Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 8, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1963
Page 20
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J - 1*1 .a Ister-Moll, Golesbur Beckwith Pleads i Attendance at to Trade Fair Top Men Staff Murder Charge [Disappointing JACKSON, Mill. (AP) -Byron I CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago's d« la B«dtwith plead*! Jm* I fifth International Trade Fair B RI MF I ELD wit among the eent today to dttrgM ht imir dared Mtotoslppt integration lead ,er Medgar W. Even from am A Bfimfletd bush June 12, bus skidded on JI rain-slick high Beckwith, 42, a Greenwood f< tiUzer salesman. was arraign Wfty in Missouri ana piungea over | fa^fa a &foot embankment. Three oth Circuit Judge Leon ifs were killed indictment wen (korge and Dorothy Kennedy of Brimfteld, aged 64 and 49, respectively. Missouri Highway Patrol officers said only the bus driver was uninjured. The accident occurred near Arnold, Mo., about 20 miles south of St. Louis, where it was plea. raid attendance disappoint* run but sponsors termed it a bus! ness success. The attendance totaled 364,252 compared with 600,000 last year Ralph fiergsten, its managing director, noting that there were >t guilty, sir/' Beck* without hesitation, Beckwith. a member of the the court. crime headed. Some treated and released, but about li»"" to in A ' niAfl av% A M*"***; J. ww. admitted t, St Lm. art* | hospitals. The bus, police said, had seats for 43 passengers. The driver said about 15 passengers were standing, and a number of children Were sitting with their parents. Rounding a curve on an undivided 4-lane highway, the bus suddenly ran into a rain storm, skidded and slid off the road. No 34 major foreign, Canadian American exhibitors .said. "; exhibitors generated more ness than ever before." At Canaveral By LEON DANIEL CAPE CANAVERAL (UPI) You won't find any halls of ivy at the nation's only space engineering college. But what you will find at Brevard Engineering College, about 20 miles down the coast, is a Two Small Boys Die, Total to MILWAUKEE, Wli. (AP) DurncD small fire which took three other lives in the Kettle Moraine State ft* est near Dundee Wednesday, died today. flhey areySteven Williams, 8, of Markham, 111.,, and Ronald it" ind "Stop* took *M See." Members were remirfded of tht July it evening meeting of tht society, at which time theft will be a guest speaker, July 1? is th# date for the seminar meeting in Monmouth. The ,chntflMn, Him Mo Lamb, reported having received an ex« pression of appreciation to tht tht Jones, 8, of Season, ill, Steven's mother, Mrs. Williams, Playground Honrs Or circle for the meal Medding alumni June » Ketinioti Held By Larry .„ Miss Clenda Cline supervises children's play from I to 1! noon an imani I * * ,. * _ ^ s^^^ * L~ ^JH ^.-I^^^ ^ parti* faculty made up of some of the c^c*! condition* tonald'a moth* Hie although pri- neers, nation's top scientists and engi daughter bora ^u^lv'S^ ***«• 4 *• ^ glri« l»m 4 to I* wfll btt W«1CMIM day after the Ma* stilt AM in dpate during the hours oayaner urn HIM, still an In ^ ^^ pfmfA iHhi ^ ttmite i marily an international market for .manufacturers and distributors, sought volume attendance by the public to defray expenses of occupying McCormick Place, County grand jury of Attorneys were to meet later Theft Reported At Lumber Firm charges were filed against the driver, and a Missouri coroner ruled the deaths accidental. The victims were from Arkansas and Michigan. Remodel Larchland Residence RIO—Employees at the Hanson Lumber Co. in Rio discovered a theft about 11 a.m. today Injunction on Union Name Use Made Permanent LARCHLAND home.. This Beecher Sexton, manager of the firm, said the loss was not determined yet, nor the time of the theft, although he said it probably occurred sometime this morning. Officials from the sheriff's office in Galesburg went to Rio upon notification of the theft. remodeling The part-time instructors lec* ture in classrooms filled with dedicated students whose average age is 30. Most of the students and nearly all the faculty members are employed at missile and space technological centers at Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base. Sparked by space-race Industries which have grown up along sprayed flaming butane gas over toe tent while breakfast was being pre- 4 P* m tioning. ABINGDON-At Abingdon city park Monday through Friday, Charles Johnson Kill The Charles A. and Hannah M. Johnson reunion was held Sunday at the lions Shelter at Lake Storey. A potluck dinner was reported was appointment of | se J ved to# 39 Mrs. Leroy Morris, retiring Prtees will be assembly"as'grand "edit of State ptesldcnt of this year's reunion, wes e of Illinois to whom all rainbow announced that the reunion for news will be sent. next year will be held the first A beach party was postponed Sunday in July at he Lions