Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 8, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1963
Page 17
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r \ I Here's How F \ By VIVIAN BROWN AP ^eWtfeaturt* Writer Plants have shot off into ipace this summer, They've hit the of sun, and loti ot mm for iff sprayi, Begonlai do nil) In partial shade and In an atta whirl the temperature la atovt M de- porches srees. These «an offer profuse hatitf from the overhang of ^M^^^^Si^Z hive turned sun- may hang from a pot of ordinary geraniums. And this same effect may be achieved with petunias, If It Is too late to latch on to the trailing petunias. Coleus is another lovely plant for a baa* ket, And trailing Nasturtli thrives on poor aoil In general It la a good idea choose plants that are known do well in your climate, rati than to experiment. And for f age plants one might Investig those that grow near home, e^ swampy i torches into- As one man Hid reeenuy ot ms Jungle-like surroundings, "I #*< pect to see a monkey come swing* ing by at any minute." Some plants have been moved from their indoor settings. And new ones are added, there are many advantages to tin merit: the satisfaction surrounded by flowers and It's a lot easier than weeding outdoor garden, Every sort of container Is used, from thdse that are improvised like wire salad baskets or Easter- style baskets to wire, redwood, cedar or flower pot pot containers florists and other or available at •hops*' Need Water If you hang plants high in the air, remember they must be watered. The joy can go out of a project that requires removing 17 plants from brackets or ceiling suspensions for water. The best bet is to hang the majority of plants on walls within reach, with one or two strategically placed from the overhang of a roof or a ceiling of a porch. Newspapers could then be placed under plants to catch the excess water. Ordinary flower pots Equipped with the rigid hangers that may be attached to brackets are very good for this purpose. Wire baskets are pretty but filled with soil and moss, they are not quite go easy to maintain. The pot need not be the main attraction. A trailing begonia or weeping beams is the only eye'arrester you will need. Plants should be selected for their tolerance to light, sun; shade. The weeping lantana with its masses of lavender, orange or rose flowers requires plenty Multiple-Pane Windows of Wood Mark Timeless Colon ial Houses Your Convenience r r NEW OFFICE HOURS CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL 343-4136 One sure mark of the true Colonial house Is the use of wood windows with many panes of glass. Not every house with this type of window is a good Colonial, but without it, a house can't honestly claim this title. In general, two types of wood windows were used during Colonial days: double-hung and bay windows. The double-hung window,/which opens up from the bottom and down from the top, is still the most popular type today. It is used widely in houses of differing architectural styles —contemporary as well as Colonial. Bay and bow windows, originally used in homes and in stores as display windows, often are chosen for the space they add to a room as well as for their decorative effect, inside and out. Today's families looking for the right windows for any* house — Colonial, contemporary, ^or something in between — will find a wide variety of stock windows of ponderosa pine at their local building materials dealers. In addition to double-hung windows and bay windows, which are assembled from stock units, homeowners cart choose from several other types. These include: Awning and hopper. These two windows are similar, but awning units open up and out, while the hopper units open down and in. They are often stacked in groups of three or four, and are frequently found in contemporary i ft 6tanfree,-Carefree Patio Living ADD BEAUTY ON WITH 0 TRANSLUCENT NEWI THCIMOBLOK HMTCOlfflOLCOUM A •UdMlyMghar tii«wtlyl<if «"» BUILDING PANELS + Add, colorful beiuty. glarefree patio •badt pith guarantied Foot .fibaraluf pent*. ItamtaMat Fao* pen* soften fjsy uao tritixnt cnsjtiog darkness pqd shadows. Oomtaamant yowr homo and lutiMfftai wJA Ftton pitta, fences, carports, awniap and room dMdst*. easy to install with oritaity toote. Shatterproof • Superior UtwstH WMth.rprpof • 20 Dacorator Colors • Wldt Variety of ahapts and alzaa Imiit M lb* TllON Ult\ on tvtn ptntl you hf ayft* |»« EXCLUSIVE FHON GUM4NTM fill WWtLIT I riWM lioma W .U Mtto'llaaa, color thvt Write, PtMS ttt FILON Regional Distributor Nichols Wire % Aluminum Co. 173$ Rockingham Road Pevanpoit, U.