Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 8
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m&m. fe DAILY GAfftTTfe SATURDAY. DEC, 9,1516. AMUStMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. C A D E M OF MUSIC Kpp* - - - - " r~ ... ,. .. .„...,,. * .3 Days, Commencing Monday, Dec. Itth The Temple Players JUST A CURTAIN RAISER. •,-fifniri •;<':!<••-: with rtif «' Tvitii-l'-vv*. VIM-.'' p,'it mei;!i"i;,',! in ti-'.- l'r'-i "\xt if< op ui\ - ',t-t> re- •'< \\\:\ V tu !b>' tui-int ; "- ; {:!)!'-"V 'tt!i.'---M ;,.j;j,-,1 !ti' t he ' tfj.-.v errieiil t" !"<*! !:>..(: ,. !. . ! • -. • -1 ; • -, , i i (!<;;• i\ ;y : ,i':',v, j ,n;". '('!,. i ;.-,y< *•;<• n;.!f,-ii •,' .-»: eivf-)iTd> I r.-ui t" M!! '!''•• ;• r--' '•" «.1-" '"f- ; ! ' ;! <'' [, ,j t.. i:'. \\ ".'i.-:.- >i ' ''!> '•!'•• ."i-.,; Ttl 1 --" !H,i;n<'- "!' • \, ; •> -••••!( \\!t!i <t*-;Hv:; cur- APPOfNTEO MANAGER. I?. I-' 1ti;fT. -.f S><"t1if!C it"- R an w h,--- <«• •••.!!<•, ' a >»;'•• rfu-m'>« 1 !>.<•> ,,-n !«T. •; M--,. !:•<•• :'•-!• -vriln rin. !'. ••! i . ! hi Ik' I! -t f. (Stock Co.) WITH and Vera Temple, . -7»!-f>n't ;i!!'! \v«> .I|K»!I.CI.T The U.t7.f-'!<' I h;td ri" i nl flit ton "f \vttMrm up tho ,'imd ii metropolitan cast of capable players. g tho b£it comedic; aru-l dramas ever written. i»nu;h «ti<ni" of t'ru-rn w«-i'- tb'- ''.it tain raisers only.' Ttu» ex- ENJOYED WORK.AND BANQUET. Abrnhrvm l".nc';inii>tru-nt .N'f«. 4!'. m. -t I'.iM.'atch \\' }•',. JI.'ill MONDAY EVE., DEC. 11— "THE MASTER IN HIS OWN HOUSE" TUESDAY EVE., DEC, 12— tfTHETfONGUE OF SCANDAL" WEDNESDAY EVE,, DEC. 13— "THE ACTOR AND THE LADY" T*. -r. Nothing cheap about this attraction hut the prices, which will b* lOc and 20c 2 Shows Nightly 2 - 7:30 and 9:15 Special Matinee Wednesday, Dec. 13th, at 2:30 P, M. House of Fe«tur«« zGRAND - TODAY Mabel Taliaferro in "God's Half Acre" Dorothy Gish in "Gretchen the Greenhorn" Also comedy, Ford Sterling in "His Lying Heart' LYRIC Jkar if-sn J (, j :^JX_^. ROOK FALLS-TONIOHf k. ronwhtlc echo of Civil Vk«J '!•»>«. ?HB LAST OF THE MORGANS/ and two good comedies. "THE BAR FLY" and GOVERNOR'S DECISION" I8u)rt»x. Oe<h""""• ijiBf«lcrtuTnnd "THE FOLLY OF DESIRE" . «:.4f.-8:00 VAUDETTE ! TONIGHT-VAUDEVII.LB i Three Fine Acts Al«o special fentura and Jerry Com, «dy. Three bijj »how», 6:45 to 11:15. , Monday, Fox, Virginia Pearton in "Dura Devil Kate." .'_..Tu**d*yi—.bifl_JP-W'.PJj_-"_Th(i fcnd. of th« World." Don't miss it. Hear our ntw Pip* Organ. SPECIAL DANOE At Bell's Saturday Night wood -prssoM Klven tuu«hl HHlurdny from till 8:30. Hit: dunte. from > ,8;30 till .1^. Trot tuuglit Mmulay. WOODMAN HALL "The End of the World" Tllis bltf HpoeliA production will be «h<nvn »t the Vnudctte TucBday. Dec, It!, mull nee and night, 15k 1 . DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Evary Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P, M, For private" lessons call H. H. KELLEY, B«ll phone 430R • •If!' i Turkey and Goose £ Dinner RANDOLPH .HOTEL--—Sunday, Dec. 10 75c per plfite I NEWS IN BRIEF j FUNERAL OF E. B.FACEY. The funeral of th> Into -.15. H. Kacey, nf MtMltt>on, Win., • wa« heldthlK nftcr- termunt will be In the cemeu«ry tn that city. MrK. N. Uuulrupp und Mrs. J. (.iutilrnpp, NlHter» of Mrn. Fncey. uiul bis daughter, -Mm, Karen t JtumBdell, nil from KterlliiB, attended tbo funeral, Tho daughter ban been there for tteVeral dayn. -•-.'