C ub shelter. Officers elected for thj> were: President, V. Johnson, secretary, Paul L. Johnson, historians, Mr. er, Mrs. Patricia Jones, 27, is In P' m * « ach da y < Mofld *y t^S" i ZZ fair condition. Friday) will supervise a pet pa- , t . , . . Mrs. WllSaW two other chll- rade Friday, with judging begin- 1 Su« Ellen Johnson of Oaiesburg dren, Cheryl, 2, and Sandra, 10 nln 8 at 1:30 P m , months, and her sister, Mrs. Ray- * " mond Bandeko, 20, perished when a broken heater line awarded for the largest, smallest, prettiest and most unusual. Hours at the playground are * from » a.m. to 12 noon and l to to a fu ure date. The worthy ad . with Miss Mary Ann Ship, viser thanked pro em officers comii* year pared; Th* families wereMca-lP^ ln Bowman J«*et Grimes/ Phyllis West and 5«« Man Saves lives the coast near the cape, Brevard I |"|r Q Tj-^ • iR thft first cAlteffA in fhe United I O * CrSOllS In Boat Upset KINGSTON MINES, 111. (UPI) Mr. and Mrs house was owned wou jd be probably be known this about 50 years ago by the late afternoon. is the first college in the United States to offer a master of science degree in space technology. Vine^covered walls would seem out of place at Brevard, where theories chalked on a blackboard may be used the next day in dealing with a real missile-tracking situation. With the rapid advance in space science, some of the school's teachers must write their own textbooks. While five-year-old Brevard may be too young to have tra abo supervises'at the playground Way. Mrs Lankford ex- tw »M «Wi*mt from it? 4 p.m. WiLnTHun- Pressed appreciation to the girls a ^?^XiE?Snt w.« gate, playground director, also is for their attendance Sheila Krepps «jicldest member present was 6 ' " _A n*ui nttuio nntrar«i wAfai onMinf^ Charles O. Johnson and the youngest David Bradley Enstrom son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth En- present both morning and after- and Cindy Bevard were appointed noon Monday through Friday. on th * JuI y 19 ««dal committee. Relay races for children 4 to 12 were held at Abingdon Play ground Friday morning under di Cashmnn Club Meets Mrs. Edna Moore hosted Cash-1 son Herb 0 f BIytheville, Ark f strom of Rock Island. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Duncan and A Morton man saved the lives of Ip2t°"with ^^2dST team T h C S b ln ^^ the farthest distance! eight persons motorboat Sunday after a named winner in comoetition day# wlth card game ptlzes * 0,ng The program was presented by they were riding in against the group captaiJed by tJ'Z^^ ?f* U Jolmon and Paul capsized in the Illinois River iSndy Johnson. Next Friday at Sl??^^ 1? Si J ° hm ° n ' n.oA 4niiafi«i «ff w m Eleanor Shinn, special. Two Aboard the boat were its owner. 9:30 a.m. judging will be con ^ nm%A mm Donald Owens/H Morton; hb ducted-for a hobby Show when wife, Patty, 28; their sons, Kevin, prizes will be given for the larg< 10, and Rodney 8; Marvin Crump* est, most v unusual and prettiest ler. 35, Lincoln, and his wife, lap and Diane Ginther. Mrs. Russell Turncy Larchland Briefs William Waugh, v with his family an t)hone switchboard May 18, 1962, in Knox County Circuit Court, in connection with ... circuit VA;LU i, ^ j^^^ Community Aid ijcA of the name ot a union was , 1t , ." „ J jL'^r^ Q n nrAor cicni Society will meet at the hall at made permanent m an order sign- ' „ p rt ii Q ti/» n **rruminti - J this morning by Judge Gale A. 2 P^; ms - Roljand Terpenmg w * an( j j^g^ George Mclntyre are the hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hard&sty Mathers. The original action was filed in the name of A. J. Hayes, in- , ternational president of the Grand failed on father DeU Hardes- Sdge, International Association * nat ^Brnoa Nursing Home -Machinists, and others. Listed \f» s ^fj a ^ , w Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raymond and family attended a family dinner Sunday, at the home of Mr. Bernard Smith, individually and as purported president, and others. Smith headed a second union ^ 7*" formed among plant and-mainte- ^ork, honoring Mr and Mrs nance workers at Gale Products, % Raymond and family of 1 where Marine Motor Lodge 1659, den Grove - ^hL who are ^ IAM, was the official bargaining agent. The new union, which fail- , m ; inr ** Uiei, » ^8 ana ed to gain recognition as bargain- dau § h ters are spending several ing agent, was alleged to have taken the name Marine Motor M i sflrsour l: , ' Lodge 1659, omitting the words, I rms '*Bergisi Berwick and -'International Association of Ma- ^ E ?