The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on April 1, 1906 · Page 5
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 5

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1906
Page 5
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Tic "SxSicMta gaily lgaglc: ltmTaij '-&Btmn& 3qril lf 1908. a if K. SUN DIAL FOR RIVERSIDE PAR Erected By Daughters of American Revolution. TRIANGLE PRESENTED By Park Commissioners Will Be Decorated. The Daughters of the American Revolu tion of this city have been given a triangle in the Central Riverside park and will decorate the grounds and place in the center of the triangle a large sun dial. Some time ago the members of the society in this city offered to decorate a plot of ground in the park, to furnish flowers end Fhrubbery and build walks and a suitable monument. The park commissioners decided to give to the society the plot of ground made by the three drives at the northwest corner of the circle and just nouth of the deer pens. This triangle is made by the circle drive itself, and the two roadways leading from it and connecting with the river drive which enters North Riverside park. This triangle has a base of forty feet and the two sides are sixty feet long. From four sides there will be walks leading to the sun dial. Around the outer edge of the triangle there will be a box hedge and the flower plots in the different divisions of the triangle made by the walks will be filled with old-fashioned flowers, Sweet Williams, pinks and other flowers, so popular many years ago. This will make an unique plot in the park and will be one of the most beautiful spots in the entire system. The members of the society will furnish the dial and the flowers and the commissioners will see that they are properly cared for. The sun dial is one of the largest in the country. It was made in Massachusetts and arrived a few days ago. It is stored at the Burton warehouse. As soon as the base arrives the dial will be placed in the triangle. The base is to be of polished marble and on this will be cut appropriate words, showing when it was given and by whom presented to the park. During the week the commissioners re ceived a large shipment of dogwood trees from Fayetteviile, Ark. These trees were presented to the park by x''. G. Gully of Fayetttsville. ilr. Gully was here soma weeks ago and after being shown the parks announced that he would like to make the city a present. G. M. Dickson of the park board accepted the proposal of air. Gully. Isot only were the trees secured by Mr. Gully, but he paid the freight to get them here, and all the park commissioners had to do was to set them cut. The dogwood trees are some of the most beautiful trees of the southern for ests. They have white, leaves. They thrive best in heavy timber and they will be set out in the timber in North River ide. The workmen are busy arranging the triangle at the north end of the Grieffen tein bridge, which will bear an entirely new set of flowers this year. They are also draining the lily pond and after cleaning out the pond new tub-ess of lilies will be set out. ORRINE SAVED THE HOME Helped the Drunkard to a Cure and Made the Wife a . Happy Woman. "For five years a mechanic earning $22.50 per week had not taken a full pay envelope home. He was induced to try Orrine," writes V. K. Schmidt & Co., one of the leading druggists of Grand Rapids, Mich. "He wad faithful to the medicine, following the directions and a complete cure followed. "What appeals most to the thinking r.erson is the prosperity for the family which can be attributed directly to Orrine. The man became worth more to his firm, received an advance in pay and about a year ago purchased a home on the contract plan. By the aid of a saving wife, he is able to carry out his contract, and when in the store a few days ago, said in sixty more weeks the home will be entirely paid for." This shows the good results following the Orrine treatment. The- remedy is absolutely harmless, is thoroughly scientific and is so uniformly successful that in every box is a registered guarantee which entitles you to a refund of your money if Orrine fails to effect a cure. Treatise on how to cure drunkenness free on request. Orrine Co., Washington D. C. Orrine is in two forms. No. 1 which can be given secretly without . the patient's knowledge; No. 2 in pill form for those who wish to be cured. The price of each is $1, and both are sold under a guarantee. Use Orrine, quit drinking and make wife and family happy and prosperous in their own home. Orrine is for sale by Higginson Drug Co., 400 East Douglas avenue. minr iifAirr nnumn I nuuc IIMVL UUlillllU IN ARKANSAS RIVER Wall of Water Due to Reach Wichita This Morning BEFORE TEN O'CLOCK Telephone Messages Told of Great Flood. benefit district. At the last meeting of the 'council Mr. Dunn of the Fifth ward made a motion to take this section of the city, out of the benefit district, but with drew it as the proper time to take up this matter comes tomorrow