Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 3
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STIRLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, DEC, 9,4§16, V.CJB THR11. SYRUP OF FM5S FOR GROSS, SICK FEVERISH CHILD LITTLE STOMACH 19 SJ UVErt TORPID OH BOWELS CI-OGGCD STERLING WON FIRST ft ft'\V Ilinll •' fconr t'Uc ;t<i. I JYIOVP* «M»t <>f 'I fl tvf-ll. j,|r,-\fnl «im[>lv w.'.ll iii't to cini>',v fti"i run! v il .'iK:tin ('Idhl t!:<- tinv- from | ***»»*•»*«**«*****•*****»* i A Few Smiles. I ****************** * ••••••* Polo In Roigh And Tumble- Game By Score Of , Eight To Four. i <lM •••! ri->'-! !( Kiv<* H: The Mystery Explained. , " W h r is of this 1" "K.'rl'd, Hii-fi licimi* ''fruit htvaliv." ' 'lilldrMt l«ivr> It. find It r.-tM' ;-,»! ran*'" injury. No ' different'" w-liiit ;iSN yiiiir li!t!f» oni>- — if . full of c'itd. "i n .*"M' tliruat, lii.'irrhitf:!, Btotiiini li-ni !>•>. K'td hti'ath, rcmf>riil><»r. it (jcritli 1 "Inside «-lc»ni«lM)t* v *h<)iilil at- b<- tlif flr.M ftt-:Utri«'t>t Kivrli. fill! tions for haltif--!, < hilitrcn of all Wich Cininffi fcit fig Ask jMitt iliSm4i«it fur :» iVi.rmt dottl of "('fl)lfof ?>*«r Hyruj> (if MKS." T!>f>n look carr-full.r nnd HCO that it la Iiindt> tiy the "< Villfiti nlrt ML; Hyruj) »'«in- |wuty." \V> make no pninllrr size, 1-Iniid litick with contempt any other flg «yru|t. jar*?, nnd m/ikea B dr-llghlful lithift-wnter drink. • •if. ,;..-. <,;>-;);!!« ..f the tii-fi < *' li.'l <••)?' t- 1 ,-i.!ilrur sfu-i-'! in IH.-IHV ;•( >!,>•-. ft ' :i >--l.'im liHHi ;i!!'ntr \\iih slmi nl- inri !'•* , ' ' • v I'tr with Ji.iua ••» .A0,-r » tu« n! v t'';jv (|\< »i, ,,(,, . ills S.',"-. i! 1 t-iy.l « 1!))I1!M«— ' llf f'-r- **;,»„! .:j t.) T! I'.l'l l»'i!im r..i «i <>i ini: n H.'.H.i runt In f.f f COMING AUCTIONS Albert Dixon-A. E. Flock, AlbH'1 IMxiin anil A. I", Pluck h.ivi to ifiiif fanning will huv«i {ttlllllc l»H!f> iif lilt-it- M ()•!.; ami tnfit'hmt'i.v en thc'iarin cf M'r. IMxun, Wfdiicftlny, l*ei>j i;tth, one tulle i-a>*t (if Hnuixt-'iiiiv,'. < iiintni'iirinR lit o'clock *hai p, with a medlfltHy pivewdlnK. 10 hrml of KI»I hend of cuttle, thorn. 2 :| Mil Ii vin !,••!.I K '••trH- for a !nt: l<- a j" in? liy liidtiuit. The- «. nr> "tiiK-il. S'.frlfnir. •>; IN Tlif lilir*-iijM;i.xt lllifM St«>i Him- l>nhrn and wnrdft; Union. t-< nt< i lilt- 1'i'in lo. I. ..).-.! in thlrtw, U- f|f><- hi tfif s ''a''h '*' throw fi.r- antj om- rt<-i< linn h Im- Tht-.V will Hell il IKTWH nnil colls. 1'' niihx- KIHII! tnlleli COWM hrml «'f ln.iK». inciiiil- br«-t'dln»J r«owB, nnd nil kinds of farm machinery. HarritiKton nnd .Devlne will IM« nuctioiH-crs «nd Jwrry clerk. H. F. Hubburd. Harry !•'. Htthunr.t In K«>i$i( to quit tiiul will noil hi* fnnJl impln- !i)l"l Htnck'tit public B.'ilo \Ved, Dec. S^th, on tIIP |iriMTiK»'S tin noon, ficti lunch precwdlng. Tin* mile —Will Include five hrnti of RWM! rtnul- utorw and work horfn-ii, is head uf • tic*. ntnonit ilx'mJU himd nt milch " COWH. itifrl' 3 -11 fail »f hoKB. I'i'nn triiu chlwry of nil KUUIKmui otin-r InnoouM article* too ntim»rou« to ttu-i tfon. A. U <'o<> f* the auctioneer ; M. 13. U'llgci- oli-ik. ^ M. A. McCarty. __ M. A, MH'nrty lnti«nd^ diHpi^iitK ""her entire ht?id of diitry. radio and will ; «M»H ««n her fJum, Bis miles \v«>Kt of ; Coletn, Jit |iiilillc wile l-'ilday, Dec. 2^, 85 he-ad uf-cattle. c<Hisl«tliur of milch ' COW*, "hi'lfi'in nnd cuIvpM, nnd a few • 'BlCWlJ. I'lVl* llt-lld of ItOI'MCH,' IttO :-Bom« li'sh brwl itnlmtilH. 