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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 10

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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THE LINCOLN STAR MONDAY. JULY 1 1 Uil 19, 1937 THE STAR'S DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS members of the organization. Charles Gruening of Omaha and Ted Anderson of Blair, at the present time confined at the Veterans 1 A Rev. Doege Presents College Presidency Issue To Congregation Rev. Arthur Doege, pt stor of the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer hospital in Lincoln, received the appointments.

KOIL KFAB Columbia Basic KMC flue end Mutual wow Rd Network 590 lUocrcJes KFOR 0Bd Columbia 1210 liJocycIee Epworth Group Ends Sessions Assembly Termed Highly Successful; Varied Closing Program To fill vacancies Fred L. Fassett 770 JTiiocycJes 1260 liiocrcJes in Lincoln, who recently received of Lincoln was named as depart ment historian. George Wilcox and a call to become president of Con MONDAY EVENING B. B. Smith were elected depart cordia college at Bronxville, N.

mental patriotic instructor and presented the issue to the congre Not So Lone A (to i While the City Sleeps I 8:00 News and 8core lUnele Esr 8:15 Heavy Wheat Yield i Special to The Star.l BEATRICE, July 19 Louie Mahloch, farmer living northwest of here, finished combining his 125 acre wheat field Saturday and reported an average yield of 25 bushels to the acre. The grain tested 64. Mr. Mahloch sold part of the grain for $1.17, but will hold the rest for the present. Apricot Prospects i Special to The Star.) BEATRICE, July 19 Fruit growers in this section report that prospects are bright for an apricot crop this season, the fruit having passed through the hot weather in good shape.

Melody Revue Melociy Revue John Herriclt News gation following services at the sergeant at arms, respectively. Albert Schwartz was designated as 5:30 5:45 Jack Shannon Terry and Ted Boakt Carter News Tower church Sunday. SHORTHAND 8:00 Palmer Houje Ensemble B15JcH Weill 30 I Radio Traffic Forum 8:45 I Twilight Black ft White 8 00 I News 8 1 I Jazs Nocturne SO I Miiler and Porcine 8:45 Mr. yes and No Whether or not lev. Doege will accept the position depends upon Heldt't Brigadier.

Heidt'e Brlgaciierg Pick and Pat Jacs Nocturne Jazs Nocturne lfi VUit Let Visit Eddie Vartoa orchestra 8:00 Eddie Versos orchestra I 8:15 Margaret Speaks ft chorus I 6 30 Margaret Speaks chorus 0:45 legislative officers. Perry Long of Fairbury received the departmental directorship of the junior division and E. N. Fogelman of Scottsbluff was placed in charge I Pick and Pit Epworth assembly Sunday evening closed its books on one of the most highly successful sessions conducted in recent years thereby revealing, according to Manager Prouty of Seward, "some of the possibilities of a strictly (Shakespearian Cycle action taken at meetings of the church voters during the coming two weeks. Rev.

Doege is awaiting more information concerning the position which will be pre I Joe Sanders orchestra Fibber McClee ft Molly 1:00 Fibber McOee ft Molly 7:15 IN 3 0 DAYS typewriting, Stoekkeeoing. Secretarial snit lntenlre Special Courses Day and Kvenlng Sessions. Individual Instruction, (iregg taught also. Air Conditioned Classrooms Dickinson Secretarial School IS Insurance Blrtg. Ilth Bts.

I r.l Lincoln, Nebr, of the employment office. 100 i Sports Review 7:15 I Joe Sanders orchestra 1:30 I Symphonic Stringi 7:43 I Symphonic Strings Joe Sanders orcnesira John Barrymore's Shakespeare. John Barrymore's Shakespeare. sented at the meetings. Plans were formed for a V.

F. W. safety bicycle club which would grant red tail reflectors to members. religious program." A pageant, presented by the John Barrymore's Shakespeare. Paul Martin and hia music National Radio Forum National Radio Forum Hour of Charm I 7:30 Hour of Charm 7:45 Contented Hour 8:00 Contented Hour 8 13 Burns and Allen 8:30 Burns and A len 8:45 Amos and Andy Thesaurug 8:15 eoiNewg IS Elder Miehaux 30 I Ptgeent of Melody 45 I Pageant of Melody Shakespearian Cycle Shakespearian Cycle Shakespearian Cycle Wayne King i rchestr Wayne King orchestra Program from WBSM Program from WBBM Poetic Melodies Program from WBBM Program from WBBM Program from WBBM choral groups and dedicated to the youth entering the service of Christianity, completed the week's WE GIVE S.

