Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 11, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1916
Page 1
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ADVERTFS1NO ft letting who don't knew you have on your v*« to *e!t. , <2TTI?I> T TTVIY^ T\ A 1 r V o 1 JIJX JLJ 1>I Ijr JLI/VlJLjL SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 137. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS. MONDAY. DEC, 11. 1916. ft fsitffrff p*6pf* krrcw who don't knew what you (rave bn your v»i to soiL PRICE TWO CENTS. VILLA SAYS HE WLL DRIVE AMERICANS W CHRISTIAN CHURCH WHICH COST $20,500, IS DEDICATED FREE OF DEBT J)EU1SimAimJlEACHES_~ HOME AFTER A NINETEEN f UKm/fLTlWI LdI DAYS TRIP FROM THE U.S. PUNT- BLOWN UP AND ENTIRE FORCE REPORTED DEAD !'. ,;,,. ,„., u - ril( ,•<„,.„,,. Greek Government Objects To ' :!;>( '";'" ''';:.'" h! :::''L .::•:••• Continuance Of The Allied Rev. H. H. Peters.-Delayed Delivering the Dedicatory Sermon Until Late in Day After Necessary Money Was Pledged. The new rlirUtliiii church, i.f Ster- ' wn*i dedicated Sunday ;ift<inoon free from ileht. Hv> t y oldh'. itifcn h:nl l)ei?tl proVitlctl for, cHI.'i-i l.v i a^h ..i liy jiuliwt'lptioii, Th« .«iil".i i ipiioif- Wefe made fii a.u. to In paid in in.-!all- UintitH over n three year pel lotl. Key. __If. 11. l'e]er.«, Hecn-tarv "f _th" H 1 !""'.! "The dedicatory Mention and lit.- .«>•! vieem- of thfi duy were vi-ty impn-> i -.i\e. and appropriate. This hwnullful church Hand-* mi tin corner of HrcotiU avenue 41111) 9 Sixth *trf»'t» Hiid In rt wtriic'd'rt 1 .which t n • hnnci's the value of the --iittonndini,' propt'tty. A description of ihlt hand- HOttle hl'IlK* of \Vol'.*hip \va>i i:H"ii »in ifl*Un of Th.e (Jiif.cttt- of !>ec, I. II i". coiifhh't'ed hy many to he one of tt.e most uj)-to*i1ate churche-* in the city. Mild WIIK vxpvclnlty tlc.*.lKii' d for not only the regular neivice* af Sunday tint for-, the Hiinday school, sochilp. • HniMTM and MUpperw and nieetlnj.'s of wiiy kind. lt« cunt w/n* J^'ii.Mfo or ahmit ; " f S.tWfl Tiinrp'~thnn'"W-n?r TXT"~rt.ed .., the bulldlllK WHS lirst Malt'd. Never- M'«»'0nary Society whoso earnest their** there I* not a per*,..! in the P'*". Sunday afternoon aucceedcd in ' Church who would have a duu^e made r f *. lr f 8uffl ?'°"«. woney in cash and in It in anv way HO JIM 1 ! h'f Hi) ' . ';;•• off : he mi-nth 'of the \V< •«> r. The ali.i\o tt'itcless dlsp.i'eh uuai,- Ihe Ml,'i ("."fill .'•oriclu«|on "f flit" ' I »>'ii! ••-! hliind'« «-'ecoiid tr.' n* °N M.»nl i' : loitnd flip under command of h«-r S>.'».'!• h«:u'd"left .\,.'w" LonZn'Ni.vem- ^Capture Western Bridgehead At : lM uer^U,rV!^"e «,,< ,!«,,..< ma,.,,' 1 Cernavoda Prom The : in nineteen dn?-', iwo d;i>-' |i>ntr«-r thari 'her li:| ti'.m I'.reiuen tu .V, «• Loti.-toii. Her hi--! \ I.', .-lire- fo Alii 1 i n t. vvhiih ; ended at Baltimore. Ma-*, in.nlc in . l w i ntv-thf ei> d.-»\ p. ; it Ifi , c\j (d. d ihe llt-lltM-Id.Hid \VllI eo inin di'viio. k in Hiemet has »-n for permaneiif 11 p.i ii«» to |i'-r hmv.-, d.'Un;i!;>.'<| In a clash with h< r r-^oitlttf- I ' "ir, the \ T >'< oil, in her tip;! a! - tellipt I" l«;ive ,\'e\\ London. I "h !• 1 •Blockade, BULGARS ARE VICTORIOUS Russian 'Forces. .Mil. [is. tiltece, |le*'. 1). -King I'otl' £l:»ntmc'« i:,^ i rnift'-nt todriy made for- I "ti '. '. ',') til" -lllin.1 pimcr.s aitailS?'! f'i'-T lin. i ;••! . i'i.-r 1 !. i IF.•' t'ji'tl*."I'd | MX..(I-- -If, • j.,|ie-, , ,-| »,, ha'. «• p.T'..-h".| \Vljtn Mil '-\ *,''!(•:• :-.)> loot. p ! ! •«- Ml ;••! nniuin'!-i..j! ia< ;.-! \ a! l.