Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on May 2, 1962 · 29
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 29

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1962
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Wednoiday Morning May 2 1962 JUDY GARLAND TOO 'Victoria Regina' Emmy Favorite 1111' Bolt 111101As iiilLiMA1H11) May I 11--Comehack queen Judy Gar land and 'Victoria Regina" appear strong favorites for Pro gram of the Year in television academy nominations an pounced Tuesday The two top stars of the 1961-1962 sea $un Lt Oil John II Glenn and Nit's John F Kennedy didn't get a mention Marines Alter Glohn'm orbital flight and Mrs Kennedy's tour of the White noose weren't nominated for Ern- Reserve Unit nip because of the coliperative I m Pl1'P by all three networks The Fort mum marine Be The academy hinted at a special e 'I'Ve unit will become an li-ineh ThAdra th two achievements howitzer battery combat unit Thss Garland looked like a sopt I as a result of a nation strong contender lor her F('l) 5 wide reorganization of the Ala special Others nominated for roe erps Besee I ‘‘ proixam of the year along V 1th flounced Tuesday by MAL pex -Victoria Regina' were "ValNIcEntire reserve vomman- ""1 V311 GlI1h: der 1Valk in Nly Slaws- from the -l'he unit now known as the "Cl°sell0" serl" 8111 CRS' on trover:sial "Biography of a Bookie 3rd 105 mm Howitzer Battery will be redesignated as the 41 h fl-inch Howitzer Battery Aliss Garland alo contended for est musical performance with "The new mission of the h dues not indicate a ithehhood or l'erry Coen° YVPS Alontand Carol Burnett and Edie Adams And the mohilization" AlcEntire s a i d nut ‘v ill provide vital training! Garland special was up for hest variety program along with the objectives for the unit while in shows of Perry ( omo Walt Olg- a reserve stolos" tiny ViatuA and Garry Moore GD-17 Geis Order To Modify 4 B-58s General Dynamics — Fort -Worth has heen awarded a con' tract for alteration of four 11511s 'from test type craft to trainers Congressman Jim Wright of Fort Worth annOtinced Tuesday The Air Force informed Wright that $2000000 was being allocated for start of the work A CD spokesman said total cost of the project would he appreciably more than the initial amount The k o rk involves providing more window space and equipping the planes so they can he piloted from either the first or the second station --- ------ Ti ONSed twty hospital Survived hyl wile one oom At Him' W New JP1'!0'1 three daughters Mrs Robert 'tucker Morenci A rizonv Mrs Jack LEIYi on Fort Worth Mrs Otto linesteke Azle two brothers (11'ni Ada Okla Lester Fitzhugh ()Cc four stSterS Mrs L M Mosley Mts 11 H Corbin Mrs RaYmond Brus all Fort Worth Mrs Jack Rambo Durant Okla 12 grandchildren 3 at-granOchildren Services 2 30 0 m wednesday (ireenwood Chapel RPV liohind Satterfield officiating Interment Iklount Olivet Arrangements Greenwood DRAKE MRS RUTH M 71 passed i Scott &WHY MOIVIHY reSilitliCH 3830 Race borvived by: two daughters Miss DeSt SUppOrting Artl'eSS—P1111- Roby Drake Mrs Etiglir N Little son ela Brown Jeanne Cooper Col-Carl F Drake 1111H inOther JHHH T Muir all Eno Worth: two sisters Mrs leen Dewhurst o a n Hackett E Durrett Wichita Falls Mrs A 0 Abbott Electra Services 11 H mary vOckes Wednesday Robert sonM oeller-liaroer Best Daytime Proqram—"Calcimio Interment Mount Olivet Ceme lerY Pallbearers Bill SnelIL CUM endar" "House Party" Purex F Brewer h()rfla ltni Llovd Ste- ohens Abitid (jemmy Fred GermooY sptt " oday "The Verdict Illn'T'MPIIT