20 t' ; ,\Vhlt« Vows of the bl« type, and » number of lUnmo Inl.iin r < rowti'r*. Krcc lunch at ilium nnd twU*. to commence $mmedlut«*ly After. Ment, ('.'on" and • Rumlcy awtloinW**. and K. \V. £ug- " BCltwerl clerk* • .John Thompson. Having decided to quit fnnnlnK John • ThoiiU'woti will' hnvi« a piiliHe. M«|<> on ; the Albert Mohiwon lurrn. live nUlen Bcnithcaxt of Hock Kail*. Monday. I>t«c, \lttfh, ciitnmenelni; linim-dlatfly after a fi't'tr-hincli ui—MrtTtT- o'i'liif'tr. it« wilt" I w»ll 11 hoiWH, all KIMK! animals. 211 cat, tie, IncitidliiK wlK milch cows, 70 IIOKS. 1 umoiiK them ~" brood KOWW, loo chk'K- ; cn»,' fwrni nuichlnery, »mi«, corn, hay j Itnil Jack Hclllcr aiictlitiu-er.s and l<. 1* Rtc.Mlllen, clerk, Brotjan Brothers.. iiiH I't.'Mlcil ui''ir - farm, HiitB'tn \Vi!l m'll .it (Utlillr (tale on tin«K miles s«nithwi«?jt of }{ock J^MH, Tliuixdny. Ucccinlier M, cmn- inenditK linmtnl iat»-|y after u free iluilf'h lit UMHi o'clock, I" head of good '", hol"«eH aitd-escelleiu timl<-*>, ao head of cattle, liienidthR 1" r'owM ami «evenil btlllH. I'7 Clji'Mler Wliilt- huKM. Thcin II brood KO\\>», farm louln, liny and Hrain. UunUcy and <'ne aiic- ainl J. A. Kuitel t-K-rkv « and |ii««». fnrivardp, !r-ni. r (it ( > ; ( hill ninl l>i)|i:il«>aiii], f.itu/nd'-. Tin' hafkf't bull ^rhi-dulc lin<< prjictically cnm|i)i-u-d by t!:f tllHiirnti'lIlcnt. thniiKli |.-o«'«ibl,v chflUKr-S Will hf |]>:u!«' It |H JIN fiill StcrIiiitf it: 1'idn. - Mt. Mi>rri« in SteriillK --St»-rlini<. in ISuckfuid SteHitiv ill l>ix<ni St.'i-Hni; In nintoii. tn. ItiMiii hi Sierllntt. iifile»)i!irfcr iti Ktcrlintri Sti'ilintf in Ml. Mi.rris, I'olo In Sterlliikf. Sh'ilirtit in i Jalcfihurs. 01- t a y - I tec. Dec. l'iee. ,!an. ,1'iti (J.iii. Jan. Jan. IVb. !"•!». Feb. IVb. .\Hirch If, I—Toiirnrunent, A, A, HAS NEW HEAD T. M. Chivington Ousted As President Of League — T. J. Hickey Named. p. A. Here's Indiana polix, lint.. Doc. suniriKirv of whnt the A. dlil yesterday: Thoinan J. - -lU^fc^y— «*f ch'i-tcil in mm <•<»(! T. M. rhlvltiglitn t, sort>' nti<l . >fi.ijini u year. — 'JVrm inovptl fr*nn :u \vJtli to rletigue iiuiional LcaKti" teudiK favonibly. «'ommitte«> with Intei national In New. York on Monday 40 nlder details of jilitn, -i- HuggeKtlon for third major only informally. i». commit ten > f're,slde'nt Hlukey, cx«olHcto chaiiman. !