Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 4
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trtfttt KA n , HI Wtst.. Third St . Ptfrtins?. IllinM*.«>r M*;», OiiUid* Fi!ff», A*?w _,._„ _ _ and Reck JfnVwnfcr* in th* United •tttfet »r CiftUda , , „_, in ftdvuficf , 12 5ft ^ IftcinthA In itm-ancp 1-5 Ifll tn*h »l* month*. p*r month .25 If 6«»tl*r In St*rTin~B «• Week Falfi, ~* ... * v A* i »* j ^ a ^ *!»» dlk.a^. j.t J & — -.— f In *<h*Ahe* ............ la.oo * l« ildVfttic*. .......... 260 , payable to th* carrier .10 ./! . .WHO ARE THE RICH? , are a lot of young ffllow* Sterling and IU»ck lulls', jw*t there are a'lot. of them In nthcr ^ffe, who are constantly m-hinlnR li Itify have no chance. For the of some of thciM" whlnrr* l«»t it jl.ll'notvn that John I>. Arthhold. h«>ad f tbft 8tAml*rd <ifl To. bf>K«m llfp n? paid ofprk. The mi me i.« trur- fj'rt**rly all of the hlR tncti of UIP oOOtrj' todAy or df recent venrv. Ane. Jamr* J Hill, Marshal) Id,'John D, nockpfpllpr, ThnmuR X. huntlrfJn of othf-r*. h«'Kiin j ,ikt 4he bottom. 'AVh^n they WP«> Urtf the name tri>4« of whlniHK yumm around ntnl Mnlrt thoro «a.< ^Bhknce for Uj«-m. "IfBn 1 * world nfvfr oflfipd m»-h :M-ft« aro offctnJ tmlay.- Thr •l*d .never crleil *o long Rtnl •*« l«««l «|ilelenoy tut it docs today. The i .trouble with th«* avrrago young »ft notion that IIP must ,dt» more thsn hf ttfts I'-'ii'l t > do. m Jt' BOlton ftlwajs k*»T* hiin-pvattlv |'|ki MUno joh hi> IK iloinfC. Tlit< Hfaii today iwtk*, "H.ow much? "nourn." If I IIP work i?< Imnl If the ho'ifj" «ie loftfT. he ._R*t even heittn. |e 4o«i» this In jh«- face of history— I'hlttory of greatnpsn. the, history of The »Mw**>fut meii&nf today men who h««gun life pw,r,' wofHfd Ion* hour*, who simply everything Jn the lino of vrnrk lt»elf, who mmMfreci duties and added th« dtulee , them, -\Vhfria vacancy A» ,th«y .were rt-adf. ' The young who do«i only what i« rp<julr<\l gM k the money I* never ready for ,„,.„ vacancy abo*-p him. Ho ho whine* tfcftt there la no ow»o,rtnnity. . ifTTtett,whole world In one great Morw- L.l»u'«* pf.ot»porttmlty. Ktchea, iK>8lti<«n " ~fafi ar*.awaltlng; men of ability and r .~..,'J. eflticl« i ni»y. The man who jt&ii-'-oot Jinccef^ ciin _hlamo no _one_ ilf. Huccei«« Ui wi.thtn the In- MV^VI* through ht*-vem»-«innol he W»d by tide or time. But the young V,WhO watchea the clock, who gives ~ lt '*g|y only what he geta paid to -p, 'iilway* be among the whitier* TO 'fall- to grann th» opportttnltleH 'it'tlhs,begging for competent and ef- ttt • young hiiHtlerN to climb the if Of Buccens, wealth and position. •tdUikl. LEAKING OF •at^\tw*t*><- brlngi* up the »^ii>.wjmw",«*«th of George «'. Holdt. v -i|lf*.wttHon(Hr<»'pnH»rletor of the \Val- ^••'A^f^ptorfa, NewfYbrli «'lt>. Uoldt "bjorn pbofjOn. a lonely,little Island ttO'Daltic SK"a anil d't'il probably thn '«:y ^ni^.