The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on August 21, 1918 · Page 10
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 10

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1918
Page 10
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10 THE WICHITA EA GLE, WEDNESDAY, MORNING, A UGUST 21, 1918. OWMBlHIUj What Oil Men W ST0MN0.7 PUMPING 550 BARRELS DAILY Robinson No. 16 in the Shallow Sand is Making 30 t 1 Tftf V? l oarreis ai uu reei Oil STOCK QUOTATIONS Furnished by Houston. Fibre A Co., S133 Baltimore Ave4 Kann City. Mo. STANDARD OIL STOCKS SStocks A n elo-American ... Atlantic Refining.. Porne-Scrymser Buckeye Pine Line Chejselroueh 1 Colonial Oil... i Continental OM Eid .. 14J ,.S40 ..50 .. 90 ,.330 io ..440 OTHER WELLS DRILLING Prairie Oi Fraiiic Pipe Line...... Fclar Refining Southern Pine Line...., P. Pennsylvania Oil . . . . reported on the pump and making 550 i ardor Caliiornia: ' The Carter Oil company on the Stone No. 1 in the south half of the northwest quarter of 2-225-p is 'Crescent Pipe Line 32 Cumberland Pipe L.ine. Eureka Pip Line 190 Galena Signal Oil. pfd 107 Galena Siena J Oil. com... .100 Illinois Pipe Line U0 Indiana Pipe Line SO National Transit 12 New York Transit 19 Northern Pipe Line. .... ...104 Ohio Oil.. ,..S13 Pierce Oil -.. lol .253 .200 .17?. .253 . !4 .214 barrels daily. Sand was topped at standard' of Indiana 2406 feet and the well completed at i Standard of Kansas!.... 242X feet. .Sand on the No. j "ft '$ 1.'. 16, shallow welt, in 17-25-5 is on the , ctanjajj of New Jersey pump and making 2U barrels daily. Standaid of New York. Sand was found, at 637 feet and the , pn &-F?p.cht"?I completed at 715 feet. Same on ;i-niop Tank Line the .Robinson No. 15 is drilling at 480 Vacuum Oil... .- COO .440 .220 ..440 ..518 . .207 .290 .. 56 ..' S6 ..230 tt-,-t iCffiden & Co Je,-U i r..tviii r- r.ffl. leef ros- .18 ana iv are jocauona. , --. - INDEPENDENTS Same on the Stone No. 8 in the south , .Atlantic Petroleum half of the northwest auarter of 2- L arnf-tt 23-5 is reported drilling at S'JO Timbers are on the ground on location j jrjk Basin. i y. uanie on me wuia - ouuino i limits is drilling at 1750 feet Same on the iiossman No. 1 in the southeast quarter of 23-26-5 is fishing for 12 inch at ZSiS feet. The cumpany also reports a .ntv location in wildcat territory on" the M. J. Pearson farm In the southeast quarter of 26-10-3. four miles north of Emporia, They are reported moving the location. Asked m 93 340 40 150 Zo 150 200 " 110 m 153 i 94 1-i 205 106 SIS 13' 512 236 810 17S 255 1,8 216 610 40 622 27u 400 :oo 235 40 OIL BRINGS - ; BIGBOOira GARBER; OKLA. tmssxssasiawm Th W th. earner etwuxuaasomz DAILY REPORT OF WEATHER Population of Town ' Jumps From 400 to 2,00C Since Discovery of Oil ' V. S.. Department, of Agriculture loal. Office, nrathrr Bureaa ( M iehlta KaiMn . , ' ' Tuesday. August 23. 1318. UE'KUAL.' UATA . ' . Observations taken at 7 p. m. local time.. Temperatures in the following tabic are The lowest for Jast night and tht highest for. today. f Precipitation is the amount of rain or melted enow, in inches.for toe uast 24 hours. . Temperature ' '' Stations Law riieb" Rain Wth'r PIPING CITY FOR . GAS Bj Kny Peters.) J fa 5 . Garber, Okla.. Aug. 20. The Oil State Refining company No1 cn the Goldfraith farm, in tlie southwest cor- j Tier 10-23-3 west, is on top of .he sand at 204 4 feet and showings-oil. The big pipe is being pulled This makes the fourth well to the sand in the new field northeast of Garber. The Southard Oil company et al No. 1 on the Liveley farm, In the same quarter section, and a quarter of a mile east nf th. Oil Ktatp T?pftninir nn 21 I the Goldsmith is being placed under Zl i and will not be deepened at this time, Federal I'lfrrna Oil. . Houston Oil. International MerrittOil Midwest Refining... Midwest Oi'. Okla. Prod, and Ref. Ckmv.lsee ? puipa Savoy Wayland Res. -Wyoming Island Oil... Tiixpam v. Pfetroieum. . i 70 82 131 .112 . 