>nd MepsrH. (.'antlllon, Wat hen und Tlnuno wa» named. ul<» meeting xet for 1-Vb, 21 In 'City. of Kfhedult* to be Hi! camfy, 4. according Jo declnlon of joint of nHMoclutlon and hitorna- mat;natcH on InterleuRii'o M«rrl?s |)ruji<»sitlon. or ir T.tado "tftiaecuDtiiiiif-'l I»M i * hit. HID in public llo hnltotl lu-n>; theiu was "I wjll not tr;- tn Bpeak,'" Ha-y „ Ami he Wit down ID vt-heinnat o pnlnful hlrn We Bailed upon thu water blue One almost cloudless day. And In tho boat tliere wcro but two Aa we imsscJ down the tiay. And as (ho wind wan dead ahead. At half a Kale or mart-, I took a rcrf or two nnd s.'iKJ, "I think. I'll hu« tho «horo." ., Her eyes then quickly nought rny own, Then with a roirulnh Krln Slio fuili], lit half reproachful tune, "Well, wlieruilo l come in?" —Exchange. Hit Tutor. gverything Eltc. .voiir H muiulliKiii* «o out to this of net-tan?" o»V "No,", ml will I'd , "hut I l>ridf. - thf Kousk-k .voting Ktu-8« that'll 4-ouio Lot U* B»joic». A iiiunicul HfiitUM nuim-'l 'Beth, On II t'OI'llct I'HIn'iuhii) lilM »iltl:llh. In lewnilii«-to play All hi» wjnJ Ulew away, And ttia n*iiiliuoni w«ro tlcteled to death. . . . —Ho»tot» Post. Uio G»t* Buck. why do t«tigat«? do you know "ihnt S'» many tin' 1 men tti tht<? til- •"in to have rtn ingrown jrni'-lfM ft(,'!iin«t the- tiiinls- fer?" "UV'il, tf'« lIKfl tills, ftrrtnpfr," nn- >d tho post- >r, "he's hfpn for nearly flf- r-ivrs nnd has niflrriftge certmtmy for Struck the Wrong Place. x^iipflfd thp fotip hobo nf the kltc-hon door, "whore's de guy wot lives herp?" "Oh," nnsw.ered tho fnrmer'J wife, who wfl« evlih-ntly Wiser thnn her liome-growa complexion would to Indlfftte, "he's hack of Uio bnrn burying a trntnp tho <loc riiewcd up this morning. Walt a second nod J will cnll him." But t>y the Ufl4 »he renrhed the door the tinwnslirtl ha6ti wns heeded clown tln> pike, bentlng It Bt nn nrro- planc gult, DeMrvea It. "There goes n plfms man." "Everyone says »o." "A mansion Is reserved for him ID tho gkles," "I truly hope 'no. I overheard him just now In n •r-cnl'.rsfnlo'ofnce pleading with tits landlord to patch his roof." FacU In the Case. Bnld He—Wrro they divorced be- of n mlHiinderstaixllfiK? Said 8h«>—No; beenupc they -under*' stood each other t«a well,-I Good Singing. "This quartet IB splendid," "Yes," answered t Ji e low-browed pernon. "It's great, I thouRht ODCC or twlco tin) hnsH \VUH going to bo a few seconds Into with that comedy stuff, but he was rl^ht <>» time." Ambitious Plans. " "Ar« y*>u prepared to dp anything ir.ffl:«» R»di«l8»ftw«>(i«»f Heating that knows no winter! "Family gatherings" are the happiest hours of life where the home is snugly warm on bitter cold nights. Nothing else contributes so greatly to this contentment and aids best mental, development as does the ample flow of genial, cleanly, cpmforting ivarmth from AMERICANA IDEAL i\ RADIATORS ^I These outfits warm thfc house and make a home! Put in quickly. Phone your local dealer today! worker, t "I should say wo arc!" nnHVvcred the "^capitalist, proudly. "We've, sent some of our best salesmen to China, nnd I predict thiit lu a »hort while hundreds of well-to-do Chinese will be en- Joying rides in tin* best motor cur utude In America." Aeroplane Has Outstripped Motor Car. in the Rapidity of Its Recent Development. "The noroplnne In Us developed Btato would decide.sunny of the problems we confront todny, provided the piano were Jilted to living conditions aod commercial requirements,", says « writer, "The war bus perfected the aeroplane In this short tltno to a grentor degree than the motor cur was developed