^ Stanforth of Gales- chinists." bur S called on Mr. and Mrs. El- In the original suit, the plain- 1 m *L^^* y tiffs also asked $50,000 damages in a second count and $50,000 1 came Goldsmith Birth Record Born at Cottage Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. W. John Allison, Rio, a boy Saturday at 12:33 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Adolphson, Avon, a girl Sunday at 3:13 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Terpening, 145 Walnut Ave., a boy Sunday at 8:03 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens, 1076 N. Cherry St., a girl today mLTi™ SS&SZZ S-^JZ Rainbow A g9 e m bly Ho.t ? Hedding Circle to offer such lofty courses as 32, * lr,s ' - - • H *ddin* rirrl^ of tho Met! celestial mechanics, space medi cine. in higher mathematics. While the other adults clung to Reports on Session Hedding Circle of the Meth- The college was established in ^ He returne( j at 4:54 a.m. Born at St. Mary's Hospital to: and Mrs. Jorge Praps, the space field. 1958 by Dr. Jerome P. Keuper, now its president, and a group of scientists who worked with Keuper for the Radio Corporation of America Service Company. Need More Education Keuper said they started the college because they saw the need for still , « . . f -Jist Woman's Society of Chris ft*nm*i v ^aui . ft " Abin S don , Assembly tian met ,„ the home o£ ,w»m « g / 8 tf ° W€n S for Girls Friday CVening in i Ma * Mrs. Russell Turney July 3. Mrs. !S yn «? > ^ ore ? nd j U ™^ sonic HaU received a repori °^ W. Samuelson and Mrs. Wil- infn iu* v J, l m !*£ the Grand assemb, y at Conrad Ham Reiner were guests, into the vessel's cabin and held Hilton Hotel in Chicago June 27- - - - his sons* heads above water until 30 attended by Meridy Bradbury, help could arrive. A small boat from a nearby tug rescued the eight, evacuating the two boys through escape hatches. Peoria County sheriff's deputies said the boat overturned after Mr. Knoxville, a boy Sunday at 8:45 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sparks, 704 Wisconsin Ave., a boy today at 12:10 a.m. for the well-educated people in stnlan S a submerged object, e space field. • "We learned that many schol- Costg Going Up days mitive damages in a third count., „„ The order today, Mowing stip- W !£?™ F L^ an Mr, Mrs the count claims. rently made by at- ... >th sides, dismissed ^ ddJe involving damage r 11032 iy • William GiUen, Kathy, Billy and ^ Resigns Post At Research Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hardesty lennie of north of Monmouth r. and Mrs. Charles Hard id family had a picnic di: ; Lake Warren on SunHnv. Wilhelmina Nolan, regis-1 Mr. and Mr family of Bust ing services at Galesburg State | ning with Research Hospital, has submitted her resignation to become effective Aug. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Billy family Rev. and Mrs, Guy Crippen ot Berkeley, Calif., recently called She has been a member of the on Mrs. Era Johnson. Mike staff at Research since May 11, 1959, coming from Auburn, N, Y, and Mickey McCoy ol Monmouth spent Monday with Mr. immediate DlanslnnH Mrc William GiUen, while u , • , t f »* e n t s, Mr. and Mrs. her home state. Her successor at Jam es McCoy of Monmouth were Research has not yet been — - - nounced. an " in Iowa City. Reels Shift Bosses MOSCOW (UPI) - Vladimir Shcherbitsky has been removed as premier of the Ukraine and given the job of regional Communist party secretary in the Dnep- ropretrovsky region, it was disclosed Sunday. The Ukrainian Republic's party chief, Nikolai Podgorny, was released from his post last month but became one of the 14 secre- party. Communist Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Raymond and family of Garden Grove, Calif., were dinner guests Monday of his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raymond. Host Dinner Guests Mrs, Woody Acord and Woody Jr. of Moline and Lars Berggrund, a Swedish Exchange student, who has been staying with Dr. and Mrs. James Marshall of Monmouth, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson June 29. Sgt and Mrs. Glenn Hines of Ft. Sheridan, spent a weekend visiting his mother, Mrs. Clara Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Vidmar of Peoria, are the parents of a son, Christopher Lawrence, born July 6 at Methodist Hospi tal there. Mrs. Vidmar is the former Betsy Thompson. The baby is the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Thompson, 827 Florence Ave. Hines of the Warren County Convalescent Home. W. A. Gillen of Monmouth was a dinner guest Sunday of his son Billy, and family. Mi*, and Mrs. James Hopkins and son Chris of west of Monmouth, called on his parents, .vlr. and Mrs. Weldon Hopkins, Monday. Recent callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Griffee, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Conard, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson and Frank Livermore, of Monmouth. