Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1968
Page 10
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• -.» >*•«-,« itt-nr- NATIONS FIX From (Pa§e One) IfieSe results tefeassured: L The rate of exchange be- Ifteen dollars afid othef currencies will stay put, those ArneH* ean travelers who suddenly c6\ild not spend dollar bills of cash travelers checks overseas should have no more trouble. 2. the pound sterling hasbeen bolstered further, The six other countries which have supplied fold to the London pool are Increasing to $4 billion the total of currency credits available to hard-pressed Britain. Their previous commitments were not disclosed, but the increase is known to be substantial, 3, Oh the home front, jewelers and other licensed users of gold can no longer buy from the Treasury, The Treasury will continue to issue licenses to legitimate users, however, and the holders can buy on the free market here or overseas. None of the governments, the seven bank governors said, will henceforth sell to private buyers or buy from private sellers, They seemed confident the rule would be followed by all free world governments, not just the seven signers. Speculators and legitimate users alike thus will have to buy from those who mine the metal —in South Africa, the Soviet Union or Canada—or those who may be ready to sell from prl- vate hoards. The question that hung heavily over the two-day conference in Washington's marble Federal Reserve Board building—and still remains unanswered—is whether the $35 official price can stand up if the free price is much higher. Not even Washington expects the plan to endure unless solid measures are taken to repair confidence in the dollar abroad. The Federal Reserve moved Thursday to tighten credit. President Johnson gave further assurances Saturday. He will accept a multi-billion dollar spending cut In his fiscal 1969 budget, he said, to insure the enactment by Congress of his 10 per cent income tax surcharge proposal. There are strong indications that resistance in Congress is melting. JOHNSON IS From (Page One) opposite large North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces near Khe Sanh and Hue. Although Johnson is reported not to have reached a firm commitment on numbers, 35,000—a division plus supporting units- was the total being mentioned by Washington sources. They said any boost was likely to be spread out over several months. The administration also Is reported to have agreed to speed up its plans to furnish South Vietnamese forces with modern light weapons. Officials have said South Vietnamese provincial and local troops were outgunned during the Tel offensive by Viet Cong units armed with large numbers of Soviet-designed automatic rifles. Rep. Paul Findley R-I11., announced meanwhile that 137 House members have joined as co-sponsors of his resolution calling for an immediate congressional review of U.S. policy in Vietnam. Findley said in a statement backers of the resolution comprise 32 per cent of all House members and include 96 fellow Republicans and 40 Democrats. Rush Work At HemfeFrfr HOK (AW STA At HemlsFaif '6ft In San Antonio, Texas, workmen are rushing to complete the Tower of the Ameflcas World's Pair opening on ApHI B. Prom the 805-foot level, architect's secretary Carol Lee Hlndt uses n new 3M Casual compact copier to provide a change order for construction worker Jerry Zhtelman. Tower Is 7SO feef from ground to mast-lop, with a revolving restaurant and observation deck. Orange Meet Won by Kathy Whitworth ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - Kathy Whitworth dropped a bridle putt on the 18th hole Sunday and captured the Orange Blossom Women's Golf Open title. It was the first event of the 1968 ladies PGA tour. The 20-foot final bridle came after a neck-and-neck stretch drive with Sandra Haynle and Judy Klmball, who tied for second. The winner's purse was $1,875 and Miss Haynle and Miss Kimball earned $1,350 each. Strampe Wins Tournament at Buffa/o BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Bob Strampe has won the $45,000 Greater Buffalo Professional Bowlers Association Open