The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on July 25, 1937 · Page 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, July 25, 1937
Page 5
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YOU NEVER CAN TELL rouBd. defaaJf^d, rather Tit« quitkB of f«Bms luck tak* ttraag» rums. Th«}' pm Toar Hamoy into fit« quartertinah oi tit« citjr touraammnt after he eirtually had b««B defeated. The little Filipino wqj re- siqaed to a tbree eei upset iickia^ by Luther Powell former Wetleyaa No. I player, who needed only one nore point to win. But Powell, who wu.d bar« been unable to play ia fbe c««t tbaa wbip Tony and leare the spot open. fmMmm l.IM.Ol.N. iNKBK.\;iK\. SlMtW. .Ill.Y 2.V SAUER YOUNG COACH AppoinimeBf of Georqe Sauer as head ccoci at the University of New Hampshtre. makes the forra«r Corn- busker one of the youoqest head mas* fers of football at a state school ia »be load. George is 25 years old. He sforfed playing football at tackle when be weighed 16S pounds of Lincoln high. He now stands 6 feet 3 and weighs 21 S. STROMSBURG AND KEARNEY WIN WHÍ TURNS iN 1 Lincoln §winiiiier<K Wairin I p For GER REA NIFORM, y GO HOME Suspension When Arm Refuses Heal. STSTfc w pet w ! pet. Mitch«ll93 «43 Btatnr* S 7 .533 Fa.rbury s -«15 Xorioih• 7 4«2 * eo. F biîs a « 571 Gr Island 3 II 154 4Mt RI(4> I.K4GI t. w : pet w 1pet N T**rn 55 2« «TV Ci«v«iari<i 4139513 hi-rano M .33 «12 W»ih ton 33 4«41« 49 .i„, 59.- ST. bijUI»27 .•V. 329 B- »-..a443« 550 Phua 3457 39« N 4TION 4L Lt. 4(.IK ■ m pci w l pet : **hi -IBO .54 I'. 1 «43 Fi.»ton4144 4 à 2 N Y rk 52.31 «o.'i BiYvokbn344ft 415 443A ij7 Cmci nati 33 th 407 81 L 0 U 1 « 444*3 ■'24 Phila33 53 3S4 « pet * prt il-.Br.rsp Si. «0 .S:v Min» ukrr 4« 47 4M T-jedo S4 42 ,S«J K«» ritx 43 4« 4«7 » V, 43 St Psui 3S S5 4 15’lia 4* 44 .5ÎÎ bounnii* 3Ä 57 3*7 - i NEISÎARS W JRNISH FEAIOR PROGRAM SÜNDAÏ Singles Semifinals. Women’s Finals, Headline Menu in City Meet. * iNMMt *i| MI4V''* PRIM.KkM « m —4«U.r»nf HB.tne 4« Paul ll^rnM Hundir *• Paul Halptnr PFTROIT. (UP>. The pitching arm of Lynwood Rowe, which once baffled American league aluggcra and laid low the Chicago Cuba in the 1935 world aeriea, Saturday night baffled no one but the Si'hoolboy himself. 1 Moaning low s in hia best Ar- i kansaa d r a w 11 over his 1937 pitching misfor-; tunes. Rowe turned in his Detroit Tiger uniform at the request of Manager Mickey Cochrane and prepared to IYNWOOD IOWI ,tart for home wYh his wife and youngster Waiter O. Briggs. Tigers' owner, 4 *• p. m.—M«r4uu Mrijif»« »*. ihm'oiiis announced that Schoolboy had ap- »•«" ^ i.rr*.«-Kn.»ri. plied for and been granted volun- « 1 .. nm» !• «irrfwn-ilrrjt SIrllfldr. t«rv siisrw'n'imn from the team i se p m — Mrlurru-3 »ri» ft- rary suspen.