In any ien yours of Ita growth. IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators are built scientifically to extract and distribute the greatest possible volftpie ofJicat from each ounce of coal. Two-thirds of the heating surface of an IDEAL Boiler is directly around the fire—absorbing the utmost heat from the fuel. Heat is circulated three times as rapidly as in old-fashioned heaters—which is one of the strong reasons why IDEAL Boilers burn one-third less fuel than other devices, and permit cheapest fuel to be used. Burn one-third less cheap fuel than other devices Easy to put cool in the roomy door—a whole day's supply put in the IDEAL fire-pot in a minute's time. Easy to sliaka because you stand erect—gently shake only a few grate bars tit n time. The same water is used for years. An IDEAL Sylphon Regulator will contr.ol draft and check dampers automatically to suit weather. The price is the closest possible between manufacturer and user. Price is no higher than asked for ordinary makes. Accept no substitute! On each IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN Radiator our rjame is cast- 5 your guarantee, ^erid toHay for * r rdeal~HeMmg** (f^^^ economies—for homes, churches, stores, schools, and other buildings. Act now, and "yornrhomeilife will know no sting of wintert " ~~~ ~ ..-^-..^.j—^^— f -^, . "Several yeara were taken to prove to the public that the motor car would run at all without a horse In waiting. Years were' taken to educate the public to Iwo cylinders as against the single, or to four as against the two. Years more were spent In educating tho buying public and developing tho ttlx, and now we «n> preaching eight and twelve, . U has taken years to* develop I ho light-weight Idea In motor The public ban held back the* development of the motor car. "Tho aeroplane, in 'contrast, has en developed by 'governments under war conditions, .Motors of today for icrophincH are of twice (he horsepo'w- ?r of % thos« used n year ago. -.while- planes have been built up to 1,000 !iorsepower In live motor unltw. These nachlnes land at under M mile* pef lour und travel well over a hundred u the nlr," Another great labor-saver—stationary Vacuum Cleaner You can wonderfully reduce house-labor and protect'homefthealth by use oPARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner—sits in,basement or side room; works through an iron pipe running to ull doors; clcans^carpcU, furnishings, walls, ceilings, clothing, mattresses, furs, etc. In sizes nt $150 up. Ask<also for catalog (free). • No exclusive agenta Sold by all dealers AMERICAN .RADIATOR rom .* " "". ,V-'- J :" A \ |! ' - A No. 4-IS-S IDEAL Boiler uut 370 O. of 3* In. AMERICAN R«d(*tnri, cmn,4 the owner S22S, urere uwd to he«t tl»i rott*(e. At Uiu price the «owl« c»n be fcoujbt of any ieput»ble. compeirnt Fiui-;. Thu did not iadtxi* COM of USSor, pip<-. vmlvet, rrti«tit, «e., which *«ry tccoidiot to climatic «td other coo4itioo$. Write Denartment S-37 816-822 S.Michigan Avc. Chicago ~? PuUlic tbowrooroi it Chicago, Nt«r Vork, Bo«ofl, Providpafp-,, Philadf'.».iin, W!lkc»barre, Baltimore, Wathingtoo, Buffalo, Rochettef, Pitt»but»h» Clevtlund, Detroit. Grand Rapid*, Indianapolis, Clncinnau. ^liurjia, liirminghaiu, Newp!ira:u, \*i!