H. Rev. Doege, who has been pastor of the Church of Our Redeemer. Twelfth and streets, for the past 12 years, will announce his decision a week from next Sunday. State V.F.W.

Council News Sammy Kave orchestra Snorts Highlights Orchestral Revue program of the forty first Epworth assembly. A singing tree News I 8:30 Frank Morgan and Co. I 8:45 Larry Burke tenor .110:00 was dedicated as one of the day's features. The pageant Sunday Shop In Coo Comor1 00 Pageant of Melody IS I Ted Lewis orchestra SO I Sports Peview 9 45 Bernle Cummins Qfch. 10 00 1 Tommy Dorsey Orch.

10:15 Tommy Dorsey Orch. 10:30 I Eidy Duchtn Orch. 10:45 I Eddy Duchin Orch 11:00 Happy Felton orchestra 11:15 I Happy Felton orchestra 11.30 I Organ Melodleg Completely Ah Conditioned Emery Deutsch orchestra! 10: 15 Magnolia Blossoms 110:30 Al Trace orchestra Al Trace orchestra Olen Gray orchestra Qlen Oray orchestra Bobby Bowman orchestra Tommy Dorsey orchestra Eddy Duchin orchestra Eddy Duchin orchestra night was under the direction of Signor Mario Cappelli. Magnolia Blossoms 110:45 Dr. D.

L. Coale, in his conclud Fills Some Vacancies ing address to a crowd of 1,500 Happy Felton orchestra Happy Felton orchestra Joe Sanderg orchestra Joe Sanderg orchestra ryi Eddie Varsos orchestra 111:00 Eddie Varzos orchestra ..111:15 Ray Harrington tsic ..111:30 Harrington Music ..11:45 Sign Off 113:00 Nocturne Horace Henderson Orch. Horace Henderson Orch. Charles Engle orchestra Sign Off 11:45 I Organ Melodleg persons, told his audience to carry with them always a firm belief in heaven. Indicating that heaven 13:00 I Sign Off Sign Otf Plans Made For Iowa TUESDAY MORNING is in reality a place of residence, Dr.

Coale told the group not to Clock Good Morning (Musical Silent Silent Good Morning Newt 09 8:15 :30 :15 Nebraska Banquet At Buffalo, N. Y. Council for the state encamp 00! Silent 15 I Silent 30 (Silent 45 Rhythm Reveille ock News Tower Musical Clock flood Morning Good Morning News worry whether God can provide for them but to consider whether thev can prepare for God. Locally Owned Locally Controlled Don't Forget to Get Your Tickets Here for GOLD Day at Capitol Beach Wednesday is the Big Annual Fun Day! With each purchase made at GOLD'S, you will be given FREE Strips of Tickets which entitle you to Free Admission, and re duced prices on Amusements and Dance Tickets. Remember, these tickets are good on Wednesday, July 21 only, so plan to be there! Musical Clock Time 'n Timet 'Heaven, said the well known 1:00 I Musical Clock ment of the Veterans of Foreign evangelist, "is a place of high Streamliners 7:00 Thesauri's 7:15 News Tower 7 33 Landt Trio 7 45 1:15 Musical Clock Musical Clock 1:30 1 Musical Clock Musical Clock Time 'n Tunes Sincing Salesman Griffin Musical clock Wars filled vacancies and made 1:45 I Musical Clock Musical Clock and enobling personages.