«ion t^om in ,eam KHi#y.iwai p«wrii. “is the approval of William Har- _ “All that remains ’ Bnggs a.ide«! By GREGG M’BRIOE. ridge, president of the American An all star program including a league '* majority of the ranking players in It will he a sad homecoming for capital city circles will feature the the Schoolboy, who In past years #nty championships at the Lincoln has returneil to his native K1 Do- Tennis club Sunday afternoon. The rado. Ark , to receive he plaudits card, brings into action Johnny of a hero loving populace for his Huston and Harold Bundle, the hnlhant pitching , two youngsters who have featured The ailment which has ruined the tourney play this season. Rf^wf 8 pitching arm this season Huston. Nebraska junior and is an unknown quantity to the prep champion. will exchange S hoolboy anj a half dosen ape- strokes with Paul Mahood. many- cialisfs who ha%e examined it. It time state and city champion. hurts right where it liooks onto while Bundle. University of Ne- 7 he shoulder. • the lanky pitcher braska frosh, will meet Paul Hal- pntd. pine, former state titleholder and Couldn't Lift It. »n ex-Omaha champ Both matches Attrr Fnd.y . on, mn.n, of r,- *' ^ lief pitching, in which Rowe al- Veterans, lowed the Philadelphia Athletics The two Pauls carry the last five runs and five hits, he re-. hopes of the veteran campaigners marked to a newspaperman that the old guard having past out of he would have thrown his arm up the picture in the men's doubles into he press box atop Navm field during the Friday semifinals. If he could But I had a hard time Huston is a strong favorite over even lifting it above mv head,'* he Mahood. having not lost a set dur- explained The arm wmant feel- »ng the present tourney and in- ing right last «r-ring and il l been eluding a love set in each of his •ore ever since ’ victories Mahood was forced three Rnvve apparently furgot about sets by k rancis McDonnell. Husker his remark a week ago before be- »"d went to deuce games lag a.4Signed as a starling pitcher ffamst Mark Bu lock and \oris that *T never felt hettt*r in my ^ J early play, life I f,*ei like my okl S 4 -If again ' , Halpme-Rundle match ii a A few minutes later he Has ham- Haipme went three sets to mered from the ho* hard Manacer (Vvhrane told the »o beat Johnny Detnch. Schooibov to go home and rest up *««thpaw^ Run- unt.l next s*iSon “He .luin i have •ho'*-ed unu.sual strength as he EAMS ERSINRÏ SÜNOAÏ’S GAMES Rain Halts Play in 6th of 2nd Tilt: Semifinals Sunday Night. *<1 Ml 43 M HI in I I f»»rr et I inei.ln Kenrnr* ; Hof l.inr,4n 4». Here are tome of the Lincoln testants. Entry blanks are avail- year has been separated from the swimmers warming up for the able at all the pools 'nd should be regular list of events and will be seventh annual Lincoln News- filled out and retu ned to the seld next Sunday afternoon at papers’ swimming championships sports desks of cither the Star or 4 p. m. to be held Thursday evening at Journal. Medals will be awarded winners Capitol Beach pool. There is no There are events for seniors, of afl events and ribbons to admi%slon to the spectators stands juniors, women and girls in both next three places: Some of and no pool admission for the con- speed and diving. The diving this early entrants include: the the Girls, 14 and under; Bonnie Amgwert, Kathryn Hutton. Senior boys: Harold Osborn, Howard Austin, Burton Amgwert, Kenny Williamson, John Brotaman, David Geller. Juniors: Les Oldfield. Dick Marshall, Lee Freeman, Tom Staff Photos. Davis. Bill