.. • Yon Would Not Buy I ^.-- ^^ * Cheap Eggs j • •'.'.--..• ; • '•"•-It is just as foolish To Buy Cheap Coal r*' Cheap Coal is lacking in |iaat units, has more ash, soot and clinkers. ^Christopher Coal is .high in heat units,, burns to a powdery white ash ajid does not soot up- a stove. Christopher Coal means .* More feat , No clinkers And satisfaction Moses Dillon -But if you miist havfe cheap Coai» we havc? f it ."ttf that' it Is Imti'-ssHdi'- t-> K'lvr ruvn tt'< ;«!vei'ttvilijx willimit JM illk' cl-itii'iz- f t) find i! will n<'t likely iifTeinl jt(i»,r a fain UNCLE FOUND TO BE SOLE HEIR .liulsr^ Inni-J^otf Iieartl rvidefji-f 1 iu th* establishing, nf I'atriek Hieeu, nt>w 01 the fount,v Kerry. Ireland, a^ bfitif,' nr uncle nf Henry Href-n. who dfed In .Inly 1P15. In Mi-try hiis-'pitnl in rjlnfnn, !o:ivIni: a fntrn i'f ninety" rirr-fK Ufuve and oth'T- proper! y Nfiid to tn worth in nil nboiit $ir.,0iin. I'atrk-k !!ir-*!!, vvhii i- -in linclr- nf tb* pd. IK fsiiiit nou tn !>•• tin' neari'Ht llf- ifiK relativt (if tJonry. who dlrd in tPHt.'U' 1 , and ncrordinK -to the rules «>| lnb«'rit!ini'e interpreted by the o»nrts I'ntrick Mrern become* the sole-heir <if nil the property left by bis jne Patrick Hreen wns nt one time a dent of Whitefdde county, and befor<> returning to Ireland in IS!*3 became a citizen of the United Htatew. He IN now eighty.four yearn old nod ban a wifr- mid Mrven children. ACCEPTS CALL TO LONDON. Dr. Joseph Fort Newton, former pa* 1r»r of-thr- Ppoplr's: rhnrclt.--lHsTm, iHtv l>n$t"r of the Liberal clnych at Cedar Hiijilils. In., has announcud bi.-i nccepf- ance of the rail that came to him from tho City Templ«<"chiirc!i, hondgn. land. This neWH rtwbed IMxon yen- terday In a telegram to K. J. Countryman from Dr. Newton, the tnenwiKe- mating only that he lm«l decld«n! to lake up the work In London, tuit did not give the time when the distinguished rlerKymun will enter bin new Held of labor. Or. Newton HntUly yielded the demamlH of tho City Temple church after the conKreRation had per- rMcd him to lw*come pa,ntor of the,church, with the final tlori that "be make bin own terniH" in the FOX RIVER QUICK SAND. Traffic on the main line of the C. & N.. W. IN boing Mcriouxly htimpen*tl by a strange condltl<»n at the hrldw 1 tho Kox river nt '(lunovu where tbe Mtructurri IUIH been In use for flfventl years with no apparent nhnnire—m~ccmt1lt(on!t,—'thir- north— ends tif the pk-rn havo suddenly commenced to nettle. Kullroad engineers are of n—tiwrt ^-tjulcktutJttl u 1 are responsible for tho condition, but nt a Io8» to understand why thoy failed to tihow before In the mejintlmo tlie UHO of thp north truck acroHM the bridge hoo be«n Htopped and all thr iraliiM are belnfe opornle<| over the Kotith, or westbound truck. The bridge, brink' repTfteeil by a four-track structure, work