Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 11, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1916
Page 4
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, MOftfliAY, DEC, 11r Just Think of This! *? *? «* * - * I* •? We have mailed checks to the total amount of $32,523.62 to* the members of our Christmas Savings Club for 1916. It goes without saying that our Christmas Savings Club has become very popular and it is evidenced 1>y the fact that a large amount is involved in yy e are making plans to provide for a considerable increase in the business coming through our 1917 Club and have added other classes so that the members may pay a fixed or varied amount according to their desires, . The 1917 Club will start Monday, Dec. 18th. In ofcffer that all benefits be received, members should be enrolled during the first week following the date of opening. The fact is firmly established that our Christmas Savings Club has been a great boon to all, inasmuch as anyone who comes in contact with the plan in any way is benefited, arid at a time when most needed, f We will distribute this y^ar $32,523.62, all of which goes to members in this vicinity. Monday, December 18th, 1916, /Vs ,,; First National Bank ol Sterling >" , Sterling's Largest and Oldest Bank DAILY GAZETTE| DAILY STANDARD ! Ifi VI''. SIXTY-THIRD YBAH IbliahM Daily Bxcept Sunday. . ii|.|>ie the Mate i ferre<l on any one innn in f!r«-nt lint • UK <»i tea-»t hai>' •tin'.* ni'Mb'in history, : S.tK-taiv ..f ,,.:,., ituily conferem-p w'lll !»• hi-hl !>> the Karl oi" lt<t!>> \V'.i.lfff Hiilii-- l.«in -L 1 ' 1 i\|-:i\ics anil it wnr council. ISimur !.»tw, fl* Ir.iih-r in H(t-n-!,itv ..f St.itf l"i wht'-li tu the It takes a very j iriHiaK*- <>< .^'Hon l - (.-n! "f Ills «;ltl)ltlK* The hii.«iiH-»N b> ehtiii , f»r the miHlerii house at iea-;_th.' ofli,, •* in <U« : *onal>le n ntitl '.it »M'«.|s Hie *U|ij.|y Wi»-;l<l j'le-iM- the ...M !•»'•- •«»•• " (h( _ n,,^,. ,,f ( ',,tnttiol^, will i-.i'c.--.n - i •h.-milieihiiit i ill linlll rltii-«. ' ; t!.-l .tifi-i" pie -lilt.,, *t n. I'"' ., ]y , (( , .,,,.,,.„, ;t j , n ,, n y ,„„„! („««, :i v « ill i | >r.-i«loli! of the Loral « JoV. I What the twin eitie- nee.) IK n fhil-, Cut l! «..>:(.! link- .. i.>.ir ft.'tn iht- ii.U- K!U ,, _rnr/oii, beruii*e of ' ' "•" " imthro|.i*t win- by rontritciinK on « • lin> M '.'ii'-i- .''(>•• ....nh-t* ImiKKJ- t>>" if-a-lei itt ?iu: upjier bourn !itr«e m-iilp wu'.llil b«. a\J>le to blllhl ai battle l<» pt:ik«- !.«• i on*iilei!»ble iiutuber of rtiodrrn small. i men who in;il»- -i ttn i>r i ( lliiiii. ,if Trail. ... N & SONS, Editor* and Publisher*. OAV4, 111 We«t Third Street, hoiiM'H In i-e>.*ihl«« to the fJiHiriew ami ; lo.-K on lh«< -*!iit< busMne** ilinlrin co«(fV b»» routed mule |-r.