Mount Olivet Cemetery Ar j yours0 uobiqiNoiimiiyarrnarper Final awards hy the 6000 naCURRAN PAGE 57 passed OWNY tional members of the academy morning survivors sis will he announced on a telecast ter Katherine Curran Mrs Opal C Sullivan Mrs E M Earls all of Fort May 22 Worth Rosary was recited 8 o m 1131'11011MM11-11r CURRAN PAGE 57 passed awaY v morning survivors V sis tery K a t herine Cmran Mrs Opal C M rs E M Fans all of Fort Worth Rosary was recited 8 p m Tuesda Y in the Robertson- M nellerH 'truer Chanel Re011it'fil Mass 0 30 a in Wednesda Y' tn St Patrick Co-Cathedral Monsignor La wrence DeFalco celebrant Interment Mir Tit Olivet Pallbearers Damien C Kelly Fred Onminski Joe Guminsk I Bryan 11)OMPSOP Pet e Sachtl Cranv Hr Hollenbeck of Dallas A rrang e nienrs Buberi somM oeller- ft rper PRICE 1()11N F passed away ttionda Y in Temple Texas Residence 3210 Denton flight ay Survivors Wife brut her William F Price of Los Angeles: sisters M rs E W Stevenson of At ling-ion Wash Mr Carl A RIM of Sheri-thin W YO 81'1i1C'S 4 P n WPdlIcsdav 011Ni wtiod Chapel Rev Gordon Gray °Mutating Interment Moont OM et Ar BR DON FM 41i10 RYA 89 res Hence 3fl Stffitim Dr passed a w3v TuesdaY Survivor Daughter - Is v Ally Aileen Brandon of Fort Wori h: t hree nephews Omar tl I ma IL and Lib ther Brandon of Fort Wort h Services 2 34 P 111 WOdnd14 Y Inty CrowdPr Chapel Rev S W Hinton officiating Pallbearers OMAr Inman Ltd her nut Da vid uinrlon J G Schlep Bernard lish 11 ItS SALLIE A pas‘ed 4" away -Ineday in nver Coln Survivors I f daughters Mrs Irine De 11111 Mrs Filasingame RORtY will be recited R I 8 p m Thurstiliv Oreenwonci Chattel Mass will be relebratrd at m Fridnv St Marys Catholic Church Father Mernrad Marbough celebrant Interment Greenwood ArGrPenwood GRAFF mRs liNcui tAlRINE CNIGGS 170I Alton oesed Rica Mon day Survivor hukband Chatice Hentv G4ff iter Mr Almedo Fort orth Friend miiy At Itirve & Cole FIMPPKI Home 7I12 Rh Ave where xervires will he conducted 2 Sin p m Werlopitday RPV Hunter Lewi offirteling Interment (Ireenwood Arianwernent tiorvPon Al role PARKER JOE IRVIN age 55 nsJed away Monday Residence ills Mid ow Oak Dr SOINtrird hy: wile Hester Po?ker: sister Mrs Ia Mae Wrigh alf10 Texas halt-stter s C A Mflrrow three brothers Charlie Parker Fort Worth Edwaid CaIitorfl4 Johnny of I nkr Worth Services 2 :10 n in Wedneqtav Shannon Memorial Chanel Hey C ti Sieron oftwiating PKfl bearers- H 8 WlIRTT1 T V Couch W Cantrell C W Portwoort I C Like J R LaRue Artangemenik Shannon G IIfl AY MR II) IIFILLE 9211 I RA-110m yekr1 of ge paed WPI V local rest home Toesdrly SIrvo husband Ah in IN (ifilinw A Rovers) ntees purl M1firiVg Srvec 2 p ni v‘rednInv Sillier'A Chanel BIT I MOUllt Art anivment NIPerF 7401 (-Amy 14"1 PF 77777 1101i1VinNi I RNI It 4 R4 22:17 CAn Ale pased sway 8 ndri Sit bv a 11P nne ot serv:res Q loke!efsv Own- fleotrey (1a Pei of Ch (iNI et de serrIceg 3 10 m WPonecno ro1 lex 0 4r rAtufPrnen 0 en Pi RTIMIP 425 Sn Henoon Fr) 4 V7 11p ARIAND RtiMOND 111(H‘RD 5117 Nrt Ro kip IT SqrvivrgY dhter N1i M WoMen mother Mr I Icre7ill Morrr Atter Palmer frIr brnthera Alvin M1 tn 1nm Fqknic Serv!ce‘ 11) m Wennr flaY T Chapel Rev Rober! Yntrs 4:ted by Pf V C H Stseron Paj bearers' Jack Tarrley Oporto Dem 'Harold Creamer Harold Flory Ken rwth larnwn Roy Wemnie Manric gravecde wvice Arrangetrenta LitCRS Florists Cemty Lots Olil 2 IOls iN M Oitvet CerrPterv 0Affirr of Mort mg i" 1 f- 4406 Utztergi F 10A PTV W r Wright FIcirtrt 4(74 rimffOn't C2 t 4 MftX1§11C!M!WW1 Skeep Possible "Victoria Regina" also gave promise of making