^QpWn .aad. th« moct micc*»!tf»il |f h'^tlfJ-man in America. Mor* mod«rn s: '** jlft eV»^w«r* built up around the \Val^ 4xtt—hli former patroim caAie back. They liked the and what wan there about the that differentiated it from Uy |H r'icft in other hotels? Just one elm-. -:•' ptf 'Word, • yet one' all powerful word, OM winning, drawing, pulling word, Courtesy," . That wa« the center, the ,"h SJHf' the hub, around which the whole v1e» in -the cent. «In TBllier . hotel* there A» as »' formality and • th« always er the dollar. 1'Yotn the clerk in the front ottice to at the door. ' xA /'get the money" prevailed. Boldt,-from, the hell l*oy to the jy^aipr^ior,, ln*«very deiNvrtmrnt of the Estate], wormed Into the InnermoHt : <»"A—"-«-* o ; both the proprietor and tli«> wa* that one magic word, The people vvere to be qoui'tesly. ,They were to b« tlrat chu»»_»*rv|c*. _ The Jhotel jnOfbT prit'ea. 1 but when people fF«, cpyrU-aly treated they paid with aJnd RlwayB came back, a Metre t of-tuve poor Other hotels gave ' c)aMa aervicw. but there_was *ome- i,lacklng which the poor boy from jJaltlc Hea aupplled and the i>oor gr^w rich and prosperous and Ms '; name, end fame extended throughout Nvorld among all tho traveled poo-. of the «ftrtb. , . COMPfN9ATION FOR WHAT? •_ (By William Jt'tiningH Bryan..) " ? W* are now told that ewci , 10 r* 1 ' 111 hurtle the Ho,uor dealer if lid- hihltton cyiunos him HIIV lluauolul IOMH. V , Buperlat^ve tmpudvnce! There arc.lwo answ-Vrs to thiK Inw- demand- One l» thut i'rohil>itk>ii noi take from th« liquor dealer ,f/oot of land t}»at IIP now owns; it Wot remove a»t»> hrti'k from an) that,. he -occupH's. It aim to put hl» lunU «n d>Cfcr«nt u»»t, man complain Mint yuu *«n the V4>ue on hi* gun lii>». > aji!'t' 'li Don't Whip Children . Or wold oldvr person* who w«t the bed *r arto unable tw »-«mroi then- wiUt-r aurlns the-night or <),»>, Uur n is not '.j'hiWtbut » DiM<*t. tf -you tuivf any *.JKidiW. Wlttdder or t'l'Muiry VVtaku*-*."'.. wrlt«s today for u Fr*« Package of our Hir*nl«<W R»m«dy When permanently r«liav*d it'll >yvir. »t»Mii .it. N«TMom-.v Co., Tli" /r !••!•••!•* ih'-;i "*>• M!!<. } 1: i n r « At 5^:\ ,! in. \\ -i - ,- !,.,« -is,-,] r.>r 5. f.i. tur" "t ivK.ustifff?- jui'-f, the sui»H!i ftnt convrtJsU'n i* the promised t i i in i > f_ t hf _.," «j'.r.d-*- .jQ^-.-ll'l!! ... ntid in htisiii*"S«< I know of notltlrtR »»*•»- tf«r thnn thf t-cnvprston ot an nlroitol plant Into A fm-tory fur the jir«Hjof'"lion of afim'-thitiK that is helpful «u4 whole- Hut .there is another snuwer ti» make tn the df-mrinil for compen?