Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 16, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 16, 1968
Page 5
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Hope M Star SPORTS Reds Figure in Pennant By JACK HAND By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday's Results Cincinnati 7, Atlanta 5 Pittsburgh 8, New York, N, i Detroit 2, Philadelphia 1 / ssocialed Press Sports Writer caklahd 8, Washington 4, 10 TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - If Dave i nn i n g s Bristol wanted to be an alibi ar« Boston 3, Houston 1 tlsl he could have claimed the st. Louis 5, Minnesota 4 pennant in the Blue Cross Cleveland 4, Chicago, N, 3, 14 League last season. The Ctncin* innings nail Reds had so many hospital ' cases they almost bought their own ambulance. On June 18 when the club finally fell out of first place. Bristol had only 17 active players. "That's all ancient history," California 3, San Francisco 1 Los Angeles 4, Baltlmore2 New York, A, 4, Chicago, A, 2 Today's Games Atlanta vs. Oakland at West Palm Beach, Fla. Cincinnati vs. New York, A, said the scrappy skipper of the a ( Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Reds, at 33 the youngest manag- Houston vs. Minnesota al Goer in the majors. "Let's not c 0 a, Fla. shed any tears about what hap- LOS Ai poned last year. The Green Bay Miami, Ffa., night Packers lose guys and go ahead New York, N, vs. St. Louis at and win It anyhow." St. Petersburg, Fla. Turenn AH* Just for the record, it should Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh at '£::£' Independent Title Game Tonight Last night in the Independent Basketball Tourney the Coaches defeated Stamps with the score 85 to 81, High man for the Coaches was Hughes with 42points»f alley led for Stamps with 22 points* In the second game Perry's Truck Stop won over De Queen with ft score of 125 to 100, Odoffi led for Perry's with fl high of 28 and Glllespy with 28 for Da Queen* Tonight's game for third plac« starts at 7:00 p«m* between Stamps and De Queen, The title game for 1st place between Perry's Truck Stop and the Coaches gets underway at 8:30 Fort Myers, Fla. s. Boston at St. THKFF NFGROES who arc being counted on to help retain American track and field supremacy in the 1M8 Olympics arc sprinters Leo Kvans (lcft)Vml Charlie Greene (right) and high jumper Kd Caruthers. , N, Vs. San Francisco krAn^svs^Hlmorea. Mft-jB, Art^ ^ j( vs. Cleveland at be noted that Leo Cardenas, ciearwater, Fla. Pete Rose, Tommy Helms, Jim Chicago, N, vs. Cleveland at Maloney, Deron Johnson, Bill Scottsdale, Ariz. McCool, Deron Johnson, Tom- g an Francisco vs. California my Harper and Ted Abernathy at Phoenix, Ariz. all spent time on the iodine list. Boston vs. Washington at Wln- The injuries usually came in ter Haven, Fla. pairs. The loss of Cardenas, the Chicago, A, vs. Detroit at all-important regular shortstop, for 54 games with a broken left hand was the blow that hurt most. Despite the series of misfortunes that forced Bristol to juggle his infield, outfield and pitching staff, the Reds finished 12 games over .500 at 87-75 and were fourth, only four games A, at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. out of second and 14'/2 back of Monday's Games vs. New York, N, Houston vs. Oakland at Bradenton, Fla. Philadelphia vs. St. Louis at St. Petersburg, Fla. U.S. Needs Negro Athletes To Uphold Gold Standards Female Boy rot t tliilikely By IRA BERKOW NEA Sports Writer is also clear-cut in the 400- mclcr run. Olympic prospects in this event include Lee at Sarasota, Fla. Sunday's Games Atlanta vs. Washington West Palm Beach, Fla. Cincinnati vs. Baltimore at Miami, Fla. Houston vs. Minnesota at Orlando, Fla. Angeles vs. New York, Myers, Fla. Chicago, A, vs. Baltimore at V-he^gnnCbo^U T*.