Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 11, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1916
Page 6
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STERLING, ILLINOIS. MONDfY. DEC. 11.1916. ui.'tt'Tt, ^^•WIWBB 1 1111111 * 1111111111 « 1 11 » 1111111 1 ™' 1 '" ii i . —-" "- f. J. Sowlcs D. G. Co. •Istrnas Gift Suggestions Fine «r;\-- !>' -nHird hi!>!" linen, l'~ Hi<-i><-. \\\>\>\ ~- --'~- «?1 ^(} Si 00 •? I • '/»'« « * «*•"-*» Napkin- i' Kxira -/fellow. WM- 28c, 50(% $1.00 Each v \ bf'jHitifiii'.-fMl.-'fion of shirt \v:>i-l- MI •-•; • n-po .il? i-liiiif Mild voile, jirirf.i ;-.t $5.00, $3.50, $1.95, $1.50, SI.00 Pointy liontloir raps in si!l< niui |H<- (I . !K FALLS r)AILY_GAZETTE [LLS, ILLINOIS, MONDAY] DEC. 11, me. ItNG'S DAUGHTERS ! BASKET BALL GAME | An A7T~Day Meeting Win!- Game Played Between Morrison Picked S»y With Mr*. Graham. Team And Methodist Team. Full*"""''!•< le of K!!:-.;«• will hold an -ill dp. m- <•!i* home of Mif. I, »*. t;r..haui. Mf ^*, Wtcrlirii!. i ! "ill !" (HfUl( meet ill'.:, So l \el\r,IK rome early. Nof <-!ily MM •arr> invite,! I'lii .•«.ci ,-or.e win » attt'Tu) Is (-..idially inviin!. :tnln> t'veliinj-: 1!! McNeil's hall lie- i twi'i;ti a M.urtv-M. t< am and the MI i!i' i diM." Tl'c st"|.- •-A;I« :L> to i'' in fa- ' l ji..|- of the All th..l!l"t. Thl_- .V|o|-|i«-OTi "' teu-m *•. at-; a .-hkr.l iise, hr-in^ tX- IH-M phr, tis 'lorn tHi-i- olh>'r team" and pad tif < i r 1-eeii itiaten In Tore, -so the .Methodists <'i't!.-!>ii r il ipii^e an honor- to in-ai them The iratn- 1 w.-is :i i:ood At All Services Pine Music i-^R :it tin- i •"ii^iv l'irgH> i.ti'ii.i' I ; iip «-h«>!f wan <-\< ;-t'll» I" »Hv<- n « 'fi Hit S'nt.liv .-ilt'T HI br THODIST SERVICES vice* At Tho Methoditt Wcro W«H Attended. ndnneo .at Hnndny S. ho,.) ih! ii \e.«terday v.-ns odl^t'X lilt'-. nj> \> ,'i.u : l'aH« |-;idl-e:'K;Hni> !»alf and i 'lanc> 11 ! I lori Oil HliHii. k K'i'i ! nut _.Mi>t 11-. ,Mo\«t r. I i' : jo>d 'I'l^irh. Kt'an i-nli-r in Die litrt l ill trif M"(ii|(F; l in flu- liryl li.ilf in (ln> MI-II.nil; tU'-li Trjl'-h ami - A BASKET SOCIAL The Basket Bail Team Of Tho High . School Gave Social. school' a I'siskf-t nodal Saturday ivi-nlnt: in the Woodman hall, A very l.m;e (loud iittelided and were treated l>it;<k«'t!«. A I i out am hcfote the it was u!veii hy nf of tl»i* liiirh M-linoI vyltleh WHJ< very &"t«4<» The lii'iinor WI.H «ivn U«,od ;<ml al-o funny, thow takinu putt iltifMx for havhu,' u : L.-im- Hoy Scott. Wllda Hull. .Madi^e . with'two D«'W whwl- i linrlimr :t'i-l Virginia Kadel. •,'i'l'd evcnitu: ui>|-\ ire*': Mane, !<r>. In a'ul IS'td ne|ectiom» which Cry )urgcl> • nltendrd'atid' the '-\M--C- ::i..