Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 28, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1944
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1944 NAUGATUOK DAILY^NEWS Page Seven Sell Your Used Clothing Here and EM a War Bond With the Cash! • - • • — • . , ' .'••'•. "•. •<. '• •• . • • . • . DID YOU KNOW tli.-iL tot- r.iily 63 von lln For Rent • Contractors Employment \Vjintr<l — Mulo '— l-'or alltoinnlivr nm- "chim; silKT- Stiihillxiition plan only. Tol. U'Mbv. -1-01-7. l—Vrnuilo Ha Apiirlliu-ntH l-'«ir Knit AI'AKTMKNis, I tiiul a' I'ui'iiished. The Chtis. Rocnsj;ar- len Co., X3 Leavonworlh St. Tel Walerbiu-y 3-111-1. Merchandise Gar«B« 1-Xir Itent (.)AKA(i|-:. 181 Motuliiw «(.. rear. Jlitiuiru IJal/>h S. Pa^ho, cai-o of t;um Theater 01- Wiillcr A. Kor-, cure of Novwash Shoe Store. Announcements 1-cKHl >•'»(icon homo Mimll oi>:ivali-!»ccnt Call 0-12-1 Thom- Jil il—STnli- or . District of Nuug-atu^k ss. Pro- bato Court. Jxily 15, 10-M, Kstate of William J, Neavy, lutu o!' Naiifr:iLucl{, in salt! District, deceased. Tin; Court of Probate for the District of IS'auKuluck hath limited and allowed six months from d;Ui. hereof for tlio creditors of sail to exhibit their 'claim,- foi settlement. Those who neprlcct I'lilntinj; i'Ari-:u HANGING ana Painting. W, F.. Cola, Tel. 5-155. 17 Cedar Street, Merchandise Machinery, JSle-ctrlc TKTS" Can Milk Cooler—Complete and mi lie bolllor. A. C. Anderson, 373 Center street, Tliomaslon, Conn. Tel. 030-2'after fj P. M, lldusehold ArtleleM UAIJY—Car sen:*, I'lay pens, luitlil netts, cribs, hifih chaii-s, Kantwe mattresses, toys. . I THE- RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St Wutcrbury TH'KKfc alarm clucks, scwinjf ma chine, rujrs, furniture, K o o d •writing dusk etc. for' salu. Tel, ' Tilo first [llaatic, developed .in 3SCO. celluloid, was • On The Air Today ,. A i;T TIMK — J^ 11 ;^. J'!" 1 -'*"* 1 ' 1 *' Cl.KANi-Ul. i:OUTli DRIVER. ANn'nYKKS. .Ill UNION -ST, •Uv'.i'i WATKUHURY. present their accounts, properly at to.sti-.d. wiltoln said time, wlfl be deb.-irrcd a recovery. All jicrsoift, ituh'bted to suid instate aro ro- j citiestod to make immediate pay- I merit to » MARIE V. J. NEARY, . Per Order Of Court. Attest: Stephen J. Sweeney. I For Sale Honors !>nli. % f(1K >.-\I.K—T»'o fninily, 11 I'lioins, ^ cur K-'tra-Ke und barn. All inirrovonn:n(>. Lot 8-1 x 1C3. At.'i suufit'ice. Tel. 3-3-103, Bridge- ; ONK-I''-\>I'I.Y IKHISOX of -I nmnt.s oiich. all modern improvcme.'itti. pi-c-wnr hiiilt. 3 yours old. Reason fur .i-'llinj;. owner in service. ti roiim, 1 family house, nil im- |iri)vi-munts also 3 years old, sltu- ntod "a 3-1 aere land. Price S-S.SOO. If you want to buy or sell su Pn!.-»}• I>itirinln. 172 High sti'OC Phono ^l").^ or 5S3-1. 