«™£ *ft , ft™ i. Sarasota, Fla. New York, ^ Reds at Mexico City, night TEGUCIGALPA, the Cardinals. No club in baseball made as many player changes as the Reds during the winter as General Manager Bob Howsam shuffled the roster and shook up the front office. Deron Johnson went to Atlanta, Art Shamsky to the New York Mets, Tommy Harper to Cleveland, Floyd Robinson and Darrell Osteen to Oakland, Sammy Ellis to the California Angels and Johnny Edwards to St. Louis. la return, the, Reds got Mack Jones and Jim Beauchamp from the Braves, Bob Johnson from the Mets, Fred Whltfleld, and George Culver from the Indians, bv the Olvmpic Project for "suauy cornpnseu of the 100- rasoui, nu. unmnn Ri«hf<! u •surfpqsfiit and 200-meter dash men and New York, A, vs. Mexico City Human Rights is successful. ^ { 600 . mctcr rc , team |s -- - ' T hc boycott led by Harry norma n y composed of the 400- Edwards, sociology instructor t d £ h men at San Jose (Calif.) State Col- , „, , i e n c ! S an nttemnt to net'- Negroes have also doml- (AP) - The Olymp a soccer JJg^ ISArn J r i can r5egrS ath, natecf annual competition in team of Honduras defeated the j ete<? not [Q part j c jp a f e j n tne the 110-meter hurdles. Rich- ai ron i*uut»u»i«, r». Dallaf ? Tor " ados ofrtne No ™ ganies. The reason, accord- mond Flowers of Tennessee is New York N v s . Oakland at American Soccer Leapw 2-1 f ng to Edwards, , 8 to draw the only white athlete who has new IOIR, n, va. v^uimiiu, Thilrcrtav n \irht n fln exhibition ...?..,.! _n »!..„ ... iu_ i r.nncicfon» V t nnn \3Jf\\ airnmst Honduras Bradenton, Fla. . Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh at NtWCfftPEB IMTMJPWti Thursday night in an exhibition world attention to the unequal consistently done well against treatment by the "white so- Negro h u r d I e rs like Willie ciety" of black Americans. Davenport and Earl McCul- Sprint star Tommie Smith, lolich one of the boycotters, said. In the long jump, Ralph "I'm not only willing to give Boston, Bob Beam on and up participating in Mexico Jerry Proctor are a long leap City, but I'd give up my life ahead of their white Ameri- if necessary to reduce can colleagues. Boston and bigotry." Beamon, however, have in- In the 1964 Games in Tokyo, dicatccl they would not adhere 01-P2KMAM •orroo surely be lost—the 100 and 400-meter dashes, and i,600-meter .ji jump and high N j three others would have diminished chances — the 110- meter hurdles, the triple jump and the intermediate hurdles. And In some of those events, it would be the Russians who would benefit most. Outdoor Notebook NEW YORK - I NEA) - In the bigger picture, the 20th century falls somewhere In the springtime of an interglacial. This means that the earth slowly is emerging from an Ice Age and sliding gently in a very long, hot summer. We've known for quite a few decades now that an awful lot of North American October This would be so inent in this event are Dav wildlife went down the drain even fthe proposedI boycott Morton, a college freshman, during the last glaciation. In fssucces ?ful and manv and Mike Mondane. None, n recent issue of "Natural Negroes do not comSete though compare to Tommie History." Dr. Paul Martin of X°JL ,° ±;™S -nH Smltt; Lee Evans or Vlnce the Unlverjlty of Artajw con. Matthews. U.S. whites, at this tended that more than a hun- writing, would rate little dred species of big game dis- chance against foreign stars appeared from this continent:-" Dr. Ncl Jackson, a Negro — Wyomia. Ty.iis In the 100- who heads the National AAU meter dash and Kdlth Matrack and field for women, gi,i rc | n the 200-meter dash, said there is no threat of .Maguire and Tytis teamed black women boycotting the w lth Wlllye White'and Marilyn 19fi8 Olympic Games In Mcxi- white (both also Negro) 'to co City. win a silver medal in the 400"All