Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 28, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 28,; 19*4 Costantino-Pep Bout To Go On Aug. 4 • Wntpi-bury. Conn.. July 28—CUP) --The WilllV tVp-Lulu Costantino light, originally scheduled for tonight, now is slated for August fourth. The light was cancelled by Pep's mamigcr, Lou Viscusl, who t 1 plained that Pop had "somethin on his mind, and' we couldn't gc him to think about the light." Promoti-r George Mulligan, wh ha;; agreed to the week's dela> says the postponement has eaused a letup in the ticket d<- maud. Nancy Norton Loses In Tennis Matches Nanny Norton, and Mrs. Phili Hawk of New York City lost on In the i|u:irter-finals of the wr> men's dinihleii tlrvisinn ai. the Lak IMacid anmial invitation tenn-i. tourney yesterday. They were defeated by Mrs. 7s'cl «on Kidil anil Sonya Swift, botl of Ottawa, in a ciuarter final mateh. IJ-'J. G-3. Nancy also came nut second ho* in the (iiiartor finals f>f the mixer doubles. She and her partner, Kret Whltt'side of Syracuse bowed lo Lt August Ganxmuller of New Yorl- city and hl% wife, fi-2. O2. IJITI tTAOl *HOW it Wi TODAY ANn "Ghosts That Walk Alonf ALCAZAR Gehrig Waited For Dean's Fast Ball, Then Hit It A Mile BiK J..OU Gc-hrip was a natura.l choice for Lho American league All- Star squad in 1!W7. The husky New York Yankee first baseman was In Llie best shape of his lonp major league career. When the time camo to pick the All-Star teams they Just couldn't pet by without Guhrifc— and nobody wanted to. Lou was 3-1. He'il bi'un in the junior circuit since li>l>r>—:nul the pitchers still hadn't found a fool-proof way to fret him out. " That 1937 season was a happy one for the K»V who .had como out of Columbia university to write lii.t name Into baseball's rocord books as a .'(lampion. Thai 1937 season Columbia Lou pounded the ball for a. 351 avcr.iRC—• and drove home ITiEi runs. They plfiycd the All-Star pame in Washington (.hat year—it was tho fifth of the All-Star Serins— anil they ran it off on July 7th, 1937. Even in the morning of that day tho Washington heat was terrible. But GeliriK looked cool and easy. Lou always hit well in Washington—he felt ready for a pood day ainyt the National Icapuc. Lou figured -he had some All-Star hits coming. He'd only collected, one hit in the first four All-Star panics. The American leapue was the home loam that day.' They took the field for thu start or the first tuning — and thoir starting lineup handed the fans a bit of a jolt. Lou Gehritr on first. Lefty Gomez, also of the Yankees, pitch-. ;: and three more Yankees scattered around tho field. Five mem- lutrs of Joe McCarthy's wo I'M hampions in, tile- nine-man- team. It looked like the Yankees apainst the National league. Tliat wa.« all rjpht with the Na- icmai's stiirtitig pitcher. He was no one but Diwty Dean. Diz liked Ht>m as totiph as ho could' find hem. ifuim.'j; sat tlie National leaguers own without a score in the top T the first, and then Dean came ip to Rive the American leaguers i dose ut' the sam.v. In the second inning Come/', topped out again and once more t was nothing acro.-s for the sen- Red Sox Back ,•,-••••... • 'it..•••>':.: >i- •••.:•- ,.-••: •;;•' ,„,y ..;••;-...? '.;'•.,;••• ;;. ; 'i; ••/'•'•••'"is'.-,,;.•:, w.. ! ':;t: .;;.<?:' •/•: r. '•'-. •.,•• .-:• -v •-,<,.-. ••••_ - ; •» CIO May Try To Baseball World Report TWO IN A ROW? By Jack Sords Ostermueller May Be Used As Example Players 'Wins Need Of FRIDAY - SATURDAY •\Mu.Hic!il Comedy lilt" "JAM SESSION" Ann Miller with mid li l-'rimoim Bands Also Frank Biifk's "Tiger Fanes" >r cii-cuit, Dean kept pace in tho oUoni of ihe sei'ond — lie burned i is hard one across and kept that ot'hing-all tie going. .It was the same story in the op of the, third. Gome-/, was a!