11 And funnel HAVING book A LOST my BUS rutlun issued me by the local board, I hereby file iiji- plicutiua for a new one. WILLIAM RADO. HAVING I.OST my itas ration book T, issued me by the loca-I rutloninjf botxrd, I hereby file np- plica'.iou for a new one. JOSEPH CABP.AL. Ill) Opportuiiilic.s •1:(HI p, in. WABC—-Broadway Matinee WJZ-WATB—Elhol and Albert \VT1C-\VEAF—Backstage Wife WOR—Nuwti; Rjinibliny. vucun alun .l-fiOOM bunso-low wit Ihi'i'n quarters acre land; TIC :0-KOOM 2-fumily IIOUHO on Wes side. A Slu-pley. Telephone 2-13 fOVIi IvOOM lioiix-, our ncrt> n lar.d. WdoHter street. Price $3 Wi 1 ; K-riMim hou ••'., Scott stri'd lot 7'J x 'J-17. Price .fil.SOO: r>-roon: 1-family houso. Ward St. Johl J. Htvily, telephone 5031. TKN'-roiini, H-fiimily hinisr. All lin pnivoments. [^ot KOxlSO. West side o! town. .1'rici. 1 , 5»;,.'00. Pats, Lahriolii., realtor. 172 i-Iitrh street Xjui^ittuck Curni. Phone 5tf3-( 3-I.1S. I Ijiiitl l-'or Siili.- l!iill(lln« lut. tW by I (Ml feet Of Shirley street, two miles from NnuK'ktiick off New Haven road Price $150. Call Watcrbury 4--1051 Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN (,\H(; for Mr, IViill) '."h<:.'!c are busy days ... 1C you l.avn use for CASH to nit-i-t soM.Monal needs: Kuol, Clothings, I'.',morj,'encies, you will find the telephone a Ki-i-fit tiriir-Havnr. A loan ot .•Sinn rostN .•>!!)..10 when repaid In 12 rnunl principal con- iii'riiiivc iiitinthly instalU merits. flta Suite U"i!l COBW, Ilrnu-ri lllfltf. FI.M-J irXL-ld.sivc r<'t,-ur<l ami mii.sic store. One of the llnest in the state. Good store locution. Owner has other business, A real opportunity. Box K, In care of The News. OCI« Ul/Sl.VKSS o<ui.ilM.s „[ Ilin-i; stages; open'.np, elosin;.r and niiiiiiiKemeiit. This is a real opportunity to own you i- own bus]- I ness. Call Wiitby. -I-I003. 12 IJusliios Aiiiiunneements MO.VUMJSNTS Special prices on All Memorials »V. RICHARDS 2CO So. Main St Naugntuck Automotive Autos For Salt: D<JDC,\1 — PIA'MOUTH AUTIIOT^IZIOD Sales Service Parts, Accessories MjliC'nIlJl ~\V, St.'ll'l' C'nrp. !4>'.S \\';u^rtown Avc. Dial 5-11-1G lull;- nODUK Sedan, liruti-r and RCA radio. Good condition, $200. Apply 37 New street cor. Hillside ave. . P-iUJKAK'l) 19-10 Willys Sedan JOBS Ford Tudor "PRTCIiD BELOW CEILING"' I > ;ick;i! 1 (l-"\\'alc i i"l)iiry, .Inc. S2 Wntertown Avenue Din.! -I-C109 •4:1;) p. 111. WABC—-Matineo; News VV'JZ—Nation'j Aluminiums WATR—Don Norman Show WT1C—Stella. Wallas 'WAT R-VV.I Z--N u\vs \VT1C—Loronxi) Join* WOK—Rt!iiiembr:i.iu:u Music WAliC—O:':' thu Uncord •1:-I5 |>. in. WJZW-ATR—Blue Corrcsiijondents WJ3AF-WT.IC—Widdcr Brown WABC—Kaymoi-.d Scott Show 5:I'I» p, in, WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Mur- riea \VjZ-J-lop l-larrij-tan WOK—Uncle Don WABC—Km: with Dunn \VATU—T-jrry and Piratca 5:15 [i. ill. -VEAPWT1C—Luve and Jjearn WJZ—Dick Tracy WATl-i—Melody llovue A-'Oli—Chick Carter . 