(t!\ :i|-|>ree|ated' i«y all pM-« • IWHK I'Scf'iitloniilly tine, ,t tes'iHj''n 'excellent trainluK Hn- ''<""' ••" • A m " : > U1 ~ •'''' f:;n ' u """ U ' |H K|VI< " >y BIRHS j roine of the piir-ils ol the M j was Sine. i .Uf.r th" pr. the h(inl<etH \\ere a neat wim of _-_. . •„.,.,» >,., ; mom•>« for the lioys, AJ'ter th«» hi -Word wan ivcm u u » • j it| [,.,,| i!,., n imi n ' ' "' -* L In,. K. !•*. Wi-lcht, j,l>ec<. tith. Mr. itntl V«" . jittMtny frlwul.i in shin .ommunity , ,1,;^ -,-i.ent ill dancmi; and plnyinK-K''"»« >i *. ENTERTAIN FRIENDS. i-im-rtaineil • lliii ly- , • live eot!|ilc,s at a party and (he plea.iaiit hom MrK. t.itl.le be Crippled with lEUMATISM! jid new. yotsr limbs froo „ pftin and nwollinK. wull, ,anff aeU happy, tlmt's how ; m wUl ho If i'wtt take K. R. tt. : ~ t dot" relie-ro your puln I ,„. J, O. McCoy. MUltown. fl,, wMtcs: "I derived moro • ueflt from ono bottla of your Heine than I «m*r did from ujr dollars spent with physt- jSttndhotSuriiiB.-s," AnUMr. I. Sum ions. WursBw, Ky,, "I-om hoiiBstiii holloving "»Bte»t Rhoum»tUiTi R«Tn, ,_j world"—provins Jt's a Uo «uCcrwith JlhouujatJHin. ttbaso or Oont. K. JR. jit. 81 out druuBlafs. IMfFMUELLCR KTIC tair on av.-nue ,\, At I.:.".» u (-;raml JMiiiifer W;IK• *« rved. It wav in IheMriall fhonix -iif the'mornltiK when they left | for' home. ;I||.-VOW|IIK they had a stood I """'• [ - ENTERTAIN AT DINNER. Mr. iiM'l Mi." i:.-.l|'h \Vylio jiml family, Mrs Hlaiiehc I)oherty and famil; |wcr» i..i't'«-d .at diliiiet '"' , ENTERTAIN .AT DINNER. Mr. and .'.its. I, .\)cKmncv j i\- Vim,- of U-. •'! Kalis, Minn. ROCK FALLS BRrEFS ,V.|ni'iln<!t!) ware at il.c l-'iMiny Store.* Air?-. I-', lietc-oti. of i Minion, in upending a i'i".\ days at the homo of Mr«. .Mi>. I'l'iirleH M-cUmoyh 1 , wlio.nuh-. tCltted t" a set ioim opemtlon a few H. NEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHICH COST $20,500 IS cl'.tilnli •-* l'r..TII PI- »>nr) tloilats w:iv i.M-;..i ''V the --omht ionnl offer •<( I. S. K -HIM >-,.HI and-l-i M. IJ-di- li'-in iti. wlio |>!-iini>'d i. In--' airio'-int if III.' t.-5la!iee \«,:>> I :i is<',1. Tin- iftortf I'l'-v. l'«!<r^ tv.i" 'iire>!"-d fi ineipnlly ward jirovidim-: f<»i' ''>•' sum of about •_• (Hi.'t. .',nd !K' "'Hick to the o| it'.in.-tl oiii'.ht of iso dedl'-rtiion nnii! tin- ni'.n- • ^~a L ? y,*il.--i-J i I >cd, jiud he won. and it w.•••,?< with- n Kfiitehif hf-jirt h'- d'-liv- 1 cd, lltM J-'ertlton of ill dicatlofl. Afternoon Service. At 'an earlv lumr t!i'' tar=:e auditorium of the church was lilh-d. and "ooti liirue Sntnlav «choo|- room and ad- tllh-d likewise. The "eatilic ca|iac(ty .f the church was taxed. Thirty vofrrs of the clmir tmdi-i- the able leadi I «hl|i of Mi-,-. K. Van Klei t. and or«nnUt. Mr-s. l.lllle Sli'\ - e^i«, made a >-|'|emlid lnll«l- were tirMiitifnl and inxpirim:. The Ff.fvici' op< ni-d uitli ..'