-i .--a laiin -,' i I'M lin-.'-ia'' i-i;«r !;. . h, upori':, ;i.e. ,•.'-; int." to tl'.e .semi .(>!H:-ia1 IH-W-; !<x*ii<\. 'I'll" D.-WV ae,--i): •, s!:i(t>ment ''.t\- "The i;i;-:-iati i <-u'-•).,•![ i r I!' i h !''•-. P--M-. !h'tl ,i !,>•.-. ,-v;.lo : i|o.( |o..!, | '.j e : us :tn .'irntn'niiii'.n |-«-toi % on' hi?-;f in- '. • ny;i At !h>- !ti"m'M of the iat;!-'ti(. pt>p ;t!io'(t 1.'•'!'' j.i'rs<n)s «i-fe U'ii'iMnt Hi the f;tcfor>, ail of whom t'Vid'-:t;Jy p'-ii.vh'-d Th" f.ict'rt-v ••> a.« dei«tr<-> ••-'"• FEAR 50 KILLED IN ITALY. Tui in, I >ee. 11 An explosion li/is •«•- ' '"Hied in Ihe AU\alidiia ev;plo«U. t pl:ii:t. ti )--• (.-ared th;it\nm-f> than nf- ' ty ] < us -I" has •• I" en Kill- d. WAR COUNCIL ECLARESPEI VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF MEXICO, MUST LEAVE Says He Will Make a jGap so Wide and Deep Be tween the Two Countries That Americans Will be Unable to Steal Land, Gold or Oil. (By United Press.) New York, N. Y., Dec. 11. — "I am going to drive the Ameri' '-Tin 1 vi-\:i« l'< -lit •-' til;iml'« ni-,( ui'vt |,[i'li.iliK will i >iititii''!ii i VTTTt; — r.f—.t;TrrnTrT."" ......... ~ cans out of Mexico ormake them fight," This is the declaration of Pancho Villa as reported in an interview printed by the New York Everrtng World today. Thor- REV. H. H. PETER§. CAPTURE WEST BRIDGEHEAD. * I'> I 'nilt'd i 'M-^S, i ", Solhi, l'.nH!;irl,-i, |)ce. ) t: I '.'Ipinre i( j 'he w, hi adi;.-he,id ai I *t t na \ ocia w( jinM.iinced in (.»,iav> ollieiii) xiat.-rner ';..»'- anu is ..,„ in.po^ud i,,iir.,a!i jimc- Premier David Lloyd GeOI'fjC headquarters at Qucntin L«z, the second day of.his occupation A riTV CCAI rD-'^"'" u ^ Announces Its Makeup And ' of chihuahua city. LI I I jt ALtK '; ' ','"'"'' !ri ; """ ! " l<! " v IU< It ' ; '" Also The Cabinet : "Doyou know the mayor of El Paso?" Villa asked. "Do* you ^WF mm m . m^f Jk« * m AM JM A ft M|;I HM ! !< * > <n t }:r T'1! *'liilf* t t' f ]*<» ] ivt*! \ •*• jn ih. i; .i.inani.n pioviti.e oi T | mi j, ,„ , • :"~"" k. 1 «now what he did? He took my wife out of the country like «'.,„. , , •"»"• •«»••• '-"'» iMMiMh,,,! i, mIS VIRTUALLY DICTATOR; a common Comicil Discussed The Advis ability Of Naming Such An Official. • man \veie hrnjurht titiwn ; W/nill n IW'sPPPT WPIRMTQ >< "" li(V f " ufh f>f ""' Xommc. Inter-i VVUUL.U HVOrcUl WCIUnlOiniittmt cannomidJnB o(ciirretl In thi» f —. ^_ • •; feet ion \'es!t-id!iy. il tva.H olticia.lly n.n- j •OUR AEROPLANES DROPPED. :NeW Premier Will Have The come down here and flght me and not flght with vris, Ftnnc..."'^!'. 1 'n'-Kour 'ier- l Greatest POWCP Ever Con- j M ' c strangers in his country. I know'him. He is ferred In England, peon woman of the streets and took her diamond i rings awa/ from her. Tell that fellow if he is a man he will women who an ayocato for the cientificos. "Do you know Ripolitome Hermano? (Villa's brother,) Sectary of tho Illinoi. Chri.tian Thl>S WOUld .InSUrO ;The PtlblJC Miisionary for The (Hy Pun,,! ne«K)' | Did not the North Americans try to kifl him? •""^.V,!;?,;,,, 1 ,', 1 .^ ",, VvV' 1 V-''^ D ° ? OU know Gen ' Pcrshin o? He must get out of Mexico. Of Securing Correct Weights ^ SUCCESSFUL RAIDS. I,',;,';,^r,T-"!*'!"^fHcl'n« ::> thc"i;,!;;:,' H C »s violating the socred rights of Mexico and has got to get And Measures. i ><„,- >^. 1 ^^ ,,, *, y . ^T^r:^^^^^^ He can't violate'Mexican rights. •- .. *iiie. u i, i»,.,-•._,,.^f t ,i a.-ro- (orhade him leaving his i.'otn.- i..-i«y.! Do you know Wilson? I was his friend. I liked him. But ui'i'' ('''."v" lth " '." vm '*' T Wl<1|< ' '" !!i< <""»-l at Agua Prieta he turned traitor to me and the cause I repre- w.