Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 11, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1916
Page 5
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STEftMliO. ICIIttftlS, .MOAOAY. .IM& 1 j, 1916. \ I KIS 11 ke gifts from a ma n \s 1 i • i t i ——---- M-or4? T pra€t4€al^ -uset-u-l things they can put on and wear and get the benefit of. ^ Here are useful gifts that-may^ he had in wide assortments for a dollar • Shirts, sweaters, night robes, pajamas, gloves, mitts, jewelry, neckwear. umbrellas. i Bradley- Boynton Clo. Co. SOCIAL AFFAIRS A SILVER WEDDING Mr rind Mrs D L. Buekworth C civ bra tlcl Event Sunday With 6 O'clock Dinner. W. R. C^ELECTION WorvsMi's fteifXf Carps Held Their PJ?tfion Of.'6fficpri! Saturday. '•'• \'. !I <-'•' f '<M tia'-ir fq-utrir "'7x - : ir.-tu''" r:" ••he I'- Xfort •!>-•, -1 ?nv.~ r, t CITY "NEWS IN BRIEF WHAT RED CROSS SEALS DO, • M vf ;> STV ,v All silk both sides, white and lavender linings?' black outside, with or without sleeves, SI,95 and S2.Po.' • ' ' ': * • t ' > i ! .M ! '• t : .- IPl : If .i-ii 'I ! n : -e.: ni .it hit; h in ••'l''« •-. I. i\.- !•• . o I"|- M-\ '.? i! > e.iT-J Pn'-kv\ ••! th- ; u. r.. MARRIED..IN-CHICAGO 5 Har^l Sturtevant "SScemes Mrs. ArJHur D, t- !J. 1> •i St' r! '!"(•• i 1.11;' • tit. ..f Mads- M !.'V\ >.' A SPLENDID PROGRAM c Parent -Testhrrs Of Hahnaman Met Saturday Afternoon, ^ v ff l \ ('I' iv.itit at)i} { J . if: ta 1*1*' Ttl''('|- MIL- ..f i ?!•• i 1 i; « !-t -T.-o hefK ASMH i.atlon <•< Ha'-D.iu^tti »:ii !nh! Saturday at- letno.-.i :.i the -..ho.,! | t .e|«H. in |.l,-- t | i;t.'\< "".v •"i-J,',.!!:!i'i I'l'^r/ini «-;,.« K iv"!i b\ |'>ipils of the >-, hiM'b Her 1 -* ;ui ,si\ wa>'« in whir!; ;!!<• in.'n- you spend for I !••(.! <'!<>«>,• ("!n i-ittri-i- nl«t may i'<- ii»-<'d: it) TulH'H-ul<-M< patients -who- arc In need of f<»oi). 'cluthlnir, fnnatorlnm tare or other riee- H.ixel Stntt,-- jf'«s|He.« may be re||.-v.-il. t.'i A vi^it!<• Arthur !>. | lllt; nurso ttlav b^ i-nt;.-.tced to 1:0 out ; !'<nk'- or li'tiiiuir!.,!!. \\'<-sc Vlruitd.'i. !''-' " 1<s homep of the poof ami i;ivc in- in .!. [.!.,, ,. .,. ;j,,, 1'!i|p>i-i(,D it\eiiuc '"tt'iiction nnd advice on the t^rr-fi! tfi 1 nt f'i< s!u t.M i in ehtirch of t'hiiaeo I>fr- !»n«l |ireVPntion of tnbercnlti/K She i-» .Mi--; Stiiitrvan! is the diiittchter ,,f ; vr>Ml ' Vf> "Ceticv. (S) A speciMl cam- Mi ,ii>.] Mr« '"h.ii !)••< I' Sturtf'Vin! 'l m 'P n f°r a rlty or <•" unty hospital m;i\ fi'ittiiti-, of f'ltif-frrrr,«!(»« || ,atid Wf-il''"* C.'iri'ifil on, and the community be known HI !b!~ i-Hv. -, ilhc-reliy indtieed to :ir!-«>(nie its share THE MURPHY DRY GOODS STORE* \\ s ?~7 QJ . /W / V • , tJ • •, i Good Merchandise Reasonably Priced New Silk Peflicoafs as Gi Emphasizing- exceptional values $3.95;'$4.95, $6.95 ;of the tu!KTJ-(!l'i.ii>4 Thus yout .Mr. HMike t<rndu:i>cd from lh< , ... i t«it- of XVIf.-r'onsir! Vi«t J-m« ,-uid nti'\ ! money i* multiplied ituuiyfold. l-l) A old« the portion . in: ,<it v ch«mlsi nt ; ;«Ih«|M'ns.