( volun- l.'irv liv Mr--. StcvciiN followed by ;i n anthem In- the choir, ",ln«t A •< 1 ','itn,'' the rr'tidiilon th'-i" wi" ^'-vi-t - nulo.H and diiet.^ Jjlb!'.' fadiiH; !•> i 1 . .1. "V>'. Hohhlnc, pastor of tin- chnrch followed. His >e|. ( -tion war- the Mi'Vevith chanter of Matin w conef rninn the him"' 1 whirl! was Imlhled on a. tods 1'raver wan offer- d liy Hev. PctefM. Words Of Cheer. A fe\V milinlcH were th»n well filled in with words* of cheer l>y pntdor* of (he I'ityVho were call'd to the |i'.at- fottn. The llrtft V.-MH Pr. XV, M. .lon.<« of the <*nitKr'' 1 «iil ional church. The jloetor ronuratnlated the m"niln-i'» timl pilHtor on HO beautiful a Mtrm-luie and Mpokr of the vahlf of a hulhlintr of Hiich architectural lirunty lo tin- city Mo II!MI HJKiVte of the pt-rfect ei|ilip- mcnt on lln» interior and hoped a lit«. of Mi'ssmt: for, the |>aMor. !:• v, .. of the Trinity church, -alfo ...,,„ ed. th 1 ' member^ . for HO handfome a Htrncttu'e and hop. d !!i' Woi-k would routine to prosperous It had lieen Her, ti.«l ie, i«i.*.t«n- of iln> l-'ir>t J'. i i. »*,'ijd he considered ~n . real honor to lie called upon ut time to talk, nnd n:\M it -t«ok o.-«-k- TiTrn< ; To f-r.-i-t ":i Clllirrtrnf Thi?» hind -n-ml ilie i'tniri'll \vn.y-nr- t'Hilil t«»-44*-r— »44-V— U.-v. llrownrlck. of the Tutnpici. li.ip- list chlllcli. .spoke of the'i'orner heint; heatitlfled with so line n house of worship. ami In- t-'iivt- w.^ all who Mm! » liand III of piiilsc l KiliK It peis;«i- Hev. Thorpe, of the Uock -I'alN c'hrlKtian churrh. said it wtirf the most beautiful church he ever «aw in " fit** ttf this si/.e. anil ;;av iitd ranee 'J'f praise to all connected in hrlnuliiu It about. Rev! I'ineUney, a retired minister, of SlerliiiK, made several excellent remarks In pralsv of the beauty of the- church, juid of the wood work of .lei laun-ii at iiinner ye.-di-ioaj ' ,j. . r',.ni.. ,,( i \r,. .,Vu1'-Mi« 'I' I '"«• lliemhefH. HeV, \\ I.. (oHin.O'l I,.,,,,,- ,. Mi. and Mi*. I. -.1. ^ K((MrM| H|| . ( . (i( Ml . t , lll)UM ,.,„„.,-»,. said Jill should In- proud .of so One an i-ditlce iii-otir• inldfi. He wave word . . f praise to the Choir ,for MX efficient MM. I. ..\|.-Miin.-v enter, • ^ ^ ^^ >>( ||>JH kjni , i.nirr.,- ^.ndax, Mr and Mn . . {| ^ • ^ ,, u , olh( , ) . ,.,„„,,,„.„ ,, f Joiui .->tr. -n. •> ii lami'ieo and Mr.