Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1968
Page 4
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MM**, *rt* 1ft, Ittfl Television Schedule ff* {W STAR, Pfflftf Ir 8§if fiNfffft! tmft* IS. 1968 6:30(Color) 6:30 MOVtfi "40 Pound* of ftoublt" tony Cums, tltit Mllcox 9i 00 (Co lot) 10: 00 (Co lot) 10:30(Cotot) IZiOOM PLACE fHE BIG VALLEY 10 O'CLOCK REPORT THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF TUESDAY. MARCH 19. 1966 6: 45 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Colof) BOZO'S BIG-TOP SHOW 8:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS ...EATRE "Parson of Panamtnt" Charles Ruggles, Ellen Drew lO:00(Color) THIS MORNING 11:00 BEWITCHED ll:30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:00 THE FUGITIVE l:00(Color) THE NEWLYWED CAME l:30(Color) THE BABY GAME l:55(Color) CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30(Color) 3:00(Color) 3:30 5:00(Color) 5:30(Color) 6:00 6:30(Color) 7:30(Color) 8:30(Color) 9:00(Color) 10':00(Color) 10:30(Color) 12:OOM DARK SHADOWS THE DATING GAME DIALING FOR DOLLARS THftTRE "And Now Tomorrow" Loretta Young, Alan Ladd ABC NEWS 5: 30 REPORT THE RIFLEMAN GARRISON'S GORILLAS IT TAKES A THIEF N. Y. P..D. THE INVADERS , 10 O'CLOCK REPORT THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF .. KAR Monday, March 18 5:30 Huntley BrinUlcy Rcpor.t NBC 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 The Monkecs NBC (C) 7:00 , -Rowan and Martin Laugh-In 8:00 The Danny Thomas Show NBC 9:00 The Bill Cosby Special NBC 10:00 News and Weatlier (C) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:. 00 Sign Off " Tuesday, March 19 6:45 RFD with Hob Buicc (C) 6:55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weatiicr (C) 7 HO The Today Show NOG (C) 8i ! 00 The Todny Show NBC (C) 8i25 Arkansas News find Weather (C) 8 [30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9 1^5 Nancy Dicker son with die News 9R30 Concentration NBC (C) id: 00 Personality NBC (C) 1(3:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC it: 00 Jeopardy NBC (C) it: 30 Eye Guess NBC (C) ll:55 Edwin Newman with the News 12:00 Little Rook Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make a Deal NBC (C) IfOO Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1:30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:300 Another World NBC (C) 2:|30 You Pon't Say NBC (C) 3;i)0 The Mike Doup.las Show (C) 4:&Q I Love Lucv "The Fur Coat" 5:i)0 F Troop "Don't Ever Speak I to Me Again" (C) 5:^0 Huntfey Brinkley Report r<UC 6:PO News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 I Dream of Jeannie NBC (C) 7 £00 The Jerry Lewis Show NBC (C) 8^00 Tuesday Night at the Movies : "We're NO Angels" with • Humphrey Bogart and Peter Ustinov 10; 00 News and Weather (C) 1Q;15 Lonnie Gibbous Snorts ? ow l4j30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 1?;00 Sign Off : 6: 30 '7; 00 ?;00 9:00 *0:00 ±0:30 THE MONKEES - C JOURNE* TO ETERNITY THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR I SPY - C NEWSCOPE •? G RADAB WEATHER - C AL GQBDON ON SPORTS r THE TONJGHT SHOW ' C EVENING DEVOTIONAL 6(20 AH SH5 1l2§ 8i30 9iOO 9.25 9*36 10(00 10i30 11(00 ffiXARKAHA MOW G tODAIf IS fgXARKASA TOMy'.-flHGr* e ¥0BA¥ ill * 6 12iOO N 12;30 om It 00 1»30 2tOO 2:30 3:00 3)25 4i30 S.'OO S!30 6*00 6:20 6)30 7tOO 8:00 10)00 10)30 12:00 * C C C SNAP sse MEWS * e CCJHCfiWf RATION •- e PSRSOHAtlf* - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES JBOpAftDY - C EVfi 6UESS - C TV PARfYLlKffi - C US? 