The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on June 25, 1916 · Page 2
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 2

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1916
Page 2
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THE WICHITA EAGLE, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1910 NSW CROP OF WHEAT IS MOVING COSTER" MEETING : TUESDAY Always Better Values at the Operative Store i The Operative s Literal Offer will Cause a Sensation Amonrf all PAGE TWO Wichita Board of Trade Handles Two Cars From Temple, Okla., One Testing 59V2 Pounds. . MINNEAPOLIS MILL GRABS UP SHIPMENT The first consignment of thi3 year's wheat was sold on the Wichita market ; yesterday. Two car loads from Tem-! pie, Okla., and consigned to the Hack-! er Grain company was placed on the ! market and one car load of Xo. 2 hard i -Wheat weighing 53 1-2 pounds to the ' bushel was 'sold to the Kemper Grain : company for the Pittsburg Mills at Minneapolis, Minn., for $1.12, delivered on track -at Minneapolis. This price netted the seller 94 cent9 per bushel at Temple, Okla., and is a pretty good price for new wheat. They seem to have had less rain at Temple and the new wheat was dry and in grod milling condition. Several car loads from Temple are on the way to this market and commission men expect a considerable amount of new wheat will be sold on the Wichita market this week. It is, however, hardly probable that very much of it will be In as good milling condition as the car load sold yesterday. o IT IS TO BE WORTH WHILE Winfield Chautauqua This Year Full of Instructive Entertainment. The announcement that the Winfield Chautauqua will meet on such and such a date, does not ordinarily mean much to some people especially to those who have not given the matter any appreciable amount of thought. Their idea is that a Chautauqua is a place where a bunch of school-teachers and club folks go to hear a lot of "cut and dried" wisdom that really has nothing to recommend it, outside of a lot of high-sounding, empty platitudes; or where they absorb as much as possible of "long-winded" lectures on abstruse topics that will be of no earthly use to the hearers, either in this world or the next. But this is entirely the wrong conception of the aim and ideals of this assembly. Their lectures are planned to-give each and all of the hearers new thoughts and Ideas on the higher things of life, and also on practical, everyday subjects those things thy will have need of, In their daily lives. This year, for instance, they will have lectures on Home Economics, given by Miss Francis Brown, head of the department of home economics of the Kansas State agricultural college. In which will be told the best and most approved ways for doing the various things that are vitally necessary in the successful management of the home. Rural community problems is another timely subject which is ably treated in its various phases by Rev. Wm. B. lampe, and Prof. Walter Burr of the Kansas stTte agricultural college, at Manhattan. To Bible students will be especially welcome the news that Dr. Camden Cobern, for many years honorary sec-; retary of an Egyptian exploration ex-j pedition which discovered many marvelous historical facts, has been secured by the committee in charge. His "lectures will be among the most interesting of the sertes. Child-welfare in all its branches, comprising moral, mental, and physical education for all types and ages of boys nd girls will be carefully gone over by Miss Nina L.amk!n, of the Northwestern university, Evanston. 111., assisted by Frank Root, physical trainer of the Winfield High school. Kindergarten work in this connection, will be in the care of Miss Elizabeth Wilson, .of Kansas City, a teacher of long experience In this line. Of unusual interest will be the course of lectures on the educational development of the mountaineers of Kentucky. Thes lectures will tell in a vivid way. by one who has been there and has worked with these people, how their education has been in a great majority of cases, accomplished and the difficulties they surmounted. The Winfield Chautauqua enters upon Its thirtieth session this year. It will be held from June 29 to July 9 inclusive. T Imperfect ; Digestion 1 soon undermines your health and impoverishes i your blood, but this may be jfcorrected