night, when the ordinance establishing the district is ordered drawn. Most of the councilmen favor taking the West Side out of the dis trict and taxing only that section east of th rivers and let the West Side build a sewer system of Its own. The committee of six conucilmen will be chosen to receive the vote of the election Tuesday This committee will meet Tuesday evening and as the ballots are counted they will be taken to the city hall and delivered to this committee. Friday evening the canvassing committee will meet and go over the returns and Issue the certificates. BOOM FOR 0. L. DAVIDSON Petition Being Circulated for Him 1 to Run for Representative. A petition is being' circulated asking C. L. Davidson to make the race for representative from the Seventy-first district. The petition was started yesterday afternoon and before night more than four hundred names had been secured. Mr. Davidson said last night that he had beard that a petition was being circulated asking him to make the race for the nomination but no one had asked him about it or whether he would accept the wishes of the petitioners. It is expected that tha petition will be presented to Mr. Davidson not later than Monday or Tuesday. HE WILL Emit BE A CITIZEN First ZIONIST VISITS OLD HOME H. B. Myers Says Zion City Is Model Town of All. H. B. Myers, who was at one time ticket clerk for the Rock Island here, but who is now a traveling representative of the, Zion City Office Supply oompuny, was in the city yesterday visiting his old time friends. Mr. Myers is a member of the Christian Cath-Clic Apostolic Church In Zion of which. Alexander Dowie is the apostle. Mr. Myers paid that of all the cities In the United States that he has visited, the city of Zion is the cleanest, most perfect morally, and has less disturbances than any place he has been. He said that the many reports concerning the financial straits Zion City was in were all false and that tho church was on a sound financial basis. Ho also denied the report that Mr. Dowio had been replaced by Mr. Bolivar, but said that Mr. Bolivar , was in charge of the church during the vacation of Mr. Dowie. Matzka Took Out Papers Yesterday. Emil Matzka yesterday took out his first citizenship paper? in the district court. He same to thi. country from Austria a little more than two years ago, and for some time he has been working at the Cudahy packing plant. He is 24 years of age. He announced his intention to become a citizen of the United States and renounced all allegiance to the Austrian throne. ORDERED A NEW ROAD Commissioners Granted Petition for Highway In Waco Township. The county commissioners yesterday granted the petition of a number of farmers living in Waco township for a new road between sections 26 and 3"). The road will be a mile long. The cammissioners named Ben Baker, J. P. Winter and John K. Axon as the appraisers and they are to meet April lit to view the road. IS SEEKING A DIVORCE SHORT SESSION SCHEDULE Only Important Business to Be Taken Up By Council. Comparatively little business is to be transacted at the council meeting Memday night. There are a number of important matters which will be considered but unly urgent questions will be taken up. The new fire limit ordinance will come up fnr passage. The tire limits have been extended to Cleveland and Fattie avenues on Fast Douglas, but the ordinance as it now stands is confusing, so the city attorney was instructed to prepare an ordinance embracing all of the present and the new districts. The Chisholm reek canal will also come lip. The resolution declaring it necessary to construct the canal has been published and the preliminary steps to have the appraisers appointed to condemn the lipht of way and select the benefit district will bo ordered. It is expected that that part of the city west of the big and little Arkansas rivers will bo taken from the SPRING AILAENTS algntfy a debilitated condition of the blood. The system is overloaded with winter impurities which must b cleaned out at once or a more serious sick ness will follow. Agnes Grounds Claims That Her Husband Has Abused Her. Agnes Grounds yesterday tiled a petition in the district court asking: for a divorce from A. W. Grounds. They were married in this city October 23, 1904. She charges that he called her vile names and otherwise abused her. They have one child, a son, which Mrs. Grounds asks the court to give her. NOW RECEIVES A PENSION Mrs. Mary Ash's Claim Was De cided In Six Weeks. I.ess than two months ago Captain John Ash died in this city and yesterday Mrs. EtU Glenn Shit Ids received a notice that she had secured a pension of eisrht dollars a month for Mrs. Mary Ash, the widow. The pension was procured in one month and fourteen days after the application was made out and this is probably the shortest time that a pension has ever been secured by a YVKhitan. A telephone message from Hutchinson to the Easli yesterday afternoon announced that a huse wave of water with an actual front eleven feet bigh was