Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 28, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1944 Ic." Hilary NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS Personal—Social—Fraternal M, J7e; Vaudeville Show presented By Three Local Girls t \ vmni'-viHi' show wu.-t presi-nt- e i| Thursday l>y Justine Sttnfm-d, Marilyn C<it'l.-<ori and Lois Kollott in tin- «:ir.igo of .Elnu'r Snnford P jit 3 Clieitnut xtr.'Ot. Two porl'orm- jiri'i'-i wi'i-r held, imi 1 at 10 a. m. anil tl" 1 " tlll ' ! ' ;it - P- m - About 70 peopU' attended. •flu. girls piv.sontod tho following |>n>)tr:Lm: S.ijnr* isi unison: "Caissons G nulling Aliuig," "Put Your_ Arm Arniiiiil Mi', Itom'y," a.nd "'-Lout Xvlojihoni' solo, Justine San fO!'d. Simi:. "Morning"—Marilyn Curl son. divssed as sunflower. Sons. "Victory Polkn." —Justine San-ford. I'liii-.n solo—Lois Kollett. H;ill.'t dance—Lois. Justine anc Maiilyn. S»n~. "Cluiltaniioga Choo Clioo,' liy 111.- three girls. Sun.;. "Anchors Awcigh"—-Mai'i- Ivn nii'l .lu-'-tiiu- in Bailor costumes Sii!-;;. "rfluirtnin' Uruiid" — Marilyn Ciii'lson, dressed as colored maiiiiiiy. Th" siago sot tings and pro[>- erlH-i wi r • harulled by Roger An li'i-.-oiii and Douglas Olson. Lcm- oniuli; was si-rvet! following the jihuw.'. and g:itiirr< were oiijoyoU by Children Receive Awards For Stuffed Toys Children who patronize tho Rubber uvunuo playground exhibited a variety of stul'fi-'il toys Wednesday afternoon and prizes were award- Reds Desert Nazis To Join Yanks f-c! for panda, Daughter Born To Mr.-Mrs. E. Brown :md Mrs. Edson Brown of - uvi'nui' arc tho piireiHs of u clfiii^hirr fnirn .July IV in the Cril'I'in lu'.xpitiil, IVrby. Birth Of Son Is Announced A son wns born tn Mi'. ,ind Mrs. Jnnu's !•',. (lantwi'll 'if ^2\> [''nirview avenue July 17 in S'. Mary's lios- the following: Larpoat Chariot Vest; smallest panda, Doris Canaperi; home-made panda, Anthony Martinez; largest teddy bear. Ethel Vost; smallest cuddy bear. Jackie Ai'tiry; gh'l rabbit. Frances Vicrra; cadet rabbit, T-lai'i-is Ludgewait; patriotic rabbit, Barbara Fisherman; elephant, John Vest; largest horse, Anita Amato; smallest horse, Joan ArO.ry: largest clog, Doris Vest; largest rabbit. Djivid Rigney; smallest rabbit, Joan Rigney; cluck, Ann Amato. Shower Given Recently For Miss Melbourne Miss 'Marjory Melbourne oC 128 Rubber avenue, whose innrriugc to Cpl. Robert Brinkerhaff oC Stam- I'ord is planned .for tho near future, was feted recently at a miscellaneous shower given the Celebrates llth Birthday At Camp Carl Bovay, son of Mr. and Mrs. .Vorniun Bovay of Park avenue, celebrruos his l.Uh birthday today nt Camp Mattuluck. Plymouth, where he is spending the summer months. He was also sworn into the Honor society at camp and made a Son-ol'-Mataucha. of Miss Ruth Zchndor of Walnut street. The guests includfiil: Mrs. George Wigglcsworth, Mrs. Ralph Gilnack, Mrs. James Kis- Hrxno, Mrs. George Lewis. Mrs. Robert Lyons, Mrs. Harold Perry, Mrs. Ellen Cook, Mrs. Gunarcl AndcrHbn, I Mrs. Svon Anderson, Mrs. Armin ' Zehndei'. Mrs, Florence Prouse, j Mrs. John Hackett, Mrs. Carl Zahn- dcr, Mrs. Andrew Bcntley, Mrs. Ed- wir, Melbourne, Mrs. Paul Drugla, Mrs. Richard Ostrum, Mrs. Burton Walkor, Mrs, Albert Peterson, Mrs. Harold Stinson, Mrs. Louis Schuli and the Misses Jane Bcntley, Betty J-IackcU and Rita Schul/:. William Nordby Receives Wings Cpl. William Edward Nordby, .U. S, Army Air Corps, ia spending a ten-day furlough with his, parents; Mi 1 , and Mrs. Louis ' jToi-dby of Spencer street. Cpl. Nordby recent-' ly was graduated from Gunnery School in 'Yunia, Arizona and now wears 'the wings of n radio-gunner. He will report buck to Florida. Cpl. Ernest Severson And Guest Home Mr.