by careful diet and the assistance of IIOSTETTER'S Stomach Bitters It tones and strengthens the entire digestive system and is a real aid to Nature in cases of indigestion, cramps or malaria. Our Incomparable Two "2" Piece Suits In Style and Value VJe extend to You an Invitation to stop in Tomorrow or Next Day and See these Comfortable Suits for Summer wear. You Will Like Tnem and also tne Price. Tkey are made m Palm B eacn Mok air ana Kool Klotk Sport Snirts, Hanan o xtoras hj,s KSjHlisi 114 N. Main DROP YEARLY MODEL CAR Henceforth There Will Be No "Jones Six" of '16 Or '17 But Just "Jones Six," An Important change has come to the Jones Motor Car company. This change is the- passing of the yearly model. "While automobile manufacturers have been engaged In getting enough material to produce cars to meet the demand, one of the most important changes which has taken place in the industry has been passed by unnotlce-ed," says J. J. Jones, president of the local manufacturing concern. "Year after year there have been attempts at meetings of the national association to eliminate this alleged yearly model. These efforts alway failed. Last January several of the larger companies set the pace and now; nearly all of the progressive companies have abandoned this bad practice of the Sacred Mountain To Be Reforested Chinese Emperor Shun Offered Sacrifices On Elevation 23 Centuries Before Christian Era. Tainanfu, Shantung Province, China, June 24. Mount Talshan, the famous sacred mountain of China where Emperor Shun offered sacrifices to heaven 23 centuries before the Christian Era, is to be reforested through an effort inaugurated by the Chinese department of agriculture and heartily supported by Christian missionaries and Chinese educators. This sacred mountain, which rises 6,000 feet above the sea level, and has long been sought by tourists because of the wonderful contour of the peak and" Its historic temples, was denuded centuries ago of trees and Its sides have been washed and cut by the freshets no longer checked by trees and grass. Many trees were planted on th Commercial Organization Will Join Real Estate Association In Effort to Enlarge Wichita's Influences. GETTING AWAKENED TO ADVANTAGE OF OIL FIELDS if Wichita fell down on the job of giv ing her soldier boys a rousing send off. We couldn't have sent them away under more depressing circumstances they had been going on a disgraceful task, instead of the greatest duty of all, that of serv ing their country with their lives. But we can make up for that neglect. A movement has been started to look after the wants of those dependent on the soldiers, while the latter are away at the front. It is probable that congress will enact a bill making provision lor the support of those left behind. But, even if it does, there is need for action by the peo ple of Wichita also. Red tape is always tedious! Rigid rules don t meet all cases. Wherever the government fails, Wichita should be prepared to step in. And, our mayor to the contrary notwithstanding, there should be nothing of charity about it. Our soldiers want no charity, only the square thing. And we should see that they get it. Efforts to secure the co-operation of the city's three chief organizations, the Wichita club, the Rotary club and the Kansas club, in the campaign to give Wichita and its opportunities publicity, launched by the Real Estate Dealers association, will be made at a mass meeting of business men early this week. Practically all preparations were completed by the men back of the movement yesterday. The meeting likely will be called for Tuesday night. Leading bankers and business men have all signified intentions to co-operate with the present movement. They realize that in order to utilize the oil fields as a factor in adding to the city's growth its opportunities must be put before the people of the country in such a manner as will make certain of their being fully appreciated. Data relatiner to Wichita and the opportunities its oil fields offer to both men and capital is now being prepared and will be sent broadcast throughout the country. Wichita's oil fields will be utilized chiefly in its publicity and the public's attention will be focused upon the districts to the south and southwest of the city, where immediate development work is projected, as well as the