97 . 6 J . 2 . C6 . 6 I . 17 24 ! ii lit TLEK COL'-VTV Tush. No. 1 in section i:;-29-5 is report- ; S ALE OF OKLAHOMA ed drjllmsr at 24j0 feet. The Texas Oil company's No. ' 1 in section 13-29-3 is reported drillinc at 2100 feet. Horton und associates test on the Kjtzelman farm in section 17-24-7 is reported shut down at 3220 f eet. The Draper Oil company in 24-23-10 Is reported drillinc- around 1300 feet. , Osase Oil and Gas company in the northwest corner of the northwest onarter of ! 3-26-5 is reported drillinsr at 900 feet. Union Oil company, on the Sarirent in -the fouth-.vest corner of 24-26-3 is reported drilling at 2150 feet. - "The People s pil and Gas company f f Wichita northwest of Aususta in 8-27-4 is reported dry and abandoned at' 2800 feet. This is the second dry hole on the lease. The Liberty-Walker Oil company on the Shreves in the southwest quarter of 22-26-4 is reported shut down at a depth of 2735 feet. It is reported that a location has been made and timbers are being sent out for a rig on tho southeast quarter of 14-23-3 on the SarahJ. Moore land. j Nebraska State is reported to have timbers on tho ground for a rig on a location on the II. L. Raymond farm in the southeast corner of the south-. west quarter of the northwest quarter of 4-26-4. J. S. Galloway is the agent for the company. , Kngleman and associates on the Holem No. 1 in the north half of the northeast quarter of 24-26-3 is reported to have run the 8-lnch to 1995 feet and resumed drilling. Holem, No. 2 is completing therig. 5! 3 21 72 83 14 23 lis . 93 7 21 $i , 8 31 IS 39 21 It is conservatively estimated as good for 90 or 100 barrels" as ii'stands. Some claim for it 125 to 150 barrels. The published statement that the drilling record of the field was made by rotary tools drilling 1350 feet in sixty-six days brings to light better) Abilene -wuariilo . Loise- ... Calsary . Chi ago . CuiciuimU Concoruia .. Denver ..... De Moines.. Lodge Oily.. Edtuofton . . Ill Paao Ft. Smith..., Ft. Worth... Ualvrston .. Helena ..... Huron ...... Jacksonville Kansas City. Little Roclc. Los Angeles. Memphis .. . . Minneapolis .. New Orleans, New York.... North Platte. Oklahoma Phoenix Portland. Ore... 52 Roswell ..v.... 62 Louis 72 , J Salt IaUe.. 58 bpringfiiild, Mo.7o "Washington ...02 V ICHITA. 7S Winnipeg 64 , .i0 ...... 6C Y.'. 4 Tu . . 4.CC 72 . . .8 ...OS .. .74 ...4S . . .7t ...74 I'.'.Ti ...5t? ...64 ...72 . . . - ..63 . .76 ..70 L'j c ,S6- '.8 ; 86- " 6 iG . SO 100 70 94 98 &i 70 86 0 &2. Hi ' 76- 78 6 K . SO CO " 102 ' y4 7i 42 SS 78 64, s: so 101 .78 .00 Cloudy .00 : Clear . Cloudy .00 - Clear , 00 . Clear .00 - Clear ; .60 Clear ' ..Co uioudy Clear CJeat Ci.Udy Clear Clear Clear Clouiy tiain , Cler; Cloudy Clear Cloudy Clear , .loudy Clear Cloudy Clear Clear . Clear 1 Cloud Cleat Clear Fair Clear Clear. Clear I' air Clear Fair - .12. 00 .00 .cm .00 .52 .22 24 .6( .'.'0 .30 '.t'O .60 00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 Forecast for Next 4$ Hours For Wichita and vicinity Fai "Wednesday' and probably Thursday.. ;Chicaco. Ausr. iO. Kansas Fair records by cable tools. Ji. A. Furfow J Wednesday and probaoly Thursday; drilled the Aubyme No. 1 on the Lynda somewhat warmer Wednesday n farm, to a depth of 2270 feet in sixty- two oays, including a f ive-daysi f iah- day generally fair. ing Job, and he drilled the Oil State I Petroleum company No. 2 on the , Barnes farm to a total depth of 2070 eet in fifty-five days. The boom is on at Garber. The town is r.citheast portion. Oklahoma Wednesday and Tfcurs- GF.XEIIAL COADITIOXS middfe of the oil fields. It was town of less than 400 people before ! ard oveV tiie ; OIL AND GAS LEASES 'C. V. Stinchecum, superintendent of tho Kiowa Indian agency, announces thit bids will be accepted, subject to departmental approval, fo- oil and gas leases on seven tracts in Stevens county, at public