>attloii. mt.ither foi the «<m h«> has taken from hrr; l* ; t him i-omitftiftHte the «iff for lm«li,-uii| h*- h;i« d»>*tM«yed heforp he ask* f«»r cfimpenwitlon for himself.' CAUGHT ON THE FLY Seeing <\tf fiitc of Itelgtum nfi'l It»Vi- ttiauiii Ktn^ ' <»nstantlne of t;reeve sf-nis t» ii!«\«- ilft tiled K> Ilfiht Imck the nlllc.o who arc trylnif to push him into tln> Rretu, wnr. Certainly It does sef'm thai siny country thnt desires t«i> stay out »hoiitd In* permuted jveactably to do ML rude SHIII does not hrsitnte to RO down find tuk«> Hanto Doniingo by the" thront and shake hpr until fhe. is black In the frt'-f nnd aRrees to behave. Whatever we may want tn ??o or not, want tn do H lm»k» JM« though we woiihi have to hand the Fame treat- lo Ormnn f!llrir-in-y atiffl th«« hlunder- ins >.'f !ht> :illit'« havp'iiivvn riermany thf tipper, hnnil of the game so fur. Tin- iillf'tjiuve' b«>en grrnt littlf helpers. It \* I'ti"*" tpil t'hf n«'*v program will In' Htr«n»tt«'r and more efflclent unili'r I'n'mler I.lnyd t!r*orp*>. 'HU«< |nir<h»'il into the war and th*-n pwshed. out to her Borrow. •Kotttnnnia wan coavetl Into tho \»ar and 1« being pnfh«*il out to h*>r sorrow. KiiKlntid wi»» the chief pu.Hher In Imth f.-iHt-^ :iml \\i\\ have w»me heavy Jt-btH ttt IM.V In the linal «>itlem*iit. If IVexhlvMl Wilson will UP up that proposed railroad Ueilp no tight thAt 5'i M'III n«'\t«r !»«> able to get untird, he will cunfiu u lanilnif benent '..on the whole' 4 oumry. To have the country acared .-^tltt-u vet— a— t»roi«i**u rikv if. paralyisinR. """ ttvc rud Owl has. l>ccu laid away In his political Ijrave at leant forty tlmi*« In the la*t twenty, 'yc'irM ' he received a« big ajj ovailon on the Moor of thu ho\i»e the- other day as did Prfsddent Wilson. * .NutwithiiiundlnK the fact thut 'tier- many Is Biirc to be .licked tn the end her r«cenl euci'eHws lye. going: to make •» much more- pleasant '.'hrNtnw'srTTJtn otherwise would have- happened. The women of the country Hre grt- tinK even with tin* packed egg. They nre puttinir a boycott on. the product and already the prleo ha* crumbled two or three cent* a dozen. A pretty uctreas always ituiUett a pretty pic ture and Billy Burke. aruQier. <ver. you Uone your-ChriislmHa "" '" " ' f FROM OUR READERS J NOT AH. LOAFING IN FLORIDA. Oraugewood, Dec. 0, 1916, Editor Daily (Jasettff: If you think we do nothing but «lt on -Uur-piaitzii,-Jtuck-«rttnK,«s«, anil .listen to tht> mocking birds, you .are dreadfully mistaken. Of courap, »om* of (he do that. The town IH full of men und women. Jnvalidsi,' who come here for the mild climate, and Himply walk tho uirei-la. bathing in the frorn morn tilt night. They arc weuk. UMC cancn, anil simply eat, sleep and UrrHH. Hut ,we have a tllfferent problem,' It IH. It is iiv algebra, QJv- 1 en X n ml Y, to lind /., Imagine a new houat- to put in ordt'r. u lot to dig up. ami only two military fe^juloa and