Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 28, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1944
Page 8
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• Page Eight NAUOATUOK DAI^Y NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 28, Parents Advised To Guard Children Against Paralysis Washington. July 2S-(UP) — ,,1'Xlorn! health nufhorilies are .socking to check nn "iilarming spread" of infantile paralysis liy enlisting jwirpnts In H four-point program to protect children from the crippling ""VHSCHSC. Until the end of the so-called polio sennon in late September, offi- "cials of the United States Puhlic ~ Health Service and representatives of various medical associations ,-ul- .'.vlsc parents to t:ike the following precautions; . Make .cconstant checks for headaches, fever, nausea, soreness of the throat, nnd .stiffnesi of the neclt. If any of these symiitoms aristc. call a physician Immediately and an-ange for liospilnliziition if possible. Allow children to travel as little as possible; keep them off buses. Avoid crowds. .. • Keep thorn away from swimming pools unless It c;in be clclurminijd that, contacts there or in camps art: no greater than normal contacts at home. Hickey Inspects Local Theaters The Alcazar and Gem theaters were inspected yesterday by State Police Commissioner Edward -J. Mickey, who also servos as state tin* marshal. The" visit here was part of .1 state-wide endeavor to check on everything as a result of the circus catastrophe In Hartford, several weeks ago. Two theaters have been reported as closed—one in Mystic and the other in Norwich. The commissioner said that recommendations on lire exits will no sent to the managers of the two theaters. Inspections will continue. King 1 George Tours Italian Front ROSE SHOP SALE OF SUMMER Good news for Iiiidcrt-Miindt'd women! Gii-evcrywhcn- Siimmor ilrivuirM prkvil to <:!«•<• r now—, whlli' you've K«t lots of time to enjoy tin-in: COTTONS! SHEER SILKS! BEM3ERGS! PRINTED JERSEYS! <., King Gcorgii VI of KriglHiid (luft). and Gen. Sir Hitrold Alexander, commander of Allied forces in the Italiun Uioiit«r, ilrlvo from 1111 iidvaticcd iilrfiehl In Italy for a tour of this front. Ills Majesty in 7 spi-cted niivul units in Niiplcs Harbor. (International Siiiindphoto) Mi-s. W. J. Neary Executrix Of Will Mrs. Mario J. V. Ncary of Fnir- view avenue was bequeathed the life use of the real and personnl. property of her late husband, William J. Ncary, who died July 2, according to his will filed for probate yesterday. After Mrs. Neary's death, the estate, according to the will, is to be divided equally among his five children: Vivian Neiiry Kernsin, William J. Neary, Jr., Daniel R. Ncary, Mary Noary Morrisscy ar.d Thomas R. Ncary. Mrs. Ncary was named executrix of the will. The value of Mr. Neary's cstato was not. disclosed. He is reported to have .been the payer of the largest individual tax in Naugatuck. British Subs Have Destroyed 21 Jap Supply Ships PRICES AT THE ROSE ; SHOP ROSE SHOP 87 South Main Street — Waterbury Five Warranty Deeds Filed With Town Clerk Tho town cloi'Ws oflicc had ;L husy fl»y with warranty deeds -loci ny. Five u-cro filed, Town Clerk' Raymond J. St.- John, announced. . Joseph T. nnd Ed nil G. Knnc sole! a house nnd IWQ lots in Bristol Terrace lo Ermancl • J. and Frances R, V;ilois. John F, Nixon sold a holme and lot to Anthony and Stella Komun on Nixon avenue. A house and lot on Prospect road were sold to Alphcus and Bertha Kccne by Sylvio Be.iudoin. Ccorpe R. and Elinora D. Zcllers bought a house and lot on Riverside drive from Charles 1 and Carrie N'. Holmes. . A tenement block and lot on Gorman street was sold by Frcn Kiies to Octavio and Palmira Pinentcl. Coffee imports in ]900 amountnd to 12.6 pounds por person 15 yoni-s o!' aso or older, while in :D-10 the I fipuro 'had increiused to 17.4 pounds j per adult. May we suggest that you look at the casualty lists in this newspaper: then decide whether or not you have bought enough war bonds? Lets all Keep Backing the Attack! THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY The Naugatuck Daily News This IN iin offirlnl U. S. TnmMir.v iKlvortisriiif-nt—prrparrd under iiu.splccs of Treasury Dcpurlmi-lit :ind >V:ir Advertising Council. (By United 1'renn) British have sln.shed deep into Jiijian'.s sea lanes in the Far East. The admiralty announccx that British submarines recently have dii.sti'oyed 21 Japanese supply ships. The ve.ssolH sunk included two medium si/.r;d ships hit hy torpe- doc.s near the Andaman islands in the bay oT Beiifrn!. A tanker W:IH intercepted off the coast of Sumatra and attacked by frunfire. In addition, the submarines bombarded oil tanks on the northeast coast of Sumatra, and military installations on Ross island near Port Blair. Meanwhile, a Tokyo broadcast says American planc.s have carried out a new raid on the Palau islands. The broadcast says 300 American I'iphtcr sand bombers hit Palau several times Wednesday, The enemy report claims slight daniiisc fi-'im ' the at'.ack and declares' that 31 American planes were shot down. '' .. If Ihe Tokyo report is true, the new raid follows'on the heels of the smashinft two-day assault on the Caroline islands by an American naval task iorcc.