'S MAKE A DEAL DAYS OP OUR LIVES THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD * C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAFFALOT CLUB - C WANTED* DEAM OR ALIVE MARSHAL DILLON - BtW HUNTLEY-BR1NKLEY - C NBWSCOPS WEATHER AL GORDON ON SPORTS I DREAM OP JEANN1E - C JOURNEY TO ETERNITY - C TUESDAY NIGHT AT THB MOVIES "SECOND TIME AROUND" - C DEBBIE REYNOLDS NEWSCOPE - C RADAR WEATHER - C AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - c EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV MONDAY. MARCH is, 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 KATV Monday Night MovU "FAME IS THE NAME OF THE GAME" Jill St. John, Tony Francio** Peyton Place - ABC (C) The Big Valley - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Wenthet World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) (C) TUESDAY. MAKQ1 19 7:30 Bozo's Big Top Comics (C) 8:30 The Fugitive - ABC 9:30 This Morning - ABC (C) Host: Dick Cavett 11:00 Bewitched - ABC 11:30 treasure Isle - ABC (C) 12:00 The Noon Show - Live (C) 1:00 Newlywed Game - ABC (C) 1:30 The Baby Game - ABC (C) 1:55 Children's Doctor - ABC (C) 2:00 General Hospital - ABC (C) 2:30 Dark Shadows - ABC (C) 3:00 , gating Game - ABC (C) •'-'.-jVjfo "•; -""" BtiVo's'Blg" Top Cdmids* - Live fC) 5:00 Bob Young Evening News - ABC (C) 5:30 Truth or Consequences (C) 6:00 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 6:15 World News (C) 6:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 6:30 Garrison Gorillas - ABC (C) 7:30 It Takes A Thiet - ABC (C) 8:30 N.Y-P.D. - ABC (C) 9:00 The Invaders - ABC (C) 10:00 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 10:15 World News (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 10:30 Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) KSLA-JVQI2 MONDAY MARCH 18 _ 6 : 30 Gunsmoke 7 i 30 The Lucy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 * The Monday Night Movie "Hilda Crane," Jean Sirnnona, Guy Madlion 10:00 News/Dodson 10i25 Weather/Bolton 10«30 Carol Burnett Show lit 30 Sea Hunt 12; 00 Weather/Vespers TUESDAY MARCH 19 6s 25 6*25 6:55 7j 05 7; 30 8 i 00 9(00 9i30 lOiOO 10 i 30 11? 00 11(25 Ilj30 U?45 12iOO 12 5 30 1:30 2 $ 00 ?s 25 2; 30 3: 3-. 4: 5: 5: 6: 6: :00 -.30 :00 :00 :30 :00 :25 6; 30 7:30 8:30 9; 00 10:00 10:25 10:30 11:00 12; 00 Economics (Mon-Thur) Across The Fence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS News /Bent 1 Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Pyfce Love Of Life CBS News/Bent i Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light News/Owen As The World Tum« Love I« A M*w Thing House Party To TeU The CBS Nevs/g4vnrd,i Mge Of Nifht Secret GUUgan's Ravhi.de McHaie's Nivy CBS News/ Oven Daktari Red Ske!LtPn Good Morning World CBS News Hour Nevs/Ervln Weather/Griff!" He 4 She The Lieutenant Weather/Vesper? Will fff Fruitful By JIM CHURCH Associated Press Sj»Hs Writer TUCSON, Am. (AP) - Hie Cleveland Indians hope a couple of trades and a new brand of golf ball justice can snap them out of the second division. But it's a long shot. The Indians have a new manager Ift Afvifi Dark, a stark con* tfast to Joe Adcock, who cracked the whip. "this man treats you like a human being," catcher Joe At- cue said of Dark, who managed Kansas City to a last-place fin* Ish in the American League last year. "It was like a concentration camp last year," said outfielder Leon Wagner, "He would fine guys $50, $100, $150 for missing signs." "I guess I've fined fewer players than any manager tn baseball," Dark said. The biggest fine, he said, was a case of golf balls for mlsslngcurfew. Dark buys the golf balls wholesale and gives them to players and coaches who want to play on their days off. Players who don't play golf, he said, probably would escape with a reprimand. The Indians, who won their last pennant in 1954, slipped to eighth last season, 17 games behind Boston. Dark refuses to speculate on the Indians' chances this early In the spring. "I've got to see the pitchers In at least five outings and It's too early to tell about the young players," he said. "I'm still finding out what kind of material we have." The biggest of many problems Is second base. The position Is up for grabs between Vern Fuller, who hit .233 last season, Pedro Gonzalez .228, Chlco Salmon .227, and Chuck Hlnlon .245. Fuller and Gonzalez played 64 games each last season. Azcue .256, and Duke Sims .202, will store the catching duties. Ken Suarez, who hit .238 In 39 games