••. ami tbv> . _.. . ,-,! fi-oin $!"• tu $!<> per montflfc 1" ther»» ' (ouu.laii.ius sh,tki< .If rift M 8 OP SUBSCBIPTIONi S)J , ,, ;l „,,.,„ .,,„, , f ^,, w(lt , H he. where (-hnl- tie any "! ti t .-j.\^i.u.- tt>iit ht-, when will he begin to buih) iinil t» Ihe t-nblh: ' tlb icr hiMiMi'. i l'roMi(i<nt «1 \<<*: I'.u.i T!ni> the- hulk of the W"fk |» i tiiiii- j Sir Albeit Staid--*. im I" the -\Vfir will primarily fail n|<- j Minist. I ••( l.abi-r ;fnWi )io,U:c. n tin- pieinh-r. Lord Millier. • antl Ar- | !,,.),! ..l the Admiralty Sh ifrtd „_ mt Poatafflo*. HterllriK, Illinois, i , «» Second Glnim Matter j g and Rock . . . Ifi, Anywh«r» in th«» UniUtl i how I<.HK will ii'taK*- 10 jliive the.M- e\- . i>.n th. * 9t«t«i or Canada , n., i'im:v.-s i.-.i.|\ for ocenpHti- i i advance..,., ,.12.50 <v Hmnlitnl.s ,,f men in SterHiiK am! r i.^a i>»vn:i.r, II. l( '*S Itf |Ml)ll|i as- Hull' leijltl i ,,..„ un.,1 tli.- ,"'"'' "en.lers,.,,, f the tfov.-inoiv As^»ith ; an<i Grey Out. ; ^^^ Thi- wji(; i^tmt.'t of live tin n is ;l ".'"\] r ttnlte.tiil of innovation In She uovern- ! ( ._' ^ Seolialid Ml. Ml.tilo Ai!\.i Hi' .1,1)11. I•;. I '!..!>, I lit 'C. j S"!:.-""f- ' for Soi'hmil Th'.n-i,i- I'.. M'.riM.n. K i V . . . !.!• n!.-iiiiiit i-f ii i i.Jial I! irii «irt nnlt- 1 --* (he .ii.ii'!'- I!M ' np. i- court. faims tnurt to IH <tf tin' < our* l-'dwanl «'.ii>"n ''''' ' M "" UI< """ , HI the t'hhf Si : Miiki-. Lord i "I « !;i| > !•>! IK!, slid . |i.-r !'.>r.._.L-j_>ii!id • irrJtr In 8t*flin0 or Rock Fallt.i "" by MaM «* *h« Sterlinu or » ll«k F»lla Foitoffic* j¥«tttre-.-rr ; -rTr^ I ^-»^W-; LOWOEN IS GOING STRONG. _ _ In advance 2.50i ThoMi' «'ho vv« re inrmt <'iithn,«i«.;.tKXt r lie ha> ih- IKI. Kb.m.- K. t ».lnonth» tft advance '.. 1.25j for U>v\«len nj.i.v he Use imixt OiKiip- • w m j ()i .i|.i Tin t;<-t*.ei!-i. unit! >nth In advance ^ .<«»' p,.inteii m«»n in the »int«». While thorn ~ " " tt^M. ^.,«HHtA«. fA * ,j who «eie nilhri' hike warm abtiut !lt> lllelil .if the ell11>ll'e. It 1" taliili t'i nit an th'it v<* f<ii" .l* 4 tii'eul Hntiiin i- 1 . ui;i, lain in a-ivv ; ,.-ii,.n In.ii -A <U ,,,„„.,.,,„.,,_',,„. „.,,. wi || i,,, |,r,,-,.«-nt.-..l I . Shi|.|.ini: «'onn "H-t '-Sir .)•-.- i'h r«'li.'\e ih,> ,st:«i»- of « Ntr.-t. uiine.-.(••••'. w ,,|, s;t ,.jner vi«..r" :in«l Hint the he--1 '"n .\!:!''l;iy. I.\|,..PNU,. nt?u-:iil.». or tii.i'f «'\:i IP :!>•- ,.,,>,,,,, I ./^\f !!:•• empire will hp ihaun rrejildcnl of the I'.o.'irU ' lor H... ejM.-ietu > of ihow vho iir.- not lu . M -, n . "* V , sure - .Uo\vl»n.l K I'toth-ro, e1iln!»ial< ,! by ttU" t-onsolirhntnn-ff-itnr-— T»trt~-it«-W -+>«Uiyvt,, »-.Xt'4u.sll i'. ,uf . ihv :. ! 'I'-^'j'^'! '..1*%' "''"' "... v.,1.,.^ r-liiieb...^.^,: The i;.A ;,,„,! i- war «-o.,n.-ll. si- fortne.l by I'l-nu.. U.