-ie ,iiHfu«Heti *"•"•• '-"'- ••"."">•»••• "•• •" c i-rfr.' rei-eVe! V.Vnior'r.'.!v whrn'the ,'M-W l.ttn'-• sent anc ^ helped Carranza the bad man of Mexico. Is there any i»v iie V jj u ivu-rs M,* ' ''eriwp^ n,,. inosi important >va- the' ^ f!Ul - ''^f ^ h p- u " lj4 ^-.- T '^ ^i^-«rr ^-»ir fr.rm-.»ir-ta«rn-.t,-,r) n , P . • wonder I chased the 'Americans out of Mexicp? Th..L.di..-.AW. is l ;;;:;: tl ^v l y;:;;d ;;L l ?;, l :;! ii ;: ir '.r'Ws:,;;::^;;: 1 ";:;;:;;;:!;^,: 1 !;;:!^;-"' ^'^ •«"«-^ r «p ,h^::;,;:;:o,e:;?i^' l ;:^;:rou;i ir o;^r; -Asked what he.:intends to-do, vm a replied: • • iin-t-H <»f the !,adh*' Aiti w-i- .te«tis" _' . mem of pnhiic h-aiih and Hiifetv,-the J '^'.'i,. •':" "''•:?' *".."''".'. .. . ' ' """ '"' lhr wir to a iriiimphiuit con-; "Drive them out or make them fiflrht and after they are gone The"dedication Service. ""~>nler lo have police power's. It ir, l^^,"^*'*" '"'*' " M ~"' U "'"''' ""' • 1 -rrrr..,-7irrrrr-rTTrrrr-rT~~... ;.. ...r : — • =*» - ~" J -» The dedication did not. occur - until likely Hint nn onllnnnce Kiivcrninu the ''* "''" ___ every tlollar.tif the intiehiedncMx hat! »»«tter and creatlni; st»c|> mi office will i FRENCH LOSE DESTROYER heeii iihtlKctl, .The detlit;atoi y s-ennon '"' P-'^ed nl a mot-lint; of the hody in j l)(v j«,..,^| p,. t , ss ) 'l<-Uv-r, etw-en .', and ti o'clock. !" «!»'" «!"*••• T*™' ""Ve heen sorn,'! ,,,,,!,„ , ;) . r - ,, v \ V{rfl ^ , r<) a . qxjM'iiHo, It l»i fill ?it;!ii iiinl • lufgc iMHHiKli fi«r tli.' iui'iiil y«'ar« I" i'om»'-i - -*'<'ii ilimiKli it tn jrrriw m It lin« for tlm I *'l)"lllL!t' r I It I t t I t ^ ------ -US» -»—.-.— --,... r r . w . . u ^ , , , \,I* S*t I MIIU I., h -««en the P' ccf H*» *° tn «' hq could dedicate the hand»oroc new $20,500 Christian church free of debt. noon.was H Joyful occasion The >•»•»•* ., ,, ,, , .. , I !ali" rai-N- ,u lU-lKatia and- ijaClex ut ' i 4 . t Al n... incetinK of the ,,(s council s ,, (ll , rl .,... .,„„,„„„ ,„, ,„, , ,,„ tin. m,,rniii K . ,-„,,,- impo.tani matters „..;.,..;;. , r!i( , aj fit . l(H , 1( ;„ ,,„. |)(r(iu| , ^^ few i*r««cllon of u church for a suwit many; yr«nrn They hnve Jieen workint: to thftt end and h;iv«« hi<i»n tlie nnan-^ of coiiHidcriihlc money towaril the In Jnjliil whut "was neeili-d in the way tif a vhunrirnnrt'ihey jilnn.nctl. to that eail,-:Rfl<t Ihoy «u'«» all KutlKfled, When It "wan dpcl(Jcd to ^ulld, tho old church In Ttfhlch tltcy Woi-Hhlppetl for mnn> yr«m, wan torn down. The III-KI work toward KH rAKinR. was on Itiilntr thiy. 19r», The church nntl Hunday school met in the Y. M. C. A. since they hnd no church wirm-inre. Wellj • do all of tli«' members remcmher. the Juwt itervl*'* 1 held In tlie little ohl hrick Htnicturi', ((« Wt'll an they \vill iilways rt'nteinhcr with, ph-aMurc tin of ypulwdny iiKirniiiK, it heinu tin- iirst in the -new church" home. It wa»« a joyful eXjR'l'Icnce to tlicNc faithful m«'nil<t'r». . On Nov. .s, i!iir«. the corner »tom* watt irthl, with imp"MinK cere- \\^^l^!S^ n SS', make a PP between the two countries so wide and deep that , i am confident i run reiy on your «.iij.:-.; no Americans will be able to steal Mexican land gold or oil " ISrjK «?.hr,mr '""" Ul>v " u ' """i General Vi » tt VM asked: I.erH declar,. ihe Kronen destroyer -j , t( . | Ul ,. Mm ;ham ,. ,,which w.;,., KU ',,K in (l coHlsl.m 'Oron;.: nnd the memhcr« «t the cltv ! "''"' , HM '"•»">», « 1 "»r';«-«' «•" «»v .