-!. M. ,. _ _, , . ,,,,,_„, ... K ,. v lnu it., .was \M-ekH a impro\ inn rapidly. , Ivan. Port-man went lo I larinoi) . tlil.H morning on iiUKiii»»«s. Si'Mi limy "^'nt to Princeton t("!da\ ):or a »lu,rt "vi.sit. with friemlH, Oiant l/iitih« M|nMit Hniiday irr »Mo RS*T'-" ' j j i, John f-'atT uent to <'hieaK<> J,T!R, J» »old »nd rBCommended by :jli , nm , K - n j,,,,,,, tu . will meet a friend llfldriek'v Drufl Co., comer Third ' Ifnd Firtt Avtnuo, Stertiho, HI. Specials Week Only * 81 jf'ftll goods »»!•<• sold. n'^ Milk, tall ...... lOc m( n Pens lOc jpn-CliciTic-s. red, No. > We TO Pumpkin, No. U.JOc iirllominy, No. I!. .lOc i«H, N». -'J ... lOc IB Totmatoos, No. 'J.lOc ;n ptnu-litK, No. .'5. .lOc ,,s, No. L'... .lOc ht'iTios, No. , Macaroni ... .25c v ....25c •••250 •Htrl'iiK'neaiiM. No. -,. ..25c. Lnij.s li.-.iiiM, No _... .2*5<r- «t-d iScan;;. N.I *.',.. ,25c B«. Miiu *• ^It'-it ..' .28c .,25c |1is. Suwnr .. ~.. ; .11,00 "j'uitr iulh-... ! iitid ' .<«)'.. ' Stephen BO ii, Sjl.. • ..ROCK' FAtLR Bell f-hafi-i >iu' I! '"•<:•• .. >!•! toii.'thel' they V.ill t-'c on to Ht, ;'!iurh'«. Alii.; where they will *|M'wJ • 'hri«tnut,-s. • \\'. 15. i '. iMisjiiar Tuc'.sijay anil Wednesday. Supper served \Vc(|n«'Hdav.' ,"-',. und Mrs. _ HehreiiH, of <*lil- j;o, «|>cnl Sunday hero at. tlu> home* Mr. and Mrs, Hi.*mcr Mtrcet on Disun uvenne. - ., Henry Pippcrt rt.'tnjiieif |,i<niu> Hatur- lay lifter a whorl visit ill I'hifiiKO. JIowaiHi .stnniey ivttini(,'il to hl« work ti tin> \'an prow- grocery thiH-inorii- f mr aft«'t' a weeH'H vuiation. •N« VM Tea i h. of Moirinon, bpcnt to- i.iy in Hilt; iit> \»\ *!•<• yiniiiKrKt HOII of Mr. and .MlH. A Al h.itlU-K I.H iv|i(irf('d lo lie hl«'K. \V U. '* hiti'ar TiK's-ilay unit Wtnl • ne,-.div Uev 10 Tl f went Ht t'hU'UBo thiH wtti-iv hf will m«»Pi rrt» wife QUICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Get Dr. EdwaiFds^OHve Tablets That i^v'-c joyful cry of thousands i,ineo Dr. Edwards nrwduqcd Olive Tab- Jvts, the substitute (or calomel. ' Di. l^lwardSj a practicinK physician fur 17 }<-ar!» ^tui calomel's old-time enemy, th^f\cnil the formula ,-fupUHve Talicts while Ui'atiiiK patients Cur tiiv i-'H.tmjtti-ti an] torpid livers. t-I\,ir<!s,' (due Tablets do not n 4 ik-iiid, but a healing, iootli- ,MH>I;K 4* tUv "l^yiwtc" >jf -these i" ir".o,tt.-i.|, uli\>»-onlorciJ tablets i i-.t c tt ' KnuH at'.'l liviT to act ir il. •. sr-V! r fune lhc;a t>i ..! •!, n. ;i ' JarU hro-vn m'<uHi" i, > I i! hrtath—.1 *I^JI t .,., i-ity. iltid rltiM-d )•>• s:ii'lnir_ found to ln« I'lifill'"'!' to J'.'iy Iifi-^ii'll''!^ lliiin It w-'iw to pay (lolloi-tiu n, inaKliit: it H wood iMisliri-HK. inoi.oslljon: Was Vary Modest. Kcvi-ral "f Hi" iiustoin in M>i' :| l*i»« ..jivi' nun'U |tralnf ti> tin- imwlor of tin» Christian <-linr«'li fur lil« work und H.