sweeping down the Arkansas river, and that it should reach 'Wichita early this morning. At three o'clock a telephone message from a farmer livrig along the river near Colwich stated that the wave had passed his farm a few minutes before he called up the Eagle office. The water is traveling at the rate of five miles per hour and it should reach Douglas avenue between nine and ten o'clock this morning. The wave of water is becoming dimUished in height about four inches for every ten miles, so that It should be about nine feet high when it reaches Wichita. The heavy snows in the mountains and the western part of the state is the cause of the sudden rise in the river. For several days hig'a water has been reported from numerous points up the river, but the extent of tie flood was not known un til yesterday afternoon when the message from Hutchinson was received. It is slid that the huge wave is a. most beautiful sight as it rolled down the river, back of it being a great sheet of ' water which fills the river bed almost to the level of the basks. At low planes along the river the water has overflowed, but there has been little damage thus far, as none of the crops likely to be seriously damaged by wattr have been planted. The rise in the river Till not continue for more than a few nouns. At eight o'clock last night the river had fallen at Hutchinson so that there will be no danger of continued high water here. The highest point of the flood Is at the very crest of the wave which is scheduled to reach this city this morning, i A peculiar coincidence with the coming of this great wave of water is that myri ads of frogs are migrating northward up the Arkansas river and this morning Wichitaons will have an opportunity to witness a most unusual sight today. A migration of thousands of frogs is sched uled to reach this iity this morning, and from the reports cming from points below Wichita the river bed is literally filled with young frogs. They are traveling northward, leaving devastation in their path. The frogs are led; by a number of old ones who have just lug themselves out of their winter lairs. 411 of the frogs have been hatched during this season and the cause of the early appearance is the over flow of the I.-itile Arkansas river. The warm water of this strea mhas warmed the ground about the, banks of the stream where the eggs of tht) frogs were laid and the bright sunshine with the aid of the warm water has caused the eggs to hatch, and the old frogs to lig- their way out of the holes into which; they went at the beginning of winter. ; A number of frogs have already been seen about the river here, but today Wichita may see hundreds of thousands of these amphibians. At Tulsa, I. T., the frogs were first noticed and the army of "hoppers" has been gathering strength aa it has passed up the streams. The vanguard of the army reached Arkansas City Thursday night and hail reached Mulvane yesterday afternoon. A: the rate the frogs are traveling they should reach Wichita about ten o'clock this morning. At midnight last night John Snooks, a farmer living near the bank of the river two miles north of Derby, telephoned to the Eagle office that the vanguard of the army of frogs had reached his farm. Mr. Snook was greatly exdted over the an- pearance of the frogs, lie said that they wcre overrunning every hit of grass on the islands and near the river bank. They were even gnawing- at the roots of trees standing on the bank of the stream. The horde of frogs number many thousands. At Arkansas Citf the frogs were thirty hours in passing the city and from the reports which came to the Eagle office yesterday the river bed is covered with frogs for a distance of eleven miles. They are young and are able to tarvel very fast. It is said that the rivpr w; i literally covered with green frogs, and j that the appearance of the river is com- i plctelv changed from tht usual yellow j sand to a moving mass cf green as far i as the eye can reach. It will be an in- ' spiring sight this afternoon to watch that ' vast army of frogs pass up the river. The i frogs should appear at the Doughs ave- j r.ue bridge between nine and ten o'clock ! this morning "There Are Circles Within Circles" And it's impossible to name any one thing- that brings success to a man, but a good appearance is the first step. Now, that you may know how, beginning Tuesday we will give a series of SHORT TALKS on HOW TO DRESS. In other words we will tell you, in five chapters, how to present a "good appearance." Talk No. 1 will be on the cut of the coat; see Tuesday morning's paper for it. HERMAN (Zb HESS SELL FOR LESS I . SPRING 'ANNOUNCEMEN II- The Golden Eagle the great shopping center for Clothing buyers cordially invites yon to' visit this store and inspect the largest stock of Men's, Boys' and Children's Stylish Spring Suits, Top Coats, Cravenettes, Hats and High Grade Iirnish-ings ever shown in the city. Smart Garb for Easter Wear Such as Sacks of spring hues: some long and deep-vented, others more conservative. Fresh Top Coats to put you in step with fresh spring winds, and the Cravenette for drippy days of early spring. . Stein-Bloch and Kuppenheimer have prepared for us for spring and summer wear, Suits, Rain and Top Coats, shose lit, style and quality will find peers in few tailor shops in America Prices, from $15.00 up to $30.00 Coal Let Urn Fortify Yon Agalut the Element Dulldiag; Material. Now Is the Time Xo buv next winter's Coal. It will never be cheaper than it is today, and the strike is liable to make an advance in prices at -any time. 