another Hallmark sweep like last SPASOTIS "Macbeth" The Queen Victoria hiography scored in seven categories Julie Harris A'ho played the title role is up for hest single performance against Geraldine Brooks for "Call Back Yesterday" ("Bus Stop") Susan Pleshette for "Shining Image" ("Dr Kildare'' Iner Stevens The Price of Tomatoes" (Dick Powell Show): Ethel Waters "Goodnight Sweet Blues" ("Route fiii"( elames Donald as Victoria's consort is in the race tor hest single perfoonlance against Milton Berle Actors Named Best Series Actor—Paut Burke Jackie Cooper Vincent Edwards George Maharis E G Marshall Best Series Actress—Gertrude Berg Shirley Booth DonnaIteed Mary Stuart Cara Williams Best Supporting Actor —Sam Jaffe Barry Jones Don Knotts Horace McMahon George C Nkrumah a 'Genius' ACCRA Ghana May I tReuter's)—The Ghanaian Times declared Tuesday the Soviet Unions award of the Lenin Peace Prize to President Kwame Nkrumah was a tribute to this giant of geniuses" 0- BEST BETS ON THE NETS hot oto tribono ervirt 40N 1 It A 1N—"The Jud Steel Story"---6- 30 p 111—NBC igoluilaster Hawks Terry Wilson1 informs the widow of a man shot v hile trying to steal horses that he 111(1 killed her husband But Hai k is 10141 the Iniin died Years earlier as a town hero and is shown the monument erected for him hy the people Also featured are Nlary Ia Roche Edward !Um and Arthur Fran WRAP Toll CAT — For a Day"--7:30 p in — Dibble becomes irate when Top Tat and his crew con him out of another round of free lunches Dibble finally puts an end to the trickery and Top Cat and his pals seek another meal ticket WFAA Is E It it Y COMO'S MUSIC IIALL-41 p ms—NBC—IColorcast — Perry salutes Derby ‘Veek in Kentucky with former jockeys Eddie Arcaro and Sam Renick as guests Actress Lola Albright is a special g ne81 w BA p STEEL 11011t--"A Man for fiona"--9 p ru—CIIS lah flankhead and Nancy Car- — roll co-star in the story of a mother who Ines unsuccess- fully to get a hushand for her unmarried daughter K R1fl piloted from either the first or - "Doyle -qainst the House " (Dick above sea level in the Tien Shan the second station Powell Shinvi: Peter Palk the Mountains in northern Kirghizia --- ----- ' Price of Tomatoes" 'Dick Powell the Soviet news agency Tass re-Show i: Lee Marvin "People Need ported It is part of a new high-UT Gets Ford Grant People" iAlcoa P r e m ie r 0: i way linking North and South The niversity of Texas M i c k e y Rooney "Somebody's I kirghizia U — " l ! Meeived a $9130 0 grant from th Waiting IDick Powell Show e victoria 1-toinaii also w a s For d Foundation for a televised Arden Young nominated for best dramatic pro course in American civilization along with "People Need Requests Your Support of gram including lectures by eminent people- and the series 'Pen historians The course will be Casey" The Defenders" the Mrs Eva Barnes broadcast to other T Dick Powell Show and "Nakd exas colleges e Judge Domestic Relations Court and tillikersitit s over the St at !'s city" ai microwave educational netwoi ti Other major nominations: flid Political Advertisement) laill1MILIIP Iles' linmor Program — Andy Griffith Red Skelton Bob New- ! Let's Scott 1 Death Notices 011 hart "Hazel" "Car 54 Where i i -' -' 1 Are imimuo AR111111 It— 3032 Pueblo r-iirtryri—tel at your Orug store i roil co-mar in me story co a Only a NEW TABLET CONTROLS mother who tries unsuccess v PRE-PERIOD TENSION — fully to get a husband for her woman RELIEVES PAINFUL CRAMPS unmarried daughter KfiL1) suffers When a woman has periodic pain her suf TONIGHT-10:40 p