«v, •n in •luiinod nn.v in»«|i-Kl way for the di'-slirn of . Iho architecture, or tho heavy work fo lie wild the credit h.eloni;ed- to all of church memhers. who Ir.iv l-een plan. iiK ami workim; years liefon> In- me here, to liulld thin church. Jle stated lie li.'id several IctterH fn'lil ;il»- iit niet^herM ami former panloi'M Meiul* Inn «f«i<l wordK tti llie- <-hurcli. Raisino tho IndobtcdnC'S*. 'I'tien <-ame-lhe real work of tint day. tho riilHlmp tin 1 indelit"dni-«n- <»u the cjmrch. Hev. I'etei-M told (if the amount riti.sed In tlio fort-noon, ami «*ke<| for . thc> balanw. Tito m-cretttcioH wnb «'Ht in tlf< innHem-o niul woi-kc-rt'hnrd nnd woiv eminently stifccwsful. Amonp tin* " follow- liu-RO conlrlhutiona wen* rto oowIrw: W. II. Stanley, ff.OO; /A !»»»,•« Itced, $f,(io; -MnroiiH Thaclnilierry, IGOti. From time iii-tlnu' H'-v. Vi-ters rend the amimnlw Hul>Hcrih«'d and narnc-w «f tin- (lonorH. Tli«* followiim are many nf them: II, Jkli-yiTM. $150; 'Karl Fin". $200; If. W. Slinmaker and N*. (). Van Kant, $10(1 onch. Tho Hnnday school UK u whole finrt. and the followiim , »f the Hchool- "T'liiM "IK'. twn, cliiKH thiw. Adi'lphiann, l<tahSi<K tlve, xiN and Heven each ffiCI; rlaxs ten, $75. am) fitlur elas^ex hmall- HJhhy Hoover, $!«<»; Mr, ami Mrs. A. J. t' i, . : iv pi \i^nt f -Mil > 1 U'e' J'r. I'lU'. St. I I ' JIM- r. |7."r, ICin- ma Sln>h>H, «'. A. I'fnli? A- H. llcii- drlckH. DHIn .maples I<. M I''.tldi'innn i-uoh $fi»i; Mary 1C. Lnn^fonl, Jl'fi. A. H. Ilt'iidiick** Milit I"' would In- ciiio ol a ntirnli.'r i» «!'.'.• »'•'» mt>r<* if tln-rc wonUKIn- f.tlh'fs to nlv'i' n ld»i* iiinotiut to pay oil slit' n-^t . Tw^n'j-i w«> hoon 1 tlii'ir intfiitloit nf dointf nils took up the f-tniin and in l.-irui- .,..„ hiniitli-r uiiMuutH th<* -niii iHM*d»-J was. nilHi'd l>y tin- lioitid iiluU'ini; to u«'t the I'ul IIKM- or p;i> It Uii in'-'-lvri Ko Hi*v jvu-i'-* n^ Hi-' !••< I' ^- IH "U' 1 Iho iK-iiid'c l.i'iyK iii the ftuinli foi «*v*.i Iliur Inuil^, d<li\ifid liis il> du .ilol V ili'dli Mi d HH> ( ht.M'h to Cod toi lln woi hip prop!i. I'in inn tin- t\- i'liinsi v.ivui- ti.l» <• linndH d dollai - ot Hit- n<< d.'d .ninoiiiit v.i- pl'-d-I'-d and ttui~ tin- iliuiili i-. I'M'' i'loin d. lit Tin i-iMii" 'id in.ii-' 1 , Th* Committece T' >' f..jlo\Mi. i- i l' ' •'' ' oinnii"! i ttlm li'U,' Itif l.i .Mil ii tl . \\oil. it,},!*,,. ». rl In 111. •< l.'.n i ' II I " I' < ' ' I \V Col I.ii. Ti. .- i. i I . J I i. " ,,l , ',l| I.'.. *^ 1> I'ol" •' I I' 1 • |, ,i n \.' ' I-' • ' I'l.'