Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 28, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS As We WKRE SAYING.. 9trnphiiiiK'?r<i lit *lr<v( cur* nr>\ to u 1 '* " I'n-uU. Window* nri- lu In: higher to fflvi; them n bi-lli-r view. A British radio commentator stopped In the middle of his talk, "I'm MO worry,' hi- nuid, "I've just discovered I'm rending yestordtiy'.M now.".' \Vllllo, With tin- rlllll|l|)ilti: IllVil- Mon, !>5 PIT CI-HI of <>ur ninnllit ropr wrivt suddenly cut off, and the Mltuiitiun looki-d terribly hluck, » S.lNNMicre fnrin In I'aii- itmtt Mirrd the d;iy. For on It United J-'ruit Cu. was i-.\prri- mrntln£ with Hluien si-edllnir* (nianllii ftrr»|»>. ImmuJliili: i-.v- piin»lf>n took (ilncr so Unit to- dny nearly SO.OflO Here* of this utratrxlc crop arc flourishing in AnuTicun tropics — enough (o mrrt the llrK'ont needo of our flffhtliiK ""d merchant .ships. Slpns of the timi-sl S.'i.OoO diamond rlnprs nre listed in Montgomery Ward's new catalogue Just mailed to millions of mail order customers. Arid. according to Advertising Aj, r e, "several orders" have already boon received. \V<- fiuikf* IVr-tonal Loans lo s, rlerk.s, .salesmen. tra«n- I'xrcntlre*. and to profi'.i- and mm who need rxtra money. In fact, anyone «>f Rood elmriii-ler and a Meudy job may burrow from us tor any worthy personal requirement—to pay ohlitfiiiuiiH to the doctor or dentist, to pay taxes, to make special purchases, to jfet out of deht. The loans may rim for a full year and he repaid in small, convenient monthly installment*. And they cost only Sli per year per J5IW) borrowed. If yon are In need of money, we will welcome your loan application liy letter, telephone 122X1!, or personal call. Twenty-One.Conn; Men Are Reported Wounded In Action For many years Oxford Paper Company has turned on: a thousand miles of psipo" a day. Today'* luiecdoti-: A father wa-, walking with his yiiimu' >on, The hoy wait), "IJadily, what i.s i-li-c- trlelly'.'" "Well, now, I n-ully don't Unrjw," ,-niil tile fullu-r. "I nrvec knew Hindi about i-k-c-- trlclty. .-Ml I know :ihonl il i>- tb:it It niiiki-M things rim." A little further on the hoy salil, "Daddy, how does uiiMilliie makt- aiilomolillt.-s RU?" "Well, ! don't khow.'I don't know "mtie'h about motor**.' Srvi-Ttil more qiir.stlnn.4 followi-d with miii'h the muni: result. At the hoy wild, "Gee, 1 hope you don't mirid my a.xkinir MI many <|in->- lloriH'.'" "Not nt all, .son," siiiil the father, "you KU riijlil iibend and ask. How else \vill you i-ver learn anything!" Said Fri.-derick W. Burnham, pastor, liichmond. V'a,: "Thu busim'-ss of the ministry IM to comfort the afflicted am! afflict the cc-rnfortnble," L'nitnil .Stair* at war voluntarily conipen»;iti;s" foreign clviiinn.s for accidents not occurring tlur- Inir buttle. "Death of :i Nortli /tfrhyifl. Arab." .says. Collier's, j "cotton $200; thnt o/ his mull.-, Government policy will b" to encourage servicemen to own and operate their farms. It. is cslnrwted thnt sotnu 300,000 now farms will be available to returning veterans. Post-Civil Wai- slogan, "'10 fiords jirid ;i muie," ha« been streamlined to "1UO acres and a Joc-p." A nrfijii- "f humor is what makes u mnn laugh at something that would imiUe him mad If it happened to him. THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Deposit JfiNitrnnco C'orimrutlon YOCIl KYTCGI.ASSESi SHOT- C. H. ToniXlnson Ncury Iliilldlng , Conn. jiTOHK CJ.OSKD ALT. DAY KACH ^MONDAY l»UJt!NU JULY AND AUGUST J'romi't. KxiM-rt WATCH * -IKWEI/BY RKl'AIBINC William Schpero ,Trwi;ler 180 CIIUKCH ST. — 1 Flight Up — Wn.