- vays a pitcher who could be good vhen he needed to be. And Lofty like all the rest of the Yankees -loved to beat tho National league, t didn't make any difference vhether it was a world series, an Il-Htnr game—or jnst n spring ox- ilbition. They loved to spank the enior circuit. And then the Junior •aguers took thoir turn in the ot:om of. the third. Dizzy Dear* manajrccl to got he n:on out before Gehrigi came p — but ,he couldn't manage to eep Joe- Di.Maggio off t-hc bases, oe was roosting up tliare when ,oti stepped in, Gabby Hartnett aught Dean that day—and Gabby ecid.ed to outguess the Yankee uggor. and D:}fin—catcher and itrher—.worked their psychology itimo. They tried to guess whn' Lou was expecting, Lou waggled i his bat—tried to guosy w.hat the pitch would ho. That battle of nerves and pitches ran the count out to three and two. Then Hartnott wont down into his crouch. Eig Gabby flashed th:: r:urve-ball sign. But Dean shook .him off. He wan.ted to fog that ['lazing fast ball through there and gut Gehrig the 'hard way. So Hartnett pounded his mitt a n d gave Dix ti target. Dean looked at DIMuggio and blow down that swift one. And this time Lou Gehrig had it called. Ho knew Diz would come t-h'rotiKh in that spot. Lou swung hard and that bal', soared up—high up — and over the big right field wall. Two runs— two runs to start the American league toward .their S to 3 victory. Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment IIOMIt 'KM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — DITCH SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 ciiuitcn ST. Ti:r.. UGT- Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.CRAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 100 SOUTH MAIN fST. Court Judge Doesn't Overrule Track Judge Koston, July 28—(UP)—A Mass- nchu.scttx judKC s'fiys Unit if the do),' track Jutlt'c cnllcd Jaunty *ft- the winner of tho raco, that's [rho wjiy it .st;ind.s, Frank Biu^inow potitionod tlio Sti|)crolr cota-t to collect on hiK $210 l)f:t on Sylvia ,-it Wonderland P;irl<. The track otTicials said that Jaunty Jester won and Sylvia U'.'iilrd him in. Ea.iinow disa^rood him «o Ktr-on^rly Lha.t he'took the case to court. Hut Superior Judfc'2 Chnrlos Cal>- ot. ruled that his court can't overrule Uie track juelKts. So Mr, Eas- Inow loses 'his bet. In 19-10. 20.5)00 [irintinj; a.nd. puh- Hy.liins; firms in the U. S. jj.ive employment to 375.000 men a.iul women, and 'manufactured a.bout $2 billion wort.h of products. New York. July 28—(UP)— FrIU Oslcrmucllcr of the PittsburKli Pi- 'rutes is helping to 'build a mighty I strong case for the C-1O 'when tihn union vtafts a d'rlvc to orfta.n1/.t. 1 bull plnyurs. It's understood the labor ha* boon eyelnj.; the lucrative ba? bull field and bstei-m.iiuller fu'xt it, becoming' a good example for them Fritv, was sent to t/lic minor.' Tew weeks :\xa by Dc.idon'Branch Rickey of .tho Brooklyn Dodders juvst five weeks before jiltch er was duu to become a ton-youi man in the major.';. Ostermuollcr put up a kick a.r.< refused to report to the Syracuse Chiefs of (.lie Intel-national Icaftun the Syrucuse team sold .his contract to the Pirates. Kiiikey had used the niudli a-busnc waiver rule to attempt lo railroai: Ostormticllor Into the minors. 3 he had been allowed' to stay n Brooklyn • until he completed lii ten-year span it would have been impossible for the Dodfturs to Bund him'to a minor leafruc. • Now O.iiermueller is fast becoming one of the mainstays of th:; Pirate vtaff and has won six£umi:s against two defeats sinne joining tlio Frankie Frisch crew. That adds move ammunition t.o the C-i-O bai'niRe when- th.-> '-ime comes for the union to use the Osternuiellor case as an exampli-. Rickey hns said i.hat Ost.-:rmuel- / It-'l' isn't the kind of pitcher wanted by -the .Dodgers, yet the record sliows that Frit-/, is winnhif,' Hall f,-ames— while thu Docl^'ors just kvep rlfrht on losing. Ostc'rmueller was bnckctl up in his argument wiih the Brooklyn uliib by Jiidfrc I-.andii—baseball's •hii,'h commissioner. .Lanclis 1'elt it wa.s unfair to send i'he vutei'an downstairs just v.-h:. i n he was on the ver^c <if hecorjiin.t,' u ton-year veteran with iho privi- li!,K'. 1 of beLr^ itivcn an unconditional release rather than bciriK t:old to the minors. It's probable I.hat the CIO will make no move toward or^anh'.inj^ baseball players until Judifc I-.:in- d!s ivlirft.;. because he is known to bo against the idea. A. A. Players Will Get Jobs Back NATIONAt, LEAGUE Yt'sterimy H Cincinnati 4, Boston 2. St. Louis S. Philadelphia 7 (1st). St. Louis 0, Philadelphia 0 (2d). Other games poMt|»o.ived, rain. Browns Hold 3 l /2 Game Lead; irSs Wm Doubleheader This tf That By". DUKrc -:KAZI.AUSKAS •(.Sliorts J'Jlilor) • St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh Ni-w York Chicago Philadelphia Boston Brooklyn Today's Gium.