. I'ol * ,'!' L V.' \\ ' • I' ',' ' i \ l« r • . i' It \'< "•'' n iti' >\ I \i J I , i • I i II 'I I I ' \ >.,••• I v \ V ' •' • , i ii i ; '. i these Glasses Usually sell for aihou! $8.00 Spectacles as low as $200 Toric Shur-orr *^P»r IF- f.i TOR.IO LENSES Including Examination. The mounting is the well known GENUINE SHlJft-ONV The TOUIC LENSES are the deep-curved Lenses which not only give you a lot of real comfort but vastly improves your personal appearance. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost. Open Saturday evenings. DR. GOULDING, Optician First Ave. and East Third St., Sterling, 111. Over Obermillcr's Store. Hell Phone 101-W LOST HIS POCKETBOOK \ , A VIGOROUS CAMPAIGN f|j^p FQOR EGG KINGS '!' Clarence Loo Had Some Trouble In Getting It Back. C|:ir«'UC«' I,.'-.-, -f l«.-.'k l-'.-ilN. <li- ,,,,„,! lli« pdi'kcllnM'U :-it tkt- Ht.lliHU ?.|;lll"!i- .if tin- C-lli«a:'-.. ,V .\'..Mlt \\V-li-t n - IliiK ' ifti ! niMMi Vli«irtl> iiti' 1 ! I o'rim-U. .*-'!;»( t !> ;tf:*l \v,U<l-* l!" ini<-..! his |.ui^t-,-iii!<! ;uti.- li.-n-k ami io'i'iiri-il "f ni.ii** if it h,s<l IM-I-M Kci-n. 11«' tii!>l I wt j nt>,-i>nr .loIlarM hi it. II' 1 w,i" !.>!•! or a nitili who |.(i-k'-il it mi i«i"l ""' nriii W.-IM huittfil '• up I. ill -ili'iiii-d liuvinu 11, While two .if.,!ln ; fririnls of (,!!«• yo-ihu man \\ah-h' ! -d (!('«• Mlo\s. \\h.. MU<| In- livv.l in Ii,.- : Witt. li.WU, IllliitlltT oiu^. wi-llt t>> ; ,!,.-"oiTlr. of t!... fl.l.-f ofxfTolir... <.!Ti- •r-|- I I'l 'olll!"!l U.t-S liiS|> Ul'hl ll to t!l«' •.t.nioh ami !>•• Mouuh! tin- f.-'low I" ' III.' 0|U«-..-of till • .'llll f SUil IM- .1 ...... 1 tifivii't: th" I'lit-.- 'I'll'- I";<T i'! !l'v. , _. ,. ... Pl Lc 8 » Th.,n Her All.,., Pl«,, s ; Tli" f'-.-ir i Probes Discover Two Sets Of !••<•<' • ^- '--"i. Books Are Kept By The ,.:••••'..-•'. n i ^ ' Storage Firms. \^^:J; ; -a i IK v w ill lie nio\ < <l with Hi' ... ' ......... Here Arc "Egg Kings." -al'l to . -O',:M,I •!•• M- n • ' l! - in"!'- u • .Ii --! -i^-i-rie ? : liav !» . n 'an •> i ,«.!,, I. St.-H. - aXo.n. , . , , .... .la.-Htivrm,,,! of the f,,,,,! pne .^ ,. v PM,^ A- Itoi-tn-v I'Htie ainl 1'S lit?- .1 --M-'ant -. i Mir'ha« I I.. I toe ,imf I '„ I; in In in I'. Ill - fiarliii-.K ;,,,,(„_ x,,,,,, » : ,^ tak-n !..-»'-ie Henl !•>• i m aiyi (my. hut the lii^t list inial i" > oflic- ( n!«li««" '!'" -l"Mti«'t 'alt-.rn..V» i.lTle.- h.-l . .that tlii'we Hi' n iniirht ronfiol (iio-r.-... « - mi|| . k ,. t „..,„ , u ,.,, ,„ „„. ha-i hi,', . i' .,-,.|i- i-( i 'ii- , !")>..t !*!" '-I-', .".'ij.j.h -.•{ I'lia'.ic'i. , . ;l , W.MV.T atf-r a \viiirant.. s- ;;i>l|t-«*lh<' Illall M i - »;ol .-.<•• I till' pill,-" .I , in.-n have tjortii ic.l apploMinati ,(„„,.,,., v <l Mi(( . . That a liuph. .>te n. t i-r hook- h,-> ,(„„,.,,., v <lf , ,.,,.. ,, a , |, ,.,,«,,, ,.,,.., mt'ii- mil y« f fltcilnlll. pai ,in -)i tor ii"-! -aie y:,;;!:";;;;: 1 ,:;;.;, s ;;!r.:, ;;;::; ;;;;!;';;;K .. ii,. : foi-w.u-,1 i! w-!