«.hinp.ton, July 1!S—CUP) — Twenty-one Connecticut men have been wounded in in ihe ilL-diterrunean and European wa sruzis, according: to tho latest War Dop.'irtment casualty report. Xine men wounded in the European- area, arc: — • .Private First Class Frank C. of 70 West JBnd avenue, Torrinejton. First Lieutenant John W. Cos- j tollo of 137 Kobblns street, Wutor- bury. Staff Serpennt Maurice Donohue of 90 West avenue, Stamford. Private Fisct Class Edwnrd J. Gallucci of 37 Has-ako road, Old Greenwich. Second Lieutenant William P. May of IC-I Llndlcy street, Bridgeport. Staff Sergeant Raymond P. Shea, Jr.. of New Canaan avenue, Is'or- •wnlk. Sei-ond Lieutenant Mei-win W. Tollos of 155 Miiplc street, New Haven. Technician Fifth Grade William J2. Tyler of 31! Broad street, rs'ew London. And "Staff Sergeant Thomas Ya.b- rosky, Jr., of 37 Webotcr street, Unionville. In tho ^Teditor:•anca.n area, 12 wound casualties arc: • ^fivate Michael M. Amrich. 27 Kinney street, Torrinjrton. Private Joscpli W. Aty-runo 1-H.i Uishop street, Watorhurv. Private Fiiut 'Class William Reveal Double Bbm^ Bay Secret Of B-29 of of For the first Unit; it has been disclosed that tin: new li-2!) Superfortresses have two bomb .hays, as Indicated liy arrows above. Uuullisj it is'explained, e:n hi: dropped alternately from each, although tho liiimb e.ap'aeity n-niains u secret. As one hay is forw'.ird of (he win;,- and the otliijr after, maliitaiiiiiiK the Center of-gravity, thu flight, of the slant Aiiiuriu.ui Superfortress remains unaffected. (International) "EVE OF ST. MARK" IN FIRST LOCAL SHOWING AT STRAND Bennett of 1S22 Seavicw avenue, Bridgeport. Second Lieutenant Norman P. Crochetierc of 17-1 1-2 West Main street. \Ve».i Cheshir-. 1 . Private Kosario J. Fella of M AVoodbridge street. Is'ew London. Technician Fifuh Grade- Samuel I-I. Glud.ston-.-t of 201 Franltlin circct. Suimford. P:-i\'iito ^^'illiam Jacobs of -£ Park street, New Haven. . F^rivitte First Class Pasquale Mai> pa of 1G i-2 Dudley court, Humdcn. Pi-ivate John J. McCoy of 35S Willow street. Watcrbury. Privji-te Arthur H. Sylveijtere of •13 St. Mary's court, Willimaniii:. Private Charles 1C. Uuing of SS \Vust Center street, Manchester. And Private First CI;iSo Ralph Volpe of -IT Wooloey si!-cet, New Haven. Additionally, tho rs'avy department announces that Setimttn First das; Joseph Giordano of 37-1 Furry street, New Huven, lias beon- v/oundcd in action. /Vinl Soaman Fir.-: Class Thomas Alexander KUhel of 33 High street, \\'est Haven, is reported missing. With the raves of Hollywood film A.. | critics reading an unprecedented Policemen Attend State Meet At Rock The Connecticut State Police association held a meeting in Savin Rock yesterday. Loc-nl " delegates wore Pairolmnn Harris Burke, and Martin Carrick. Chief John J. Gorniloy also altendccl ihe convention. . • A six-day work week for policemen, and annual vacations of iwo weeks, will he sought for l.'ie postwar period by the policemen. Police Chief John B. Brennan of Stamford wa.s electee! president of the association. Other otlicors include William J. I'.oach of Waler- bury and Michael J. Godfrey of Hartford, as vice presidents; John A. Lyddy of Bridgeport as secretary, and William G. Hart of Mew n, aw treasurer. crescendo of enthusiasm, it becomes even more apparent than ever why 20th Century Fox's f,'lm- ization of Maxwoll Anderson's sensational sia'jro hit. "The Evo of St. Ma:-k," which opons today at Ihe Strand theater in its's lii-st W-:iter- bury showing, was destined to,, be one of the most important and most eagerly awaited screen events of the year. Foaiuri.'ij; Anne Baxter, William Eythe and Michael O'Shca, and with a line supporting cast. "Tho Eve of St, Mark is being acclaimed the grcates:. emotional experience to conui out of this war, and the most. impelling romance over screened. Thus history repeats itself, for jusi as Maxwell Anderson's "What Price Glory" was the greatest pic- lure lo come out of tho first World war. critics have singled GUI "Tho Eve of St. Mark" to bo