Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

r ftf r CM BAM Sixty Tears ffce Standard t No Alum •— No Phospliate' BIRTHDAY DINNER Given in Honor of Miss CordfS a! the i Monsc "f Hrr S'*ter. Mrs. Pratt, «7F5 fTVi<1 ,j -Ml SOCIAL AFFAIRS j THE BASE! SOCIAL GAVE A BOX SOCIAL R.ening At The Adv,- v n*«> School Ti,;.:;(•; By MUS Ribordy. '•"!•!. Ml^ ItH.i-t.!-. .!!' , M... Given At The Rivc-rdalc Srlioil - Last Evening Was Vciv - „ Successful. < It n kef BIRTHDAY DINNER Given At Th« Horn* Of Mr. 'And Mrs Ch.irfes Ro«fngrcn. Mi , MM Mi •; i I:', i '• -- (;-...'iiai.;)i •!.-• iii-lf I >•!!!« |.|: Ttllfil :!'• <>'.•:> T|>lll>- i!l'. If \\,\t l!l V'lTlnl lit' 'If. 1 -' t!"Si-tt- :',!''!!" !i||llill:|l Ml. alid,M. ir - '".Illli'i Shi !il"M ,'Ht'l f.'Hiulv Mit'l Air, MH'f Alt*. .\!1.«-|! l:l«-.iin Ml ill dillKltti-r. ol' Ijiif'k '•',i)!« u ( i < ' ,ut!>'tie. iln".'f \vho f njiivi-i! I l'i- ,ilf:itl WORLD-WIDE GUILD Were Entertained Last Evening at the Home of Mr». Hihkle. Tlif >."int! ladle* i>f \Vnrld-Wide lulld ii? tin' I'HM |!.ipt|sl thuie.h, to. •-.Mlnr with !t)"it hnslnnd.'-' ;tnd friend* •.vero <-ntert:iined ituiMt delixht full v. ins;} vi isim: .it tlii- linMir of .Mr-,* Italph Hmkle. . M.u«ie ;ind i;;t!Ji'"- ptovlded the i-tiii'i•}':iinTn< n! foi the eienini;. at. the , In-... nf whieh relresliinent-'. were .«ITV- Graduate 1 of the best eye in the world Glasses a* tow ns $2.00 FIRST CONGREGATIONAL, T '• ! • •• :(! »([<• !•'.(•< • I '>.!•.;.-! f ^:Mi« ii-iT'ii ." a'firr y. IT iis.Mi'1'' 1 uf -. n-!.i; 1 ! i UK < I !U ( '. Il .'I f ~ fr.« Mr iV T irrvjte-! fii tln> <.f file ehltrrh i !•• r t>(ti!" M!8<^1\ will mr'.-t -it !t'« h'iJTii . .'ii,.' \\"i-st l-^Vfiith Mi.iid:iy afti't iit'on ;it lhr'-<- The )es*r»n •(,!- M'.ndav wdl t*< 'i« •>:«!' d r.- tin• l.-it, in. !hi)ii«. of i '. i i\ II P 1 --- hy e\p*>| t .! i n f: hie v will i»*- ru Uf :i T> tli '.ti). 7th iind v'th J^alnts. All Kendinr Ml--« '•:'.!.i HI i lertu:- •MJ;\l!i;;!i'|, "Asiiii !'• " - * •• !!• .1 •. V iSiliti '-nl" l.'in Ii ' ' nfi- i l-'/lk il.iie e Tin. •• 1-i.v l*n|k d:iit< ••. ' I Si••• ">'..':! | -ll.v. . « I •••, 'I H.. , :''!;•;!- • S« n>:. Tin 1 •"•',•• I'ii'i - s> ; .'i 'r''t*ls-* i iii^^-ov, i * it -titii .iiHjl i^i.'x;. HIM'. "iHjr Ilili'! <;i:l' >!.ii|oo .' ; ! T - Th. itii;.. , i, ! 11 i; " t n: i i' 1 11 nhii Ktr.'ill Hnri iln'i Kufh I 1 i-.n-i. y.i . ivn M' .•>• i U. j*i''f J ?!.-!>'. -Illl! Atj'-SI'M -,iK .llili l.ii,'ii-c HllM'fl. i'l A SURPRISE PARTY • Given At The ^c'mc Of Mr*, Carlson In Honor-O' He' 1 Botht.iiy, Mrs. I' A iipi \hi it * • , MRS. DAVIS^ENTERTAINED Tl-r Ousy BPCS Ln»t Evrning At Her Home On Fourth Ave. *d ' • I I.! I i > ' i n I' i! i ! i u 1111 i 11 i \ i • 111' • I • i •>!,,• ii' h-'l :-lllii x ;i\ >-. limit i-liiss ill 1 t|ji. I'l'in!', ' Hull h .'It her Imilie la.vl ev<*ll- ii'c Th" f'-j:nl,ir liiiHln<'<<.