Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1968
Page 9
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I, (Mil, INI Immunfiatlon fchftduU tfacl *Hrt ttockefstflllh ts Oct. 25,1961 A eommt&siott of l§ of the gross amount spent Is standard in such arrangements aecordiftg to Hoefcefsffillh, "An? tAifkllufloA that there was something titdefhanded about the contract between the agency and Arthur Pugh is wrong," Hockersittlth said. "1 in no way tried to sell the services of Mr. Ptigh to the commission and dkln't appear before them to do so In any form or fashion." He said the contract was writ* ten by Pugh. He also said that Bob Evans, Publicity and Parks director, were aware of the con* tract as was Commission Chairman L. C. Dial of BHnkley, Evans said he knew nothing about the contract. Conley said Pugh resented the contract. He said Pugh told him there were circumstances in which an advertising agency might be retained in such ft project, that normally its fee would not exceed IS per cent, Hockersmlth said 15 per cent was the standard agency fee. Rockefeller said he didn't see anything wrong with the pavilion that couldn't be fixed In a week or 10 days with "competent leadership." Napoleon's son, the Duke of Reichstadt, died at the age of 21. Offttf HELEN HELP US! by YOUfH ASKtfrFOft'tf t this column Is lot young people, their problems and plea* sures, their troubles and fun, As with (he rest of Helen Help USI, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge ft serious question with t brush-off* Send your teenage (juesHonsto YOUTH ASKED FOR it, care of Helen Help USl this newspaper, IS IT A DEAL? Dear Helen! I have a husband and two lovely, wonderful daughters, Lately my husband doesn't stay home or take us anywhere, I found ft picture of him and a young girl in his coat pocket. He said she Is the daughter of a guy he fishes with. But he hardly ever brings home any fish, t asked htm to Introduce me to the girt and her family and he said I'd only make trouble; that there's nothing to It and he loves only me* This is the first time I've suspected he had anything going should 1 give him another chance?- MISERABLE Dear Mis: Now really— would a fisherman with this kind of Bott«l wtch k*ep ihi evidence *fwsr« you could find II? Make t deal: tf hilt five his family fxfoal time, you'll for* get the pieJurt and provs he has a good thing goto 1 - at hom« f Work on that proof, and you won't need to worry about lonely we«!t« ends*« M. HOtE TO READERS: So of* ten suspicious wives begin their letters; "t have a husband and t*o wonderful children* M "Ptr- haps they'd have less tfius« for doubt If through the years thijy lull swUchsd on« wort! around'*"t hnv» a WONDERFUL husband and two children. , ." Whsn a rtwn plays third .I1<!le .it horn*, he's ripo for beautiful music elsewhere.—H. Dear Helen: My daughter, 13, is dating a man 10 years her senior. He bosses and browbeats h*r. The oltwr day sh«> wa<? Ill ant! broko a diUe with him. Quite typically, ho upbraids! her until she cried. Her temperature was 103-inrlthedoc- tor hitd orctertxl her to bed. WhiU really floored m* vas that ho told me last night hn was going to boat tny daughter for being moody and quite, She is <falte Mean** f» cuts mf down. tfi spite of mis, h« ha* set lh« date fo,* tt\*if wedding in stt mnnths. U I say what a stinker li, shft resents It, t can't still when I s«« the misery tfi store for twr, they have b««n dating three flMn'tw. Wij- can't sht see what Is so plain to everybody else 1 ?- HONESGBUM) 0Mf ffofl»n She'll s«e, then "everyone else" — meaning you—knocks off the doomsday chant. A ftrl doesn't enjoy being iokl she has made a sfupH mistake. Keep mile, shy neutral-even take his sick against her- a«1 I'll bet she'll soon b« tilling you how Wfon| you are. Sometim«« th« best way to fight a stinker Is— pr»teml you've joined him- M. Dear Helens This Is the first ttmn I've written to A column- 1st, but 1 mint warn the girl who thinks true love will change a hood. At 18, t fell In love with a harrisom? ,itan of 26. He was my dream <mn? true, for 1 hadn't dated mush befor-j. Ho also had a few pregnant girls around, but 1 was not that kind inrl I knew he'd reform^ be- eau<m lw respected mp for It. My dream nun h«d A "small" prison record for car thoft, transporting girls across the state lines, breaking and entering—a few minor, unlmport- PHI MM Ml fM«fs. Sat after «f» fteil was IK the p^stf Etefyoftt stottW Mft & ieeoflS afstftee, My pRfenfs foogMagamst toffy bof I swore they were trefig, arU preset! It by mttf rytnf Mm. Fmif monmi after tn« wafcffftft h» wsw IB pflstm fat armed rofc' berjv car tnefi anrt, of cottrse. breaking hi* parolt. Ho fwttol toM m* he was otit on pafotff, t was pfetfnant. t still lov«I htm, in] «iHek by Mm, visiting:; a? flw prison regularly anrl writ-, Ing every dUy, He quit wrftlftf,, refw*«! my visits, ami toH me to, get lost, as h*» know t wa§ fo* ing out on him, which t wasn't, Finally, after * nervous breakdown, t got a divorce, N«w, at age 26, I have found a wottrtar« fit!, loving muni who has adoptee! my son. Thunk goodness t wua lucky enewgh to get a second chance. But think of the heart- aeho 1 wotiid hsiv? S3iv«l if 1 hitd " seen him us he really w.tsanrl not '. as I wanted him fob*.