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Southers and family were supper guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Southers of Monmouth. The affair honored a ciusin, Junion Davis, who is visiting here from Enid, Okla. Mrs. John Engdahl of Monmouth and her granddaughters, Peggy and Kathy Gillen attended the wedding of Miss Margaret Larkin and James Reynolds at the Immaculate Conception Church in Monmouth June 29. A group of women was entertained Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Minnie McVey, honoring her daughter, Mrs. Loron Murphy, who, with her husband, left Wednesday for their home in San Diego, Calif, Mrs. McVey returned to the McVey Nursing Home in Roseville Wednesday. ars and other space experts hesitated to come to Cape Canaveral because they could not continue their studies here/' Keuper said. Of the school's 700 students, Keuper said about 165 are graduate engineers working for master degrees. The rest of the students - are undergraduates, some of whom are taking a few special courses and others who are working toward a bachelor of science degree. . Keuper takes great pride in his ability to stretch his education dollars, which he spends a good part of his time soliciting from private sources. "We built this building we're in now for $7 a square foot," he said proudly, adding that other school buildings in the area have cost twice as much.. "What we need now is somebody who wants to have his name on a new library building," Keuper said, "I believe we could build it for $60,000. We already have the books." Watches Costs Closely Keuper keeps a tight rein on operation costs. He, a single faculty member, a clerk and a janitor are the only full-time em­ ployes at the college. Keuper said the school, so far, has received no local, state or federal aid, but he gave the impression he wouldn't turn it down if it were offered. Keuper said all of the major companies near here working on government missile contracts approve of the college as a way for their employes to progress in their fields. Many of these companies make donations to the school as well as pay the tuition of their employes, he said. Keuper, a 42-year-old native of Newport, Ky„ who holds a bachelor of science degree in physics from Massachusetts Institute of SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP)~ The University of Santa Clara will raise its tuition $100 a year every other year for the next decade, beginning in September 1964. Present tuition is $1,000. Margann Kinder. Andrews and Linda book, Mrs. E. C,. Bulkeley presented 4 the devotions from Romans 8 and used excerpts from the "Mice and People" by Betty Joyce Way, past worthy adviser Carlson. Mrs. P. C. Bulkeley re- of Abingdon,: was reported ap- viewed two articles from the July pointed grand representative of Reader's Digest for the lesson, State of Montana, for which she was commended by Bobette Burgoyne, worthy adviser and Mrs. Bessie Lankford, mother adviser. "Inner Peace and How to Find Those present were Mrs. Esther HaUberg, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hallberg, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Morris, Dick and Steve, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blevlns, Terry, Roger and Patty, Mr. and Mrs- Charles O. Johnson, C. Victor Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul U Johnson, Joanne, Christine, fcjliy and Timmy, Mr. and Mrs. Hilding L. Johnson, Mrs. Terry Kayser, Kathleen and Kevin, and Mr. and Mrs. Art A. Johnson, Terrill, of Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Enstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Enstrom, Roger and Judy, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gummerson of New Windsor, and Mr. and Mrs. Herb Duncan and son Herb from Blytheville, Ark. Miss Susan Botruff was a guest Reserve District No. 7 State No. 70-133 REPORT OF CONDITION OF Yellowstone National Park contains the largest and most active geyser region in the world. Tliere are about 3 ,000 geysers and hot springs in the park. MRS. ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Office hours, 7-9 a.m. 4-6 p.m. Home Address: 210 N. Timber St. Phone 289-9172 Junior Woman's Club Will Canvass City on Wednesday of Galesburg, Illinois, at the close of business June 29,' 1963, a State banking institution organized and operating under the banking laws of the State of Illinois and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by the Director of the Department of Financial^ Institutions and by the Federal Reserve Bank of this District. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection _.. $ 1,703,258. 