m--NBC this kind fering is often intensi- --4 Colorcast 1—Guests IA ill be ' of pain! bed by premenstrual boating which puts Milton Kamen Xavier Cugat irritating pressure on Ulu Lane and Eric Erickson sensitive nerves and organs Symptoms Sw!erlish spy of World War II such as moodiness irritability and WRAP tension become more disturbing as her - body stores more and more fluid Now a woman can relieve this distres with Cardui Brand Tablets a neV Tunnel Near Completion product that contains Pamabrom ar ! ingredient formerly available by pre- LONDON May I ! Renters)— ! scription only Cardui Tablets gently I release undesirable fluid from the hods A tunnel about a mile and a half I and also tetieNe upset nerves low back long was nearing completion I pain headache and functional cramps I Get Cardui Tablets the remarkable Tuesday more than II00 feet I new advance in medication for women ' One application of DENTUR-EZE "miracle" plastic keeps plates tight up to 6 weeks DENTURIEZE Don't let anyone tell you that all vodka 5 are alike They aren't! Extra care go' 's into Smirnoll the authentic original vodka the smodard todka of the world since 1818There are clwper odkas but thrre not Srilirtioff! 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Capt Kangaroo CBS 8:30— :25 News COLOR NloYie— I 9:00—Say ‘‘ hen NBC I (See Is los le Listing) !Jack La Lane Show II:30—Play Web COLOR-NBC :55 Meditation I 4 Love Lucy CBS 10:00—Price Right COLORNBC II othly's World !ltdie–Benell— (Video Village CBS 10:30—Concentration NBC Creathe Cookery I 'Horizon :55 N's CBS I 1 1:00—Impression COI 011NBCi Cartoons :15 N'sMkts Ernie lord Show ABC Love of Life CBS 1 1 1 :30-1 roth or Consequences Romper Room Yours for a Song ABC Search for Tomorrow 1 1:4 5— :55 News NBC Cuiding Light CBS 1 2:00—high Noon N's COLOR 'iSheriff of Cochise i Camouflage ABC News Local Show I 2:30— :35 Dateline COLOR !Cartoon Carnival Window Shopping ABC As World Turns CBS 1:00—J Murray :25 N's NBC Movie— I Court :25 Rpt ABC i Password CBS 1:30—Loretta Young NBC (See Movie Listing) One Step Beyond :' House Party CBS 2:00—Youn2 Dr Ntalone NBC :25 Nev's IJane Wyman Alit i The Millionaire CBS 2:30—Our Five Daughters NBC Movie— i Seven Keys ABC Verdict :55 Ns CBS !' 3:00—Room for Daddy 3:15 !sift (See Movie Listing) Queen for a Day ABCBrighter Day CBS 1 Secret Storm CBS 3:30—Hollywood :55 N's NBC :55 Life Line Who You Trust ABC Edge of Night CBS 4:00—Kukla & 011ie NBC Popeye's Am Bandstand ABC December Bride 4:30— (4:05 Cartoons) COLOR Playhouse i :50 Newsstand ABCiOur Miss Brooks ! 4:00—Kukla & 011ie NBC Popeye's 4:30— (4:05 Cartoons) COLOR Playhouse $995 I i! After Five on TV WEDINESIDAY WRAP-TV (Channel 5) KM (Channel 11) ‘1TAA-TV (Channel 8) I KRID-TV (Channel 4) 0E00-Action 5 Rocky and His Friends Highway Patrol 1Party Time it esk fir T11! 1L- 11::111 I r -rt-- c--- i Broderick Crawford 1 5:15 Johnny Weissmuller and 1 :15 Three Stooges 5:30 Angela Ste Veil star in licky Twerp emcees 5:15 "Devil Goddess- IShim Bang Theater 6:00—News COLOR The Pioneers :10 Weather COLOR Stories of the almost 6: I 5—OuntleyBrinkley forgotten people who Report NBC tamed the wild West 6:30—Wagon Train NBC Dick skant Wagonmaster Tracy Bill Hawks kills a News—Bill Johns Weather—McNeill anted gunman and 7:00 then is mystified to Amos 'n Andy learn the man "died" Freeman Gosden and a heroic death Charles Correll star in fist years earlier their famous roles 7:30---Joey Bishop Show NBC Bat Masterson Milton Berle causes ap- A pretty piano player prehension for Joey leads Bat to clean up