5:,'i» p. in. YAI5C—Throe SL'ters WFJAP--U-TIC-Plain Uill ' WATR-WJ2—Jack ArmsLronj,' j \VOR-Tum Mix Show 5:-l5 p. in. | WA'BC—Wilderness 'Road WEA1---\\'TIC— From P.-i^'e Kari'Cl J VAT R-\V J Z—S ea H ou n d WOR—Supcrma.ii- G:IH) p. in. All Stations—News <i.'J5 p. 111. WABC—Lynn Murray Orch.; Chorus WATR—Music for Dining WTlC Victory is Our Bu?incss \VJ2—-1-lop Harridan •.•/OK—News; Jnsulc Mollywood WHAF—Serenade to A.'nerica d:;iii p. in. WOR—News \VTIC—Strictly Sports WEAF-—Screaad--': Sports SVJ2— Whose Wui-r Sports \VATR-News; Sunsa i;.--ij p. m, WAEC-World Today \\'A'!'R—Ple.istrro and Profit WOR—Stan Lomax \VTtC-W 1CA.I 7 '— .".owcil Thomas 7:111) p. m. WABC—1 bove a Alvstory \VJ^-\\'v\-.i'R — Blo-udie VVF.Af-WT 1C —Music Shop WOJ-i — Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:1.1 p. in. WOK—Answer Man vVAlJC—We \Vlio Dream WEAF-WTIC- Nov.- of the World 7:,W (.. in. WOR—Keep Ahead WATR.--Fiiuiie Your Answof \VEAF—'Roth Ori'h. Ov: Chorus W.1SJ Lur.i; Uam;er WATPl-WJZ—Navy ProRram ':.,'• WAEC—Service to the Front^!'-" • 11:110 p. m. '.-••• WABC—Pays to be Igin-orant :• WEAF-WTIC—Waltx Time; Frank Mu nn '' . • V;; • WATR-WJK—Gang- Bus tors- •.;'•• WOR—-Gabriel Heatter " ' ' '•'•'•i. (1:15 p. in, - •.'(" WOR—Screen Test - riy:/ 0:3D |i. in. ';.' WEAF-WTIC—People arc Funny WABC—Brew.-iler Buy WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on Courl- ncy ' ; WOR—Uoubla or N.. WlSAir-WT'lC—Boston Bluckic ^V'ATJ'-i-^VJZ—-NL-V.-S WOK—Boxing Bout WABC—Moor-u-Diirajite Show :iii:;iti i>. m. W-A.BC—Staye Door Canteen WTJC—M. V. Kaltenborr, WATR—Fisli Pond \VJ5AF—Sports Ne\c.- WJZ—Service Loiter \VTJC^From New York. W.IJ4—Kay Lorraini; \V1CA1 1 '-—To be announced 11 :dil p, in. All Stations—News ll:lfi p. ill. WTfC—Harkncss of Washington WABC—Le.s Brown Orch. WATR—Eddie, Oliver Orch. WJZ—-Soiif,' Team; Kobblers II ::•!(> p. in. \VA.BC—Eovd Kauburn Orcii. \VTIC-WEAF—Auuhor's Playhouse \\'JZ-\VATK—Van Cleave Variations \VOR—Guy Lombardo Orch. XS.-DI) Slid)] WATR—Sifjn Off WJ3AF-\VTIC—News: Mr. Smith WOR—Castle. Corrca Orr.hs. WABC—News; Strong Orch. \VJ2-News; Fields Orch.; Fishpond Merchandise HuiiMc7iold Articles COMl'LKTK ho, me furnishing bouyht 'for cash.' Hiffii'est. prices paid ipi". clcctrjlc 'refrigerators wa'shei-s, ' a'nd-Vstoves, i-cjjardlcss of condition^ .'.,. FJ-aiicis F,iimit'ni:c Co. ••no NORTH/'MAIN STRKET. • -TelepJione 3000 '. GM5NWOOlj;Comliiiuiti«Vn.; oil in \;ery j^ood condition. Silent Glow'burner. Call -11J5, THKIDE jilceo Maple llvirig room suite, spring filled back nnd seat eushiosiK. 'Good condition. Very reasonable. 11'South View. Tel. 5-129 ' ' Clothing GIJIL.S' and J.adii'S' use<l coats, si/.cj. 1'1-1G, including one- pony fur coat; .one man's overcoat, size- 3C; OS Chorry street. Wanted JJny CAS H r °'' Y "<-"' MUSICAL , ' . INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music .Co.