Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 27, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1944 NAUGATTJCK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Ah inexpensive WartfTo-Renf Ad Is The "Flat finder DID YOU KNOW tli;il t'ui- (-ills- Employment lli-lp \Viuitfil—Mule . <>F CONNECTICUT PFKSDNNK1. HKI'AUTMKNT K.XA.M IN .AT II > V N OTICIOS POSITION'S: Assistant Modicn.1 Offiojr. • N '°- (!3 ~- $3000-$3Ji'IO lew.' -.(jii't-ruKiri'l U;ulk> Dls|>ntchi'f, o. Of, flKO-Slt-n); V\Vlfnn> Inviw- ti.'3'nr. The 'nii'nt Connecticut is wnivucl For Sale \Vun(i<<| To Iluy SmAl.l. plot of ground 1 to 2 1-2 ueivs in vicinity, of Naugutuck. Wi-IU' in euro Box F, News Olllco. l.niul .For Uulldlili; hit, ISO l»y 100 feet on f.hirlcy street, two miles from Nnuir.-ituck off New Haven i-oiicl Price $lf)0. Cull Walorbury 4-4C.51 Announcements lib O|)|><>rtiinHli«j o.M-liislvc record nml mimic store. One of the tthest in the fltute. Good store location: Owner has other business. A i-enl opportunity. Box K, in cnre of The Neivs. Wunlctl To Kent For Rent llooitiM To Itent C'KNTKAl.I.Y lo<M k |e<l furnlNlie room for Rentlemun. Apply 1 Burnurn court. Hit Apurtnii-litM For Kent APAKTMKNTS. 1 mid a rooniH. furnlsliL-cl. The Chas. Rocn«Kar- tcn Co., 33 Leuvenworth St. Tel Watorlna-y 3-111-1. lott .Garage For Kt>nt io-.Vo <'.37. I ' APPLICATION FORMS and do tailrt! informal U>n may be oh (jmrtl ;it l!'e IVrsonnul Depart aifiU. Sen- Capitol, Hartford. 01 .ffiees of the b'. S. Em- Si-ivuv for Connecticut, •(•; DATK for niltn,- np p;;cutiorr fi'i- Ni>f«. fliW nnd C39, Is 'a! 1". 1W-I: -Vf>. (!37, no ATES OP RX AMI. VAT ION'S: r N'" 1 - '' ;l? ; " ul ''Si'. ln'CwiT-n Au» 15. l'.i-1-l. aiivl September IP, . Gt.EN'DON A. SCOEORIA, 1'orsonnel Director. JIKCIIAXIC — Fur uiilonuitlvi- clii.'h' .-mop. Stnblli'/.utlon only. T..-I. vVathy. -I-012T. plan Ifclp d — Foinalo VC'KSK for sfinill dorr." wiinti'd. Cull aston. . 9-12-1 Thorn- GIRLS Fnr lifhr, cK-an bench (nst n: ni i- n t Assy m b ly. 7,00 A. M. to 3:30 P. M. work. Ho ura w is Ktij,'jiH i enii£r C'o. 52 RUBBKR AVE, :. IHI MciKlou- St., rear, Inquire Ralph S. Fu«ho, cure of Cum Thoatfr or Walter A. Nor* wish, cure of Norwash Shoe .Store. That Income liux day will be urouiul ajraln before we Icnow It. [•tavo nioro than onoug-h to meet- It; use a News Want Ad to rent your extra room. Announcements OUB BUSINESS eoHKlMhi of three stages; opening-, clo'alns and nmnngcmenl. This Is a real opportunity to own your own busl- Call Watby. -1-1003. Automotive 14 For Sale -19.SS HODGE Sedan, heiiter and RCA i-adlo. Good condition, J200 Apply 37 New street cor, Hill- Bide ave. ' :• 111 Autos Wanted OLD CARS WANTED, FOR ' J-UNKING! Coll 3-808-1 from 7 a. m. to 7 p, m 3-1SK5—7 p. m. to'lO-p,' m. 12 Aiinounceinents 3peclnl prlcea on All Memorial* V. RICHARDS 2BO So. Main 8fc Naujfatuck Automotive Contractors Merchandise Merchandise 28 . .Household Arllclos ' 2!) Wun:i;il To Iluy COMl'LliTK- lioine bought 'Cor' cuah. Hipriicst prices paid for: clecli-lc rcfrifrerators, washers'; and 's'tovoa; - regard less 'of condition;' : • Frtmcis Fnniitnre Co. 4-13 "NORTH-MAIN STREET- Telephone 3000 PATER HANGING W, F, Cota, 1? ' Tel. MCt). and; Painting. Cedar, Street. 