about to make 1 V debut Dodge City 8:00—Perry Como Show COILMNIRC A musical variety show hosted by and starring 830 Perry Como with Actress Lola Albright as his guest plus a salute to the State of Kentucky 9:00—king of Diamonds King is on the trail of two American soldiers in Berlin 9:30—David Brinkley's Journal COLORNBC News features with editorial comment Everglades A small-time chisler is defrauding the school lunch fund Panic Amique buyer wakes LIP in Chicago and has lost his memory Movie— "Dragon Seed" '44 Katherine Hepburn Walter Huston Turhan Bey J Carroll Naish Life of the poor Chinese peasants under the brutal !WOO I exa ews—Newsfilm :r j -- s N loccupation of the a Japanese Story is Latest Local Events I I 0: I 5—Sillier Telefacts COLOR adapted from :25 News Final COLOR! gripping novel Pearl Buck's i I 0:30---Spfs Mullarkey COLORof the same name WEDNESDAY MOVIES 8:30—"The Highwayman" 'SI Charles Coburn Philip Friend Pre-revolutionary England disguised as a Quaker nobleman aids bee men escape being shipped to the Colonies as slaves of the Crown Wednesday Nighttime Programs— ARC 6 00— Weather 10 00—Newc: Melodic Melodic Living Living I 6 30—Weather- 11:00—News Melodic' Radio Refined LiMag 7 00-50attiaht 12 00—Sign OH co—Notional Incbgnattan 1 Convention KX01 RADIO —1360 Wednesday Program' 5 0—Jim Tucker 700—eril Woman 9 00—lad Rodly Midnight 'til 5 a m— 12 004afry Vona konny Sargent 4 00—Bi9 Snit Nowt at 30 and r55 KFJZ RADIO-1270 wodnesday Program' 00—Geasno Erwm 3-00—Ho a Amold 7 30—M 1 Randall 6 00—Ni Randall 745—Goso Erwin 6 30—Jack Marren 9 004iM S'MCM 9 00—Chas Hobbits 12 Randall 1 00—Sion Off 12 30—R41 'notice News art the Hour BYRON MATTHEWS CANDIDATE FOR JUDGE CRIMINAL DISTRICT COURT KTVI -7:25 PM RE-ELECT C H (PUNCH) WRIGHT County Commissioner Precinct 2 Qualified by Experience and Performance Subject to Democratic Primary —Pad Pol Adv A RESULT-GETTING STAR-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED AD IS AS HANDY AS THE TELEPHONE—CALL EDison 27722 KCUL RADIO-1540 Wednesday Programs 3 00—Arronecer 10:00—SW Radio 6:00—Form & Ranch Church Ranchero 10 30—Church 7 00—Jerry Parks 11 00—Esoeto Aut 730—Life Ione 12-00-811 Reynold' 745—Jerry Parks 4 00-1 Williams 815—Unity V °cunt 6 00-1ucky Leroy 8-20—Jerry Pork" 6 30—Baseball --- 30—Wid Tom r'w Houston Colts 9 00—Jerry Parks trs St Louie 930—Chnstinn Cards 9 43--terrY Park" 11--turky Leroy 12 00—San TONIGHT SEE and HEAR PAGE NINE —Paid Polltical Adv r( Link letter and Kids The Lone Ranger Evening Report ABC Clayton Moore stars :35 Tonight I :45 Ntovie1 1:419 Show COLOVS BC Movie— 1 - - "1 he Yellow Cab Mery Griffin emcees "Kongo" 32 Man" '50 Red Skelton the new nighttime show Walter Huston Lupe Gloria De Haven Wild t oming from Califorma Velez Classic farce in which Red st ith special guest stars horror thriller of is seen as the zany vA oo fri t ic t a )on it nh untg e Le I 1 21110—Nevss COLOR inventor of an elasti- : !glass windshield :10 Or Joyce Brothers :15 Ntilestones Sign Off :45 Prayer Sign Off I :15 ISevss Sign 011 Nevvs—Murphy Martin INeyks—Eddie Barker 10 National Nev s :10 1V'ther—Harrtson Veather—Dale Milford '1Doug Edwards CBS :23 Sports—Wes Wise I National World News Howard K Smith— sews Comment ABC Analysis of week's important news stories Straightaway ABC Scott becomes innocent decoy in a romantic battle Top Cat ABC T C decides to become a TV contestant to win free meals Hawaiian Eye ABC Cricket Blake's private investigator friends come to her defence when she is accused of attempted murder in "Rx Cricket" Naked