on which.ban been 5ns on all summer. ' MANY aoTccLINTONr Thirty-live of tho member* of the Shrl'nerH of thlH t-lty went to Clinton, IOWB. lnHt nltrht to attend n meetlnp of the Shrtnern of thnt dlKtrlct, Tho lieadquartera of the Blirlitera In that section JH In Davenport but the offlcerw came to CllntonJIor tlie purpose of inking into the order a cla*« of forty. The work WIIH performed by the drill team rtnd It wan greatly appreclnted, The members of tho Sterling order wore upfitw of honor, After the work a very elaborate njiretuj wan nerved and It •••wnir*m'~thB~wce~HnmH~houiirTrf~th'0' morning wh*n th'9-flterllns contingent reached ,thelr hotneu. Al4 USUAL OPERATION, An unuxiiHl ((iitTutlon wn« performed at 8t, FrnnclH' honi/ltal at l-'reaport when a doctor removed a smiill bone from the Umb of Mitrjfaret aelt?.; the en-year-old duughter of William SelU, and transplanted tuo bone" In 'Hie Klrl'H »I>lno to eur» a double curvaturg of the npin*, While the outcome of I ho operation IH. n<it certain at present, it- IH the iJplnlon of the nttenrtlng phyBiolnn. and tho«e Interested. In. tho. t»an« that he operation will prov« n «McceHK.;.and hat the little girl will tiu entirely sured. ..-,.. 18 A WEATHER STO^Y. Mian LIax-io Uundlott, who has>l>«jen keplns ft diary for ii great muny year» nHkcH tho discovery in reitdfng nonto of lior old dinrjim that It W«H jUHt ttvw year« ago lutst Baturday th«,t Th^Kler- Ing Ott»ett«» «poko»«f t!n> extremely hot weather for that time. It was MO severe Ju.jChlcjtgo.' that « workman wu« HuiiKtruck Hie day before and'died from t«'effects*, fhut night U turned very (old and Inside of twenty-four hours torn tht» tln»e the man died from the effecta of tho heat, another nmn In (,'hi- wan found fl'OKi'H to death. 8TICKLE UEAVI8 HOSPITAL. Hi'. I'arkor, Who intended' Uoorgc Stickle \»m Wediu'sday ovoning at. the r.un ov«r itiid hurt on Fir«t (Ivenue, uaytThe intendeil to have an • piciuro takvn of the foot (o «et« «f the bone*i of the anklo were jit jt~wa* ImpoBMlbbf to tell tit Arrangements were made 'or the 'picture Thursdny afternoon but ,h« pi»U.( nt gut « chance to ride to hli* iom< hi T«mpU*o and we.nt without tlu> tKftiniuutieii. The doctor vvan of tlu« jpininn th.u the bon<'« were broken, BTAQIR BUYS LOT8. City A stumpy John M. Btagwr., ;h«» the two lots formerly .own d b/ f ;-.oiKa W. Kinnup -on Wesit oiuth btroct. Mr. rtnnup wan In t fc - !•>«< week «ml concluded u f tin 1 lots to HIUU-'T* AUorni^ J. Mr, Staler «"« his. eye on and 8« he OWHH propeity to .-- whwivby Mr. Ludeiik sold them to Mr. riuiy^r in a *.hon Ji»u> nftwr getting liwtisieiist.jn i>( thym ,hl»»«elf. - M % R8. MARY 9ITTORF VERY»ILL. Mi*. Mary HtU"ff iiv.n \t-ty «»u-k ul hit li'.uuj and fi'tiih :uv « i)t> i t.ilm'd fm- her ii">vt,'r\ 'Ml-^ Hit toil >»• Hi" .«K«-'d molbft ol llui |ill!i>il lUHlhelJ., l*ui!H tiii-f^ HertiKin «<H iviio\vit m.«nuM<'t- ijr.jra of Htei lint:. MI'J* Uutorf i« «n tli*i v«rge of hvr A Aftft litre'- . 'r.«t>ict« fn-tn I'.ock !"iiil ;itid Mi.irrrs'i'h :ifd --oTtH' <-f tb- IIH-M! }>t«- tiii-rs. afli-r whirli :i fine 1»,'|!H(UM v.a- «frvi! ffn-?i th<' l,iut!ii-t« :i!i fninyrrl the fill'- <!nt" ti'"ttl.H until the wfi- li'>nr< -!.