>< \v,-i«< iraiiK- 11 ' i . * i rti { ! iif n H ici'l'N Ii ir the i 'i ill! i UK 1 > i' V, ' I i' i TI-it I'd ;l -i 11 ill* '\\ .'. \l'->- •'i •• ii! • {'.'.led!'' l!!>' : ^l"r, >' 1-11 i 'f\ ."'.Ion,! Slt-x. I'orothv shi'inian. if the Hull. \vhii'!i « -it ; fiitnietlx "J!u-\ lii'O," WIIM rliitllK- •d i" ti," "Cti.iii |,..n C|.i>.>." After •|l = - on-, tin:- ilari'.ry I .-ft |.,..|iiiii-nt M . were i«'-rii'd :>.!ul th<' rein.'tlnd>'f' of the e\'rii" iiu; >|" nt in "ivliu; a program \vhleh •i.n-j-i.,1 i,) |- ( •I'li'i'tii.nv, vocal "Kilos and v. ••• i—itTin-h l>\ all. ^/ ENTERTAIN J. T, CLUB '!'> <• I'll! I I Al'.o tli" n.itri' b\ inl i M '.' j •! i'; t.-.. i s i! i > ,i! i i iii'iiii ,:t hi i it.- .«;> tlie^ t:i\..n La ». -Ewenina at the Home pf Mii» Nev<i Terhune. GAVE A STAG DINNER L.-ut Evening At. The Home Of W. T. Jpnning* On Fourth Avenue. U T .I.'ii/iin^H ple.i.i.inllv I'litet (allied .ll'iill! l>l^llleen f| li'llil;; last CVeniiit: :it a ^t.u; patty. The tnlil" \v,'i.** r,itrd in jihjl; und" nd :i hil'Ke ho!imiet/«if earnn- ' lh>Nc»>ntt«- ijiXe. -\fterthe e\ eiii)?K ENTtRTAINEDAT DINNER Mrs. Wayne Lee Delightfully Entertained Last Evening. Mr*. Wayne |iiea»anll.v enter- ';:iii''<l at a «i\ O'I-|IM-|< Olntier lant r-v*»- iih>>t .it her huliie on Kir.M avriiiic*. Mis." viei Irnile (Inekc an<! Minn Mildred Ix'f. After tlli' flint!"! 1 the lelliattldi'l- of the .-MII:>-- Tfu- M|iiilar mi<l-\VM'k in^rHrs '•'ill l>< --.'I ThurMlriy rvi-!iin« tit hnlf- :-aSt -i-'i ('TI r, Y!'il K. • Stlhje.-t filt" lliH- • •IIVM|,IH will tic "The 'M'tirrh f'a|.f>r and iisi Missionary MssttiixliH-s." 2 Tim * !3. Thf Vrtitn^ Ladies' Mi<>slotii>ry Snc|et\ will niT'«t \vrHt-Mls* I-Mith Unrlcleli. LENS *VUH socially. DANCE HELD AT WALNUT. A niiriilier of |K<H|I|I' went to of .\li>.. luui I |>i l;-i, n as Hi hull 'at l-sun's Iji! thi!.i.\. . ..Aiitjiii- ,» di'll*~l<iti» hlili'llenlt >v.i!* ' f t:\«-nin(; ilt 'till' T'.TliU lie. <'.llil lii'.'llitflul |ijv.s(-tif» ,'t!l(l I hi 1 ,^_ ^|ypj-^ r»Tnrt r ~nTf!Tr'y7" T\vi-l\<- ^ i-HJiiycil III!' ,'if- iliiys. i iiin\ Genuine THERMOS Products time— -, Bottles, Carafes, Lunch Kits, etc. And they stay seasonable all year round I ForThermos .is useful at any time, anywhere, by any member of the family. Yes, they keep food and drink hot, without fire, for twenty-four hours; cold, without ice, for "seventy-two hours. And we're proud to show you the trade-mark stamped on every piece— that shows it's the original, world ~~ See our SPECIAL DISPLAY this The Sterling Pharmacy Co. 306 first Avenue Ualnut last nmhl to attend a daneinu t'lirty held in the opera Inuine of that \illtiiic. Had wiather kejit many from ;t i!i.Htam'e fi on) attcndltiK. lln'M-vet, a troud .si/i'd c tn\vd was present and .1. iin fi| until 'IOIIK | ;iM the inlilnlk'ht hniu Kterlitn^ initcU-iaHM l!irni::lied the linisfc. W. R. C. SEWING DAY. The n-Kuliii- Neuintf ilil>' of tliiV "\Vo 1".