Ammon. Boys under 14; Jimmy Waters, Fred Diet rich. Kenny Matthews. Richard Matthews. Bob Miller, Ralph Grabisch, Donald Cades, Dick Cades, lazy Diamond. Warren Myers, Dick McMahon, Seymour Goldblatt. LEAD IN EN IS Ï 3 PROS • thing on the hall,’* s»i«J Cochrane "There* no question but the hasiiled Tony Hamoy with ease after having been pressed to three . ■ , sets in getting past the hard-hit- .Ri ho<qbi»y. in pam every time he cha,!ey Ebirhne Sarazen. Smith and Adams Reach Halfway Point in 144 Strokes. TODAY’S PITCHERS. >».« \ OKk ' 41' . l*r,.h«N» pitrltrrt Ui llkr tnai»r Ib«*iii-4 »>ttnda 4 ; 44fl.KI< 4N I>,4l.l K. ( 411 doulitr iweOtrt : St» 4«rk at 1 hk-ac». PBarMm aad Ha lone 4 » l.j«a« and «•Iratlon. K«>»Uhi al I Ir4rland: i.r«4r and Harrnm 4* Hardri and 44 ktlrnill. 44a«l.inctwa at •'I. I.*«!* llrmlMMtc and Irrrrll 4« 44alkup and K»«pal. PhUadrlpliia at Hetn.ll: I aMcr and rnr^4Ulc 4» I'alfrnk4-r«rr and Brtd««-». > 41HIN 41 1.» 41.1 !■ ( hlraxtt at >rn 4 nrk. I m> 4» l.unitwM >t. I .»111* at Hr.wkl>a <;•; 44 ,-iUnd and lira« 4 . I-raiikh..««» and I il#*l;i4n»»n* Pttt*b«rsh at Buslam ?•; Blanton and Brandt 4 *. Irltr and Bu*l>. t >n< lunatt at riiUadrlphta >! ■ H<>ltins%wurtb and Ila4l« 4*.»afttrr and Jubn»un. ELÜES EARN IICKE SATURDAY’S SCORES. T rp J NI01NEÏ throws m iutll ■' Rowe admitteii he was In team several tinies as he tried to hurl strike* the Phils.lelphia hat CHICAGO, ufh Squire Gene Sar- McLaren vs. Ragan. The feunday card also includes azen of Brookfield Center, Conn.. the finais in the women's touma- and George Smith of Chicago, a ter« He may have an operation n’.ent with Marian McLaren, reign- pair of well established profession- performed on his arm, he saiL , tFg net queen since 1929, and Dor- als, and Harry Adams of the M'DIARMIO VS. WNEILL FOR CLAY COURT TITLE WASHINGTON uf* For the Iverson-Francis .McDonnell and third straight vear a weitern wm- Marian McLaren-Vons Peden vi ner of the ea?tern cEav court ten- Ellen Keiley-Bob Powell, ms champuinship w.ts assured Car» will be admitted mside the when bespectacled John McDiar- fence Sunuay afternoon, a 10 cent A orthy Pvacan renewing their old younger set, reached the halfway ii^al 3b holes argument Also included on the post of Chicago s big money golf- schedule are two mixed doubles ing race running head and head. After another long day of touring two sun baked Medmah Country club courses, the trio shared the lead at 144 strokes, but with plenty of danger at their heels in the quest for the $3,000 victor s shaxe of the $10.000 purse. One mi l th« Princeton professor from charge being made to help defray back were Horton Smith Fort Worth. Texas _^ar.d Don Me- tournament expense. , Laffoon and Jim Foulis of Chi- Nedl of Oklahoma City won their -------LG .LTZ-Z-rTTT—_ . ; cago. Another lick farther to the •ay to the finals of the current SEABISCUIT ROMPS TO titlb pUv- .McDiaruîci lied favorite. rear was Bud Williamson of Fori 6TH STRAIGHT VICTORY Inc Ore Harry Civoper. who w- to the post favored to win The rich fon,<l TO foCr „t. in .1,,,.! , NFW YORK •.*" A 23 v,ar old ... P’-'Y-*' t.rkinc 01 , 10 * 0 , . oi Klwoo,. rortl,.