The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on April 13, 1919 · Page 36
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 36

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1919
Page 36
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THE WICHITA EAGLE, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 13, 1919. ' . IS SLOGAN FOR VICTORY LOAN , - Ten Million Posters Will Car-ry Messages from Wall 'and. Windshield SYMBOL IS BLUE "V ' WASHINGTON. APRIL. 12 "Finish the Job!'1 Around thi3 slogan is built all poster advertising to be used In the Victory Liberty Loan campaign. Complete plans for the billboard reminders of citizens' duties to their government have been worked out. Frank K. Wilson, director of war loan publicity announced tonight. t Ten million lithographed posters have been prepared and distributed by the publicity organization. Officials declare the posters are the most elaborate and attractive of any used in Liberty Loan campaigns. The designs unite to convey a powerful appeal and to create a national atmosphere which will prevent anyone front ignoring the fact that Uncle Sam's fifth great financial drive with tven more vigor and 'pep' than any "of its predecessors, officials believe. Of all of the posters to be used, critics are agreed the great 24-sheet pictorial synchronizing with the slogan. "Finish the Job," is regarded as the keynote. It is designed to appeal to every person who works with his hands, be he laborer, farmer, sailor, railroad man or other representative of the American army of brawn and muscle. He is the man with his right hand in his pocket, reaching money with which he may buy bonds. . .The poster was painted by Gerrit Beneker and the artist says the man he paints'must show he had no sympathy with bolshevism. His buttons of the four previous loans give evidence he has done his share in solving t'ne government's financial problem which came up in the stress of breaking the Hindenburg line. 1 rosters of this type number 35,000 Officials believe this is the largest display of 24-sheet posters ever attempted in the United States. Nor is the display costing the government much-. The Poster Advertising Association has given space which if . sold at the regular rates, would aggregate $1,500,000. A smaller poster of the same design also will be used. Nearly 1,800.000 of the smaller size will be displayed. The symbol of the fifth loan will be a blue "V" with the words "Invest" directly below the letter and in white, "Symbol" posters numbering 1,000,00? have been distributed. Of this,sam design thousands of motor car windshield stickers have been made. Clyde Forsythe and Howard Chandler Christy each have contributions to poster designs which certainly are not below "Par." The Christy production represents a woman paying tribute to Americans of diverse racial origin who gave their lives for America. 1 Of this design 1,890,000 have been bought. Forsythe has depicted a ! Cadomene the "Miracle Medicine" Jinny People Hnve Written of I iUc !censlnr "Miracle" I'or- J J ' foruti! hy Cndomene ! ! Tablets I - ! I They Are Only Reeommended for AVorn-Out, Impoverished. f J Xfrrous People, But People have testified th t they have been cured of rheumatism, headaches, stomach disorders, pains of neuralgia, etc., t'nroutjh the use of this great medicine-tonic, Cadomene Tablets. It only means that the Cadomene has helped to build up the strength of all organs and then nature haj a chance to bring: the cure. -Therefore, if you are tired, sluggish, and your feet and hands are cold and clammy, and nervousness overwhelms you by sleeplessness, irritable temper, and your heart flutter w'nile dizziness and trembling seize 70U at times, you may ward off serious consequences and become full of vigor, red blood and health for every vital organ of your body. Mr. J. "vV. Eiggs, of R. R. No. 3, Fort Worth. Tex., writes: "I am using Cadomene Tablets and find them to be good in every way for an old man of CO." F. TV. Barbeau, 1327 Inca street, Denver, Colo., writes: "I have taken one package of Cadomene and it has put me on my feet and I feel fine. -- Cadomene builds up nerves and bodily vigor. For sale by Dockum Drug Co., and all druggists. , Advertisement Mil HAS MIRACULOUS ESCAPE I was told by our family physician that I could not live without an operation as my liver and gall sack were in such & condition. I set the day to go to the hospital but then I saw the advertisement of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy. Since taking it 1 am feeling like a two-year old. I am sure I never could have survived an operation." It la a simple harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal tuucun from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflamation which causes practically all stomach liver and Intestinal ailments. Including appendicitis. On dose will convince or .money refunded Dockum Drug Co., Wichita. Kan. Advertisement) DARKENS GRAY HAIR latr Tal-Tollt SerHy Keep your hair young, soft and lustrous. If your hair is gray or faded, use Kever-Tel. the world's greatest hair restorative. Delicately perfume nd easily dissolved In a little water as used. Not a dy and does not stain. A real dressing that does the work so gradually -your own friends can rXever-TeT." At your druggist's 5(o or direct from Xever-Tel Laboratories Co. Dep. 105. Kansas City. Mo. (Advertisement.) WkplB- Coofcfe. 'Give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to keep the cough loose and expectoration easy. It is excellent. . Advertisement. f E S 't? bs: Americans maj see this bis airship, lie world's greatest dirigible, which a n May. The 11-34 has a hydrogen capacity of 2,000,000 cubic feet, is about ns, including its own weight, carries a crew of thirty men an travels at jo the British to send an airship across to the Pan-Ajierican Exposition, to sasily in forty-eight hours, according doughboy triumphant and happy, returning from a victorious assault upon the German trenches. He is wounded but what he did to the enemy ij shown in the number of German helmets he carries. It is headed with "And they thought we couldn't fight." The sea program are recognized in the poster program also. I A. Shafer has pictured an American transport being saved from a German submarine. A camouflaged American des Do you know few on the outside? fSI THE JONES MOTOR CAR CO. It is a $1,500,000 corporation approximately half paid in. It builds seven models of high-class automobiles. It employs 110 men; its annual payroll amounts to many thousands of dollars. : Its cars are animated billboards advertising Wichita in a highly creditable way from coast to coast, and from Canada to Mexico. , Its distributors in Wichita are the Thomas-Johnson Motor Co., 236 S. Market St. If there is no distributor in your vicinity call on or write to 1 THE JONES MOTOR CAR CO. WICHITA, U. S. A. Hair Mattresses and Box Springs OUR SPECIALTY MANUFACTURED IN Wichita .Wholesale Furniture Co. WICHITA, KANSAS Allen's Orient Ginger Ale is made from Conway Springs pure water. Order a case for your home. W sell Conway Springs water in five gallon bottles. ALLEN BOTTUNG CO. Phones M. 516 and M. 517 vSoVSHr?i?u7?i5OUr "l"n v elopes, circulars and otner forms, I I UK w IOT,"eiiate "se on our addressograph, which -IfT' lm e'rit tributary t W ichita - . " by trade .r profcMo. 0 carlot buyer f Bntomron 3.7CO DnitciM Grocery Store, ttcneral Stare nj f,. , . tnfeetlwaer la Vtlehit Trade Territory Rapid. Accurate. Attractive in appearance ideal 'ervicL Send your inquiries for lists to ara"ce. iceai . ervace. The Brooks Letter & Addressing Co. - Pfcoe Market 4T2 Ml Brae. BM, Wfehlta. WESTERN IRON & FOUNDRY CO. STEICIIEHL ti IllCilTECTIEiL 1R0I m STEEL Oil Well isiBfej E;sjrxerf Es!ilfKii7i;ilfraisIil . - Ficfcit3,l&rsas L MONSTER DIRIGIBLE READY FOR OVERSEAS y 7 v ', LAUNCHING- launched at Inchinnan. Scotland. ast month, sailing in from the coast within a few weeks. - It is the R-34. British Royal Air Force crew, under the command of Major Scott, R. A. F., expect? to fly across the Atlantic to Alan K. llawley, president or the. troyer has cut across the bow of tL transport in time '"to drop a depth bomb on the lurking submersible, forcing its surrendyr. LONDON "Y" DOG IS A CORPORAL LONDON. By United Press.) Gyp is a black Cocker spaniel puppy belonging to the Y. M. C. A. secretary that the larger per centage of Wichita manufacturers are now members of the Manufacturers' Club. Are you going to be one of the Our motto is "Oo-operation", our business is "Commercializing Ideas". Do it now File your application and be one of the many. OUR OWN FACTORY Auio Radiator Manufacturing and Repa'r Company IDEAL RADIATORS AND COOLING SECTIONS Stock for any make o fear. 500 Ford Radiators, wholesale and retail. We do a general radiator business. WALT IIARTZELL CAX FIX IT Rear 214 S. Water. Pfcene M. 2104 Wichita ' Tractor Co. Manufacturers ot FarmTractors Wichita Made Machines write name and addresses on the following will interest you. en- pro-fol- i i OFTHE 700 feet long, 80 feet in diameter and 93 feet high, it will lift sixty-fite about seventy miles an hour.. If the Aero Club of America's invitation' be held at Atlantic City In May is accepted, the K-34 will do the trip I Aero Clul. , In one of the British-American camps in the Londo'n area. He. has always been a great pet