«["> Iniujcatys hand ' , • '1'ic'iich dt'-utoycr to. lie- IOM In \\\\* *vii\ since tlir \v-ir Heirnn, J'\>r :i lime il looked an thoii^ii the •^'" w InMimi'es tif li>;ht weight in .some detlicaKon \vouid-hiivc to he pnxtponfd/"' ^' i'l'iccfi of Ini^iness in the city until «-vi-ninK. hut ii continued effort *'»'' 1( •'» ihouwht' lulviwihlp hy (ho [ y,'," )i; . w,'i« made'., n ml with cxuherant licartK, ! rlnlnt; " '" prcvetu any'rec»rr«»nc«» "of | tt ,',' t ' h ' ( aloud Hhoui went tip «n the hint dnl-I s1 "'" nK'th«tlM. Tin inr hnd h'een pledged. (IIH- thousand i MO "l'' r i( * '" H< ' (1 tnnt every .meaNitre, j in- woiuht In the city tij perfectly cor-' (Continued on I'IIRO Sis) ircct. It ,11 niiin in huyiiiK *iv'"potind"< '' ,'of Miifi'itv the ciiHitjiner miiKt net .six! 'poundH, If tlie customer huys ;i IMIS-1 ;'id of potatoCH, he mu.M net ->-ixty' \:iKitle from the weight of the, . . .... . : ' |; maniu near Mlt«trin sii:d captured th,.. If he |.iiyj« u Dillon of vinegar, he ! '"''I v '-" 1 '. K" 1 "'•'"«• 'J'e "Ihcu.l Klnlrmrnt serMc, { Ear l Phillips Lost Cadillac Car »>uxt receive his i;i ,ll,,n. .'i,,\t '•*,,.' ( ,, ) j»'""'!'ed today. In Macedonia several "' This Mining As The Re- l^^^ r wHKhl " -"" l ' ' 1VI """' suit Of a^Fire. \«"M, . ' . ._ j iTf'iiiiiny citicx the xealcr ha.s the 1 How oould you make the dar- .11,,, , , ,,,.,, ,, ,-.„,„„,„ „.,...„„;, t ' "" '•••.'••"' '•"».«.- ! i .11 ti,H,, n ing attack on Col. Slocum's forces at Columbus and get away .UN. U I, Iht, I),~t, t nnan ncunpa- !, !u . ,„.„. n , illlMrv WllK formally received acrofls the b jg plain?" . ' "' \Vhilc the pteimt r rem-iinesl i)i AUTO WAS j CROSS INTO ROUMANIAN , iHy I'nittil I'IVHK.) .1 Si'it.i. I'uiuaiia, l.>,-f. .11.' - \ l'-ii|t-i|- j ', Ian force cio^cti fh<« |',i;!iih«- into liou- ' hy any «nin contnictor. I.-* o-h <livit-lon uf tlie work W.IH let to j oiittaetoi ,< .so ttuil Hi'venil liuvr- hcen iioim; the work y<*t tllC! Work of each llax lie. n exceed ~lflK}y Kood, The church tiidii-y utand j- r ~TrR~nr-moiiiiinrnt to the faithful work o lovhur rhriMtliin men and wom<<n. Manx Visitor* Present. HlltHlliy, l)*'C, 10, was the day M- fur th« il«rtic(iUiiu ''f 'ht> church. honj:!it and ROUMANIANS WON IT BACK. t|!y I'll it i'd ojii ____ ! li »_.o.u tu. _li . ii re il'JKllt iiito ;iny thin nioiniiu-' uhoul- t':'« o'.-lock' Mr !i -' trt '" ls llli(l '" "lie Nlt!e waiting to ht , a po;:lal cieri, in the' S, ( -,-'i''" 1 ' 1 ' 1 ''' 1 »>"'>"' hy a cllst.-m,,;r. I, ; |M..«|I Mi, .• ,,nd hoal Air. aiid Mr;-. |-;nrl at the home ''"' ""•''"' "' ""' "-'ine ami if or measurement from Tho tfervlcOH^thniHKh"iit .the day and of inttoh interest. towiw itutnl^c •from Hcrvlcen und came to nttend. In the liftei'iioon al the .servlceH. of the feiil dpirllc3HtJi.»ri a UirKe iniinher of ihe tiiin- jHtefK /I'Olll Iht^-HtiTlillK Ulld liorii l''.lll;- t'h»trfh«'i» woi'fl prewent. The ladie-'* of ,4hf» <*hriHtluu church were r.endv in tlvelr iui'Kii illnliiK room in the li.i-.'-- Jneitt to feed all of Hit- MtratiKtiH with- In the jtutfeH. It WttH.ji happy Kiuiip indued at tho noun hiinr when the lont wi'fw fUlwl with and he- fore them th« ileUcliiu.s vland». . Tha Morning ^Service. it WltH IU)t illtendi'll to ltiK tJOrvlcu an x|ivcial hour ol money ou the indehiedne.«t,s. \vhnt the hill f'ir. the afliclo ina\ l!l't-ad\\a>, IKe f;oes out everv M,,n- ! .!:(> mm nun; to IIIH lit nit- »-i«l of S''er- j IhiK a lew miles .on th,, Lincoln MI K h- '* "" xl ' mi ""' r WJ1S "'" «««*«'."