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1$ 4,143,996.09 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions $ 893,373.17 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures (in- eluding $224 ,875 .00 securities of Federal agencies and corporations not guaranteed by u: S.) $ 224,875.00 5. Total securities $ 5,262,244. KNOXVILLE—Members of the Knoxville Junior Woman's Club Hold Services Mr, and Mrs. Melvin Rewald will sell tickets Wednesday eve- of the Covenant Church of Gales- for their ning dance. coming street | burg conducted services at St. Martha'? Home Sunday. Wendy The dance will be held Satur-1 Anderson sang accompanied on the piano by Barbara Rewald. Sophia Johnson of Galesburg is a new resident of the home. day, July 20, from 9 p.m. until midnight and tickets are $1 per All person or $1.50 per couple, proceeds from their sale will benefit the Knoxville Park improvement. Selma Olson is seriously ill *it St. Martha's 8,262,244.20 7. Corporate stocks (including $12 ,750.00 stock of Federal Reserve Bank) 12,750.00 8. Loans and discounts (including $445.67 overdrafts) $ 1,841,453.67 9. Less reserve for bad debts $ 137,155.63 1,704,298.04 10. Bank premises owned $1.00, furniture and fixtures $1.00 11. Real estate owned other than bank premises 14, Other assets 2.00 1.00 3,634.30 Nursing Home , , . where she has been a resident for 11 5 * Club members are to meet at the past two years. TOTAL ASSETS the home of Mrs. Richard Corry at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday in preparation for their door-to-door sale. LIABILITIES $8,686,188.67 Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cook 16. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and , corporations $ 3,981,072.71 All persons purchasing tickets f" d , J™" Johnson at " Time and savings deposits of individuals, partner ,ii i...,. i r * i- 6 . tended the dedication ceremonies will be eligible for door prizes whether or not they attend w W gaturdav dance, Knoxvijje merchants have „ ^ donated 30 prizes for the drawing. These gifts are on display in downtown Knoxville. ^^L^S ^^^^^^ e^^t t ^ e of the new post office at Avon ships, and corporations ..; 2,916, 18. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) - J 269,747.40 Susan Alice Pauley was bap- id K Deposits of States and political subdivisions 756,544.57 tized Sunday by Rev. Arne Petqr- 2i. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc) Lutheran 22. Prior to the dz club mem son at the Grace Church. She is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. David Pauley. 30,073,30 bers will serve a chuck wagon dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. in Sponsors were her grandparents, the park adjacent to courthouse. the old Mr - an( * Mrs. Edwin Ring. TOTAL DEPOSITS $ 7,953,504.98 (a) Total demand deposits $ 4,971,437.99 (b) Total time deposits $ 2,982,066.99 26. Other liabilities 6,250,00 nd 27. Mr. and Mrs. Paul May The dance will be held in front son, Johnny of Garden Grove, Technology and a masters degree | 0 f the fire station or in case of Calif., are visiting her mother, |>28. Capital: Mrs. Hazel Donaldson and his Music will be provided by Jim mother, Mrs. Leota May in Bainbridge and his group. Orlo Knoxville and other relatives and friends. TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 7 ,Mt ,7H,«J CAPITAL ACCOUNTS in physics from Stanford Univer- 1 rain, in the fire house, sity, said he is in the education field to stay. 'I intend to devote the rest of I Moore will be the caller. (a) Common stock, total par value $125,000,00 $ 125,000.00 29. Surplus „ p my life to building the best space- science college in the world right here," he said. Dressed for Part PULLMAN, Wash. (UPD—The director of the high school summer camp play at Washington State University said today he is having no problems with the costuming of the cast. The director, Del Carson, is staging the play, "Rebel Without A Cause," a production that deals with teen-agers and juvenile delinquency. "I just tell them to come as they are. They couldn't be costumed more perfectly," Carson said. Mrs. Harold Miller and two daughters, Jo Ann and Susan, arrived Tuesday to spend a month's Bible study illustrated with mo-[vacation with Mrs, Miller's sis- tion pictures Friday at 7:30 p.m. Sabbath School Saturday 9.30 Good Samaritans Good Samaritan Chapel Prayer service Wednesday 7:30 p.m. r 300,000.00 30. Undivided profits „ , ;„„ 251,433,69 31. Reserves 50.000.00 32. a.m. Missionary period 10:30 a.m. Preaching at U a.m. ter, Mrs. Walter Pitts and family. M.Y.N. Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Harley McMullin Thursday at 1:30 p.m. 33. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ $8,686,188.67 MEMORANDA tu. lUiua i«. usnu. KIIU, iiUK04 r AM[RICAN tt HISKEM BUHO -«ruir- tux « EJU« mm wm%; READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Phone 342-4413 34. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes $ 646,632.81 I, Lambert Peterson, Cashier and Trust Officer, of the above- named bank do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. feAMBERT PETERSON We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by Uf and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. SAM COFFMAN A. G. MILLER L. H. STREEDAIN Pirectors. State of Illinois, County of Knox, ss.: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5tb day of July, 1963. (SEAL) Violet Fielder, Notary Public t. I

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