-iry may !><• maintained where I'lntirtuton (patients nnd their familit-x may call After a f<>« «!•»•(<."tit Natural Bridurc K" r ^"''" ! "' v ' ( ''' "nd examination, (5) r«iiii.i, .Mr. and -Mr* Hurke- will <"''*'" :lir f<t ' 1 '""'-" •'""' fr"<-«h air HasKi-..,-, hip an.! other.". /UK'! which refresh- make their hornf at Huntinifton jtntiy be Mnrted win-re l,o\« an«l uirls : v.-co •-rved by 'the, committee. ...''-. L ' iwho have tuhcreulo.sis or sue threaten-.!!..« IIIK it. the I'lota-am a* ren- . niiDDDIOC CUn«iir*r» l r(I wllh ll m "- v '"' llllllt "'' '" h " ll >'.' ''<•« •••' . , H oUnrniOt oMUYVtn rnml mind. US) Kdm-atlonal Work will i 1'i.ino duet Mis Xi \ ,t l>eni«<tn, Mi*«- '. . — •— Ibf.u'ijiK' to "how the entire community: \<«!a |>em«on. Given Mr, And Mr«. .lulim Wink Snt-itnmi. wotm-n and children that tuber-i III' . "And the YoutH .\|..\ . hi."-- "\Vi-ii Ii Kail I Mew Tom Thumb \\"e ( idini-. Pupil I i. i | I il c>, i sei-ool. It.-.-, "Never Had i! Chance \\';titcd" Mr. Evening. Mt«". Julius \VfnU. «|nm«- Can he cured Hnd prevented. ; Kvcry llwl- CrosH Hojil is n bullet iu I the fluht ftKitltlHt tUhereulo.-ii.'--. ,{* j i'V^iu/Varpr^^^ WON RHODES SCHOLARSHIP. I • it the hone of Mr, \Vink'* mother „„ j ""-Tohu TitiUofi Willifims, DiXoji. tit:, i U'rtllnw Mtejt't Ahtmt (ifty friend* 'J lln '" r '" tin* Oillejjo- of Liberal Ails.' • njove.l the affair. Music nntl garm<s j «'nlvi>r*lty of lllinoK Haiurdsty -Was i were nnjoved .durlnu thr- evenlnc and ! nwHril " (l ""' <* <11 ' 11 - Khodes Scholar- i •lat<r tririRhtiients were served, which :* hl J' tf< r''! 1 '''""'"* th«> State of Illinois \ Veslil w«'-tc (nought by the miefftK. Ml' ftlHl a1 <>x '' ol 'd I'lllVor*II V, Klevcii Illinois ! Mir. M'itiU n-ere presented with ,, j*'ndentM chrec month* ayo took the; M" handfii.iw- rockltiK fhfiliv lil-rary t.-ibh-|'' x " mm " li " nH - " f which two were the; 'ami nnmerntm plrce* of «d!veru ;»re r-""' * *' 1 *"*' 11 ' ''audid.ilen, William* of (Hi- j win,.), were received with hearty !»)• i"" ls "'"' J ' '' l;irk - " f Kn " x «'""'•«", j I'-te. in I Ion and Kiven with .the IH>H! j ! * lUlt '''ay '•< Auditorium Hotel .Deanj in w,^ XM-II ren- «Hhe.« from nil !or a happy tnarrlt d j "° lKnto " r *'"; N"Hnwc*t<'''" t'niver- i In ch.irKe. as weU-i-y lift-, . * ("Ity. Detin K, «'. Habcock of the t*ni- j l-:itt. fife lo be <on- - -: _.: iverwity of Illinois; I'ti'^ideut Hiirry; iratuhited upon the -ipleitdid .shov, inj. RAVP A TAFFY PHI I ' l*r«nfe,'n<lf>»>n of th'e ridvei>ity of Chi- j nade b\ tin little folks whi» R.tVe e\i- UH * t H ' "'* ' " Ul - 1 " 'ongO> I'renidetlt C. H. Kammelkamp of j le'ice.',) .-iiiet'! 1 ! traitilnu and drilling mi o n n -""~" Z . .... ^Illlnnt« College. «, JaleMburir, 111.. :ind l>r.j M, SS Bollo Brown Entertam.d H.r , Thtmirls Mrf-lelland. pr^ldeut of Kuox J Jacksonville. awarded tin-' (L. by AsuU-iMoii mi " > *"'*"*V Central VV^ Ii" -, inir her to School Mate*. MIMS Hi He IP. own ilr- Ihi- f:\i- .,,„- ..,,,., , pnter- jsrhohu-Mhp to Williams. The Hh'oi|e>»i .1.1... Irol.