14 Auto* For Sale DODGE — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm AV. Stan- Conx 8.S Wntertown Ave. . Dial 0-I14C Merchandisie 'J'lllCI'JE piece Maple living room suite, springillled back and suat cushions. Good condition. Very reasonable: •!! South View, TcL S-129. : RA'XGIS. GOOD CALL 50-M. BANK sufu..ileposlt IIOXCN wnntcd Highest 1 cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phono have to offer'. J. E. Murphcy, Re public C08-I, 815 Yeatman Avc. Webster Groves 19, Mo. CJUUS — CarrinBCH, Play Pens Harare selection of toys. Lowest prices in town, BEACON 'KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby GAS. CONDITION, BA1JY CARRIAGE. Tel. .(000. A-l condition. Clothing SO. TKN. Can Milk Cooler—CompletR and milk-bottler. A. C. Anderson, 173 Center street., Thonuiston, Conn. Tel.'530-2 after OP. M. ' Household Article* >'otlC'<*H The Ro>;lstriir.i of Voters of the Town of Beacon Fall.t will be In session in the Town Hall, Friday, July 2S, and Fi-ldny, August -I, 1M4 from 12:00 o'clock nooti until 9:00 3'eluclt p. m. for the purpose of party enrollment and correcting thf caucus list. DutiHl itt Beacon Falls Connecticut, this nineteenth day of July, 19-1-1. RUTH M. CARROLL, KEIJS.V C. DONLAN, Refiistrai'H of Voters. • PACKARD 19-10 Willys Sedan l'.m Ford Tudor 'PRICRD BELOW CEILING" PMclc;ii'<.l-Walerbni-y, In e. •182 Wntertown Avoiiue Dial -I-C109 sot PrKCK H'uliiut' dlnlnir- room for sale. Call 3133. GIRLS' mul jMlltM' iixod coals, .sixe-s 1-l-lfi, -'includinjf one pony fur cont; one man's ovej-crfat, .sl/.o 36. 68 Cherry street. Wanted To Buy CAS H f01 ' Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co, 203 Brink -1-1-122 STORK Jtufrlg'erutor, Nllc«r und .scales. T. J. Montambault, 532 Noi-Ui Main, street, Union City.' Tel. 2GS3. .JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP \Vn liny. null,. iixKltiinK<:, uiitj ro»:ilr ali kinds o£ instrument.,?, fewest prices in'the city. ;iSO-3S2 So. Main St., Watby. Conn. BUY WAR ItONDS AND STAMPS Education Services 31. Local Anil Private. Instructors MNA SCHOOL STUDTOS JJ03 South OF MUSIC 1-C02S Main—11 Wilson Street P/ano - Voice - Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Eoj,'in- ncrs. E.ipid Piano Course for Adults Animals Cuttle And Swine OOOn JERSEY COW, for K;«|O. Call at 32 Hondley street, N.iuj*.i- tuck. I'oultry And Egg* '»0 DUCKS—live weight, :«ta M>. In nuan-tilics ovui- 30. City Hill St Tel. 2805i Services KXCEI-MJNT UK ING .-ind' slip covcr.t. Amazingly low prices, Allen's Upliol.str ; rin<j Studio. M.-islcrcr.'ift artists. 1 Grand St. W.ilcrbury. Diul -I-OC15 3!» Wiinlcd To Render Kr-ECTKICAI., Repairing Sorvlca Appliances n wjjoclally: Kay Decker, -102 N.-Main- St. T>1. 400O ODD JOB PAINTING A. J. Kudzma, Call Ifauff. .-ifler 5 p .m. ATTENTION i<,lu<.f,r»liix Ownera —Rcpaim. genuine parla and service. By bonded EJectrolux Man. I. Nlsscn, 3 Turcsa Avo. Telephone 4822. 