-rhert A U. l'frh"i, . i" i ,'• ,-. , .. " I-.lov.l <;«-ori4e, HH he jiiiaoiiiH-.a n. ,'«.!- l-'irst «'oinnii»M.,u, r of ' ..I, !>>,. ughl . tc;>.-K alt.I iiolUk sUon^. ,, ^ _- __ v ,,-,.,,., M M.. n ,-j A«rl.-ul- . . . " ! tiutiiul»e\ ninv lu>t:oine llIN ' Uloul 'fHILANTHROPIST NEEDED. | , hu)iil , s , l ;. „,,,,,'„„.!«.,.„, m- twfn Clt^n of Htrrllng and Hofk | t|| ,, wuy ,„.„ win .,1,,,,.;,! .,, ),.„«, „, n»ed a iihilttnthro|tl»t. Tlwy a.. | !h(< ( . iflkK w||<( p . |y (h( , n ,., gll , ,,,„, ,, 0 iwuat.a mnn to «iv« up munt'y for j tlt>i( , llt , K „, ,„, ),,,,,,,,. („ poo* ot tin- town but they ilo nwd . man or »oh><? company of men ji will put up-money-for the good community and tltpmiwlveit.' The -KKIMiAI. HAl.K Til K .A\VS ANI> AKOL1.SII H.U K T1IK {•hinu-elloi >Ur It.ibvrt ' »'li:uu-ellor of i he iMn-hy »t \,:>n- HiHU.r.tvn.- Finhiy. !e:iMer- Sir Kte.l.-H.-K <'.,«|e>. Secrenn'y.of Stitie for the lion..' I». - ! ( o--itm:^ier Cen.ial Albeit illii;«- tmrtment.—Sir iStfirte ("ave. / H<>rih, • v«* r bor».>fi» in tit*' hixtury of th*' »tm«', ij,' ni ititiiM' ("r which ,» ill nut bo ri'N|MtnHil<le, In- will heroini' the ni».!* ••I nor Illinois i-vrr km \v. That i» «t-.h (he iiuisMt-ii. Hut ;<" KI (verm 'is an> clei -It-il by l!n- jcb huldrlK lh«' i ' wi.idd-b<« ,i"t> the |.t'«nji- In 1 . '•' svrrrarv of State fo,.Fo.,!yn .\f- , MlnlM-r of IVnsions Ued^e X .;m,s ... ih- Iv.,Man,l ,ll«i*t,;r in U»- _ h ,. m ,.. ,„.,... . W |,u-h --«,,! rnh-V-VrllHir J. HMHunr. ^ ! flame,. ' - - ri,-,,-:,,.-,, ,-,v ,-r. w,!l not he ..onsldere.! ; ,,u,-,n,M -t,, .'..,u-,,,l the < ,.|.ul:.r .«sov-i ^Vr.'.t.^v ,,t Sflrtte for rhe Coioni.'s ' Attorney <; Sir K,.HU-rl.;k K M-v the sta!.- >..UM ol .-latin* at Oilx^Hlqst. o ii .11: i.u.l!' llli: I he lijilli; of I I (!"'."- iii tin- ill.s'lam! ran-. No ile'-- u,t:,..n in.-- |i"«-n (U'"l so far. Tin" rnl" ' of the to>ir< in;tkes it "l'!;<,:a toi v 11)011 tlie tllef to ha^e hlH ;,!)H']s inf.iH' th" rotllt f 1 !! of I'l'fott! Irias-uni. h HN thi> TvisliiUMl i.lguuwfi H.ii- ii<>i lilfil until nl'ier that dHte. it Will i" IH-I i .k.-ai v f"l ailotliev ft for the < i.tniMhfv !o i:i>f a ruliim •from the sot-: l''.-"ltif <oii!t if th>'\ .I.--IM' 10 hii^t," Slit,* i|.-iiniN i OMI t ii.u-iib-i l he niiit'icr be» f'i't-e tin 1 l'ifl.i(-ih o-necil assembly sets ii|.on it;,. ,|.iiru* jiK'Xiint t !*i«- .--tjiti', 1 •: t;i-t ,\ i-'f tUi' 1 • huinaiii.v tnii.->t \v.iit tor , ; ;-;p- I l!!> iii~! t''pi - i;il assflsi'-iy. > Rciativc* of 350.Victim« of Eastland ; . Seek $3.500.000. INDICTED FOR WIFE MURDER. .l!y '•'"';•'! '''•'-•••' ',. _ : 'M:.- U .. ( - N • H . 11. . . II - -l-1-.-.l.-iirk- L. -"...,-*-„!. In., i.,..-. I). i-l7.!m; f''i -sinali."7oTlu.rU .. H..M..;. b|.,K.. t . TaT" i.ti.! oln'-half million ih.illui>. llle,| ,,,.