dell- -.t«-llH-th»-l»IHr- Nabobs- wh«» coint« to fstntilish hom**>*, hlrt- negroes, boss tho job, und i.t is Jlunt fun, diversion. Hut we it re not iiuhub*. prefer the rxercltt4>, Hjid for two weeks* huve b«cn working like heuver* every day. In short, w Are not poking an bunkers, b«t doltiB like Ivevl Suavely, Knuik V\'('uV»«r, or un.v plum fanner tolbs in Sterling. . Work fin the nl.Kh.t i» coming, t Work thru the murnmK hours, 3\'e have' huge plans for landscape decoration, mul intend tu make Orange, wuotl the prettiest home tn St. I'etc. At tlie nurwcrj Isist wcvk.sanii ordered a curt load of trt'fw and flowerM. The brilliant .polnxetlH on *»very *«ide of the house. jjroupM of i>l*«ttiuiei's *»iu{ hibts cu»; and ulo»f{ tht- front walk plenty of Oherokee rose, which forma li vin- ins hedge. Then, in the way of fruit. w*f,, nre plmitinK "SJ trec»t, .bununus, ftvocadw pc«» - . suiivas. There are ready a .dozen orange trees on the iM 411 ^around UH. KCOVCH or orangea, ».o you '.set? the reasuii for our roitag$ uillltc. A» ih< i r«t i« fre^h lish to be ha«t atl ^t>H,-»ims of the ye«r, w« hj*v* 5}»H'tm»*a of the tinny tribe on th<a two o.r thr/e tinu-a a week. Mack*re4 urc ovor. but you can get trwut, group < i i% uiid red snapper. The latter Br" tu jo poutuif, wnd are sliced for >><»t« N<> time yd to ink?'my pole i«> tti bay. and bout* s 1 W.MH ciu»pan> an! «'««itiiiK I\T MiKt- (Srov** and l-'uiii UanduiV Of «-out«o. fS--<h \rtfy in i>rn * 'Trout "ure ton. red stiiippi-r 'jn c«iiti' l HI I. S.d!ll> I t'l* .11 «' !l -'I I' It If 'J.-u-vi* 1» t»«t«.'U't *>f i«iir h.t. hl«t ti«-:<tT WCIIM iliio-'f f"r joy, fcif the- i«fi!'tl« l-'-t-n with 1'nru-* 1 . iip l.*Min. 1;M». !(•' «,-i t»hur y _ •itf««KT-r'i fi« "tn'e ^i<Tf>nTT |T liT""frT'SStTfF."""7 ati this letter on the smith ptn£*;t. dwt tb<> i>!«?Jne »un h«« flrlven me tf> the lUicnrv It i* twelve, and now f'if itinnrr odd rt i«!e.«t«. H<>sr-'r« Are in fiill Monm. W. \V. T).U|F. >- N [ AMUSEMENTS J it is ;).--.:ini- -V 1!"' I i.f i.-r.-t!!) r-T ;i n GRAND THEATRE. Tln» <;tatul has .arrnnged A vpry at- Mnminy. Thr- 'fnvurlte T>or- ntliy <3ish in "r,nr>tcln'ji thf Orwnhuin," whirh ,«h'«w?• hrr !<iMiti iifUT l.tridliiK ill this I'dinitry. Slit- i« made t!»' victim «f a R:ints of t'otintprfelterji. after which ,...»» hfi unifn a wart? of her position and 1h<* wtiiry \« fold of how f«h> frees hr-r- «o!f from th^lr h!in*l« in a very excH- mnntier. also n c-->medy featuring 1 Hterilng in "His Lying Heart." . ,M>f<lny a PI war* Ann* 4 Pennington in "Huwiw iSnowflttke*," the atory of a llttlp Rirl whuff h^im* l» a chrcrtess pl.-icp «n«r \Uicme youthful exuberance* im* riitN'il at every turn hy hf>r aunts, who fi|>j.>»'asr in' her »sii|>}wirt arr «"oiirileigh. 'Jr., l*eu DeJnney. WilUnm Ihitler, Marcla Hafri« nml Millie AVilwui, A SehK-Trlbune Xewji 111 wl»io he («hi>wn. \V«-ilni-!