* Fourth .netine. op lYiday iff'r- iifiili ,it three oVIoi'M. FIRST M. E. ?-"..i\ |../for Kir-it M. Iv. chined, <-oi - ti« r l.tirndttay und Fifth <rtml. Hnndfly t.s fidl'iivs: .riuniliij Kt hool nt 9:4'>, and Pica**- do in.* forg-ft your thank ofli?r- Inn lor the f,;lke Itlilff OrplwitftHe, MorntiiK woi>iliip tit Jo: Ii. A chnlk 'alk to the Jimlni I'oiifjreKiition hy Hai i v Thomux. followed hy :i prrmon .iy tlu> paMor, \lv\-, (ilis. Knltjeel, 'Paul's Ideal <'hriHtlan." .Kpiiot-tli I.efiKiie at 7 Mill p. m., leaders', HU'hiird Thnm.i.« and Uavld I^n^el. KvenhtK latioti" Mrs. J. \V. Ak'J.otiald will ,iave (harpe nf (he music. Imth ntiirn- nt? and evening. Hpeelal musii- hux '••en arrnjiKfl lor. und n cordial imitation^* extended to rill to eome "TTrtd worship at llromlvvny. FIRST BAPTIST Knlph V, Hinkle, pimtiir. .Mis" Ma:>el I'hllllpH, oruanlnl. H. ||. Crawford, stmdfiy !^i hool Stipt. Hsindav .School n ;.:3". Morn I tit; worship fit \i):4!i .Junior sermon, "The Hoy Who Took Off lit* Hiu. % .,|Jci;ulu,r «ei-t»on. "The SpintiisiJ Post i f U'di." U. \. |>. f I can save you from25c to $1.00 on each duplicate lens-quickly and guarantee it to}-be a perfect match. Open Saturday Evenings. it ii.."tii. Kv<>nltiR w n» 7 ;;!*». iiion. ;-The High Aim." This t'x th First Avenue and East Third St., Sterling-, 111. - Over Obermiller's Store Bell Phone 10f-W S *ss AS CONVOYS Steriinj ifl the Tlwt Th.irt. i,|> "J*|i-. al I'onier 5th Hi, n ml fit h Ave. 10 a, m.. ItiMe Krhno); n ,'i, tn.. worship. ,«*erinnn U. A. It.' hall. At noon a picnic dinner \v:-,s .sfcvt d. and a KOOI! attendatU'e \V;IK r CHURCHES j NOTlfcE TO MINISTERS. : The Gazette mutt request the. pastor* of the various churches to get-- their Sunday notices to this office on Friday afternoon to insure publication in the church column on Saturday. Th* notices are received so late on Saturday that it- is impossible to handle them without .crowding out other newa. It is just as easy to send the notices in earlier in the week and it would be , a great accommodation to the jumper. Please do not telephone the ~ in o' , xnhjert. "Kmerson." Hon. ,lar- \i.s Uin.smoore wil npoak. Mr. l)ln«. inore has niiule n life «tndy of "Knie.r- NOII" and It will h» worth wjille lij |I«?HI- hint. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN.' British Destroyers Accompany \ All Merchantmen That' Leave Bergen. ; FEAR_ ..GERMAN- U-BOAIS lational Bank Strongly er The Torpeoing Of VestselsT r. Humlny H< hool, them to the office. FOURTH* ST. METHODIST. \S'. l,.