-!>*.,! f ti CALLED BY SICKNESS, ' Mrs. H«-nr\ H''y «ent tn *'UftaK-> ;!'.!- mornirtlt. 1'eiiiB i-nlled tlnif by the ill- f,,.e.»»of f,..|- siMt'f'S lliHIgllt'''!', r,nifi. Will' Is very ill « ith |'Mf'timoni:i, The littir jtirl is iiir- ii;i;i^li(er i-l' >>r. :mi! Mrs ttlf-nn llerrirk. She is milx Fix months old and if t1>»u>;!it t" 'lie •.liintrvroiifdy 111, «itii but tl)e itmalleMt ehiiltie ieec.ver>. The bxby hns brrn t;i!«'ii in UUP of the ln>f|>italm in tiiat city. DIXON PASTOR CHAPLAfN. Dr. !•'. I». Altman, of Dixon. is in receipt of n letter from the Hev. T. !'. Dornblajier, former pastor of S!, I'fiul'K ' Alt", \\' '. Iveemv.llt i .Mill- ili;i-viH' Lutjieran rhurch'iil Dixon, K ttmt he Is now flmpiiiin of •- n i/-«lrn»'ttt stallonrd nt San Ant,onlo, T<'xa«. ~!n tho letter the Kev. ^lr. Dornlila«er nays It to witlt n lira.s« ttiind -tn the tt-nr and troopN In froti!, _ _ PORTER NOJBETTER. The man) fri«-nds of Mi u « C. M. I'or- tcr. of Thirteenth avetnie, xvill icyift •o hear tluit li<-r I'nii'litioti Is no lii-ttt-r, ,ind there l^fsomi- worry over her condition. Thr lady hll!» been tloilliliil with fi ci'inplKM! ton of iiiltneiitM ami ihe has tieen 111 for a long time. WALTER STAGER DOWN TOWN. Attorney Walter HtiigW, who Im* been ill from- a billeiott* wpell for the past few weekn ban been galnitiK riKht along and lie W;I.H able to eorne to his office fi,»r a Hhort time this afternoon. Mr. Singer i* one of the oldest prat-. tlftlonen* in the nninty. DEMONSTRATION CAR, The t'ldversdry of IllinoiH detnon- ulration ear nrrived here today at IK 00 :u m. on the «.'. H. & 0,,^fttPre it .was delivered to lite ('. & N. W. railroad ami will len\e at I p. in. today for HUNTERS STARTED A FIRE. gniHH w'ent of I<i*4»=jiy a, party of hiint- er« Wc-dnesdiij- night. The 'flann-x " were consumed* No oilier d,nmiiRe IMH been reported, PASSED THROUGH STERLING. Cooper & Lents clrcijK, coiiHixtlnn of throe horMe eni-H, 13 Hat t-iirn, and three .. parsed through Hterllng morning for Uixon, 'whet'* they will remain for the winteV. , MOVE&iN NEVV HOUSE." J, II. I>elp, who' hurt bed erected n jeuutlful re«idence at the north.weHt corner of Central park moved Into it Thursday, Mr. Dt'lp 7 ha« one of the modern houses In thia city. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Th« Chicago weaiher bureau fore- ,-u I i', e,| \ e«t)«-ri!;i\ f; nil they b;ive Mf '-lit the'p;i-«t \vei-k a! t !i>- iiiinie nf Miss .AKIU-JI I'laniv Mi«« Anna Mi Andrew-;; r ; ir- rnti. Inu.-i, \v here - !:e ulll :•(•• nd ;t rfl;ih>Tt\ Wiley was a U-iinr in fbi- • ;i»*< ti«d\y |.'i NJ |-j>e i h lv;is returned fmm t'bl- • ;IU". wlieN' be att(nd''d !li>> driiKKists' 1 illiS ellj'llill r lJnn':iM Tlminas "\On» t t!ii« rnornlutr fnr u few da: \V. !•: Hew went to (Mint ne^s fhi« ni'irnltiK. ii«n nlniMteiid went to Morrlsnii tbis itfle! Iliinll nil bUSlnewf. (Jen, iV.Murray.' wife nnd ehtldren went tn I'hirai:" this rrmrniiu: for a \ islt. .1, (' ItidiiiiM und (} W. L'-wifj. rei'ie- Men(iii>: tbe Sniitbein rnlhvny. tiiin«- neted bushies* in tliif city I'rid.iy. .lubii H. Mlthann was a imiw-nK''! to ('bleuKo tlii.