the biggest play of Ihis World War II. Although many stars coveted the role of "Quiss West," lhai import- antp art went 10 William Eylho. For the picture's eluding feminine pan—that of "Janet Feller" one of the top omotionul roles of all time, Miss Anno Baxter was L'hosen. •Michael O'Sliea, who is co-fca- itired with Miss Baxter and Eythe, played his role of "Mulveroy" in tho stage play on Broadway Ouring it's tremendously successful run. The companion feature on tho Strand program this week nlunK wilh "Tho Evu of St. Mark" is "Ladies of Washington." It slurs Trudy Marshall and !1 o n a I d Graham and in the supporting cas: are Anthony Quinn ancl Sheila I ;y<-i n. Latest Movietone News com- plolos Iho Strand program .starling today. NAUGATUCK RANGERS C.S.G.V.R. "BATHING BEAUTY" AT POLI'S CONTINUES' TO ATTRACT CROWDS There's plenty of fun at Louw Poli .theater, where Lt. Hurting will be in charge of j Skulton .finds himself the a maneuver !.o be held Sunday morning. Rangers will ropuri at headquarters at .10:00 a. in. in fk'lcl uniform and regular equipment. Mail Order Marriages Are Not Approved In Conn. Now Haven, July 2S—(LIP)—Re- ( ga re! I ess of how oiher states may ! feel al)OL:l-Jt, Connecticut is not approving mail order marriages among orr.bers of thu Armed Pvt. H. G. Sheldon A synthetic stiffening fabric replaces horsehair for the interlining of clothes sincl upholstery." % and % Inch GOOD QUALITY GARDEN HOSE Lawn Sprinklers and Nozzles . NAUGATUCK HARDWARE JfEAKY UUII.D1NG • Tel. 5212••-"•'- Pvt. Howard C-. Sheldon. -J5 Bearsley avenue. recently completed an ovursnas orientation course . r 't a.n Air Service Command in England. Pvt. Sheldon, a member of the Army Air Forces, took the course in preparation j'or combat ;jgainst enemy forces in France. Prior- lo his entrance into the Army, Pvt. Sheldon was employed by the French Co., of Watcrbury, ns a bone!-, operator. . A few days ago it was announced in Washington that thu Army had no objections to marriages performed by mail, just so long as the arrangements compiled with tho laws ot the suites. Almost us soon as this was announced, several women applied at | yourself. the oitice of tho registrar of vital statistics in New Haven', and explained '.hey wanted 10 he married by mail to their boy friends overseas. .Registrar Andrew Casolino told them it was no go. In Connecticut, .said Casolino, both parties lo a marriage mt:st appear before a registrar and apply for a license. That':; the law, and there's no changing it. Electric eyes detect defective hand grenades while chocking them at the rule of -1.000 an hour. Some Members Of Women's Land Army Were Taken 111 Granhy, Conn., July 28—(UP) — Tho stnio health department is investigating an outhi-onk of illness i.'.niong members of the women's land army' at the Manitook Lake tobacco farm work camp. ill is believed that fuod or water was responsible .for the illness which affected '33 of the 300 girls stationed at the camp. None was seriously affected, however. The girls came to Granny from Lakeland and Sar.asota, Florida. the Red only nrallod in a co-ed colleyo in "Bathing Beauty" tho Technicolor musical which Moii'o-Gold- wyn-M:.iyer has brought to the screuii with a bang-up cast, lavish color and a ka of dune-able mid aingablo music. P.od is a song writer this limo, who i.s supposed to be working on the score of a new musical. Kill whon ho rnculs Invely Cai-olino Brooks, played by I Esther Williams who was inlro- i duced: to n:nvie fans in "Andy Hardys Double- Life ho forgets all about work and concontraios on Caroline. As Iho producer, more anxious in get his next show goinj.,- Ihnn worry aboiil Hod's amours, Basil Ralhbono fixes it so that Caroline walks out on tho luno- sniitli. Rod follows Caroline lo Victoria collo^o and Ihrough :iccidonf learns