Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 27, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUOATUOK DAl£y NEWS Low-Priced Cotton Clothing Will Soon Be Available Romance Rides Behind Mars— \Vnshlnf,'ton. July 27—(1,'D—Low priced cotton rlalMtis,' will be nvnll utilf to buyers thi-- fall and winter The War Prciduction board todn\ ordi'r»d ,10,000.000 yards of fnbi-ii to be se-t a.*<ide each quarter fo the manufacture of cu.-merits with In .specified prii-e lines for men women and children. The program li-ts lop prices fo men's shirts fit $2.30 and women': dri'Si; will .tell for about $J.!i>S. 'In fant.swoar. boys rind miSM's rloth IIIK will aNo ihavf strict ceiling prices. CORN MUFFIN MIX COLD or hoc. corn muffins fire delicious with summer's lighter men H. when mnclc with f'hikortt. Tender crisp and ulw:iy;j cioui bccon?ir quality ingredients precision-mixed. BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 1 M T W T * t } 3. a $ 6 » • 9 10 II U 13 14 IS 16 17 IS. 19 20 II 32 21 24 23 26 2? U 29 30 31 Coming Events -o TODAY I. O. K. M., in Pythian Nutiit'lic Tribe mi'i'ts ut H p. III hall. Auxiliary, Crimitder Tout, V. F, W. will meet ut 8:,XO j>. ni.' at post rooniN. oOb—— TOMORROW It. sr-i-mx thiil Cnpld is :iK» soiiH.'lhiiijr (if a snijiiT and ln:re. on n liiiiir.vmitoii riili- through the str(Vt.s of Naples where he met Ills lii-iile, is SKI. •luliii I', llnyl'-i AUrmi, OhUi, unil l.illinii M:irt,in.i The ilrivi-r nf tin- ItiiKXY is 1'vt. Geiirtfe SL Ureniiiiii, of Allmny, N. V. (lulcriuitiimal) WILL CUT QUOTAS Boston. July 27 —(UP)—New nxInml milk dnni«TS will h.-ivo [hoir quotas reduced to last \vln- U-r'.s U'Vi-ln bfjfinninfc nnxt Tuesday. Federal rr.'lk ni.'irkot-in^ ad- iniiiistrutor Samuel \V. T;itor- said that hcnvy production* since April had .allowed quoins lo ho raised. .N'ow, milk quotas \v-i; equal July Ifl-l.T sales which :trc taken as the br.-se. Ci-L'tim :illotmoni.s will lie T!i per cent of thn base puriod total. Total area of Minnesota is r>3.- O-lS.T.'y. acres, 1 of which 3,002.212 .11-.-' of water. Mi!<;tliiff of Day Xurnory AH, 10 u. 'in. Frlduy at \Vuttr street. , oOo—— .SATURDAY Clambake; TcnnlH Maklnic Dtipt., Col Ion Hollow Gruvi!. Mx'iil 4S, UKWA, Diillco, Linden .1'iirk. MEATS - FISH - GROCERIES - FRUJTS AND VEGETABLES OF QUALITY FOODS GREAT SAVINGS o MEAT DEPARTF/iENT SPECIALS c:u.\ui-: -A" Boccn In tho I'itf.o I.KAN I-'KHSU Pork Ib PICKS If Spare Ribs PICKS 11 si,icr-:i> I-OKK Liver Ib s:;. in .i-i A. 1 erase fo.- Ib I'llKSII Ib 46^ 46^ 41/ 35^ 29^ Smoked Shoulders ib30 x Ib SHORT SHANK CHOICE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Red William APPLES2 i»s 2S C JVMIIO .AIM'/ONA SC's C?<ffbf» CANTALOUPES ^" £&*' P.XTKA PANCV SANTA ROSA fit/fix* LUMS "20C PUKSII 1JKI) ICII'E TOMATOES CAI.1FOUNI.A ICEBERG CD's 4 f\~ LETTUCE u.iw.lU c M-:;V VKI.LOW c> ONIONS 6 n» 19c 21c Breakfast Table SPECIALS! SANKA COFFEE GRAPENUTS . MOTT'S CITKUS MARMALADE INIlKIO Grapefruit JUICE I LI/ION HOUSE , , COFFEE . . . ornrip NKW ENGLAND Pancake SYRUP riLLSUVRY'S Pancake FLOUR SAVE IN OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT * * * JEJ.LO PUDDINGS 3 i*** 20 C 27c S ^- 1 9^U» tl. cans ^UV^ 29c 21c 15c 15c J:ir sic SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR . iiKixx's %RF:AM OF TOMATO SOUP \'-K VEGETABLE JUICE COCKTAIL LIBRY'S LUNCH TONGUE CLEANS CLOGGED DKAINS No. 1 tl. cans 4G-0/. can 6-oz. can I'URE REFINED LARD JtcK. 19c can "> Print SKALKC'l' Evaporated MILK FKISIilE'S APPLE PIE ' GOIIIIAM S SILVER POLISH ftlOTT.S ASS'T. JELLIES STKAINED Oil CIIOPI'ED GERBER'S