developed fields along the Walnut river. It is realized by the business men behind the campaign that the development of these newer fields will make of Wichita a real oil center. Consequently every effort will be put forth to ' Impress upon investors that the possibilities of fortunes to be won in the oil fields about the city are still as great as ever. The public also will be made fully acquainted with the fact that large fortunes have already been .won and that as a result of the past -year's development oil to the value of approximately f31,500 is being produced here daily. ft Crraham Bays Cafe Robert Graham, who recently sold out his restaurant in the sixth block on East Douglas avenue, after cleaning up a small fortune on 25-cent meals, has again entered the cafe business. Yesterday Mr. Graham purchased the Gem cafe at 255 N. Market street. The purchase was made through the National ( company of 139 North Main street.-), Mr. Graham sold a piece of city property at Central and , Ash streets to Mrs. Sadie King. E cnomica 1 Sk oppers 1 "Big Money in the Oil Game" is made in leases. We believe we have an A-l proposition for you 11 you are interested in the oil game. We have options on some good leases and need more money to handle them. If interested phone Market 2133 or call room 12, second floor. 122 South Market. A remarkable SALE of wtite Skirts at 98c $1.25 $1.45 and $1.95 B e a utif ully trimmed with pearl buttons, plaits, belts and pockets. A saving on every one for you. f TW Offer Is Absolutely FREE! ZM. Your choice of any bunch of Flowers FREE and all Hats trimmed FREE with any purchase of an Untrimmed Hat at $1.95 You have the liberty of selecting any Untrimmed Shape in our stock. Panamas not included. Jib r V V A One Dollar Waist FREE witb any Skirt purchased at $2.95 $3.95 and $4.95 Many have taken the of this offer last week. Yon have 1 1 1 e s .1 ni e chance thi week. Two Trimmed Hat Specials for Tins Week at 98c and $2.85 THESE HATS ARE WORTH THREE TIMES WHAT WE ASK FOR THEM Your Choice of Any Sport Hat At $1.00 Prepare for rainy days with one of our Raincoats at $1.0S and $2.05. if-r:;?p:n-;Muu?;?in;t:nr?nKiii;inrr";iTmifnifn:ffrr; C ORSETS, $1 .00 UMBRELLAS. 98c yearly typo such as the 1916, 1917, and 1918 and to designate the cars in model series. The Jones Motor Motor Car company has broken away from this practice of having yearly models and I for one, can see the vast amount of benefit to our own company and particularly to the consumer. "I can see no reason why a few minor changes made to justify the announcement of new yearly model, say the 1917 car, should be allowed through the mere change of a model name, to depreciate over night a purchaser's investment. No more can I understand why a manufacturer should hold up improvements six months to a year, depriving the public of their benefit, just so he might announce a nw annual model latfr. Nor can T justify a policy which made a dealer sell his customers one car one- day and an improved car tomorrow. These faults appeared to me as radical faults in automobile merchandising. Hence, the 'Wichita-made car has eliminated this feature." o FIRST TRIP OX TRAIX NEW LOCATION n ? 1 am now in mv new office !n the LJl1. c e Theater liuuding, rooms ;,and 4, 215 East ;!figlas Av., and I invite any man, .'j woman or child suffering from , c h r o n I c. blood. skin, organic, or functional disease .or condition. to consult me free. I e m p 1 o y modern - scientific methods j by which I treat many DH. I.F.ATHKUMAX cessfully without pri-musi surgery, whatev- v . cr our affliction may be. call or write for information. Fhone M. 2229. J. R. LEATHERMAN, M. D. ?liteen-Te-r-OIt Boy Can Drive Into Tbongh "When Alois Birter. of Claflln. Kan., proposed to his sixteen year old son that he come with him cn the train to TVlehita yesterday, the latter was both surprised and happy. For the youth Kad never ridden on the "cars." Put the ride on the train didn't suit th loy so his father tried another method of travel that of the automobile. His father bought a new Jones Six and he and his son drove !t home from th factory In North Wichita late last night. o Saddle Cost ?10,000 Fonca City. Okla.. June 2 4. Th saddle belonging to Col. Joe Miller, owner and manager of the 101 Ranch show, has been returned to Mr. Miller after being sent here for the replacement of Jewels which had become lost. The horn of th saddle, originally, was st with a magnificent emerald but this was lost out and was replaced with a rtiby surrounded by "4 diamonds. The replacing of the jewels was done by A. Fakody, Fonca City Jewelerrman. Tb saddle is said to hare cost Sin..