-.y ..*,. at the home of Iwr jg^.o,,,^,,,,', ,. liri .,,. H wllll „ an ,.,„„,„. i '-latent.,. .Mr ami Mrn. L. A . H.-.-vn. j m( ,, )t 4)f - $ >)() ., v ,. Jir f ,, r lhn .,, Vl , u . s , lltllbi 1J .-, ti Wi«.(j..xi,tii .i»'. ....... ... .. »../«>.. ' , . T * * * « , ii«i, Union A Wonderful Systerrt ii'i^iiut- Il|,i II lt> I it;*' iiti"!"t*'lU!lLI ("!" ..*• i •ifiin*.-'** <p i «*»</>' <i ii-j»» *ti| * 111 i-*- >'4fi,^, >•' ts ... laeU .„ re.',.h,,K matter ,!;• the ''" *-"»•""* *»•»»*• -'" ••-. f««T>- r«HI.., w |th wldence nt Oxford l",>itv M-tht K,mi upon the pupil ,,t t-nderaee •;" :l!t ' T "" '•'« »»" *"•"""' mates Cloyed , ; ,,,d a yc . nr . H ,,. UVH ,„ K.urope. Wll'. Si;-; r \ Smith made ;, for. ihlo "' <" l '(±i> Hie lo|ii,p«rt of the eve ;| i(ltnM | H i w . : |ity.Jhree years old. a •iml v,,v abl, addles,, ,.„ tho luni-t.on "V" 4 , WllB , ?"'" '" "" lkinK !: " r - v « r « or lKrnriuat« of the North 'Ulv>n Illuh 'i t ,,ii . i ,'"'."• which dainty )eti"Mhments were ; ,.,,„„• ..„ -,•' !-i»o| and h'.'iif' in i'iui! let.'* . ,.,. , , ; M noor un , v.,i,.i.v M.-rved, Ihr color >.<• hernc wa.s pink xviiii.u,.- ,', louchmi; u|!<ui a numlier of ,,,,... . '"" : »> illl.i?n« . P. , , and «hite »\ hie h wax !,erv prettih- cut-. s and makini; -i v«-r\- uot>i|'lrn- i ; .,<i , , i ••"".' <» . , t'-'i.- •ni.iit'ne i'i.,c.-i.i '" ' '''' m!lin '^ >r "f 'h>« eye-' L4V-C ^T!* H .' ' f * m "° rKwtit,— . mil)- was stient in tames and music.! -in,., n... Of crisp new silks beautifully tailored in newest styles-blacks, whites, changeables, fancy stripes and warp prints. x Plush and Cloth Coats, Spetii •Full flared, large collars, plushes, lined throughout; cloth coats, half lined, now at January reduced prices. * $19,75 and $22,50 ' ,.r I,,.- j bnildi 1 .! b o i 11:111 By the end of this year the'Bell Telephone System will have approximately ten million telephones in service. n - • Prompt and courteous treatment^ c,o m bl ned with efficient service I The atiettdnncf. J wi»N desireii on iiceoiint of the condi- 'tloti of the to,ids but the tlleetlUi; Wa« f > e| v .wi|i-ee«stul atltl t ht s Weil paid for their Unit -WERV SALE th-tn" "«V.'" ' '" " "••••••••' «•"• o....-..< . i The livery >ale of .V. (!. Iteit/.el at hlw • All present report a very ^ood time, hlvery barn'on l.o,-u*t street Saturday "*~AMUSEMENTS~ street •-•"' '";• ^- le tlleetiUt; Wiiv OnrtlHI •'T-TIIJ- mninmi JIMI-U^MI '< 010. nir.c<| iii'W'd bill the bill> audienet felt SOCIAL AT THE CHURCHs. i'tli.* wni. very siow.and it Mir|iriri.-.l | TEMPLE PLAYERS TONIGHT. • and efiort in i _ „. . •• —~T - \'p-'"pl" to'known \ithe tour of'cra, and the cant u.'i.iilin t-Joti are *ald lo be .Um-li, e\er Hent on the roitd, n fall- lie! ! IllC out. .Will Be Given By The Senior Depart- LAbT Y. M. C. A. NUMBER, The lust numlier of the Tf', M, lltite ciilis and i ToniKht The T^npie l»hiyi.