The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on July 2, 1916 · Page 28
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 28

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 2, 1916
Page 28
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j THE WICHITA EAGLE, SmnAY IIQEimiG JUI" 2, 1916 ' VODS .1 -ax?i?u inn - i- r . zzzz ! - I ih- WVI III II t I ' .-"AWFUL ' li IMmimiMiRiII Ttrit- j Present Policy-holders too, will lilce this plgiti"- Wie , mmn -'mm s I I S I I I LS L&SS ill U . BANK . i uMiv ii i little Armenian Girl Rescued By - Turkish Family After Family if , Had Been Massacred ; By Soldiers. -XIOTHER NAMED FOR PRICE-? LESS ONE After Russians Took Ashkalla Was Again Deserted Now I Finds Refuge and Friends In America. p New York. July 1. Sometimes when little Ankeen Armenagian is alone she "will break into a sing-song1 recital of the awful story of the fate of her family at their home in the town of Ash-kalla, Turkish Armenia, at the hands of stables: ; "My father was killed; J My mother was killed; k My slsterwas thrown into the river." '' Ankeen will repeat this bare outline, ..which any one who has read of the recent massacres of the Armenian people jean fill in with terrible detail,, over and .over in a wrapt manner as if she were living again the awful experience she 'went through. Then she will suddenly jshout in Turkish, "Yallan! Yallan!" meaning "It's a lie! It's a lie!" An- 'keen's new friends, the American mis- jeionaries who brousrht her to the Unit ed States, think the Turkish family - -which saved her life taught her to say Yallan" at the end of the story they could not stop her from telling. ' NAME MEANS PRICELESS. Ankeen is three years old". Her name -in English means "priceless." It was her mother's name for her baby, per ..haps, or the one her father chose for -his tiny dark-eyed girl. Her face is "sweet but seems a little saddened and Jier manner is loving. Excepting that her father was a tailor and a Christian, no one knows anything about her. She was found wandering In the de-jserted" streets of Ashkalla the Jast fweek of March by some Armenian sol-diers of the Russian army. The Russians had driven the Turks from the vicinity of Ashkalla a few days before and the Turkish family-which befriended the child at the time of the massacre f her parents and sister must have Tfled in great haste. The soldiers cared -for Ankeen for twoor three days and Jthen took her to the home of the Robert Stapleton, the director of the Amer--ipan schools at Erzroom the principal rity of the region not far away. The Stapleton's home was a rendezvous for .Armenian refugees. LOST OWN LANGUAGE. ; Ankeen seemed to have lost her own language and acquired that of the Turks in the short time she had lived "with the family which befriended her, "but the Armenian language is now coming back to her. Gradually the mis-'Eionary and his wife drew from her the ,fate of her family and every kindness was shown to the child. The Staple-tons were then preparing to return to the United States and rather than leave the orphaned girl to an unknown fate among strangers concluded" to bring her to the United States with them. ; She arrived at Ellis Island with three other Armenian girls the first week of June. After a few days' delay, the St5-pletons provided the guarantee required by the government In the case ox aepenaent children and the girls were released. Ankeen is now iY tege of Miss Blanche Atkins, a teacher hi tne St. Cloud, Minn., Normal school, -wnose sister was a missionarv in v.r-r room and who died two years ago of smaapox. Th "priceless one" will remind Miss Atkins of the sisters who died in Armenia. o- CLAIMS CORN HONORS Welding Our Specialty) f Cast Iron and steel gear wheels or 1 j any other parts of broken machin- g ery can be repaired perfectly by our ! Oxy-Acetylene welding. Do not buy new parts. Consult us. Our weld- 1 ing will save you money. 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Get a can at your grocers, hardware or garage. If they do not have it on sale, call or phone Sa-Tan-ic Medicine xand Manufacturing Co., 324 Butts Bldg., Wichita. BilllouMness and Stomach Trouble "Two years ago I suffered from frequent attacks of stomach trouble and biliousness," writes Miss Emma Ver-bryke, Lima, Ohio. "I could eat very little food that agreed with me and T became so dizzy and sick at my stom ach at times that I had to take hold of something to keep from fallinir. fil ing Chamberlain's Tablets advertised 1 decided to try them. I improved rapidly." Obtainable everywhere. 