Just as thv world is made better by our arrangements for a joint Iowa 00 I News Newt 15 I Little Chapel of Faith Vaughn de Leath association with good men and women so heaven pt 8 00 i 8 15 ...) 8.30 I 8.45 Prettv Klttv Kehy Eton Boys Between 'he Bookends Madison Ensemble Josh Higgln Bennett ft Wolverton Hymns of Cheer Today's Children 30 Bachelors Quartet iPspper Young Family because of its acccoiations." He 8:45 (Today's Almanac Ensemble bade the group, in striving for Heaven, not to let their hearts Nebraska banquet at the National Encampment at Buffalo, N. Y.t scheduled August 29 to September 4, at a meeting Sunday morning at the Cornhusker hotel. The council of the state auxiliary convened during the morning at the Lincoln hotel for a closed David Harum Backstage Wife George Hartrick Neb. Col. of Agriculture Mary Te Taylor Morning Reveries Pig sister Real Life Stories 800 8 15 8 30 8:45 News Young Hick ry Vagabond Dreamer Hollywood ghhaitera 00 Get Thin to Music 15 1 The Capttvators SO I Rhythm orchestra 8:45 Rhythm orchestra be troubled or afraid.

Officer Clint Hurd of th Lin "Miss Collegiate" Crepe Allure Irregulars of 1.00 Grades 10 00 1 The Rhythmairet iTern Franconl tenor Just Like Home Grace and Scotty coln police department showed moving pictures to the on Weather Report Edwin C. Hill Romance ot Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Mry Baker ....11300 Story of Mary Marlln (10:15 Monticello Party lino ..10 30 Police Bulletins 10:45 10 30 I Green Stamp Program Btroiier'g Matinee 10 45 I We Are Four IStroller't Matinee traffic regulation and safety business session and wound up their activities by meeting with the men in the afternoon. Heretofore the state encamp Dr. Charles H. Patterson, nro Love and Learn Women in the News National Farm and Home Hour National Farm and Home Hour 111:15 111:30 111:45 Betty and Bob Houseboat Har.nah Modern Cinderella (Mrs.

Wiggt John K. Watklna John's Other Wife Church Hymns 'Just Plain BUI 11:00 1 News 11:15 (Happy orchestra. 11 33 I World Entertains 11 45 I World En tet taint fessor of nhilosonhy at the University of Nebraska. SDoke hofore ments have provided their sep Mm Jj I Tinmen I TUESDAY AFTERNOON the afternoon pathTi" on "What Mc Chst'anitv." White Out Haenseen orchestra iMarkets Man on the Street Midday Melodies 113.15 U. of N.

Program Tower 112:30 ChrMianitv as th mott crwtlv and vet tbe most vMupble of fihs. Tmirtarfiani.r frtllfwin talk a Palmer House orchestra Newt Noonday Varieties Noonday Varieties 113:45 Myrt and Marge Man on the Street 19 08! Man on the Street 13:15 Squirrel Dodgers 13:30 Squirrel Dodgers 13:45 I Squirrel Doc's rs 180 Newt 1:15 Theater Matinee 1 30 Johnny Hauaser Orch. 1:45 I Columbia Concert Halt arate banquet program but it was determined Sunday to go along with the Iowa council in making arrangements. Dr. M.

Erman of Omaha, commander of the state encampment, stated that the two states had already functioned together in many other phases of activity. Tentative budgets were drafted but will not be released until later. Two men were made honorary Pepper Young's Family ..) 1:00 Ma Perking I 1:15 Vie and Sad 130 Farm and Home Hour Farm and Home Hour Columbia concert hall News The Golden Hour The Homemakert Club Curb Exctv nge Have You Heard sinking tree was conducted In dedication to the children. Tmo ene Masti" of Seward plaved yvloobe. It tt oth Sior CaotvlM ad Coal will be pv'lbl in Ne v'tfr O'Neills I 1:45 iCiub Matinee Byron With Pullproof Seams Well Tailored Throughout Women who have worn fine quality rayon "Crepe Allure" Slips will at once recognize the merit of this offer! Very slight irregularities will not mar their appearance or service, yet mean extra savings to you.

Embroidered and tailored styles. Sizes 32 to 44. COLO'S Third Floor. 3 00 3:15 3 30 3 45 Lorenzo Jonrs Gospel singer Markets Outdlng Light 2:00 Texas Jim Lewis 315 I Afternoon Kerensdt 3 30 Bus ft Prof. Women 3 45 I Bus.

ft Prof Women Club Matinee Club Matinee Ma Perking Club Matinee 3:00 3:15 ,...1 3:30 3 45 Oxford Church Conf. Musical Adventure Duane and Salty Duane and Sally Baseball game Baseball game Baseball game Baseball game Nellie Revell Newt Tower Theaauius Aunt Sally 3 :0 Radtoland orchestra 318 Radiolend orchestra Fred Carlong orchestra 3 45 I Fred Carione orchestra. Only God Can Make a Tree Baseball game Baseball game Baseball game Baseball game Sandy Williams orchestra Tabor College Speaker Johnnr Messnei orchestra The Troubadour Kitty Keene I 4:00 Three bisters 4:15 Records 4:30 Radio Rubes 4:45 4 00 Margaret Daum. soprano 4:15 I Black and White 4 30 I Johnny Mensner orchet. 4:45 1 Johnny 4ssner orchet.