-ri* Sio-Uj^'ar < 'otij-we will he given tome are wanted now Hint unto* <om|. : auy open their ••ncaKernent f ,t _ ni^sht ni * l?> o'clock Ths attract! i Another tii'-eiin^ of the. *A»soclutlon w»nt Tomorrow Evening. "lhayi- hcj?om«- M« popular. Hr'veral of: Ihe Academy of Munic in a I'vliiihtful • 1>v "' ''*' il coiu'ej-j; iujii I,,,- Meld the tiecon.i Sttui'day iii' ~''he"-.s'eulor Pepardnent of th«< J'-twj-.j.l.hi.-.,very i>w makcH of cati.s which cosa. i thn-i'-ai-t conu^ly, entitled "The .Mas- ! Wheet.'r. Imritune. Ixjin Brown, plar ^January at which lime u program wjii ' K TUSH iknmj .Htuxiay School will Kiv»« a • from K'.X to elf-lit •hinulco<l dollars Hol^iter in Ilin own House," The . i.-l.iy'T'"" 1 VVlttstou Wilkinson, violinist. ; be «iven ami a spelliiii; context Voi pu- K " liul '"' ""' church paslor.s Tue.xriay | for «ix to nine dollars .apiece, far- ; • -onttilnn an iiitetestfiiK plot, plenty of i _- M '~ Windier, the .efilobrated'• Pit i l'il.< of Hie M'cond, fourth, sixth aiul ' v *' n '"K. f>ec; l^'th. and all mi%nberK of 'HaKe.s in t-xcelU'iit condition hroitKht j uentihie wit and humor, The t liar- ] >-'"'K l>at itone,.ha.s a rich. clt»«T. expr :.JKhth uradi'K. the words to he- taken ""'• ','hurcli and, Suudny School withjf"im fifteen to thirty dollai's, .Mi^t ! acters are liixtlni,t rip«;«j«. The ^lem-rv ! • liU '* . Vl ' i< ° '•»'''«• a!>so!tltP Control. : i roni the tirft four months work lit thoi" lelr fl '"'" <lK i "'° Cordially invited to of the Hvcry lunwM also went far be- ! juid coHtunicM plensitiK. The company | !J '» H -\ ::h tna-ked dignity tindT • • ' '•"•• — ••' "• •'——••• •- —10 .. . ; i..,. -.«..... „,,,,,, worth am! the{j s eoiniioNed of -tlaulexs aetoi-s. in'liid I' 1 ' leejaiK, In the lU'litnecs of the i'- the t'emalnius i attend. KefreshmenU Will .he low what, a coTnSisl of ihe Miiny nature ^""' "" w '"' ''"""' ""' a»Hiircil u hearty "Mtiipment of the barn w,i* »fid .it low j ,,, u \\-. ||. Xiemeyer. wh j at the loU.iWiiiK ..tueetitiK, It is i>x j pecte.l that Professor I'-Yed .1. Militate I of Tatnptfo "ill be pi cm-lit and ?4iv .out the Word* to tlie.contt'MtaiUK. SURPRISE PARTY has made this achievement possible. i Beceivers, Central Union Telephone Company, • C. M. Armstrong. Manager, •" . Telephone, Main 200 | Given Tvlr. And Mrs. Herman Mass • Thursday Evening. well oine and ii very good lime. SOCIATcJRCLE Of The Prairievillo Church Enjoyed A"n C AI| Day Meeting At The Church. The"K6cja| circle of the Pndrfo'vHIi'. •liui'i h littti a very—Rood aHi'lldUlii't' it tlieir last meetitiK, which was un .'til •lay nff.-iir. It'waH held in (he chun-h We have too many coats at this season of the year. We have decided on a quicfc clearance and have grouped them in five lots, viz: -Utl Coat* fchat soldi up to $12.50 ! Thiii, exeniHK, forty frleiidH and I' 1 '" 1 '" " IM)I1 " .