-A-aukfr, Minneapolis, Si. Paul, St. Louit, Kansas City, D«« Moinci, Onisha, "" r ' 8an Frandico, Lp*AoKe'<-<> Bestile,Siio^off, Pa.-tl«a4, Tofoato, Ur^ntfoiJ (Oni.), ixtudoo. Taru, Brusneis, Berlia, Coloitoc, Vichne.— *<•**** *•*> * Kthi' \\ p hor Arthur what's uiarrh'il •\Vho'8 Yes, oiul In teticlilu'g -Ksehangt'. him c«U U for Distress Alter Meals ~ ~ • TRY H OSTETTERS Stomach Bitters (Modern rtll» ii^ With luni'ii l;iiTttrt of Krub, Turns on iho pmJa and imi» Imr dmls Jtitu llio Borublcsa (ufc »iMrl»-|lu> iiu»tu<s« sweeper Ot» gcttr keveil down to tow, her iiwta ansl i»u>"I) - goe* « iiicturo Choicp of Two "Dwlor, what is fbc- me"' ltd- .Iir stiim i.cfr «.'ln-<i ,>i>.| auattpv with rest. froui nt'ftd about tlH'»H« ii business. .That U.ail," oiHiW resl? That ui« '$5,UUU. The . other : doctor said I iicedi'd an operation for appcndlcilH Thitt'wuuld co»t tMily $UW.-4 think I'M k't him MpA-rute/'— I'Jttsburab I'hruuU'ie. . r>ou't Sentlfal.d Procedure. tiy io gttln all 'your Hi't? in I In- i>r>'i>wi way tw I!M tt U Auk- u dou.b't . Indigootion. ; U'here t-i-juo tivatmeut for htdi- gestloii belief tliuit esei\ 4 ise, A five mlk> walk every day in tho year will chump ft grouchy, sour looking liidlvUluiil into a charm- Ing, bright and likable "person, rnsty r .vi)lloiv,.blotchy skins clear up and look rosy, ami fair after '.systematic exercise. A diet of seli;cted footls Is not necessary to cure Indigestion. Anything %vlii<-h Bill's up tho blood and sends H brtiindlnjj along its ix'ny is tho best reiued,r_-. Horsehack rising' and dancing tire excellent eu-r- ekes to drive out dyspepsia and biliousness. Medicines only give temporary relief, and exercise both prevents and cures. That Opens Door of Man's Heart By LAURA JEAN UBBEY It Cover* About the Largest Judkfal District In tho World. "TVei'o i$ n -federal-judge, iii Alaska who ban jurlKdictton over a'lurgcr t«-r rlt»»ry Hum tho whole of Kurope. and u large pifh of the United States.," re marked Dr. (leoi-go .V. Hlte of 1'nrt- Iniul, (,»iv, "Indeed, hi 1 exeri'Uerf judicial sway over approximatoly-a.flfUi of tliu clrciunferi'ucV of tho earth. lie I* I'cedei'li i;rowti. United .Blates district judse f«r the'd Abtshu tl.lKiri.'t, w]ih" liriul'iuiirlciji "t Valdc/.. llin »H« tilct ein?7T7ir'cs n 5,(KHi uillo hlrli! eust und 'jveM, and bin JurUdletlou extends (is f;ir west us* (ho OHO. hundred m»d tt^hiJctli tut't'ldtiiii. i»r n'early tu Jap ";rllt'.Ho"u rUi'fs. "iJf course hi- c''o_s nut hold. court ul ciilii-r cstn-uc. i'" i during the- Mtumuer iuinilliH be iim;e-s c!t>«e I" if, for ho ijita on liitai'tl' ».he o revi-ntiu cutter McCulloch, wlji.-!i i-i n $ -t'(. "f tl>mtiiig court all it.'.,'ii^ i!u« ,\-ias!;ati r. .i«( aiid'.iitioug tho Aleutian Nland-*. . lli-A'.w»'VU"""nei'ei*- sjiilly I' \:irfed. • fur jHiitiy problem* th "'it >.ci'jt'"< HIS SCIENTIFIC MIND. It Mad* « Ol«covory flint Wai Quickly Followed by Another On*. "Strauge," inuscd » north «hli> •• inan' whon, wore or loss «lwt'rouM|y fish- Insj cllukej3t-«ut- of lils {urntu'c with H poHer, be Hpearotl a l»rlj;lit.