-. 203 Bar.k -1-1-122 Merchandise W:mceil To Buy HANK wife ae|K>slt ImxeH wuntod. Highest cosh prices paid. Wire collect, write 01- phono you have to offer. J. E. Murphcy, Kc- 1 public (J08-J, 815 Ycntman Avc., Webster Groves 19, Mo. FISHING Ki|iii|>m<:iit. Highest prices p;iid lor, rods 'and rods. Tul. 5-173 between 5 a, m, uiicl 2 ]>. m.. HO IMlHcclIiineoiiK ORIUS — Cnri-lages, rlny Tens, Litrge selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. 3EACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRA.ND ST. Wtby. Education Services 31. I.ocitl And'Privitlc InKtriivlofH DIN A SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDIOS -1-0028 553 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano - Voice - Mandolin Children,, AOulLs, Advanced, BcSin- ncrs. Rapid Piano Courst for Adults 3'rorcKkional ScrvlcCH Animals Cattle And .Swine .IKKSKY COW fol- sale. Call at 32 r-Io.-id]ey street. tuck. 'A'E ' ii-liilo en JINK •! kudien ranee, oil. T. J. Union City. Tol. 2CS3. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP Ve liny, N(:||, uxchaiijjc, and repair •all kinds ot instruments. Lowest pj-jcos in the oily. 350-382 So. Main St., Walby, Conn. I'oultry A!)d 30 IJCCKS—live weight, :«»o Ib. in quantities ovor 10. City Hill St. Tel. 2855. Services KXCKM.KNT JlKUI'HOfJWEK- ING :ind .slip covers. AnvjzinKly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. M.-tstcrcr.irt nrtia.|j>: 1 Grand St. Walerbury. Diril -J-OO-IO 3fl \V:inlcd To licnder Service* KLKCTltrCAL flcimlrlDK Scrvlcn Appliances a specialty. R«y Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 4000, Oni> JOB I'AINTING A. J. Kudzma. 'Call. Naug.- 426(5 after ft p .m. ATXK.NTJO.V J£leccrofiut Owner* —Kcpalri, genuine pa.rU and •crvice. By bonded ttleclrolux Man. 1. .Nlssen, 3 TtrcH* Av«. Telephone 4822. I'rofcssional Services GKAUOWSKl'S Ifculio Repair Shop — Radios expertly rcpajred •with the l.ilcfil electronic tcslinpr equipment. Quick courteous service; moderate prices. Pick-up and delivery. Phono OG17. •10 Cleaning Anil J>yclnjr Firm, KIEVMAN'S Great Dry offers ils first class . dry cleaning not only in family garments, but blankets, ruKS a,nd otll- cr specialties in Ihis field. KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street aiOUV KJiCOVEKED West Haven, July :>S— (UP) —The body of OS-yeur-old Leo Letlorer ha.s boLMi rL-covui'ud i'ro.-n \VosL river. Police, say 'they found thu iii.-m's cu,-u .-uid haL on Uiu river bank, i.uii. could ihul nu one who .S:LU- him Ko into the water. World War A Year Ago July 28, 1943 Autos Wiinted OLD CARS WANTED i'OR JUNKING: C'Mll 3-SOS-l from 7 a., m. to 7 p. 3-l{(Ifi—7 p. in. to 30 [i. m. limits And Aeci-s.sorie.s )OI>GK Spred Hoiit—Ciipi! Cud motor boat and JO-l'ocH doi-y with electric mt.lor. Tel. Wtby. 3-DSCG to C p. rn. Wntcrtown l'1-ll after TI. m. fmpartial surveys prove Help anted Ad.s are read' by mot coplo th.