Tournament, defeating Teata Semiz, of River Edge, N.J., 246-201. Strampe, of .Warren, Mich., topped Semlz Saturday after downing Therm Davis of Chicago, 224-172 and defending champion Nelson Burton Jr., of St. Louis, 249-204 in the nationally televised competition. • For Ills victory, Strampe picked up a winner's check for $6,000. Sernlz won$3,000, Burton $2,000, Davis $1,800 and Me- Millin $1,600. Claims to Be Best in the Hatian KANSAS CITY (AP)- NAIA champion Central State of Wilberforce, Ohio, can lay claim to being the top small college basketball team in the nation. The Marauders won the oldest and largest of the national tournaments — 32 teams — by edging Fairmont, W. Va,, State 51-48, ending a gruelling five- game, six-day battle Sunday night. In a regular season game, Central defeated Kentucky Wesleyan, the school that won the NCAA small college crown Friday night. Earliest record of printing from movable type is in China between A.D. 1041 and 1049. ^•^ ^^^^ «^^^ ^™^«- «^^^^ •^••^4 Moore Bros. Strving You Sinct 1896 PR 7-4431 — Wt Ddiv.r .Borclen's Mellorine Grade* A-Large White Eggs Heavy Slab Bacon 2,89 «1A RED SQ ^O POTATOES tiff parking meters begpn sprouting on the sidewalks of America on July }6. 19.35. when Oklahoma City recognized the genius of inventor Carlton Magee and purchased a number pf his Parfc-Q- Meters. The World Almanac s§ys. Today, imtoid millions of coins later, the ubiquitous parking meter rations time and curb space from coast {o coast, with taj.UQD in New York City alone. «'••('> riulil r IfnjS. V" « .»|M|.iT Kiil'-rj>riM P r em (Pag§ Onef .. 'In times pf uncertainty about paper currencies hoarders and speculators would cash In their paper money for gold, this created a drain on the re- Serves of Ihe London fold pool nations, especially the United States which supplied 59 per cent of the gold. 0—Does the two-price system solve the U.S. gold problem 1 ? A—Economists say If stops the loss of gold immediately but the underlying problem—the balance of payments deficit—remains, Steps such as a tax Increase and spending cuts must rfmfltf fif wffftt be taken to reduce the deficit, according to economists. §*»Wha( are the seven na* tlons which agreed to this two- price system? A-In addition to the United States, they are Belgium, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Britain. Q— How much gold do the seven nations havet A- About $26 billion. Q~ wilt these seven nations now supply gold to any market? A*.fn their Sunday commu- nique, the centra! banks said they "decided no longer to supply gold to the London gold market or any other gold mar* ket." they said they felt the ex- serves— Is "sufficient. frnVarnrtiflfifat centfdl banks ffofn acquiring gold at $35 tft ounce and resell* ing it for & profit it ft higher price in tfie private market? Am the seven nations agreed that they would nof sell gold to other countries to replace gold sold in the private market, the seven also agreed they would not purchase gold in the free market, Q«-How long will the higher private market prices last? A- One Paris gold dealer said "as soon as all the speculators try to sell gold and take their profit, you will have too much gold ftfound" and the priee would drop* Q~ Where will the gold come „ Hflfl tUli from for ine private mattel? mi ounie* ''If If ffcts hljhef, ttf A- Newly mined gold md etflif a! banks will sett to ffittt fold held by Ifrdfoldails wilt be a profit," he said* the sources* But tfovefnmertl* held sold, (he bulk of the world's svfc&fi wont be tvtil* able (o Individuals, Q*Whll ftfcbtlf FftfiSe? A-Pfiftge, wfiieh {railed oaf of the gold pool last year, holds about $5 billion in gold, it was not deaf immediately It France would disuse of hef gold on ih§ private market at the presume bl? higher pf iee^ Q»« What's the loflg»f ang» prospects for the ttfo^fiee sts» tern'? A- Economists say it is a stop-sap measure, one said the plan will work for a white if the free market price rises up to |Sd "^'JCnVieK'iiw g*»a«foi* KENNEDY From (Page One) slon proposal. Kennedy put It this way: "1 made it clear that if It (the commission) were more than a public relations