^'ramhh- dinner was M«rv«*»l. The lieM inoctfilK will he hcli Jaipt.ny :ird. nt which time will occui the election of otllrerH. GAVE ATUNCHEON Mrs. Wm. Flock And Mrs. Goo t Deckor Entertained Saturday Afternoon. ,Mr«. Wilttnm Khjek and .Mrs. Becker jvere i neighbors of Mr. and .Mr**. HermtUi ' AliiM', delishtfnlly umpired them nt I'tlu ir home, east of this rlty. The, e»-e- 11 '.UK wa> t-peiit in Ks»m«"< and mu«i>" ,-ai>«i at a 1,-tte hour .1 lii« .si - r<-.n;lde din- j I'er wa.-. «er\ed which uas bronuht hy : tin- KIICJ-IM. iind which, was hf-attily en- 'lJ«iy<'i| by (itl ThoVe present rcpori 1 , u V4>ry enjoyahleM Sale On it hoHtesmoH a! a prel- 'ily iipttolnteil luncheon Kitturdfiy tif lernoon at HH> hi'inc of tho ftirmor on LOCUM wtreet. The. afieriiooti w;ifi «penr KOI inHy and 1 All., enjoyed a y«»ry lime Lot 2 Coats that sold up to $a5;OQ Coats that sold up to $20.00 • at $1475 Lot 4 Coats that sold up to $25.00 at Coats that sold up to $36.00 :$2475 - • • , • . . Remember tm*>* are all this season's make. Styles £re yp to the -the^b6ve-offerifig9-«tt4--'-ng:lit in tKe height of the season; Its to your interest to take advantage of it. Nothing- makes a more suitable Xmas gift than a good warm ooat. , . - • . '"''•• ' ill ENTERTAINED AT DINNER Mr. At>d Mrs. Adam Foreman Gave A Dinner Sunday At Their' Home. .Mr. ai.ei Mr*. Adam Foreman. «r Palmyia, pleasantly tMHt-rtiiiiMHt «• '•Hnn«M - yesterday Mlsn Ahirlc Miulder u Dixoii, ,Mi>. KllxalVth <:hri»tet»ou of • 'hic.iBo. and .Mr. uiul Alfs. Kiclui:' 1 i'fundfilein of Jhis cit>. OOSTUME RECITAL AT WOMAN'S CLUB. , iieiVO! m.tu's nisht i rogr(\m ut Ui" t'otiKr*Rittioiii»l ihurch U'«»iJnt-Hday, Ucc. UHh, vull <-oucis«l id' pipe' ,'irtynn rwltal by .Mlw.s Thome frotn t:3fi to. >:it|i and a «-i««-|itini' ivcitul ~1ry s ?ti(*i! Helen t'rumlj of Uockfortl, A •vili follow. ICut-h...member nuiy mu guest, fur more ihe rfl^ul ^ ill be charged.,* '-. •' BIRTHS AI.I.I.'X. A daughter wnx born Ii Alt- and Alr.H. |{ I-;. Allfii-Friday morn' VVVXX.SJk*t»siml Mrs. L. K. \Vyut» •ceU'cd a leU-iiram SUUilw)' from Clover \V>un. s-aying u had lneii t«oi4i to•.ijiiein at lll:3M oVhu:k Jhiil iiiornliiu. ,Tl(ey are ttvjus nt l-'tu- ii>, Ind. Ml,VVyi)ii i* tl«vi 4 liuy Hiiief,- auiii tor tjie American H.ulliilor ("om- paiiv .HI.] i> « MI|| of Aim i,, |>, \S'yiuii BLAST KILLED 26 WbMEN. l.oiiiioh. I >ec, 1 i,---Twelliy-si.V WolUVJI wcie filled iiiu.1 about thj.rly iii'j'Ji't'i'l ail t xpii^ion in :i | aiiiwuncemeut, •:- MAKES BETTING A CRIME. " ' \V,i slun^loil. 1>. t'. 1 f .• • Svllalof Kej,- ami the Nrflr wa» not what i'. wa« expected It 'xvoitld I" . Il.arri.«on cried the f.'ilu aild J.«-w Jteil- zel wax clerk. BIG THRESHERS DIE. . Three of the hlnnoM IhreKhets on the -.i>Hlli xiile'-iif.. Ibe |iVe|- have died III- •fidcof.ii mouth, They are l-'tvd Scott, whose death occurred hiwt week; .lucob (''rank", who died in Kansas, two week^ IKO, and Albert Aleins, w HO pawned •iwi^y at life home aiiout four .weeks ,ijto, r-\ir year:-! Ihey Were the lafKest (hrcHhiTH on the Mouth Hide. They wort kpnwn far find near, and their tlii'e«h- iiiw ilali'K back-to when they were hoyj. "OUR before there were engines Jo oper- He l.l.iroshlnu machines with aud tlu dow <»ld lior^e pow'er held Mvay. Mr. Krank'8. thrcshiiiK date« back to ovei forty yearn ugo when he wits, a vet > «tntill Iwiy and he wan ainor.K the th few >'e;ir> !laM been . With liobt ti i,i, -ivy throhK of itto the iciubr (he rnuslc \V. .Matit.