auction to be held at thj Kiowa Indian agency. Anadarko. Okla.. on August 23. at 1:30 p. m. Tho tracts to be offered are tfs follows: No. 1 (4-336) north half and soutlv-east quarter of southwect quarter of l-5s-13: 120 acres; Coman-die allot ment 2,787; Frank Nason, male, born . electric lights. A big oil field ma June 9, 1902. Lease to r-in to June 8, jeninc shop is going in. A refinery if Fair skies prevail over the plains from Texas to Canada, whil there is considerable cloudiness east of th? Mississippi :iver and over the north- fortunately situated in the i west. Light rains have fallen in Men- j tana, Wyoming. South Dakota asL- southwestern ' iv&nsas ulf and south Atlantic the discovery of oil and today there legions. Temperatures range from are 2000 people here. They are packed ? depreea above normal over . . , northern Texas, Oklahoma. Kansas as it were in (every house. Dozens &nd Missouri and 10 to 28 degrees bespread out their blankets on vacant i low the seasonal normals over tho lots or in the fields near town HmliAaclIlC nor.tnwest. CII AUTAVQtIA COtSTY Sedan. Kan., Aug. 20. New wells being brought in in this field are causing much interest. The Snroul No. 12. fee, in the south half of 1-33-11, is now reported to' be making better tnan 200 barrels, and will make probably a 100-barrel settled producer. This is supposed to be the opening up of another good pool, and is perhaps an extension to the northeast of the Rcvard Gusher. This well has caused' much interest in that locality, and leases have been in demand. In the northwest naif 22-33-10, C. E. Rota has a producr in his No. 1 Cray. This is a mile west of the "Webb pool. The test of the Sachem Oil com pany", in 7-33-10. is nearing the sand.', This is one of the most important tests of the county. Another important tst is the one being drilled on the B. F Smitn farm, in 5-33-12. This is located in the northwest corner of the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of the section. On the Granshtrd ad-Joining the Smith on the east, a small oiler was drilled during the cheap oil days. To the soutneast, on the Ed-gerton. this well was on the pump. 197, and as much longpr thereafter as producing. No. 2 (4-268) south half and north-cast quarter of tho northeast quarter of 27-5s-12; 120 acres; Comanche allotment 2.808; Hilten Nason, male, born September 19. 1903. Lease to run for ten years and as much longer thereafter as producing. No. 3 4-377) north half and southeast quarter of the southwest quarter J of 29-os-12; 120 acres; Comanche al lotment 3,155; Esther Lcbarre, female, 1 rn April 7. 1904. Lease to run to April 6, 1922, and as much longer .hereafter as producing. No. (5-61) north half f southwest quarter of 13-5s-13; 80 acres; Comanche allotment 3,480; Julia Maseet, born December 10, 1907. Lease to run to December 10, 1925. and so much .longer thereafter as producing. No." 5 (4-449) northwest, quarter of 13-5s-13; 160 acres; Kiowa allotment 3.039; Henry Gwoom-pl. male, born April -11, 1905. Lease to run to April 10, 1926, and as much longer thereafter as producing. No. 6 (4-353) Fraction northwest quarter of 18-5s-12; 162.24 acres; Robert Haun-goo-ah, deceased; Haun-oo-ah. sole heir. Lease to run for tei. years and as much longer thereafter as producing. No. 7 (4-373) northwest quarter of 28-5s-12; 160 acres; Kiowa allotment 3.014; John Peelaw. malp hnm tw sleep at night, or if it looks stormy. Lswarm to the lumber yard sheds and uj.v turn, uver iiny nouses are ouua-ing. The town is being piped for gas, and is putting in water works and Lowest last nijrlit Lowest this date last year Lowest this date for 31 yrs., 1307. Mean temperature today Normal temperature for this date. Preclpitntlon For 24 hours endine 7 t. m.. January 1 to date. Ncrmal January 1 to date Relative Humidity 8 a. m i ... place to place since our entry into ! 