that males an; eligible for enrollment in the school. It would noi. bo fair lo disclose .all thnt happens to Red as ho finds himself surrounded by a campus-full of beautiful Kiris so lake this corner's word for it and go son, for Most handsomely produced by Jack Cummin^s, "Bathing Beauty" has b'v-o smartly directed by George Sidney and features also Ethel Smith, Ihe Hit Pirndc organist. Bill Goodwin of radio fame. C.'irlos Ramirez, Joan Porter and Harry James and Xnvior Cugnt and their famous bands. The Water Carnival finale i:i one of the' most attractive sc- Cjuoiiccs ever filmed in Technicolor. For that manor the entire production is happy entertainment from start to finish. Skolton never has boon I'unncr nnd Miss Williams who seems headed for sinrdom ir. bor own right, is n^t'only beautiful but an extremely t.-ilontod ac- ircss. You'll havi ;•. enjoyable Beauty" so program. Tho en-hit nn this big hit program is "Port of -10 Thieve-*" with Siophanie Bachelor .incj Lynn Roberts. House Will Soon Start WorkiOn Peace Problems (By United Trews) Official Washington is preparing j for the possibility that 'the war in Europe may be over soon. Reconversion nnd. dembbilixiition plans arc being lined up for .Congress which reconvenes 'next Tuesday. The. House will sl|irt action Immediately on the peace problems—probably jjiyinj? up. plans to extend its vacation through Labor day. ....•,-..-•/; • • •• • Chairman 'Reynolds has called his. military..affairs committee into a .special meeting Tuesday morning. The committee will decide which of. two demobilization, bills should be approved and sent to the floor. The quick action -was prompted partly by ,\Var Mobilization Director Byrnes and- Republican Senator Y a . l >dcn'biirg. Both leaders strews lh:|'. European war veterans have a chance to .come home to stay immediately after Germany falls. Thomas.^ays . ho. figures Germany cannot, last through this . . . • • . . - The Oklahoma solon believes in army of occupation and any addi tional troop .requirements in tin Pacific can '."be. filled entirely by volunteers.. He also thinks tha. Japan will 'rjult soon after Ger many, anyway—once the Japs sci the full weight of Allied .nava power bearing'down on their home islands. • On the labor front, the largcs of Cleveland's- current .epidemic of disputes has boon .settled. Some 3,000 strikers in five plants of the Ohio Crankshaft Company are back.on the job. They voted lust night to cud the four-day . walkout. . After ^official warning that .they would be fired if they didn'i. The international .executive board of' tho CIO Automobile Workers union has placed-ihc local union officials responsible for ihe walkout, on. probation. ., Two Appointments Have; Been Made By Governor Baldwin Darley Warns Of Possible Gas Shortage FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1944 5"5S™S55!^SS^" • .. steadily;' he Kayis, n.nd''V slump in Aujrust in "j Hartford, July 28—(U P)—State Fuel Ad7nini.slr.itor Sclh W. Dar- Icy warns motorists that unless they conserve their Kasoline ra.tionH there will l>c a critical shortage of the fuel next month. . . '••' Available' 'supplies"arc a. Darley says the heavy Jnllit" : ' demands offthc Normandy impure responsible for the sh™ 0 " s and the druin will continue avT as the European fl^htln^ lantj * GIFTS |-Olt 4 SIIOWEKS, WILKO'S Hartford, July 28—(U P)—Gov. Baldwin has appointed Represent- •Hivc Arnold B. Hubbard of Middletown as a trustee of the Norwich Hubbard lllls the uncxpircd term Stale hospital until July Ilrst, 19-17. of Chester Bowles who resigned when he became National OPA administrator, The governor also has named Dr. John P. of Westport as a member of the State Board of N:i- mrcopathic Examiners until June IS. 39-17. He lllls the :erm o'f the late Dr. Frank 13. Smith of Bridgeport. PLAY CLOTHES PLAY SUITS S^8'^ J $398 CIGARETTE TAX RETURNS Boston, July 2S—(UP)—Massa- chusetts cigarette tax returns belie (lie cigarette shortage. The commonwealth received almost ?