^» 'ulllti. | iLsiiir. KliniM' K, AliisU-nl Uircciui-, MIH.H McnwiiiBor, or- Snniltiy Si'lidiit til !i;30. Tin- 'Hock df l!t'V('tuti(iiis Mi|ijiliox ihc< It's*>n for ilit' ailult (ti'piii'tiiK'dt." This it- Hit- ninNi (IIHii-iili yet tln> iHKwi (HH- '•iiiiiiiii'r n| ;ill lot. hunks of I!M' hibiu, •iinl Hit 1 only one for Ui' 1 HturSy of.whli'l* I lie ,\i:i.«M'i: iHIHNi-l! oU'cfll il .'('Ward tfrailcil li'SHiiiiN of cijujil .intci'i'.st i;i oth- T llt'l'IU IIIHMjtH. ,\l'|Nlillf! WTVJCr- HI M. •»:•;" iTi^TT-r A. Kfiicy. D. u., of chi- thp Vrtrruhn of the U'. ,M. flrlch. h»:uo. (i. ITJ. JVeRchlng; H:oo n, rn. .nnhject, "The Holy Spirit •• «•, \v. «., !j::!u p. m. l*miohinK, 7:30, - xulijeei. "The Church." RReSBYTERIAN. I'hc.ster M. Jrwin, ptiHlor. !>;ju, Hun- •lity Kehool, jo!4s. "An ii Utile Child." (-by <lcittb|y '.|iiaiteiU'. 7.UH, "A Numo." Thurmlay, 7':3ii, prayer "Sins itt,<"oinnilH»kin." CHRISTIAN. SCIENCE. >jer\ lei x held every_Sundny in I. .' 'i. !•*. hull on l-'onrth Hlreet. I'Diiunenr- tnt! at !»V;4f» oViock, Suhjeet, "(!od. ;he Preserver of Man." .S'.inday Sehool inmediately alter. Tc'Kilmony mei-i- l!y Win, I'ltlllp .^inililr 11 <t:\ ' H. f. in i In- North .S«'«, t"-h<«itw lire fjrttinK M> |>to- vvlth N'oi'vveg'.an <iliippinK f that fonv»iyn nre i-«iw r-'smted to in the ",|up!t«'i" .1 Norwegian tumt. '« up the water uf the North S-a Hi r^eii to Xc-wejislle. 'a liiHtsI? jyi-f rio e.H ali'tti; on either ».>*•'«>. were jus! pulling; tun nt the liord fftp up u h!Hi h •>'» will ripe.ak on "The Forgotten Kpworlli l.e( tJ;.J(». Topie, "The J'ower of the Printed 1'ilge,' leader. .\IJNM \\'oodfol'd- Clan eve'ry \VedueKdny 1 1 s.oo o'clock. TO HAVECLEARRACK Nowland» Probe Will be 3id«track?d For the Railroad 'Legislation. ( l!y I'nited Crews) . ,1). c,, IK-,-. !i, To us, «|owly rtuiHIiu: up •and do« n the •nille limit hue, ««• r-pied tu.i l.-w- »*I'.i(lH Uiiii h evri\olii- Uiii'W at n'ee w*^'» e ili-wt ro\ «>i's Si RESPONSIBILITIES * • f Any otic who luis.i > i > sptiitsil)ili'tit*s, nnihl scu lh( j .serious sulc of life. NVIu'ii you use our Dt'| nisi (or* Weekly ( Sa\ ; iii";.s Club, you art- not sjivinu i'or ai»y whim or folly, hut for it nol,|<> jiurjiose. Jicnicnil^t'i' it costs von. nolhino. they wore' Nor» e«J!i!i, others I it U.-;!n, , lOv CIIIIIK Hi-rv U t' at 7: !IO. A .svrvici- for thi> |!«M»|I)«'. MiiMlc tlmV IhrlllH. Hough ilinl si ir tile hcitrt. iJns- |icl Nt'iinoHS thill lotirli the life of »«v- tr.viluy, iln'«»i are soiun of th<- «» Practical Gifts the adtnini.HtralloM a clear trail; for carryltiK out-"itw-niiirrmTi~lPBii»liiiluu It |H pi'opijsiHlito ..Hlilelruiih, the -New la nil, joint eotntiUttec InveHlitiatiiifi the rail 1 road* and all puhiie utility .