of the girls that I've meter relay, talked with," said Dr. Jackson, "said they would compete." Tytis. Wlllye and Marilyn White and other black women like Barbara Farrcll. Diana In the 1964 Olympics in Wilson and Janet McFarlunc ' Tokyo, American 'colored »'»" prominently for , women won two gold medals this October's Games. tv, oa n n- t. 0 H the 24 men s track and If Sftoe America won 3U gold medals to the boycott. Top U.S. high sons probably sociological (compared to 36 for the jumpers include Negroes Ed rather than physiological, Ne- U.S.S.R., which topped all Carruthers, Otis Burrell and groes rarely 'participate in other nations). Negro Ameri- Clarence Johnson. Each is events like the discus throw, cans won six gold medals in- rated superior to all other shot put and pole vault (in ., k ..,, ,„ vv.ivv\ !•„ i ........il, dlvidually, and figured proml- white U.S. jumpers. (John which white Americans won KOUT LAri')KIU)ALK, Mtt. (M'«A) l mieinuim ncntly in cap turing three Thomas, a Negro and past gold medals at Tokyo). Ilic baseball cap of.lqc. IVpitoive lies ulull la-mi <>l_ lu-sv others Olympic performer, said he In lhc ioo-mcter dash only hair. The Yankee llnko wears "bis con vertiblo coill HIT Fiyc of thosc individual would probably compete.) Jerry Bright of California, on the field, too. "He boiler slay mil of ."tfbls, _ muse-" medals were won in track and Two other men's track and among "white hopes," has Peppy's Hoir-Piece kid," said Bristol "He has the hands, the strong arm and knows how to handle pitchers." Bench had moved into the No. 1 job before Edwards was trad' ed to the Cards. If he comes through as expected, Don Pavletich will be his backup man. The infield is set with Lee May, a fine 1967 rookie, at first base, Helms at second, Cardenas at short and Tony Perez, the All-Star game home run hero, at third base, Perez led the Reds With 2G homers and 102 runs batted in last year. : Vada Pinson will be in center and Rose, shifting to a new posi- 'tion each year, moves from left 'field to right. Left field probably will go to Jones, the ex-Brave, with competition from Bob •Raudman and Alex Johnson, The hottest hitter of the spring has been Beauchamp, still on a minor league roster but apparently recovered from his old shoulder trouble, "Wo were predominantly a right-handed hitting club," said came close to wiping out the or Clifton Forbes of Jamaica, els. shrub oxen, horses, and The 400- and 1,600-meter re- many others, lay teams would also be ap- The important thing, says preciably weakened since the Marl in, is the, possibility thai sprinters usually' make iip man. not ice. was responsible, these teams. Countries like AS remote in time as this Trinidad, Jamaica, Poland may seem, it has direct bcar- and West Germany would j n g on modern man and his then be favored. role as a hunter. Ron fompkins from the A's, Bill "bj "'jV Haloi, "Honk." "That's Ilic lirsl Ihintf ''<! ««» r<)r fleW"cventsr the "other "went "io Held events have Negroes as i : un"'c°onsisVen7ly "weir'in Via"- -. R j c h m on d Flowers has According to John Madson Kelso and Jorge Rubio from the .!)' k i|mt hairim-tv riuhl oil' him," ... Joe Frazier, the only Ameri- leading American contenders, tional meets. But he.has never bcatten l °P Negroes.m the 110- of Olm s Conservation Depart- A 1 H Pof Cnr rains are! «uii* umi nm, |/iv.\.\ ..(-,•••' _ ,..,_,_ ,_, _ ? i mi »u_4..:_i_j . ...:n. , . ,. .. <• »T mpmr h urn IPS : Jimmy Williams from the Cards. The most important rookie in the Reds' camp is Johnny 'When Tom AYO,SKO,H, me "™ *""""* "'""> "•"':{' were Negro and two memoers or wu-meier nuraies w.in ion J5rdoni Olympic „„„„ Bench, a 20-year-old catcher ^^^!