-silv<>ry fused muss about the Kiw <«f a -No. S KljllP. "Kxtr'ortl'attry, lu fuc»t," lie t>\Tlulm- t>a as Jit)•exuiuinoil the metal, Iho i(U»u- tlty of wUidi 1)6 did nut tlx MiNi'm-i?. Ho glani'eU. with ul lib ioul I>JUv fw this: jiurliciilrir HMIII IH of a sort of sefi'nilfle turn of niliul. untl ht» warf soiuinvhiit jik-Hseii with himself ua ho llgunnl that soute kl«»l i»f ore luul hwu iu!st>(l up with his t-inil, aiul hin furnacp, «otlii« as n )»UK>U\M', luul ri?- dtli'«Hl tho bright, «htny uuiss th»-rcfrim». It iioklcd him tlm.t lu; lm<l vxpltilncd tlio imittui' BU i'tiMlly, ami In- thought ho -woulil tutxU'stly shovy his \v ifi» huw lu» h;ul solvt^U tboftnuijio oceunvnt-f. "I.oo!;.hon>, ilwjr." 1»> hc^JHi. "1 don't •suppose yoii coulil tt-11 mo \vh:ii thU N, «nuj(}.•?"•;•.*-•"-. - : "Yos, 1 * >s!ii! KiHipix^l:, , ^'That's my furs of. »'<jiii'tl."t;il j'nr .lii! .V*Hci!.il I '"v, i-.i 'i<, :t(i-l l*"«vl. the la- f! "\hllii*.i I •>? itt I lie j-fi i-tis:i- >;•! -rn:-l |I|/H'' ),,'.•;. i'.^- 4f"trs. ( - ('• i :| ;:,:!• •U/'iv't^'.'.-ii !"• ' |!fi\\ I). \va< olirt! *lv>( lii linu-ha! t< \ t v: . ! has l.tva I •!• i \ ( S ;!. Vc.l.l , U S_U.;',;i:', ; i-.-iV.'!' '•'t SMiuni''.-•»." Xoti'.--Sho'put llui «HJl!ct in Hie ji«i-t* to l-n'tra off the driod imcliole ye.shM'dtiy's bash, N« trant-i.f rlu.n could bo st*i'».-' i'Mevclalid l,eadyr. Uncle Etscn. 4> Length, fifteen tiichca. During Ha 4. residence in tho United States Frank- •j. lin'a gull la practically confined to tho *j Interior and la tho only Inland gull 'with hlnc.k huad and ri>d bill. , ' Kuiige: Brocds in th» DaHotas, Iowa, Minnesota, and the neighboring ; wm%. of * BouthtTii Canada; winters 1 from the Gulf coast to South America. • Habits and economic status: Near* I ly all of our gulla aro couat-loving ape- ; citta and epeod comparatively littlo of j their time in fresh water, but Frank•tin's is a true inland gull. Extensive • uiarshi'H hordcring shullow lakes are Its chosen breeding grounds, and as many such ureas are being reclaimed for agricultural .purposes i£ behooves ; tho tillers of the soil to protect this • valuable epeclos. When undisturbed i this gull becomes quite fearless aud fol- ! lows 1 the plowman to gather the grubs and worms from tho newly turned fur! rows. , It live? almost exclusively i upon Inaccts. of which it consumes jgrt>at quantities"." U* hi'arty appetite ; Is manifest from tho contcuta of a ft-w IgtoinachB; A, "i'7 uyiupha of dragou- i flies; H, 'J4u grasahoppt'rs. 62 hugB, i3 bt*fiP3. - waisjis, and I .spi^c; 0, ' S2 hctnlua, hi buns. OS I ants, i crk-iltf,. > 1 gra.Hsho(»iKT, and tJ i-pHU»r8, Abuut 'four-fifths of Hie total Tu<ni ia'grans- hojipos.s. ii.htr.otig pblnt In favor^'f this .H frcaiun-sVatti) hug«, li-af t-lick bi'i-tles '(atlultu of \ur* May fiiHitlfs. (mlultH of whi(r» grubs), wi't«vi!a. • i-fiiukliu'd K 1 ^' H prob- ili" inttst. bftj.