„,,..{,,, ,,,,- ,| (> . m ,, r ,),,,-. ,,f j, lw w jf,., l tii.'«- oi lIHiMUM by. tda- j>j ls Aijvia C. Sni'tlt. She W.IK Mininu- Ttil'i-e hnndreil illiil (Uty v|( - iji.,1, > h..S ;iii.! lie.ilen to <k','t!l» ill her •atns .«i lit.- IC,iMi.unl ili«a*<ter in Ui<- ;honie- hi-i«, . whU'b- -AM«>* burneii in ,uij •rime, on ..Kctit, .^ir Hobi-rt Manual > ne l-'lnliiy. IH ;ir- i'li'i-.; Ihf .)(!'!.•.• of l,.-MiI llu:h I'han- li.'l, -U|.|l!:i1. .1 that hi* riu-hf t-.. a |i. : l|.'' .»•!) !«•• waiv..l. CLAIMS ARE FILED >"t of nunlrrn ,„ a i, tl »vd«-u tld» „„„„„„.„,. an.i«.yn. a plan of .ain- ^tlatVcaji b« rented at from $150» t«'| } , ui( . n ,,„„ ujl! ,,,,,„„,, ||UIS , |ftO. Th« avrrase worlun K m»n. ran- j „,„, ,„.,„„. ^j,,, IUM ..l.-Huratlona IK| ffford to v»y more tlum $l».«»o, uiul j ri)|t , , (| . VUM t .|,,,, t ,,,j of them can afford to-'jmy more i •• -. I I have KO fju ifinleui'ij iliuiiint* s. tlfi.OO far a modern home, home, lllt . n , K ,„ ,, ul lw ,, ,,„.,, ,„ vi ,, w ,, r fce older hoiines that art« for rent! the fu< t that the*e nien luivc not (ielng vBcml-niodernis^d. No»v and >*'t nci'eiueil I Ui> not ieel at liberty »% i«nt«r J M I.» «»..« ,.,« h«,u«: . ;;;, l -";;: i - ia.zn-m/riSrt it have a furnace and ajjnth room j IMUV to MfV> ..- t , lH ,. r upitointments. • renter may g«t Hu- furnace and jiwt one may gel the bath rooni. »ImiM-ovementB take itrohably n *'• rent or more. JUi' the dernan,d | ,^ji aucli that this proi-east of j Ion In alow. > j it I* posHible to -build a' je with a furnave, hot ami i ['water, a good buth room, elntri-| ^ lighted and equipiHHl In a mini- ; jway to rent for $t'» to IIH is a,; abjcro The Gazette cannot t»»lvc. Hut i much Jt'doe» know and that in that - 1,,'i.uist- ,i"b ' tliHii-. b>' j tut!' of r 'fs and would b<>'« i Would land "t< his lie* k like tell and intimated ralMUlotmtM. THE^INEQUAUTY OF THINGS.,; | Tlu> talk is stsuill bclll« .leVIVj'd ..f j reihii'in« ,th«v ''tpt-toi-Hl vote fr'otn. tlu;j s<»iithern,»tan>.t. Tlieie IK fon^idc'rablp ' talk <il«i hi rvKard to alioliHlrin.K th« and Khali neither nuikf* nor confide)- further ar>|>olntinent» at the jiiesi-nt iimi iintoHH j*iime public « inergcncy aritti'M makliiK it noccs- Hary to dt'i'Hrt from thia ruk'. "1 want to be* freo to totU'entrate nil my «>n*ort»- for- the owitMit tuwn the r(M>rt!iiniiuition of Ihu Mrattrrod. unrelated, and nftonflmeji uvorln|i- l»tn«; aj;« iiricti i>f thi' wiaic K.«>Vffn-. nil-lit Into u iru dc>|Mruncat?<. This t»urt of our |>it»itrant st-onw to me a eonililion |»rcci l di*nt to real atid nitkmtti itnii^ifsh alon^ other " ' Tlwt .H '* - J »<- in—«- pr*>ift?in» -tlwU — renter no matter In what Untt'lu*.; tlu» heart text' endorsement of tb<* t?rt*:» t la entitled to thesi! comfort* at i inuiv of \o!ii-s wno nuist foiit ihe bills. rice Uml will not exceed *15 to $ls Jonth. When a man pay* H.0'0 or ) : out of lil« vveek'n ''"•" "I ul t "(Misollilulo the hoards, /(.