-Mrs, F. W. Hubhell Entertaining- Gxiests Mr. and Mrs, P. \V. Hubbell o 30 Sweeney street are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. George Theiling o Jersey City, N .J., this week. Vacationing At Stony Creek, Branford Misses Mildred Brown of Walnu rrace and Arietta and Dorin DUIT of Sweeney street arc spend a vacation at Indian Point House, Stony Creek, Branford. P—i 1 V.* 37-m!tiImcier anti-aircraft gu ise.s a ton of copper every 20 mi uti-s it is in operation. ... at the Metropolitan JULY CLEARANCE S-A-V-E on Floor Samples and Odds and Ends — Sorry — No Phone Orders Al.l. COTTON I.AYKK FKI.T HISI'I.AV MATTKHSSKS. Tivld *\u- oiil.v !),-, SIMMONS WIIITK IIAVKN n.OOIl SAMI'I.K .MATTUKSS. As is. Full sl-/f; only... roil. SI'KINOS WITH WOO!) BASIC. Twin ur full si/.i' S27.50 KOI.DINd U.AIJY CAKKIACK ill liliic <|iiilti'<l li-at.hi'i'i>tti> Corpora! Ernest Severson of Camp Robinson, Little Rock, Ark., is spending a l.'-day furlong)! with his mother. Mrs. Charlotte Severson of NVw street. Ho has jis his guest, Miss Margaret Neis of Little Rock. - • Mrs. E. Fitzgerald Hospital Patient • Mrs. Edward FHzgnrald of o.^S Hillside avenue is a patient in the Wutei'biiry hospital. Men's Outing Of Methodist Church '': To Be Held Saturday Herbert Johnson and Donald Umltiuf are In charge of the men'i outing to be held tomorrow'by v the Methodist church at the home of Elmer Tucker, B.oacoh Valley. A hot dog roast will bo held and the affair will take place, rain or shine, James Fleming Home On Leave James Fleming has completed his boot training at the Naval Center, Sampson, N. Y., and -is spending a leave of several days at his home on Rubber avenue. • Daughter Born To Mr.-Mrs, J. Rasper A daughter was born this morning at St. Mary's hospital to Mr. ind Mi's. Joseph Kasper of North Main street, in soldiers, captured by tho Nu/.ls and forcrd to fiirltt the Allies In France, point out >"a/,l ponifloiiK on it map to Yanks near Cherbourg. The Russians gave thcnihOlvcs up to the Amc.rl- caiiH. lifter a li.'nf/ct written by <""' of their comrades, wlio <>scnipc<l from the ImprrsKcd battalion two days after it arrived at the Normandy front, had b<!Cfi tired over thoir position. Officiul OWI photo. (International) : Announce Birth Of Daughter Accessory Tricks! Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Przybyloski of School street, Union City, announce tho birth of a daughter, this morning. iu St. Mary's hospital. 1963 10-20 willi visur ami foot lirulu: .>' 'I.!H> KOCKLVfi IIOItSK SHOFr.V. Samplr only. Cash :ind curry. TH.T-HACK I.OlfXGK CHAIK in lnpi'slTy KN UC, K I.K-A KM III tlipeslry CHAIR KOf-'K MAI'I.K ill reil ur liliii'. HAKKK1, CI1AIH ^:.\:(i; IN. AI.I. \vooi. THKOW KUG HAMI'M-JS PATTERN ]f)«.'i You can put new life in nn old wardrobe or bhe aiipear- nnce of your sports froclis and two uiocei's by (.ho clover use of a bright wesklt, bag- anc! .hat. Make them of shadow-plaid gingham, clotted percale or striped rayon silk. Barbara Bull Pattern No. 19G3 is designed for sixes 10, 12, 1-1, 1C, IS and 20. Si/.e 12, we'skit, requires 1'1-8 yard? of 39-inch material; bag and hat 1 1-S yards: 3-<l yard linin.g for hat and' bag. Ready now—the brand now A13C Pattern Book—tr,e quickest