Drene Shampoo Not Soap! Not Oil! Baseball game (Little Man 5:03 News Vocal Vartst'ea 5:15 Jay Fratman orchestra Terry ft Ted I 9: JO To be announced News Tower 18:45 Easy Aces Benno Rablnofr. violinist The Maestro Swingg It Newg and Scores 8 00 I Sky Rider 5 15 Jack lit 5.30 I Westward Ho 145 Twilight B'ack ft White Bear this in mind, to Fctl Fiat The tamarind tree grows In the West Cnntinne Fre Hate. At meotin of tvp member 'Saturdav pfterroon. i was voted unanimously to conduct next ver's rirosrram on a free Pate Fnouraed by th fact thrt the membershios and the contributions mn naid fr the ex nenses of the nroram this year, members decided to enlarge the program rext ver to nrovide for a full day' activity eac'i dav. The nrowm this ver was nlanned onlv for the forenoons and evenings.

The program for next year will be taken under consideration at the meeting of the conference about the mirMle 0f Sentember, to W. F. nresi dent of the Aembly. The board will meet at that time, also, and wPl select officers for the coming year. Indies.

Its fruit gives exercise to your Billowy Suds Banishes Cloudy Film. Leaves Your Hair Shining Like Silk TUESDAY EVENING Intestinal muscles. Eat it at nigm ana when you wake up you via ieei oetter. Husbands and Wives Johnny with Rust Morgan I :00 Johnny with Russ Moiganl :15 Tamarinds, figs and ether fruits and' leaves are now made into a tasty Hatnmerstein hall Hammerstein hall Grant Park concert Grant Park concert 8 00! News 8:15 Musto by Al Roth 38 I Symphony in Rhythm. 43 I Mr Yea and No Husbands and Wives It Can Be Done It Can Be Done health lam.

Thousands who formerly suftered from a tired, "dopey" feeling. Wayne King orchestra I 830 Wayne King orchestra 4 45 45 71c Medium Size Large Size Watch the Fun Watch the Fun Benny Goodman orchestra Ben Bernle and the Lads Ben Bernle and the Lads Love Songs Love Songs Vox Poo I 100 Vox Pop 1:15 Johnny Green orchestra 1:30 Johnny Green orchestra I 7:45 7 00 I Sporta Review 7 15 Grant Park concert 1:30 I Evening Serenade 1 45 I Evening Serenade Benny Oocimsn orchestra To be announced Johnny Oreen orchestra I 8 00 a. Sinfcnletta Slnfometta Manuel ft Williamson Oardner R. Wlthrow Oreen orchestra (8:15 'Hollywood Gossip 8:30 00 I Newa IS stnlonf.Ma SOlNvg Mayhew orchestra. 45 Nye Mtyhew orchestra.

is oe announced Polly Follies Polly Follies GOLD'S Street Floor. I rum wu biu tvuivHl m.uik gas, bloating and other slelcnessos of constipation, now use Nature's newest aid to mankind Ko artificial drugs In Tarn. Works like a charm because it works like Nature. When Tarn moves your stubborn bowels, it helps curb bad breath, bad skin nd other bad conditions, seemingly lice mafic Nature's magic. You say goodbye to dull appetite and restless sleep, You have a keener outlook on life a new sparkle in your eyes, new youthful spring in your step.