-s, TMtcnyrs l''|.!.t.sbiirg'h al New Ym-k fnight) —•Roc (0-7) vs. Voiselle (12-12). Chicago at Brooklyn — Chipman (D-l) vs. Davis (5-Uj. Only clubs scheduled. AMERICAN I.KAGUE Vesli-nla.v'H Kenult» Boston 0. DeLi-oit ]. ("•leveland S, New Yor-k 1. Chicago •!, Washington 0. i-MiiUuii'lphio, 7, S:.. Louis 5. Tho Stanillnp St. Louis .. . I\L.-W York .. l^oxton Clevekuul .. u.'liicago .... Detroit Wash i nptoii Philadelphia 42•18 -13 •in .1-1 •I!) .10 •I-I -IS •tc -;S •12 51 •10 53 .MO .•10-1 Tnila.v's GEIIIICS. Washington at Chicago—Candini (0-7; vs. Lopnt (-l-(i). Boston at Detroit—O'Neil (2-5) :. Trout (1.-1-8). New Y'ark nt Cleveland—P t o:ier t'l-2) vs. Smith (5-7). Philadelphia at St. Louis (night) -•Black Hi-il) vs. Hollingsworth (5) or Shirley (-1-3). Dusty League Games Washed Cut Last Nisht Milwaukee. July ^S—CL'P)—When players who left the American association to join tin; armed services come hack they'll !in<! n job w:nt- in;,' for them. The directors of the league have voted to find places for all their returning .servicemen. And if aoine of the veterans can't play . any more, the league will try to A r et thorn .spots as rr.anfijrers, coaches, or scouts. at Hewill he Rain postponed the Xaugatucl; X.'Higatiick Dusty league gamer- slated to go on last night creatior.. fif=U!. The game; played next week. The league, needing one game to complete the .second round, is headed by a triplo with oowis, U. S. Rubber, and Naugatuck Chemical, each with 3-1 records, Tho first •round onclod with Risdon, Rubco and Cliem each with -1-1, Former Fordham Hurler To Pitch For Police Saturday The Boston. Braves may not be (joiner anywher's- in the National league race, but; they're providing the customci-s with plenty of tiaht ball suines. The Braves ^usually turn out -i c!u«- that fits Uie old baseball whee/.e—good field—no hit. Manager Bob Coleman'H team might bo well up into the first division \viUi just a Tev.- base hits at the right times. In UK; first ninety Ramos Uie Braves pl.iyc'd this season they yot into 33 contests where just one run separated the winner from the loser—that's more than one third of their games. And the Braves dropped 21 of those 33 one-run do- oi.sions. Along with that they played nine names where i.wo runs mado the difference, and they wound up in two ties. Along with one-run games the raves turn in more than their share of long contests. In fact, 33os- t.on teams have gotten into the longest games ever played in major league history. Buck in ]H120 mo Braves and the Brooklyn Dodgers turned in one that kept the customers at the ball park until long after their dinner had turned cold. For twenty-six long innings they -struggled. And it cot too dark lo see home plate from the mound-the score w.-is still tied at one-nil. Tha'.s the longest big league game on record. Cincinnati Beds To ugh -Lucked Braves, 4-2 Defeat Boston John.'Carroll .Mainstay Of I Ball Team, Plenty On The Ball Hasi The famed New York Police baseball team will move into Municipal Stadium, Walurbiiry, tomorrow, night !r> battle Fred Davi's Brnsscos under the lights. The Cops n.t present are riding a five game winning streak with their latets l.Tiumph a 5-3 win over the great -Avmn nine of Long Island. Johnnie Carroll, former Fordham huricr. will be on the hill against the Davimeii. and it is ex- pocled Uiat the ex-big leaguers will have plenty of trouble touching Carroll's fast ball. Carroll rates with the host of semi-pro pitchers in tho East, having been picked on tho Metropolitan All-Star team for the past throe years. In Uie Cops infield will be Silly of son sntionnl Haiders, who are noted for their excellent play. Manager Davi of the locals will have his learn at full strength ^.^ ,. R(V! .. Bl . ar)chi fol -j, or Yn n- kl , r , | on ^^ty rubber. 7-lowie Hock will again -be behind Uie plaie. Bill JohnKon, Ripper Rehia, Cy 131ock, and A:iron Robinson will complete ;:he Bra.sscos infield, with Red Walsh, late of the Louisvlll.? Colonels; .Too Kussomondo, and ,15d- die Ei-nnslsy. of New Haven, in the outer garden. This will be another twi-night af- fa-r which will start at S p. m. .sharp. 