-..! ‘ r.,or.t „r,a.h ~1 hv tho flving io'lSf‘ ^ su I 1 T\ ^ a s. - a «!_ » ce to orilliAnt * 1 , alt^r taKinc a the ij-a hiig Pacifi.- northweM h-. :.-. of ih^ great Seabtsnm a* he Harry t'.vnper, who w- nt player. B-l, S-b i-'> «1 .McNeill, s »treeked to an easy conquest in the Kenyon r >Hf|ve racquet wuedler the ST.-Vk) adde.j Yonker* handi- who holds the natt nal junior in- cop G-.iUnp feature of empire ^»bai-lie Penna of and cif N 8 ra ing season. creenwaid. young pro from IVspite the crushing impact of Madison, Wis . were only three, the 4 year old former strokes off the leaders pace at ^heailey stable ap star j^e 36 hole stretch run from Mrs C. N Howard s barn won his sixi> straight stake tn- Lincoln Nine Thumps Aurora, 14 to 3, Sweeping Thru District Series. AURORA, Neb Behind the slrady pitvhing of Clyde “Diz” _ ~ Dean, the Lincoln Blues hammered th. Hah.ll.on ooun.y AU «ar, Dodson Of Springfield. Mo., and here Saturday. 14 to 3. sweeping Archie Hamnrick, jr., of Decatur, ^^e two game district series. TTie 111., at the s.ame figure. victory entitled the Blue- to enter After the two days of sorting »be state American Legion junior out, 57 professionals wh** scored tournament at Grand Island Aug 154 or better and 29 amateurs 2-5 with seven other teams which with 1-59 or lower, were left for the vi-jll C'^'mpetc for the state title Dean struck out 11 and gave only 1 walk. His line drive in the fifth inning struck .Aurora's pitcher. Brondell. in the head and forced him to leave the game Five slit hes were taken in his eye Catcher “Red " Hansen lead the Blues' batting kagging four hits in SIX trips including a double and triple B* *b Blakewell hit four for four, all singGs. and Bob Williams poled a double, Brondell's triple headed the Aurora attack, with M. Enderle and I.«ei,cson accounting for doubles kif-l«UnjF gem of the game was s triple rriay by Lin: * n to cut off sn Aurora score st home in thf fourth V\LL'-^on hnd but wp: n PiondiE: triple ! to -•'enter field, Debi «; p<gf?ii tc Sh---rt- VT4TE 1,14011*;. B- alrlee «. I alrbiir jr « N»rl<>lh-**Mrt»» l-'i4ll». r»lB. Itriui« l»lAfi«-Hltrt4rtl, »rt griiiina*. 4.HKKU 4\ I.K4I.I I. I birac« *, ,Nr»4 4urk 5 Ur* lnniBg*. 44B»hinc1<Hi «-«. 4.1. I.A.«!» S-5 l'ie 4 p|jiB« «, Bo-tnn • (pIp 4 pb Irwung* l'l»ll»4p|phiB-i>i trivit, ralo, N 4TION 41, I I- 401 B«*toB *. I’llt*h«p«b «. *>l. lA>ai* ie. Hr»>»>kf|B Î, I hk-Bco I«. Xp* 4 iirk S. l*1lil»«rli>liU4 IS. ( iRPtBiiall II. 4M».RII 4N 4<-MMI4ll«%. I »lnn<hB» «, l.»Bt*4Ulp 4. Hil4i.inkt-e 7. -t. I'anl t HinitPBlMiit* t. K.ibob* (It) 4 Kbbiui» I It j *, HlnBPHi»»!!» *. * can IP pb II p «. «Jirkf4p*». i tetro» 17, lB<ilHiui|»>li» 7. WrxflR.N 1.1.4«.I K. I p4»r R bp MI» ». •.»»•4 I II» S. I»p* .Hninp* Î, I»44PBi«>rt 1. EAÖS IDA N GRID BA FRANCIS A Husker Polls 658.273 Votes: Contest Closes Sunday at Midnight. 1 3L w ENNiSNl EÏING S N AREIIi N CHI'-AGO. hf». With thousands of ballots pouring in hourly and the contest scheduled to end at midnight, Sunday, Sam Francis of Nebraska led ail candidates Saturday night in the contest to select a collegiate aJ! star grid team to battle the Green Bay Packers at Soldier field the night of Sept. 1. More than 3 million ballot# have been cast during the first two weeks ' f the contesL which will be followed by two week.