3 D' m" ' '. building. It is being played for the big oil town of this section. o MARPLE That war is real and that travelers must watch their step in going from! LOCAL DATA Tern per at me Highest tddav 101 Hinhest thin date last vear 87 Highest this date for 3- yrt 1896. .10S 73 70 3 90 77 .00 IS. 9') 22. 2i the world war was brougnt forcibly to the attention nf a rnmnnnv nf T-ni-l' "" rises tomorrow.. . .... . - Sun sets tomorrow.... 1 1 vo.i ov-wi 3 uuiiiij a receni 11 ip 10 ; po.ii'.le hrs Catalina Island, . . . 67 ...34 . . .23 Chartering a speedy launch the company of actors' producing "the "Brass Bullet" presented at the Marple theatre today, went to San Pedro to embark. Before being allowed to board the yacht they were Alma nnc .5:49 a. m. .7:15 p. m. sunshine tomorrow. 13. 4 Moon phase tomorrow, full- next charge to ast quarter, Aupyust 28. S. P. PETERSCN. Observer. ' LAUNDRIES FOR CAMPS Washington, Aug. 20. Laundries will be established in all th a nrlncl. compelled to undergo a rigid exam-;pal army camps and cantonments and U't , UUJca,ve tne war department has set While their baggage was thoroughly f5.754.990 for the construction overnauiea oy ieaerai orncers. As tne boat passed out of the harbor it was hailed by a launch from, one of the war vessels anchored in the harbor and the yacht's papers and the actors' passports were scrutinized. Finally the party headed for the open sea but still under the surveillance of three soldiers, one at Fort McArthur, one on Dead Man's Island and one in tne light house, each of whom kept a pair of field glasses trained on the yacht. Beautiful Juanita Hansen, ftar aside The average cost will be about $150,000. ' ' o , ' ' " CITY HIRES PRESS AGENT TO BE SAFE (Contiaced from Pace One) up with their work. Then one -day of the "Brass Pullet," was much con-j the fact soaked in that it was high cerned over the delay but agreed with i time for Newkirk to look after its the authorities that too much precau-j booms. All booms need a little nurs- tion cannot he taken in viow nf tbp : inir Thor .nmnr. Ka v... t- cember 25 ms. Lease to run to De-j countless number of spies running can be nourished. So a meeting was loose in all parts of the country. Miss , called and the dormant Newkirk Hansen's motto for spies is "shoot j Booster club got into harness, them first and talk to them after- One of the first acts was the em-ward." , j ployment of a publicity agent. "Let's cumber 24, 1924. and so much longer thereafter as producing. -o- MATTE.NLY TRANSFERRED J. W. Mattenly, who has been chief clerk in the scouting department of the Gypsy Oil company at Wichita for some time, has been transferred to the Tulsa office as chief clerk. THAT CHANGE IN WOMAN'S LIFE Mrs. Godden Tells How It May be Passed in Safety ' and Comfort. FremorA O. "I was passing t&rousU the critical period of life. being forty-six years of age and bad all the symptoms incident to that charge heat Cashes, nervous ness, and was in a general run down condition, so it was hard for nte to do my work. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound vas - recommended to me as the best-remedy for my troubles, which It surely proved to be. I feel better and stronger in every way since taking it, and the annoying symrv tom3 have disappeared." Mri M. CkmuErc, 923 Napolecn St.. Fremont. Ohio. Such annoying symptoms as heat Sashes, nervousness, backache, headache, irritability and the bines." may Ls speedily overcome and the system restored to normal , conditions by this famous root and nerb remedy, Lydia E. Pipkhaai's Yege table Compound. x If any " complication present themselves, write the Pinkham Medicine Co.. Lynn, Slass., for suggestions how overcome "them. The result of forty years experience-la at your service and your letter he'd fn strict confidence. ENJOYING COOL. WEATHER A card from Hdward L. Coleman, of the firm of Coleman & .vaSsam, who is enjoying tne cool climate of Winne-peg Beach, Man., says "the weather is