10 Clcantnc And Professional Services SAWl'KK CIIABOWSKI'S Ktidlo Jl o pn I r Shop — Radios expertly repaii-cd with the l:uc~,t electronic tcssins: equipment. Quick coui-tcous service, moderate prices. Pick-up ,ind delivery, Pjione ."JGJT. KIKVMAN'S Great Dry CleantnR Firm, offers its class dry clean!nrc not. only in family garments, bill, blankets', rups and other specialties in this field.. • KIEVMAN'S • • 7C Church Street UA11Y— Cur. HCIIM, 1'luy insiint, Iwithl- netts, cribs, hifih chair.s, Kuh'lwet, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Griind St. Woterbury • GKENWOOD CoinlilnnUon oil iin< Kn.s rungu in vocy g-ood condition Silent Glow b'urner. Call •1115. On The Air Today i II- ' \Vunted— Mule or Fi-inlile 1'AKT TIMT. — SII.K I'HKSSETl GARMENT f'P.KSSER, Dl'.\ CLKANKR. ROUTK .ORIV /PPf^Y PURITAN CLEANER.' A.VD DYF.KS, 30 UNION ST WATl':RBUR.y. For Sale 3 For Sale FOR NAI.K—Two fnmlly IIOIIMI-, 1 rooms, 2 car ^arn^e find barn Ml Improvements. Lot 8-1 x ICC Ata sacrifice, Tel. 3-CWG3, Briclgo port, 'i ONK-FAMILY hoii.ii.'N of -I roi.ini each, all modern ImprovumetitH prc'Wi-ir built, 3 yt-ara old. Runson for .soiling, ownor In service ss.jinu. C i-oi>ni, 1 family house, all Im- provt-rnt-nt.s also 3 yo.'U'M okl, .sltu- at-d on 3-1 iicro land. Price $8,500 If you want to buy or sell see Pfit.iy LiibrUila, 172 H\K\\ .street Phone 3-IT.S or fiSS-l. NKW ,'f-KOOM rottiiKc, viiriint; ttlsn r,-!>,OOM bungalow with tlircw (|u;irt»!i-H acre land; now KVROOM D-l'amily house on West siil". A Shi-pk-y. Telephone 2-133. HOUR JiOOM hoiiM', now »t land. WooMter .street. Price S3,- M'l; 8-i-doni htju:-.'. Scott strout. I lot 72 x 2-17. Prirr- J4SOO; f,-room, l-fninily ' house, Ward St. John J. Ifwily. tr.fnphono 5031. District of Naugatuck, ss. Pro- tii Court. July 2Cth, 'I9-I-II KSTATE OF Wan-on Hotchklss ika Wnrron U. 'Hotchkiss iate of n Said District de- The Administrator having exhibited his administration account with said estate to this Court for allowance, it is OrtDIiKKD— That the 9th day of A. n. 19-1-1, at .10:00 o'clock In'the fort-noon at the Probate office In .N'aiiffntuok, be and thu same is assigned for a hearing on the sillowiinoc: of HO Id Administration Account with said Estate, and this Court directs the Administrator to cite (ill persons interested therein to appear at said time and ;>l,tce by publishing this order ir: some newspaper published in Now Haven County and having a circulation in said District, and posting- a copy on the public altfn post in the town of Xuucatuck, where the deceased lust dwelt, and by send* Inff, postage prepaid, a like notice to each of the known heirs residing outside this District at least ten days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, Judge. 