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Write For Full Description. naranlg8 1Mb ST rest gmpim 'MOUMO FLOOR Lft 11 , Vi BEACOWN BLDOfc Wichita, Kansas jSehind the THrift ji Jfyuement 1 1 r 3 SAVINGS CUUBS 5 " Put aside a definite sum every month in a Savings Account, which will equal, every twelve months, the annual premium on your Hie insurance policy. Complete and detailed information in regard to this suggestion may be obtained from any. life insurance solicitor in Wichita. The Life Insurance man is working for you let him tell you what he knows. HEIl IEFT SIDE HURT No familv Tpryif?v on4n.- r. 1. . 1 . . . . - j ' a uciier " ' . '- wucuigcnt women m F,le ?idney Pi"s. Mrs. Laura April I got in bad health ; . my left side hurt all the time. The doctor medicine didn't seem to do me any good. I had symptoms of Brig-hfs disease. I took two Vintt1j nf XT'I T-u ney Pills and feel all right now." They quickly relieve backache, rheumatism aches and pains in a natural way by ClriVinET thf nnlsnn nn e . v. - Contain no habit forming- drugs. urug (Jo. (2 stores). Advertisement. I AnirO Free, klet describing LAUItu wonderful article indispen-sible for private use of a"ei 1ladies- Relieves mlncfrom iASLy?" Sentj sealed. Hygiene N. T City. h St Don't Fall to Study the Big Half Page Map of IMF .vii aco In Sunday's and hang it Eagle. Cut it out up in a convenient place for ready reference. As you read you can see where the American boys will fight. In case of war with Mexico watch their movements from day to day. Watch the big Eagle map. Just like being there. J. ff.' .'Vwl'N THE BEST EVER WHAT ? aunt Louis Special" FINEST, FASTEST, SAFEST Train Fom Wichita to St. Louis Outclasses in Speed and Quality Any Service Ever Mtaintained Between the Two Cities SOLID STEEL THROUGH TRAIN HIGHEST GRADE DINING CAR SERVICE (HARVEY) Stops Only at Large Towns Leaves Wichita 3:35 P. M. Arrives St. Louis 7:55 Next Morning Tr. R. E. Rnnkle lln narrrsted Ample Supply f Swl Corn. El Reno, Okla., July 1. Dr. R E Hunkle claims the honors for raiding sweet corn In this locality, and states that he has harvested an ample supply of sweet corn from his own garden for the past week. Xot only does he claim honors in this respect, but he even goes farther and says that he "Will have ripe cantaloupes within a few days. He did not say what kind of seed he used in his garden endeavors, nor anything regarding his methods of cultivation, but regardless of this fact, he is entitled to due credit for his successful gardening .operations. b 1 ' In I 11 j" AO o "FT" np ; A Comh May Lead To Tuberculosis . Distressing and" dangerious complications may follow if yOU nejl"? 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All contracts are let for casing, derricks and shipments started, drillers engaged and we are ready to go. information6 CrdiaIIy invited without obligation on your part, to call in person, write or telephone for further First Publication. Saturday. Julv 1 191R if? d S for the erpction and completion of n sixty by seventy-six foot building, will be received bv IT f Clemons. secretary of the school board at Marshall Oklahoma, up to 1 :30 v A ?fJu,-n1tth- 19U' at which time said bids will be ojwned. Plans can he secured from Bailev jc-Bailey. Architect. 616 Colcord Bldg Oklahoma City. Okla.. or from U F Clemons. at Marshall. Okla.. by depoMtln a certified check for f 15,00. payable to U. F. Clemons, to guarantee their prompt return in good condition , Each bid must be accompanied bv a certified check, payable to the order of the said U. F. Clemons. for S plr cent of the amotint r.f i an evidence of good faith, and a sriiaV-i . v., cmirsMui- uianer will make the bonds that will be required and accepted by the school board and to comply with the Oklahoma statute Checks of unsuccessful bidders will be returned as soon as the contract is awarded. But the check, of the successful bidder will be held until the work Is completed and accepted. The school board reserves the risrht to reject any or all bids. By order of the school board. - U. F. CLEMONS, " . Et - Secretary. n IOC 11 K ST1T1 0 ellin ff 7TT at Jr ar Fully Paid and Nonassessable Authorized Capital $100,000.00 CM A BB 1 11 ii (I a nar e DIRECTORS ? ROBERTSON, President Hartford Western Land Co. ANDREW MILLER, Real Estate and Investments C. P. HALE, Mo. P, Railroad GEO. T. CUBBON, Ex-Chief-of-PoIice, Wichita G. W. CARR, Stocks and Bonds DR. JAS. S. KELLY A H. GRAVES, Harper, Kansas, Capitalist LAKK, Pres. ANDREW MILLER, Sec-Treas He erutniirv i Jul 617 Beacon Building Phone Marlcef MA E. G. ROBERTSON, Vice-Pres. ill u v Wichita, Kansas " i 1 f I f ! ! J I j f ! i t f i i ' u Mi if ill: 'ill

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