**i<"' way. lie «ot' up nhooi ti. ,...,„„,, !of an ordihanee,lo Movern tin- work of ni'iinint; ,'ind the Hl.imuiiT »•('• four t>'c]ock i who have oe(-anioil tu u|> the Him \Vhile ••IslrectM CKpeciMlly. where pelinanetit jjside wulkti arc locaieil.' 1 ' The ordinance ol Ihe l!,.ul.,.,, I...M.IIS .e.sidence hi" en -I WlU I" 0 ' 1 " 11 ! >' '"' '^.MIBhl lip for .ivlion imi'hc co-i te I I '" * le m ' xt "»'''"'>« f) l' Iho council, it " ' a. Mioru,. (|)(% ,,,, l|1M ,|| i,,,.,,,),,,,^ f.,voi disfrinee ilortiv I he hill iHilil II iitiain jefiiMed In liiidjrt'. He |ife.SHed tin- .self slorii-r hut ton and let iiu> eiikint' iiui l MiniMle Mid Ifien ffi<"l to iiia!sc t lie • ill- MO. lnMi|c oj a .tVroiid ISalneH hurti! forth 'iroin the rntthio .-uid <ann.' under Ihe hoily «»l" llie «ar. He . ;;ol oiil inui WuillK In the home of Mr. I^HidlH ealieii lor. U.sjsi-iUillei'. He li till) ill! I the soln'iiu 1 of Ihi' liJumher, when he to dtx up the strei'i to asK PIT- i .of the city clerk, or Mime oitr. nr'tlly ofVh'ial de.Nii;iialed, Mild to . •*(!'!!.. how imii'h Ki'iMind hi- in (!O||IK lo tear ii|i lie !•! fhai'K"d •«(! miH'Ii a j-i|tiaif fuoi. VVhon the work of, 1 ii>,t'MV!»t!iis in donn und the pliirnlttiiK J''h ,'••> i'«>n»- i-arrlfd a fi-\v luh.s fstll oi vvntei- arid <lir«'\\ il .nil the huriihiK ln.'it hille. Ili- Kide of Hirer minutes from the nine hn llr.St '.Mitw th IliirneH IheV luid nrnii.s Vniimcr nttnckn the IJoTimuiitaii louts have won hack '.their pnHliloiM ah UK Ihe hmh roinl leading from •I'ltH'Mti i,, Mi;'.iiu. which vt-ro h.Ht Jio tin- fiietny mi .Saturday, tin' ollicial Xt::leine|it ;«s>.et ted The Tciltr.dc Ul- ti'.t.-Uji of Sat!ii'tiay ; pushetl h;vcK . the Uoimianiu'uN , hiTt • carl> Sunday the lloiunamans re><iore(i tlienVKclve.s in their poHtionx. The hattlc jilonK thiK .ihe iw'.»tt!i tn • procri'Ks. in l)ohnidja 'hero has* 1-,'vn .Ic.snllory hriitf?, COAL PRICES TUMBLE This In Considered Evidence That A Conspiracy Is To Blame, .t Hy t'niied 1'refinri Ne« York. N. V., ls,»c ij, -With a Niidijen tmnhlf to fll th«> coal prices are regauU-d a.s the he;<t evidence that the leet'il! |13 a ton foj- coiil WUx the . "It was easy," he replied. "I was awake, They were Bledp. ing and it took them too long to wake up." "You mirst,have had many men.' 1 "Yes I had about 300." ' The interviewer said he was careful not to ask Villa about (HH,r^.Vn^!f!ou..h'dmin^the L lSi! hi ?. h V ure .? fo ^ on advise of Gen - Salazar with whom he first iiw dayfe have ciectrilif d th<* Hiitl<li iuition.' \Vhil\i ""' view win dict'ator A of the privy council wns held at noon today and the retiring j minister? hroiiKht thiJr waits and d* I Mvcre ; 'hem to the newly ncerei1lte>) i The talked. - He also accepted the same general advice: not to ...I. e,! „, ,„* „,,, h ? .„ ,.,„„ ;1 , ..ivl-.- 00 " 11 ' 11 ? 1101 V1Ua lB ^ W ^ : Villa ' S f ° 0t » 8 8tlU Btlflf tllOU ff h th ° j of in* i'o hour work day*, r.»n j'Wo'iirtd received in the battle at Querrero has healed. I the htreet dcpAi'tlilenl dj|'|W (ill the holt up ami the aniouni i.s churned to the I pluinher. in ihtK way there will he a ...... - . . , i uniform HyMeni of Illlinu in. forth larthrr nntler ihc - »,oiU'. j,f the T hc Flr«t National Hank vva* r .,a,,t ai und the top fell • in, anil .soon ali if the car thai ivui I .1*1 ., • 11. ^..Si . .1 "-...,.. v»— .. ...... ,-*, ,"»., ,» t. ^» .<*«: he notlllcH the city oft cial* nii.J rosuU ,„' ;l ( .,,a*?»iracy, ,, y „,„ tpAn ^ ed pcl'inltiwlol) to titft'_tun_ te.ct of the ., , . . . . street in front of its institution ami •yet Ui« nmtter was hroachcti V> itt s '\-ioped in iiamth lit -mi,- a <-i l( -k lwo ,- w>l „„ , m . (l ||,. v .,, t)l ,, Wt . s , ^, lt , 1'oters and u rotuly rt««poiiHe wan tin j he thought ol the niic< n u.illnm. oi llo m | (1 ,„„(,,,,,,i f,,, Ini , mxl ti,|, 1% result and' during 'that hour th of |4,8!il WUH either nk'dged or |iaid in cuHji, !