-Tho earlier raid was carried out- by carrier- based pU.mes Monday.and Tuesday. Ten Japanese ships were sunk and 26 planes shot down. Carrier planes also struck at encriiy bases on Palau, Yap and Ulithi islands. TurniiiK to the OshtinK fronts- United StHtcs Marines, driving to complete their conquest of Tinian island in the Marianas, have captured Mount Laso, n peak dominating the southern end of. the island. American Seabce* and Enfrinoors are at work cnlarK'nff th c captured Ushi Point airstrip. Like Orotc airstrip on Guam, Tinian's air field also is within B-29 bomber range of And on Guam. Marino Forces arc driving nearer to the key nil 1 field on the Orote peninsula. The Japanese are putting up a desperate last ditch fight, but the Marines arc supported by medium tanks and artillery. ]n the southwestern Pacific, dispatches from General -MacArthur's headquarters predict a lartre sealc battle with trapped 1 Japanese ' forces in northern New Guinea. The Japanese, survivors of the <IO.- 000 man IStli Army, arc reported to be ready to make another attempt to break throuch American lines. Although the Japs, who are cut. off from reinforcements and supplies, have been reported starving. United Press Correspondent Francis McCarthy reports that advance troops appear well-fed and well-equipped. The source of the supplies is a mystery. . in India—Field Marshal Wavell, viceroy oT India, is reported to have turned down a request from Mohandas Gandhi for a conference on the Indian political situation. Wavell is reported to have written Gandhi that he feels that nothing new has come up • which would justify a meeting. Society's Plan To prisoners Halted *? • ' ••• •' ••_. viTrnnnette. P:vniv., July 28—(UP) —-The Garibaldi society's.--plans to eStertain 20 Italian' prisoners of wjjr at,a week-end pa'rty. h'ave-bocn caJlcd off -because spile officer* ,0! lllj'e American L-c'jf i-o.n-. protested" tfeat it would be an Insult'to Amcr- ionn Gold Star mothers.' "'". .,'. President Antonio Mnaiciantohlo alt the society, somewhat/surprised nt furore Mroused-'wiho'ii -the or- gruxizatin's plans we're''• revealed, announced:. l"The whole tiling- has been called o'fif now. The War department has asked us not-to -hold it for'mlll- tau-y • reasons."- • ':-•'•---•'••- "frhe prisoners were to have been bVoug-ht from the intcrninent capip at' Chambereburg:,' Pen'n. . • • "' .'?jSaid State Commander Frank X. ijfurray of the American L/cf,'ion: 'The American Lefjion., will ;nov- jf. permit the .while crosses of the Anzio beachhead to become besmirched -by this unthinking 1 , indecent action." ijMasclantonio said the party was plKnncd "merely as a-.fricndly RCS- tijrc towards^ men whose country- m'cn iirc now fighting- a» our Allies. 'f"Wc weren't planning anything elaborate," -he said. "We wcro just LJoinff'to give them one ffocxl liomc- eookcd meal." . Holiness Faith Member Received Bite From Snake ' St. Charles, Virginia, July 28— (UP)—A member of the Holiness Faith Hculcra of Stone Creek, Virginia. . who demonstrated their faith by .twlnlnpf poisonous snakes about-themselves is sufrci;inj,' from the bite 'of a cpppc/'head. Macil Thompson, miner in the nearby coal HcRls, .was struck by thCv copperhead when . he reached to pick ly the snake from a stand in the pulpit during .services last night. He is the -first member to be bitten .during more than •lO faith demonstrations. . However, six sect members have •died from Snake bites in recent years while others have i-coovcrcd. None of trie-sect members will ac- cept'medical treatment. New Store Opens InMillville 'Johji Grabowski has opened a new store in Millvillc. Mr. Grabowski, who has been working with radios for the past several years, is well known In Naugatuck for his work. The new establishment promises quick efficient service in radio repair work. IITAtkllMI* !