*-' miirnbiK'. \Vhltrf--fde <'"tinty Katmr-rw' lll."tit'M<> and Il<'i:- - i-l!ntil S'-i-'iice «'lub_at St»-r- UHK. \\eiine-i.F.ty. ThuiKiiay ami IVIiTny, Dee. ],'!, H, K. Ilenr the talks nil bet- U-r f.irmiiifr. better 'ImureUt "pinK and « in,King, and ."ee tin 1 exhil'itK, etc.* Dr. Dlllun went In «*|jtit>in Friday nlllbt Where be a.tttnditl it meeting nf the Shrine, Mir, Alfn'd flatlrtvnrthy. "f H->'- innil, wpeiit Thuimlay bere on -|>u*l- < jjien charter extended for a fbctt lime. Do it nnw. l-'ee nnly, 15.111) Af- Discriminate Choose a coal an you would a friend. Don't- have one that isn^t worth keeping 1 always * \ and that you won't grow to like bfctter every day. LEADER ter. n 1 .'- "f iliarter not ^Jbnn (Hie of Oil' titH'M llTifKT^lHinie.i 'I\vin t'ltlr-s.* Cat! of i, wan n buKiMOH* yifitnr biTi 1 TlHirHdus' v , v Hii't Simp ii|ii-n« 'H'ec, '">;.'.•' Minnie ("lYi'di,* C. A..Tiiiiier,.lrwin O'Mulli'J'. William Curia n/. S. Ili'nan. I'. Ucntnicfw and William UnftllK. nf, lll.Vi'H, ilttPll'led till- dauci- here Thursday t-veniiin. l-M-Hhnlii-, is iinifinvinK nipldly frmn his-ret-out ni'(-ralion ':«: tin- bnHpltal mid will b«> alili- tu he isiKen home in a li'w iluys. SITs »T 11! «/T-T i i«'««n ban iH-c(.j,t»><l u pii-si- lion w : ltb the .IriHiinK"' Jowclry Nturt- durtii«"thc luitldiiyK. cast for today cago wea/t day Is auj followM*: Fair to- ancl Hundny, pxoijpt 'probably un- Hettled In the northern portion; Homo- what warmer. TO D[A YjINI U. LINOJ8 HISTORY.. _ On Di*c. '.»,~'l-7fS. the vTrklnla k-Kis- aturo p«»8(>d tin net creating a civil government for "ths>, county of 11U- •lolts." SUFFERED A PARALYTIC STROKE Herman Sluttx of 501 FlitBt uveniie Iia4 .a aevert* stroke'of purnlyMlH Wwl- newday, but Is reported much better today.. * " : Woodruff V Htudio for Xmns .'photoiw*. 4larry J. Mwichpr -.wan In Mendofu Thursday. • Why not' join 4 lie, . ierT<Tu-7i(' irTiiin Tier i Vf a n A I - .cumWnntiun wood, coul and Ktia ov would please |ier moiv thai: uny- you rou Id buy and Have her many miles of «tepH for years to come. The Hoy. ,(5. Woods Store,* All's. <:eot>M> Clark'..waH called to Chii-ago this morning on account of the serious nines* of her sister, Mrs. Uelle Twilight iniisii'ivl, ^Ye«pt<r service, ul 4:15. I)ff. ^4, i'ongri'K'itlw'Kil church. Jnrvis' iirchestni.* John Appenzellar, of S<Mith Dakota, left today for Morrison. !!*• h«M biten u at the home of hl« ptirt-ntM. Mr. Fills the bill. •Lump—Egg-—Nut .-"' •MflMHMMMMHM9HHHMHHMMMIHiHHV^^ People's Ice and Coal Co. 211 Second Avenue A LAWYERS'PETITION ; DEATH OF CHRIS HUTTON State to be Asked to Pas* Measures County Pioneer Died in Freeport Ho«Against Corporation Lawyers. . pita! T!u:: srlay Morning. ' <'ity Attnrhev .li'bn M, Sl;u;'-r |>|---- Th" ni'-nib. i ,.f th>- HnUiU'i family Dented a petitl'in tn tin- l:tv;>. ••(>• of 'in St-lliiii- li->\<- received (hi. jj.-Vd in- Mlerlnu; ves-ienl:iy tn Mk-ii whiVh n ill . trili.t;. -in ••• "t' tb- death of tin- tim !e, bi> presented !H th- stuii- b'ci--I'll in i- ;it i''bii! j liuti"ii MI .! h"'j'lUil in Free- its Me.Miinn ties; ni'-ntti, iifKinn that it ' l"."'t. 