Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 8, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1963
Page 16
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By mm Newspaper Enterprise Assn. In spite Of air-conditioning devices, the -elMtrle tort in some torn 6t ether is still a primary mc&fM of obtaining warm weath- ef comfort. lilost modern fans have tear* ings that need very little oiling *~ or none at all. if fans need Oiling, they will have oil cups or oil holes for this purpose. Light machine oil should be used sparingly oft this type fan. x Motor brushes need renewing on occasion. These are small carbon blocks, each held in place by a small spring. To locate them, look for small plastic caps COOLING TIP Ksep windows a\ongs\de fan closed Comfort that screw into the motor casing. With fan disconnected, remove the cap and examine the brush. If the end is worn and is becoming concavte, replace it. Check for broken springs, too. the Big Coolers Larger exhaust fans, either window-mounted or placed in the ceiling, will pull cool air through the entire house. These are kept in use through the night, when outside air is cooler. These fans replace the warmer air inside. Effectively done, your home can remain cool through the daylight hours, too. Window fans are large affairs that are designed to be an open window with the full opening or complete removal of one unit of the window. Choose your location carefully. If possible, use the window in an upper floor on the sunny side of the house. Then open a window on the shady side of the house so that you replace warm air with cool air. Keep windows adjacent to the fan closed. If you leave them open, air will simply move from the window alongside the fan right out through the fan again, without ventilating the house. An attic fan also moves the air, only more efficiently. It should be installed so that air is drawn I ft t w k RECLINING CHAIR ADJUSTS 1& SEVERAL POSITIONS SIZED fd Pit STANDARD * 2.4** 72" CUSHION r lUf P ROM k* EXTERIOR PLVWOO0. ASSEMBLE WITH CONTINUOUS HINGES FRAME AND BRACES ARE I * 2'# WITH DOWELS SAND WELL-PINISH WITH SPAR VARNISH CLIP AND. SAVE j Don't Neg Trees and through the entire house. The fan should be high and centrally located. In a one-floor house, place the fan in the ceiling, centered under the roof. In two-floor homes, it can go in the ceiling of the second floor, at the top of the stairs. There should be exhaust openings in the attic — in the roof, gable ends, under the eaves — or, perhaps, a special dormer louver should be provided. Openings should be screened. If the fan is mounted in the wall of the attic, all other attic openings should be sealed so the fan does not simply pull air through the attic. Windows on the lower levels of the house should remain open during the night so that cool air can enter to replace the hot air being pulled out. r By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeafures .ft QUESTION: I have been readying for years about the effects of jcolors on the size of rooms and the moods of people, but never paid much attention to them. Now I am ready to do an extensive painting job and would like some help on the use of color. ANSWER: On the fundamental •side: light colors reflect more tJight and tend to make things appear larger than they really are. ; Dark colors absorb light and thus make objects appear smaller and i heavier. To make a small room seem larger, therefore, paint the walls a light, cool color such as pale blue, lilac or a light aqua. Paint the walls a deep shade of one of the otimulating colors, such as coral, if you want a large room to have a sense of intimacy. A long, narrow room can be made to look larger' by painting the side walls a light cool color, such as blue-gray, and the narrow walls a deep warm shade, such as dark rose. Unattractive features in a room can be minimized by painting them the same color as their background. A gray radiator, for instance, will be inconspicuous if the walls of the room also are gray. As for the mood idea, it is generally believed that blues, blue- greens, blue-grays and violets have a cooling, restful effect; that reds, pinks, oranges, etc., are emotionally stimulating; and that dark colors, when used too extensively, can be depressing. fiivai/ TO _ INSURE AGAINST FIRE Commercial ft Domestic Fire Insurance Ask About Our Home Own e» Policy Plan. Insurance Phone 342-3414 220 Hill Arcade Outdoors Put Inside Home