-oiisoliilate « herevt-r i-oiisi.hria'.ioii Is-j'.o}.'iiihht, ami UK K«» the governor will make, no KTi •' .^'.V Christmas In these" "Loom to Wearer" qualities you will see patterns ami colorings that reflect their high quality and style. Unusual values here at $1,50, v individually for gifts. Oo, Co. Illinois, whu-h in-ariy ;'.'iiM',ii'>'> viiteH and had 1"J ehn IOIM. The t-otll'i t'jlus^" -.""".'"'" votes anil g.itliered for Wilson 1J!' >•!»• ioral, votes. Admitting half thtt llliiiojs \i»t,« % M were from women, whkh th<-> wt-ie, not, IHittolH peoplo Mr.«v still. distYuucliist-d. Thv .same i oitu aHi-on ; ]t|ihc,« to pravlli-'Mly nil tho big .states that ivviit l!e|«tlhll" fan. A iM-moi-ratif von- in' the hotith .stuttdH for ab«ni| three of lour Uejndi- Ik-an voU'n-tn tlu- north Nobody -who lius «n«-r mad-* any study of t-ither are th at nuielt nmrtj abli: lo voto iiiteiltseiUl) n.r that i h mori- Shop Early In A city with many stores where you have the privilege-of selecting' from large well-chosen assortments of merchandise of every description. Never has Sterling Stores been so Ready to accommodate the Christmas Shopper pittciotic than the Uepnbhi'iiiiK of the north. . T|i*»' ine>innlity of conditions to to I'M*'' Hll III" iH'l a t'lwtts* VS.SiU y WAR COUNCIL Ifontinut'd froth I'aKt' One.) i|lul UhKllIlleM Illiile h\\t'eji"i Inif -powei* than vver hgtve -been eon- For Hit her H>d Son 360 PICTURES KU, 360 ARTICLES W v » EACH MONTH ON ALL NEWS-STANDS 15 Cents POPULAR MECHANICS MACAZINC » W.MTTCH $9 TOO CAN UNOWSTANOIT Alt U.f Oicar I'vc.-.ts in Mrclianics. Fnfiifvernng HIH! Invvnficn tbroughous tilt WoriJ. .««.4e-*.'iib«si in an uiien-st- ing, »*~<tit-,':ot.cur, 3,0»».*>} ch tii '4'U". '. Skop Kol.J jf; ; ,th* «hvi»>, «u 1 i. ^» . ji ^ Amattur I*4Chi n r. S *.v.h r«n t, «»-** ^ tt-t ftMr* t Ot»LUtl "POPULAR WICHAHlCS MAGAZINE ' • W«tUi WILL BE TO YOUR OWN BENEFIT, IF YOU PLAN. TO Do Your Christmas Shopping Early Early buy ing in Sterling surpasses a II previous records, Stocks are being reduced rapidly and by the end of the week it will be impossible to • ••"*•" ' - • ' \ ' ' , , procure merchandise on special orders in time for Christmas. The .whole country has entered into the spirit of this "shop early" move* .ment*.' . • ' ." v ^ " .."'\..; ,- ••/ i••'•:. :'V:^^- t ;*' Early Chosen Gifts are generally more satisfactory and also mean quicker and better service , Come! Come!! Come!!! .}.••' ~ a •/ • • . While the Stocks are. Still Large . . ar Mfifiantit » i' ssfin. ft " rfa »^ »»/( k o'«/« IV r

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