among the men of the, camp, and now he is a hero alao a corporal. He won a fight with a crook who". was stealing: cigarets and was ''promoted. j . Gyp usually stays in the secretary's 1 tent. Often, while the Y. M. C. A. man Is out. Tommies and Yanks come to the tent to buy cigarets and chocolate. Then there is a box on the ELLINWGOD DISC SLED IS DELIGHT OF M FARMERS Works Same Row Both Ways at theSame .Time and Gets the Weeds 'MADE FOR KANSAS SOIL Joseph Schernuly came to Wlch- J ta a few years ago from Ellinwood jand built a plant at S12-26 North jwhichita, where he is manufacturing i the only successful two row in one i disc sled on the market. -j The sled was formerly manufactur-! ed at Ellinwood, Kansas, and when I he decided to move to Wichita the business men of Ellinwood offered him a bonus to remain iu that city. He had already decided, however, that Wichita was the best city in the Southwest for a manufacturing plant of this kind, and he moved. The Ellinwood Disc sled has a patented boxing with a 12-inch bearing, close on the ends where the disc throws the dirt, and the other end so arranged that while the disc is r working in the soil It is kept closed. I and retains the oil for a long time. I The company has records of this i machine running a whole season with one oiling and without squeaking. This disc sled can be used to advantage in working corn as it will work onerow.of corn two ways at the same time, the front disc working the dirt ' away from the corn row, while the rear discs on each side throw the ground back into the corn furrow. In working one row of corn both ways at the same time only the large 20 inch discs are used in front. i and on j account of their size they j move everything in front of them, t weeds or no weeds. j The advantage of working the ; same row both ways at the same time 4s that It is not nececsary to go j through the field one way one time ! and give the weeds a second chance j to get started before they can be GRAY IROV SEMI-STEKL 1 M A fkl I TIC A rfWU CASTINGS FIST., PISTOX RIXGS AURICI'LTIRAL. SASH WKIUHTS, ETC. Manufacturer ot The ELLINWOOD DISC SLED SCHERMULY MANUFACTURING CO 812-826 No. Wichita St. t , D , Auto Topt and Seat Cover 1 OFlCa Awninflt and Tents Predominates Posca Tent & AwbH Compaaj Tfc P;A1r1 ' WICHITA 115 ricia "Under the Yellow Awning" L - - u ii " i"""' "' ' "" l" ' ,im ' i Www n f j., i The Western Litho& Phone Market 1103 BARKER SYSTEM OF BAKERIES Hot Bread and Roll at All Hours GET THE HABIT ONCE USED ALWAYS USED BAKED WHILE YOU WAIT Sold Only at. 140 N. MARKET B. ht ROLLINS & CO. FLIGHT. 1 i f If, -'Hi (CJ CENTRAL WiLW-S - . , counter with a slit in the cover, into which they drop fneir sixpence to pay for the goods which they take away with them. xGyp always greets these men cordially, with many wags of his puppy tail and many caperings on his awkward puppy feet. One day, however, a man wVio was not in uniform came into the tent He looked around cautiously and then began to atuff the contents of' a carton of cigarets into his pockets. Gyp ; cultivated the second time, but the work is completed with the one operation. Four horses handle this sled for working corn. To work down ridges for wheat this machine has four 20 inch discs and four 18' inch discs, two of each size on each side, and we guarantee that it will make' a. ridge where the furrow was. Five horses handle it easily in working down ridges. They guarantee this machine to give satisfaction and a trial of the machine will convince you of its merits as it has several thousands other farmers who have used it and are so well pleased with its work that they will use no other. They can furnish plenty of references in regard to the sled and its work from those who are now using them and have used them in the past! , This machine is also made in a single row. NEW YORK STYLES MADE IN WICHITA Tou can get a New Tork designed skirt made right here in Wichita. Four years ago Innes Dry Goods company decided that Wichita ladies were entitled to the best wearing apparel and the latest styles to be had. In order to carry out this decision they brought Fruhauf to Wichita and started a Lac'ies Ready-to-Wear factory. It was s, little concern at that time, but the late style and nifty workmanship made a hit with the Wichita ladies, and today the factory has two men" on the road and eight people working In the shop. The company has also found that their present quarters are too small to- handle the growing business, and are preparing to move Into new and larger quarters at 318 East Douglas. This place wil be equipped In the latest manner and strictly up-to-date in every respect, and will enabl3 the company to handle