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Vic Sade I :4 8:00 15 8 00 I Eddy D' chin orchestra 8:15 I Palm Oarden of the Air Julian Woolworth orchestra 30 Sports Review Sporta Hlghlihtg 43 Will Osborne orchestra Orchestral Revue Amos and Andy Hudson De Lang New.i Tower Musical Moments 30 8:4 Sfilver Plated Cream and Sugar Sets 10 00 Horace Heldt orchettra 'Bobby Bowman orchestra Sudan Grass Fatal WESTERN. July 19 Lawrence Wahl, farmer living about three miles south of here, lost seven head of cows last week from poison after eating sudan grass. Stanley Davles 110:00 Horace Heidt orchestra 10 15 (Horace HMdt orchestra Poetle Melodies Minute Mysteries Program from WBBM Program from WBBM Pernio Cummins orchestra Bert Block orchestra Al Trace orchestra Al Trace orchestra Nocturne with Eddie House Don Chtesta orchestra Don Chiesta orchestra Cherles Engle orchettra Sign Off Henry Busse orchestra Krug Psrk orchestra ..110:30 Krug Park orchestra ....110:45 Eddie Duchtn orchestra Eddie Duchin orchestra 10 SO 1 Eddy Duchin orchestra 10 43 Eddf Duchtn orchestra Get Tarn at Wagey, Campbell. Psr ons, Red Cross. Alvord.

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Ne 'Phone Orders Please I GOLD'S Street Floor. vicinitv of Howland to aid SPOTLIGHT FEATURES the fliers in event of trouble, and culminated by the arrival of the Lexington, the search attained Locally Owned Locally Controlled a CO CO magnitude never before seen. By and sea, the search extended for a radius of between Navy Abandons Futile Hunt For Amelia Earhart Every Possibility of Finding Aviatrix And Noo nan Is Exhausted Food Guards by Hickory They Pay for Themselves 300 and 600 miles around Howland, 1,500 miles south of here. The search was disheartening from the beginning, due to lack MONDAY. Otf KrOft 8:18 Jaeg Wells.

1:30 pm Symphonic Strings ON KOIL 8:10 pm. Let't Visit. 1:80 p.m. "Twelfth fthalrineare as strea nllneCi by John Barry more 10 JO p.m. Eddie Duchin and his Orch.

ON ErAB 1:00 p.m. Shakespearian Cycle. Columbia' answei to Barry more, with Leslie Howard and Bos, lind Ruatetl in 'Much Ado bout Nothing." ON WOW of definite information as to the position of Miss Earhart's plane when it flashed its last message at 2:14 p. m. (E.

C. S. July 2 "We are in the position of I3 3J7, We are now running north and south." The flier reported gasoline was running low an she could see no land. by What They Save! They seal In freshness and goodness and lock out odors and moisture. Made of durable, waterproof, heat, proof, washable elled sllk won't gum or harden.

Rustless Talon slide fasteners or adjustable caps. Priced at59ctol00 GOLD'S Street Floor. 1:30 p.m. Hour of Charm. 1:30 pra Burns and Oracle Allen.

TUESDAY. ON KrOK 8 10 p.m. Westward Ho, drama of early Nebraska lite. 8. 30 p.m.

Danee music by Nye May hew'a orchestra. Ralph A. Murphy, 54. stationary Engineer At Y.M.C.A. Succumbs RalDh A.

Murnhv tntttn rtj? the Associated Fress.t HONOLULU, July 19 The mystery of Amelia Earhart lay locked in the silent watery wastes of the vast Pacific today. Four naval vessels and the 1,500 weary men who sought her and her navigator 16 days gave them up for dead and sailed for home. More than 250,000 square milei of equatorial ocean, reefs and islands were scoured by ship and plane in an almost hopeless search for the tousle haired aviatrix and her companion, Capt. 10:00 p.m. Horace Heldt't orchestra.

r3l ft ary engineer at the V. M. C. died at a local hospital late Sat ON KOIL 00 p.m. Husbands and Wives.

1.00 p.m. Ben Bernle and All the Lads. 00 p.m. Sinfometta Mutual sym phonic program directed sv Alfred Walttutein. umay nigni.

his Home was at 1458 street. He had lived in Nebraska all his life, and was a a member of th Mthw4iet ON KFAB iasT 30 Sale Begins 9 a. m. Tuesday! Frederick J. Noonan, who we sap church.