« of 4 *ot- ing on the all star coaching staff. Officials in*-1icated they would not i p m 4 p. m, bur« «.SB p, m.; lA»*pr l*n4»pr-KtBpnpf X%mp 4« 44 innpp «f 44 ondmpti*-Imn«»!».!«* fs*mp. By WALTER E. DOBBINS. The Nehra.«ka State .«¡emtpro ba.xeball tourney simmered down Saturday night to Power and Woodmen of Lincoln; Strom.«burg and Kearney. Strum.-burg eliminated the Ft. i’ritoks of Omaha 7 to 4 and Kearney took a 7-0 shutout fn*er West Pi'jiu before ram halted the nightcap in the sixth. Sunday s schedule, weather permitting. brings the undefeated Power and Kearney team.s together at 2 p m. The second half of the afternoon double bill will find Woodmen against Stromsburg. The night game, scheduled for S 30 p. m wih find the loser of the Kearney-Power battle going again.xt the vv.r.ner of the Stromsburg-Woo imen clash Manager Johnny Bretzer probably will start Lefty Henderson of Oaklan-1 against Kearney while Mike Hollinger’s storting chuckrr no doubt will be Art Neely with Hame.s and Pinkerton in re.serve. The finals will be played Monday night Stromsburg 7, Fort Crook ♦, Stromsburg s bascHaii magicians pulled one of la.sT m- Ting rallies that you read about to open Satur- ay evening s .se.ssion of the state seminro tourney with a 7 to 4 wm over Fort Crook, eliminating the latter. For the first eight innings the game was a tight pitchers battle with Lyle Johnson for Stromsburg and Parson for Fort Crook In control of the situation. The score was 3 to 2, Fort Crook, and that one marker scored in the second on Johnson’s wild pitch looked a.« good as a million But after C. Bolen had lifted a high fly to Carpenter to start the- ninth, the Stroin.sburg bats echoed out in a hit rhapsody. Johnson started the rally, and when it wa.% all Aver five run.« had trickled arro.-i« the ha.s.«ock The ikildiera got one bark in the ninth, but John>iin settled down and the *.amc wa.s over. John.son. in chalking up ha third win of the tourney, pitched fine hall, whiffing nine and walking only one Jerry Spurlock and Fisher r)ara<lrd to the mound f 'r Unrie .Sams la>»s in the ninth. .Summary; ,‘itn)n>»r. « «1* h a « F> '’r,--«'* tlr k (4 Nfiolbars rf 4 0 2'* »• i 0 2 J I. ••,5 2 1 1 ■•‘'■I-' K 2’> 2 H 4 l F ^ 5 3 •’ 2 Pr*-. .-. r 11'* 4 l l: 3 a Kxf.-iiri: c J » <■ i r-ptt,..-i U 4 0 4 0 M P»l n lb 5 2 4 I* J ;.b» r lb- f 4 t - « r. Kt.-.IU: 2b 1 2 1 U rf 4 11« R n-t*B U 2 o 1 ‘ Bi -'f 4 12« 7 P'.'.XP >f 3 0 0 0 p ft 0 e o r -f 4 1 0 (• Íit/w>n 3b 3 ft ft T L. p 4 1 1 1 w hr Í-« 3 I 4 * KrKíxíff c b 0 2 ft F.ibtr p ft 0 5 • TrTU;.- 32 «.27 13 'i .=5 rv;; eos--?’ nm no« is'l —4 State Tournament Dated at Lincoln Tennis Club Aug 8, Harold Ried forn.rr Ke.irney Eagle Pass Trails Whitney Horse by Half Length; Pompoon 5th CHICAGO .P’ Pompoon. second have final returns on the player, to W ar Admiral in both the Ken- poll, or know defsniUly what U ' players would start the game, un T-Uli 41 IT 27 5 Stmmiburs Fort crv:n F. i.n» F Nr-7b«rf U K»*<l n|: “'•' .'f 2 B K*to r.r 2 J-*hr»T.j J Johf;»T>n, P Wn.t.f! l.