-f and is highly prized by Mr. Miller, who uses It daily during the show season. ?o Removed Kidney Fonca City, Okla . June 24. Fay Mc- Coy, a prominent farmer of the Bressie Flat neighborhood, south of Fonca City, has suffered for several years with kidney trouble and this week. Dr. Toung, of Arkansas City, Pr. Ar-rendeill of Bliss and Dr. A. S. Nuckols. Fonca City, removed entirely the right kidney. Mr. McCoy is recovering rapidly from the operation and physicians assert that complete recovery is assured. mountain at the time of feast of the tomb this year, which was celebrated as arbor day throughout China A government official has been stationed for the express purpose of looking after the afforestation of the mountain anda large tract of land has been planted with seedlings, which will furnish trees to be replanted on the sacred mountains. In this Matter of Health on is either with the -winners or with the losers. It's largely a question of right eatings -right food. For Bound, health one mnst cnt out rich, indigestible foods and choose those that are known to contain the elements that build sturdy bodies and keen brains. Graue --Nuts Is a wonderfully balanced food, made from whole wheat and barley. It contains all the nutriment of the grain, including the mineral phosphates, indispensable in Nature's plan for bodv and brain rebuilding. Grape-Nuts is a concentrated food, easy to digest, It i3 economical, has delicious flavcr, comes ready to eat, and has helped thousands in the winning class. There's a Reason" SA-T AN-IC GAS For Automobiles, Trucks, Motorcycles, Stationary Gasoline or Kerosene Engines 8 Benefits Derived from Its Use Increases mileage from 20 to 40 per cent. Reduce gas bill one-third to one-half. More power to motor. More speed. Starts easier in cold weather. Reduces carbon deposits. Reduces repair costs. Machine lasts longer. "We absolutely guarantee that this preparation contains no acid or alkali, which will, in any way, injure the mechanism, machinery, carburetor or engrine of any car, but will reduce carbon deposits to a minimum, making the engine run smoother and better. Directions for Use For cars of .30 or more horse power, add one ounce (four tablespoonfuls) to every 5 gallons of gasoline put into the tank. For cars less than 30 horse power, Mich as Fords,, etc., use one-half this amount tvn tablespoon-fills). Do not use more than directions call for. :is r''ulfs will not be so good. "When cylinders have a great ; of carbon deposit, a largo increase in mileage will n show at first, but after the car has been run on K or "'' gallons of gasoline treated with this Ga Srtver. a change will be noticed. Motor will run smoother---rv knocking Cars will start with a vim- If ills taken high gear with ease. IMPORTANT NOTICE A soon as carbon is removed turn .arbnretnr one-fourth to one-half turn. SA-TAN IC CLEAN The Greatest Cleaner Ever Discovered for Automobile Drivers, Garage Workers, Railroad Shop Employe?!, Blacksmith, Painters, Thresherman, Etc. Removes Paint, Grease or Dirt Instantly Sa-Tan-Ic Cleaner Has No Grit. Will Not Chap. Made of Vegetable OiL Is An Antiseptic and VERY JFEAUNG. USE WITH OR WITHOUT WATER. Directions for Using the Cleaner The principal feature of the CLEANER is to be used without WATER, by applying to th handi and rahhirg i! sTl the GREASE or PAINT has been absorbed in the solution, then rub dry with a piece of watte or cloth. Th BE3T prtpirv tion cn the market for AUTO DRIVERS when placed in a position where WATER and SOAP ii r.o. obtainable New York Store. Morris Hardware Co. Ablah Mercantile Co. R, E. L. Burtle. L. P. Norton, Vassar avenue. AGENCIES Grn ?trt Orery, 20 E- Douglas. Dunn ?!reanti! Co., Nin Steir. Usi?d Paint C'a Cn. Stirling & Shay. Garag?. MANUFACTURED BY Craft k C'.b'jm. Dr-irn O. L O. Hi!!, N. Lrr.-K?.r, .-: Au'e. fv htzr." Gar?.;:- p - " k Ssl Tan-Ic Medicine Si M I! mM or bti l : o Save Your Hair With Newbro's Herpicide Wichita, Kansas, U. S. A. 2Vi lb. Pakisr

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