'I'b'ii <-\ i\ ,' : ''For ihi pa*! f.«\v p;iss In W.i pl'nhinltit:!; eo| p.ira'.jt'h--' ' '•'! ^ i.' li,-<! >n',-7i livjnn at i-ne of t!l" time diet' 1 hiivi- I"" ft ' "l|i"l.l t i"h" -., i-"- .HH-. !i peclallj in Hi" '.-itit.'r i-iti.«j with.' 11 !!-.!• iira.'H tie-i in (•>." small"!' (..WIIH. ^, ttiiu; -' i i"h ' in charge "f a-* Mam e'taie-; 'as tln-> i'p' i riiii ,-iin aint Jinn erii|'!"> itu: a hiuyir by ue= ••! the year t" dn I);.- ".,"|-'K II ii .-.aid Ilia! ! Xo'l-im.- i|. -fl'dte h l» Imi-n I .1 enrpnnihf'M de«tii'\s tin- mUtiiate re- | jardlt:!-: tbe ftitn-ral lint it latfon.ship lietsvr't! the l.uv\er and tbf ! 'bi' fuini,il '<!\n,' will b?- hrld in th' 1 .-Ilrnt which H well klH'V,'ii tn r.\lsl, !•<'.idinIU- i-b:ii»'li in T.iinpiiM>. in i-linri,",' II in I'latnieil thnt cei 'niti trii-«t i-nin-! <>i' MM- |>a>.i"i. I'.ithi-r Unl-'oiir, Tin- i«i' il l'if ti>-attn> lit :H)«! opcr- ';•.- n,,t, ktuiwn wii'-thi-r tln« v\.i p> t tut nf d .or not. li t« jiii!"ty yi-ars of nti'~. t tallies offer fti«'i' advice concerning lb« iniiilitlK^of \vj|l»' v atyt' cleatjnri of lri.iM> In order to MICIIIV the" handllnu- of tin. ftiinl" of entati K (ind trust claimed to hi- unlawful. I'd This il/ir tii 'hi' HIM' |ir>-««.-iv(i < d by ,l,i|in M. ;inaii\- >-<'!(r--' ;u rtl'i'lllated all oVi-r 't In «'MlV Jilitv it wax" t-iii lli d by MIII- nf tbi< interim ii! will I" in tb" iidjuiniliK c«'in- • ctel-l-, " . '. .Mr .lliiili'ii was t.inn| ill tiertiiativ •i!!l| 1,1111"' tn Alll' Vlt'jl wlU'll llf \VtiM lie win 1 , in Tiitnidi'ii tiiwnnhip and .'t f/irtll Htld by i lu- lived mi ttiix pliiei' up t" ii frw l.\'MiM :u:>>. ' Hi?* . xvrft- dird nbiiut t« v n i >i-at>^t»!*»-.nid .-Iniv.' Uifir'tini'' In 1 • hud ill till !!!•>." the ilav liefnre. It'eltlni lived With llH flillls or (it (ll»» u!d is K.'l-ld they lir IIUII|e|i,||.v|y .s TRIP fS POSJP4NED Recruits Wilt Not Go To Moline Until "".Some Time Next Week» _. Tbe oMU-er* nf <'-.niciinv -K who In- ,. , , , ,, tended fe.stlnK the new recruits of, M »"'.'"« ^;hitilili. j |i. n|«|e',< biime*. Dnrint: Inn active lifi> i be w;i-< a l:iu;e I'.irtnei' find w;\f MIC- i«.-'••!-?ul in IIIN btifinivw. H«» was one U'f t!>i- beM kiinwn fami"ifi in hi« lown- |s!iiji. lie le.n-v-s two HIJMM, William, who 'hvex in* Tanudco. and Matt living 4u ?Kree|inif. Ue at«n leilveB. lw<>"'(dHfi'i''", iMrs, Amii'iy i-'Oiif. of Melvern. and Mrs. - ubll R i; t t b'i.-Ti'niiJUJ.ii'-Jit,. M aline.. to poMponc the ;i(Y.iir uniil H om« time! OCAn THE GAZETTE WANTS next week. Jnwt what dav they .-will i ncKU ' nl ~ «"*•«-«»«- ¥»«l»l* KO down''will not !•<• determined "|"'" I _....'-- '.- '.-- ' """""'"' """ ' "-'."•'.'"-•.-. ' until word IH tto-HtHl fi'i'm ("oluiiel? l)a\i;f. '' ' ' --•'. I Colonel Ikivis >>f the Sixth regiment i Hem a notice to ul! "f tbe line nlllecrw ' of a meeting »t M i!i tbe arm and Mrs. Andrew Appftixellar, of this city. MI«H Fay Gray has accepted a position In the i-eady-to-wear. .department of Hie Wync'- Denver dry goods Ktore. Mra, A. J. ComHiock bus returned Tfoin Tijmplco, where «he spent «ev- erul'daya with her mother, Mra. John"won. . Hlnnche HendrickH went to Chicago this nuirnintr to vlnti at tbo home of her coiiHln. Hubert Hill. Feldmer, of Grand -I)r, K. W. Kakey wita u vlnitor in ;*rophetMtawn Thursday. ' Comfi, gifts, Dec, 12. Minnlo Crook.