<|ui>Nliun» II I'H understood Plmlr'msu, Newlattdh Will wtiKKext at a i onferenee. Mo'ndity that the report Hi-.ieduled for .Isinuurj (ith lit* postponed until ufter .Marvli 4th. MAN IS MISSING (fonlitiued l-*rom I'age One) ; This year make the gift both practical and useful— surprise the one who receives with a remembrance least expected and show y L 6ur greater thou'firhtfulness. A j»Tiir of fur or i-ibhoii .triniiucd ,lu!'u % ts will (tU-asc her aiui rdiufy sli|(|M'i> uill ^niiily hinii, or {H>riuip.s a tluinty pair of cvcninji .sjippt-rs for licr atul lilack -i-loth lop full di't'ss -|MH',-,.for him wotthl ffflaiulv Iif ae of untmtilH havi« been tin' bakery fvirnHi'«>. Ft»itiv are numerous... with-lltexr uiul thwy like mutton fur (hei hoard. Th« iiuoAtinu n-muiiiK. Wt«re Hrttihli. They were Hritish. Ndt'Wiiy, q*Tt\ lielntr tit war with .riiany. eattnot for'"j;'i'»iiied that $he in groins to he attai-koi.. KtiKhmd .'.•(invalid doe«. AH 'he "Jtiiiiter" sped on the Iliitiwh turned urii'-'fnlly' and iii'-e. And . llt'.'y,, «e(ij' ,!,u. hrtntr on uiilit.H^i!VVt':i:-tiv. war. j»,'il'el> foaohed. jCaeh tinii 1 u vexxel nl iin> liiiu) fivos ill HJKhi. whether sailing j-hip .j.iii\vler, liwhing nniai'k or "R-ltn^i^nut what, unit likelfTi oell*K<»r<'ni nrriei ( thV DPIIIVH deHti'oyer he)ir,i d-i\vn upoii *t III le.ri'ittc ' xpei il. They ate lilkiliK >1«> i haiK-ex. I'-hoatw have ii ^ftHiy nt .'l)»Kl't*il'K thelilKflve.'ii. or hiiiillK heiiiild .ut.lii r ctaTl Ui>d the llnli^li M- mien aii fv tlit wnti'h tor ikjl sueti trick*. f*''l'heso preeantioiiKXtenot idle T!u <AltterH *nrp KIIIIH n to im,inly Ihiel • U'linun htil.ii uud one h id from the "l^iti*. lleinrll," hov tcyurlwri* ol" the Allies anil thrown tn in pttHon, It is Known (he c,er- its would not re.vpei-i the neiurai tpltt-r" any more than she tei-peei- tht- ilellt|'«l "lleinllK." And aho.tni KlfWh iUld! ' ,\\n licliMIJ4il,M lo UIOM Sterling Illinois 1 0 Impressions Still Present. Must Get Even Somehow. , A,\Vjseoiisiii Mivsii.t says that a h.thl-' "A timn iliu's tou tjoud'nulurcd," Wild 1 lic.-ided inuii won't t-o cra/.y. Hut In- J'ni'le Mheti. "neuilj nhviiyH hiia to iD> -A Is likely mflSiitii' pretty lo in the l |(lst> "»i s.»UM'l>iMl.v to nuiko Up f or d« ,| 4>f'illiK\vutIt'll Ilii'v. ' . u;i> lie git's iinjiopii'd on hlsself.l''," ^d(iplP fHRp ^ _^^p4^ ^^& ^^i ^^t^F t^f& wnif^r ^ ^Mt.jRIF IPPP? wBP- ^P|(^^ ^(P^ . "" IPIf ^jf HPUP ^|I^?(PIP •RHUI ^^P 19 Kijst Third St. Third door from conic* f-: ** •*' * '*.' *•• *' nf.Jf. #..#.*#. i •& I.enljis. und did Manias ».ai part uf il Mill! I,!>•'." Thapry Advanced. "On the point of departure from hu home. ManiuK, (hoy think, ttus lioorod '•> the heavy hrti'U hhn«K. A hoiillili . they fonrlude, uiul Idoiiil spurted in e\el'\ dilectioi' •j. the death MiiinKle Ourinu ih»- *i\ d'ay* that l.i'nijt.v IN alleged to h;«\v ^tajed lit h.iine the Imd.v they helieve, «a- h.n'-hed tip aiui hiil'iiTM m the hal-. ••ry lutnaei' the kit* hi-n stoic ami •oin«' III (wo heaiiiii,; .stole.