'Phone vour orders to No. 10. " The JacksonWalker Coal & Material Co "THE WICHITA COALING STATION" 'Phone, 10 112 East Douglas Avenue Good, Stylish Business Suits, from $12.00 down to $000 EasLer Suits for the Boys Little Fellow's Suits, in Russian admiral blouso and junior styles. Many plain, and numerous noveltv stvles. Popular shades and designs. A ires. 2U to 9 years. 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Police Want to Catch Them for Turning In False Fire Alarm. Two boys about four to en years of asre are being hunted by the police and the J tiro department for tv.rr.iner in the alarm j from the box at Waco avenue ar.d Tenth j street, which was found to be fal?e after j the department made the long run. It is ! a verv serious offense for ar.v one to turn v,fry in a false alarm and do it maliciously ar.d the two bovs will be prosecuted. It was t0- CLEANLY WOMAN. j Erroneously Thinks By Scouring ! Her Scalp That She Cures Dandruff. Cleanly woman has an errtr.eous idea that by scouring the scalp, which re moves tne cantirurr scales. the Edward Vail & Co., Leading Jeweler i ! To a : ii'sh-Ora'? Cro-'-erl and FTwr a ot. ar.4 j , fU at the li"t ir'.r. 3ua.'Sy cor.M-J- j i red. Try u a. rrrth ani yeVJl stay j ; with u 'I"b'.r. m yo'jr trr ar.1 w i i i:ivr It rorajUy. j 1 7 li X: A A. 9 Wf Ars i I5 Xenk Mate GROCERIES ! DELIVERED j ! :y part cf th dy. VV n F'rttt'r learned yesterday under before the alar men walkinc a'cnsr the street two boys talking about making department make the Ion? run. SECURITY FOR THE COSTS ? is cunnz canarun. the may wa.-h her sra'n day, ar.d yet hive dar.druff her are ior.jr. accompanied by failing h ire (uy way m tne worl 1 to cur that the two boys were i dandruff o kill 3 ... 'vX - - .11 ' - - - For this particular work wo urge a trial of the celebrated Hostetter's Stomach Bitters You'll find it equal to the task, the same as thoi:- , - ... ! yesterday to require security such sufferer:? have done during ! the pant T3 jr It also cures the the dandruff term. the bos a few moments j an t-''- is no fcajr preparation that will l was turned in and two I t but Xewbro's Herpicide. Herpi- he.ird tha 1 ' Ku.r-.g- the dandruff gern, leaves t::e tir free to grow as health? Nature 's? mtenuca. L-esiroy tt cause y.-u remove the efT:ct. Kill the dandruff germ with Herrkiie. S.ld by Ud.z drurrlsts. Stnd IV. in stamps' for simple to The HerpicMe Co., Detroit, Mich. Moo-e Drug Co.. special agents. Is Asked for By County Attorney , In the Bayfield Case. A riot ion was filed in the district court or the costs m the Ida mynoi.i case wrucn appealed from th probate o-urt. Mr-. i RivfifH w.-i trinl twice in the rreoatc; 1 court before a satisfactory verdict was so- JT'v i cured and the costs new- amount to J Eu:xtre. No security was required when the case . dandruff ar wed known. was taken to the richer court and the pr5crivii-r. is: Rhine W ) Madam Bernhardt's "In the Spring A Young flan's Fancy 4 k KERN AN & CO. I 1102 Eait Douglas Weekly Eagle, 50c a Year Weekly Eagle, 50c a Year V.rrn i th Hlaff of Life; rsn MU-K2EAD.IT,, FLOUE an4 f;OODNK-S i A.unir-I WATSON MILL CO. VtW-Mta. Km. Lightly Turns to Thoughts Love." cf Flatulency, M-k Headache, ISiIIuinrs C'otIveneB, Indirection, Dynpcpkin. IVmnle Trouhlea, ( oltit or iirlppc. Don't fail to rIvc that the county would net le put to the It fair trial at I expense of trying- a case which Las been once. tiuitJ utoa lszlly q'uarreL toctor prescribes '-penuine Ger- ' .ine Wine fcr dandruff ' In the virtues cf Rhine V f.'r d a 'UT n-. 1 quart; county wcukl have to f-t t the costs in the district o'urt Cotrnty Attorney Urubachcr he would make an effort to o-mphihiaut and defv.-.dar.t in I at x:v suuicicr.t cash or s bill an3 Y?sterl.v c:d--i! omptd the I i the case to u'Ci l..nd so Pf t of I t ?d R hi T. to n. thts arrd o: r. Cristion. Wir.- ar. 1 Th? s-a5on of prin? weddinrs and spring: -na??n:-nt-; h ;rr disT-Uyinir a t dutiful of Kinr5. fp..t approaching'. m tii.imr.nas ana . fine line of ther orrii 1 stv!es of VV.i i r: Th M:e us. Johnson's Drug Store ! I F. W. SELLERS & CO. Succiors to W. V. Hcarcc Your Easier Shoes ! 4 We 4 rmmprf, f la la !- 4-iaw mmi p r r-r1 j tit. Tfc-r - himek. mr mmr rmlT ! tmmlrh I, f kt a Itmm Ilac mt rolr a 4 atyte. yrm4 to hw 7 irm. tx$ North Main Thone 1142 North Main ii 1 i IU M HITS y i i r-'.j !Tzr rs rzzn 3 IU W it n !! ! i i j i i H u i i1 II li 1i I V

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