FOODS GEKKER'S DRY—Heir. 19c 1'h Cereal or Oatmeal ca..s Sivsc 12-n-/.. Jur 25c Jar 8c 2 BUY IVIORK BONDS FOR VICTORY SOAPS AND CLEANSERS BLUE SUPER SUDS FOK LAUNDRY A OCTAGON SOAPO Falmolive SOAP OCTAGON SOAP POWDER OLD DUTCH CLEANSER DI( . WI8...NG- LIT. 3 3 2 cakes 14c 20c DIP POWDER Pkg. HAND CLEANSER cnn 15c lie 17c Weather Report : IS T cw Hampshire, Vermont, -Mit liusctUi, Rhodo Island "and Con- noctiCTit—Cloudy wil.h .show«r-s and sc allured fhundcrnhowei-s, cndlny tonight. Pair n.nd '-warmer tomorrow. Eatport to Block Island '— No small craft or storm warnings. Berlin Tells More About Plot To Kill Hitler , London, July 27—(UP)—Berlin revealed: today that the' abortive plot'to kill Adolf Hitler and overthrow the Nazi regime was led by General. Friedrich Olbricht, chief supply for the German army. The German radio announced that oncral Olbricht hud been cuptured and ..executed after a nummary court martial. Breaking the oftlcia] silence on the,names and the parts played by the, conspirators who attempted to u.ssasslnate Hitler a .week, ago lo- dayi the German transocean news agency also named former Chief of .Staff Colonel General JL.udwig SeckVand Colonel General Erich Rocppner, a dismissed Panzer corps commander, us lending, figures in he unsuccessful coup. Berlin radio said Beck commit I* I iuicidc when Nazi agents tried to- arrest him in the war ministry uilding in Berlin. Hocppnur is inder arrest und awaiting sen- ence, the agency added. . THURSDAY, JULY 27 fanks In France f ope To End War 5y Christmas Search For Escaped Prisoners Is Being Made In 3 States Windsor. VI., July 27—(UP)— The Huarch for fchrue fugitives from the Vermont Stut.o prison Is being presced through eight • Mates. Two 'other (Mcuped prihoners have been recaptured at Hudson Palls, New York. Wi'llnm E. FcrRUHon of Ver- gcnnenj and Gordon R. Gerome of Ferrlsburpr were ciiptuj-eil yesterday ut Hudson Falls. Police suid t'hut they were driving nn auto- moblle stolen In Windsor the day of the cjcsnpe. Their companion in Monday's break, Charles- K. Jill- sonof West Dummerston, w.-us said to have left the car at GranvUle. New York. The three men were trusties on a j^arden- detail. T/i'jy escaped during a rainstorm. Meanwhile, two" other prisoners who escaped from the Vermont prison are still at Lar#e. Windell Bouras-stt of St. Johnsbury was waiting parole ofitur finishing a ^rnd larceny jsentoncc. And hl.s companion, Royal Swan of Springfield, was completing a yrand larceny sentence. AND SO TO BED r- COOL, COMFORT.! ABLE, MODERN, TAILORED MAS FOR MEN — $3.50 TO $6.50. You'll be proud of your appearance under any and all conditions — • and be glad when curfew rings so you can woo Morpheus comfortably. Maybe you've a lounge before you hit the hay—pajamas fill the bill ideally — good looking — smart — clean cut — well tailored — a modern uniform for retiring men. . House, Tavern On Anderson St. Sold . Records! Counroun Srrvice Temperature Report It was so hot yesterday that Rud Hermans hud to rusort to cold cut.s for dinnor night. Red, a bit disappointed about' thfi sailboat which la-unched itself rlpht into tho bottom of the Naugntuck river yes- terduy, did show n bit of optimism about tho weathiir. Rod expect* showers today, which will cool off. the atmosphere nearer the earth's, sin-face. Midniffht 78 3 a, m : 74 G a. m • 73 D a. m 80 Noon . . .' .