aid to homo sewers yet devised. It's, a complete up - to - uho - minute i%at.i- logne. Prise 10 cents per copy. Order an ABC Pattern Book with a 10 cent pattern for 25 cents, plus 1 cer.t postage. For t.his pattern,, send 15 cents, plus 1 cent for postacre, in coins, your name, address, pattern num- ner and .si'/.o wanted to Barb/t Bell, Naugatuck Daily News, Post Office Box 90, Station G, New York 19. N. Y. Search Is Made For Three Planes Missing In Maine Greenville, Maine, July 2S—(UP) —CAP and department of inland fisheries and gamos pl.l'ncs have started an air search for three government planes missing in northern Maine. The throe craft were from a. flight of nin» bound from New Brunswick to Dayton, Ohio. Throe of the nine planes safely reached Millinockct—tht: first leg of the journoy. Two others wore forced down without injury to the pilots. Tho pilot of a third parachuted to safety, but the wreck- ago of his craft has not been found. Heavy rains and overcast skies apparently was responsible for the temporary loss of tho three planes. The weather also impeded searching parties. The missing planes arc believed down somewhere in the wilderness between Baker Jake and the St. .John c^ain of ponds. The nine planes recently wore purchased by the United States from the Canadian government. All personnel were, based at. Dayton. ' I Storms Brought Nearly Inch Of Rain To Conn. Hartford, July 28—(UP)—Sharp stoi-ms brought nearly an inch of rain to parched Conncct-icui crops last niRht, l)ut farmers fenr it mny have comn too late to siivc vegre- tablos which had been stunted by the IOHR dry spoil. Lightning caused some damage to power and communication lino.s throughout the Connecticut river valley. Bolts struck buildings at New Britain and Hartford. A freakish prank of the storm occurred at Hartford. Fire Captain William J. Coffey was usinj,' the telephone when lightning- struck the lino. Flames spurted from the mouthpiece, but ColTey was not harmed. Two heat deaths were reported iit New H:ivi»n. Rain" stalled the automobile of Mrs. Jc.mcuo Momn of Warehouse Point across Lhu railroau tracks at Windsor Locks. The driver and foiu' passengers escaped before the car was hit by .1 train. A Lovely Arrangement s (MI;; <;\-!> rr. KOI.OKKI.OK KITCHIKN uuo.s Knur inily r, i-iKCK iiiiinci 1 : SKT wllli I fnldliij; rhulr.s . ., LOT OF ODD WINDOW SHADES. Oni- <::ish mid curry. While they lust. Your rlioliv and two of ft kind. Open Thursday "Evening IMC. 27 CENTER STREET Wiilnrhiiry'.s Oldest Furniture Store SEW and SAVE with MURPHY'S YARD GOODS 25c - 69c yd Malco longor-wcar* ing, betfof - looking clothoc ^rom this bright assortment of fabric*. Singling Bros. Circus Will Resume Tour Sarasola, Fla., July 2S—(U P) — The Rin^llnp brothe:-s and Bar- Mum and Bailey leaves Sarasota Monday for Akron, when; it will resume its tour oil August -1ih. Tho circus returned to its winter quartern following the disastrous Hartford, Conn., fire. G corps Smith, general manager of the circus, said thnt n.l! canvas used has beer, tested for fireproofing and fouiwl completely '.=afc. Tho s>how, he adds, has been revised to conform with its now policy of out-of-door performances but tho ttvulHonal threo rin^ arrangement hns been retained. BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 I U T T r u ^M • i ^— ^^ j 2 3 H S 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 n 14 15 16 1? 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 2? 