«tray the .xtnr. Wlllinm H-nt. hi the "Patriot." ll N :» pulsating if a man whot<« strong devotion to th«>' ptnrN and ftrl|M"« i« turn'-il to hltlrr hntn-d and then IK re.«t«ir«'d aguln by n Httle golden lv>iriMl hoy. The sf«»ry In tak«n along the Mexifan '. "Aluo'SIlm Hiimrnervllle In "Thi; Winning 1'mirh." , Thursday -Vttagraph presents Kdlth Stotv iin'l Antonio M««reno in "The Shop <»irl. !> a .stnvng feature »>f lOLK'iiil »he~ hpiiiB Heheath him In lffc> but hi« pi|iml In true blue- npwi. inn> his wiptvr wh<» i«p«'k» to Bep- nnile thun. He losen h»-r but tint'«i her again ju»l in timt> t«> KUV«« IMT. Alsm tturton Hompsi Trwvi-l l'i>-tur«-s. \Vcfrld'« (Irwit Stuirf," which features Ml«« l-Yederk'k u« Myra. the danci-r «>f i-«f«\ wh,» f'iiirf : S'*s"front thi- of dlspalr to. the lu»lghts tif ,. ,, A!)«T-«f«y < 'ariwmci Hntujflay' prrwntH Kdntund Hreew Hi • TT Jay «i?h '.''.if nvn I'M.",' <us.n'- DEMAND INVESTIGATION * ' i i<f r,-!*.ftvi *"• -r M nt"! '• '•!>« rj. lj *i 1 ' * ^TI<!M' ^ | nc* of Farmer* Want » Probe ( , t)ii „ ,. n ,,,tv M t », v i- r ,. n i.,r !:-iiv-' ; «f the Meat Industrie?. I ,M.,|'r.'V^-t./. ,1 th-lr ^MI^H *'f''tli'' '(•f<-lic'< AII Mlit-rkMkllK -'t' 1 '' fatni • r«-ilits :ii-"'• >- N is'-Hniu-r ••<' t!.»- d' ).n(if« v.i; ' . lilo|i!«<! a ri'«*ntutioil ealHfiK <ni < nncn"--™ ! tiiuht I'.-iMtv ;i.':.-iili I v. li:it T »!•••>•• tn ciimH^t a thorottKh lnvp«-tiKf>tioii j nf ; (• tnv .1 ' -t.i!i»tKiry v.;<ti.\i"" nmt <!<••; /:\n'5 ir»f«t prtfklnK iiuhistrif? .>.:•(><•* ihnu m» >•(" l-'t :ni' c's i :u t throiiKh *1hi' ft'ilr-ral trarlf ronmils.'.imi, : --- - - Th,- c 9 nf<r,n«, a.«, wrnt ,„ ,-,,or,| ! TORNADO IN LOUISIANA with » |in-ntf!«t oiRainst the pri>pt>M' i il j * i.nii,-.*. «.n th- ext«.rt of foml **i\S.*' . C(I(M Was K iH 6 d. Two Men Injured [ th* i§|«.«iti<.nj.f an export duty, i Ar)d p ropert y Wreci-eH, , Aiirn ArnincMT •' sh " Vl! " '*• '••'• '•''''' '' A ' !n!<l w ' !; ' ; AUTO ACCIDENT .MII..!. .«:•= («,, ,,IVM in.hsi..! M. .» ;-•.- ^^ — ' jn:ti|" l\llS-!l >«'!•: til" ti'WII 'if .\!!il:!:l Auto Cd*it»inih8 Two Men Was Struck ltl \Vinn i..ui-.!t >i-st«-r<ii\ 'I't-.ft' By a jMr**t Car Wednesday Night. JHurn'h, s, tin- j..'siiiffi.'i- .-nut .1 <••.?»• »!'-• Cinlf^obrf:. 111.. !>«'<'. !«.—An auto I-MII- !,| % i,.iiinL:•« WI-IT « ri'i-k< d. '!'!)• !i.«'«v\\ ill tniniiiK »"... M. GsirrJmiu, "f M-itmi'Mith. j),,, ; ,i, |ll( t f;;,.i •'..-• iiul Kiiilik «'ul>l«*. proj"i»l»-nt i»f a h.-uik j at ft««rw»i. wax struck hy « simt .-.-u -\ i.,ii i IMPDCACC lA/AfiCQ ant nliX. (larrtxon wa» InMsintly \ WILL iNUKtAbt WAUtb lillpft uKl t'nhle was nf-ven-lj injim-il !..-.,. _ . , - . A , when thfr . ; »r WMK «ma,h,d. Willys-Overland Co. Announocs In~ * ^ : __ t crease of Over n Million. DEDTSCHLAND IS DUE ,,S'!;';.,.V;-,'m''.'