-: 1 p. m. British Troops Have Lost Ground (Continued from Page 1) With the United States Force* In Normandy, July 27—(UP)—The 'new push in Normandy is' ruisini,' tlie hopes of some American troops thut they'll be out of the foxhole* by Christmas. . United Press Correspondent .James McGlincy reports that the 'Americans, .weury of the long wait for action on their sector, snapped into what he culled a hi^h-^feared "let's Rut tfoing" .spirit. And ho quotes Captain Jack Ames of Dayton, Ohio, as saying: "They tell us now. we'll IDK home by Christmas. I've boon sayinp that for the .two Christmases. But maybe this time it is true. . McGlincy says the impaHent Am- ierican.s are glad tho drive is under- Svay. As Joseph Pianelli of Philllpsburj,', New Jersey put it: ;j'It has ; been tough because we ^weren't 'Retting anywhere. But it's ,'ditTei-cnt now.' ,* -•.••• .'• U.-P. Correspondent McGlincy says that the Americans are doing .-all they can to speed the drive. McGlincy -says American jeep drivers often ignored si^ns warning them Tot'tospeed because the dust they 'would stir would attract enemy shelling. But, says McGlincy, "they sped i when they got a free stretch. You | just can't tell American kids not to drive fast." — Particularly when they're in a hurry to get home. Sylvester sold a house and lot on Anderson street to Sttinislaw -and Wanda Marcisz according to a warranty deed filed in Town Clerk Raymond St. John's oltlce today. Tax stamps on the deed indicated the sale to be about J0.500. - •• A tavern was also sold to Marcisz by Borzinsk is on the same premises. DISPUTES SETTLED Boston, July 27— (UP)-—The New England War Labor Board has announced the settlement of disputes between three Connecticut companies and union members. Wage increases, or other benefits were granted workers at the Walter H. Goodrich Company plant in New Haven, the First National Stores- in East Hartford, and at the Bridgeport Auto Transit Company terminal in Bridgeport. More than, 200 unio'n members are involved. with bombs, shells and bullets on radioed instructions from the ground. Nearly 100 German tanks were destroyed or damaged by planes yesterday. > Thunderbolt pilots report that thousands of French civilians are clogging the roads as they ovacii-, at« territory ahead of the American offensives. In one village some 300 civilians were blocked in ' a street—apparently held there by Gorman troops. In the Nuni' idea of aerial warfare—blind bombing of England by robots—a I^ondon dispatch says the Germans hope faun to bring the industrial midlands within . range of flying bombs. Dutch quarters say recent large- Kculu construction on the hook of Holand is believed to be launching sites for n hew and larger bomb capable of reaching the midlands. They added the platforms are ready for use If not already in operation. In the Allied air war, American heavy bombers—about 200 strong—•? attacked German military installations in the Brussels and Rhcnt areas of Belgium. Allied headquarters did not identify the targets, but reported .no opposition by the Luftwaffe. The Germans report that American bomber formations raided Budapest, capital of Hungary, this morning. There was no immediate Allied confirmation. 1 RAF heavy bombers flew from Italy last night to srrmsh at the Romanian oil flclu 1 !) at Plocstl. Returning pilots reported damages could not be appraised because of u seven-thousand-root smoke screen thrown up over the targets. In Italy, German troops are barricading the streets ot Pisa today in preparation for a house-to-house battle for the city. And Nazi long- range guns—directed by spotters atop the famous loaning tower of Pisa—are raking American forces poised along the.south bunk ot the Arno river. Allied headquarters warned it may bo necessary to destroy the historic,building. But »o far, tho south batik.of the Americans have made no attempt to shell the ancient half of- the city now hold by the Germans. There still is no confirmation of those German repoprtpsp of an all-out Allied attack on Florence. Aerial Gunner Is Proud Plane Took 'First' Donkey Bainbridge, G.