gimmick, If both the President's announcement of the commission and Its membership signalled a clear- cut willingness to seek a wider path to peace in Vietnam, then my declaration of candidacy would no longer be necessary." But the administration source said Kennedy demanded that any statement announcing the commission indicate that Johnson had "grave doubt of the wisdom of his past course and that was why this reappraisal was necessary." The source said Kennedy wanted to be on the cnmmission and presented to Clifford a list of other possible members. Johnson immediately rejected the proposal, the source said, on grounds it smacked of a political deal, cast doubt on his Vietnam policies, might encourage North Vietnam to think U.S. resolve was weakening and furthermore represented an attempt to usurp presidential authority. Newsweek magazine quoted a White House aide as calling- the proposal "the damndest piece of political blackmail" he had ever heard of. Kennedy, saying he was surprised that "the traditional rules of confidence governing White House conversations are no longer respected by the White House itself," charged published versions of the affair "fall so short of the truth that I believe the American people are entitled to the facts." Kennedy said Johnson had first appeared interested in the proposal but later rejected It, in part—said the senator—because lie didn't want Kennedy on the • commission. Kennedy said subsequent , talks between the White House and Theodore Sorensen, the former aide to President John F. Kennedy who presented the proposal to Johnson, made it clear that: "... So long as Lyndon B, Johnson was President our Vietnam policy would consist of only more war, more troops, more killing and more senseless destruction of the country we were supposedly there to save. "That night I decided to run for president." Believed Best in Amateur Wrestling OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (AP) — Coach Grady Peninger of Michigan State was voted amateur wrestling's Man of the Year by the U.S. Amatuer Wrestling Foundation Saturday night. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Dpnt miss your nrl TO GIT 110 YOUR chance « • * * TVmberstone DINNER PLATE YOUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION This schtdult will b« repeated twice during the next 10 weeks We're beginning another go-around of this satile Ambers tone . . . with its bold, distinctive look. Now, you can start collecting the lovely Amberstone pieces at Safeway. Each week a new piece will be featured for just 29c witb a $3 purchase, excluding beer and tobaccc products. There's no limit: with a $6 purchase you can get 2 pieces for 58c . . . with a $9 purchase, 3 pieces for 87c . . . and so on. DOUBLE B C oT D STAMPS WEDNESDAY! Orange Juice Fresh Coffee Salad Dressing Margarine White Bread Scotch Treat, 6-O«. Florida Frozen Tin Coldbrbok Solid Pack. Easy to Spread and Wheat. Mrs. Wright's Meat Dinners Banquet Delicious Frozen Dinners. Assorted Varieties. , You Save a Big 18c on Th«M! 11-OZ. PKGS. Safeway. Pre- 1 -Lb. Ground. (1-Lb. Edwards 69c) . . Bag Piedmont. Qf. Salad Perfect jar Swiss Steak 69 W'M $1,000 CASH! PLAY BONUS BINGO . . . BE A WINNER! Select Arm Cuts USDA Choice Beef. Save20c Lb.! . . • Quarter Loins Pork Loin* , 69c • Sliced Bacon 2 Meat Pies Fresh Rolls NOTICE!! To Our Customers Our shelves are brimming full with merchandise thot you are accustomed to selecting from. M|| departments have been completely restocked for your shopping convenience. Come to see us. YOU CAN BANK ON SAVING AT SAFEWAY Manor Hou»e Beef, Tuna, Turkey & Chicken. Save lOe! Skylark Brown and Serve Rolls. You Save a BIG 16c! Pk* IS 41 Truly Fine Nin« Uves. Save on This at Green Onions and Fresh, Crisp Radishes it bun. I m Grapefruit Rose Bushes 5 & 59c 89c .. *. Paper Towels Cat Food Swan Liquid Toilet Soap Dog Food Phase III Detergent Aywon Green Beans 6 IIM Detergent, •III gig guy! . P Ufebuoy, Scented Soap . Pooch «,„„ It's Good for your Pets ?ap ^ Save ...,,,, * 2' 12 2 Coldwiter Surf, l^e Ubei! £W SAFWAY AW Efff?tiy? 9t Yoyr §gffwgy

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