^i^^ ' , M r i \Vv -LI, t of the 1,600-meter team were Russ Rodgers and Andy Bell, coach, "and it sometimes hap- While u.a..mgii J«»'H«rs a| « - b , B „ • who ht 23 home runs but batted y^SS^^^. .nllnc.K-e of .h.c-K Nu-kl s black The gold-medal win- The basketball team, even pens with sprinters that all of like Frank Costello, John Do- TolT t he r e aT-e 42 rare only 259 for Buffalo last season. ' ^^WSHHPK <m ns t-arly nm-or (luy n ing U.S. basketball team had without Negro participants, a sudden they mature and are broth, Ed Hanks and Dick *°**y\ » n ™ ed m j mr nals IS 0 %onc,, 1 o* sUke ar M Uo al ^jARBB^ "IS "ir^lt!; Ijj" 11 "" °" " S 12 ' raa " SSSJ. C .h^ ,o S Tof S! *M «P U*» w,,h ,h. b-, ; " »*«* -« a-ng u. be sl ^ ^^ --I- «,f his carlv H u c k o y i- "Since the trials for 1968 players as Lew Alcindor, 'J* 0 J!^' ™°"f } ' "/'J-' 11 cboros XVHS'cmUlviim for haven't been held yet." said Lucius Allen and Mike War- 3 nJst ^ F oes - Without our colored ii"V(Jol(lfn Monr ' 'I'oiu Payton Jordan, Olympic track rcn will detract from the comDemlonFl^^nnmMtt' J um P« rs - the g° ld medal • n lip from'Nk'klans coach, "we really don't know quality of the squad. ^|"^^j amaica P ^ } Nash of M, u. „ .u o, '".^e^Olympjcs^even South Africa and Roger Bam- m . , nwrlfl .,^ Knnm m A1IS . responsible for en; species through in.. _ ate killing. But to- jump, the gold medal there ( i aVi O f t | ie endangered mam- certainly would go to Igor Ter- ma |s, about 30 are hunted for Ovanesyan of the U.S.S.R. or some reason, says Madson. Lynn Davies of Great Britain. .. . m . . . No U.S. whites are compare- Abo ." . 19 a . re . hunte , d com ' wo tn th*m mercially i whales and seals) Die 10 mem. op because tney arc a threat The triple jump is one of to man's interest (wolves and rosuuiy are UIIIUIIK nit UCM :, , - . «=•. . , 1A in the world, though a notch this hemisphere, and 110 spe- below the star American Ne- cies of rare and endangered birds. Is man, the hunter, responsible? probably'go to either Yes and no> A few decades buck of Franco. same competition in the 200- I/in oonlmstlo his ohl "'^ Q|1 recent past per . appeaVTo havelhe edge.'""""" S^W^Iright^Bob R^ .puinly nlliUHlc-wnon ni'ji f or mances, projection be- "The top prospect," said Dalton LeBlanc and Fred Kul- jusl sk-p up niul xvhni'K C omes less difficult. Just Duffy, "is a Negro, James ler are no match for Negroes llu- ball \vilh Ibo Hrsl t-lnh check the charts and one sees Wallington, a 139-pounder, in that event. Ihnl ntnii' lo inhul. . , . that in track and field, espe- But neither he nor any of the .. The best wnite on his best Valentin Gavrilov of Russia or Lawrie Peckham of Australia. Without Ralph Boston ago. the hunter was almost entirely Tom Weiskopf America's weaker track and grizzliest. Only 10 are of infield events, and even with terest to sportsmen and these American Negroes Art Walk- are rare types of bighorn er and Charley Craig, the top sheep, dwarf elk, etc., and prize is expected to be taken they seldom, if ever, are by any one of three Russians hunted today. for some of our deals. Now we have added left-handed hitters like Jones, Whitfield and Rairi- nvin, Kelso, Culver and Tomp playing Bristol "That was the reason men on llrsl ami si-nnul wlu-n a luuil was scooped up by While, lie s.arlc.l U, throw .0 llnnl o en oil he lead runner, luil il WHS IIKI la e. lie luine lo ^.UIHI, but the runner llu-iv was alreiicly xliilniK in. My Ibis mm-. . , | u * no louder had a play al lirsl eilber, -so \\w hases \\en- Kins give us more depth to our loudeil. Mill held UK- ball, looUed down al il and i-lmied pitching staff, himself, "You know. Dark mitjlil I'uve had MIIIH-- "The four regulars will be ihinH." • • • Jim Maloney (15-U), Milt pap- , n ' (ni? Sttnu , ,>uinif vt-ln, (.'url Hl*(»ry «f !tu> Orioles, who pas (1643), Mel Queen (14-8) » e iu'r»llv had big tlu.vs agalnsl the Yankwi. drew lhc collHr and Gary Nolan (14-8). The fifth £ |M? ^dernoon with -VI Downing wn Ihe muMnrt, Vision Howard starter will come from Billy behind Ihv plwH' and ttmmvlt .