« auiioiii-. ••••! that. v.-t> ciiii.oad irtiiiK line .-nteiiiii; '-'lu-j all iMlin'ati'Mi i- tin- al'ilHy t<> MBRCIER HELD IN PALACE. AmMr t.;.vm. -. ; • l.o.',,.,,.;. 1 >e.-. il ..,-,'.,-,,.,...! -,,».'.K ( »_ t ^^._.(. k __4u^-i:^-.^!.L..L i .'.i... I" '^ ! ' :li ' !l '. .'lllj-l'L -.'J!i!.!'l'._.'.L.iir.:-.Avhi.'jUt r ;1 ,n ' ; ,T,;),,I^. ', .,.:-..,•,,(„,: |., , !„ '-i- !:,, ,-d, uill h-'.v.;!. dirr.-t . Hect .„. ((| . ., {n ^ .-i.'. ••! ..! ""th" TI le- ;|(: " movim: of carlo-ills ot foodstuff*", in ! . . o-l \:iltUihle |e-llH of U. S. MAIL STAGE ROBBEB. REGARDING CHRISTMAS MAIL. , n '"."'"''• .'"" , , . «',-stm i( si.-r A, M. «-l.,v(ii ^.x, ,|,,.,v j'-^;"- "I"' -.;!.• s ' ! ' l; " ; " ' llr '' "" "" will I- chrk, on. h:.ii.t nt Hi.. p.,«i of- ^'"""' ! >- "" '•-"•" «''V-» tii't- on ('hri>-tm;S'; mornttm lu-twei n the lio:u-- of !i and n o'clock in the mi'.'n. inu. instead of one Hour, from :i to |c o'.-l'oeli . n* ^tat.-d ill Ttl" C.iWtle S:U- nrdii) 1 , II' 1 wants ev< ry one who cares to do fio, to come ami .net l.l> liiiiil I'of t will l«e irf -ii-si^am-e to the |io>t:d \V.-IN I.-, til -,)ji Jir.d fot.'-.'.'d and M -'.)i tv <-r, . rcy. v.'.i.; - I'.ot Mud l;iM< d !>v' l«a .i<,<! :itt aiMOMiit i=>*).i.|'!i d lo In In (iM-'-U ; ; :!"-i i: Ii>i ,*.,'";" "taken h;, thcj] ioi>in-i,«. irriern in ,i'e!i<-vinij-th^'ir I"; low day, COURT ADJOURNS. .Indc-i-' .«.!,._ I-: _Sl!i'!don -hear.! an;ii- nieiit-i "ii n' i'i!) loi~j..jt HcuhirH on a motion in Ut<* «':IM- of HMniMiy -and 'hoin|>^i'ii a^itin^t l{i-H/.«-l this moro- 11;. Il was.,i;raifted. I'oiirl then look u ' adjonrnnii lit until. Tii-"diiy aft'i-- oo|i at I : ;i'i o'cioi-k wlit-il t lit;'.in.t->'..will he Hit iiaild to hi-.ii (i ">•;»••«'• "M-I foi'that hour. TAKEN ILL ON THE TRAIN. Ur. lie.ird wa.s callcil j>imday to at- (i-nd to a yoiiiH' man who \va« '.nkeii very ill in the j-y-eper on train No. Hi, !(•,• with hi •••." fffjhi r \M re eiiroilte to Oliica'Ko. It wan neecsf,itry to hold the train litteen" miiiuteK, RETURN' TO CHICAGO. Christ Knder.-. v*.!io Wan injured Saturday on the »'. A N. \V. Hy. and waw taken to the hospital W.IK aide to l*^ iurt4 to hin home in.WcHi ChicaKo today, .Snnda'y.Mis. Kmler.s arrived from crilcayo to aci t>inji:iii,v lUtn liivnto.' LITTLE LOCALS . .Imtac II. r". Ward >va« a jiaHsi-UB*'!' to ..Morrison thin afternoon on" Iniwi- •llf HK. - i' It. A. JJrown jijiciit the tluy Ii) Chiou* go mi,' (icorfet* liii'U left this morniiiK for ('Ii'Veinml, Ohio, where hi* wa.s falletl hy the IlliKiM of )ii» ulslcr. * IS. II, llt'imioii was a visitor in Morrison