11 I,oxt And Found HAVING LOST my KU* ration book A, issued to me by the local rationing board, I hereby file application for a new one. THOMAS CONNOLLY. HAVING LOST my RIIM ration hook A issued me by the local rationing board, I hereby file ap- pllciition for a new one. WILLIAM RADO. IAVING LOST my ifiiH ration book T, issued me by the local rationing board, I hereby file application for a new one. JOSEPH CABRAL. Roach the folks who can fill your nnods — the readers of the Nows Want Ads. Phone 2228, mall your ad or como in to see us. PRIVATE BUCK 4:13 p. m. WABC—Home Front Matinee WEAF—Stella Dallas WATIUVJZ—Don Norman Show WOR—Ra-mbliivr with Gambling 4: SO p. ni. WAEC—Off the Record WOR—Full Speed Ahead WATR-WJ2—News 4:-li3 p. in. WABC—Ray Scott Show W1SAF-WTFC—Widdcr Brown WATR-WJZ—Blue Corro ryjondcnts S:0(l p. in, WABC—Fun with Dunn WEAF-WTIC—When. .1 Girl Marries WOR—Uncle Don WJZ-WATR—Terry and Pirates 5:15 p. in. WF.AF-WTIC—Love and Learn WJZ—Dick Tracy WOR—Chick Cartor WATR—Melody 1 Review 5:30 p. in, WEAF-WTIC—Plain BUI WATR-WJZ—Jack Armstrong WABC—Three Sisters WOR—Tom Mix Show r>:4r> (>. in. WABC—Wildnrncss Road WBAF-WTCC—Front Pa fee Farrell WATR-W.I2—Sea Hound WOR—Superman 0:IHJ p. m. WOR—News; Prayer W RAF—Jack Arthur WJZ-WATR-WTIC-WEAF—News (i:15 p. m. WTTC—News WATR—Music for Dining WEAF—SoriMKide to America WJZ—Hop Hai-rig-nn WABC—Ted Busing 6:8(1 ]), in, WOR—News reel WOR—News WABC—Jar; Sullivan WATR—Naw-s; Serenade WEAF—Serenade: Bill Stern WJZ—Whose War? Band WTIC—Strictly Sports 6:45 p. m. WOR—Stan Loma.x, Sports WABC—World Today WJZ—News WEAF—Music You Want 7:1X1 ].. in. WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC—I Love a Mystery WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr WATR-WJZ—Musical Mysteries 7:15 p. in. WOR—Victory is Our Business WABC—Pa.sslnpr Parade WEAF-WTIC—News of the World 7:80 p. in. WOR—CoafidenUally Yourai WAEC—Mr. Keen WATR—Drama Series WJZ—Dianne and Jesters WTIC-WEAF—Charlie Chan 7:45 p. in. WOR—Answer M;in WATR-WJZ—OPA Talk X:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Those We Love WABC—Suspense WJZ-W-ATR—Watch World Go By 8:15 p. m. ' WATR-WJZ—L,um. 'n' Abner WOR-Niclc Carter H::tU p. in. WOR—Quiz Show WABC—Death Vnllcy Days WATR-WJZ—Town Mooting WEAF—To be announced !•:(>(» p. in. WOR—Gabriel Hcatter • - : ' WJSAF—Music Mai!' WABC—Major Bowes S'how !):!!> p. in, WOR—Screen Tost !»:80 p. m. WABC—Dinah Shore Show WTIC—Villlisje .Store WATR-WJZ"-SpotliK-ht or. James WOR—Starlight Serenade 10:00 p, in. WABC—From. .Line WEAF-WTIC—Ha-rry Savoy Show WATR—Raymond G. Swing J0:15 p. in. WATR—Dancing Discs; New.-, WJZ—Transcription; G. Hk'kH WE-A'F—Dramixtic Sitetch JO:.SO p. ni. WATR—Joe K. Brown Show WABC—Here's -to Romano.-; WEAF-WTIC—March of Time 31:00 p. in. ALL Stations—News 11:15 p. in. WATR-WJZ-Ray >jenie WABC—Shop Field.-i Orch. WKA i r —No w.s ll:.')0 p. in. WABC—Viva America WOR—Pri-mn. Orch. WEAF-WTTC—Now World Music WATR-WJZ—Soldiers with W-ini ia:(M» Midnight WATR—Sign Off WJZ—News; Fields Orch. WABC—News; Doi-.'Gy Oi-ch WE-A-F—News; Roy Shield Co. WOK— McGranc, Strontr Oi-chs. YOU DO NOT TELL WHERE 15 PI A NE. BECAUSE THERE ARE YANKEE PHOT WAITING. AH; HOW GAUANT, HOW FUTILE. LOOK,I SHOW w YOU SOMETHING. HUMAN. HAND/ YISS. A MAN'S HAND YOU RECOGNIZE RING? 31 KOY CRANE POSSI§IY'._RECOGNIZE, FACE. NEVER SAW ' BtfOKl, •rr ^v, & ^ m$ ^CAUTOI ~Z-» WOULD HIGHTS lo:si:n 'I-H ».,«. KlHr. ^-I-^TIJ KTTA KI5TT VOO lltf THAT MAN, HIS NAMI ARE VAM rUET. Ht WERf TO MiET YOU. TO FURNISH