for Kansas City, may make It as a third catcher. Tony Horton, who hit .281 after moving over from Boston, Is backed up by Bill Davis at first base. The Indians have great hopes ., for Davis, who missed all .last season with a foot Injury. In 1965 he hit 33 home runs and batted .311 at Portland, Ore. In the Pacific Coast League and In 1966 he split the season between Cleveland and Portland. Shortstop Larry Brown Is hop- Ing to bounce back from his pot- rest batting average, .227, In pro ball. Max Alvls, .256 with 21 homers, is a fixture at third. The acquisition of AoseCarde- nal from California and Tommy Harper from Cincinnati give the Indians plenty of speed In the outfield. Cardenal hit .236 for the Angels and Harper slumped to .225 for the Reds. Other outfield veterans are Vic Davallllo, .287, Wagner, .242 with 15 homers, and Lee Maye, .259 with nine homers. Rich Schelnblum, a rookie who hit .291 with 16 homers for Portland, and Jose Vldal, up for his third chance with Cleveland, are hopeful of sticking. Pitchers Sam McDowell, Sonny Slebert, Luis Tiant and Steve Hargan give the Indians an excellent starting four. The team still hopes for greatness from the fireballing McDowell, who was 13-15 with a 3.85 earned run average last year, Tiant was 12-9 and Slebert was 10-12. Hargan pitched well enough early last season to make the Ail-Star team and finished at 14-13. Best of the young hurlers In spring training has been Tom Gramly, 22, who was 14-9 at Portland. Hockey National Hockey League By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS East Division W, L, T, Pts, GF GA Montreal 39 20 10 88 126 147 New York34 22 12 80 204 168 Boston 35 24 10 80 241 201 Chicago 3g 21 15 79 Toronto 28 29 10 66 Detroit gs 32 11 61 West Division 2,9 28 U 69 Los Angel 29 3J 8 66 St. Louis 24 38 15 63 Mlnnesota25 30 15 63 Pittsburgh^ 33 13 56 Oakland js 40 15 45 Saturday's Results Montreal 6, Pittsburgh 4 Toronto 3^ Boston 0 CHAMPS—Conch Joint Wooden (upper right) Is In the process of defending his NCAA basketball crtwn and l«i> reasons ho imty succeed nrc Mike Warrctt (left) und Le« Alclndor (lower right). Warren, 5-11 senior tfunrtl. Is tram captain and phi.vmnkcr. Alclndor. 7-2 All-Awcrlcuti center, led UCLA to 25 wins lit 21) rcgulnr season gnines with ontstiiwilng shooting, rebounding nnd defensive pliiv. Scouting Report: HOUSTON-UCLA * i.w; 15 vs. IHC t,ti\v Hayes is third highest cotlpaiatc scorer with 37-point average, while Alclndor is 12th with 26 points per game. However. Lew leads Elvin in field goal accuracy, 60 to 57 per cent, Hayes is averaging 19 rebounds n game to Alcindor's 16. li '0 ACROSS 33. t, Put up a *n Continued 41. story; Abbr, Cougars nnd Bruins are one-two in loom offense. Houston averaging 9fl points a game and UCLA. 96. Both clubs nre hitting close to SO per cent of field goal attempts, Neither team is among top 20 defensively but Houston Is notion's top rebounding club, while UCLA is not among ton 10 in that department. Cougars give up average of 71 points per game; Bruins, about 68, SUMMATION Both teams have accrued ample tournament experience, the Bruins winning the NCAA title last season, after boating the Cougars in the semis. Both clubs had relatively easy schedules. None of their opponents were rated in the final top 10 wire service polls. The Cougars will try to get the boll to Ha.ves underneath if Alcindor isn't guarding him. If he is. Elvin will shoot from outside. If Bruins can't get ball to Al- clndor. they will count on Warren and Allen for outside shooting and driving layups. Houston will miss nlaymakcr George Reynolds, who is ineligible for playoffs. He led team in assists during regular season. The Bruins also have the advantage ol playing in Los Angeles. Forecast; UCLA in overtime. 1. Stuff on bonrd »H 13. Meal course 1,1. Gitlnsokl 30. 14. DrcnkfnAt food 15. Fished with hook nmt 31. lino 33. 18. Atomic mnss 34. unit 17. True worth 19. Easterly 35, point 36, 20. English ntixtosinnn of 37. Cromwell's day 3«. 