..." ,i""'..^''i"».'"" V\ of a man wlu>.wl«dies to mnk« u*e ct'f a right "f '"oil given to thlm. and Is refuw-d by "Oaynor," who wishes to get power, and thV tight between Oay- nor and Hill Juckson. und thmugh thlx iHin l(»Ki"j» the nympathy of the widow ,\lary Allen, with whom he IK In lov«\ REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM. Q'ualut elMirHCtem. .vlth the' grip of rcnll.6* atKiut them; ordinary people- whom one nu-ftB in everyday life, that the heart, are the pemniaKes MIIKW In "Ilebfcea of - which (Jajikull & M»V'V,itty will pretwmt at the nVcudemy of Mitolc nest • SatuntHy, J>ec. 16, matt and niifht. Them* denl«ens of «tt»ge world are th«* .'rc«fiture8 ItnairlMe and created by Kate Douglass \Vlg glim, one of the most accomplishe writer* of the day, and were tlrat mad um of Mrw.. AVIggln'* book*. "Rebiscca of Hunnybroi>k 1%rm" and "The Chronicle* of itBheccti." both Of whjch hav* been drawn uiHinlti writing th» «>m- etiy which wiH> shortly Iw set before UK. ' •*' THE TEMPLE PLAYERS, Tho Teinplp I'luyorn' cimio to the Academy of Mimic...for it ,throw nlj?hi tMiKAwment »mrtinR Mondu.v, l>c!:. U. The compMiiy. which c«imcH iiighly rcv- ommviided, will wive two i>erfornuuicwt each night. The atirucilon for the opening iVi«ht will be "Tin* Muster In .Hl8......Own.Houg<».",. Mi»*» ,Trmpl«v th» Mt.'it welvol her iminiug from t?omt? of ih«,. dramuUc. wtarH '\>t iho proMPitt day. Hh«> w«« ait eiullt* »ensou with Viola, AUcU i» "A DauKl'tT of HeHven," Century TJu-a- ln?. X«nv York City, with Amelia Hiuu- li»m on thf Orpheum I'ircuU; Academy of Music Stock Co., New York C'ity: and other companies of morn or U-aa THI UNBORN. a t hoi* wind UtdK'* of tlU« .uinity K»ok"advHnt»Ki'- of' th* umlty ^*f tw-elnB -4Ch«— Utitna thrilltuir birth control picture played to ladU* "only. 1'Vlday at thn Academy of M'isic, This afltrnoon ami this evening eVery«»nf» over el«ht««J|i will bt» udmitted ;<nd from all tiuiiM thone who rloHire to WHIU'.SN thh wonderful pU-tiii'i 1 w|u'i»> l>«r« are lititl har«, tlu*y fchotihl attend Iv. as then* Wilt hu a reiiord mii'ii(1.ini'(< thiM I'vcnlnK- An additional »ho\v will he «i%'en If absolutely iu'ivh!«i»ry. In" order that al who can tnny h«ve un opponunity tt ««»», this rt'.tl l»irth 4-ontrol picuutv ,\ gr«'»t many ladles in altt'iulanw Friday ,-Uiicii that it »>«tx »"*' «f the *i Tlu* pK'tujVJ* tills* im-nitiH nlf l Iv tin* fi.ttne uk whuwn lo th«> Itidlc^ l-'n j d.i>. ,in> icrlsi will be ht'lil nut on ac- CfMllli tif iMl'i>S'HI- t't'HIK llUilllltlM ' VAUOETTfi THEATRE. Thf toHiiwjng pinKiain will H»> >h«'Mn ut thv Vwtuh'Mi* i-**'»> «iji,v iK-vt wt«»<K: Tlu- ist'W" i^m< <>i K>> n «u«l »>rche«-tr.' K nil In-tdlli'ii ;ini| (licif vsillM.j- !•>.(- luic tllij.