-.-or V P*li>r. i.,«. G K«»*(3;r.e H».tB Î, Joh-s« n. ?r.tck M; »■ Tw' fin* br w * *•• p»»r- •or. J JoBn»on S** nfK* Sh.*«** tjouh.e <i Kstc r-t t.. L K2*<ilr* Sto.YO b«í» L K*«<1 ibc .«Tjfk o jt By John- d,M.r crown, breeard thru Frank ÎV' * den of New York. Ä-2. 7-5. 6-2 '!>-'v > icef Sunday f.T t?ie iti'wn B* ' I'V R;»g* of Los Angrles won liiÆl ycî.r M' y ••• tw oai o3ft~l ti c *m ■>23 «Se- * 14 f .bt.« eaà HbHj«. coming up Sunday. . , Adams, a stocky youngster who' i umph by f'.ur lengths m the time qu*rterbacked a football tram c:. , o. 1 14 1-5, Whu h shaved two- »g^-hich Reil CcHnee nlaved tiur'is of a «econd off the record will manapr the 1937 .Nf-bra.-Tka state tft.i.u- «“-;''>p.« tn be held at thf Linioln Tcnni.s club, star ling .Sunday. Aug s Hied V 4 ,i.*y a im-mU-r '-t th*- N*biaaka Wt•^uyan t*-;im for four Entry bo**’K.s cl<»s«- Friday ,\ug 6 . w.rh Hied at 24'dO B stri-t-t. 1 -in- culn. Neb. si *r» Fu'ir*.--i; .f. V4 h«*.*e thi w to Ha - ■*. r. ; d off Wat-.; " F. '*re F ..Í >-*j '>•"« ;4 1 " t A-i, u.,.. -;■ i*.i 3 i l-r-.vr; ¡ir.,!,.;-- rr;-“- fi" A*i-,*s<-t. .■-ki *>f U’ s. or-in third wdh 391 ;44 Other ba l.-rs f.:. -, -.--I -■ •! W r-'ifV -> I 344 • ■ ••*• I .fcrU: -U * ■ K- - ■ ■ »4 1 ■ ■ I if itÿ, r .-t p.- - r..- -- ' rf 41.' nw 101 ftl~ § !5 5 N*n 11 « 01 - * 11 • settnme 'IrEbnv««. •na Er»*« ► er. Bur- > j « V - VI . H»r- •*: i f*. pm n i Lao-. *v- • »,i)s (»C» arwv —4 à i B**‘<>-.»* a«-*Mr U*p «r *B4 Crf*u. 6 K:«.'frr E*«« foa Btrrti ML-»«'-;«*« flOft sei oin —7 11 1 •r P«'4i *x>i 10 Ö ooo-Lj s : E*tt*r.«» K:»r*u *atf Br«»»«i Caaaitt Ct»«iau *s4 fsmrn. ye.too IV » 1 C «.*; -I* I« 3 la«i*c*i.. • JU, ►>;: i.'io - 7 1« S B*tt«r <• M*- Sui.!v»B *a« L;r. ♦r« F tbb . r Bri* U* . tuli 41 • «i 4M Fu t«*»«« Bl |BaMtt*twb» b IBBIS b » Bt I MBt*» lit« Ma»BB4» B( P*M> K bbm * I il» aet m 1914 by Morrow over the 1 1-16 mile route Jesting was srcc ni-l, -I'onnto thir<l The victory a l*;ed $e 225 to siea- bi-ecuil» He now has $90 250 this year or almost 14 limes what he cost his Califorrua owner. which Ked Grange played at Wheaton. Ill , turned in the prize round of the tno, a sizzling 37-33 70, one under par for the longer number three course. His round matched the pac«’ setting 70 scored by Wild Bill 5IVh]- horn of Louisville. Ky . Friday. , Mehlhom dwindloii away to a 79 Saturday to drop into a tie with “Slammun' Sam’ Snead of Weat , Virginia w ho improve^i op, hi* liiirbMi ."»niitli »K Co. Will Pliij Free K\liil»ilioii Coif Over Pioneer.- idtiriiiu Pro» Date hirh U MILLARD INFIELDER IS SIGNED BY CARDINALS a ts Mickey McConneli, state semi- stra pro baseball commuwioner re- ber one course ported the St Loms Oardmais Horton Smith added a 72 on »tgned a seecnd player from the number one, to a 73; Laffoon did it '(•-«M*!. fsis sme team# competing in the state tour- i the other way around, and put to- ney here He is Vinlon Doi; 19 gether a 72 and a 73. year old third aacker for the Mil- Picard who damaged an arm ¡ard i;uD ¡aboard ship rxturnir.g from Air-rr- M.'s Harry Ji>hr.*un, wife of the ica s sm ccasful Ryder cup* raiiui .