•!,000,000 in such taxes during the tremendously fir si six months this year. The llg- ure represents an increase of more thnn $22.000 over ihe corresponding period last year. time at "Bathing dont :r.:ss this big hit Tho Muriann islands covered by Magellan in were 1521. dis- Latest Hitler-Guderian Picture DENIED London, July 2$ — (UP Radio Tokyo quotes a Tokyo spokesman of tiie Japanese information office as denying that American nirmon taken;-prisoners of war had been executed. Presumably tbe announcement refers to recent Americ;i;i report.^ Libat nhe Japs had indicated they executed captured airmen .from B--D Superfortresses shot down during raids on Ihc Japanese homeland. SLACK SUITS . • " : V Keg. $J..'I8 ':' 996 . SHORTS lt«;ir. $3.98 $1.69 & $199 SLACKS llcg. S3.:i8 99c & §1.99 HALTERS Kt-K- -S1..0S $1.39 PINAFORES Kog. $-1.38 $3.29 SWIM SUITS We still have a big selection c-f swim suits in 1 and 2 pc. styles. Sizes 32 to 48. to $598 WILKO KNITTING MILLS -, , ,,73 SOUTH MAIN ST. NOTICE! TO OL'K NAUGATUCK STORK Ct'STOMKWS! Duo to wnV time condition*, wo are compelled to close our. >'uii- gutuck .store. CALL US For tho day our Koutc Mnn will ho on your stroi-t. Free Telephone Service For Nangatiiek Customers Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX l.iiiiiMJcrcr.s — Dry Cleaners 28 K. Muln St., IVntcrbury Muln Office » Plant, 22 \Vulnut St. Kxt. Wutcr'town — Nnugatuck Mlddlchury National inconic for the fii-st four •months of 30-1-1 tolaletl S-IS.'jn? mi'.- lioii, .•>« compared \vilh ?-iri,fi77 million the same period in 10-13, an increase -oO-S.7 per cor,,t. .. OBEATJCH SKMVIC.K from your clothes when Ilii-y nn: clrnniKl n>Kiil»rly by our expert workmen. Prompt »«-rv- D. LIEBERMAN 26 CHURCH STIiEET \ LEISURELY SHOPPING Mirror.-; . . - Artificial Flowers . . , Paintings . . . Statuettes - - • Spun Glass . . Pictures and picture framing CLYNE GLASS SHOP 20 Hiirriiion Avo. Wntorbury MICHAELS DIAMOND MERCHANTS fOR THREE GENERATIONS $100.00 v ', ( j.- ,Sf.v,IciI li'.v Cr ': 1 .' ."lo CmiiifUiiH'iit Her PIERPONT'S A im-rlcim <«ciii S(i<-l«t>- I."S» HAWK STRKET This is the most recent picture to have heen t;iki.-n of Hitler 'with Ci:n. Gtidi.-rian (to the right of Adolf) who appears to have lieeome Miller's fair-haired hoy in (hu iiurreiit military si-t-iip. Alsn, -at• the cxir»!ni! right, is l?ii-ld IMarshal Willu-lm Iveitcl concerning whose futc there hail hor-ii cuiisidi-rahlo mystery until srinmingly reliable (•vidi'tit'e from ncntn'r.! .sources picfim-d Kt-itel in friadly convorsn- tioii with Brnito Mussolini. Also in I'bis picture is Field Marshal vim Bock, whose oxnct role also has been n matter of rumor and conjecture. According to neutral sources, this Is the latest plioto of the . . _ quurtct. (InteriiulioimlJt Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334" $125.Ct $150.00 $200.00 All prices inc:iu! ••iO^o l-\"lor:il K;:clMt! T.I.N. ' Man has ever chosen the radiant brilliance of a diamond to convey the c.\<juisite thoughts of love. In its gleaming splendor lies the hope to tlic future; symbol of the years of united joy that are ahead. Michaels diamonds, \\-cll-vcrsed in the silent language of love, mskc a breath-taking reality of your troth, dicing in color clsrity, fiery depth, 60* cue and spirklinj beauty. Michaels invites you to consult them in your diamond purchase, for regard* less of price ;au may be certain in your choice. OTHER DIAMOND. RINGS " •'.-• i.'- $37.50 »o $500.00 ' YOU ttlFiK, AT NO IXTIU COST JEWEI:RS...$UVEKSMITHS SINCE 68 BANK STREET KEEP BACKING THE INVASION—BUY MORE BONDS

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