GAS, TO DEUVIR TH«i PAPER FOR YANKEE ARM£NAW. WUR NAME COMMANDER fMTTH. YOU THINK YOU FOOL C1EVER JAWNESt WITM llfS f NO! NO.' FOR WST TIME. r^T^rr^r kVMEQC 1C ftAtltPJ * •* GOT ID WHBRt I* FlAW m. I WIPE'S MY WONOPA8LE DISCHARGE MP -<err-' 'JO LIKE MY. „__ OLD jos [V p=gi BACK..V HERE r EXCUSE MH. H=I2= AVEf?V I LBTTEiZ F By PAUt, ROBINSON July 31 Deadline For All Tax Stamps All taxpayers whoso operations necessitate the purchasp and displaying of a tax stamp, including Jii/uor, coin-operated machines, bowling alloys, billiard and pool lc.'K. oleomargarine, were romind- i:d Tuesday by Frank W. Kroon/or, collector of revenue, that July 3.1st. was the final day to so- •curo and display tax stamps. Pen allies prescribed by low will b levied against delinquent taxpayer THE VOICE OP THE SPECIAL AGENT IN CH4R6£ OF THE PORTABLE LOUDSPEAKER YOU AEe' COV.PLETf UY SURROUNDED BY F.B',1. /J5ENT5, 0LUF-JAW 16 NO ESCAPE... ..IN TM0 NAME OPTHE UNITED STATES SOV£RN,viErJT, WE YOU TO SURRENDER 1 *~ : ~ ^ : ~ By KOBKIJT STOKM 'IF YOU AND YOUR /V1£N WILU MAKO4 \TsHOULO VOU TAKE 7 ] INTO THE YARO, WITrl VOUR HAND4 » TO ARMED S&Si&Ti INTO THE YARO, WlW V HIGH, NO MKM WILL BE.'ALU YOU,,.. 0UT... YCW/ 7HEV /MACE ro ARMED RE3i&WNCE, > * 'ALL PULVERIZE TUEWUSe', ROOA1 0V ROOM! BAKNKV GOOGLIi ANU SNUFFY SMITH HERIFF TWT---POF-PUF I VWU2 ON THE VERGE O' TELUN' (VM2 StY\lr" ftBOUT R focseo ueTTER SHE GOT VlEETLE JU&WftlO TOOK CV POT SHOT ftT fV\E--/ S1CH QURHE ODIN'S! EIGHTEEN HURT M-ansfiekl, Mass., July 27—(U P :—A 20-year-old woman'- is in set ious condition and five others stil are hospitalized as result of de •ailmetn of the Pcnn-Bay State Ex press. Mrs. Kathleen M.iNulty of Bradford was reported "doing poor ly" following an operation.. Cause of the derailment, w.hlcTi resulted In injuries to 18 persons, has not yet been determined. Plywood is an industrial product manufactured only witlun. the last 10 or 12 years. FAT SALVAGE CUTS KITCHEN WASTE TODAYi PIARl HARBOR 500,000,000 IBS. OF KITCHIN FATJ WERI WASTfO ANNUAllY 330,000,000 IBS. OF SAVID KITCHEN FAT IS THC GOAL OF FAT SALVAGE IN 1944 War Food Admmiitrttion eitlmated that during peacetime, 500,000,000 pound* of cooling fat w»re thrown'away every year! Salvage goat for I944';rbnly Kilf'that amount, or 230|000,000 p'ouny't—orie pound'eVery'" month from every family. Scrape every pan and plate, (dim every toup and gravy. U»ed cooking fat itiH' bringj you four cents arid 2 red ration "Room for. on* mor», point* per pound. TWKT'S TftrV\PEO\N % VWIF TH 1 NEWNITEO STOTES maiv. 1 .! I'LL •'MRKE » SPECIAL TRIP OVJER TO twe POST oppice NEXT vwee*. socv%ETitv\e FVN' R\ooue OUT THE rvWSTERV, CVMZ GOUDV By BILT.Y D13 BKCK PHEW/'WE-MUST'VE CLIMBED -SO. 5TORIE5 DON'T THESE 5TAIR5 KEEP MOVING,KID, 1FYOU WANT TO KEEP ON LIVING/ WltT-rAM RITT and CLAREXCE GKA* MUGGS .AND SKEET.ER.,' 51KCE WE CAN'T GO 3W1K- WE'VE GOT TO FINb OUT WHAT'S BEYONb THAT DOOR , &isr. AFRAID/ AREJTHAT KOLlSE .rTKEY SAV THAT PLAC&X IS SO RJ1_U OF SPOOKS THEY TRIP By WALLY. BISHOP HM-M-M- CONDiTiOMS BE .BAD At_i_ EH,

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