«pvirts cunimeniatur, is ston of Great Britam. also kuked S i nil* 1.4*Alili«* .-»I * # * M> *t».i H>*«I ieaihrig the tuuruam* nl que**n vote at the .Nebraska temipro baseball tiMirrament with 695 ballota Mr* GiMdv<. Kennoey i* next with 516 .MEia* Ruth peter* has 423 and Bar- Acceptptl. Horton Smith and other members of his group of tounng pr*- wUl play Picr.eeri Sun^ ^ day Aug S to a wore Sarwen brought m his second received by Charlev Koontz Anter»;*ht T2. Ihl. or. over the nuhl. p,„ The name« of the other members of the party were not listed m the telegram, but Koontz figured it would be Lawwon Little Harry Cor per and Jimmy Tb 'm* son .* Before the miitcfc the gn*ap \» gives a demon'trati*<n of fun*}« \ mentals Ther* will be no a<lmi-i- si'rn *h»rged. Smith ir.f Kfjontz T^ie sam** f*>ur-ome appeared recently at ijmaha v*h»rc a in with s 70. the third subpar round of the touframcnt haulu g him-seif iniu i-onteniiun with a 14fe He had plenty of compsmy how» - f . ' : . Î *»* I r«*fi4% » i.4M»e. SmtSmtk . 1 * «4*trìi-« «•*»(«<• *1 - 4 *M» ft ••* la.ftiW 9 «t •( utemê I« ever, with Johnny Révolta'* f L'hi- charge of II 10 was made f r gallery tickets By plsyirg lie match over the puWic c-'urse. this barm Lru Bretzer. daughter of the cago. Paul Runyan of Herahey Power manager 255 A trip to the Pa. Jimmy Hme* *.f Garde« t'lty national tournament at Wichita L I . Al Espinosa of Portage i) , f‘‘* ** n*d Ifoea lo the winner, jFred Moitmoq of L©« Angelea. plained. oecesaary, Koontz ex- tuckv derby and the Preakness. was nf;*ther rare hi>r.-e to SO.ikx) spectat-rs at Arlington park F'ying Sf - t ( iriyiug the r-úK.- of John H y Wbuo**y of New Y^rk v*,i- Portíp *r # r**rrpiete m St* r n the n ;'h running <>f $.i*i'K!iJ a<iiu.*d Arurgt >n ■.’.i-'-if Pompoon tH * h: vily pAve*l ♦; *;■ .» favorit** fir,:.-he*- fifth :rt th*- smail but brdliH t In-hl *■} .s--ve'i Le:i'lir^ -’moiL from citait t-'i fir . h of the m> - .* -d a -¡"-rter >*urn- y F'y., ^ deica-li-d PLagle P s intry »f the VrUuina farra, owr.= d by Em rs-m F. VSood- wsrd of Houston, Tex ‘oy b.aJf a length, with h 'í'ír-; g '-ng tc Ijuming .»<tar, wi.icn c'-r.-.^-J the h oes >f Ku'hard ar*.l Pilru k .N;i.^h of Í'hi'ago. The VMiilr.' . toil, ridden by Jockey Johnny fJiliKrî, tuvtre'i the mile and quarter o-,er a slow track in 2 05 4-5 For V4 y a.nd Gilbi-rt toe honor of winning the cias.'ic, the nation's ouU^and- ing midsummer three year old 1 JW| PI ACE NFT TEAM stake, was a new thr.ll for it was v- «u the first time the New York sportsma.n had won it. V P«*r»:.>n 3 Fohtr 2 E-;* poll, or know definitely what 11 o?; j hr.*.>n i. pe«r»on 3 spi.r- ^ Kvc* I Hi'f *r.el T-i'.t Ott Ptsrton 11 tn.-l 7 'fi 4 1-3 fp-j' 'vm 2 *r!<l ft IB ft, til Wetineadav. ’ F oi ,»- ** »n*: « m ; w ,,*i r.i-'i-. Francis, h'lwever. is one of several cari*iinalcr apparently a.t.iured »-.n e 3 tunr '»* •» «na ntuftr. of a Ftarting berth. His total of Tim« ; ;k'»H,273 naüots was tops for all Kearney 7. West Point 0. .'irplranf.s I^rry Danh-m of N’otr»- Keanwy w *h Lefty Hair*»# r*Hme was second among the ful’:- chucking one rut h-ilt rii.d fannirg barks at d?7. »od F** .Ja^kow- 12 rrf-n in fivr* ¡njurigv -luniinated W**st PoF't trom nmg .'