118 dropped from sight July 2. p.m. Orant Park concert featnrlnf Chicago's Philharmonic Orch. p.m. Benny Ooodtren'a orchestra with Charles Ruggles a guest arUit.

pm. Nocturne with Rddle House at the organ. Surviving besides his wife, Hazel, are? his nnronlt Ar Somewhere near the dot which Is Hawland island, Miss Earhart 11 00 (II IV, Mrs. Miltnn Murnhv nr 1 innnu. and Noonan dropped from the skies in their fucliess land plane 600 Full Size Pieces of ON wow three daughters.

Mrs. Marguerite Kirchgestner of Salt Lake City, and Elenor a nd Patricia, at 1:00 on 2,500 mile flight from Lae, Kills Moth Worms p.m. Pepper Young Family, aerial drama. p.m. Wayne King est a.

New Guinea, to the mid Pacific nome; iour orothers, Earl of Clar 10 1:30 For Men! Quality Polo Shirts sandspit. p.m. jonnnv Oreen't orchestra with Jane Rnodea. soloist. The 39 year old woman flier.

mi, ia, waroid ot Buffalo, N. Y.t and George and Ray of Lincoln: and tWfl aistAre Mr known the world over for her SHEEPSKIN Can be Used as Chamois! Packages for Every Needl 25 to 2.50 dred Caster of Decatur and Mrs. Break. Hip In Fail Mrs. Frank A Snvrier.

72 is.ns aviation exploits, was circling the earth "just for she said, but also to blaze possible new um aioneman of Lincoln. The bodv is at factl T. South Twentieth street, suffered a fractured left hin whm commercial routes. Matthews. 33 Tuesday Onlyl slipped and fell in the living room The great naval hunt, which began a few minutes after the oi ner nome earlv Sunday morn CHESTER A.

ARTHUR, pair were overdue at Howland, ing. She is being attended at St. mil bi. SON OF PRESIDENT. was called off late yesterday Approximate Size 32x40 Inches 69 LiizaDeTn nospital by Dr.

George E. Lewis. when navy authorities decided DIES IN COLORADO It's the worm that eats your clothes, that gets Into seams and folds hard for you to get atl That's why fxpeilo's so sfftstivo. The vapor gets down Into the fibres, killing worms Instantly. Cxpelle Ne.

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String ties of button styles. Whit or colors. Small, medium and large sizes. GOLD'S Men's Street. they had exhausted every possibility of ever finding the miss tULORADO SPRINGS, July 19 funeral ing fliers.

arrangements called today for the burial in Albany, N. of Chester Alan Arthur, son nt th The closing order crushed the last hope of rescue held by George Palmer Putnam, motion president of the United States. He Irregulars of a Much Higher Priced Quality! Small holes and blemishes mark these skins Irretrular. picture executive husband of Embroidered Marquisett' aiea nere yesterday of a heart attack. Albanv Wii his hirthnlar Miss Earhart.

The aircraft carrier Lexington 'ST mm war mm Arthur, sportsman, fashion plate and Don Vivant Of thi Virtnrinn with its brood of 63 fighting you'll find them 100 effective for washing cars, windows and many other uses around your home. You'll be wise to stock up planes and three destroyers were the last searching vessels. Last l2 Off Reg. 1.00 FREE! Box of LUX All this week With every purchase ef the following LuMsbie Merchandise i Dresses 1.95 or eiwi Washable Blouses 1 .00 er more Suits Sweaters 100 er mors Pa lamas Summer Oloves Me er Bathing mere Suits Neckver tc er more Culottes (One box te customer) week the doughty coast guard cutter Itasca, the mine sweeper era, would have been 73 years old July 25. He had made his home here since 1900.

Arthur's first wife was Myra Fithian, whom he married in 1900. In 1934 he was married to Rowena Dash wood Graves, who survives him. He also is survived by a son, Chester Alan Arthur, who lives in California. Swan and the battleship Colorado steamed toward this port after searching thousands of square for years to come at this amazingly low price! They'll go as fast as we can hand them out! Ideal for Washing Cars, Windows, Mirrors and many other household usesl Will Stay Soft and Pliable After Usingl OOi O't Oruf Section) Street Floon, The Morning AfterTakinj Carters Little Liver Pills miles by air and sea. Per smart coot summer frocks there's favored than sheer, embroidered Msrqutsettes.

Dark bsckgreunds with combinations ef black. dark rdf red and white tn to St In. width. Now 80 yard, SOLD Sues fleets Beginning with the search by the Itasca and Swan, stationed.

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