31. Dost time to buy equip- 39. mont (2 wds.) 40. Word of greeting submarine Prlvnte Into about a good deal (3 wdiO noil rinttor Trembling French hnnd.ftnd- foot boxing Steeple Cllvo n new crow Hiccup Hounds 2. 8 noise A backward i), nco 10, Take n chnlr State on the U. Ch«snp«nko: Abbf. 13. Athletic clubs: Abbf. M, DOWN BH«f «im« &' mlntf up 3*. H0*ttl« to, More peculiar Parachute jump* Twnng » trultnr Indignant reeling Sailorly Long spy- Bio** Removable kiwi for a jmll bant High school mttth ntibject: Abbr. 38, 2». 30. 30. 33. cheer Shrines D«eod«r of cipher Stwttnf for travelers or pllgrimfl Of honor* abta practice Colorado city o( "Kinging Bird.* thnt (ly south Of lockjaw Served yesterday'* leftovufji Scoops up a n»h escaping Again Korean Wins in Table Tennis By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DETROIT (AP) - Dai Joon Lee, the former all-Aslaa champion from South Korea, captured the mon's singles title In the 28th annual U.S. Open Table Tennis Tournament Sunday. Lee, 27, who resides In Columbus, Ohio, downed Jack Howard of Hollywood, Calif,, In the finals, 21-7,22-20anrl 21-0, CHALLEMJKKS—Coach of the Year (Ju.v Lewis (upper left) sends his Cougars iigulnsl (he Bruins In rematch of the two top-ranked clubs. Two seniors he's counting heavily on are ti-5 guurd Don Chancy (right) and 15-8 Ail- American forward Klvln Hayes (lower left). Chancy and Hayes, who can score from anywhere on the court, led Houston to an undcfciitcd season. All Teams in 5WC Meet Saturday By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS Two quadrangular outdoor meets bring all eight Southwest Conference track teams into action Saturday. Highlight of the action will center on Houston, where Hice, defending conference champion, undefeated Texas, Baylor and Arkansas get together. The other in^et will be at College Station with Southern 184 165 Methodist, Texas Christian, Tex- 201 191 225 233 163 164 181 209 160 171 171 208 171 201 145 202 T fexas com- 6, St, Louis 3 Los Angeles 2« Minnesota 1 Sunday's Results Boston 3, Montreal I Philadelphia 7, Toronto 4 New Yor* 3, Pittsburgh 0 Minnesota 5j, Detroit I Minnesota 5, Detroit 1 Chicago 4, Oakland i Today's Games No games scheduled as peting. Baylor is the host to the Ag- gies and Abilene Christian in a triangular meet Tutsday. Texas, SMU ar*J Nice won triangular affairs last Saturday. It was the Longhorns' fourth consecutive victory of the ifcuson. The were first in eight events, finishing ont-tv.o-thret in the half-rmie u»J one-t%'o in the milt. David Mitiiu turned in a care-, i best of 1:50.7 in v.in- ning th^ 850 Jtori sophornor <- Freddu- Coo^t-r cjf.turwl th*? mile in -5:00.4. Baylor's Sun Cuny set n school record ~A C-ioot-10 2 ., in the high jump. His winning leap onlv one-half inch belo'.v the conference record. Texas freshman Dave Morton and Conley Brown of Kiee each ran the 440-yard dash in 46.8, four-tenths of a second off the conference mark, Hicc- beat Louisiana State and Texas A&M in a triangular at Baton Rouge, La. The Owls scored 07 points. LSU hid 57 and the Aggies 46, Steve Montoya of Rice, de* fending champion in the three- mile, ran his event in 14:39.6, seven secorxis slower than his winning time in the conference meet last y^ar. SMU ani TCI' each won seven events but the Mustangs Iwuj greater depth as they beat the Horned Frogs awl Arkansas at Fort Worth. SMU compiled 73 points to TCU's 33 and Arkansas' 44. Jerry Utecht of SMI.' won the 120-yard high hurdles in 14.4 aol the 410-yard intermediate huidk-s in 52.3. it was his third diubln- triumph in as minyout- jnga. TCU's BubUi Thornton look tiit 100-yard da.-»h in 0." ani the 220 in 2 1.7. East Michigan Wins Title ST. Easte NALA with (AP; won the CLOViJj, Minn. n Miciagan las tcu! (A 320 points. The ^y m n >.-rrle1 Saturday. MARCH 18 thru 22 KTAL-TV Ch. 6 7P.M, MQN,,TUES,,WID, 6;30 P.M. THURS,, FRI, G I will «9» bt «tjl« l« ttt all <ff ife* m« q fru tgat/nary •*• • ; >

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