••• ROGERS-PEET FINE CLOTHES*,^ THETVEW YORK MANNER ARE Dl&l PLAYED FOR THAT ~MAN ENJOYS THE GOOD THINGS OF —$55 TO $95. Hand tailored to the last stitch—good to >^| the last thread—clothes with a service mile. - ; .| age record in keeping with finest of virgin ; wool fabrics—both British and American..';;.' Streamline, smart, unusual and distinctive : ij clothes to be seen in—if you want to be seen u at your best. •" type of long-range bomber ras 315,000 separate parts, made of m'ateri-als from 28 slates and the Dominion of Canada. Ltfans made by small finance compajiies In 19-10 are estimated to have amounted to more than S500 million, an' of 18 per cent over the previous year. •,•*****•+*+> Courteous Service , LOVJNK ELECTRIC CO.- '^ 8 Church Street Russians Have Scored Again (Continued from Pnpc 1) the capture of Gnrvolin, rolling at the rate of more than a mile an hour, And other'Red army columns captured six of the strongest German strongholds on the eastern front in the. greatest haul of victories in this war. A Stockholm, -newspaper said German authorities are flccinp Warsaw after completing plans to evacuate all industrial plants, in- clubing three airplane works. And Polish patriots arc said to have killed two hiph-rankinf: German S. S. odicials while scvnraliother prominent Nazis have disappeared. GREAT OAK FARM O.VFOKU KOAD . Tel, 50-1!) MILK — EGGS Delivery To All farts Of Too Late To Classify Rooms To Rent T1IRETC nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping". All conveniences, (food- location. Suitable for - 2 adults. Address Box W in care of the News. HOWLAND -HUGHES "Watcrburv's Friendly Department Store" JULY CLEARANCE COVER— 69c HOMEWARES and GLASSWARE CANTEENS— **OC Ceiling Price, 79c Clearance v" v ALL METAL DUSTPANS— 7QC Green only • v** WEAREVER CLEANSER TWINS—Consists of 4 packages of Aluminum Cleanser and 4 packages of Cleansing Pads, O packages C-j OO " 10 in a box O for *^JL»At> GEM IRONING BOARD PAD AND Quilted pad and unbleached muslin C4 cover. Ceiling Price, §1.29. Clearance ^Jl* 8" ENAMEL FRYING PAN— Ceiling Price, $1.00. Clearance .... CANNING JARS— Pints, Ceiling G47f» Quarts, Ceiling O^C price, 95c ... O***' price, $1.09 .. v9 SLEEVE BOARDS— fiQC For ironing OIF 8-PC. SPICE SET—Decorative jars in container, filled with 11/|. to I'/j oz. of flf-i ffQ delectable spices ^iaWtF :j-PC. BOWL SET—No. 3, 5, 8 bowls of sturdy white ware, decorated with dainty cross- €4 OQ stitch design •. ™JL«^H*F LARGE COOKIE JARS—For cookies, pretzels and isnacks. Piggy form'. <j»4 *ytt ' Ceiling P»ice, $1.95 Clearance * P JL« I V UNFINISHED STEP STOOL—Ready to C4 fkft paint. Ceiling price, SI.95. Clearance ^JL»W HAND PAINTED UTILITY CANS—Floral designs painted on red,-blue, yellow and $*fl tfSQ ' green. Ceiling'price, .?1,95. Clearance ^JL«Ov TEXTRON SHOWER CURTAINS—Colanese rayon .taffeta in green fern.mist, ' ^|/5 t\f\ blue, white arid aqua *^V«"U CLOTHES BASKETS—Made of willow and split rattan. ^(9 1 O Ceiling Price, $2,95 : : .... Clearance ^A«JL«f WHITE ENAMEL BASE—Made of'wood with convenient drawer and C-J ^J 1 Qff compartment *«'JLO»v W 1C-PC. HIGHBALL SET —-8 rye tumblers and 8 matching coasters. •;.•' - " fiOf* Ceiling price, $1.29 '. Clearance OtJ*' RUBY TUMBLERS—9^07,, size. Rich ruby red. regular water size. 9Ctf* Ceiling price, 50c a doz. Clearance, "doz, Otf ^ CAKE PLATE—Decorative ruby design on white glass. .;. ' • -QQf* Ceiling price, $1.00 . Clearance OJF*' DEVILED EGG PLATES—For deviled eggs, crystal set of two. Ceiling price, $1,00 set. Clearance, set - THIRD FLOOR I CLOTHES BASK E TS .$1.59 METAL PULLEYS 20c SMALL GLASS WASH*BOARDS 69c TEMPLETON'S TESU'LETOVS COR WATERBURY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charee) SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS"! Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n* HU > and Rye Boy» ,._..-' PolkHK nnd Sweet Mule' White EagM Restaurant BRIDGE STREET; • Member of ConnwUort.!"] Restaurant HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed NflUGPTUCK INSURflNCC RGtNCi Nt H«> HLDG - TfL ; • VII Vq m 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality I footwear and other fine rubber products,) both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant ' NEW3ICYCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROU3 LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Cleans Your Oil Tank ^Conditions Yo«r Car Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleans Furnace Flues OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT TrniiNparcnt Filler and 4 Colon The Naugatuck Fuel Co, 87 Church St. Phone 52# >

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