28 29 JO 31 Coming Events | ) O TODAY Meeting of T>:»y Nursery Association, 10 :u in. Friday :it Niirsory, Water street. TOMORROW Clambake; Tonnlft Milking Dcpt., Colluii llrtllow Grove. Local -If), L'RWA, lluncc, Kinden Turk. -O I Weather Report —d New Humpshirc, Vermont. Massachusetts, Rhode Island ajid Con- nociicut-—Fair weather tonight .and "omorrow except widely scattered showet'.s or thunder-showers tomorrow afternoon. Slightly cooler tonight. Eastport to Block Island— No small craJt or storm warnings. Americans May Soon Reach Road To Paris (Continued from Page J) Hero's the New England extended weather forecast: The temperature during the next five day.-, wiK average from two to four degrees above the seasonal normal wliich for Boston is 72 degrees. Moderate temperature tomorrow will be followed by iflow- ly rising temperature unti! cooler weather occurs on Wednesday. Rainfall will average between one-half and three-fourths inch, occurring- as widely escattered srow- crs tomorrow and as more general shower arid t'hundorshowcr activity late Tuesday or Wednesday. G.C. MURPHY Co. CHURCH ST. k, Conn, R2 . PATTJSBN No. «2I07 You can. embroider -Uiesc- lovely ro-~ca on a scarf "and a doily, av pictured or rearrange them to suit taste ore a centerpiece. Pattern envelope contains hot- jron transfers for four designs, 2 u:bout 4 by 10 inches; 2 tibout 3 by 3 inches; stitch illustrations; and full directions. Our CO-pag-c multicolored book of Needle Arts containing five free patterns, and many other suggestions fo'r dressing up your home find yourself Is now "available. Send your request for this book to the address listed be-low, enclosing twenty cents (20c.) In. coins to cover the cost and mailing charges. Send 11 cents (-coin) for Pattern No. R2107 to Naugatuck Daily News, 'Needle Arts Dept, P. O. Box 172, Station D, New York, 3, N. Y, "Include YOUR postal zone number, PLEASE!".' -i- and Caumont—13 miles to the cast. . Today's Gcrmn.n hiijh command communiqu'C admits Nail troopa wore pressed back farther to the •south and southwest of St. Lo in bttcv fighting which was costly for .both 'sides. On 1 the British sector of the front — the stalemate continues south and southwest of Caen. British and Canadian artillery — supported by fighters and fighter bombers — broke up a number of enemy counter attacks. Allied planes were generally active over im.porta.nt areas of all the. Norman ba.Rlafronts, Fig.hter- bombers patrolled ahead of the American armored columns — attacking: Nazi tank units, g-un positions, defended hedgerows, and observation posts, .Front dispatcher say by mid-afternoon yesterday they.had destroyed 12 tanks, ajid damaged 15. Forty-seven German motor vehicles' were demolished— and at least 23 German planes shot down. T.hc Allies lost 21 planes in these engagements. The' United States Eighth Air Force hurled 2,000 heavy bombers and fighters into a smashing- daylight blow at the heart of Germany today. At least' 1,000 Flying Fortresses and Liberators—escorted by an etiua] number, of Lightning- and Thunderbolt fighters— took part in the assault. The planes met unusually strong anti-aircraft fire. Radio Berlin says the United States armada skirted Berlin to hit the big aircraft and chemical centers of Dessau, Halle and Mer acburg. But there is no Allied announcement of the target locations. Today's smash followed a night aid during which RAF Mosquito lombcrs hurled scores of two-ton jlockbustcrs at the battered German rail