{«¥, I'lftt'i'H, who i« a inahtei hand in th|H work, watf wry |>ti at»ttu in al.l of hlH itpiifiilM and hrmiKJit >:i,iti- fylng rcwultM, Thw service of die ion IK ivillie Hi llf I, I-, I', iilld Kept tlulll lci!in.; . \pioMOIi - ----- u,i .HIM|,,, da>w. UH i( is makiiiK Impimi mum-* the inteifo jtuj Iti'iuiy,' which Iicg'an today. "Thei'i- i..«ver han heeti any real Khorta«e of coal in' thin port." Frftnk M. Sw acker, in ^hur^c of the invcNti- Kiitinn. wiid tudny, "Our i-viilcnoe IhtiH. tai Mtow , that Hoiuewfmf inn|i> than th" hiiVc been runde ,fiom the ait'ttN and that the johhei-i don \v»n iii a teyi-r heat of »-nthii.M.'",in for the m-\v urder. Th'U the mo.,t cur»i'd — and IIIOHI rc.spectcd—llgurc in the last lutlf century r ut .Ih-liiwh politi'i>' Is to have the full force of the tiiiiioii hcllllld \\ hat''\ t'l' hi" doeM Iiecame evi dcnl totlay. Not only the PIVPK of '.he nuticin liut the lace >.(' every man Mtn! woman relicctt-d this fact. The xeetu- Ingly impiiHj<it.-le. him hes-n av.cnnnijlti'.i- cd. The h.urtlHhiMI of l!ri-ti»h coit«'.-rvu- tl«m lian hcpn -oiackcd. For thj 1 t't'Nt time »th\c«- August, t. li'I-i, John Hull is.'iookjiiK torwui'ti, tu.i'. j 11^ alOUK With R|:il)''e« i>Vi«r !;t«i ADAMSON HEARING SET SEVERAL WERE KILLED Supreme Court Will Hear;Explosion And Fire In The' Arguments In Test Case j Quaker. Oata Plant Causes . ' "' On January 8th, ; Loss Of $2,000,000, *• i.T!'y. i \Va,*hiu«ton, I'l'i'HS.) xhouldcr. While the Gentian PIV.V; i» referring With ridicule to thn.neiv "dit - •tmor" of the Hrititih peoph*. cxfn t-ncti t'liiu-efvatives :in the J.ord i'liileil Stuli-M t.:ipreine court will hear .\\\y. t'nltcd Pri'KH.1 • I'l'tci imro..•" < int., Dec; JI..--Threc or niif-finp-luycH tlciitl, 17 Injuri'd ami nl»»inontrf.,,n the Adam^m eight hour • ;" <>K | ( " 1 " "'•" il '•'•"•"'""tlon of the yuar- •aw text caw. on Januarv Jsth u ' r !|IH t>< " n «' il "y I'" 4 " 1 wlll> •'« Proper- The court t.Hlay «c, this date when ^ "'"""^ '" Hi Iwt I8,0i»0,«o«, wa» Northi-litfe tvp,. ;nv'visutiltxl«rf,.» t,- '"" ^»vernmV.n! lawy^^U^iTh^ll.TJ f p « sn iinrtry «it 1:,IO hi« nftrrnnon «fi lu-iv.: devitopmcnt, ,•„ democ,,,.-, J'.^" U'^ht he expedited .n.,' much a, ""'' '"^ '" ,"» fl , " f thMm-Kt (innKer- Kivates. trinmiih ,.:the cnnmry, M.,,,...h"^iWe. .- ' —.H l,.'e« in the hiniory ol ihl« dty over it I,UM hcconic -rcparent thu, ).!,,v i i Tlie A.lanwon law .lM..-,,ni.^-rff,.«tii.. [ , ' !' ",'"">• c<>> " 1 •' 1 "««' ww '"» flr * * no nii.i.» man hut hi* •'«,,( '••"•»-"> »M. l.ut t,y. am-wm-nt oi the ','' lh " 1 h " ur iU1 ' ! »»»y ho totally of iicwfpapern who «rc or- S "aiinmtl und government altgrnevs tlut.i „".* . . .-',,,. law wilj.n-t h,.« f rced until the - - •' ! '"' '«'•'!'"•>' W.-IK In full oil-ration posetl ID him lii-'it he in an rely ;« ii,(,l in the haiitlH .of Ivrd Norlht-lift'e have heen eii'ctrluuily tliKHijiated hy I.hijd Mirffc'n Clloji'i! Of I iVo Ill'-ll \»1'U Jl(U f en piirlic ilarly inulcr the l>rc ol' tin- JS'orthcliffc Arthur J. itsu- tour and l.oiil Uohttrt <'c(ll. premc court hancint BOOSTS DEMURRAGE I when «n cxi'IoHitiiji bi»ilt?vctl to havt< j heen caused by spontHncouH conihilrt- ;i(^tn. h|ew out the wallw of'«. |M>rtion of !the factory. Mutiy of the including men and girln, svc^u ill the rillllH. APPOINTMENTS ANNOUNCED. -I Utilities Commission, Is Trying -. i Tn T?Aliovo TfViQ A11<mn<4 * London. l)tc l,|ft\ I l IHI Mlllll t. utMl the .imi..,,. will he is h.u.l i,,j Th.