fine and am having a great trip." Mr. Coleman is expected home about the first of September. let the world know about Newkirk." HOCKl'M T.O BOSTON. j they said. So they hired a special Harry. Dockum, who has bcn visit- j writer who is on the job at Newkirk ing in Chicago was called to , Boston and every day on every mail some-Saturday to attend a meeting con- j thing goes out to the big dailies abou cerning the special drujr legislation , Newkirk and the.. Kay county seat's and the policy of the United Drug , latest sensation, j ' company for the coming year. . , i Newkirk can fcuild its boom on a GENERAL PERSHING IN NEW HEADGEAR gopd foundation."-It has the county seat of the greatest wheat growing county in Oklahoma It has one 3.000 barrel refinery,- the Crescent, which has been in peratiop a year. Another refinery has bought a site and is shipping in material. It la the.Pirtle-Pittman. And a third refinery is negotiating for a building site.. It is in the process of organizing and Eugene 'Jackson, who ito-moted the Stirling refinery in Wichita, is interested in it.- Newkurk has - one ' of the finest creameries Id northern Oklahoma, with an Ice plant operated in connection.' " Newkirk gutter, takes the prizes at dairy shows with mazing frequency. There are four progressive banks tn the city. The First National. The Eastman National, The Farmers State, and The Security State. Within a short distance of the city" the finest building stone in the state is quarried, and The First National Bank building is a monument to the beauty and qnality'of this stone. Aside from these, Newkirk has an enterprising group of storekeepers, professional men and many retired farmers and financiers who are not afraid to put their money back into the town where they earned it. ' Some Inltrie. Although the county seat of the banner wheat county of the state, Newkirk has had hard luck with its mills. A fire took one and unfair competition took the other. But the day will soon come when Newkirk will be put back upon the milling map. The Creamery is a home-owned in stitution managed by Carl, Mitchell. It has felt the boom along with other institutions. ItWannot make enough butter to supply' much more than the home demand, and the ice plantshai to hsfVig out a "no ice" sgn every day. For miles the farmers flock into Newkirk for ice, for Kay county farmers have their ice chests now, as well as the city resident." R. A. Howard, president of .the Crescent Refinery, took hold of the plants but a fetv weeks ago, and is putting it on the up-grade with rapiditypleasing to the owners. The Crescent company is largely owned fcArdmore capitalists, some of them being Byron Drew. E. Dunlap and Harold Wallace. It is skimming-NTewkirk oil which tests 42 and 38, the high grade being from the deep wells. The Crescent company reports that Newkirk crude skims about 33 per cent gasoline. - TITLE EXPERTS SWAMPED An abstract .office offers an excellent criterion to measure the prosperity of a community. And the three Newkirk abstract offices prove beyond all doubt that a lot 4s going on in Newkirk. The three offices are doing 100 per cent more business now than tjiey were last year, or even three months ago. C. A. Johnson, of P. H. Albright & Co., reports that he scarcely has time to go home to his meals or take time to sleep, and that, try as hard as he can, his desk is always piled high with unfinished work. "And the other offices are just as prosperous," he says. Need More Booster. - Mr. Johnson is one of the most active boosters in Newkirk. His success has not turned his head in the least. He realizes that other abstracters have a right to prosper and when he talked of the wonderful increase in the abstract business he wanted the public to know that the other offices were doing well, too. "We need new tlood bacause all of us are bo busy on our own business now we do not have time to give the situation the