 mile ea.M and 4 miles Huth of Vamr. Albrm. nfar ihc former Hcr.inwr Ranch piopc:1. This land i? rradv to teed, TERMS: CASH Auctioneer. FRANK KOENCN British Canadian Trust Company TRUSTEE IN BANKRUPTCY . ZOO School Broadcast 240 News 340 Pesiry Brooks Show . 345 Cino 345 Norma Button Show 4.15 Helen Trent 4 Our Gal Bandar 5. Fire O'clock Show 545 Tourlrt Shu GARDEN HOSE 50-ft. Lengths 4.75

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