-tu-ial Hr>,i yt' its or ' Treasure love though ready Btlll to live without. . In your fondest trust keep ' Just one thread of doubt, It is a sweet trait of feminine mod <sty for a woman to strive to keep froja-^a Difln the knowledge thtit h» has awakened in tfjrest In her heart If he luis not lu vlted it. Let a man once become aware that a particular woman's eyes -brighten at his approach thut she Is log eutbuslnsUcnl- Jy^qf him to their mutual ' friends and she- will never Imve iho pleasure uf u bow.or ckot with him on the street if he can-b- os sight of her first. He would dodge nraund'tha first corner, walk « dozen blocks out of his way to t'Kcnpo meeting her. ^No drug- net u could be secured to draw Win ti> the homo of an actiunintuncu for dinner If tite casual word was dropped that site hud «l»o been invited. He cannot help It. It Is tho par-' vei'seui'ss of amii'a nature to make a wry fact* at, the peach reaily to fall intii hb mouth, aud .long for thu <>uu l>o)Mini h'ls ivach, I'n- tiio woman who sliovvs iipctiiy her uduilraiion for him awuk- I'tH his ojiUigonlstu. Hi' I" bound u> j tiiciit shj of her on j!cm>ru! pi - lncipu»s,. un!f.-s sh,« he u \\hhiu, \ci'y youai; iirul j In tluif cu"t', lH"r rari-fcs^ \i*iv proity. st(|nur^intit) I.-* in.-.-'n^ Ict;!.^ vet.V cuiiliilriit' not ri'tnitltt u \\;,|.»\v i ar itU'Tu luiiuii'i's •( * 1 S" JjU»», ft if- lii»- HlUl s|t>» Wtilllil >!ii: if .-'I'll!-' ^^•^'rl > t'uiii jm\<» way about it,—But, then, attractive widows im»yn n clusti by thcmselvei and In the uuiin are Uoyond the pall of this littlo talk, tho clever ones being too ciinny to let a man know he j* admired or that his sovloty. is tindulj appreciated, If they set their cap foi a wcotxl heart mate he, above all others, never discovers, that f«ct, " Many women hnvju th'o mistaken no- tiort that they might with proprietj; give a bashful man a little encourage* tnent to assure, him that his calls were not unwelcome. It la not pleasant to shatter such a beautiful thought by jostling It witIVH hard fact. Tho troth Is that no man living IH too bashful to woo, and right earnestly and eagerly at that when he meets the woman who ipeals to him. - .»-•--- j It Is somewhat of a jiurpriae to aj mau who thinks he*1s wanted by ai host of women to find one who IB ap» parently indifferent to him. He pur- (tuen her as _» stimulus to hl8 self- {uiwor t oil 11 root.' Pospite »H the new* fuugled notions uhuut women inetftlnjj men half way, on their own ground* mmU'st young women will never usurp utu'.s pn>rugntlv« to go forth en<S liud a iiuMv. woo und wla. If a mitn .slunva that he Is interej?te<l by doMiring to be where she Is, send* IUL; her u tlmvor, a book or aome trifle t» lot her know she has been constant- y iu his thought*, her pleasant greet- us wheu they me«>t,^tha language of thi» «>y«*«t, s so subtle, »• »weet, which u>v¥r ^stsho-i tJli^ itiiH, can Inform him all doubting thiil, iielng a waman, s tluTefutv to be loved and there? fare to be won. Modesty in a woman Is the golden hey which i'p«'i»s ilu 1 door «>f a mun's lu'urt. Hi*Uinr--*s |!us.h<**j' it to with ah;!n«, lii'-King It MH'»r<-ly, There (9 •? happy nic-Hiuij iu oxpievsing adtulr** ini(i. It ri'fjuin s tiu't. sn "Calamity." The Point. "Ah, i--, l II I! jj lo aged itiy--\rlf<i

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