-, one ol vvhieTi IH m thi- hunt loom of i,ne te*i denre and the othci. HI lli.i* ivnk loom nf the luikery "Ull! -'•plotl-h,.« i.f |,d I,, I.,, v. . |, ,,Ji the l.ltrjieii St.ove h,i\e h.-i-n di'tl.ued to hr h{ond~ The thpiirj" l.v Alaioa 1 *, •tltel IUMIIK hit 1>.\ Hu'l.iti'k, fell ;i|:.Ull>t til.' N|.I\C ti.> liie .smith, Thei.- .lie n-.l ••pnt-N on it euphcai'i.! .it tin' .smith Mili- uf |lu» j'inau jjtd. tut the \v_ii!. TU-. IHo-rof the .-Hppn-eii li|.'iud !.po|s ate o|l the l.onlh Vide of the kii.-h.-n. t »-)nl .iSi' .t do.n i,i.-i| la . |. "lii.' uiipllnt i»L_iU>i'tv"d> hand ilpp.iii-i.tli Thvic au- itumetoux .*,|">;H ><n'li.ith sidi-* "f . I UlM'll. «>* It !.'[• jili" K -• I i "Norwt'Kian.H t'l-ol Mionsl.v >ivit tin edoiiitf'ot' Ilieir >lupi- *ri.«- \>atei.' ind Xoruuy .ue niive with Mih.' Mfit e tile fl.rtt nt the «.u the pi,it. (if IdowitiK up N'orvM >l'i|'- glovvit i.iplilh -In .ill .smile 1"' pet nl the i nine Mlupjiliiw ol Not .. i» J »ie< minted lor m _ A l.ainfiei ul I'-ho.ttt a'le kinmu (< lf"'fiH_f«r Iinl til. .jj< the «,tlil.H alum The Xui'uerii.ui ' Shij-|>ti;. jimi'.i niiiu: mi HII- i.,ir. .jo O| Js'otWt 8'iMl »-letllU'|y :-,ild o.i diiiilu t h.ii i in- > i'lU he ^'iluii ii nie e -|m'l,l' t Xul v, t ^t'UI' :.iii!.-, « ' 11 i i 1.1 it t hr'i* Perfumes Toilet s* Waters rom ii ' 111 11 » N. » 'U 1 I M Ah iii I Mi.- t M'I •> i u « i \\ ...i- ti'i.i-;it I.ii.rn i'hit v >-\ fl.ll iljil it Ul tl u.-M u ',11 if " .{ei in mi Mil* !!•-• .1 I" « i«i -i in. r-tltij j!i;i! .t,;,uiisi l)""'-',.i'i,.' li ' I tti.l A'ei'l. .'Ifii. tii-ilili'i 'il' t! >|i-. \\tl\ llj.l'lllV |tl| ••,! !. I I t > ,«hl|" >4 ,/th »•' •'• "i i inii Ti,t .-. tliniU" hi i Mut.U tin . ., ir. try man- th.ip win ihtttir»—-H-v <itn- tMelli eilli'MI of tiujj vi-U i '!u .Mi.i ul ( l|id Ht-|'t;tMt f \ i .- i .-i-i \*j 11 \% i Ui \ i' i ' .fl ^ Jit is .".JIM tiid 1 ' i "in us ,iii.t\ o" •;.-< lljahx If. (t't i-ilKiJ <m -, .ic, Itll'.'tl .ii'd ' '"" l.i i. s-i' (til i'l -.11, .,,. kin-II o i. ili.iuii ' ilin t t, Hi- n. ,-• ji-.. j.iiV •, ,,-)."• USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS.i Presents that Please A more appropriate or a more welcome Gift cannot 6e imagined than a handsome package of good Perfume or Toilet Water, U is a gift that will be appreciated by any lady and one that will give pleasure a long time after Xmas is past, Our showing 1 of-dainty gift perfumes and toilet waters 'is very comprehensive. .Yaw will find here an exclusive assort-, merit of beautiful packages and a large variety to select , s from. Make *^our selections s now while the Assortments are still unbroken Hendricks Drug Co. The . Store

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