-ir r\t'l> 1*>I> .Il'-Mt IfUl li M.niii.iv \\m. J'«>x pi i *>». lit:- Pt'ciiiuiii ui "l»ai«" IffVil Kale Oj 1.,inis». tiotihit* s\hen she MII» it, h (, e . <s 1 u- y not oi-Jft't tn pluasius hfaB'- dtns into si A n>ul j»thruiK ?<toiy. H!K« t«'incii\. M.tiiiu'i iiut night. Tm ««j«»y ,N«ui'ii<«l I*i'.'t>iM- • i»t»rvics |>l«' ••lit* ill ' Sft ! IlliJt l"I" 111*' lll*,l ItllU' m « c< I* 1 -" > u ' Hi: !'!•» n-fsff' •- i-u: f '.i£r .<.'••• . ,-!,); ti.--' f ;•.): . V"! .'-I t -irM!',•;.•*'!<• «. !!<!:•! 'A.'' Si; m* a).-' t^:e!'!> H,.,..!-. •.v < tiC?!'.' l! .:! 1"\ <• -I"! 8RIANO SUPPORTED Prenm-r Saves French Cabinet < Bv Agreefnf To New i G^n^ral StmfT. ; THE BANK FOR All THE PtC-PLE *. ?..,..,, ,...,*.,!.*• .!;*•- T !'*"-''A!*,. ,,.,.-, , .' 'V i' -i- . !!••; ,-. ,-.'• .-IM.I (;.-, i I.;;... iMrn , ;;' !!',=1 >U -X S .^'I'.ll'VlI!'.- I'll' . ;i< i. x t!<ivf-!'•.', *;;r.Ki:!£ :;r, • \<v>, <..<. -'-p-' >',.!),,«- A<f-t : i:>. .<!. •!•,!•-! M-i? •••'>! ^'' ' '"! v !'!:).••• J»l*!v. At--.. "I'.iill f*. !!•:!'•. {•:jift!!itiiinMl!," With '\'n;:iii Itiih A ! .,, v|.f(.'i:i! J'-try, "MriVji. i f a INDIVIDUAL SERVICE If TO FIT YOUR NEEDS 1 ' ,!<•>., ,- • :• •; '• ,' I.'. !!''•' ',.lltl'<"'! • ' <l> , ;;, ,, !,- ;i:'.-- ..i X» I t,, )•;•> '('*•.!« !,.-.'.,.; t. «-•.-.MH> :•••' i' 1 t,^., : ,-r, ''"n'ri,7:7.1' ~T< nT;TM'' ; \ 7",i'tTTT- " "n "i Vi«'iT"> This May Mean You \\Mi> !f,'l~ MII| jit '-"M!f t!?!;*' ",'H'i: --.'IT ii;nl j'i-t la'kfil thai mrr \\ith -<MIH I <>III'. 'AnuM is<*t liMVc h;M>t'*Mit''<!." .' \\"i' a(•<• ;il\va\ - '\villiii: li<--t <?rf"rtnnT inn n!><>nt ;tiiv l«-i. ami in'iti *• OH ;iv»>iil mi nuif 'Mir i-ii-inni''!'- ;M'.' iil;nl Jlii-y hank NMTI- \ tni \\ ill l>c. , ' \\ V extend In you a ''didial imitation to make Our Bank Y»»ur I'.aiik, State B^ank of Sterling N. <;. VAX SANT ^ K. H. rUKUK'HH, «•;!«( SAFETY COURTESY SERVICE Got Along Fine, Traveler's Ink, •i'.««jftil White hioftiiiK paper i* Kiittiratwl __ i > ..iiipaiu iiJii.inhr.'il an in- jf U «'<Ti' tii»rt' triillifiil :Mi<) I'r.'itil;. 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Ciniti.. ,^ ^^ ct.shlvr tllsUtilvii was 'hn-«-d m u \>-i\ After tin- ti-a tin- stur-; ( ,-,ii.-r Mill inndurf i-tunitfh Ink to do ih«. hni^ftwanl trip i.n Nov. :'i. ' hojinlliii:' th.' .«i'<-JUinT ulUi hH l.-ot,' t«-«'iiiK ci-l«-hfii.v u;i- i,sK.-.| h-.w h,- awl' , ,,„,- ,|,-r: ildc writing titul a f«-w p««I« ONE DIVISION LOST 8000 MEN 'wh«-n In- nutlo-.l n innti .Mnndlnn hy ' '!>«• «!'-;if on,. h«d K"! "ii. "oh. ,MV «o't u..,i|.| I..- nil ilin't tin i-xj.l«.rlnK imrl.v H«.fUni'i:fr™ hy Wliv^w' in Haw.!!.., th» rail wlio:'look.-.! Ilk.- a d,-toHiv,.. ; "» '^"'-" >»o iui-w.-r.-,t "I t -,,uhl»'t ttilli , ,,,.,-,1 ,-,,rry with tii.'iu. As wntoc l« L.» I.. !)«><>. !«.