-.iturdiv was callc'i Ibi s.xth < f, a h.“* t'Turney run- r g hr 'n.f' garnft K -aiu* y at hat m . .■•It of raui. with 4.» w.iisc'-r. W •<’. tii. 21*4 ■V4 1 1V3 fatinu- irii**; vir.dusfs ilur 434. sis. B- 4(• '«4 F*.¿ri; N ■r:h-*'.*>f.7'-r «42 i'd vVHifanKOiB .’»Vi '-V.** ! .- .*»-' .Vii (17 I- KuC-. . . .- • 542 * 7 » .V.'tr« !i*rn« .*,'*• 14 1 ' 'rn»«rî B*«r*x ¡I 132 TV . a* riti'fIT.*.:*. S.'sl • 72 « Wi.M.n- *. Mir.n*- ■'( •I.;V.>rj H. T»»*» 7:hr;*o*r 41*» - t H K» fi.*< . r*i»à» !,;.*■ 5'*2 "Iw*;,- ;-t< 'r- 574 . 00 ,. ö'.rgr. 5 . 3 ft «Ti Bur*.ri M« ,= S .2 • 504 Him«« íT.,..,. Kt-.-í J'> \ !• a*i:i g 7 to o W. .-•» P.rud (■:,. .1 f. forfeit tq Ke iiucv rather tha.o hac« Hund.iy Mi.d pi^y *<ut th»- lull scv.-fl 1 Í-’ .r.g-c i.H req urrd by toutrarn.r.l 'E oVe.î over a run . .'•ing':**!« bv Haritii'i ' 'uiru:» a l'f'-d *inot.u*:f r;.J HI. i a pair tn tt'e K* ,j 1 h»*y t.hi- f.r.*»t ' o Daake a- *i in thi- w.'i I third Th? hiy 1»>ri;bar-im-r.t cFo:^• in th." fourth when a walk, Smiths sacrifice. Iiiakcsi <]■*'.t>!e a.’.-f s-;:)- gles by Finkert*.:; and LeMaat-r accounted for thiee t».lies âuru- mar/' Y. M. C. A. CAMP WILL RUN FULL SIX DAYS TRIMS HAVELOCK, 5*1 Taking onJy one doubles en- ccur.ter. Havelock fell ^o the T’m- versity Place tennis team, 5-1, i.n Industrial league match Sum- HORTON SMITH. The y M r A s for w ìKiOl athletes August 23 to 2'» at whi'h iilenn ''unnicghaw* ar.*: (ilher notables wuil * oa* b the y ■„.thin all hrantties of ird* r .'**< re-ila-ü* sfiorTs. -will run fuij ^*x cay.» <Tiff ('unnir.gham announ* f : A « harg«- of $1 a day will be i;.a<ie ,^or rrxm, s.n*l hoard. Marvin Hershey is in r barge of the tihletic procram A track is riow fjeing biult at < a 1 p Stra*Jer ■with B Ithj ya "*H •imigntawBy. »i-g »1 T*yif*r M, B* ■ H • ft *■- «-1 M.»n»r > : . . H . 7 * a « 2 :««• *! r>«B«<ra .H* «« I H : I ■»,» rt K«rr.,, A .<*' * r • H « 4 «1» f •• 'rO T < a 3 it'. ntftstt p. „»r-«*-c T* ♦> •' P i F fi- 2 r 1 * • ♦ T»> : Hrrtaa H-4<!*• T'Bi Kea-r..îv a:. w • V. y r^f «L r. % Hërr .-t ;sI H K«--:.; e.e:î; 4 1 i-~ ir. ci 2 2 ■ ■ r V*- A ' r îu il n Daa»« rf i 2 X- ^ •« H 1 3 ihr... » 0 .-, ib 4 t -, L: VV ».-rr 2i »1 2 3 C.*- - 4 2 1 • 3 ) T p t' r. rf *F 0 Le~. :'»r !j 2 f J r 3 n • Wattèi '4 .î 'i t. ñ n H a -, lt. 2 f) 4 « Cl«,a* ; u. t. 0 yUx: ♦: 4 Í l u • Ha.;*ei r 3 '4 C ^ ftjtr ü rf l fi {} ■Ì* y * 0 h « Tft*a i u ’ A'¿ U J 14« Equals Track Rf cord i” Mr# L*-f • • rntrkft W;»r Muietre; equitih-d l u** >.jff* k r^í-x-* *rH< k f.- of i of 1 ,5k ,1-.'. u, «apfunr g the $lUfkAr I Yankee haudu ap. K**rn«. W«»' Feir.i I L.7.4 >• »•: ke w — K-f.i Her* I'.ar n» Hii..*«* KVi.pit«' K ri' ■ ' Hi.'.*'» Tv I *,0 J. ' K *' fni'ft *.*.■ H . H*. t ' H. "'*■» 2 Ir* H»m«*» r p.«*- I'. W4* 10 ;>-o . . f‘ .'Ot 3 I 'CBl**'«c t TiftH 1 32. 12 F F* ut li2 3ft—î 'rii, *j<j—e ** t Kir. . W mK It,#- tj » , ft 1 ' 4 * » » I f;* * l-jrrr»*.,»*« * 1 * * . * W. •• r*’ n 2 Tí.:»» '■•*« »■ts*., n * HfSt’n-» 'i? r 4 .1 ,f »* r’ ' c. H- . , H mm -. ' -a. ^ roVZ. H F*»—*; '3

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