What's the easiest way to blend indoors and outdoors in homes with large areas of glass? A simple way, says an outstand- PATIO NEEDS PRIVACY—When a patio is exposed to view, privacy screens like these are in order. Airy design is made by nailing lxl inch western red cedar horizontally to a framework of cedar 2x4s. The lxls are spaced a half inch apart. Use 4x4s for .posts, and let screen weather silver grey. ing architect, is to bring the wood perform a marriage of indoors siding of the exterior into the home as a wall paneling. This is vety effective when the wood has a saw texture. The most widely used exterior siding is either western red cedar or Douglas fir and both of these woods have a fine beauty of grain and texture which add immeasurably to the decor of any room. By bringing the saw textui'ed wood siding, whether board-and- batten or bevel style, into the home, the architect explains, you and outdoors by means of this subtle tie. You may only wish, says the architect, to use this siding in the walls of the room nearest the large glass area, which would probably be the living or family room. Since wood is a natural substance it ties in well with any shrubbery, trees or greens in the garden and helps blend the home with its surroundings as well as bringing the outdoors and its beauty into the home. Loaning Cash Now Plentiful This is the year to buy a new home. More mortgage money is available today at lower interest rates than at any time in recent years, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. Many private lending agencies have cut their rates from the previously prevailing figure of 5V2% to 5V4% and as low as 5% in some instances. The trend to lower interest rates on home loans is national and rates may drop further this year, said the Journal. What this means to the prospective home buyer is simply a good money bargain — dollar savings. At the same time, home buyers make a real investment because dollars put into a home purchase can be regained in the future, while dollars for rent are spent. READ THE WANT ADS! PROTECTION from Eaves Drainage , • • with SPLASH BLOCKS — ALSO Parking Shock* Patio Stones # Scallop Border See them now at , . t Gilesburg 342-2813 If you transplanted trees and shrubs this spring don't ignore them during this critical dry weather. You have improved your transplanting ''luck 11 if you follow these suggestions, says Fulton County Farm Adviser, Leo Sharp. 1. Removed one-fourth to one- third of the branches to make up for roots ,lost in transplanting. 2. Wrapped trunks of trees to prevent moisture loss ^and sun- scald, starting at the ground level and continuing up to the first branch. Use either burlap or commercial tree wrap paper. 3. Staked newly planted trees to keep them from being whipped and loosened by high winds. Wind whipping can keep tree roots from becoming re-established. Be sure and fasten the tree to stakes on both sides of the tree with wires. Use* 2 by 2 or 2 by 4-inch stakes. Loop the wire around the tree in three places — where the first branches start, midway down the trunk and about six inches from the ground. Use plastic tubing or rubber^ hose to keep wire loops from cutting the bark. Keep the wires tight. Soak Ground During this dry weather soak the ground around your tree regularly. Overwaterin£ to the extent that it excludes air from the soil will damage the plant. On the other hand, frequent shallow watering only encourages shallow root development, which harms the plant during this hot, dry weather. Water slowly and thoroughly, soaking the soil to a depth of eight to 10 inches. A basin around the new planting helps hold moisture close to it. After you water for 15 minutes, dig to see how deeply the water has penetrated. Then you'll know how much time is required for deep watering under your conditions. 5. Don't apply fertilizer now to newly planted trees. Wait until early this fall — mid September to late November .