—Phone 334-3 Ul wpr^ .in • ^—- - 4. HANSEN LUMiER €0, „ ——0«l#fbwr» ANDIISON lUMMi CO, ——K.ith.borg FARMERS GRAIN A CO - Viola NiLSON IWMiiR CO. New Windsor OLSfN WMIfl A SUPPUiS Aleda WARNiiQ lUMlfM CO Monmevh £3foA fa • -A 8 STOCK WOOD windows In several styles give authentic Colo* nlal appearance to this house. Bay window adds light and space to interior, Interest to exterior. Diamond grilles In small windows are removable for easy window washing. Photo at right shows Imaginative use of flowered shade on doable-hung window. or modern homes. lent. Windows of this type open out to the side like a door. They are often used above the sink and other hard-to-reach places because they are easy to open and close. gliding. An unobstructed view and ease of operation are characteristic of sliding wood windows. Both sliding and casement units suit all architectural styles and may be obtained with large glass areas or small panes. All of these window types are available in pre-assembled units made of ponderosa pine, ready for low-cost installation and finishing. Hardware and built-in weather stripping are included. On the House(Continued walks wire discards from Houston apartment projects that were being built of imported Mexican brick. the Moving the brick was toughest job, and, with the help of a few friends and relatives, the Skeltons did all the work except the electrical and plumbing. It took about 24 round trip? by pickup truck and automobile to move all the brick the 65 miles to Bolivar. Twenty gallons of paint and plenty of elbow grease made tho old caboose, built in the early 1900s, sparkle inside and out. If only her old railroad car buddies could see her now. rownvui mmn outs i • * * i tick fttliftf evfffltwi Flung* Unlike ordinw plunger*, IbUaile* doc* m% permit eomprested «ir messy water to eplaih tocfe or t§c#p* With 1>il#fle» the full pressure plows through the clogging man §>n4 •wishes it down. Can't tm*»t f DESIGNED TO TUX AT ANY ANGH t $UCT10N-glM STO*S SPLASHBACK f CENTERS ITSELF, CAN'T SKID A*QUN0 f T*Pt8tPTa%lt'«IVMAIRTIGHTfJT ToilASM* HAJDWAIf ilOSfi miVaYHMI -*m^ VI:'. ./ W/\V x J - FB *a>^ - • F • * • H SMALL CHARMER bench built around Circular tree well takes a chari gory. Bench Is made Inated Douglas fix 1x3s with angle irons for supports. Brightly colored cushions add accent, comfort. - ' r h * .....J Gdlesbur 1 * » ,' > J JL.. (H«g. PAI, wf.) By United Ptm WAStttNOTON - A Jdlllt ment by the five operating mil unions on a proposal by Secretary of Labor W. Willard Wlrti to avert a nationwide strike: "The secretary is asking us t» give away—without a stfUggl*"* that would be a classic in labor relaUons-the rights of all labor. •i- ir fn i liiiiiii-stisf WARSAW-Stef an Cardinal Wy* zynskl, warning of a mm dash over freedom of religion In Cfjuv munist Poland: I "If peace is to prevail, freedom, justice and recognition of religious conscience mtiit be guaranteed. This is the basis of peaceful and harmonious coexistence/' MARIETTA, Ga.-Jame* Moofi Tidwell, wanted for kidnaping and pulling a pistol on two offlcera during an investigation of a hit- run accident: "Buddy-boy ( don't be brave, & you're a dead man," WASHINGTON—Sen. John Tower, R-Tex., heaping praise on his favorite presidential candidate: "Sen. (Barry) Goldwater has become an ideological leader and symbol to stimulate the nation's imagination." READ THE WANT ADS! Be modern with t f f COMPACT HOUSE, with three bedrooms, is designed to fit most budgets and a 60-foot lot. Furniture arranging Is easy in the "dead-end" The family can eat in the dining living r m or kitchen, including a hall closet for such things as the vacuum cleaner. Garden equipment and lawn furniture can be stored in the garage* Plan HA298Y was designed by Herman H. York, 90 04 161 St., Jamaica 32, N.Y. It is 43'8" by 32'3" and contains 1,041 square feet of living space. Homemokers Host 4-fPers at Altona ALTONA The 4-H'ers and the Lynn 4-H Club were guests of the Walnut Grove unit, of Homemakers Extension, when they met Tuesday at the Kufus Building. The leaders and parents were also invited guests. The major lesson, "Dairy Foods Demonstration" was presented by Mrs. Don Erickson and Mrs. Wil- Collinson termilk salad dressing, p< and a cheese fondue. A 4-H Club summary was given by Becky Appell of the Lynn club and Mary Johnston of the Altona club told of their activities. Beth McKirgan of the Lynn club demonstrated the making of a Swedish tea ring. Linda McMaster of the Altona club made a potato salad. The girls in the foods division brought foods to be judged and Mrs. Roy Nelson judged these. Mrs. Loren Johnston had charge of recreation. in August. At the close of the meeting, foods prepared for the major lesson were served along with cookies and cold drink, in charge of the 4-H club committee, Mrs. Roland Main, Mrs. Keith Main, Mrs. Margaret Nelson and Mrs. Gregg Magnuson. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Olson and children have returned to their home at Tacoma. Wash., after a visit with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Harry Olson and other relatives. They were honored at a social gathering at the Lutheran Parish Hall, with 75 relatives and friends present. batting PLUMBING & HEATING 892 E. Brooks Ph. 343-4375 FOR FREE INSPECTION — CALL ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 1 STREET 343-2171 Agents for !S TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. liable service Trade Allo*° nce flev* THE ALMANAC By United Press International Today is Monday, July 8, the 189th day of 1963 with 176 to fallow. The moon is approaching the last quarter. The morning stars are Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. The evening star is Mars. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read publicly for the first time in Philadelphia. In 1822, the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned in the CKill of Spezzia. Italy, when his boat capsized, In 1896, William Jennings Bry* an of Nebraska made his famous "Cross of GoW" speech in Chicago. In 1951, the city of Paris celebrated the 2,000th anniversary of its founding, DuPont Research! Your _ F_- +J *_ * + * i m m Amm m 4 4 4 • _W_m '' : m: * * id 1 A * A • 4 - -L K F 4 'Mi I > i • . * V/i'-'.Vi'i - . V + li h I I b • • 4 i v yi newr system that gives you greater protection against moisture blistering than traditional linseed oil paints It the old paint has blistered, lemovo old paint down Ixoo wood. [prime with Da Font BEster-Resistant Vxh Coyer with one or more coats of "Xxicite" House Paint. Dries m one hoar. Clean hands and brashes with water. Result than old-style lins< >1 - * ¥ F 4ihl4ifr\h * * m n v n P + 4 • F - - p_ * - F • Bl + 41 W * ' _ I" -• + r ,^*. r - , ,l V.V t,Fr .' *4i , - > 41 - - F + l^a i I . • 1 1 |\ /. . . * r "-pJJ |ai4-aiPlri4ll4 n I J ,. r \',V -+-•--* p -1 .-•V. V. 1 .-- ri * P a* T PJ.ifj.1 • ^ _* _ * * F H4 I F i T 1 •• • 4 ' i m r a F • + • * d • r F • t r • • J • ipd . av:-:-:v:*:: K\>->:-:^W: W: -" V * • + LJ 4 B+*|B> + H |J*||J r b • - B -|a>4iBB4|ai4Jx I I P • I 41 * 3: T _4 J Vt'tVi--*.' - _+_ r_* _ b ^ _ + _ V p +_ 41 I I - * h 4i_ p.' 1 i _+_ + 1** IF % 4! v*;y p T 4l"^ 3SB LVP 4i Just lift tho t tartar with your fingertips engine starts Instantly. No choke to adjust, No crank to wind. No rope to fightl 111- P'P. 1 •v-y. aj'bj_ -TV • b'p'aj" P 4I>_ ft *>-s- f 41 * * V + + a> i V7B _p_* aj _P_ *'•^'p!+ , +r*»:» rich, low-luster finish of far longer life *'+ P -'4i '41 4i * v-v/ p -1 * - T 4l ^i * * * •ft V-'a% MODEL 7111 3Foir previously painted surfaces in good condition: apply one ox two coats of Lucit© House Paint-no primer needed. New Du Pont LUCITE House Paint For Wood, Stucco or Masonry—XZ colors WORLD'S EASIEST STARTING POWER MOWERS aj_»J m 4F 4T«% P 'aj 'p ^ 4 ^**7, p 'aj^^ ^* FV• 4i * A*i • • F ^i 'p" P i n :*V> i '41 'p- SSftfS* 3^ p MM i aa*^ if ' ****** V* 1 •iVl'lVlrVl **1 i '.V, 41'- _4I_ + BULK fANK INSTALLATION Domestic Commercial • Mvstrto) • Hulk Tank Sale* •od Rentals § PONJ LUCITE House Faint _# 4T • Lightest weight! Magnelite ^M housing cuts down weight for easier handling • Highsst powered! Femeus LAWN^BOV engine with two governed speeds e Two-way mowIng-cstcMs Clippings or discharges onto the lawn e Adjusts to heavy or norma! cutting e HI'lo adjustable safsty handle • 6 adjustable cutting helghte • Prip-free full time lubrication .s Quiet! Largest mufflsrs of «ny mewere Otoei Modsla Uom 119.91* 1CM "IT PAYS TO SHOP AT CLAY'S WALLPAPER PAINT Pr»irie St, 43 South Prairit Street Call 343-5517 Su0g«sta4 LUt Prica—may vaiy villi Jadivlduai daalar. r- oeissbuf^ c?owe ft Fo *mt groy Christy Coal Haddam Tool HantaL-Oalssburg Olson RadUio* Qalssburg Canteal Fssdi li Produce .......KUkwood RaUton-Hanaa GaUfburg HarrU Appliance Abingdon Aledo Farm Supply Alado McNight Hordwara Alexis A. Sundbarg CQ. — Avon H. E- DavioUoa Haod«r«on Cerlaoa Oarvicaa Vne*vU{p Lynn Impltmant - Lyoa Canle* frad MUchaU Sioi^ MUlerabutf Guy ftfeeka* - NvrUl Htudefson Famtra Hardware 0aei4» BoaavLUe Hardware ^.Boaevllit

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