all orders for skirts, capes and ladles suits. A spe-ciafbraiding machine in order to take cars of the orders willalso be Installed. When the ,company gets into its new quarters it will be in a position to make ladles suits to order and sell for the same price as the ready-to-wear suits sell in the market. It will also make suits, skirts and coats for the retail trade. BRAS" OIL WE1-I. MACHINE SHOP AMI IlKASSES, ETC. Wichita. Kaaaas PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING DICK MIMEOGRAPH EDISON EDIPHONE CORONA TYPEWRITER BANK AND OFFICE SAFES OFFICE FURNITURE LOOSE-LEAF SYSTEMS Office Supply Company 146-143 N. Market St looked at him auspiciously. He did J not act like the noisy men he knew,. who clumped in and gave him a "Hello, there, old scout If and sometimes stODned to day with him. Konc of those tnen were so greedy as this j man, wn was lasung au ins looaccoj in sight. ' ; Gyp said nothing; but just watched until the man turned to go. Then Gyp gave a loud bark, to remind him that he had not left any money behind him in the box. But tfse man only growled "Shut up there,, and crept towards tae door. " . ; Then Gyp Jumped at Mnu Gyp Isn't very big and his teeth are only puppy teeth. But they are sharp as needles and they went right through the strange man's trousers and into his leg. He was so' surprised and Gyp's teeth felt so uncomfortable that Vie gave a yell and kicked the poor puppy through" the door. , That, however, was a bad thing for him to have done. One of Gyp's soldier friends saw him come flying out of the tent, and reasoned that some one was abusing him. H knew it wasn't tae" puppy's master. . and he figured that even if It were that sort or thing couldn't be allowed. And It took him about half a second to investigate. ; He met the man In civilian clothes coming' out. An explanation was not demanded. It was enough for the soldier that the workman, who was employed In the camp, had been abusing Gyp. ' When Vie began to fly. Then the whole story was clear. That is why the regiment has Dro- moted Gyp to be a corporal. Any dog that can save a week's supply of cigarets deserves a croix de guerre, the men say. . -o Dustin Farnum's new feature The Harve t of Shame" is a drama the scenes of which open in the east and close in the west. SATANIC MEDICINE COMPANY GAINNG WIDE REPUTATION Greatest Constipation Medicine and System Renovator Made in Wichita DEMAND GROWING FAST . Wichita has a manufacturing plant which bids fair to be one of the largest manufacturing concerns in the city in the next few years. This plant is engaged in the manufacturing and selling to wholesale and retail trade all the Santanic remedies now one the market. In the spring of 1915 V. W. Daniels and B. A. McGaugh, who up to that time were enjoying a nice drug business at 104 W. Douglas Ave., known as the Gehrlng Pharmacy, conceived the idea of putting a medicine on the market that would clean the system through the bowels and kldi-eys and not leare the membra in florment, but leave them in a healthy normal condition, using the idea that one may clean the hands and face with a lye soap which will leave the skin harsh and dry robbing the flesh of all Us oils. But by using a vegetable soap the flesh remains smooth and soft. After thoroughly testing out Satanic they began to put it on market while yet engaged in the drug business. After a time they were thoroughly convinced they had the best stomach, liver and kidney medicine on the market. Satanic was in such a demand and they found such ready sale for it they found 'it difficult to attend to their growing business and also take care of their drug trade, so they decided to sell their drug business and devote their entire time to the manufacturing and sale of Satanic. The last test they gave this wonderful medicine was to place six hundred bottles out to customers of the store who were suffering with some of the following ailments Stomach kidney and liver trouble, rheumatism, catarrah, indigestion, gall stones, sick headache. The remedy was placed out on absolute guarantee of money refunded should it not prove satisfactory. Out of the six hundred bottles only one person called for the refund of the money. In December 1915 the Batanic Medicine Co., was organised and incorporated with a capital of 150.908. Rooms were rented in the Butts building for office and labatory. fiince that time the business of the company has made a phenomenal growth. They have two men on the road who Tisit the retail and wholesale drug trade- Also four medicine companies who go from twn to town advertising the remedies. Satanic remedies are o!d all over Kansas. Oklahoma. Mexico and Ta and parts of