* Mrs. Kendall Murphy and daui{hter, ;«rol, who have been Hpcndlng- tho. past H!X wt>ek« with iH'lutlveH and frlendH in" . Fulton left rridaj- for their IOWP In Ualtimore, .Md. Mrn, Murphy. Uv«d in Fulton. Mr. Murphy cume with -thorn, but Mtayed s only u eiek »M tho plant in 'which he i» work- ng, l« very busy anrt \w could «tuy but time. alcohol and high U'Ht Bita- ;)lin«j at Coo Urotf,» F, Ii. (.Jtfyer went to Clinton Friday where ho attended the. Hhrlner Inltla- yt; - •'-.-, ' . -•- , ~~ : '•' John HUgfr wu« in Morrlmin Frlilay >n buwineH«. ' . '.. rieitaitre t'lub dunce^iunight, Aiimn'y mil, Dixon, 5Iai ; <iiiett(vorcheHtra,* A. J. I'mtt wu« In Clinton Friday. Halt Jlruuk field wi>H a Cltiitbn visitor •'ritjay on buslnesn. " ' ^ K. U, Van Kant wu« in Morf IHOII Frl- Mich,, wa« here ycKterday on bUBlnesH. G. I'i Uaylon, of Uixon. waa hero yoHtcrda-y transacting huulnettB. .. Husket ti'oclnl, Hoiitvwell Ni'hool, two miles north. IVimllcK west of A|jnew. ThurKda>' evening," I>ec. Hth, MlflH Uettman, jeacher,* MI«SCH Atha Kratz and tiladys Kratz. of Munition, u'pcnt the day In t hist city. MI-H, j; >rcCiilta>Th and dntJKhter, t»f | I'nionTirove. wpent the day. here whopping. Mr«, Conrady and daughter, Nellie Conrady, of '.'Morrison, were visitors hero today. Mlws Joy Htltzel, of Dixon, apent with fri«indn.- I'lophethtown, ye.sterday In this Mr.s. K. l IK here nhopping today. SMi«H'Veva l''inkle. of IHson, teacher of tbo Fall-view Hchool, north of thiM city eight mile's. In Jordan township. IK upending' tbo wi-ek end with hi»r aunt, Mrn. draco Carpentrr, in St«'r- Mt»tt Krat» and two non». from north :if MorrUon, ar*^ MiM'ii.dlo« today In Htcrling making a number in' pur- chtifH'ti. Mr. KralK owned unij'operiiled i grocery store on K'a»t Third street lor a great' many yeun*. only'-uelllng out u few yenrn. ago. BIRTHS MATJIKWiri A w.»n was born (o Mr. and Mi'H.; Aiidrew Mat hewn,-of. Morrison, »l the filcrling hoitpttal, Friday ADJOURNS City Judge Fniishes Btuiho** of the Court For tbp Week. Afler a short .sitlint; t>l the city court I'ri.duy morning Judge C. K. Hhi-ldon tidjournctji court until JM-M Monday wus« tiitien In. e'er- lay on J3. A- Tho'ina*. of- -c*l'inton, lu., .spent Thursday In thin city. . - Hebekah-n\rd-piii'ty. Dec lUh, odd I'Vllows wive?-. Ht'licliabH and frtcmU> nvIU-d,» '. . Itoy Townsjey went to Kauwa:; City •Yidiiy- for <» nextt'iuicd vi^lt. Chris Wolf, of Jordaii. bought n I\KC Vlcttvlif-' from the l'p"To«l>ate MuHie I1u»ise.* - ' , . v Wltlaid Aiidrvw^* ifft for ,1'ulton |-'n- tuin inaiteu. 'Tbe t' ot J<T»»ph llet- |,»y for a wiiuit vi>.it. , nun ag.itn^l A T (lull, el al washeiiit Ti> the di>'-nisnt. i-ii.v Vour .t-i» ThK v%,m •» >.tsc tn quit title .ind^ tnd eUcnic hills nn ->r I'etwie the i"ih brougbt ai/.nnst Mr <!ali. of «'hic.i««> nir otlice >\ill be op4-n until '.' p. in !,nul otheih, to ha\e 'the titV uJiighl. HUWiiii Xititiism I'tilCtics LJu.