- hal.inte'td the insm.ui. e t ix ,.t | wlii| "'" nl ••" '"" i ( «'U H'li into a Koodhi twi , ,„,.<.,>,»! ,,„ 0 piiitl, tlu> Hum total ot o\» r t7'Ml fiom E, B, ROSS ANSWERS CALL tine- pa-,1 li.i\»> hten ' t n i , ,1 miK,n« ., •'""'' ls tills MIllllC uloin' "in hilt id tin amount .:• i • lo Ihe flit lilt n' - pi 11 ijon tuml and the- t dli- «r" !>•,<.. !' v| " half to tilt lint, nf the tilt tit-put- Farmer Died Sat- | mwi , f( ,. ,.,,,.„„ „,. |mi . hl j. Prominent in the Dixon miniHiii; the v, 1( | (] HI ht il '1 tinpn o oi tin iii .,i!i ii i -"»* '""" "« •• !; ! =" • i •••' m wnT EXCHANGE GIFT*!"' "•' " : '.(,.,„.„ and intlu. nlitl l.tnn-i Inn,. il,,. v IVU ' «-AUnHIVU£ WlrlT » j, .,..„,'. ,., ,,, ., „ nuh i MI ah ..| t iwn 'toll'iuiiii. in ti| |0| l ( lUplI) l| \ I . ill I f|,,l n WOMEN OF CANADA WILL loiiiid the coal W is. in.I «-,. t,o t u l.ii.I ulled lor The IU the .suit lion nl tiio KOS J "i nmenl Hi i-tn,,ltli'lt, Ihe Co,)) de.ileis 1 II I ' llllMI , I'l t «,\l | " T|e"_|. 'Ill \»ll! I fill t >|(| III j|jj ini|'lil\ tin - \tt.i tli|\ . on tiin t i ,il "ituttioi. i i n 1)1 >?n Into otht'l ill- I' •> il i I i'tn; i) n H j in full ad- i ''j 1 '"- "1 o .ui.intl -hi) s will hi,',' th. I-'. , -. i'i|oi in HI,ui KHim I \i\ Ion ,iii'j the To" Relieve The Alleged Car Shortage. , jOi-oiKC, the in w I'M nili-i, liiht m^h 'announceii the wat toitiuif of tin > il> inwt, Including hnn^'-H thrt council con- (Hv linhd I'M hit-tw of live men who will he i«t.pon>' ''hn. ,1,0 l!| IHC II The llliii>i> >ihtl* for the ( oildllCt of the, 'I'lli i j I'ilhlle 4 i'llllli, . I 'oinmi-.hton lothiv itllurc: • i noun'«d PS i;rt". I'OI.IM idiu.t. I D.tVld l.ftiVil Ueor£e. I'lilillel', | tlellHIl l.«|,i- .1 I uic on i,ll!» t,ll|\ 11115 lll !(> I i. t l lit d I'n |>l Ililll III - i I ! '11 i J| il hi pi' 11 Ml i..|i,iili"U vi h, i l .1,1 n '• ill I |,u n lot tl« llllli I l U I- II' li . 1.1 i\ i * tu i t i niu i n < *• Imi hi • ' v I j \ III l'< IU .I! ot IM iKll I i|llli t I I cosiiv iintii i ||..(! linn In j .11 It, i|< Uh \s ii ii 'i i h ti > i •Iju ' l in ,w«i look pi ti e I'ld ,l> il H i n (i jl j.i,, ,| Ml 'Jt'i - W i ! < ol i IS nli , i| ch nl ! 1 tt n -. nil i | ' in I. ii' > w » ii »t •V tll|i i!h i I- i i|'l i 'til l l hi ( i. i\ l • d V. tl it .1 < d n. i i l i 11 i i i in!, i ' •_•! Kit f inn i _ FOUR LIVES WERE LOST • i 8,u<i? UPH F fot.mlvtfd In Heavy St.,* I II lie- Cl'.h Ol |V< ^H O U \l II II.. 11 ihi Ho 'nun m t nitii Hi lm-.\ i. iiv t ii|''i' f t ,ll i ii i MI .1.1 i, ' h n i « i i-i ! Th it li T nt I" i'i' I hi m I hr i- i i til II II I < i I i i I i I c \ I . . % *t* It. ihi' I'i' • *' I I' i * » III!. I'' u I I h i I!o ,^ i - i '— l M • t i ^ s. > i H s t lUllllill J )ll III I.I IH III 'I.Mil * !l !' II I IM I t li! I I'V !n I ill h I i hi ' I •I o| MUST CHANGE MARKETING On'y W-n To Gsin Rehef •"'£,>• Co-.t Of Living \\ It. i H j I'i t h in, 1 • in I hoiii (if i n TWILIGHT- MUSICALU i 'i W. BOBBIN'S:. of U*<» worked u church honie .dnd tb,o«» cf. tH^ entire. shurch, «\'o <or • 'the n« A I'f'.oi ts \;it<> when the .splendid ''' 11 , v i m . .ti . i , ' ui .»i i. \>\\ • >i ' l M' l' \i •> v I j 11 ,i n I. l. >. \ o l . I I! '< il if v) * >\ i I mi t i K ' ' I ,. i •• I '! ,1 "1 i [' ! II « I I ' I U ' t I . I • . V ^ I 1 I 1 i"' Un. 1 to I'll Ij.l <ll •! it,! n Ili'i)! t I I I.I I I i I I 11 C i ,!«. 1 . In .- ' ,) | | ,. , i i~ i in i %| ' U* «' ' ' HO] i i , .1!