this .afU'i'nooi!, . William Nasie went to llom.shuri-f, I'n., thin tiiorniitK for it visit, , .Mr>«. W:|,Mte Went to IJeKulh to- ttu> where ?die Mill he a few da>x Fr»'4l ^chmoc::i»r \\«IH u |ia>i^i'nnt r to Clinton toda,\ on, Ilariy Hcott \\cnt to ('I, im|i.iimi thin nioriuiit;. M:uv J .Jones (..ft \W* moiniitt: for Tflsixi, fal,, \sheie >he \\ilt"fitay nu eMelldwl h^ttl of time. Uold. Haiper w>ni to <'hieaKo thin moininfj v\li<tc fihc will*) ut JJH--I- Mr. I'.iiuiie l,:p|» a<ut Ml- (' A. Flinn lei! tin . moiium, toi t'lm 1^10 vslitu- tins will s-i'cnd a li'V. il.v.v." -.1 A. Hiki'l vvuit In t-'hu-ano rodav on Kd l'7ul tvji" 4 .1 |ii»-rn«eJ lo t'Ktca- ^•0 thJN nioi tilni-\ ' Air and Aii<- T-'«' M.'tvaiidk'c hpeiit ,SnisdM\, III ti.llt «l(lt flt'.nds JJioino i-:ti>'U' w»nt 4o i'hie.i.C'i this. jiM'!i.'in. 1 nn lm*«mii K ' DETROITERS ATTACKED Mob A»»nU HusbdnJ And. Wiftj? Who Rcfuti't) To Obsetvo A Bo/cjott. i!;» \ i'\ i i'ii -- » ,, ,, , i"' i !• i. i ' s • i- -i n<i i'i' •'•"•' HOT BARGAINS TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY APPLES • Fancy Missouri pi i> p ins, grood eaters or cookers. peck for.. 19c -^"' .S-A-L-E ..-••.'. Big Money Saving Sale Order from this list and sa've money. «% i Which? FW Birtfdf t6 fC;»>. SfeS^i? fed with I Calumet is so tofi»j>ting- •jvhoic*6me "-ydeliciouii- I want .'eivr all. For! things hard to hake r 'f?' lt l—^^ it can't be equalled, ^-- R ' u "fO l OE met is liie wwrld'i be*tj*** JUkin^PovviU'r—it'fc n>od- cnue in pi u'c— i ure in the | faa >'it J«i'c U) tl'i) luklujr wiMulettul In leaiciiinf and fi Rccrivvd Hislie»t Aw*T< Su M't i* ffUfJ CM Grape Nuts 2 15c packages for ..'..,... .... Toilet Papers 3 lOc rolls for. '"•••" Oatmeal Clean bulk Oat. meal, 5 Ibs. for.. . Corn Flakes 3 lOc. packages for ..'.;...• ..... Cor h Starch 3 lOc packages for ........ ... Hominy Clean, cracked, 5 Ibs. for .. .;..i Soap / Oval Quebn Laundry ,Soap, 6 bars , "I A.» -Extra quality for ..............*^V hea ^| i 3 lbS( for v . Baking Powder _Large can K, £ "I O/» or Calumet -..,,.. At/v- Matches 5 boxes ... for ;,'...:,'..... Prunes 2 pounds for ...... ... ..... Sweet Potatoes 5 pounds Olives Lai-ge 25c bottle for ............. for Canned Fruits Table Pears, per can.. 1 Table Peaches, can ,,. lOc 1 S>TWP Large full quart bottle Table Apricots; can . ;l'9o Maple and Cane tD«' Blue Berries, percan,,lUc Sy nip for Onions Fancy Red Onions, 5 Ibs for ... ..... •/Codfish large 1 Ib.'box for . 6 pounds for ....... I). V. i\ S. K. f ''• ^'^™^ Parsnips.- Faiioy large, ' 1 'uashed, ti !bs;. : ,... I fresh sedded, I lb. for ..:.... Cocoa Cocoa Tor

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