-i. (UP)—Tech. Sgt. 'James Jarviu of Philadelphia. i.< one aerial gunner who believes in making- history. He flew in a B-17 in the i.nitial shuttle raid of the war and that made -history. The trip was from England to a base im- Africa via Regenberg, Germany. Not content with that, Jarvio and his fellow crew 111 embers bought a donkey, equipped it with an oxygen mask and warm clothing, and thr-n. took off with the donkey to bomb Germany again and return to Kr.gland. . Says Jarvie jubilantly: "That's the first donkey on record that ever flow a bombi'ng mission." IS RECOVERING Pittsfield, Mass., July 27—(UP)— One of the co-defendants in the federal sedition trial at Washing- oat, now -in a Pittsficld hospital, probably will be a.ble to return to court Tuesday. Author Lawrence Dennis of Becket is recovering from an operation on his lefthajid. Dennis, a self styled isolationist wa.s forced to leave the 29-man trial Sunday. METAL PULLEYS SMAI.I. GLASS WASH BOARDS LOVINE ELECTRIC CO. t Church Sirert SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! —• Friday. Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' Hit Bw and Rye Boyi Polka* and Sweet MtMle Bill Lubuck Polka 5 to 9 Sunday* White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut 1 ' RcNtnurant SENT TO .FAIL Boston, July 27—(UP)—Look before you leap has become the motto of Roxbui-y resident Alfred Dutr- Kie. Diik'jrie was given a y.-iar's suspended pail sentence for allegedly accosting attractive Theresa E. Connolly. What lie didn't know then—but knows too well now—is that MJ.-bs Connolly is a policewoman. Have You Bought That • BOND? HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. 4880 ROCCO RADO, Prop. HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed WILL, SELL WHISKEY Augusta, Maine, July 27—(UP) —The State Liquor commission announces that whiskey will be -sold Friday and Saturday this week. Usually sales are limited to Saturday of each week. Chairman .Harold B, Emery said that-customers may purchase in state-operated store; two pints tomorrow and cither one .pi.n.t or one fifth Satr urday. Someone will pay you a steady income if you'll use. a News Want Ad to rent him that extra room. Just pllone 2228. JULY CLEARANCE SALE Wonderful Bargains For These Times LADIES' VOILE DRESSES 9Sc GIRLS' SLACK SUITS $1.49 LADIES' SLACKS $1.69 SUIT DRESSES : .$3.98 All MEN'S POLO SHIRTS 79c MEN'S SLACKS ..'....... '.$2.98 MEN'S STRAW HATS ...; 98c CHILDREN'S SUN SUITS .. 98c CHILDREN'S AND GROWING GIRLS' SPORT SHOES $2.29 All .Sl7.«H MEN'S BATHING TRUNKS $1.95 (Klastic) MEN'S SPORT SHOES $2.98 Brown und white, black niul white or all white. Grossman^s Dept. Store "v! 410 NORTH MAIN STREET Union City 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant NEW BICYCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER \ LAWN FERTILIZER "\ HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER 5 SPRAY MATERIALS V KLEEN-FLO * Clean* Your OH Tank 1 ? Conditions Your Car Motor '"• Vhi. ..'• CHIMNEY SWEEP . " ( : CleuiiH Furnaco Flue* "if OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT . i Transparent Filler and 4 Colon The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 52361 87 Church St.

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