^ f Iii I h> »' • .% to i tun ii 'i in ' il. in nt'« i ' un i i n pi r pi» I i u ui i i >\ ihit I i . •• > ,t .1 t .- i ! ,. . I i ' t< ,t nn i '• IIM'.-l l ! VH, l >,, t \;, M , ... FAVORS THE^PROTOCOL First Chief Carranic, However, Suggests Different Phraioojogy. *- (iiy r tilled Pr«w ) I a redo, Tex, l>t»c, U.~~Tlu» prott»c<»l, •ilKiiKl hy the ineinherH <if the* >I«»xi-' an-Aniei it an ti nlerellce hliK met With tien i ',III,IIU,I'H upfiroviil hut IHI wifl • ii«'«js^t xuuu< nurmr chani?, * in tht» K,ul 1*1114011. I^ild |>r< tliii nt ol thv ' flandioKt \v id, h »i ' \| 1 1 tt d lo te-'' ' ''i-twrt'olog) .hch re I IP ttttaclicf. hln Kig- council und «<'Vctnnii tit ItHider in titt l-filt In the I.I»HII s nit * •,,• t ,t toil nw llillln<i Louis, ^ , eol.i t.ut. on <t t u iht u .!•,- ' ' l ' lllh ' U4 *' •••'' 'tifoi'mutiim^'nim jirl-." lU'iithiMin. Minthtoi with ut tinai'on ' *«tJ»' )'"t up|«u»-utl\ iclluhfii . wouices liMtfolit) ShU'i'is i.. , ,hn1"ed li ti iht- • oil 1 n '" MU ' (l li ' l(l «'"l«v AlhtVto Pani, 1-otd .Milinr Muut.tei \vilhout P"rt ( men IMS. l,., n H-tn,, ih, , n, |.,i s ( V^t MI an nii-mliei ot the c.>mn»liMi)!'i, folio. ' IK i ui|" t* u the itiiiotd \tid. w n " uaH h, i*' tod.»> enrouti- in Wasdi- An>)i<\\ , La\,v, i'hainelh>, if hiidniK 'Inn .dirt(^ until -1,111 hi, 'ni;ton iimii t^i.t iftattf, whf-rrt he PIT- . th<> ^ \i4ii iVi'» «i»d tli« rovt i nun nt «, i" i i t» i n,, m pii-t,' •'•i-nletl <« i opv oi the pmtorol to t'ar- Jt .ttici in iho lion-., of (">itnnioiiv • Th« in >\ oni>i ISI'M Hii ,hiiii. |(| tu«, t \| c< !>• let leach HiiKhlnnlt>n I-*ot ntt i I'liimu A^mitlh Ml'ti lu.a.-i m dttmiitt:. t o P da\ ,lu f die !!«•« *^ '* hic.^tl i- ,t'tt i tiuott J'aui lefiiHini to Afl.iU-. liuv \i.i> unit I hot i, (,.r «, t i7n~n. nun nl .,n-l H u*i '',a hid I'iKliert lh<» no vot t in il,e v\ u i-obiit u , i !<• IIIUH^ im , ii. idin- ' t » t \pn i.' 1'ioto'ul ..i how he hint let i iv ctl it. Ho in the in w t<iiuiut ' i oi th, in i ,i , (h, t.,i,.i ui) In *l "'1'" * I'i ititilil maisf- no i.tiiemeiu %'irtiial(y Dictator. NM iht ^ i. ,'11^ «^ i, t |i. iiu'.i |n|| l i'ti> N« h,ul confciieti with hi.'? hp- pt i-I (loll it- In ,id c! i' T i , v ' ' in ' |, < - t - i . < ijini d n > > i '""' a "*•' ''' ^ '* war CIMIIII il Virtlwih a tli< i.tloi (C-n tiji'i»d on l,l"vd 4 t nii,» t u i »ui v\ ' -tl ' I- | II *M lit I ^ ! Ol ! I "* li JlUhl I ¥ IMPORTANT STATEMENT TO CHARGE RESOLUTION -Is^is Si i -I, 4 t f j Fci ReUvn 0. To The ( I , i i It I H,l tl I'M I ' •, l> i. ; -,' ^ i n •. i '' i i I Jill,! ••'.I'. 1 - 1 it iv n I t i , \ -, in i i i< > t it h 1 .( i tii. i,,| i i i * '' *it ' -j 'u i i n i o pt tn i i > il to • i ^ n > t i i j , ' \i i w i i r- SHiH SANK WITH 85 LIVfcS M i i I ,-l « ' 5 i t i I i v '!,. '!. . I - ' , ,i f , 4 ~T, TO » .,, ! -> » , ,\ ,\ ( S t 1 t • I . l I VVI I I < , I /'""; Is Expected In Th* Re<ch»tag Tomor,, - s fovf Fronm The- Chancellor,— — ' j' ^ I i!. I'll! I' tl I'M '. . » '• I. j _AH,^I'id un iloilitiid. lie. II <o-i- 111 iniii'i i- i N pf Jtiij; iiii impoitini .in* V ' !< ' 'in i II i el 1 tout < *ll . It' e(|ol \or Heth* >Ht m iiiii It ili.i i j. >% ht n I hi It H h t is l on . ^ i iii s i',un,i nn ! ft. \ o i I " /n in th i t ut -i It 11 !>» i n mi. iimfl il tt >t!i i "I it ii it i --1 i * • nn i f * II f n 11 ui o tit w hicli )*• i'i (!i«, Hi i ' .1, , I iff" llt*l , « C It ! VklU "< III ide Nil /till l-(. | H « !< , l,, im IU - I ,!erf l V i ' . n,i. t l d I . ! 'I, !. .( t V 1 t

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