—.A rw«t»itulaU<.ii of a 1 "Do you think 1 Unit whi'ii ho M-«-S nn> ; fcm! ll(t ( '"'U«l'i t hear in?.' ; uluayn avnilalil.! the ink Is reutlHjr Kouiiiuitinn uriny divl.«ji>n wlih'li was i tlj j |j u , .m^is hi" \vlll fii>l/i» nit'?" ho. — - made. 'on-rd to iwittle uii tlie AH, showod » ! ns^j.,1 of hl« nfconijillf*-. "I'nji|«rrh<>nir " ..' ' . • _~_~Ti!' W |'^t • VlMI "" H ' 1 ' "" l "I'prt'h'MKl Unit In. 1 will Optimistic Thought, ." • 0 ry Remark. .-".nol'/'r i npliri'hond you." n-'K|M>n«.U-d tin- other; Trnisot, hnx no phm- wl'iV-a ti!ic«ll- l{.,i.m><l on u bottle ttttd fliUshcil up in l ;;T V ,;;^' > arr";;^Yn^m^S; • ct>...fortlBmy:-.B«rl.n.. B o. ' «.HV holds ,.rl.....p:.Mi y . ,j ,.,..., t ',. nch H owl. men and U When tlie whole world was. breathless with panic at the outbreak of war in August, 1914, the cotton farmer of the South saw bankruptcy and poverty nearer on. the horizon, perhaps, than many a farmer in- the warring Gentries. Cotton, known as the "king of crops" was dethroned and abased. As if by magic, fourteen months later, cotton on the New York Exchange rose to twenty cents a. pound, and the question asked,-was not "when will it drop?" but "where will it stop?". "•"•"" . :. In THE LITERARY DIGEST for December 9th, the wide-sweeping .Editorial reports from every ^section of the cotton-^rowin^ belt are shown. To the "man in the street," who is not fumiiiar with the very strong position which cotton occupies among American products, this account is h6ii7B$ to prove .enlightening. ... King . Cotton's'-marvelous "conic-hack" reads almost like a fairy tale. From fields nodding drowsily in \vhite through the summer, he draws royal revenues "which he spends with royal profusion in so many various channels that his spending operates for the benefit of the whole country, This is why East, West, artcf South, everybody is i nlerested i n th6 restof atibn. There*are several illustrations from original'photographs. • Besides this important review of the ..cotton'., situation, "The. Digest" is particularly rich this week in other articles of interest, a few of which are: Feed America First Will An Ejnbargo Be Placed Upon »FoocMuffr By the Neiit -CongreM ? Roumanians Distress General Funston and the Baptists Railroads Favor Federal Regulation Threatened Disruption of the Entente Nation-wide Wage Increases Many Fine Illustrations and Cartoons The Books to Give for Christmas Gifts This number of "The Digest" contains the annoiHU-^nients of America's leading .Publishers, and descriptions of the 'best' Gift* Books to lit every age 'and taste. Readers will save time antl ni'cmey by consulting "The Literary Digest" Book-Hit in this number before buying Holiday Books, y * December 9th Number on Sale To-Day—AH News-dealers—10 Cents The

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