3t is expected that another large crowd will be on hand. There are 92 cities in the U. S. with populations of 100,000 or more, according to the 1940 census. The 1H30 census listed 93 cities in that class, one more than, in 19-iO. ' There will be more than §12,000 in prize mon^y in the Ail-American Golf tounamcnt at the Tarn O'Shontcr club in Chicago. That is the maturioy value of the war bonds that the- winners will ftet—and it's the biggest purse for which golfers have ever hauled out a brassic. The All-American is three tournaments, actually, and they'll run from August 21sl through the 27th. There']! be the open tournamer. for men—an amateur tournament —and a women's open. The Men's open will draw the cream of the professional crop. Every one.of the boys who walk the fairways looking for the pot of gold wants to succeeds Jud McSpaden as champion. \Vhoever does will put more than S13.0QO in his pocket—and that's worth walking :"or. There's something for the boys who finish close behind the leader too. Santa Glaus George May—the tournament sponsor — says that second place will be worth So.OOO in war bonds—and so on down the iinc to 20th place, where somebody (Hy Cnili>i] Press) The hot-and-cold Bo.Tion R have blown back ir.-to a '„, place tie in the Anv;Hc.on i c ThL- Red Sox defeated the D., lrol , Tig*re 0 to 1 al Detroit ye.ttcrdav while the Xew York Y.-mk^,7r.j to the Cleveland Indiana. The g™ •jnd tho Yanks nre now tic,; ' fo second—3 1-2 games back or the St. Loui.s Hrowns. Righthander , Tax Hughson, <j i(1 the job for Joe Cronin's crew j-._ M-- he has been holding them u n "aji sea.sor.. Tex held Uie Tigers u six hius. An<l the victory him the first hig lengue p; win 10 games this season. At Clovf.-i.-ind iho-Indiana 501 be hind Allic Reynolds and trounced the Yankees, 8 to 1. The Tribe pour.dcd Walt Dubicl steadily -f or 33 hits. At Chicago Orval c-ove turned in a four-hitter as D, C Writ..- Sox beat Dutch U-onard and the Washington Senators i to 0. And at St. J^ouis the Broii-ns took it on the chin- from tho Philadelphia Athletics. The A's piled un 3G hits to win. 7 to '5. In the NVitional league thi !»aru e leading St. Louis Cirdinals fcast- r>d on the PliiJadelphia Phillies at Philadelphia. The Cards look" both ends of a twi-night doub!f;hctdf:r winning the opener 8 lo 7. 3 !id -Jie nightcap !> to 0. At Boston Iho Cincinnati Reds pushed .lerosi two runs in the eighth to beat the Braves, •', <o 2, In the New York are'i rain forced the postponcmGnt of the Xew York-Pittsburgh and Brooklyn-Chicago qnmes. who lost his putting touch on the socond round will collect a consolation award of $330 . Mishtih-.lro Stnibury. _ Cf wrtle fo nn^ Alrpori SIMSBLMTYfL WNC Sf KVICt. I. BASEBALL Tomorrow Nighf ^-, - WATERBCUY / >*0\ MUNICIPAL ( / \^. STADIUM \J \^ S:00 P. M. New York Police vs. Waterbury Brasscos KEEP ON BUYING BONDS UNTIL THE DAY OF VICTORY! NOW •"^^b^^ NOW J'^ jf!' fc;.v • *- *• Scores;.of stunning aqua-belles in the screen's first water carnival! /0K*». BUY WA1C BONDS AND STAMPS ROLLER SKATING Lake .... ..••'• v~. , Park B It/ TECHNICOLOR Starring x^SKELTON ESTHER WILLIAMS HARRY XAVIER JAMES-CUGAT MUSIC MAKERS AND HIS ORCH. 1NTIUGU.K arid KXUITlKMJU'NT .: /-THE PORT OF 40 THIEVES With SU'iilmnlo Jiucliolur Klcliard Powers' ! V FOR EVERY WOMAN WHO LOVES A SOLDIER... FOR EVERY SOLDIER WHO LOVES A WOMAN... : FOR EVERYBODY WHO LOVES A LOVER... ,.«-• ' '.» ^ 'Atf-C ^ 30. NIGHT Bathing Beauty Contest STAGE ^•^ m^^f *^tl SO VERY, VERY TENDER... SO UTTERLY HONEST...SO SIMPLY MOVING.... IT BECOMES THE MOST IMPELLING ROMANCE YOU WILL TAKE TO YOUR HEARTI OX PRESENTS MAXWELL ANDERSON'S '-.-•^1 -*s*Ull 2 &V ^ i^» • -. 6*3. % **$' w " h ANNE BAXTER -WILLIAM EYTHE MICHAEL O SHEA ..VINCENT PR,CE RUTH-NELSON • RAY COLLINS ... .... | Dirocled by JOHN M. STAHI • Produced by WILIJAM PERLBERG Screen Play by George Sealon NOW Keep On Buyinff 5th War Loan "E" Bonds! • 2NT) BIG HIT.' • "LADIES OF WASHINGTON" Trudy Marshall-Ronald Graham

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