study perhaps it should have." he said. "Everyone has more than he can do. Just tell the world that what Newkirk needs and invites is tew blood and men who are not afraid to start something. We have the means and the spirit to hell' every good thing along, i A story of Newkirk would not be complete without a history of the city's ups and downs It was founded September 16., 1893, the day of the opening, and was designated by the government as the county seat of "K" county. Its original name was f'La-morcux." named after one of President Cleveland's cabinet members. The Santa Fe wanted to move the county seat to Kildare and the usual fight resulted with the usual result the government .won. The people v'o cd to name the city "Santa Fe" Lut the government objected a; there are other "Santa Fes" in America. . bout a mile -north of th city was thj old cattle loading station of Kirk so the citizens decided to call the town Newkirk and that is the name to this day. - s Pioneered the Oil Trail.. It is an old story now but Newkirk drilled the st oil well in Oklahoma. It was a shallow test on the McClas- SC3IXER COCXTY The Empire- Gag & Fuel comnanv on the Hanson farm in the center of! the southeast 40, of the northeast' quarter of 26-34-2. is reported drill-ingat 3625 feet. 1 COWLEY COI.WTY The Minnie Oil company is building a rig for a test on the Grohnie farm four miles south of Udall. Tne rig is in the northeast corner of the southwest forty of the northeast 'quarter of 27-31-3. STOCKHOLDERS' JIEETINU The stockholders of the ePnple 3 Oil & Gas company, will hold a meeting "Friday afternoon to decide on the dis position of several strings of pipe left over from the dry hole which the company vns jut brought in in section 8-27-4. of the PRINCESS. Dainty Billy 'Burke, one worlds foremost actresses, both on the screen and the spoken stage, will be seen at the Princess theater on ' today and tomorrow in her latest; Paramount success. "In Pursuit of ; Polly.- In thr photoplay Mis-s Burke Mr-trays tho role of Polly Marsdeu. a healthy young woman, daughter o' a retired cotton-broken. h i. lv:c by 'women one a pwi and the .ihrl a prosaic brtiker. neither of whom she seems inclined to accept. Hei father demands, however, that she chocs? between them and she enters intv an arrangement whertby she i. to start for parts unknown in her automobile on the following day wlth-an hour's start and the man who catches her first is to claim her as his bride- . i It Is easy to imagine what follows. but what you think follows dosnt. but there does ensue such a strong sei ie of happenings that the picture j is one of grt-at charm and interest. ! An additional feature for Wednesday and Thursday i. a great Sennett comedy, -She Loved Hira llcnty." "TAKE. OFF SLEEPERS Sleeping car service from Augusta to Kansas City will be discontinued after August ;i, announced Sam A - V' ft 1 t - . x '- - -t . V- V i It kc,' farm In S5-27-S oa the same farnt where thousand fcarre; production flora a Ccep sar.d Is pascible most anywhere.- That was Jn 1902. The w 1 -&e about 8 barrel after feeing shot and the was abandoned. The Ncwkir company spent the rest of it 5 , t y - proFpicting f or gaa... And by the way New kirfcfor: years operated Its" power house ly gas from a wli at the edge of the city. Fate played the - trick on Newkirk of robbing it "of the distinction c' being the first, oil ton in the state. Oil was cheap in,19e2. so cheap that an eight-barrel well would -not pay the cost of operation ;t. P. Hayes, ot - whose fj cm the Carte, company recently got a 5,600 barrel well.' was a director La the company that drilled ihe first well fn Julahor-ia. - It was unfortunate for Newkirk that it developed its ' .shallow field east of the city at the time the oil w rid had its - eyes focused upon Cushing. the biggest splash known to C Idem Kini- th hpiinin p- New- tlrk'a shallow fjeld is a wonder but; like some