and industrial center of tuttg-urt. Also hit last night was he Romanian oil center of Ploes- A German news agency also re- ports the bombing last night of Interburg—East Prussian rail communications hub GO miles cast of Kocnigsbei-g, and of Bucharest in Romania. As for the robot bomb offensive against London, late reports say the winged missiles stewed more death and destruction through London and .southern England today. Several fires were started in the capital and in other districts during the night. The "Aeroplane"—a British technical maga/.ir.e-—warns that Nazi production of jet-propelled aircraft may be far enough advanced, to threaten Allied air supremacy over Europe. An estimated 22,500 man-hours arc required to build an average American bomber. Now At The Strand IVflllum Eythc, who zoom* 'to htarcloni In 20th Contiiry-Fox'H filniizaUon of Maxwell Antler- son's celebrated play, "The Eve x of St. Mark," opening- Friday at. the Stnind theater, Anne Baxter i»xl Mlcli.icl O'Shon jire also tea- lured in the film. Radio Station Plans To Take Dispute Into Court Minneapolis,-July 28—(UP)—Th management of i-odlo Htjilion KSTP plans to take its dispute with strilt ing-. musicians into federal court The-station has obtained dismTs of a district court injunction re- Htraihlng the musicians from walk- inp.,but. President Stanley Hubbard of KSTP sa.ys the station requested the .dismissal to "remove the musicians from the impossible position . in which they have been placed." The strike beRnn Tuesday on orders from President James. C. Pe- irilio, of the American Federation of Musicians, who charged that the station had violated a War Labor Board directive in seeking tfic restraining order, which was issued Wednesday in Henncpin county district court. The company had no quarrel with .the musicians, Hubbard said, and '"rather than embarrass our own employes by forcing them to choose between jai! and Pctrillo's venRcance, we have withdrawn the court action on which the strike ; ord«r wu |fr«tit«d, "'Hubbard '»nid rtc'>latlo' to sui> foe d«m«4r«» "running into six fiffatcK" allcKedly rcMlltng from Petrlllo's Hlrlkc -order. Mount for a 5-inch uitl-alrcriift -weighs 2^ ton* and cont«ln« 2,700 different p.-irt«. By requiring pontmen to c»rry SMALL CAKES, the Lou An- gclcB pORUnaxier him reduced bites and torn pantn amon(f mail carriers annoyed by dog*'. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street i TEC. S«78 ' ' " ' ,\ MEN'S DIAMOND RING Over a Carol: in Slr-c . Special (Tas IncJ). QCHNEER c *^ C«tOIT JIWILIIS *& FREE!! 'Cntaloif planning Your tv-riU>, Call or phone 4-877X POST' JUNIOK * v" 0 - 1 - COLLEGE 24 CENTRAL AVENCB Final Clearance! Group of BETTER DRESSES Originally $8.95 to $19.96 Cottons. Linens. SandswcptE, Mesho, Crepes, Sheers, Spuns, In prints. high shades, black and navy, siaes 9 to 15, 10 to 20, 38 to 50, 16'/= to 24 V4. Choice Of The House! Cotton PINAFORES Sizes 10 to 20 Values to $5.98 2 Shop Tonight Until 9! In Waterbury . .. It's'Lorraine For Values! OPA Odd Lot ; Release Men's, Women's • and Boys' SHOES No Ration Stamps Required NOR WASH Shoe Store NEARY BUILDING NAUOATUOK DID YOU WRITE TODAY? A LETTER MEANS SO MUCH WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF DON'T DELAY f STATIONERY ,;i AIRMAIL V-MAIL . •of- PLAIN and NOVELTY PAYERS FOUNTAIN PENS— INKS '•':'- Your StAUoncry Store ^SWEENEY'S sfS^v STORE ,"- . THE CARD AND GIFT SHOP. •

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