-U./l'ytone Power 'ami othi-r •' l '.' x "" t " ni1 livi ''> movement of »l New VorU atlta' t io|i><; A|ts.s\ tef he Hho-.Vft |il», Temple lliih been With \llleha Uiim- i '''"' li '" !< ;iml '"''""r of t"llC. ham; with Viola Aflen an entire .seaN U">**< l-''** Hrown, the youjm..Aip« ixitn af the tVntury Theater, Xew York | "'"" l 1 '!'"'^. "'hu beRiiia her City. The supporting ,-ompan.v iJ "'''"«"»• with Mt • <': \v. Hest Artlm • oir| used of |?laver« of no i Iti fact, the company l.« MI well ,'inced it would be dtffii nil lo nay who;"",' ifi he-it. People who arc acoiiMlomed '•> Jmy H» to run hi* machine* VACATION THIS WEEK. o tile fact the County Kuril) •• »|-fi" liiKtilUt«' w-ill !•*» held in the .Ster- 'injf towiu«h.l|i hiKli school hutlilinif thl? week tht'n* will he no whool aftei Tuesday niKl^j. The «rhoi»l will then 'lavtv 11 \aeaiiou until next Mmid.if jiornin'g. It is expected u number of he teucllef'x titid pupil," will uUeud tin .IIMlltlllll thirillK J(» JieHHltttlS OPERATION" ON SATURDAY. V'birwtteo Uurshnuiu uiulvrwi'iM ai, iperation of u delicate nature at tlu r>lerllu« . hospiiul Sulurda.v afternoon Phii Is the second o4)t> he IIHH submit ed to iri the pa«f few weekn ami U it' (hlH ; will In- ||ln ri'poried ex- N lULINOIS HISTORY. tti Usi'a, tln> iintNlfivery llap |HlllotH. \vilUUreW fvotlV the i-i.|; ular Hapjl*t church ami formed wha Is Mww't|i(« Beilii-l U-iptU't church, u'ea On Uec 13, IT |i»; .M. de h one of the ciu-lle."i com , Ht IllinoiH. (lied, REPORT- bureau fore •fist Cpr^ todriy JH u« follows- l'n-t*t yvlHi' i-i'lder loni^hl will tmrtlH-ni pollion; ,T>lesda.«. »|-(*lliibl.\ cloudy. WIT*! 'ACID. Alulley HiK.I>y MUTc'rcd a >e>eri' ,u Suturday luoinius; at one -of -tin i'si V.'heii acid Kphisheil in his f:n'< while nt w-orl; iu -the plaints depaii ueiit. eain<ilim his e> i.'f- and ii«>.-,, 5 to \ a burned. to .seeiun $l ; TiO anil $L'.nO tdiow.-i will not- be diNappoiiite'l 'when they ."ee 'I'he Toinph 1 Player* tonight. . ., "REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM." Perhaps .tli'- inoM- chalinitit; !,-n ••efoine of till |;i«it two decades Irt tin it lie New I'ltteland ..MlHJ-- Kebecca '{owena Uandull, the central liKure ol v ite Douglas XViKKin'K very populm ioo|<.< "Hebecca of Sunybrtiok l-'arm," uid '-'Ni-w ("hroiucle.s of Rebecca," both With Hi • <': \V. abllltv I ''"''"'"' nilH ^" Ml f'turncd t'rotn yearM ripen)..In H?rlln, For two she toin-ed Ucrmany, where i Appeared with the principal orclu?Htr Mitri lirown II.'IM a (rel'ieiifious tf ...which- work*- <li^i wn upon u it dramaii«:atioii by .the author, uvul 'hariottf'ui, called "Kebecca if Kunnybroiik Karin,". which c-omes to he Academy of Music next j)ei ; . 