— after growth ends and before freeze-up. In late summer — mid-July to mid-September — fertilizer application only stimulates late growth that does not have a chance to "harden off" before killing frosts. fa Treat Strawberries After the fruit is gone from your strawberry plants, or if you have renewed your beds, fertilize liberally and prevent leaf damage from aphids and spider mites to check virus diseases. Among recommended treatments' are applications of Kelthane, Tedion, Ethion and Trithion. It is important to control weeds and grass in strawberries. Hand cultivation is a tedious, time- consuming chore. Chemical weed control is worth trying. Apply Sesone (among other chemicals) at the rate of 5 level tablespoons in 10 gallons of water to spray 1,000 feet. Cultivate cleanly before applying Sesone, whch is a premerge. READ THE WANT ADS! By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeaturcs A caboose, says ttie dictionary, is "a frdgftt-trdin car, usually attached to the rear, mainly for the use of the train crew and Workmen." A caboose, Say the Skel* tons; is a beach house on Bolivar Peninsula overlooking the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston/ Tex. The Skeltons know what they are talking about. Their beach house IS a caboose. Furthermore, it's a red, white and blue caboose that has become something of a landmark in only one yean Obtained from F»rm The idea for this unusual week* end vacation retreat started with an equipment hauler who had obtained the caboose from a salvage firm. Would Mrs. Skelton be willing to spend $100 for. the old railroad car? She would. But first she'd have to consult her husband, Max, ^Associated Press correspondent at "Houston. After he had stopped laughing, he began to see some merit in wife Keeter's plan to use the caboose for a beach house, especially when she convinced him it would be cheaper than buying or building one. About one month and $350 later, a housemover had the caboose atop six-foot pilings on the Skeltons' sandy lot. At,a salvage shop, Mrs. Skelton found railroad car light fixtures, hooks and shelves—solid brass at 35 cents • a pound. Max was able to find and buy, at 4 cents a pound, a 400-pound . railroad signal post with red, green and amber lights for the front gate. The cupola that sticks above the main roof was retained, but was converted into what probably is the coolest* (eight windows) and coziest bedroom along the Texas coast. 4 Convert Room The caboose is 34 feet long and 9 feet wide. There are two rooms 18 by 9* and 6 by 9. Six closets are between the two rooms and benpath the cupola. The small room was x converted into a complete bathroom with tile shower and electric^ water heater. One side of the long room had two built-in bunks and a desk. These were ripped out and replaced with an apartment gas THE MAX SKELTONS of Houston make tracks on hot summer days to their beach house, a railroad caboose the couple bought* moved and converted into a colorful, comfortable vacation retreat. range, a double sink, a cabinet with eight electric outlets, and a breakfast nook. The other side had been lined with three bunks. The center one was ripped away to provide space for a refrigerator. The other two were retained as daytime couches and nighttime bunks. A 12 by 26 foot porch was tied across the front of the caboose. The area beneath the porch and the caboose was screened in on all sides, providing one large multipurpose room with four day beds, redwood table and benches, barbecue pit, and a large second­ hand freezer Mrs. Skelton found for $20. -r She was able to rescue about $300 in shubbcry from the paths of bulldozers clearing right of way for freeway projects. The 5,000 bricks that became the downstairs floor and the side(Continued on page 17) JOHNS*MANVIUI INSULATION Your Neighbor 8ayi Call WHITE'S — 342*0183 NEW CHARM! NEW SHADING EFFECT I NAVAC0 PATIO COVER • m Mi I 4«k THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Laundry • For Both • for Kitchen With an WATER 50FTENER Galesburg Soft Water Co Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III. No more darkened corners — soft, diffused light enters tkm ternating translucent Vinyl panels! • Sturdy aluminum struction to minimize sun heat and endure all kinds of weather! Units have concealed drainage,system — aluminum finished in white baked enamel! — translucent green Rigid-Vinyl panelsl Projections up to 1? — any length! • Choice Of trkn xotom No unsightly under structure! GALESBURG CANVAS PRODUCTS 187 W«t U >My Strocfr 343-9384 REMEMBER LAST WINTER? THINK AHEAD r Protect Your Cor NOW With o RIGID by KIRK'S QUALITY MATERIALS 1000 Monmouth Blvd. 0) ROW! OVERHEAD DOORS • §" SIDING « IOXIO EAVfS • •" OVERHANG • W ROOF SHEATING f 15 STANDARD STOCK SIZES Spring GARAGES LITTLE AS NO MONEY DOWN UP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY LUMBER CO 1104 MONMOUTH BLVD. p \ i I

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