many othr states. W. O. Baekmaa who wm with the Soctnwest Drug Co. several rears has full charge of Ibe labatory. Recently the company made a deal with W. O. Smith, formerly f the SnJt-Hbn Printing Co, of' Wichita, wbersby Mr. Smith traded his printing plaat fot stock In the company. Mr. Imlth will take an active part la tie bonding up ef th company. , He will print all th labels, circulars and advertising matter, a!o look after isewspaper advertising On ef th maaag ers remarked tit we new have our line placed in o many druj stores that w will be compelled to do aa esteesive amoof-t of eewspaper adverts leg. SILENT NOISY SALESMEN Road Signs With "Pepw We Mm anything cm tlx t sl-raslzed Iron, toard or g!at- Western Sign Work Co. -Makers ef Signs That S.f r - i 1.8 vv hi i The reason for this is that during the intertim?, shut up irithia doors, eating too much meat and too little green vegetables, one heaps fuel into the system "which is not burned up and the clinkers remain to poison the system a clogging up of the circulation with inactive liver and kidneys. Time to put your house in order. For an invigorating tonic which will clarify the blood, put new life in the body, sparkle to the eyes, and a wholesome skin, nothing docs so well as an herbal extract made from Blood and Stone root Oregon grape root and Wild Cherry, bark, which has been sold for the past fifty years as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. - By reason of the nerves feeding on the blood, when the blood is pure the nerves feel the effect, and neuralgia or other nerve pains disappear because such pain is the cry of the starved nerves for food. Atchison, Km. "Tar a great many jran Dr. rierte'a Golden. Medkal Discovery has been our household remedy. In one instance especially J found it to be wonderfuL When my boy was cxnv?8cins from scarlet ferer he had breaking out in blotches all over his body, face and limbs. One bottle of 'Golden Medical Discovery completely cleared up his skin and alto proved a splendid tonic, rcreonally I have found the 'Discovery' splendid for ctronchial txoublea and catarrhal conditions." X rt. Af. E. M iS, 710 Atchium St. . Mehvrn, Kans."l was troubled with scrofula, ia fact, I had it from infancy up until I took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which was when I was fifteen years old. I took about fifteen or sixteen bottles of it and sot entirely rid of the disease. It has never returned since that time and I have often reccm-tnended the 'Golden Medical Discovery' to others." Mr$. Ida Y. WiUon, K ansas was the first family flour placed on the market in the pre-war jual-ity after GoTernment restrictions were removed. Its old time popularity with the housewife has returned with greater prestige than ever before. Everybody likes KANSAS EXPANSION' because each tack brings equally as successful baking results as the last. IT IS SOLD BY ALL GROCERS PEERLESS CREAMERY BUTTER Made In fvA Sold Wichita aa Everywhere WICHITA CREAMERY CO. C C. GORMAN, President THE WICHITA Shirts CUSTOM CLOTHES Underwear CUT TO FIT FIT TO WEAR 1423 East Douglas Ave. Wichita, Kan. SA-TAN-IC is sold on an absolute guarantee to relieve Ptotaaca, Liver, Kidney Trouble. Rheumatism and all Mood ta-orders. Money back if not RatisIJed. JJuy ga lao k cow at your druggist's. , r 1 Manufactured by Sa-tan-ic Medicine & Mfg. Co. WICHITA, KANSAS, U. S. A. WICHITA SERVICE GARMENT & MANUFACTURING CO. Formerly Mfic Dept. Wichita" Towel Supply. We Manufacture A P RON S Dib, Square. Printers', Dentist, Laboratory. Red Cros. WaJtresees and White Waterproof. --CAPS Nine s'jrles of Wbit Caps. CHAIR BACK COVERS Any shape and tsasy patterns tt cloth. WE HANDLE Table and Bed Linens. White Coats. Fltfrva Vest. Chefs Coats and Ccofca Pact. 113 EAST SECOND. M. 2131 Wichita, Kan. 1 Aa He CHI m KzAwa try rd CtZl jsaakf veryws?. Cet tt tsat.t. et Cfciii - is4e- iy - Cam , J4Utsr. - THE TEAR AROCKO, W. A. D. G2 itpta Wichita, Kansas I I Build op for the Spring Attack! Put the body ia condition for &n inrasioa of the germs of grip, pneumonia or ' "Spring fever At this time of the year most people suffer from a condition often called Spring Fever. They feel tired, worn out, before the day is half thru. They may have frequent headaches . and' sometimes "pimply" or pale skin and white lips. TD) Tp1 TH) Expansion 0. P. M'INTTRE. Becy.Trea. SHIRT COMPANY Pajamas Neckwear Phone D. HI. y Skirts LATEfT liOVCU Is WWsIl Frnbnl Skirt Mfg. Co. 44 K. f v. We Manufacture A9tcsatC Isrsraef Pc4k - mkh ' f! aaJUfaeJ3. ' MADS t.S WJCHITA. SrfW:fV m4wmm lfl"f 7. a IICDCn0,'fey. PhsA la. 2214. OU, t5t L Capes t S ; - Y ."it

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