* uu-t<'liu i-Uai on piupWu. tui t U'.&L,i l ^'_' Judge t^tu-ldon wah u Mori it>on vihlt- ; nm'. "t'bc decie</ w.ik gr.tnjvd ir Friday »>ii buMne*.. - lcouit*i aio full evt-».v .n-rm o| tsuit?. n» Mtha Helen Hupklllit Went to Mll\\all- ii(Ulel title Veins ,IK" When l.irirf W^t; t.«.> l-'iul.n lor <t.vit>U. elii-ip .ind lula 111 tbe lov, it 1 * *>'dd t"j and the duti- \var» net for tbir* Hutnr.- day iiflciniu'in iuul evenlnjf. It' was th- Intention of the otlkers of Conipany K to have the Hnpi't r for the recrnitn belil al t.bat time, but as the t'olmn-l is oeni'Word the conferencp b:«l to be po»l|>oned a week, (bo other luul to bn changed .nlco. Colonel l)avls !u»8 Koveral proposir : lions to bring before the rewt of the•; FARM' LOANS AT 5% 5, 7 or 10 year*, up to $100 per acre if security warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SALE JOHN M, STAGER o Law office Stager A Stager oillccru of rcKiment for of them beniK of conKlderabie"ihl- portancc. Scotland Prediction. JOHN A. WAED Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN on Heal ICmato Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE 41-1 Lawrence Bldg., 8t«rlin0, III. oil industry cin|>loyincnt to S,000 men, ihi« i\ulustry being M year*! old. \'et .Scotland shuli, 1 Is much lower In oil thiui i hut I'liuml in Jlu' mountain strtto deposits of Uils cotintv.r.__1 < lu'; United Statos department of cMimnorcei' predicts thnt sooner or Inter this.great • sourco of supply will be ulill/.ed 10 supplant tlui the oil, fields. production .o?- Dr. Walter 4. Palmer Dentist 318 1st Avo. 4 Ball 298-W Sterling, 111. • True GcnluB, Tho lnjj!i.'iiull.v of an -uptown,. ;Mlooh- keeper, suivjj- •rvcs the protection. that Uiu coiiyright law nlTortls, IK nunuMl his port-bf-aill '"'i'l B. T. MORBHOIJSE Optometrist Over Corner Store FITTING OF GLASSES ami so kecp») iltc Hp.s of many men nn-1 defiled by fiilseimod as the/ telephone j trusting spouses tliiit they n re dctuiniMl ut "The «mice."-'Wnl! Sircot Jourutii. Optimistic Thought. When you obey your superiors you Instruct your Inferiors, DR, F, W. BRODRICK Prnetlre limited--to EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY* Hour*:*!' t°o..U' a. m.; 2 to 4:SO p, m. Fifth Floor Lawrence•' UI4K- Both Phones ' Sterling, -111. !•' (!. HIIII l.iy in this Juv iicaiji'. H>! nl Tlitiif- bu»inc,*tr.. i i" Tow.uida. I'.i lU'.ii 1'i.uir. 1 Minn inn' •>! Illinois' '.sl l.uitu'i.' d. ^uil " jt /.t: (iti I a' fititiitc, in*St» t*ai Tl Xvlnon I'-'WvU w.i» a ou ilni.,Mi <*: ,jti«il ttllt flint"! ii.ii iil m.iriN "I ibi si'> i<ilo>;)> ii.iiiit- in tin 1 - ti.iii'.Jei v\>iT' i N' w I ttid i-- bub u,-i ai I'- in. I"!- .in- •" IH'i.; in lbi« Ihoij u al ItHeTi (-.IV i U lu »• "!n ^.i e H il to.thin I- (I'U.e- ,U ,1 Kie.t! eXjit-nse 'uwmi vf tbi laiut \\hui he jv\'A i Coal Orders PHONED TO • BELL 197 INT, 207 ARE DELIVERED PROMPTLY SIX TEAMS AT YOUR SERVICE il Coal Go i

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