brilliant stais near Venusi or Mars it failoU to catch the eyes of tho gtampeder because, Cushlng was so big. ' Slept Ipoii Rtbta. ' . v"ollow!ng the abandonment of the McClaskey well and the blowing ou of . the 600 foot g. 3ssra at tho edge t Newkir-. the city paid little attention to oil and gas operation untl the Alberti well was brought In in 32-2S-1 cist. "This well is 12 miles north, st of Newkirk and 13 miles northeast of B'nckwell. But Blackwell. vhlcfc had been prospecting for . oil and gas forye- s. got on the Job first c.nd by dint of hard work and , much publicity succeeded in ' faceting the This Tonic- ' Upbuilder Helps the Lungs Weakened , and run-down systems, threatened with serious illness, have found in ECKMAN'S ALTERATIVE an unusual tonic and uo-buildr. often helping to restore health and strength. No alcohol, narcotic or habit forming drugs. Twentv vears' successful use. KOe and S1.50 Bottle nt nil ftrngslt or tnnnn fuel iiT. poatpntd. ECKMAN LABORATORY Philadelphia Ad vert iseir.ent ) - .in 1 1 i 1 Is, ill il - ff. IV". , 1 Keep Coo!! Wear Slipknot rob the hot sidewalk of foot shocks end fatigue. Your feet sink down softly into Slipknots-then up again buoyantly, they're so resilient. They're there on foot mileage. PLYMOUTH KIESOt CCKPAnY -. Cast9fi,Kacs. Put om at all Skoe Repair Sliops field named aftr it. That -lesson in en'Mpr.. has steeled Newkirk this time and it l certain that II will Bp-, tvi n every stone" in its campaign to teep It own. Of course Newkirk has had Its-ecua-, ty sat fight. In 1908, a year after statehood, two elections were held to move the county eat, but Newkirk won veT Blade well and Ponca City The fight was started in the cnslilo-tion convention by Delegate Rose, of Blackwell. who sought to divide the county. Delegate King, of Newkirk, blocked the move and saved the county seat for hi city, -lie I still at Newkirk practicing law.. Delegate Rose, died a few months ago. , Stock Trsti ItAtL Among the old timers who have stood through lean ami fat year tor Newkirk and have lived to see It take on a real boom are F. W. Smith, banker who formerly resided at Cdali, C I Pinkham. the present county at; torney who also came from Missouri; J. F. King. the delegate to the constitutional convention; Ed Korns, real estate dealer and ex-newspaper roan and apostmasterr Joe Hapes, farmer and owner of the biggest oil well in Oklahoma: George Alberti. retired merchant who owned the farm where the-first oil well in the Blackwell field was drilled: Joe Thomas, retired farmer who in the early days used to quench thirsts: Fred Meter, real estate dealer, farmer and oil man; P. S. Mason, banker, and J, E. and t. M. Hamlin, editors. P. XL Hamlin is the present postmaster. His brother. J. E. Hamlin, edits the Democrat-Herald and the Dally Reporter. V The Republican News-Journal Is edited by E. '' C. '--Conger, recently of UmooviHe, ' m. ' ":":v .--V ' X:-'- OatKrolns Guesser. j Should yo ak the population ct Newkirk you will receive a characteristic booster rerly ' "tK jus mean now r whatMt was a yeai 01 three month kgor tb citirtn. will ' come back. If you mean now you will make friends by saying better than 3.000 and -cimibinR like sixty. The ..population neat week ,. may be 5,000. next year It may be-anythlng more, for Newkirk is coming Into its own: has caught her stride. Pol ilScs, the eoterpri 6f ivU or -drout!i cannot stopSewkirk. Oil gushes rin or shine and with a world hungry frr oil Newklik'a rutore 5 Trot based upon fickle sentiment. v if 'Tan, Red or Freckled ; Skin Is Easily Shed To free your wumtm-r-soUed skin of Its muddineas,. freckles, blotches vr tan. th be t thing to do is to free yourself-of - the kn itself. f This is easily accomplished by the use of ordinary morcoUd 'wax, which ef course, c&ni be had at an di-ujs tore, Vst st night Mft you ne cold cream. washing it off in the morning, im- 1 ,..l..f.l. . begins to cetue mt