City ABC Unusual legal problem involves a man with 10 years blanked from his memory due to a brain tumor who is being tried for murder committed at that time News—Reported by Murphy Martin eather—M Mord :23 Sports—Wise Final Report ABC The Alvin Show CBS Songwriter David Seville stars with his creation "The Chipmunks" Window on Main Street CBS Little girl hears strange voices under a tree Checkmate CBS Checkmate is called in to investigate when several accidents occur at a men's health club and the owner's life appears to be in danger The Van Dyke Show CBS Comedy series: co-star Mary Tyler Moore Steel Hour CBS Tallulah Bankhead stars in "A Man for Oona" a drama about a mother who tries unsuccessfully to get a husband for an unmarried daughter News—Frank Gileber Reporting Weather—Underwood :20 Newsreel The Best of Grouch° U S Border Patrol :30 Comedy Time espers Sign Oft WBAP-WFAA RADIO (820) KERA (CHANNEL 13) Wednesday Daytime Programs-NBC Wednesday Programs 0-Radio Almane 12:30-Gou idyl Mkt 930-Prep School 315-Drama 6:15-News 1:00-N s Mus Man 1115-For Your Festival Form Report 1:30-EmPhotillt Information 530-What s New 7:00-N s SW Cent Music Man 1000-Science I 600-Dr Poems 8 00-N si SW Cent 2-News Music 1015-Air Force News Giants 8 30-Morning Man Man Review 630-Continental 900-N si Urn Mon 230-Emphasis 1030-What e New Classroom 9:30-Emohosist Music Man 11 i00-Sounish A 700-Drover Markets 300-N so SW Cent I15-Air Force News Education 1000-News Mkts 3 30-Ne SW Cent Review 715-Retrospect 1030-SW Central 500-N so SW Cent 1130-Continental 730-Adventures 11!00-N s SW Cent 530-Road Show Classroom in Art 12:00-News: M Cox News 12 00-Test Pattern 8 00-smuiv Wednesday Nighttime Programs-NBC i r00-Sceence II Workshop 600-N 4 R d Show 1000-News Moon 115-For Your II 30-American 610-N so SW Cent Watch Information Album Abra 700-N so SW Cent 1030-Emphasis: 1 30-'Your Dallas ham Lincoln 730-Democracy in Moon Watch 2 00-Home and 900-Photography America 1100-News Family Life Art Incisive Art 8 DO-Experts took Moon Watch 2 30-Face of Earth 9 30-Yo5r ballot at the Soviet 1130-Emohosis 3:00-lanquage 1000-Sign Off Union moon Watch Arts II 9:00- Ns i SW Cent 1200-Sign Off Channel 8 I 100-SW Central 500-N s SW Cent 1130-Cotrne-n-tal 73-0--41v-e'n't-u're I I I) 4)---Fifty RoadA to Tosn"1 1100-N s SW Cent 5:30-Road Show Classroom in Art 12:00-News M0O5 News 12 00-Test Pattern 8 00-smuiv 37 Ann Sot hern Don Wednesday Nighttime Programs-NBC 100-Science II Workshop Aineche NI a n running I 600-Nrs R d Show 10:00-News Moon I 15-For Your II 30-American I r n m an irate husband I 6:30-N sr SW Cent Watch information Album Abra meets a girl running away V3)3--"I'D'IellSvi Cent 't "'"—mEmooPishastc 1 30-Your Dollas ham Lincoln mocracy o h 2 00-Home and 900-Photographyr also Channel I I America 1100-News I amily Life An Incisive Art 2:30---Filieen Maiden lane" 8 00-Experts tonic Moon Watch 230-Face of Earth 9 30-Your Dallas of the Soviet 11:30-Emohasis: 3:00-lanquage 10:00-Sign Off '36 Claire Trevor Cesar Union Moen Watch Arts II Romero Girl feigns love 900- Ns SW Cent 1200-Sign Off tor diamond thief to try WBAP-FM — 963 MEG in break his robbery ring KRLD RADIO (1080) Wednesday Programs and find worlds largest Wednesday Daytime Programs-CBS 800 CAM to 5-00 730-Candlelight 500-News Bible 1:00-News Music pm-Work and Wine diamond Channel 1 I 5:15-Stamps Q tet 1i3O-Personal Along Music 800-Podium WBAP-WFAA RADIO (570) 5:30-Army Show Story Music and News 925-News Wednesday Daytime Programs-ABC 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