-V.H.H. ; This column \s dedicated to 6>mlly living, so if you'r«having kid trouble or Just plain trouble., let Helen help YOU. Sh« will also • welcome your own amusing «*>: pcrlences, Address Heloa Dottel In car« of The Hop* Star, • Copyright, 19(38, King Fea« tures Syndicate, fnc. The churk Is a turkey and ' chicken crossed In a hybrid fowl. — Hope Star photo Top photo showsDr. Alan Lawrence, State Health Department, Instructing Dr. Jack Royal, president of theHempstead Medi- cal Association, on proper use of the Jet Injector Gun, a new type instrument used In mass imuni- zation c Forgetting Is Costly State Pavilion at HemisFor SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) What happens when you're scheduled to be principal speaker at the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick's dinner and you forget your formal attire? If you're vice president of the United States, you send your Jetliner back to Washington to get it. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey arrived in Scranton Sunday night without a tuxedo. The discovery was made shortly after the $3 million jet landed at the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre airport at 5:05 p.m. The Lockheed Jetstar went back to Washington National Airport and returned at 7:42 p.m. A state police car transported the formal wear to the vice president waiting at a Scranton hotel. lady who posed with Dr. Royal on a practice run. The imunization program is a joint undertaking of the Hempstead County Health Department and the Hempstead Medical Association. The schedule for Thursday, March 21: • Hopewell Elementary — 9:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. * Blevins School — 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Garland Elementary — 9:30 a. m. - 10:30 a.m. Shover Street Elementary — 10:45 a.m. -12:00 noon Brookwood Elementary — 11:00 a.m. -12:00 noon Washington School —11:00 a.m. • 12:00 noon Spring Hill School - 1:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m. Saratoga School — 1;15 p.m.- 2:15 p.m. Hope Jr. High —1:00 p.m, • 2;30 p.m. ,<, Criticized OUR BUSINESS IS INSURANCE But This Is What We Rcailv^Scll 1, Protection for most any type of risk, 2, A fair and prompt settlement when* ever you have a claim, 3, Personal attention to yowr insurance needs at your home or business, 4, Suggestions for coverage based on a careful regard for your dollars, Todey, ©wr years of experience QI an in* dependent agent serving some mighty par. tisulsr clients hgve trained us to offer a service that is unexcelled- May we have the opportunity to be helpful to you? ANDERSON-FRAZIER Insurance Agency/ Inc. Comer • S«coo4 $ *!*»» P8 7-34SI T18QI It's more fun cooking...cooking with CALORIC Fun-Cooking i LITTLE ROCK (AP)-W. P. Gulley, president of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, said Saturday that the Little Rock businessmen who toured Arkansas' pavilion at Hemis- Fair '68 in San Antonio, Tex.. were "apalled" by furnishings in the pavilion's lounge. Gulley told the state Publicity and Parks Commission that the pavilion is "not the type of thing that would heighten anyone's impression of Arkansas." Joseph B. Hurst, a member of the Little Rock City Manager Board, said the entire interior of the pavilion should be "jerked out" and that its primary feature, a map of the state in bas relief, "would not be worth carting out the door, much less bringing to the state." The amp was to have been placed in the rotunda at the state Capitol after the fair. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller viewed the exhibit- Saturday and said "Nobody in his right mind would put it in the rotunda" as it is. The revelation that Hocker- Smith, Dozier and Thomas, the Little Rock advertising agency that designed and coordinated the project, tod received a 15 per cent commission on the cost of constructing the project, caused a furor at the commission's meeting. William G. Conley, Rockefeller's press secretary, told the commission that Arthur Pugh and Associates of Houston, the contractor for the exhibit, informed him that the only things the Hockersmith firm had provided were three color photographs of the proposed Little Rock municipal air terminal. "Our contribution has been the entire concept^- the original concept — with mockup of the map, ^nd the concept of return- Ing the entire map for place « ment in the rotunda of the Capitol for use for years to come," said Thomas C. Hockersmith, president of the firm. The pavilion cost $150,000 txjt the construction cost was only $90,000. Hockersrnith's firm is to get $13,500. The Hockersmith firm is not mentioned in the commission's contract with Pugh. However, a hand-written contract between the agency and Pugh provides for payment of the 15 per cent commission. The commission's contract is dated Nov. 2, 196". Pugh's con- FIESTA TRADE IN YOUR OLD STOVE FOR A NEW CALORIC GAS RA,NGEJ)N SftLfiJSfflW^. Isn't it time cooking became more fun for you?... Automatic Caloric Gas Cooking gives you more leisure time... to dance the frug, the boogaloo, or even the old foxtrot!... to shop, to entertain guests, with less time spent in the kitchen! TWO CALORIC FUN COOKING FIESTA SALE SPECIALS: Model 403, a double- decker, two-oven gas range... and its sister, the Model 303, single-oven gas range. Each range will fit where your old 36-inch range sits now. TRADE IN YOUR PRESENT RANGE for $25 off the regular price. Use the coupon below for an extra $25 off on the Model 303, or an extra $45 off on the Model 403! Two great bargains, offered for 6 weeks only! Here are some of the reasons why Cooking is more fun,..Cooking with 24-INCH HARVEST-SIZE "hide and see" event... Black glass oven- broiler window! Lets you see what you're cooking, but oven interior "disappears" when light goes off. Oven doors come oil lor easy cleaning ... They're ventilated, so doors stay cool! Bake or roast on Timed Cook ti Keep-Warm oven system! (and at the tame time In both oven* ol the Caloric 403. A "lirst" by Caloric!) EASY-READ Ironl-mounted controls are ideally located at Iron! of cooWng surface, and don't steal precious cook- top room. Burners are trl-set. too, with three burner settings for controlled cooking: full "on," keep-warm positions, Stay-cool controls offer 1,001 heat settings — the e«ct heat you want, Instantly. "LADY LEVEL" COOKTOP... Two inches lower than counter level. Non- clog "flying saucer" burner opt drop and lock in place to seal off cooktop Easy clean spill well holds lull cup ol spillover! More room between double ovens on Model 403— 13ft inches, for ample "stirring space" when over- siied pots are used. A "Condiment Caddie" on mis model, tool STAINLESS STECL utensil supports . .. And UnitUed Top Burner Energy System, No cast-Iron burner gratesl or messy burner bowK! Slide pots and pans back and lonh without lifting. No more "mwe of lubes" to calch dirt and grease below cooktop. GAS flame reaches the lop burners via conduits sealed into the smooth porcelain surface. Makes cleanup* * bree/e, BIGGER INFRA-RED "Ultra Ray" Broiler covers width of broiler p*n, gives same doneness throughout, and seals in juices for better, faster meat cooking! Broil 25 hamburgers, or 20 lamb chops at one lime. Inlra-red p«r led for thawing fro/en foods, too. Another "first" by Caloric . . full Width Storage D'«««rsl SIX YEARS TO PAY • 1-YEAR FREE SERVICE FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION ft* tU MIlMMfl !U4tM» IMWtttm) with Trade-in on this 36-in. Caloric Gas Range Only 4 M89 PER MONTH with trade-in. (Pl,m«nt y«fi«| with ltK«l tltti ) Regular Price: $319i50 Less $25 Trade in Less $25 Coupon (*ith at without t>f<t«-ln) '70°°OFF! with Trade-In, on this Caloric 2-Oven 36-inch Gas Range. Ony $T25 PER MONTH with rr«de In »nfi l Regular Price: $469.50 Lasi $25 Trade In Less Coupon (#>ui of without t/td* m) FIESTA SALE MODEL 401 i U*4e i ({424 50 without tri4« in) CALORIC FUN-COOKING COUPON «O«tH On $25 00 Motftl K>1 0*t *«i|» WORTH $45 00 On puK»4M ol 196* C«K>»t Modtl 4QJ C«* K«n«« fun fl**U »4i« M«rcn IfrApM H, I960, from nrt.op«Ung 4«*l«r| (id A/IMAM* t-ounun« G«» Company No CO" <*'u« tttifl vMa <»pl>*<l to pUKft«». 40CMM . BUY EITHER CAUORIC' GAS RANGE FROM THESE DEALERS OR US: (Sain »nd» April 27) COLLIER FURNITURE & APPLIANCE LAGRONE WILLIAMS HARDWARE ARKANSAS LOUISIANA HAS CO .Von Str.my ton Cojf \alnrul Ga\ t,i Oirr .560000 Cinl»nier* nt AtkunM*,, Limniana. Okl'ihoma. Kunuu and 7V-t«H

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