-in over today. Use a New Vant Ad to (,'ct workers. U'TIC—Qui/. of Two Cities WAliC—Friday on Broadway 7:-l3 p. m. WATR—Red Cross Program WEAF—News SMMI p. m. WAISC—Charley Uu.y«li:s Sliuw WJZ-WATU—Watch World Gu By WOR—News VVJv.rj'-lVTlC—Citie.s Service Concert X:l.) i>. in. VS-'OR—Nick Carter WATR-WJ Z—l''n rkcr Faniily K:S() p. in. WTJ.C-WISAF—Thin Man WOP,— Freedom of Opportunity (My United In ividio address to nation. President Roosevelt declares that Mussolini's resignation lias not clianjrei! the situation; says ". our U-rms to Italy ;\t\> still the same as our terms to Germany and Japan—uncoadit.ion.-il surrender." Rome radio declares that Italy must "continue to fight Tor liberty and for honor." U. S. troops bailie the Gcrma before I lie Etna line in Sicil Canadians advance in the d.-ntc British KAF attacks Hambm Germany, for siix'.h Uino r-iy July 27. Russians capture Stanovoi Ko ode-/., 11 miles southeast of Orel. U. S, planes .bomb Japanese Wal-:o Island f,or second 1.imc ('our days. r PRIVATE BUCK Now Playing-At The Gem - ""' """•• "'*^<r* HV-vr-l.-ATtj..^^^^^"^^'' * " s «e, Evu* Si works! I planted a few litll* land mines in your victory A RI-OIII> of .-Jllicd ufficors and rrunch patriots meet .in u. secret ren- voiiii ".soinoiv.hcrc- on the' const of Allfcriii" to plan tile historic inva.vion of Nort.'i Africa ill "Candlelight in. Aljfcin,',' .tlio nu\v iOth Conliiry-Fox rclciiso no« playing; a( (lie Gem tlicnti'r. Starred In ih« lilin accl.iitiird as oar nf tin- ninsC nma7.ln;v storifss of ,nd.Vi!ntlirr to oomr out of Ilio \vnr, arc iJainos Mason and Carln ]>|ii:i:iinrwho, ns a IJi'i'ti.s-h "Tommy" and an American sniilptrwts rr.spi'ctivclj-, blc their lix-cs and tho fate of the whole Army of Invasion ou a candle's flickering- li£ht.| . . - • -•-• rHEREISNEW&MAHARANI APAN'ESE HAVE CAPTURED AN AMERICAN PERHAPS IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE MY VALUE TO THE NEW ORDER. MV STAR SAPPHIRES, SUCHA. ,i:.";|-Bur CD LIKE TO . - AFfER ' BE VJ1T MOM AND DAD-AND sis- YOU MUSi COME OUT TO THE HOUSE FOS TONIGHT,! THANKS/ I'D Lli^HTO FDR INPORAWT/ON, > < en, BLUE-JAW? OKAY, BOYS, S FIRE- A COUPLE INTO "ME ROOF FOR THE MAN! LOUDSPEAKER HOW DO I .KNOW THIS AIN'T A GAG* 1 DON'T BELIEVE YOU'VE G< BAIiNliV GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH DO ve LETTER GOT LftS 1 CftLEB ? AUNWNftCK BPVQK By WILLIAM KITT antl CLAftKXCE GKA( '^Iplf^'! (TlT^ NOT LOCKED - ^]}M ^^AvV^'i! IS^rt WHKT ^ BREAK/ M^ \WHAT DO THINK VOZJRE THE NICEST C5IRU I KNOW •IP VOU UJETRE IM THEi MISS AMERICA" B=An-ry ,.., I'UU 'BET BEFORE THIS- ANY FiiRTKER .... I'VE ALREADY MY BIRTHDAY t-isr;/

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