^shfwrd as IhP wnmn- "raJ McC'ool (3-7), Gerry Arrigo (6- c(lHn< . P j },»«," sputlrrrd Rlefar.v, "wllh a *o»il torn [ hi-r pltph; 6), Culver (7-3 with Cleveland), ing, a soul brother catching »nd » soul brolbf r i-alling cm, ho-9 at Vancouver) . . . Frank Robinson, silling nwl IP htm, spoke up softly. |l I fill VlfCMTV* f»»»^-**»*'»»»* »-• -. A|_' fA & 3 •'**<»»*• »*-rTT- T -.needs of modern baseball, In the 100-meter dash, won can mean in their future. And are those same tough inter- live positions-all three in (he outlaid, second in the last Olympics in rec- they don t want to give up this national stars as in the 100. d-wifh major league 'ability, "(liven ord time (10.0) by U.S. Negro onc e .in-a-Ufetinje c ' ia " c ,, e ' Mike Larrabee, a white -. - D . „ , t „ . ,,,,.„,, fhcOrioe manager, "beca isc you're Bob Hayes, America's pros- After all few if any have the American, won a gold medal or two Pol e s - u J ..^ of , lh 9,, C ?,n a hl^ip«? T.«.". ««Jr"«rf riiitine down on vour ueots now are all black: Wil- college education that some of , n the 196 ^ Games in the 400- What would be the gold birds, only 20 can be classi- medal prospects in men's fied as game birds, and they track and field for America if are carefully protected, its Negro athletes did not par- Environmental change, ticipate? says Madson, is the greatest From a long-range perspec- threat, live it appears that chances '•'.'. for seven gold medals would blger pi ching staffs now »nd culling down on your pects now are all black: WiL coege eucaion a some o , th 19M Gam e S i n the 400 lie Turner, Jim Hines, Charlie he other Negro athletes me ter dash. He .was 29 then, bonch strength, ... • imuwi. JUM «*inva, wnm-.v- .-T- --— ,._„,_ „,..,_,— meiyr ua»u. nis.w«a «» mcn, M I i t«: H «r±4!X"f..t sf^?S3ti: K'^^satatssas K^SiS nnlionul slir by insiniuilniH mm .No^ni pin>* - s . ""'" l 200-meter dash. Each appears Olympic team in most of the try. And no one is giving him fmuMion us wi'll in chilch silnutions. Mill \\ inu- \\as sym p a theUc to the boycott. eve nts to be held in the 1968 a'chance in '68, either, nhivinu lirsl bnsi-for Si. Uonis ul lbi ( linns I hnv NVIMV ' ThB sime rioritv of Negroes Games at Mexico City in Other whites who are prom- The superiority of Negroes Games at Mexico City in Other whites who are prom Tompkins , anxj John Tsitouris (17-7 at San Diego)". The four starters are rignt- handers so Bristol would like to j w _ ..._ come up with a southpaw for 54.,,^,,^. 'I'lu 1 play nilU'il lor .\\i\i\ lo run up. Ibr HiHlilli-. .. — r«i_ _i U »,«« « ft4n/~*nAl .?|»,,.... ... f .'... .. it i • . i I • . I..I. ..\i:i. ,% T uw yuu know ho\v it is for'VS in Ihosp olher games." Alan AHlii- tlu- (ulor who's unikin^ lilu- n j|iuirliTb;irli lor "Tlu' Pnjwr 1.ion." lihuing nl Hw'iMluluu. «ol a lash- of what Ibr ival Ibiny iniot bv likv in 0111- : No. 5. That wuW mean McCool, a reformer relief m * n » or Ari 'i- go. Ted Abemathy (6-3), the sub- mirine ball-throwing veteran, is the bullpen |ee. Ifelso (5-3 with the Angels) shoujlc} egse his bur- 4en. Abernatby v?s W 70 ajtnoiigh be roisset} time a^ injury |o ftfey. NV r.lu'u-U Wiillon blovUinj4oul liiu-bwkrr Miki- TlH' bvo Di-lroil l.Uin iTgulai> MO! logi-lhvr ami lUvuk-jl lo "opvn Ihv «aU-s" on Alila for a yag. .U Alda Ini'kfil llu- ball miuVr bi.s arm. Walton sIvppvU asi;k\ And UK-IT i-anu- Liivi-'i. '4'<W jwaimU. barrrling al bint umlvr a full lusul of sli-aiu. "I could M-V bi* v.Vi's* M 1 ' f'll uliiu-." ^rjnnvtl MiUi-. ywy'tt'iiu*. c-oaeh JOA- J&hjuidt of Jbi* Woos still The s the known owl going Flowers ivraleri. Fornwr Olympic champion

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