16th. Matinee ami itiuht', The' play in in fotn it:lx, and «i*in t'oi-tii the iidVentuivH o( Hebeix'H from llie time of her arrival it the home of her auntx. Miranda and ' Siiwyer. to the dawn of woman* 'ood. .and the birth of love in her lean'. Her praiflt}.. her charms, hoi id venturer, her mishaps, 'th/* comedy New .ho ' life ure till shown in * of the play, the winning if the grim old Aunt Miranda, by the fiuushiney IJcbeccH lhi> central (h^kell & "MucViity, hy urrungemenl vith .Klaw vV Krlanjjer, 'aiy dirwting It's Wonderful How Resinol Stops Itching . MiMr,e.< Kitiua 'Mciu'li. M'uf.,-), >"dwm JUtintiiore .Mid Kll>vvonh' :-fridt' iiujtined to IIIXMII Suiiilay ,tdi|* lltai .til- ' upon llic lUiitiilion*! 'oirlpiU Will aiul .Mrs,. Mis* -Joy -.lay us the houi Hall. •'LH-H \V .! Moor tu Ihe'coriupt I'f.M'tU e.hlil )|| ih,- s,eit- Kli^'oHh Tiiol ke, jale nfriKliii: bi ,HH« on a ii.jiioii-il, ,,.>-i,', UvV. ,\l. I'.rovv nriKV « -!*, <-v < 'ou^ne-Ss i-'ii-i \ <-!>'> •?('•!( Si frii" i here yt-.*8i«lvt,j \ -w J« Tw tliuae who lmv*» i-tidurwl for j'OiW tin- itching turuH-ti.ti* <if cw,itiua or otlii 1 rtiu-li Mkin-eruptiuiH,. the ri-lii'l that tlut liriit uso of UeHkiyV (Jjiitnient atui IU-»iuol USUtitlv giVi'A it} il,hv, ' Aitcr all the xulTfriny Uu-y Uava L-mlurell and till the uai'- less tfcatmeuttj they fur, thvy cuuiuit Iw-lievi; iriiything HO simpli', inilij and iiieXpi-n- t»ivv can slou tli*.' itvhuijj «ati buruing I Y.STJ.V/'/. 1 ' Ami tlu-y liiid jl »tifi, iitort' \yoiiilerfiil I hat the improvement in jmnuum-ut mid that Ke>inoi leally ilrivi'S away'tin; eruption i-oinpleti-ly iii aurprjs.e .like ttiitj hi »tore i'or you. ISe^iuoIx Oiutnivut at'd Hiviuul A Good Soap For Btiby Skin A cotni Imbv l-nrv'-'i;. Slit He! anil if-1 'txoii, spent- !>nn- f .Mr.\uid Mi> •<;, K. of I »i \ou.y. Key. ; . vcjl( , tji* rag (t,,^ ^,,4 cjuUiugH (.„ wUU'h »i Hock l-';iils .UH! i, tl hie^are li;iWe, Tlwt is ivliv ,MJ ,. oi" Tatupie". wei < ^ -lltey .uUH^St'tt tlti 'hi'ieti i.U cliui.-h. •unl a splendid touch, nnd this, ce liitud with a thorough undcTHtan ,uid Hympathetic Hplrit, midieS. I 'ileannre to listen to her. Winston \Vilkin»on, althoiiRh tii« =tefiiH, i,s otlft of tlu* most yoiujK American-traiuinl VKdinlHtu before the public. Mr. iii>t -honors in the Houthern ;-t»nteM of th<- National i'!uh.>. held iu .\lemphin, and iix the violin reprrMenUHlvo of *i : Houth. pla\cd at the lUeunlul I'ony "(ion in I.o.s VtiKcU-s in June, 1915.' •Mi. .uid Mra. C'hurleti iJi.Von, are vlhitlllK at the home I'ora l'"ine. Manicur Sets A M'( t»t' iiiuuu'ure ai|i <'I<»s ih now a 'necessity ,t»v<»i'v lady's Urt'ssing lilc. Our assortment in a iji i i- iri'v HO(S is t|ie laryi'»l ^ rliave ovajp v * - f shown and \ou cau fifirj tiii'iii in'i't- iu ahiuist ruufiMvahJc So i s in Tvoi*\% wiivir, •Hliony, and I't'iirl — eap" • a bcautv and of you j»uvv wilo tho Hiciii i« x't

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