in fine, powderlike particles, Gradually, the entire outer ecarf kln is sonorbed. without the loast harm or Inconvenient. Th wcond layer or skin now in etidetu-e presents a spotless whitenexs and prklinr h4aut.v obtainable in no other way. One otinc of mercoHs-d wax usually i sufficient to complete ly rrnovate bad rfmpljon. Advertisement. l:! B vAnpJ! mi ximHii ' WA'tfTT AiS will find Kelp do it quickly THEM AND 1 i S i " , H ' la Mi T. 4400 it m lr P Always at your service., s sk for an Eagle Want Ad Taker. e progressive and save time and trouble. Jl est method for quick action and results. fl onservative little messengers of profit and value. 0 Kj Ik irculated in almost every, home in and Around Wichita Over 250,000 Reader. The Wichita Eagle THE GKEAT WANT AU PAPER I i-i u .,1 ' - --fr -r-- - - -T-. , . J ! Woman Thinks She Is Privileged to Talk , "If anyone ever had a miserable stomach I surely had. It was growing worse, too, all the time. Had severe pains and attacks every ten days -r two weeks and had to call a doctor, who could only relieve me for a short while. Two years ago last February I took a treatment of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and I have not had a spell of'pein or misery since. My friends Just wonder that I am looking so well. I feel I am privileged to talk -bout it. It Is a simple harmless preparation thst" removes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and a'lsys ttie Inflammation which causes practically ali stomache. liver and inlestinal ailments, ineludins appendicitis. One ? !se will convince or money refand- ' ed. Dockum PTBg Co. and druggists every wber. t Advertisement, i nil 1 An intpcction vUit here will not only be interettinf and inatmcttve regarding ttyle tendencie, but hslpful from an economical tandpolnt in planningr your fall purchases. " ' - Smart Dresses Today $25.00 We offer them in every new material, style and color. The new Satins, Serges. and 'Jeraeyn are ahown in all their 'richness the deep blue, brown, taupe, black and green. 'We ask you to compare them with $35.00 and $40.00 dresses elsewhere. OUU SUITS. COATS ANIi UHCSSES ARB FROM Tilt: FORHMOST TAILOIIS AND DESIGKKRS. PRICES ALWAYS CONSIDERABLY. LESS. Oldneld)5fim9menihop Over 217 v a Douglas QAvcl 1, i.i - J SIil!cr Aal!tlr t;L Hnmmm ArcesapIUftiaK ! Oil 4r rfnt Uciierat PerelUus, tuc a acton prrttj. I "1 want tothsnk yoa for your on-! derful oL" state Mr. i. C Gilo o. ! Jontcro .rk.- My I.;.tl ;iT! t r-ery lc .-iih i;,htl.-rls. I h-i f-frer. hr f-r d.w-s of trvrdkin- ; , 'nith cot ti'' tl. w':th resaU. I ' !UM a botti r.f yvar m sftl ppli-4t:on re!v-d . br. h Is well." Mr. Olboa mad this iatei-t.t bfor hndTe of &pi j Mr? rirere Mi-r iZf R Uiwr street. Ilartfordu Co writ's "l ' Ka ued v j-ic f i '-'t r.--: rsi itb rflod effect. Only ttinj : has ev- trl4 Ut rtcr.r-d ttt . rm v-.m Lstc'.y " Mr. WiuSsws li,i4n. Aiau, writ: Mtt ce ;ycr arrest r'.n oil fr rfce-3irtim. i ,k snts. . for wre tbroat. fxi ; want r Hit It I it. rrte .4 Street Car Thought for Today t& 70V CAN'T always judge the earning y capacity of a street car by the load it carries. ...... A car carrying fifty passengers does not represent fifty cash fares of five cents each. ... . tr a1 aferer Mae tsrfu rtd iaiit An;rrk-aa votatsiaiidcr, is .iuv n in tf,,.,,- frcKr, uxasnd. . artfsi -.nanytas picture fa b'.s tia bat" While tbe bidpie Is eot w cst r. U serve It rnariHisic. and tho d.u-Ltj; krkee lesJer is airartsU 1 totlltTr rrfaa Ijirimer, Santa Fe passenger agent. verr bas?!v. iuilsbis frciaLtlJC broid smite on bis fa"- 51. V. VTT tvK ais4 It. 55.1 it a I Dock-am Oraa Co. i A Tr! a rnet I A ticket or transfer passenger occupies a much room m a carina is entitled to the . same service as a cash-fare passenger, but he pulls down the earning capacity of the car on which he is traveling. Wichita Railroad & Light Co J 1

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